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March 8, 2010, Volume 204 >> Number 115 >> 40 cents >> >> An independent newspaper serving Iowa State since 1890

KaleidoQuiz 2010

2010 GSB Elections

Starbuck house wins

E-mail sent via listserv discovered

By Anthony Capps Daily Staff Writer

By Paige Godden Daily Staff Writer

It was the first KaleidoQuiz win ever for Martin Hall’s Starbuck house. The team, which was named “I was hiding under your porch because I love you.,” has been a regular team but had never placed in a top spot. Second place went to the materials science and engineering team, which was headquartered in Hoover Hall. That team, which was named “I Mustache You A Question,” placed fifth last year. The third-place team, named “Super-Secret KQ Kommandos,” were older students and alumni of the Lyon Harwood team. This year’s Harwood team, named “The next 26 hours are the only time every year that Google’s DNS server gets more access than your mom.,” finished in sixth place. It has traditionally been a top-placing team with many first-place finishes in the past few years. Rick Hanton, senior in computer engineering, said the older students and alumni who didn’t return — those who joined to form “Super-Secret KQ Kommandos” — hurt the overall experience of the team. With so many underclassmen recruited, next year is looking better. Last year a group of alumni of the Friley-based Lorch-Russel team joined for a one-year wonder team. That team, “Epic Sail,” won Kaleidoquiz 2009.

An e-mail originally written by former Government of the Student Body vice presidential candidate Jacob Wilson was forwarded to two ISU list serves by the editor of Trend magazine Feb. 28, at 11:03 p.m. The e-mail was sent to the “trendexec” and “trendall” list serves. GSB Election Code states that, “Email communications through any Iowa State University listserv shall be prohibited within 24 hours of the voting periods and during the voting periods.” The e-mail was originally sent to Trend editor Emily Mahaney on Feb. 26. Wilson and former GSB presidential candidate Chandra Peterson were fined the minimum fine of $50 for breaking election code Thursday night after a similar e-mail was sent to a greek house. In a short phone conversation, Peterson said the situations sounded similar and she would be upset if the campaign were to be fined again.

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The members of “The next 26 hours are the only time every year that Google’s DNS server gets more access than your mom.” search for an answer during KaleidoQuiz 2010 on Saturday. Kaleidoquiz is a 26-hour event that pits teams against one another to answer questions put out by KURE, the student-run radio station. Photo: Yue Wu/Iowa State Daily ™


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MBA offers new classes Business curriculum includes sustainability By Whitney Sager Daily Staff Writer The College of Business has sustainability not only on its mind, but in its books too. The Master of Business Administration program within the business college has taken on the topic of sustainability this academic year in its core classes. This topic was chosen because of

the importance it holds for businesses in the future. “We think that sustainability will become more important in the future as businesses try to develop long-term plans that are environmentally sound, socially responsible and ultimately, economically feasible,” said Sam DeMarie, business core faculty member and associate professor of management. Studying out of the book “Green to Gold,” by Daniel Esty and Andrew Winston, students enrolled in the MBA core classes are looking at sustainability issues taken on by busi-

see COB on PAGE 16

In addition to the MBA program, the undergraduate classes are beginning to look at sustainability issues. Frank Montabon, associate professor of logistics operations and management information systems, said sustainability is an issue that will be involved in the “competitive landscape” of the business world. “Environmental regulation is not going away,” Montabon said. “Not only is it not going away, there’s only going to be more of it.”

The problem with incorporating sustainability into the undergraduate business classes is that it is a versatile topic. Montabon said the resulting challenge is making sure sustainability is actually being taught in the classes. “I think we’re taking on that challenge pretty well, and I think a lot of that is the individual professor saying that, yes, this is something that they want to cover in their classes,” Montabon said.

Off-campus housing


Councils combine efforts for proposal

‘Free Land’ is keynote speaker

New landlord-tenant program is considered By Allison Suesse Daily Staff Writer Representatives from the Government of the Student Body, Iowa State and Ames City Council hope to combine efforts to reinstate a landlord-tenant mediation service. With 45.8 percent of students living in offcampus housing — not including sororities or fraternities — a service that helps students deal with rental property issues could be beneficial. Michael Heilman, off-campus senator and senior in political science, mentioned that the service could potentially aid students in finding resolutions to landlord-tenant disputes, including maintenance issues such as

shoveling or repairs. The service could also provide students with the proper forms they need to make maintenance requests or sort out rent issues. Heilman noted that having these forms available to students with this service could “expedite” the process of making requests. Heilman also noted that the landlord-tenant service could have its own Web site that could “allow students to market their apartment when they move out, find places to live, and know all the available things in Ames,” Heilman said. The landlord-tenant program would essentially have the same goal, Heilman said, as a service that existed until 2001 called OffCampus and Adult Student Services. The service, funded by GSB and the Dean of Students Office, was eliminated because of severe budget cuts in 2000-2001.

see LAND on PAGE 16

By Alexander Hutchins Daily Staff Writer The Iowa State Conference on Race and Ethnicity — ISCORE — welcomed Ariel Luckey as keynote speaker Friday afternoon. Luckey, a hip-hop theater artist, performed selections from his one-man show “Free Land” to more than 200 attendees at the ISCORE luncheon. The performance focused on the theme of white settlement of homestead land, and included discussion periods. The show was a multimedia performance including music to accompany the hip-hop poetry and visual elements projected on the screen.

The title of the show originated from a conversation Luckey once had with his grandfather. As Luckey explained to the audience, he once asked his grandfather who had lived on the family’s old Southwestern ranch. His grandfather’s reply, “It was empty,” drove Luckey to pursue the history of the people who had once occupied the territory and to confront the brutal history of white occupation. The answers to these questions and their previously imperceptible effect on Luckey were the focus of the performance. Luckey’s performance was the keynote item of the

see ISCORE on PAGE 16


Al-Qaida official arrested for emerging videos By Ashraf Khan, Associated Press Writer The American-born spokesman for al-Qaida has been arrested by Pakistani intelligence officers in the southern city of Karachi, two officers and a government official said Sunday as video emerged of him urging U.S. Muslims to attack their own country. The arrest of Adam Gadahn represents a major victory in the U.S.-led battle against al-Qaida and will be taken as a sign that Pakistan, criticized in the past for being an untrustworthy ally, is fully cooperating with Washington. It follows the recent detentions of several Afghan Taliban commanders in Karachi, including the movement’s No. 2 commander. Gadahn has appeared in more than half a dozen al-Qaida videos, in which he is taunting and threatening the West and calling for its destruction. A U.S. court charged Gadahn with treason in 2006. He was arrested in the sprawling southern metropolis of Karachi in recent days. A senior government official also confirmed the arrest. The intelligence officials said Gadahn was being interrogated by Pakistani officials. Pakistani agents and those from the CIA work closely on some operations in Pakistan, but it was not clear if any Americans were involved in the operation. He moved to Pakistan in 1998, according to the FBI. He is said to have attended an al-Qaida training camp six years later, serving as a translator and consultant. He has been wanted by the FBI since 2004. The treason charge carries the death penalty if he is convicted. He was also charged with two counts of providing material support to a designated foreign terrorist organization.

A look at Iowa State

PAGE 2 | Iowa State Daily | Monday, March 8, 2010

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Daily Calendar : tomorrow’s events Tue 9

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1. Iowa Water Conference Time: 11:30 a.m. Location: Scheman Building, Iowa State Center Description: “Pulling It All Together: Policy, Programs

and Practices” is the theme for the 2010 Iowa Water Conference. The goal is to offer a conference that provides networking and collaboration opportunities for major water initiatives in Iowa and to provide an opportunity for water professionals and the public to communicate.

Cost: $150 (student discount available)

Jenniffer Walker, junior in animal science, laughs during a conversation with Stuart Hall, junior in industrial technology, Feb. 25 at the Multicultural Center of the Memorial Union. The exhibit, which captures the natural beauty and vast diversity of various LatinAmerican countries, will remain open to the public until Thursday. Photo: Gene Pavelko/Iowa State Daily

2. Meeting: Faculty Senate Time: 3:30 – 5 p.m. Location: Great Hall, Memorial Union Description: The Faculty Senate represents the

Police Blotter : ISU, Ames Police Departments Mar

general faculty of Iowa State University and participates in shared governance of the University with the administration. Senate meetings are open to the public.


Cost: Free


3. The Incredible Beans: Indian Style


Time: 7–8 p.m. Location: Deli Seating Area, Wheatsfield Cooperative,


413 Northwestern Ave.


Description: Beans are inexpensive, easy to

prepare, nutritious and delicious. Learn how to cook beans and spice them to bring out their flavor and taste. Combine the exotic and alluring tastes of India with the health and practical demands of today’s lifestyle.

Cost: Free

Thu Mar. 3 Josh Bringleson, 22, 2613 Hunt St., was arrested and charged with public

intoxication and interference with official acts. (reported at 11:30 p.m.) A staff member reported graffiti on a Dumpster. (reported at 9:50 a.m.) A 17-year-old male was taken into custody and charged with possession of a controlled substance, possession with intent to deliver and failure to affix a drug tax stamp. He was referred to Juvenile Court Services and

The information in the log comes from the ISU and the City of Ames police departments’ records. All those accused of violating the law are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

released to the custody of a designated adult. (reported at 12:58 p.m.) A woman reported being sexually assaulted by an acquaintance. The incident occurred during September 2009. (reported at 5:14 p.m.) Mar. 4 Deron Humes, 20, 111 Sherman Ave., was arrested and charged with

voluntary abuse and probation violation. (reported at 10 p.m.) Ronnie Vang, 27, 630 S. Fourth St. unit 30, was arrested and charged with public consumption, willful injury and aggravated domestic abuse. (reported at 11:55 p.m.) Sidney Hunt, 27, 4127 Toronto St., was arrested and charged with operating while intoxicated. He was transported to the Story County Justice Center. (reported at

2 a.m.) Vehicles driven by Megan Sharp and Richard Sickels were involved in a property damage collision. (reported at 10:47 a.m.) Officers mediated a dispute between acquaintances. The immediate situation was resolved. (reported at 11:10 p.m.


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Nicole Paseka

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Spring 2004

What was your best day as Editor in Chief? The spring 2004 Veishea riot occurred during my editorship of the Daily. Words cannot express how proud I was of the Daily staff. We didn’t sleep that weekend, literally. We put together the best paper of the year. On Monday, our newspapers were GONE at Maple-Will-Larch by 8 a.m.!

How did your experience as Editor in Chief prepare you for your professional career? I used to work as a news editor, helping reporters make their stories better, and now I work as a coach, helping gymnasts make their skills better! The Daily helped me learn how to motivate people.

Apply Today! All candidates for fall/spring Editor in Chief will be interviewed by the Iowa State Daily Publication Board at the Wednesday, March 31 meeting. Once you have submitted your application, you will be notified of the time and place of the interview. Applications can be picked up in 108 Hamilton Hall. Applications are due back to 108 Hamilton Hall by 5pm, March 22.

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Financial Help

ISU students offer assistance with income tax Trained ISU accounting students will provide free tax assistance through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program, available until April 15. Hours are 3:30–5:30 p.m. Tuesdays, 6–8 p.m. Wednesdays and Thursdays from 6–8 p.m. in Gerdin 2148. The program will not be available during the week of Spring Break, and due to the complexity of some tax returns, the program may not be able to assist all people. Contact Bill Dilla at or 294-1685 for more information, or visit

— Daily Staff


PAGE 3 | Iowa State Daily | Monday, March 8, 2010 Editor K. Peterson |

Main Street

First director returns to lead district By Kyle Peterson Daily Staff Writer The Main Street Cultural District has announced that Angela Moore will be returning to lead the district, filling the position vacated by former director Jayne McGuire late last month. Moore previously held the position from 2004 until 2007. As the first full-time director, Moore said much of her time was spent marketing the district as an entity and establishing it in the minds of Ames community members. This time the opportunities and challenges will be different. “In the last three years, I think the board has grown a lot,” Moore said. “It is a much stronger board than when we just started and were just learning back in 2004. I’m excited to go back because I think there’s a much stronger support level

from the board and from the Chamber of Commerce to help the Cultural District as a whole.” Moore said that this time around, she wants to devote time to promoting the events of individual Main Street busiMoore nesses. “I hope to grow the marketing we do for all of the downtown businesses that are planning their own events,” Moore said. Since 2007, Moore has worked as visitor and membership coordinator for the Ames Convention and Visitors Bureau. “Having her know Ames so well is going to be really, really helpful,” said Sonya Stoltze-Newstrom, president of the Main Street Cultural District executive board. “The Cultural District likes to associate with other organizations within Ames. She

kind of already knows people that are working within those organizations.” Moore’s other connections will be of use too. “Knowing the businesses from three years ago will definitely help,” Moore said. The goal, as always, is to draw visitors and community members to Main Street. “We want Ames to be recognized as a destination, and we want downtown to be recognized as a destination,” Stoltze-Newstrom said. Moore will continue her work with the Convention and Visitors Bureau until Friday and will officially start at the Main Street Cultural District on March 15. “I have always loved Main Street and loved my time there, and it just seemed like time to go back,” Moore said. “My heart is with Main Street — as much as I love all of Ames, and promoting the whole area.”


