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Sexual violence abounds in post-earthquake Haiti



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House bill would legalize discrimination of gays By Tyler.Kingkade DES MOINES — A bill in the Iowa House of Representatives would allow religious institutions and charities to deny services to gay couples if they believe it would validate the same-sex couple and go against their

personal religious beliefs. House Study Bill 50, also known as the Religious Conscience Protection Act, sponsored by Rep. Richard Anderson, R-Clarinda; and Rep. Kurt Swaim, D-Davis, would also allow employers to deny jobs, and land lords or hotels to deny housing to same-sex couples.

Under the legislation, they would not face a civil claim or lawsuit challenging them for discrimination. It would also protect individuals who refuse to provide goods to a gay couple. One Iowa, the state’s largest gay rights organization, immediately pounced on the legislation as

unwarranted. “The Marriage Discrimination Act, quite simply, is another hurtful attack on the institution of marriage,” said Carolyn Jenison, executive director of One Iowa. “The Varnum decision clearly provides for religious protections, and religious marriage remains distinct and protected under

Iowa law. Regardless of what you think of marriage equality, Iowans should see this bill for what it is: clear discrimination against all Iowans.” Ben Stone, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union

RIGHTS.p3 >>


Changes slated for complex BEFORE & AFTER N The plans for the new sports complex have undergone and will continue to undergo re-examinations supported by the input of community members. Courtesy photos: Facilities planning and management; and ISU News Service

The facility has just shifted to the south in an attempt to alleviate its being right up against the neighbors on Storm [Street].”

New plans for facility address neighborhood concerns By Jake.Lovett University and ISU athletic department officials will have a second public forum with community members Tuesday to discuss revised plans for a proposed new sports complex. At a Dec. 8 public forum, Ames community members of the neighborhoods surrounding the Towers Residence Halls met with officials to voice concerns about the initial plans for the new facility to be built in the area. The meeting was the first time many community members had seen or heard of the plans for the Cyclone

Sports Complex, a new facility proposed to house the ISU track, softball and soccer teams. The original plans, drafted after the Board of Regents approved project planning at their Oct. 27 meeting, upset many residents of the neighborhoods along Storm Street and Ash Avenue. Community members at the Dec. 8 meeting raised concerns about noise, traffic and light pollution based on the facility’s location along Storm Street. Since that time, the ISU athletic department and RDG Planning and Design have re-vamped



Faculty Senate

Bomb survivor, writer, lecturer offers his story

Hoffman to examine use of grant funds

By John.Lonsdale Spencer Dew is not really one for interviews; not about him at least. Jerusalem bombings, 9/11, religion, books about inspired-by-pornography novelists, Chicago police officers, Kentucky and 34-yearsold; a person could stop reading there. Dew’s office door was ajar and partially revealed the small space in the basement of Catt Hall that harbors the visiting lecturer. A knock on the door and a “come in” rebuttal later, Dew, lecturer in philosophy and religious studies, waited to begin sorting through why he of all people

should be interviewed. And then he started his story. “One never has a sense of how one’s words are going to be cut and pasted and used,” Dew said. Hailing from Owensboro, Ky. — the third largest city in the state — Dew had naïve views of religion. He knew he wanted to study religion in college because he was from a small town with very little exposure to the world and college was the best way to get that exposure. Dew graduated from the College of Wooster in 1997 and spent a year studying religious practices in India. In the summer of 2002, Dew at-

DEW.p3 >>

By Jacob.Stewart

Spencer Dew, lecturer of philosophy and religious studies, talks about his experiences. Dew is teaching three classes at Iowa State this semester. Photo: Whitney Sager/Iowa State Daily

Executive Vice President and Provost Elizabeth Hoffman is making sure Iowa State does not end up in Yale University’s position by addressing Iowa State’s effort reporting policy. Effort reporting is a report of how National Science Foundation grants are used by the people who have received them, according to the policy on the Faculty Senate website. The National Science Foundation’s annual budget is $6.9 billion and it funds around 20 percent of federally supported basic research, according to its website. One of the main reasons Hoffman wants


Editor: M. Cashman, C. Davis, K. Dockum, T. Robinson, M. Wettengel | news | 515.294.2003