Bob Buys Books partner to speak at club meeting Bart Rehagen, general partner of Bob Buys Books, will be the guest speaker at the ISU Entrepreneur Club meeting at 7 p.m. Tuesday in 2118 Gerdin. The company, which wholesales textbooks throughout the Midwest, was founded in 2007, and now hosts textbook buyback events at more than 25 colleges. Students are invited to attend regardless of their membership status in the club. For more information, visit

—Daily Staff


Financial event aimed at young professionals The Young Professionals of Ames is planning a financial symposium, “Your Road Map to Financial Success,” from 12:30 to 4:30 p.m. Friday in the Lepke Room of the ISU Foundation. Sessions cover topics such as: ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■

You, Inc.: How to effectively run your budget Strategies for reducing debt and improving your credit score Are you on the path to a lifetime of financial security? Planning for retirement: A road map for Generation X & Y

The event is free for members, $20 for nonmembers, includes lunch, and is limited to the first 50 registrants. RSVP at

things 10 you didn’t s e c t i o n

know about Trevn Lee

Tax Preparer Liberty Tax Service 110 Main St.

1. Is currently a DMACC student. 2. Studies business marketing and management. 3. Got into the tax business when he saw an advertisement in the paper. 4. Says the training he has gotten has helped him understand his own taxes. 5. And that it has helped him understand how to fill out his FAFSA, since he has a better grasp of the information. 6. Estimates that he has done approximately 30 returns since taking the job earlier this year. 7. Says taxes are a lot easier than some people make them out to be. 8. Would like to be an entrepreneur someday, because he likes the idea of being his own boss.” 9. Is originally from Boone. 10. Says “Role Models” is one of his favorite movies.

Kent Holst, of Iowa Stored Energy Park, and Klint Gingerich, of Gingerich Drilling, stand at the drilling site for a test well for Iowa Stored Energy Park, which wants to store energy that has been converted into air, in Dallas Center on Feb. 26. Photo: Justin Hayworth/The Associated Press

Burying the energy

Well is designed to store excess energy as compressed air By Dan Piller The Des Moines Register DALLAS CENTER — Kent Holst stood in front of the Iowa Stored Energy Park’s municipal utility members and proclaimed, “This time, we have something to show you.” Holst, the park’s development director, showed the officials a drill rig behind a house on the south side of Iowa Highway 44, two miles west of Dallas Center. The rig is drilling a 2,800-foot well that will be used to test the hardness of a sandstone formation. The energy park hopes the formation can hold energy that has been converted into air. When the municipal utilities that own stored energy need electricity at peak periods, the air will be released to the surface to power turbines in two 134-megawatt generators, making electricity. The drilling project is the first tangible sign of activity for the longdiscussed energy park, though the project is three years away from becoming a part of Iowa’s electricity grid. The energy park would be one answer to a problem that has long confounded the utility industry: the inability to store electricity. Holst and other company officials say that Iowa’s bountiful wind energy can be best used if some type of electricity storage is available. For all its popularity and greenness, wind energy can be the least reliable form of electricity generation. “The wind just doesn’t always blow at the right times when the electricity is needed,” said Thomas Wind of Jefferson, who is a consultant to Iowa Stored Energy Park.

Core samples are shown from the drilling site for a test well on Feb. 26, for the Iowa Stored Energy Park, which wants to store energy from wind farms, that has been converted into compressed air. When the municipal utilities that own stored energy need electricity at peak periods, the air will be released to the surface to power turbines in two 134-megawatt generators, making electricity. Photo: Justin Hayworth/The Associated Press

The Iowa Power Fund has put $3.2 million into the project west of Dallas Center in hopes of putting the state ahead of what may be the next big thing in electricity. One other stored energy park, in Alabama, exists nationwide. Another contribution from the U.S. Department of Energy put the public involvement in the project to about $4.7 million. “Having storage for energy is one of the critical pieces of Iowa’s energy future,” said Roya Stanley, director of the Iowa Office of Energy Independence who spoke at the annual meeting last week. About 150 Iowa municipal utilities who are members in the project will provide the rest of the financing, probably through bond sales. Before that can happen, Iowa Stored Energy Park needs to get geological verification that the sandstone dome in Dallas County can hold air at compressed rates of up to 1,400 pounds per square inch and won’t crack the underground rock formations.

Holst and Iowa Stored Energy Park officials are confident that tests will be favorable, because MidAmerican Energy stores natural gas in similar underground caverns nearby at Redfield. Iowa Stored Energy Park plans to drill a second test well later this year within about a quarter-mile of the first well site, Holst said. Eventually, the project will encompass eight to 10 wells and the 260-megawatt generator. Driller Klint Gingerich of Kalona said the 2,800-foot deep well dug for the company is about 10 times deeper than the average water well in Iowa. Gingerich’s firm drills mostly water and industrial wells in Iowa and neighboring states. “The deepest well dug in Iowa was a test oil well near Red Oak a few years ago, and that was 3,600 feet deep,” Gingerich said. That well did not produce oil. As the drill bit goes down, core samples of rock are pulled for analysis. At completion, the well will be

Making lives easier, healthier, happier • Kitchen • Photocenter • Pharmacy


• Vision Center • Deli • Bank

open 24 hours a day

• Health Market • Chinese • Dry Cleaning


7 days a week

• Floral • Wine and Spirits • Bakery


two convenient locations

encased in concrete. “The cementing is probably the most nerve-wracking part of the job,” said Gingerich, whose grandfather, Paul, founded the drilling company in 1955. “Otherwise, it’s been a perfect project.” Iowa Stored Energy Park is pegged as a backup source of electricity for Iowa’s municipal utilities. The big investor-owned utilities, MidAmerican Energy of Des Moines and Alliant Energy, can either generate or buy enough electricity to take care of Iowa customers. But the surplus of wind energy, expected to amount to up to 15 percent of Iowa’s generating capacity within a half-decade, is a source of spare electricity for municipal utilities. As for compressed-air storage of the type planned for Dallas County, Gene Berry of Lawrence Livermore Laboratory said in a report last year, “The scale and location-specific nature of energy storage in natural formations is likely to render it of limited benefit” to renewables like wind.

4 | NEWS | Iowa State Daily | Monday, March 8, 2010

Editors S. Buhrman, A. Hutchins, J. Opoien, and K. Peterson | | 515.294.2003

Re-election campaign

THE LOFT Senator reaches out RESALE

By Alexander Hutchins Daily Staff Writer State Sen. Herman Quirmbach, D-Ames, declared his re-election campaign Friday. Quirmbach represents State District 23, which includes Ames, Gilbert, Luther, Madrid and Napier. Quirmbach held a legislative forum at Ames City Hall on Saturday morning, sponsored by the Ames League of Wom-

en Voters. Quirmbach will also begin door-knocking and attending candidate forums Quirmbach once the current legislative session concludes. Quirmbach said the election process is about reaching out to students and constituents at every possible level.

“I have great faith about the voters of this state,� he said. Quirmbach named his two most prevalent goals as the repeal of the textbook tax and restoring the work-study program. Quirmbach also said he would promote environmental interests, saying they will provide the energy and jobs of the future. “I think we are in some difficult economic times, and I

would like to see us through these tough times and see us to a lasting recovery,� Quirmbach said. There is a stronger antiincumbency sentiment than in previous elections, Quirmbach said. “People are afraid they’re losing their dreams,� Quirmbach said. He added that he never takes a campaign for granted and he will work to maintain his seat.


Internship turns into job By Bethany Pint Daily Staff Writer

Bring this ad in for

purchase 5% off yheolouftratdw www.t

5% of sales the week of March 8th support the ISU Fashion Show

Make some money

we want your trendy brand name clothes

Downtown Ames 408 Kellogg • 232-9053





135 WELCH AVE. ~ 515.292.2868 4518 MORTENSEN RD. ~ 515.292.4444 2801 N. GRAND AVE. ~ 515.232.7827 1310 S. DUFF AVE. ~ 515.232.4567

FREAKY FAST DELIVERY! 3?2.8F 3.@A 1296C2?F Â&#x2022;% 76::F 7<5;´@ 3?.;056@2 990 .99 ?645A@ ?2@2?C21

What began as a love for her beef cattle operation has evolved into an internship and now, a job after college for ISU student Lauren Robinson. Robinson, senior in Agricultural Communications, grew up on a beef cattle operation in Coggon and has been showing her livestock for 11 years. At the 2006 Iowa State Fair, Robinson won the award for Grand Champion Simmental Heifer and met Linde Sutherly, owner of Lindeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Livestock Photos of New Carlisle, Ohio. The next year, Robinson talked to Sutherly and asked if she could intern for Lindeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Livestock Photos as a livestock photographer. Sutherly said yes. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I knew that I had to have an internship in order to graduate, and I wanted something that dealt with livestock,â&#x20AC;? Robinson said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I really liked it that I wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t going to be sitting at a desk â&#x20AC;&#x201D; that I would be able to travel and be around livestock.â&#x20AC;? As a livestock photographer, Robinson takes photos at various livestock shows across the nation and â&#x20AC;&#x153;shootsâ&#x20AC;? award winners and their animals. The photos are then sold to the winners and their families. If someone asks Lindeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s to take photos on their farm as part of a livestock auction, those services are available too. Being on the opposite side of the camera is a different experience, Robinson said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;My favorite part of this whole career is being able to capture the smile of that kid when he just gets picked for grand champion steer, and being able to capture that smile on his face and how proud he is,â&#x20AC;? she said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s really neat because I know the emotions heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s feeling because Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve been there and Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve done that. To be able to provide that for


from PAGE 1 The 26-hour Kaleidoquiz, which lasted from 4 p.m. Friday to 6 p.m. Saturday, had teams answering more than 250 questions and challenges that took them all over campus and the Ames community. Team members had to draw a mural, play dodgeball, find Lady Gaga, dance in Snuggies, watch out for zombies on campus, have someone shave most of his or her body, find items in â&#x20AC;&#x153;World of Warcraft,â&#x20AC;? identify classic Nintendo sounds, find Cousin Carl at a bar, and travel to Minneapolis and back.

Team rankings 1. I was hiding under your porch because I love you. 2. I Mustache You A Question 3. Super-Secret KQ Kommandos 4. Fifth Place 5. Theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re Taking the Hobbits to Isengard! 6. The next 26 hours are the only time every year that Googleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s DNS server gets more access than your mom. 7. Team Dante 8. Shimmer kitten wears an obsequious bosom bib in 785 BC while doing cardio with sorostitutes away from el masquerado after asking, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Howâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d it get burnedâ&#x20AC;? and freeballinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; a nautical hzexam. 9. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t Choke Under the Weight of the Column of Air Above You 10. Perpetual Motion Squad: We Can Go All Night

â&#x2013; â&#x2013; 

Lauren Robinson, senior in agricultural communications, has been shooting livestock photography for Lindeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Livestock Photos for three years. Robinson will continue working for them after she graduates from Iowa State. Photo: Joseph Bauer/Iowa State Daily.

someone else is something that I really take pride in.â&#x20AC;? Robinson has had to miss some days of classes due to traveling for livestock shows in different states, but she said itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a fair tradeoff. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m gaining knowledge that a classroom canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t offer,â&#x20AC;? she said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I balance it out. If this is something that Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m really going to do, then I can kind of justify missing a class. Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s just so much more knowledge and experience out there than a classroom can provide. Robinson has been hired to be a part of the livestock photography team with Lindeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Livestock Photos team when she graduates in May. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s all about working with good people,â&#x20AC;? Sutherly said of the hiring. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s made the decision really, really easy for me

Some of the events of KaleidoQuiz 2010 5 p.m. Dodgeball tournament at the Educational Services Center for Ames Community School District, 415 Stanton Ave. 8:30 p.m. Items to the first scavenger hunt â&#x20AC;&#x201D; including Lady Gaga, George W. Bush 2004 button, Purple heart â&#x20AC;&#x201D; were due. 10:30 p.m. Cousin Carl went missing Campustown and team members had to attempt to find him Midnight Submissions to the photo montage were due 2:00 a.m. Teams were to send two people to dance in Snuggies to Welch Ave. and Chamberlain. 3:00 a.m. Teams submitted a mural for Ames to judge. Submissions were part of the Ames Community Art Mural Project. 4:30 a.m. Items to the second scavenger hunt were due. 5:00 a.m. Traveling question team members left for destinations in Minneapolis 10 a.m. Submissions to the clips of DJs of KURE montage were due 10 a.m. Local traveling question begins sends people around the Ames community 2 p.m. Submissions to the music video are due 4 p.m. Submissions to the Nintendo montage are due 2:30-5 p.m. Teams needed to find Shaun was on campus and find him while avoiding zombies and preventing from becoming one

to have her come work with us.â&#x20AC;? Within the next year, Robinson will travel to Michigan, Delaware, Maryland, Ohio, Arkansas, Kentucky and Pennsylvania. Sutherly said she has sent Robinson out to shoot livestock shows on her own. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I have confidence in her and I wouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t send her anywhere that I didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t think she could handle,â&#x20AC;? she said. Robinson encourages students to pursue their interests. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be afraid to ask, because if I wouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have asked I never would have found this,â&#x20AC;? she said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I took a chance and I asked her, and it all worked out. Just take a chance, and if you want to do something, do it because the only thing youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll ever regret is if you didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t do it.â&#x20AC;? For more information, go to www.