Wednesday, February 9, 2011 | Iowa State Daily | NEWS | 3

ISU Dining

Levandowski honored By Matt.Wettengel and Karen.Jennings Nancy Levandowski, director of ISU Dining, was recognized Tuesday for her initiative to conserve food by donating end-of-day quality food to the Rosedale Shelter in Ames, a branch of Youth & Shelter Services. Iowa State has been in partnership with the Youth & Shelter Services and the shelter for more than 35 years, supplying food to the organizations each day. “I’m humbled [to be honored] because to me it is my ISU team that makes it possible. They make the effort to get it done,â€? Levandowski said. Youth & Shelter Services was founded by CEO George Belitsos and a small group of ISU students and faculty in 1976, though it has only been receiving food from ISU Dining for around six months, said Eric Carlson, public information ofďŹ cer for Youth & Shelter Services. Donated food is picked up by Bernie

>>REPORTING.p1 to adopt a stricter policy on effort reporting is because nine years ago Yale University was involved in a scandal regarding National Science Foundation grant money. Hoffman, who was and still is an active National Science

>>DEW.p1 tended The Hebrew University of Jerusalem where he studied modern Hebrew in order to look at rabbinic texts. The ďŹ rst summer he spent in Jerusalem almost changed everything for him. Standing outside on the patio adjacent to Frank Sinatra Cafeteria on the university’s campus, Dew, along with 85 others, was injured by a Hamas remote-control, shrapnelďŹ lled backpack bomb planted in the cafeteria. The bomb was aimed at Americans, and killed nine people, and the glass wall that separated the cafeteria from the outside blew out like “glass sandâ€? onto Dew. “It was an incredible force,â€? Dew said. “I had never been in a bomb before. Weeks after, for instance, I would pick shards of glass out of my backpack that were corkscrew-shaped.â€? Dew said he was “railroadedâ€? into speaking out to the media about the event because he was one of the “non-mutilated and English-speakingâ€? Americans; an interview he never hoped to do.

Pickup locations from ISU Dining: ƒ Hawthorne Court ƒ The Hub ƒ Bookends Cafe

White, chairman of the Youth & Shelter Services Board of Trustees and former ISU professor of biochemistry, and the Ames Noon Kiwanis Club, who deliver the surplus food every weekday morning and again Friday afternoons to several organizations in Ames. White was honored for his service and dedication to the youth served by Iowa’s ďŹ rst emergency youth shelter. “It is because of volunteers such as [White] that [Youth & Shelter Services] can keep its food costs low and allow our youth to eat so well,â€? Carlson said. The addition of the food donated from

ISU Dining has caused the price of meals for Rosedale residents to drop from $5.16 to $1.40, making the food more affordable. Cooperation with ISU Dining has also saved the Youth & Shelter Services money and prevents food from going to waste, Carlson said. The food donated comes in many forms, but is made into appetizing meals for the up to 15 children that call Rosedale home at any particular time. The shelter serves youth who have run away, are homeless, need help resolving family conicts, have been abused or neglected, or are adjudicated and waiting for court action. The shelter provides youth in crisis — between the ages of 10 and 17 — with a safe, structured home, providing many services to the children in their care. With the various services that the shelter provides to children in the Ames community, Levandowski feels their cooperation with ISU Dining has a lasting impact. “Those are the future ISU students we are helping by making sure they get a healthy meal,â€? Levandowski said.

Foundation auditor, said a number of Yale faculty were being paid with grant money while on vacation. These grants can only be used for research; there are no exceptions. Because of its employees being given paid vacations, Yale ended up paying back $7 million in grant money

in an out-of-court settlement. Ranjan Maitra, associate professor of statistics, said a lot of work is done in the summer while professors are still being paid by National Science Foundation grant money. He asked if his department could still do non-research work while they were being paid en-

tirely by the National Science Foundation. Hoffman responded by saying that if a professor is doing this, he or she is in violation of his or her agreement with the foundation. The vote for changes to the policy has been postponed until the next Faculty Senate meeting March 8.

“[There were] plenty of good-intentioned people standing around the scene,� Dew said. “The media also has their own agenda. That’s rough and that’s disturbing and you have to sell some sort of coverage over this event ... to do that in a responsible way is tricky.� The next summer he went back to the university to study biblical Hebrew. Later on, he went to graduate school at The University of Chicago Divinity School, where he did work with feminist theory that later descended into introductions of debates about pornography and censorship. There, he encountered and started a doctoral project on Kathy Acker. She is an important American writer who hasn’t been given the serious reading she deserves, Dew said. Before coming to Iowa State for the 2010 fall semester, Dew taught religious and philosophy studies at Saint Xavier University and Loyola University Chicago. For the last three years Dew has been teaching religious studies through the

Chicago Police Department and Saint Xavier and plans on going back this summer. “I think it’s fascinating to work with [the Chicago Police Department] because these are folks who have very different experiences than I do as an academic,� Dew said. “And coming in the classroom and working an eight-hour shift; the things they have seen ... [it] is an education for me.� Dew authored the critically acclaimed “Songs of Insurgency� and “MontSaint-Michel and Chartres� in 2008, and is coming out with “Learning for Revolution: The Work of Kathy Acker� some time in 2011. “Songs of Insurgency� is a collection of short stories with disturbing themes that take place in a post-9/11 world. “[The book] deals with anxieties and alienation that I thought were pretty common leading up to the second Bush election,� Dew said. Although Dew is an established author, the actual academic work is what’s important to him; he thinks it’s socially important to reach out to people.