10 points Q: Why is it ironic that Tomâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s sister gives him vodka A: Because Tom is clearly old enough to drink and she is underage (â&#x20AC;&#x153;(500) Days of Summerâ&#x20AC;? reference) â&#x2013; â&#x2013; 

20 points Q: What were the best and worst scores Sean Connery had on SNLâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s â&#x20AC;&#x153;Celebrity Jeopardy?â&#x20AC;? A: -$230000; 0 â&#x2013; â&#x2013; 

30 points Q: Borrow from American TV, news anchors in the Netherlands are supposedly, but not really, called what? A: Cronkiters â&#x2013; â&#x2013; 

40 points Q: Where in ames can you find germans, a state patrolmen and a redneckâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s car? A: The Hobby Shop on Main Street â&#x2013; â&#x2013; 

50 points Q: In the second season of the original â&#x20AC;&#x153;Star Trek,â&#x20AC;? how many times does Bones say â&#x20AC;&#x153;Heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s dead Jim?â&#x20AC;? A: 2 â&#x2013; â&#x2013; 

Q: Which ISU professor has a scar on his chin due to a incidence in grad school involving alcohol and Cubans? A: Richard Mansbach â&#x2013; â&#x2013; 

CENSUS FORMS ARRIVE IN MARCH. If you live in Ames the majority of the year, even ISU students, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re an Ames resident for the census. Remember to return your form & CLAIM AMES!

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67 OZ Shitkickers

Spring Break Money BEER PONG TOURNEY


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Opinion Editorial:

KaleidoQuiz 2010 is in the books. The 26hour radio quiz show put on by Iowa State’s student radio station, KURE, took place this weekend. Hopefully you had a chance to take part in the craziness. KQ embodies the spirit of college-ism. Trivia questions, read over the air every six minutes, range from ambiguous (What is rule #34?) to ridiculous (What brand is the MU’s revolving door?) and almost always end in a frantic sprint, phone call or Google search to be made. The rise of the Google search forced the questions to become increasingly difficult, and the scope of the contest has expanded to include various competitions that extend far beyond simple trivia questions. One of those other components, the traveling question, requires teams to send members to a faraway place and visit certain locations while there. This year’s quest was in Minneapolis, and led contestants to a shady seafood restaurant. Closer to home there was the scavenger hunt, which included items such as “someone dressed as Lady Gaga,” “Mountain Dew in an aluminum bottle” and a “self-applying condom.” Also featured this year were video challenges that had to be uploaded to YouTube by a certain time to count. A quick search for “KQ2010” yields all manner of craziness; maybe you’ll see people you know making fools of themselves. To complete these challenges and still answer the trivia questions, many teams have upwards of 50 people, each doing a variety of tasks throughout the duration of the event. A typical team headquarters has a projector, dozens of computers, endless caffeinated beverages, a radio, a whiteboard and, of course, exhausted college students. Teams are often juggling so may things simultaneously that, regardless of any planning, things can get pretty frantic. In this way, KQ is a reflection of both the sameness and ever changing culture of Iowa State. The first KQ, held in 1967, was popular enough to jam on-campus phone lines. According to KQ’s Web site, “it was almost impossible to place a call on campus the entire afternoon.” Now, with the rise of cell phones and the improved organization of the event, such inconveniences are rare. For this, KURE deserves both congratulations and thanks. Those involved did a great job once again. Some things never change. And KQ, hopefully, will be a source of entertainment for years to come. The annual event coincides perfectly with the peak of cabin fever and provides an opportunity for restless kids to run around, be crazy and stay up all night for something fun, instead of something due. Because inside, we’re all still kids. Whether you’re a freshman or a grad student, the opportunity to be stupid, for a cause is an increasingly rare happening That’s why KQ is so great: It isn’t about winning, it’s barely about competition — it’s about fun. Here stupidity is channeled and embraced. So, we call upon the youth of the world to convene one year from now in Ames to be stupid. If you want to make a music video in one take, or sit around and drink Red Bull until dawn, then enjoy KQ while you can. The answer, if you were wondering: Rule #34 states, “If it exists, there is a porn of it.” That’s trivia worth knowing.

Editor in Chief

Opinion Editor

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Sophie Prell 294-2533

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KaleidoQuiz embodies the college spirit

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Courtesy photo:

University overreacted Decried demonstrations blown out of proportion by school officials


ecently, there has been an increasing amount of controversy at the University of California, San Diego. It all started when a fraternity decided to host a “Compton Cookout” party during Black History Month. The party’s Facebook invitation urged its guests to speak loudly and to wear chains and cheap clothing. Girls were invited to act as “ghetto chicks.” A definition of “ghetto chicks” taken from a 2006 posting on was given, including, among other things, having gold teeth, starting fights and drama, and waving a finger in peoples’ faces. The menu for the event also included chicken and watermelon. Needless to say, when word got around, some people were less than happy. UCSD immediately condemned the party, but no action was taken against its hosts because it was off-campus and not university-affiliated. Then, a group of students defending the Compton Cookout used racial slurs on UCSD’s student-run TV station to describe those condemning the party. Protests, rallies and campuswide discussions ensued. A task force to increase the numbers of black students and faculty members was created. And then a noose was found hanging in the UCSD library. This was immediately interpreted by many, including the police, as an intent to intimidate or terrorize black students. The student who hung the noose confessed the following morning and wrote an anonymous letter to the UCSD’s student newspaper explaining the incident. In it, she apologized for what happened and explained that she and a couple of friends were playing around with a piece of rope they found lying around and tried a couple of things — using it as a jump rope and tying it into a lasso. Then one of them tied it into a noose. She then left for the library, taking the rope with her, where she forgot all about it and left it hanging by her desk. She claims she never thought of the noose in relation to what had been going on at UCSD, and that she was distraught knowing that she had added to the pain of those who had been affected by recent events. She has since been suspended, and the investigation has been filed with the San Diego City Attorney as a possible hate crime. The UC President and the Board of Regents Chairman released a statement saying, “Whatever the intent of the authors of this act, it was a despicable expression of racial hatred, and we are outraged. It has no place in civilized society and it will not be tolerated ...” And it wasn’t over yet. Days afterward, a crude KKK-style hood made out of a pillowcase was placed on a statue of Dr. Seuss outside the UCSD library. A rose was also placed in the statue’s hand. The items are being checked by police for fingerprints and DNA evidence. University officials have said that, “... individuals who are responsible will be punished to the full extent of the Student Code of Conduct and all applicable laws.” Now, to me it seems that each of these incidents was a little blown out of proportion. I just don’t think it’s quite as big a deal as everyone else seems to. Take the Compton Cook-

Blake Hasenmiller

is a senior in industrial engineering and economics from DeWitt.

out for example. Yes, I can see how it could be insulting. To be fair, though, if someone here at Iowa State hosted a “Cracker Party” where everyone was encouraged to wear polos, drink wine and dance badly, I can’t imagine that I — or anyone else, for that matter , would be particularly offended. Still, I understand that it probably touched a nerve with a few people, but it hardly seems worthy of protests and task forces. It seems to me like something that should have been dismissed as idiots being idiots and left alone. As for the noose, the girl who did it said she did not mean it to be related to race or the other events on campus. Heck, she said she didn’t even mean to leave it there in the first place. This may or may not be true, but the UC President and Board of Regents Chairman’s statement said, “Whatever the intent of the authors of this act, it was a despicable expression of racial hatred...” Let me paraphrase that for you. “Whatever the intent, the intent was racism.” It seems to me that their minds are made up. The truth doesn’t even matter. They are prepared to assume racism regardless of the student’s testimony. And as for the hood, well, I fail to see how cutting eye holes in a pillowcase warrants DNA analysis. It’s even possible that it wasn’t intended to be an act of racism at all. Although the KKK reference was clear, the rose that the statue was holding was not, creating conflicting impressions. Roses had been left on desks on the same floor of the library where the noose was found with notes encouraging students to carry them to “ love and solidarity for those that are in pain.” But, like the noose incident, university officials are not about to start looking at explanations other than racism. Their reaction is simply “identify and punish.” It’s almost as if everyone actually wants to believe that this is all blatant racism. I would think that people would hold out hope that the last two incidents were simply misunderstandings, especially in light of how people came together for the rallies and discussions, and how they carried around roses to show their support.

So why is everyone making such a big deal out of this? It seems UCSD wants to appear tough on racism, but what about everyone else? I can understand why people would want to make sure that bigotry isn’t completely ignored or swept under the rug, but when you go around making it sound like the isolated events of a few tactless individuals are evidence of a culture of racism, sexism, homophobia, etc., some people are actually going to start believing it. And there’s no better way to keep people from succeeding than by repeatedly telling them they can’t because of deep-seeded stereotypes. So the next time you or some group you identify with is insulted — no matter who you are, this will happen eventually — take a minute and consider whether it’s really worth getting all worked up about, or if it would be better to just ignore it and get on with your life.


De-icing sidewalks will help attendance Waking up in the morning to go to classes can be hard. It’s even harder when you look outside to see at least a foot of snow covering the ground, and knowing that before long you have to trek out into this wintery nightmare to walk to class. Being a student here, I know what this is like. For most of the people I have talked to, it can be hard enough getting motivated to go to class in the dead cold of winter and trudging through the snow. However, once you accomplish raising your spirits and bundling up to go outside, you may think it’s not that bad out there — at least not until you realize that the sidewalks are not only covered in snow, but they are also solid sheets of ice. Perhaps the first time you slip, your motivation will waver a little. And then again the second or third time you slip. Finally, the day is over and you are in the safe comfort of your own bed just to realize you have to do all this again tomorrow. The sidewalks along campus should be de-iced more efficiently for the safety of students and faculty. With less ice covering the pathways, everyone will not only

be safe from slipping, but they will also have a higher motivation to go to class. The Facilities Planning and Management’s “Helpful Hints When Walking on Snow or Ice” seems to think pedestrians need to just walk more carefully and slowly. However, when a student is in a hurry to make it to a class across campus, it’s hard to restrain to a slow walking pace. For several students, getting to class on time means not missing out on a pop quiz or extra credit points in the first few minutes. If every last point was crucial, would you risk jeopardizing points because the snow removal service can’t de-ice the sidewalks? If there were fewer ice chunks lurking around, students wouldn’t have to act like they’re walking on egg shells. They would be able to get to class at a normal pace without slipping on the unseen ice. I found at least 10 different types of salts, salt-mixers and other de-icers when I was searching for possible alternatives to what is currently being used. According a member of the snow removal services, Iowa State uses “calcium chloride mixed with sand to melt through the

snow and ice.” Although the Washington Post claims experts say calcium chloride is one of the most recommended de-icers, it is also one of the most expensive salts out there. The snow removal services have already spent three-fourths of the $350,000 budget they received this year, which leads us to the question of whether Iowa State is spending too much on this particular type of de-icer. Maybe Iowa State should try a cheaper or new method of spreading it more effectively. A problem that many people see as the result of using more salt is that the plant or aquatic life will be harmed. It is said that salt dries up water, clogs local waterways and changes the chemical composition of soil. However, this is inaccurate. There are salts that don’t harm the plant or aquatic life. One example is the calcium chloride that is being used here now. It’s even better for the environment if the ice is removed as soon as it’s loose, says Shawn Shouse of ISU Extension Field Specialist/Agricultural Engineering. The sand in the mixture doesn’t harm the environment

either. It should be washed out when spring comes around, but other than that no harm done. The winter weather can quickly turn safe sidewalks into difficult and dangerous pathways for pedestrians to navigate. However, with all the de-icing products that have been developed, why can’t we make it a safer place I know funding is a problem for laying down more salt and sand, but Iowa State could raise the budget for snow and ice removal. Even students and families could donate a small amount of money for the safety of everyone. The money would go toward both salt and sand, because while the salt melts the ice, the sand creates more traction for the people walking across. Another solution would be to remove the ice as soon as it starts breaking apart. This would minimize the amount of salt being used, save money and get rid of the initial problem. If the university expects students to travel safely to classes, then sidewalks need to be cleared.