“I think the study of religion provides a forum or a practice for a kind of empathy that I think is necessary for society so you can realize the humanity of someone who in many ways is quite unlike you and to be kosher with their existence opposed to going to war with them,� Dew said. Dew is impressed by Iowa State and said it’s a good place to teach. The students are enthusiastic and come well-equipped from the high schools they are coming from, he said. “I liked him a lot as a teacher,� said Collin Baumhover, junior in supply chain management and a former student of Dew’s. “Religion’s kind of boring sometimes, but he was really enthusiastic about it.� Bailey Stoneking, sophomore in pre-business, recommends Dew’s classes to all students. “I loved how he knew all of [our] names because it made the atmosphere of the classroom more friendly,� Stoneking said. “After class I was always wanting to learn more. I even looked further into professor Dew’s outside

House Study Bill 50: ƒ A religious corporation, association, educational institution, society, charity or fraternal organization or person employed by such entities, would not be required to treat a marriage as valid. They also could deny goods, services or accommodations if the marriage violated a person’s religious beliefs. ƒ An individual, small business or sole proprietor would not be required to provide goods or services “that assist or promote the solemnization or celebration of a marriage.â€? This includes beneďŹ ts to the spouse of an employee, housing to a married couple and reproductive services. ƒ People or businesses that refuse to provide services or beneďŹ ts based upon religious convictions would be able to do so without facing civil claims.

>>RIGHTS.p1 of Iowa, expressed similar views in a statement released by One Iowa, the ACLU of Iowa and the Interfaith Alliance of Iowa Action Fund. The statement also claimed that under current language, the bill would allow denial of services and goods to interracial couples and couples of different faith backgrounds. Anderson said last week during debate of the marriage amendment that marriage is about procreation, a comment which placed him on national cable news outlets. “Homosexual couples cannot produce children,� Anderson said. “Heterosexual couples can. That’s what marriage is.� Most Republicans did not speak during debate, while many Democrats expressed deep opposition to a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriages, civil unions and domestic partnerships. Anderson characterized HSB50 as a battle between freedom of speech and religion under the First Amendment, and the 14th Amendment, which requires equal protection of all citizens under the law. “The ACLU recognizes this bill for what it is: an effort to legitimize discrimination under the guise of religious liberty,� Stone said. At a public forum concerning the marriage amendment last week, opponents of same-sex marriage cited examples in Massachusetts of religious institutions being penalized through taxes for denial of services to gay couples.

writing and read some of his work. I highly enjoyed his class and would recommend anybody to take his courses.� Although Dew has taught at the college level for several years, he said the academic market is the worst it has ever been in decades; he is optimistic about staying at Iowa State to continue teaching and get students to think about religion and their surroundings. “I think some college students have never really thought about their religion,� Dew said. “They’ve thought about their own or lack of



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commitments and not thought about it as a social phenomenon; something that has real political effect or clear logic and seeing that can be really useful.â€? Ten minutes before 11 a.m., Dew prepared for his next class and momentarily glanced at his computer screen’s clock before a few ďŹ nal words. “I’d like people to take my classes and be inspired, if not by the speciďŹ c interests ... [I] hope they’re interested that I’m so excited about it. I’m in a basement ... I love it here, and I’d love to stay.â€?


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4 | NEWS | Iowa State Daily | Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Editor: M. Cashman, C. Davis, K. Dockum, T. Robinson, M. Wettengel | news | 515.294.2003

Supply chain management

Recruiters, students meet at career night By Ben.Theobald Supply chain management majors battled the cold to look for internships and jobs at career night Tuesday. This is the second career night for supply chain management majors this school year. “About 80 to 100 students came last fall,” said Lyndsy Haviland, president of the ISU Supply Chain Management Club and senior in supply chain management. An estimated 33 employers came to career night Tuesday. “The employers come from all over the United States,” said Kelsie Harvey, vice president of the club and senior in supply chain management. Haviland said they hosted 40 employers at last fall’s career night. “We start planning the career night with the career services at the beginning of the semester,” she said. The event is separate from the Business/LAS Career Fair on Wednesday. “Career night gives supply chain [management] students the opportunity to talk to recruiters who are looking for only supply chain [management] majors,” Harvey said. Kevin Skiffington, senior in logistics and supply chain management and international business, said this was his second career night. “Right now I’m looking for a summer internship so I know where to go during the summer,” Skiffington said. “Anything that is located around the Chicago suburbs or Ames.” Qian Xu, junior in supply chain management, had been in contact with employers such as Vermeer and Rockwell Collins.