Ashley Freese is a freshman in pre-business.

Monday, March 8, 2010 | Iowa State Daily | OPINION | 7

Editor S. Prell | | 515.294.6768


Editorial Cartoon: Wayne Stayskal/McClatchy-Tribune

‘Alice’ disappoints Film’s potentially dark undertone trumped by wholesome PG rating


im Burton’s new pseudo-sequel, “Alice in Wonderland,” is, at best, a mildly entertaining film for 6-year-olds. What had the potential to be a marvelous follow-up to the magnificent books “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and “Through the LookingGlass, and What Alice Found There” became a sorry mix of small-child appeal with Burton’s want for twistedly weird. The first misstep came with the story itself. Maybe it was Disney’s influence, but the dark appeal of the Alice books was again glossed over so that little kids could convince their parents to spend inordinate amounts of money at their local cinema. Burton is renowned for his macabre approach to stories, and when the first mention of this movie came to light a few years ago, it was believed this would be much more akin to the video game “American McGee’s Alice.” The game was a dark tale set after “Through the Looking-Glass,” in which Alice’s family dies in a fire, leaving her as the only survivor. Alice attempts suicide due to pain, loss and survivor guilt, and is sent to a psychiatric ward. Ten years of staff and psychological abuse later, the White Rabbit returns, dragging her to a twisted, evil Wonderland ruled over by the Red Queen. This new movie keeps the theme of the Red Queen ruling over a Wonderland that has been placed in a state of fear due to the constant death sentences of “Off with their head.” The psychology of the game and the logic-altering intricacies ­have been ignored to make the movie more audience friendly and get that annoyingly wholesome PG rating. This would be fine if it stuck to this notion of being more of a children’s movie, but instead the edges of dark are skirted just enough to inspire viewer interest and then every effort is attempted to ensure the Disney seal of “fun for the whole family” and add on a pointless happy ending of mediocrity. The second mistake is in the increased role of the Mad Hatter, portrayed by the illustrious Johnny Depp. Due to love of the Hatter by audiences throughout the years, and Burton’s decision to have Depp be the star of every movie, someone along the writing chain decided the role should be a secondary hero to Alice. This would be like making a new “Star Wars” movie in which Boba Fett got as much screen time as Han Solo. Additionally, the Hatter is one of the main reasons the dark attempts look so wrong. Depp does an excellent job playing the crazed character, mixing ominous mutterings with a slightly dangerous gleam in his eye. In the interim, however, the Hatter’s actions are given background that dwarfs Alice’s story and leads up to his “funderwhack” dance of celebration at the end. I won’t say that this utterly superfluous dance was what ruined the movie for me, but it definitely made me curse out loud in a perfectly “blue” fashion and look warmly toward the exit as I waited for

Gabriel Stoffa is senior in communication studies and political science from Ottumwa.

the movie to play out its utterly awful climax and ending. The final bit of folly infecting this film fell with its stringing together of scenes from the original stories. Classic clips are cobbled together to craft what can only be described as a crappy creative process. While it is marvelous to pay homage, substituting old ideas instead of new scenes was not only an obvious lack of effort, but cemented the notion that Disney doesn’t care about quality content but only whether the content is of a non-offensive persuasion. Basically, if it worked once, just spoon-feed the audience the same thing and they’ll never know the difference ­— it’s almost insulting, really. Despite all these terrible hiccups to the new and disastrously unimproved Alice, there are some definite upsides. Depp’s Hatter is spot-on in personality and degree of madness. Helena Bonham Carter is perfect as the Red Queen, never once breaking from the character’s need for overcompensation due to being a second-rate person. Mia Wasikowska’s Alice is either good or bad, depending on how Alice was supposed to come across: If Alice is supposed to be dull and sort of lost, then Wasikowska’s performance was fine; if she was supposed to be the more involved and inquisitive Alice of the books, then the Alice portrayal was very boring. The voice acting lent by Alan Rickman as the Blue Caterpillar is a saving grace ­— but then Rickman in anything makes a movie better ­— and Stephen Fry makes the Cheshire Cat appearances very welcome. To top it off, Ann Hathaway is superb as an ethereal White Queen, balancing nobility and sophistication with the realm of death and an ephemeral quality that lends her character a specter-esque feel that makes her beauty more appealing. The movie also makes a clever reference to the original title of the first draft of the Alice story when it is pointed out Alice has been calling it Wonderland, when in Burton’s vision it is called Underland —­the original Alice was titled “Alice’s Adventures Under Ground.” Bringing the movie back down again and again is the ridiculous 3-D fad unceremoniously crammed down audience’s throats and haphazardly slapped onto Burton’s mangled attempt at an Alice movie. This film would have looked fine, but the 3-D unnecessarily blurs backgrounds and truly takes away from the dark and sweeping beauty Burton could have granted Wonderland. Final analysis: Don’t bother chasing this one down the rabbit-hole. Wait for a dollar theater or home video, and don’t be too surprised when you walk away shaking your head in disappointment at Burton’s misguided, uninteresting and essentially discombobulated rendition of Lewis Carroll’s novels.

Topic Id:

RSVP recruiting volunteers Do you have the extra time to help someone in need? RSVP is inviting you to serve and respond to your community needs. RSVP works like a volunteer center, helping to build capacity through volunteerism for many nonprofit organizations, and health and education entities. The purpose of RSVP is to enrich lives of those served and those who volunteer. RSVP encourages persons 55 and older to bring their talents, experiences, skills and hobbies to community organizations needing their help. There are no membership fees to be a part of RSVP to reap its free benefits. Thanks to RSVP volunteers, 66 elementary students and 11 pre-school students are receiving literacy assistance. So far this year, an average of 79 families are assisted monthly in food pantries, 41 nursing home residents increased socialization, citizens are better prepared for local disasters and have learned about fraud and scams, full-time caregivers


receive much needed free time, homebound and town bound elderly receive grocery shopping assistance, and many non-profits receive the help needed to enable them to better serve communities. We will assist you in finding the right rewarding opportunity for you, whether it is a long-term or short-term commitment. There are many volunteer opportunities, ranging from direct help with the youth, elderly, homeless and low-income. to non-direct help within non-profit agencies and organizations that serve the communities. RSVP is recruiting volunteers to help in both Boone and Greene counties. Please contact us for more information, 515-433-7836 or e-mail susanp@

Susan Pratt is a program assistant, respite coordinator, RSVP of Boone & Greene counties.


‘Heracles’ falls short New game works for beginner RPG players, not vets


here’s an old joke that goes something like this: “What has six legs, a spike tail, poisonous fangs, razorsharp talons and enormous bat wings?” “I give up. What?” “I don’t know, but it sure sounds scary!” In a similar vein, what game controls like turn-based RPG, is set in ancient Greece, stars anime-style characters and is available now for the Nintendo DS? Unfortunately, I do know the answer to this one, and it’s “Glory of Heracles.” “Glory of Heracles,” the new JRPG developed by Paon Corporation and published by Nintendo isn’t really bad. There’s nothing wrong with it, but there are so many better options for gamers looking for a more engaging RPG experience. The opening of the game places you in the boots of Heracles. Maybe. See, you’ve apparently bumped your head and forgotten who you are. You might be the legendary Heracles, but you might also be... y’know, some other immortal dude. Exciting, no? No. The opening of the game is slow as slow can be, and the sole driving force is going to be that plot device, which is not only quite underwhelming and stereotypical, but executed with all the grace of an elephant on a high-wire. It gets better as things go on, but for the first several hours it’s about as exciting as it looks. See, “Glory of Heracles” doesn’t have the best writing around. Everyone speaks in their anime characterization,­as that’s the art direction,­so you have the standard butch-but-femmy crossdresser, the vain ladykiller, the ridiculously large and burly fighter, and more — including your silent self. It might seem annoying that your character won’t say much more than “...” but consider it a blessing. If he were to speak with writing half as bad as the rest of your party, you might go a little insane. The writing, as with the characters,­is very “Saturday morning,” which leads me to think that maybe I’m just a bit too old for this title. Maybe this game was meant for a younger audience with less familiarity with the RPG genre. It would make sense, considering the

Sophie Prell This column appears

courtesy of Sophie Prell’s blog, “G3: A Girl’s Guide to Gaming.” Get more video game news, reviews and commentary online, at www.g3girlsgaming.blogspot. com.

game holds your hand. For example, fights are random and easy to win, with the system keeping a detailed log of who’s performed what action and the status of the battlefield. Tutorials teach you about each new status, encounter, actions, equipment, etc. Not only this, but there’s also an “Auto” button, which will hand over control of your party to the computer. I never lost with this option activated, but I noticed that the decisions made were hardly optimal in regards to item management, power use, etc. More experienced gamers would likely be better off with the situation firmly in hand ­— no play on words intended ­— instead of repeatedly clicking “Auto.” The problem with that route, however, is that the battles are so easy and so frequent. Random spawns happen every few steps, and manual control is tedious and monotonous. The battles look all right, with full 3-D models, ­although they rarely possess sufficiently pleasing levels of detail and acceptably textured landscapes. Spell effects are so-so at first, but minigames allow you to increase the devastation of your spells, and naturally, the spells get bigger and better as the game goes on, so this balances things out pretty

nicely. Towns are as town-like as can be with very few distinctions between each locale, despite a camera that allows you to see more of the cityscapes. This is one of the most unfortunate things about “Glory of Heracles.” The setting hasn’t been done to death, and there were plenty of opportunities to weave a little Greek life into the game. Instead, it feels like the cast from “Sailor Moon” was transported back in time and is walking around wearing Greek body suits. Seriously, I can’t be the only one who sees a resemblance between our main hero and Tuxedo Mask. It’s a tough balance to find, between familiarity and uniqueness, and I don’t fault “Glory of Heracles” for at least trying. It does plenty to a perfectly satisfactory level, including graphics, music, setting and gameplay. But it just never gets off the ground to be anything more than average. If you’re a seasoned RPG vet looking for the next great experience, look elsewhere. If you’re just getting into RPGs or can put up with lines like “Scarier than a staring contest with Medusa,” then maybe “Glory of Heracles” can serve as an introductory title, welcoming gamers to RPG genre with a title that, while not great, is perfectly competent.

Firoozeh Dumas: LAUGHING

Without an Accent Monday, March 8, 2010 8pm Great Hall, Memorial Union Firoozeh Dumas, author of Funny in Farsi and Laughing without an Accent, is a humorist with a serious message. She was born in Abadan, Iran, and moved to Southern California with her family in the 1970s. Dumas grew up listening to her father, a former Fulbright Scholar, recount the many colorful stories of his life in both Iran and America and decided to write her stories as a gift for her children. She was a finalist for the prestigious Thurber Prize for American Humor, the first Middle Eastern women to be considered for this honor. Sponsored by Women’s Studies Program, Margaret Sloss Women’s Center, World Languages and Cultures, YWCA Ames- ISU, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences International Programs, Ames Public Library, and Committee on Lectures (funded but GSB)

National National Ag Ag Day Day BBQ BBQ FREE for College of Ag students

March 9th 11-1pm Come to hear the announcement of the Ag Man and Woman of the Year Award!

@ The Kildee Pavilion

SIGN UP TODAY Relay for Life Iowa State University March 26 & 27 @ Lied Recreation Center

Coping with a disaster is hard. Using alcohol or drugs just makes it worse. Call our 24/7 Iowa Concern Hotline at: 1-800-447-1985.

Register by March 12

Youth & Shelter Services, Inc. 420 Kellogg, Ames, IA 50014 515-233-3141 Helpline: 800-600-2330

for more info Sponsored by the Iowa Department of Public Health

sponsored by Iowa Pork Producers


PAGE 8 | Iowa State Daily | Monday, March 8, 2010 Editor N. Sandell | | 515.294.3148

Men’s Basketball

Men’s Basketball

Gilstrap takes home Rookie of the Week

‘Relentless’ attitude brings big win

By Nate Sandell Daily Staff Writer ISU forward Marquis Gilstrap earned his sixth weekly conference award of the season Sunday after being named Big 12 Rookie of the Week. In two games last Gilstrap week Gilstrap averaged 14 points per game and 13 rebounds. On Wednesday against Missouri, Gilstrap led the Cyclones with 15 points and pulled down a game high 13 rebounds. His success continued into Saturday, when Gilstrap’s second straight double-double (13 points and 13 rebounds) helped Iowa State defeat No. 5 Kansas State 85-82. Gilstrap has amassed the most weekly awards of any player in the Big 12 this season. Colorado’s junior guard Cory Higgins was named Big 12 Player of the Week.

Two players receive Big 12 recognition By Nate Sandell Daily Staff Writer Junior forward Craig Brackins and senior Marquis Gilstrap both received recognition from the Big 12 on Sunday, when the conference’s regular season awards were announced. Brackins, who was the Cyclones’ leading scorer this season, with 16.5 points per game, was named to the All-Big 12 second team. His 8.6 rebounds per game was fifth best in the conference. Brackins was member of the All-Big 12 first team last season. Gilstrap followed his teammate by being named to the conference’s honorable mention list. In his first season with Iowa State, Gilstrap posted 14.8 points per game and averaged a Big 12 fourth-best 9.4 rebounds per game. He has also racked up six Big 12 Rookie of the Week awards this year. Highlighting the remainder of the Big 12 award list was Oklahoma State guard James Anderson, who was named Big 12 Player of the Year. Anderson was the conference leader in scoring with 22.9 points per game. He is also a member of this year’s All-Big 12 First Team. Kansas State coach Frank Martin was honored as the Big 12 Coach of the Year, and Kansas center Cole Aldrich picked up his second straight Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year award.

Defense leads Northern Iowa to Valley title By John Marshall The Associated Press ST. LOUIS — Kwadzo Ahelegbe had 24 points, and Northern Iowa used a dominating defensive second half to beat Wichita State 67-52 Sunday for its second straight Missouri Valley Conference tournament title. Northern Iowa (28-4) rode defense to the regular-season title and did it again at Arch Madness, holding the Shockers without a field goal for more than 12 minutes during a 25-3 second-half run. The Panthers earned the conference’s automatic bid into the NCAA Tournament and are the first team since Illinois State in 1997-1998 to sweep both Valley titles in consecutive years. Wichita State (25-9) kept it close with 3-point shooting early in its first MVC title game since 1991, but hit just 6 of 26 shots in the second half and shot a season-low 32 percent overall. Now the Shockers will have to wait an agonizing week before learning their NCAA tournament fate. Clevin Hannah had 12 points for Wichita State, which needed this win far more than Northern Iowa. The Panthers were probably going to get into the NCAA Tournament no matter what happened. The Shockers? They won 25 games and finished second in the Valley, but a 12-6 conference mark and a weak nonconference schedule leaves them on the bubble. Northern Iowa set a school record with 15 conference wins in the regular season and, after surprising losses to Bradley and Evansville down the stretch, was back in form at the Valley tournament. Northern Iowa held Drake and Bradley to 40 points each in the first two rounds, getting plenty of time to rest its starters. The Shockers split two regular-season games with Northern Iowa, pulling out a grinding 60-51 win in Wichita on Jan. 19 to knock the 20th-ranked Panthers out of the polls.

By Nate Sandell Daily Staff Writer The 2009-2010 ISU basketball season has been characterized by myriad close losses. But in a game that nearly joined the collection, the Cyclones prevailed in a stunning 85-82 overtime upset of No. 5 Kansas State on Saturday. The victory was one of the biggest wins in coach Greg McDermott’s



four-year tenure at Iowa State, and snapped a streak of 21 straight losses to Top-25 ranked teams.

“We were relentless,” forward Craig Brackins said after the game. “We were relentless. We didn’t stop. We didn’t let things get to us.” Iowa State had led by as much as 11 points in the first half, but Kansas State stormed back in the second half to force overtime. Thanks in part to a shooting percentage of 50 percent and several clutch free throws, the Cyclones were able to hold off the hometown Wildcats for

Iowa State’s second Big 12 road win since 2007. “If we shot the ball like we did today all year, we are talking about a much different team, because we finally made some shots today,” McDermott said. “We beat a very talented and tough team, and I am so proud of these guys.” The Cyclones were able to close

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Women’s Basketball

Cyclone curtain call Teammates rise to the challenge in Lacey’s absence By Kayci Woodley Daily Staff Writer Even with top player Alison Lacey out for the second consecutive game, the Cyclones found a way to win Saturday. Iowa State secured its No. 2 spot in the Big 12 tournament after defeating Colorado 59-41, and rounded out the regular season 23-6 (11-5 Big 12), finishing second in the conference. “It’s kind of been the formula we’ve had all year — grind it out, play hard, try not to turn the ball over, try and guard the other team’s best player,” coach Bill Fennelly said. “It’s just the way this team has had to play all year, and to their credit, they’ve embraced it and found ways to win.” Junior guard Kelsey Bolte stepped into the leadership role in Lacey’s absence and found a way to step up and be the player Iowa State needed at the time. Bolte was the new face Cyclone players looked to for guidance, and she compiled 19 points, three of which were 3-pointers for the ISU offense. “She is the key to our team offensively when [Lacey] isn’t in the game [and] she’s getting a little internship in being the leader with [Lacey] gone,” Fennelly said with a smile. After a foul was made by Colorado’s Courtney Dunn, Bolte pulled the other four Cyclone players into a huddle to regroup. After the huddle,

March 6

59-41 (23-6)

Hilton Coliseum


the Buffaloes remained scoreless for the rest of the game, going without a bucket for the final seven minutes. “If [Lacey] isn’t playing I usually step up a little bit more and maybe do a little bit more than I usually do, but it was kind of a team effort,” Bolte said. “In the locker room, in the huddle, everyone was bringing [each other] together and focusing more.” Without Lacey, other guards, including Bolte, are forced to step up. Sophomore guard Whitney Williams took more of a point guard role, and guard Denae Stuckey’s role changed as well. Especially in the final minutes of the game, Stuckey stood out with her steals that resulted in breakaway layups. Stuckey’s hustled plays elevated the energy in Hilton, and the final bucket of the game was made by Stuckey with 22 seconds to play. “The two things that I thought we did really well is even when there was a scramble situation, we didn’t give them a second wide open look — we got back out and guarded,” Fennelly said. “Defensively we felt like that was the key for our team again today, because without [Lacey] we don’t score a lot.” Colorado was without its leading scorer and top player, Brittany Spears, in the second half, after Spears made an impact with two big plays to round out the first half. Iowa State took advantage of the Buffaloes being forced

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Iowa State’s Chelsea Poppens attempts to shoot a basket over the Colorado defense on Saturday at Hilton Coliseum. The Cyclones beat the Buffaloes 59–41. Photo: Zhenru Zhang/Iowa State Daily

Lacey’s illness forces her to bench for all except 2 seconds on senior day By Travis J. Cordes Daily Staff Writer It might have been the earliest in-game standing ovation in women’s basketball history. But as most fans and teammates will attest, the applause was more than deserved. Only two seconds into Saturday’s senior day game against Colorado, a foul was committed on purpose to send Alison Lacey to the bench for the rest of the game as a cheerful roar emanated from the grateful crowd of 11,946 at Hilton Coliseum. Lacey, often considered one of the greatest players to ever wear cardinal and gold, didn’t have the luxury of the customary send off most seniors of her caliber have earned, but the fans still made the best of her moment. Due to a lengthy battle with a severe bronchial illness, she has been isolated from basketball-related activities for most of the past week, leading her to the abbreviated senior day appearance. “I was definitely sad, but I knew there was nothing I could do about it,” Lacey said. “I knew at the beginning I was going to just stand in the corner, hope that we would foul, and get out of there quick-

Iowa State’s Alison Lacey sits on the bench watching the team play Saturday. Lacey missed all but two seconds of the game with an illness. Photo: Zhenru Zhang/Iowa State Daily

ly.” Continued fatigue and shortness of breath made coach Bill Fennelly hold Lacey out of the final two regular season games in hopes of having her at

full strength for the Big 12 Tournament. Countless hours of sleep have helped Lacey begin to get on the right track, and she will work with the doctors this week to determine the best time for her to return. “I’m getting better each day,” Lacey said. “Today is definitely the best I have felt since I got sick, and we’re just going to look day-to-day to see when I’ll get back.” There may have been a No. 2 seed in the conference tournament on the line Saturday, but the Cyclones had already been assured of a top four seed and a first round bye. This allowed Fennelly to have no reservations about making sure all five of his seniors started and got the playing time they earned in their final regular season home game. It was also a bit easier for the coaching staff to sit Lacey, knowing it wasn’t technically going to be her last game in Ames. Hilton Coliseum was selected as a host site for the first and second rounds of the NCAA Tournament, and NCAA rules state that if a host team makes the tournament, it will automatically play its first two games at home. “Most senior days are extremely emotional,” Fennelly said. “But we’re lucky that we get to play here again. It’s a little bit different because this isn’t the last time they’re going to play here. Knowing we’re going to play here in the NCAA Tournament

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Track and Field


Five women’s, 1 men’s Iowa State falls short of fourth successive title track members qualify By Jake Calhoun Daily Staff Writer

By Kasey Sutherland Daily Staff Writer

What seemed like a sure thing quickly turned into a probability that easily slipped through the Cyclones’ fingers like jelly. Iowa State (13-2, 4-0 Big 12) was edged out by Oklahoma State (15-2-1, 3-1-1) for the Big 12 conference team title, ending the Cyclones’ three-year winning streak of the title. “We are disappointed,” ISU coach Kevin Jackson said in a press release. “We had a chance to take care of our own destiny and didn’t wrestle and do the things we knew we had to do.” Iowa State held a two-point lead over Oklahoma State after session one, as both teams had six wrestlers

The final indoor track and field meet for the ISU Cyclones concluded Saturday with a showing of improvement at the end of the season. The ISU NCAA Indoor Qualifier yielded 11 personal records for ISU athletes as they tried for one final push to qualify for the NCAA Indoor Track and Field Championships March 12 – 13 in Fayetteville, Ark. Coming into the final event at Harry Hoak Track, the Cyclones had four athletes provisionally qualified for NCAA Championships, all women. Senior distance



each heading into the championship matches of their respective weight classes. Redshirt freshman Andrew Long was poised to continue his recent dominance in the tournament against Oklahoma’s Jarrod Patterson in the 125-pound championship match. Long headed into the third period

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runner Lisa Koll is considered an automatic qualifier in the 3,000 and 5,000 meters, as well as a provisional qualifier in the one-mile run. Sophomores Betsy Saina and Semehar Tesfaye have also provisionally qualified in the 5,000 meters and one-mile run. Senior Erin Penticoff added to the list of qualifiers with her performance in the 800-meter run Saturday as Penticoff and a few select others competed at the Alex Wilson Invitational at Notre Dame University in South Bend, Ind. Penticoff’s time of 2:07.70 was quick enough to make the provisional cutoff but currently ranks

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Monday, March 8, 2010 | Iowa State Daily | SPORTS | 9

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from PAGE 8

Jenna Caffrey competes in the women’s 60-meter hurdles during the 2010 Big 12 Indoor Track & Field Championships on Feb. 27 in Lied Recreation Athletic Center. Caffrey and the Cyclones now set their sights on the NCAA Indoor Championships. Photo: Logan Gaedke/Iowa State Daily


too low on a list of national times to make the field for the NCAA Indoor Championships. Senior hurdler Jenna Caffrey had her name on the list of provisional qualifiers in the 60-meter hurdles event with an 8.36 second effort at the ISU Classic. The only lock on the team currently is Lisa Koll in the 3,000 and 5,000 meters, where her times are the quickest in the nation for women’s track. On the men’s side, the distance medley relay team, which was also in South Bend, ran an NCAA provisional qualifying time of 9:40.77, good enough for 15th place at the Alex Wilson Invitational. Unfortunately for the Cyclones, the 14 teams ahead of them also provisionally qualified, leaving the team out of the 12 team qualifying field. Hillary Bor and Brandon Rooney also ran the mile in

South Bend, but neither qualified. Back in Ames, junior Elphas Sang finished eighth in the 800-meter run in 1:50.22, a provisional qualifying time. Sang’s time is only 53rd best in the nation, which will leave him out of the NCAA field. A pair of fifth-place finishers were senior Dan Fadgen, in the mile, and junior thrower Robbie Utterback, in the weight throw. Junior Josh Koglin, who needed a two-foot personal record to provisionally qualify, fouled on all three of his throws. The ISU NCAA Qualifier was the final home meet of the season for the Cyclones, who will take those whose times qualify for NCAA Championships on the road for the first time this season to compete Friday and Saturday at the University of Arkansas. The meet will begin showcasing the best track and field athletes in the country Friday with the men’s heptathlon.