>> COMPLEX.p1 the plans, moving parts of the proposed facility further south and east, away from the Storm Street neighborhood. “It’s important to point out that the version we shared at the first committee meeting was truly in the planning stages,” said Chris Jorgensen, senior athletic director for facilities, planning and management. “The facility has just shifted to the south in an attempt to alleviate its being right up against the neighbors on Storm [Street]. We felt it was important to give them relief from the competition facilities.” In new plans, published in an ISU News Service news release Tuesday, the track and soccer complex have moved further south, while the softball field is to be alongside Mortensen Road. The plans also feature a proposed area for ISU track and field throwing events, such as shot put and javelin, north of the track. The new track will surround the soccer field, and the two will be the only areas lit immediately after construction. However, construction will be done in a way that allows lighting to be added to the softball complex with later additions. At the Dec. 8 public forum, Storm Street residents voiced concerns with lighting coming from the facility, but Jorgensen said those concerns have been addressed in the new plans. “Where they’re positioned on that facility, we can do a lot when we work with our lighting engineers,” Jorgensen said. “There won’t be any spillover into the adjoining neighborhoods, particularly now with the way we have the facility laid out.” With the soccer and softball fields moving south, the residents along Ash Avenue and Mortensen Road are now closer to the facility. Residents of the Ash Avenue neighborhood have expressed concerns with the aesthetics of the facility, but Jorgensen said the new layout of the facility will allow for vegetation and fencing that can hide the facility, or enhance its appearance. “We did express that we’ll continue to work with them on what that Ash [Avenue] street corridor will look like,” he said. While parking and traffic issues have also initiated concerns with the new facility, the proposed facility would use the parking lots at the Towers for both participants and spectators. Jorgensen said the lots, originally constructed when there were four residence halls there, have enough capacity to house the number of vehicles that are estimated to come in for track, soccer or softball events. Jorgensen said he still expects to hear questions about

Jiang Xu, senior in logistics and supply chain management, talks to Keath Storm, vice president of human resources at Link America about his previous work experience during the Supply Chain Management Career Fair on Tuesday at the Molecular Biology Building. Photo: Karuna Ang/Iowa State Daily

“I’m looking for an internship in the summer,” Xu said. “I am graduating in May 2012, which is a full year later.” Ross Trowbridge, a representative from Crescent Electric Supply

how the university is planning to handle rainwater gathered at the facility. He said the department is committed to working with the city of Ames on developing a plan to deal with rainwater without directing it into neighborhood drainage systems.

Company, was looking for students to fill open positions. “We’re looking for somebody who possesses solid work ethic,” Trowbridge said. “Somebody who has interest in sales-type roles. It comes down to how they will fit in our

“Our responsibility is to not make the problem worse,” Jorgensen said. “There will be a lot of engineering done to ensure the rainwater capacity that site used to maintain won’t be, all of a sudden, dumped off into the neighborhood stormwater systems.”

industry.” Corporations based in Iowa, such as CIVCO Medical Solutions, were looking for potential employees based on their GPA and skills. “GPA, leadership and communi-

Jorgensen said the university hopes to have plans finalized and ready to take to the March 23 Board of Regents meeting, where officials will seek approval to begin construction of the facility. And, although Jorgensen said the plans have addressed

cation is indicative in a student’s area of skills,” said John Bates, representative of CIVCO. “We heard the [supply chain management] program here at Iowa State is top notch. We hope to get capable students to help us grow.”

many initial community concerns, they will be up for debate again Tuesday night as the university will seek more input from community members before finalizing those plans. “I don’t know that we’ll please everybody,” Jorgensen said, “but I do think the chang-

es we’ve made have shown we have a commitment to work with the neighborhood to make this a facility that’s going to be pleasing to them but also work for the student recreation services and also our intercollegiate athletic department.”

Wednesday, February 9, 2011 | Iowa State Daily | NATION | 5

Air Force

Early warnings of PTSD ignored By Ed Lavandera CNN Wire Service Air Force Maj. Chad Bushman vividly remembers the worst day of his life, the sound of handcuffs gripping his wrists as six military officers took him away and told him he faced criminal charges for abusing his wife. What Bushman didn’t know at that moment was that a military psychologist would soon determine that he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, and, he says, it led to years of abusing his wife. The diagnosis may have come too late, and the decorated pilot’s military career could soon come to a disgraceful end. But Bushman says that he deserves a second chance and that the Air Force has let him down. The secretary of the Air Force will ultimately decide whether Bushman can continue his career as a military pilot. This week, the case goes before a board of inquiry at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Ala. How Bushman’s career reached this point is a sad and often disturbing tale that raises questions about whether the military missed PTSD warning signs along the way. In the years after Sept. 11, Bushman piloted C-130 aircraft into the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan. Bushman says the missions were the most stressful days he’d ever had. “I can remember seeing a missile streak come past the front of the aircraft. That was the most terrifying experience of my life,” Bushman said. In Bushman’s mind, however, pilots didn’t suffer from PTSD. That was for ground troops who got shot at. But at home, Bushman says, he couldn’t handle being around crowds, and his temper erupted more often. After Bushman returned home from multiple deployments in 2004, his attorney says, the military made a critical mistake. Each servicemember who returns from war is required to fill out a Post-Deployment Health Reassessment Survey. Among other things, it can help military psychologists figure out whether he or she is showing any symptoms of PTSD. Bushman says he wasn’t given the survey until January 2008, four years after returning from war duty and less than a year before his wife called police after another brutal day of abuse. A military attorney familiar with the major’s case says the Air Force doesn’t dispute Bushman’s claim. The attorney says that as soon as the Air Force discovered that the survey

President Obama presents the Medal of Honor to Army Staff Sgt. Salvatore Giunta Nov. 16, 2010, in the East Room of the White House. Photo: CNN Wire Service

wasn’t completed, it corrected the problem. But Bushman’s attorney says the survey holds the first clues that the pilot was battling PTSD. In the survey, Bushman admits having nightmares and feeling numb and detached from others. Dr. Heather Klempp, a psychologist at the Presidio of Monterey U.S. Army Health Clinic in Monterey, Calif., described Bushman as having PTSD, showing signs of “recurrent intrusive ideation of traumatic experiences ... frequent anger and irritability ... severe anxiety.” His relationship with his wife also began to deteriorate. Tori Bushman laid out the years of abuse in painful detail in a five-page sworn statement the day her husband was arrested in November 2008. In the statement, Tori Bushman wrote that “there were several incidents of him holding me down, choking me, threatening to kill me and bury my body where nobody could find it.” Without getting into specifics, Col. Del Grissom, the staff judge advocate for Air University at Maxwell Air Force Base, says the military is prepared to present witnesses at the board of inquiry challenging Bushman’s assertion that he suffered from PTSD during the years he beat his wife. Grissom says that in the four years after Bushman returned from duty, he never asked for help, never showed signs of psychological problems and performed his work duties well. “We can’t tolerate anyone beating their spouse,” Grissom said. “The question is, is it in the best interest of the Air Force for him to continue as an officer?”

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Virginia case reveals hole in fingerprint program By Jeanne Meserve If the system had worked the way it was CNN Homeland Security Correspondent supposed to, Portillo-Saravia might have been

held in custody for the federal immigration agency, and possibly deported, after an arrest for drunkenness. Instead, he was released. The rape took place the day after Christmas in Centreville, Va. When he was taken to the Loudoun County jail, his electronic fingerprints were run against federal immigration databases under the Secure Communities program. Portillo-Saravia’s prints did not get a hit. “Everything came back negative, so by law, obviously, when the alcohol wears off, he is released,” said Sheriff Stephen Simpson.But there should have been a hit. Portillo-Saravia had been deported from the United States in 2003. In 2003, Portillo-Saravia’s fingerprints were taken the old-fashioned way, with ink. They were never digitized and put in the agency’s electronic database.

The rape of a child may be linked to a gap in a program intended to remove criminal aliens from the country. Under the federal Secure Communities program, law enforcement agencies run the fingerprints of people they arrest against immigration databases, aiming to find illegal immigrants. The most dangerous are then removed from the country by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Law enforcement personnel working on the rape of an 8-year-old girl say a person arrested Sunday evening in Houston is an illegal immigrant who slipped through the system. The suspect, Salvador Portillo-Saravia, has been charged with one count of rape and one count of sodomy, according to Don Gotthardt, spokesman for the Fairfax County, Va., Police Department. He could be extradited back to Virginia later this week.