trailing 3-2 and was given the choice of the position to begin the period. Long chose to start from the neutral position, which cost him the match as Patterson took Long down in an upset. Seniors Nick Fanthorpe and Mitch Mueller were the next Cyclones to lose their championship matches. Fanthorpe lost to Oklahoma State’s Jordan Oliver in the 133-pound match, giving the Cowboys the lead in team scoring. Mueller, who has yet to win a conference title in his career at Iowa State, fell to Oklahoma’s Kyle Terry by a decision of 4-2 in the 149-pound championship match. Terry is now 4-0 all-time against the Cyclone senior from Iowa City. After the five-match intermission, all eyes were set on Iowa State’s Jon Reader as he faced Missouri’s Nicholas Marable for the fifth time of his career. Reader managed to escape from a takedown by Marable with 1:26 left to go in the third period, tallying the score at 6-5 in Marable’s favor. The Cyclone All-American attempted to use the remaining time to score a takedown to edge out Marable for the second time this year and to put the Cyclones back in contention for the team scoring title. However, Marable held on to Reader’s ankle for dear life as Reader failed to gain the proper position for the takedown, resulting in a 6-5 victory for Marable. After Oklahoma State’s Clayton Foster defeated Missouri’s Maxwell Askren by a decision of 10-6 in the 184-pound match to put three points on the board for the Cowboys, Oklahoma State’s score increased to 70.5 points. Realistically, the Cyclones, who had 63 points with two matches left, were out of reach of their fourth consecutive title. However, that didn’t stop the teams’ two seasoned veterans from putting up a respectable fight. ISU senior Jake Varner notched a 5-2 victory over Nebraska’s Craig Brester in his sixth career match against his archrival. Varner’s victory avenged last year’s 197-pound championship match at the Big 12 championships, in which Brester defeated Varner by a decision of 4-3 in his only victory

ISU senior Jake Varner defeated Nebraska’s Craig Brester 6-3 on Feb. 21. Iowa State finished second in the Big 12 Championships on Saturday. File photo: Rebekka Brown/Iowa State Daily

team scoring situation, it still resonated as a big deal to ISU senior David Zabriskie. A battle of the beasts ensued as Zabriskie took on Oklahoma State’s Jared Rosholt, who was ranked No. 1 at heavyweight. Despite the discrepancy of scoring throughout the match, the two juggernauts sparred violently before heading into the sudden victory period with the score tied, 1-1. After a sudden victory period and two tiebreaker periods of no scoring, both were worn down heading into the second sudden victory period, in which Zabriskie held an advantage. “It was really hot and we both were sweating,” Zabriskie said. “I wanted to come out aggressive, because he had clubbed me in the dual meet and I got down early. We were both tired, but I kept up the pace the whole match.” With Zabriskie’s conditioning playing to his advantage, the

against the would-be national champion. Varner is now 26-0 on the season and is 5-1 all-time against Brester. “I was impressed with Varner’s match,” Jackson said. “He rode Brester throughout the match and was real quick on his takedowns.” This is Varner’s second Big 12 title, with his first coming in 2008. That year, he won the conference title at 184 pounds after defeating Oklahoma’s Josh Weitzel by a decision of 4-1. “It feels good, as a senior, to have another conference title,” Varner said. “But this isn’t the big one. That is in two weeks and that is what I’ve been training all season for. That is the title I’m after.” Varner’s victory put the Cyclones in second place with 66 points, leapfrogging Oklahoma, which had finished the night with 64 points. Only one match was left, and although it ultimately would not affect the

“Beast of the East” took down an exhausted Rosholt with 19 seconds left in the second sudden victory period to win by a 3-1 decision, winning his third career conference title. “I am starting to worry less about Dave Zabriskie in these overtime matches,” Jackson said. “You always worry when it comes down to that in overtime at the NCAA Tournament, but what can I say — he beat two of the nation’s best heavyweights to win a third Big 12 title. Very impressive.” Nine Cyclone wrestlers earned automatic bids for the NCAA Tournament, except sophomore Jerome Ward,. lost both his matches to finish last at 184 pounds. However, Ward is still eligible for an at-large bid in a national pool, which will be announced by an NCAA committee Wednesday. The Cyclones head to the NCAA national tournament in Omaha, Neb..

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10 | SPORTS | Iowa State Daily | Monday, March 8, 2010

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from PAGE 8 to adjust, and forced 16 Colorado turnovers on the day. “I think we gave more effort, we showed our heart, and we showed that we wanted to win and we wanted to make a statement,” Stuckey said. “We were kind of slow throughout the game, and then we all knew after we got in the huddle that we had to play harder and we had to get done and finish the game out.” From the bench, Lacey had plenty of grins and burst from her seat when Bolte drilled a three or when Stuckey made her signature hustle plays. “Denae does a good job, and Whitney at point guard taking over, that’s a hard spot to fill,” Lacey said. “And Kelsey does a good job and she does the stuff she needs to do. And [Chelsea Poppens] stepped up, so I think everyone was stepping up when they needed to.” Stuckey stepped up with a solid performance of nine points, nine rebounds, five assists and zero turnovers. Ball handling may not be Stuckey’s forte, but she didn’t have a problem dribbling down the floor after a steal or a quick defensive rebound. With Lacey seeing a different view of the game, the Colorado game was disjointed at times, but nothing Iowa State hadn’t seen before. Fennelly used to be pleased if one post player stood out in a game; now all three freshmen have been stepping up consistently, as Poppens posted nine rebounds and 10 points against the Buffs, and Anna

Iowa State’s Kelsey Bolte looks to pass during the game against Colorado on Saturday. The Cyclones’ win clinched them second place in the Big 12. Photo: Manfred Brugger/Iowa State Daily

Prins had a quiet 12 points on the day. “We’ve not allowed them to make excuses and they have not made excuses for themselves, and I think that speaks volumes about their ability and their commitment to their teammates, and certainly to what it means to wear the jersey,” Fennelly said. Finishing second in the conference overall is the best finish an ISU squad has had since the 1999-2000 season, when Fennelly’s team snatched a first place title at the Big 12 tournament. At 23 wins, the Cyclones tied the school record for most regular-season victories.

“I think for them to accomplish what they’ve done, to be the No. 2 seed in the best league in the country, to do the things that they’ve done is really special,” Fennelly said. “And I don’t know that they’ll realize it now, and they shouldn’t. This team and this group of seniors will be a team that will come back and have a reunion. It’s that kind of impact that they’ve made.” Iowa State received a first round bye and will play at 5:05 p.m. on Friday at the Municipal Auditorium in Kansas City, Mo. The Cyclones will play the winner of the Kansas/Oklahoma State game, which takes place on Thursday, Mar. 11.

Shred Tear Wear



Kansas State forward Dominique Sutton and ISU forward Marquis Gilstrap dive after the ball during the first half the game Saturday, in Manhattan, Kan. Photo: Orlin Wagner/Associated Press


out the game despite forward Craig Brackins fouling out with 2:25 left in the second half. Before being forced to watch from the sidelines, Brackins posted a team-leading 19 points and 12 rebounds. With Brackins out, Iowa State turned to guard Diante Garrett to provide on-court leadership. “Every time he came down the court I told him ‘DG, you have to take over. You have to be the lead-

er of this team,’” Brackins said. Garrett responded by scoring five of his eight points in overtime, and fearlessly guided the Cyclone offense with eight assists. Apart from Brackins, Iowa State had four other players score in double figures, including Scott Christopherson with 18 points and Marquis Gilstrap with 13 points, 13 rebounds. Saturday’s season-finale win put Iowa State at 15-16 on year and 4-12 in the Big 12, matching the team’s regular season record from last season, and gave them the 11 seed in the Big 12 tournament.

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Dear Roommate-, Your girlfriend is always in our room, even when you’re not here. Does she remember where her room is? ··· I would like to say thank you to all the cyride bus drivers for being the most polite in the US. you make my day better! ··· To the guy in the front row of Anthropology 201, saying stupid things to the profs questions for attention is not cool...just sayin’ ··· To the girl who got off the bus through the back door and then stopped, other people are trying to get off the bus too...just sayin’ ··· Thank you, Freshman History Major from Leon, for striking up a conversation with a prospective student on way to MU. You’re an unexpected (and unpaid) goodwill ambassador for the university. ··· To the young lady behind door number 7, if you were a booger I’d pick you first! ··· To the CyCab who almost hit me as I walked up Welch Ave: you’re welcome for stopping as I heard you come speeding out of the alley. ··· To the guy wearing UGG Boots...C’mon Man! ··· To the dude in the library, if your phone vibrates one more time, im gunna BEAT YOU WITH IT! Just sayin’ ··· To the dude on the bus, wailing on the bell to stop at kildee, stop that. Just sayin’ ··· When you walk 3 people wide on the sidewalk and I run into you, I’m not sorry and you deserve it. ··· To the people that Run to catch the bus!..ur the ones that we laugh at thanks for the humor. ··· To the guy preaching outside of the library... Your fly was down. ··· I just recently added ‘just sayin’ to my vocabulary. Thanks, just sayin’ ··· I’m beginning to question if Lake Laverne migrated to the sidewalk in front of Seasons. Just Sayin’ ··· I love skin... I mean spring. Just sayin’ ··· Let’s sell the Moon, it’s got our flag on it, we can do whatever we want with it! ··· To the girl from Maple who keeps a bottle of tequila in her juicy purse, you belong in a mental hospital

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12 | SPORTS | Iowa State Daily | Monday, March 8, 2010

Editor N. Sandell | | 515.294.3148


Tournament kicks off with penalties, overtime thriller Iowa State needed extra time to do it, but Saturday the Cyclones opened up the ACHA Tournament with a 7-6 overtime win. Although, penalties nearly doomed the Cyclones to an early exit. In the first period, the goals came early for both teams, but Iowa State was able to find the net more with junior forward Chris Mackay and freshman forward Derek Kohles. At the end of the period, Iowa State held a 2-1 lead over the Flashes. Seven-and-a-half minutes into the second, the Cyclones struck again on a Brody Toigo goal, bringing the score to 3-1. From then on, the slide began for the Cyclones. Kent State narrowed the gap shortly after on a power play goal and then tied the game with close to four minutes to play in the period. Shortly after the game-tying goal, Iowa State received a crucial five-minute major, which led to Kent State grabbing another goal late in the period to take the 4-3 lead into the locker room.

With 13 minutes to play in the game, Kent State struck again and pushed the lead to 5-3. Three minutes later, senior forward Brian Spring found the back of the net to close the gap and opened up the door for the Cyclones Time was not on the Cyclones’ side in the third period, so a goal was needed in the worst way just to tie this game up. With six minutes to play, senior forward and leading goal scorer Pete Majkozak scored a clutch game-tying goal. Two minutes later, sophomore forward Cody Steele scored to bring the score to 6-5 and gave the Cyclones their first lead since early in the second period. The game looked to be in hand, but Kent State scored with 22 seconds left to tie the game 6-6 sending the game to overtime. In overtime, Iowa State was called on an early penalty and forced to kill it off. It turned out to be just the opportunity the Cyclones needed though. Senior forward Brad Krueger sealed the game with a shorthanded goal to send the Cyclones to the second round of the tournament to play Illinois at 10 a.m. on Sunday.


Villegas’s ‘good vibes’ assist in best-ever Honda Classic By Tim Reynolds Associated Press Writer PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. — Camilo Villegas was checking his phone constantly on the driving range, barely bothering to hit any balls and instead seeking updates on how his brother was doing at a Nationwide Tour event in their native Colombia. As Villegas showed all week, practice can be overrated. Villegas shot a final-round 68 to win the Honda Classic by five shots Sunday over Anthony Kim, his third PGA Tour victory and a perfect way to cap a week that began with one celebration and ended with another. He finished at 13-under 267, the lowest 72-hole score since the Honda moved to PGA National in 2007, four shots better than Y.E. Yang’s winning total a year ago. And Villegas made it look easy most of the way, too, capping his day with a 20-footer for birdie, then

raising both hands skyward. “I’ve just had good vibes in me all week,” said Villegas, who climbed to No. 12 in the world rankings. Those vibes were never better than Sunday. He led by only two after Vijay Singh made a 45-foot birdie putt at the par-3 fifth, but three straight birdies — starting with a 25-footer on No. 8 — sent Villegas to 15 under and six shots clear of the field. Good thing he had that cushion, because the putter stopped working after that. Fortunately for Villegas, no one made much of a run. “It’s very special,” Villegas said. “I’m just very privileged to do what I do. But trust me, it’s tough. These guys are good. That is so true. Those guys are good.” He missed short par putts on 11 and 12, three-putted from 50 feet on the par-3 15th for another bogey, but never lost control of the lead.

The five seniors, from left, Alison Lacey, Denae Stuckey, Anna Flozak, Shellie Mosman and Genesis Lightbourne pose for a photo Saturday at Hilton Coliseum. The seniors played their final regular season game in Hilton Coliseum on Saturday against Colorado. Photo: Zhenru Zhang/Iowa State Daily


takes away some of the emotional sting.” Lacey, Denae Stuckey, Shellie Mosman, Anna Florzak and Genesis Lightbourne all closed out their ISU careers Saturday, becoming the eighth consecutive senior class to win on senior day. Their legacy with the ISU program will resonate for years to come, as this quintet will leave Ames as one of the most successful senior classes

of all time. They currently rank third in program history in victories (97) and fourth in winning percentage (.724), and have made it to no less than the Big 12 semifinals and the NCAA Tournament second round in each of the four years. Last month, Lacey became the first player in school history to register 1,500 points, 500 rebounds and 500 assists in a career, leading to national recognition and cementing her AllAmerican status.