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6 | NATION | Iowa State Daily | Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Planned Parenthood retrains staff Anti-abortion group releases questionable video By Michael.Martinez CNN Wire Service Responding to the latest undercover video by an anti-abortion group, women’s reproductive health care provider Planned Parenthood announced Tuesday it will retrain more than 11,000 staff members at more than 800 centers across the United States. Planned Parenthood has ordered “all health center staff and educators who have contact with patients and teens be retrained in understanding our policies and procedures for responding to situations that indicate that the welfare of a minor is endangered,â€? Stuart Schear, vice president for communications at Planned Parenthood, said in a statement issued Tuesday. The retraining will be completed by April 1, Schear said. The announcement came in the wake of the anti-abortion group Live Action’s sixth undercover video of a Planned Parenthood clinic that purportedly shows staff “willing to assist sex trafficking and exploitations of minors and young women,â€? group president Lila Rose said in a written statement. Affirming a zero tolerance policy Tuesday, Planned Parenthood said in a statement that employees will be ďŹ red in cases of conďŹ rmed failure to comply with the group’s procedures for situations involving endangered minors and with states’ mandatory reporting laws for underage girls. The Live Action videos are reminiscent of those by right-wing videographer James

O’Keefe, who targeted the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, an organization that advocated for low- and middle-income people and worked to register voters. Those videos purported to show a “pimpâ€? and a “prostituteâ€? asking for advice on setting up a brothel and evading taxes. O’Keefe’s videos were found in at least two investigations to be so heavily edited as to be an unreliable record of what happened, showing no evidence of any wrongdoing by ACORN staff members. But those investigations were completed too late to save the organization. The Live Action videos also appear to be heavily edited. All were apparently taped in January. When Planned Parenthood says it learned of at least 11 undercover visits in six states over one week “in which persons claiming to be involved in sex trafficking with minors asked for services for young women.â€? Schear said he expects more Live Action announcements about the other visits. Planned Parenthood reported the visits to the U.S. Justice Department before any of Live Actions videos were released. Like the prior ones, the latest secretly recorded video uses a couple portraying themselves as a pimp and a prostitute who are seeking abortions for underage girls. Last week, Live Action released undercover videos of four Planned Parenthood health centers in Virginia and one in New Jersey. Planned Parenthood officials ďŹ red a staff worker in the New Jersey office, but defended the others by saying they behaved professionally and appropriately reported the incidents to the U.S. Justice Department. The latest video claims to show a Planned

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that would bar Planned Parenthood from receiving federal funds.â€? Congress is considering such a proposal, put forward by Republicans. Rose of Live Action said Planned Parenthood’s retraining program “is nothing more than window dress.â€? “Live Action’s investigation has uncovered a serious, institutional crisis in which Planned Parenthood is willing to aid and abet sex trafďŹ cking and exploitation of minors and young women,â€? Rose said in a statement. Live Action describes itself on its website as “a leading new media, investigative, and educational organization committed to the protection and respect of all human life.â€? Rose has said that her purpose in making the videos — and making available the edited versions — is to “take downâ€? Planned Parenthood. Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, said the 95-year-old organization is the nation’s leading provider of reproductive health care and serves 3 million patients a year. One in ďŹ ve women has come to its health centers at some point in her lifetime, she said. “To further our commitment to our patients, we will continue to work to expand access to health care and coverage for women and oppose efforts, such as those currently before Congress, that would eliminate vital health care services that women and families need,â€? Richards said. Officials with Planned Parenthood of New York City said that if underage girls came into the center, “they would have met with a licensed social worker.â€? “All teens coming into Planned Parenthood of New York City are screened for child abuse and neglect. All teens who disclose abuse meet with a licensed social worker, who records and reports the abuse,â€? the group said in a statement.


Mentor program canceled A Pennsylvania high school has scrapped a mentoring program, which allowed students to be taught by instructors of their same race for a few minutes each day. McCaskey East High School in Lancaster, Pa., instituted what it described as a pilot program meant to enrich “students’ experiences through mentoring� and was derived from re-

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Parenthood staffer and a supervisor in the Bronx borough of New York City guiding the pimp and prostitute actors on how to get abortions for girls as young as 13. But the Bronx video was “clearly doctored and cannot be trusted,â€? Schear said. “The truth is that Live Action has a history of doctoring video, making false claims and has no credibility,â€? Schear said in a statement. “This is a tactic similar to that of James O’Keefe, the discredited right-wing activist long associated with Live Action.â€? The edited Bronx tape contains two or more video sources, as well as an additional audio source, increasing the opportunity for manipulation and selective editing, Schear said. Unlike in the other publicized videos, the hoax visitors in the Bronx weren’t able to get past the reception desk for a private consultation, Schear said. The two Planned Parenthood workers in the Bronx told the FBI in an interview that “they did not hear the words ‘sex work’ or ‘sex worker’ uttered by the actors on camera,â€? Schear said. FBI spokeswoman Jenny Shearer declined to comment on the ongoing controversy about the undercover videos. “I can’t comment on something I haven’t seen. I’m unaware of which ďŹ eld office they are communicating with,â€? she said Tuesday. Justice Department spokeswoman Alisa Finelli said Tuesday the U.S. attorney general’s office received a letter last month from Planned Parenthood alerting officials to the visits by the purported pimp and prostitute seeking abortions for minors. Finelli declined to comment further. Schear described the undercover videos as “an effort to undermine the credibility of Planned Parenthood staff in Live Action’s coordinated lobbying effort to support legislation

search “that shows grouping black students by gender with a strong role model can help boost their academic achievement and self esteem,� according to a school statement. The junior class at McCaskey East voluntarily divided themselves “by gender, race and/or language,� said Burkholder. The groups met for six minutes each day and

for 20 minutes twice a month. Educators at the school said they initially noticed strong bonds being formed between all students and mentor teachers,� the statement said. But some analysts say the experiment was actually misguided. “When we talk about reducing the achievement gap, do we mean merely reducing

the discrepancy of test scores of white students and students of color?� said education consultant Sam Chaltain. “Or do we mean reducing the predictive impact that things like race, class and gender have on all aspects of student engagement, performance and learning? CNN Wire Service


5th Annual Ice Fishing Tournament ÂŹĂ“ĂœvlĂšXĂŽhĂš4;Ăš4#Ăš ;

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7Ϗ—vĂ?Ă“ÂŹÂ¨ĂšĂœvJÂŁĂ“ %ÂťvÂ¨ĂšĂœÂŹĂšĂœÂ•vڝüXÂ&#x;˜bĂšJ¨lĂšJÂ&#x;Â&#x;ĂšJÂ?vĂ“ ˜bžĂ?ĂŽĂšĂ?ÂŹĂŤvĂš.JĂ?žÚJĂœĂš%Ă?Â˜ÂŹÂ&#x;vĂš3˜lÂ?vڏlÂ?v 4JĂœĂĽĂ?lJĂŽiĂšvXĂ?ĂĽJĂ?ÎÚ³ãiÚãô³³ÀÚÚ3vÂ?Â˜Ă“ĂœĂ?JĂœÂ˜ÂŹÂ¨ĂšĂ“ĂœJĂ?ĂœĂ“ĂšJĂœĂš


vĂœJ˜Â&#x;Ă“h aĂš rÞôÚvÂ¨ĂœĂ?ĂŽĂšÂƒÂŹĂ?ĂšJĂšĂœĂŹÂŹĂšÂťvĂ?Ă“ÂŹÂ¨ĂšĂœvJ£Ú½rÂłÂˆĂšÂťvĂ?ڝvĂ?ӏ¨ž aĂš 3vÂ?Â˜Ă“ĂœĂ?JĂœÂ˜ÂŹÂ¨ĂšXvÂ?Â˜Â¨Ă“ĂšJĂœĂšĂ—hÞôJÂŁĂšJĂœĂšĂœÂ•vĂšÂ&#x;ÂŹlÂ?viĂšÂ‡Ă“Â•ĂšÂƒĂ?ÂŹÂŁĂš{J£—³£ aĂš Bv˜Â?Â•Â—Â˜Â¨ĂšĂœÂŹÂťĂšÂłÂˆĂšÂťJ¨‡Ó• aĂš %ÂťĂœÂ˜ÂŹÂ¨JÂ&#x;ĂšX˜Â?ڇӕڽJ¨ÎÚӝvb˜vӞڝĂ?Â˜Ă˛vĂšĂŹÂ˜ĂœÂ•ĂšJ¨ÚvĂ­ĂœĂ?JĂšrÂˆĂšvÂ¨ĂœĂ?ĂŽĂšÂƒvvڝvĂ?Ăš ĂœvJ£ÀÚ³ôô¿ÚJĂŽÂŹĂĽĂœĂšÂƒÂŹĂ?ĂšX˜Â?ڇӕÀ aĂš ÂŹÂŹlĂšJ¨lĂšlĂ?Â˜Â¨ÂžĂ“ĂšĂŹÂ˜Â&#x;Â&#x;ĂšXvĂšJĂŤJ˜Â&#x;JXÂ&#x;vĂšÂƒÂŹĂ?ڝüĂ?b•JĂ“v aĂš 7ÂŹÂťĂšĂœÂ•Ă?vvڝÂ&#x;JbvĂ“ĂšĂŹÂ˜Â&#x;Â&#x;ĂšĂ?vbvÂ˜ĂŤvĂšbJӕڝĂ?Â˜Ă˛vĂšXJĂ“vlĂšÂŹÂ¨ĂšĂœÂŹĂœJÂ&#x;ĂšvÂ¨ĂœĂ?ĂŽĂšÂƒvvĂ“h Ăš Ăš ÂłĂ“ĂœĂšÂťÂ&#x;JbvĂšÂ—ĂšĂžÂˆÂż Ăš Ăš ã¨lڝÂ&#x;JbvĂšÂ—ĂšĂŁÂˆÂż Ăš Ăš ĂžĂ?lڝÂ&#x;JbvĂšÂ—ĂšÂłÂˆÂż ÏÎÚÞô ˜bžĂ?ĂŽĂš Ă?ÂŹĂŤvĂš.JĂ?ž