UConn ties record with win By Pat Eaton-Robb Associated Press Writer HARTFORD, Conn. — Connecticut won its 70th consecutive game, routing Syracuse 77-41 in the Big East quarterfinals Sunday to tie its own record for the longest winning streak in women’s college basketball. Tina Charles tied a career high with 34 points, and Maya Moore added 16 points, 14 rebounds and seven assists for top-ranked UConn (31-0), which has won each game in its streak by at least 10 points and an average of more than 32. Moore came into the game needing 13 points to reach 2,000 for her career. She reached that with 18:39 to play on a steal and layup that made it 48-17. Kayla Alexander scored 11 to lead the Orange (22-10). The win puts UConn in the conference semifinals for the 22nd straight year, where the Huskies will face Notre Dame. Connecticut is looking for its 16th conference tournament title and its third in a row. The 36-point margin of victory was the largest for UConn since it beat Louisville by

46 on Feb. 7. Charles hit 16 of her 19 shots, setting a record for the most field goals in a Big East tournament game. UConn showed a hint of jitters when Moore opened the game with a shot from the corner that missed everything, but the Huskies then reeled off seven points and went on a 17-2 run over the first 6 minutes, getting six each from Moore and Charles. The Orange hit just 14 of its 66 shots from the field (21.2 percent) overall, while the Huskies were hitting on 51.6 percent of their shots. Syracuse was even worse in the first half, shooting just more than 18 percent from the floor. The Huskies’ winning streak ties one the program set from Nov. 9, 2001, to March 11, 2003, when it lost in the Big East semifinals to Villanova. Syracuse, the tournament’s ninth seed, may have done enough to earn an NCAA berth with wins over No. 7 West Virginia in its regular-season finale. The semifinal Monday will be the third meeting this season between the Huskies and Irish.

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The rest of the group may not have had the same statistical and physical impact on the team as Lacey, but their demeanor and actions as true student-athletes are sure to live on for quite some time. “I walk at Hilton a lot, and I see those eight NCAA banners every day,” Fennelly said. “I tried to make them understand the legacy that could go with this senior class. You have kids that didn’t get the same recognition on the court but certainly are people I can say I’m honored to have coached.”

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Monday, March 8, 2010 | Iowa State Daily | CLASSIFIEDS | 15 Sublease


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16 | NEWS | Iowa State Daily | Monday, March 8, 2010

Terrorist Attacks

Iranian president accuses U.S. of lies By Ali Akbar Dareini Associated Press Writer Iran’s President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, called the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks a “big lie,” and were used as an excuse for the war on terror. “Sept. 11 was a big lie and a pretext for the war on terror and a prelude to invading Afghanistan,” Ahmadine-


ISCORE event. The conference began at 9 a.m. with an opening address by Luis Rico-Gutierrez, and it included events and conversations ranging from “Understanding the Real Meaning of Hip-Hop” and “Our Life’s Work: Finding Time for Your Passions and

jad was quoted as saying by state TV. He called the attacks a “complicated intelligence scenario and act.” He also claimed that the Americans never published the victims’ names. On the 2007 anniversary of the attacks, the names of all victims killed in New York were read aloud at a memorial ceremony.

Pursuits.” Jennifer Chang attended the “Life’s Work” event. Chang said she enjoyed the discussion and one speaker’s analogy of life’s tasks as juggling balls of rubber or glass. Chang said the analogy of how fragile goals are resonated deeply with her. “It’s good to have new perspectives all around,” she said.

Editors S. Buhrman, A. Hutchins, J. Opoien, and K. Peterson | | 515.294.2003


from PAGE 1 “The goal is to centralize all the existing services that are available to achieve the same things the office offered when it existed,” Heilman said. Penny Rice, women’s center coordinator, headed Off-Campus and Adult Student Services for four years before it closed. She said the service included components such as mediation to settle roommate disputes, providing letter templates that would help students ensure their rights as renters were being protected, helping international students who may not be familiar with the rental process, and having a property managers association. Funding the new program is an issue GSB is aware of. Paul Keppy, GSB City Council liaison and senior in political science, has been speaking with City Council about ideas for the service. Keppy said that last year, GSB tried to restart a landlord-tenant liaison service, but the proposal was “cost prohibitive.” “It was going to be too expensive on a yearly basis,” Keppy said. “It was

yearly operating costs that I think was probably the biggest deterrent of that proposal.” Heilman and Keppy have been entertaining the idea of compiling existing resources into one service. Keppy and Heilman also said they would like to try to work with the Center for Creative Justice to start a mediation program for landlords and tenants. “The ball is in the students’ court right now,” Keppy said of reinstating the landlord-tenant service. “We need to put together, as students, what we want and what we see the need for.” Keppy said one of council’s goals was to keep Ames neighborhoods safe, and one of the objectives is to work with Iowa State and GSB to enhance interactions between students and residents. The City Council has been discussing ways to work toward the goal and has identified landlord-tenant services as being a positive way to enhance interactions. City Councilman Peter Orazem was a proponent of a landlord-tenant service. Orazem said he thought the program would only work if both students and landlords were to gain something from it. He agreed it would be benefi-

cial to have a mediation service for students and their landlords, along with being a resource for students to search for roommates and property rentals. Orazem said both these things would benefit both students and landlords. He also said the program would work best if it were a joint venture between the city, landlords, the Student Services Office and GSB. If all parties were involved, the proposal could be more successful and would be able to better fund the endeavor. He suggested that all entities should meet and discuss potential features of the landlord-tenant program. Funding, he said, would also be a joint venture. Rice said she thinks the landlordtenant program would be a positive re-addition to campus and would be a resource for students to learn how to advocate for themselves. She said she believes the funding should come from a joint effort between city of Ames, Iowa State and property managers. The proposal is still in its early stages, but Keppy said there will be a meeting March 9 to hash out more ideas about the landlord-tenant program.


from PAGE 1 nesses worldwide. The book was chosen by the business core faculty members and is being used by faculty who are teaching the core classes, as well as the MBA students. “We thought, ‘Wow, this is a model of sustainability built around a lot of company actions,’” said Brad Shrader, business core faculty member and professor of management. “There’s a logic in here for looking at sustainability as a competitive advantage, and we thought that was pretty good.” One particular case MBA students looked at involved how Walmart is incorporating sustainability practices into the products it sells. This case was introduced during orientation. Shrader said Walmart is proving that sustainability is good for businesses and that profits can be made in a more environmentally friendly way. “Walmart doesn’t really make anything; they’re a retailer. But they have so much clout that they can force the issue,” Shrader said. After the first 12 weeks of the MBA program, students have a break that lasts from the end of November to the middle of January. During this time, MBA students have the opportunity to enroll in elective classes. One of the classes offered during this year’s break was managing sustainable enterprises, which was developed by Shrader. The class was built around case studies involving companies such as Fiji, Nike and UPS, Shrader said. The textbook used in the class, “Confessions of a Radical Industrialist,” by Ray Anderson, revolved around Anderson’s Interface, Inc. carpet company. “In effect, as our text, we used a big case,” Shrader said. “A case study about a company that had become sustainable, from recycling, to the use of solar energy, to involving stakeholders.” The class was popular, and attracted more than 30 students, higher than the average enrollment of elective classes offered during break. Shrader said he expects similar forms of this class to be held in the future. One of the classes that will be similar is ethics, governance and leadership, also taught by Shrader. Shrader said it all comes down to incorporating business practices that will limit the amount of and rate at which resources are being depleted. Sanjeev Agarwal, professor of marketing, said it is important for business students to look at sustainability topics for the sake of future generations. “From business firms’ perspective, it is important to have a sustainable organization — one that can sustain the changes, shifts and disruptions in the economy, technology and other macro-level factors, and one that does not simply exploit or ruin the nature for current profits,” Agarwal said. “If the business does not plan for its sustainability, it will either die or survive with either the society’s or nature’s pity.”

The Cyclones prepare for the Big 12 basketball tournaments get your copy of the brackets inside

Running toward “She’s ran more miles than a 1991 Honda Civic.”



find Lisa Koll on 3B

from the water to the fields the clubs are on 6B

Ready to pitch

find softball on 4B

2B | SPRING SPORTS | Iowa State Daily | Monday, March 8, 2010

Editor N. Sandell | | 515.294.3148

Big 12 B

Men’s No. 8 Colorado Game 1 11:30 a.m. Big 12 Network Game 5 11:30 a.m. ESPN2

No. 9 Texas Tech

No. 1 Kansas Game 9 6 p.m. Big 12 Network

No. 5 Missouri Game 2 2 p.m. Big 12 Network Game 6 2 p.m. Big 12 Network

No. 12 Nebraska

No. 4 Texas A&M Game 11 5 p.m. ESPN

No. 7 Oklahoma St.

Big 12 Champion

Game 3 6 p.m. Big 12 Network

No. 10 Oklahoma

Game 7 6 p.m. Big 12 Network

No. 2 Kansas State Game 10 8:30 p.m. Big 12 Network

No. 6 Texas Game 4 8:30 p.m. Big 12 Network Game 8 8:30 p.m. ESPN2

No. 11 Iowa State

No. 3 Baylor

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Monday, March 8, 2010 | Iowa State Daily | SPRING SPORTS | 3B

Editor N. Sandell | | 515.294.3148

Track and Field

Running on Koll power Lisa Koll

By Kasey Sutherland Daily Staff Writer


Most people dream of success. Other people go out and earn it. There are very few things Lisa Koll hasn’t earned during her time at Iowa State as both a student and as one of the greatest collegiate track and field athletes the university and the world has ever seen. After growing up in nearby Fort Dodge, Koll has worked her way into the history of ISU track and field through hard work and tremendous dedication. “She’s somebody who walked in the office and said I want to be really good,” track coach Corey Ihmels said of Koll’s early aspirations. “She came in at a point and asked what she had to do to be really good, and I think she bought into that 110 percent and that’s how she lives her life. She’s someone who lives it 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and I think that’s what the great ones do. “Her hard work as a Cyclone has earned her a legacy as one of the greatest women’s track and field athletes in Iowa State history.” Koll added her seventh and eighth individual Big 12 titles to her resume after winning the 3,000- and 5,000-meter runs at the Big 12 Indoor Track and Field Championships on Feb. 27 and 28. Her times in both events are the best in the nation currently and automatically qualified her for the NCAA Indoor Track and Field Championships next weekend n Fayetteville, Ark. After competing in both the 3,000and 5,000-meter events in one competition, most people would wonder how Koll would want to do anything but stop and have a rest. As athletes and spectators filed out of Lied Recreation Athletic Center, Koll did not. She continued to run around the track, the same track that she has spent so many countless hours running on before, but this time was different. Saturday’s run in the 3,000 was Koll’s final home event as a Cyclone and she ended it as a champion. As for her constant motion, Koll barely slows down for more than a short time. She runs the 10,000 meters in the outdoor track season, where she






■■ ■■ ■■ ■■

Lisa Koll smiles after winning the 3,000-meter run during the Big 12 Indoor Track and Field Championships on Feb. 27 at Lied Recreation Athletic Center. Koll is the most decorated women’s distance runner in ISU history, winning eight individual Big 12 titles and earning All-American honors in cross country three times. Photo: Tim Reuter/Iowa State Daily

holds the collegiate record with a time of 32:11.13. But 8,000 meters over a span of two days seems to be just a speed bump; she has run more miles than a 1991 Honda Civic. Her stellar career at Iowa State hit a low point last year when she was sidelined for nearly the entire indoor track season with performance syndrome. “I just woke up and had a ton of pain going down my leg and up my

back,” Koll said. “It’s not really something I could run through, so I took about six weeks off, came back and got plantar fasciitis.” She’s on her way to becoming the most successful women’s distance runner in ISU history, and in between running more than 50 miles a week she manages to hold a 3.9 GPA while being a graduate student in the school of veterinary medicine. She received her bachelor’s degree

in just three years time to graduate summa cum laude with a 3.98 GPA. To decide whether her academic or athletic career at Iowa State is more impressive is comparable to picking between the red or blue wire on a ticking time bomb. She has been named Academic AllBig 12 first team, as well as ESPN the Magazine’s Academic All-American of the year for track and field/cross country for 2008-2009.

Three-time All-American in cross country ESPN Magazine/CoSIDA Academic All-America of the Year winner for track & field/cross country (2008–2009) First-Team CoSIDA Academic All-America honors for the second straight year (2007–2008, 2008–2009) 2009 Big 12 Outdoor Track & Field Outstanding Performer of the Year Only three-time Big 12 Champion in outdoor 10,000-meter run (2008–2009) Big 12 Indoor Champion in 3,000- and 5,000-meter run in 2010 Big 12 Outdoor Champion in 5,000-meter run (2008–2009) Drake Relays 5,000-meter champion (2007–2008) School record holder in 5,000 meters, 3,000 meters Collegiate record holder in outdoor 10,000 meters

As for the future, Koll will finish out the indoor season at the NCAA Indoor Championships later this month before changing gears to compete in the outdoor portion of the track and field season. She will try to become the only person in history to be a fourtime Big 12 Outdoor Champion in the 10,000-meter run and finish all the hard work as a Cyclone, then begin her preparation to qualify for the 2012 Olympics in London. In the meantime, Koll just soaks in her last races at Iowa State as a collegiate athlete. “Five years ago I didn’t think any of this was possible,” Koll said. “You’ve got to live this while you’ve got it and last year kind of put that into perspective for me, and now I just go out and enjoy it and give it everything that I’ve got.” As Koll continues to jog around the track, dodging all the people who watched her write a few more lines in the ISU track and field record books that final day of her indoor career at Lied, her running shoes put the final touches on the lasting impression and legacy of ISU athletics.

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4B | SPRING SPORTS | Iowa State Daily | Monday, March 8, 2010

Editor N. Sandell | | 515.294.3148


Rachel Zabriskie, center, is in fourth place for the most strikeouts in Cyclone softball history. Freshman Tori Torrescano, top right, has been pitching well in tournaments already this season and will contribute greatly to the team. Lauren Kennewell is coming back from an injury that took her out of most of last season to contribute to a deep ISU pitching staff. Photo: Rebekka Brown/Iowa State Daily

Pitchers prepare for pursuit of postseason By Jordan Wickstrom Daily Staff Writer Last season, ISU pitchers threw 369.2 innings. Of those 369.2, then-sophomore Rachel Zabriskie pitched 271.1 innings, a number coach Stacy Gemeinhardt-Cesler would like to decrease during the 2010 season. “The first thing that is absolutely most important is that [Zabriskie] throws less innings this year than what she threw last year,” Gemeinhardt-Cesler said. “She threw so much that she wasn’t the best she could be, and it’s important for her and for

us to get rid of some of those innings that she’s thrown.” Zabriskie was forced to take over most of the pitching duties due to arm and shoulder injuries to sophomores Lauren Kennewell and Katie Harms. With 12 appearances already, Zabriskie is once again showing why she is the staff’s ace. Through 59 innings of work, she has posted an earned run average of 2.61 while striking out 93 and walking only 12. Zabriskie will lead a healthier and deeper pitching staff into the season hoping to finally get Iowa State into the postseason.

Represent ISU This Spring Break!


Remaining schedule:

March 12 – 14 Cal Poly Tournament March 18 ­at Southern Illinois March 20 – 21 St. Louis Tournament March 23 at Creighton (doubleheader) March 27 – 28 at Texas Tech March 31 vs. Iowa April 2 – 3 vs. Oklahoma Lack of pitching diversity is what hurt the Cyclones last season. Opponents knew what to expect with Zabriskie, and the Cyclones believe that hurt their chances during conference play. With up to six pitching options, the Cyclones hope to keep each opponent guessing as what to expect from the staff. “Our team is going to be a lot stronger with a different outlook,” Zabriskie said. “Other

April 6 vs. Drake April 8 at Drake April 10 – 11 at Oklahoma State April 13 at Northern Iowa April 15 vs. Nebraska April 17 – 18 vs. Texas A&M April 20 at Nebraska April 24 – 25 at Baylor

teams aren’t going to see me every game. We’re going to have different pitchers to throw so when we play a team twice in a row they won’t see the same person twice, they’ll see someone different.” The past few seasons have indeed been a struggle for Iowa State in terms of conference play. However, last season the Cyclones collected seven Big 12 wins, the most wins a team


April 28 vs. Missouri (doubleheader) May 1 – 2 vs. Texas May 8 – 9 at Kansas May 14 – 16 Big 12 Championships May 21 – 23 NCAA Regionals May 28 – 30 NCAA Super Regionals June 3 – 9 Women’s College World Series

coached by GemeinhardtCesler has had. Other pitching options — in addition to Zabriskie, Kennewell and Harms — include sophomore Tianna Allen, senior Courtney Wray and freshman pitcher Tori Torrescano. Torrescano has been putting up strong numbers. With 23.2 innings pitched,she ranks second on the team in innings and games started with six.

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“I like getting the opportunity to come in as a freshman and get playing time because that’s something that not a lot of kids get to do,” she said. “As good as [Zabriskie] is, it’s kind of nice to get to come in and throw and take some pressure off of her.” The San Diego native has had a few rough outings early in the season, allowing five runs three times this season, but has shown signs of being an inningeater. Torrescano went at least five innings during a three-game stretch against Western Illinois, Minnesota and Louisiana-Lafayette. “She’s very gifted, physically,“ Gemeinhardt-Cesler said. “I think she’s her own worst enemy where she gets frustrated, it’s really pretty evident. But she’s done so much better from just the first weekend to what she threw in the Lafayette game. We lost that game, but she threw very well.” With only 17.1 innings pitched through six appearances, Kennewell is slowly being worked back into the pitching staff. After an arm injury limited her to only 24.1 innings last season, Kennewell says she no longer feels pain and hopes to be a strong contributor. “Last year I wasn’t able to play and it kind of gives you that drive to come back and play again,” Kennewell said. “I’m just ready to go, ready to start and get into conference play and everything. I’m really excited and feel great.” Kennewell has seen some success during the early part of the season. Outside of a rough outing against eighth-ranked Georgia, she has given up one run or less in each appearance. Still early into the season, the Cyclones remain unsure what they will do with the pitching staff. Gemeinhardt-Cesler does not yet know if she would like the team to use a rotation. Outside of Zabriskie, there is no lock for a starting spot. However, GemeinhardtCesler acknowledged her plans for using a spot-start system. “It’s never a pure, strict rotation,” Gemeinhardt-Cesler said. “We look at who we play and who matches up well or best against the teams that we’re playing. That’ll be pretty much how we do things, and also trying to make sure we don’t overthrow Zabriskie.” Once non-tournament play begins, Iowa State hopes to have its pitching questions answered. Until then, the Cyclones will continue to try their options.

Monday, March 8, 2010 | Iowa State Daily | SPRING SPORTS | 5B

Editor N. Sandell | | 515.294.3148


Women’s No. 8 Texas Tech

Game 1 11 a.m. Game 5 11 a.m. FSN

No. 9 Kansas State

No. 1 Nebraska Game 9 6 p.m. Big 12 Network

No. 5 Texas

Game 2 1 p.m. Game 6 1:30 p.m. FSN

No. 12 Missouri

No. 4 Texas A&M Game 11 5 p.m. ESPN

Big 12 Champion

No. 7 Oklahoma St.

Game 3 5 p.m. Game 7 5 p.m. FSN

No. 10 Kansas

No. 2 Iowa State Game 10 8:30 p.m. Big 12 Network

No. 6 Baylor

Game 4 7:30 p.m. Game 8 8:30 p.m. FSN

No. 11 Colorado

No. 3 Oklahoma


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6B | SPRING SPORTS | Iowa State Daily | Monday, March 8, 2010

Editor N. Sandell | | 515.294.3148

Student Organizations

Spring sports clubs span from fields to lakes By Jeremiah Davis Daily Staff Writer

things like that. But no matter how good or bad you think you might be, Smaga and the club encourage anyone to join. “The club is a lot of fun,” Smaga said. “We get the chance to play baseball, and you can’t pass that up.”

This spring, if you want to get active in a club sport — if and when the snow melts — there are a large number of options. Iowa State is lucky enough to have nearly every club imaginable, from baseball to canoeing and kayaking. Here’s some information on clubs that will take full advantage of the spring time, if it ever comes.

Crew Club The Iowa State Crew Club is a group that focuses on the sport of rowing. Members are divided into men’s and women’s divisions during the spring season, said club treasurer and junior in genetics Chelsea Sawyers. “The club owns one eight-person boat and three four-person boats,” Sawyers said. Crew attends what are called regattas, or races, in Topeka, Kan.; Omaha, Neb.; and Minneapolis, as well as a few other locations. “In the spring [the regattas] are usually on lakes,” Sawyers said. “We do the 2K races in the spring and 5K races in the fall.” The 2K races are done in a straight line and are done exclusively on lakes, Sawyers said, while the 5K races are done on rivers, where teams have to negotiate the numerous turns. The club competes in mixed boats in the fall, Sawyers said, but the spring is split. In order to join the Crew Club, there is a $75 fee. “The due helps with equipment upkeep and stuff,” Sawyers said. “We actually have a budget with the sports club council for travel money.” Sawyers and the club also want to emphasize that no experience is necessary to join. “Any experience is OK,” Sawyers said. “Yes, we’re competitive, but we are a club and have lots of fun.”

Club Baseball Being the highest level of baseball a person can play at Iowa State, Club Baseball is as good as it gets for competition in spring club sports. The team practices at Lied Recreation Athletic Center when there’s snow, then on its own field in Ames, all in preparation for a season in the National Club Baseball Association. “We’re in the Midwest North Conference,” said Jim Smaga, club president and senior in sociology. “The winner of each of the 20 conferences in the NCBA moves on to the regionals.” The team currently has 23 players on its roster for this spring, and will open the season at a tournament in Florida. “We’re going to Tampa [Fla.] during Spring Break,” Smaga said. “We’ll have seven games down there. It’s the first time we’ve done it, so we don’t really know what to expect.” The team then moves into the regular season, where it competes against teams like Iowa, Northern Iowa and South Dakota for the conference championship and a chance to move on to the regional tournament. “We were one game away from winning the conference and moving on last year,” Smaga said. “We have 14 or 15 guys returning, so we should be pretty decent this year, too.” In order to get on the traveling roster, a player interested should join the club’s fall league, Smaga said, which is basically intramurals they coordinate. Once the fall season is over, the players returning from last year select the best new players from fall league to make the roster. “Fall league is $60,” Smaga said. “Anyone is welcome to join fall league, but in order to make the team for the spring, you have to be a decent player.” Smaga also said the dues cover shirts, umpires and other expenses, but a player should expect to buy his own hat each year, along with sweats and

Waterski Club Another club waiting for the ice to thaw, the Waterski Club takes its action away from campus. The club practices on two man-made lakes in Huxley, and also has a competition on its home water every spring. “We have three big tournaments in the spring,” said Matt Knafla, club president and junior in accounting. “We have one on our lakes, one in Evansdale, Iowa, and one in Neosho, Wis.” The club is coed and can have up to five skiers compete in each of the three events held at the competitions. “There’s slalom, trick and jump,” Knafla said. “Usually about 17 people

The ISU Crew Club prepares to put its boat in the water at a regatta. The club focuses on the sport of rowing and is divided into men’s and women’s divisions. Courtesy photo: Chelsea Sawyers

go to tournaments to compete.” The club competes in the Midwest Collegiate Water Ski Association for its regional tournaments. If it win at regionals, members can go on to compete at nationals, which is sponsored by the National Collegiate Waterski Association. The club has a $60 due, which covers everything but boat fuel. Each member pays a percentage of fuel used, based on how many passes they took. Knafla encourages anyone to join. “We can teach anyone,” Knafla said. “We have guys and girls who have taught before, so if anyone’s interested, they should check us out.”

Canoe and Kayak Club Students at Iowa State who love to canoe or kayak should call this club home. The club consists of people who are passionate about kayaking and canoeing, said Kurt Pelzer, club president and junior in landscape architecture. “Right now we’re kind of locked into the pool doing practice,” Pelzer said. “During Spring Break, we’re going to a whitewater competition in Missouri called the Missouri Whitewater Competition.”

Waterski Club President Matt Knafla practices for the trick event at one of the man-made lakes in Huxley. The Waterski Club competes in three major competitions and accepts waterskiers of any ability level. Courtesy photo: Matt Knafla

The major competition the club looks forward to, though, is one in North Carolina this summer. But before that, the club also does a beginners’ trip, where only beginners get to kayak and canoe the Iowa River. “Some competitions are more competitive than others,” Pelzer said. “North Carolina is way competitive, but the beginner trip on the Iowa River

is just to get some young people some experience.” The Canoe/Kayak club charges a $30 fee to join for a semester, or $50 for the year. The club currently has more kayakers than canoers, but no one will be turned away. “We have a lot of dedicated members that can help anyone who joins,” Pelzer said.

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