Eighth Annual Mary Greeley Medical Center Heart Symposium THIS HOLIDAY SEASON February 23, 2011 Bessie Myers Auditorium

Eliz Greene was seven months pregnant with twins when she suffered a massive heart attack.

5 to 8:30 p.m.

Determined not to lose her new-found passion

Featured Speaker: Eliz Greene

for life and to regain her health, Eliz developed

Registration is $10 by February 20 *Register online with a credit card or by sending your check payable to “MGMC Heart Symposium� at Mary Greeley Medical Center

strategies to ďŹ t activity and healthy habits into her life. She has dedicated her life to helping people deal with the special challenges of modern life and heart health. “What comes ďŹ rst,â€? she asks, “your work or your health?â€?

c/o Community Relations 1111 Duff Ave., Ames, IA, 50010

*Seating limited to ďŹ rst 150 paid registrations.

For more information or to register, visit

Wednesday, February 9, 2011 | Iowa State Daily | WORLD | 7



Raid leads to arrest of police, officials

Asian nations call for resolution over temple

By Cosmin Stan CNN Wire Service

The chairman of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations on Tuesday pushed for talks between Thailand and Cambodia to end deadly clashes that have erupted over a temple along the border. The issue “can only be addressed bilaterally,” said Marty M. Natalegawa, who is also the Indonesian foreign minister. The border skirmishes, which started Friday, have killed five people, including members of the military and civilians, a statement from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations said. Thailand’s official news agency, MCOT, reported Tuesday, “Since the fighting erupted Friday, one Thai soldier was killed, 25 were wounded and one civilian died in the clashes.” The report added that Cambodia on Tuesday “handed over a Thai soldier captured during the cross border clash.” Cambodia’s official news agency, AKP, reported Tuesday that “Cambodian Prime Minister Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen has sought the United Nations’ intervention in arranging a buffer zone” at the border area and wants to make sure the fighting does not expand to other parts of the border. An official Thai report said the two sides

After a nearly six-month investigation, authorities launched 70 raids at border crossings and other sites in western Romania Tuesday and detained as many as 100 border police, customs officials and suspected smugglers, police and prosecutors said. Those detained are suspected of smuggling huge quantities of cigarettes into Romania from neighboring Serbia. They face charges of bribery and facilitating smuggling, prosecutors said. The raids — which forced the closure of several crossings on the Romanian-Serbian border — started at 6 a.m. and were conducted by at least 1,000 anti-corruption prosecutors, police and security forces, authorities said. Many of the suspects’ homes were also raided, they said. Officials confiscated cigarettes worth $683,550, they added, in raids that were the culmination of a probe that dates back to August. Police helicopters flew

dozens of the suspects to Bucharest for hearings at the National Anti-Corruption Department, authorities said. Prosecutors said those involved in the smuggling operations easily could make at least $6,835.50 per illegal shipment, and there have been hundreds of shipments. Police and customs employee union leaders released a statement following the raids Tuesday, charging that all the smuggling operations were conducted within a well-organized network that had links up to the country’s highest political levels and the profits of which possibly financed the ruling political party. They described the border police and customs employees working at the crossings as the pawns, and said shift bosses, customs managers and some union leaders who collected the bribes were the knights. The intermediate levels were made up of more union leaders and higher customs authority officials, all the way up to the queen, which the union officials charged may be high-ranking members of the ruling political party who

appoint customs and border police chiefs. Romanian Interior Minister Traian Igas told reporters at a news conference after the raids that some of the union leaders are aware of the corruption at many of the crossings. “I ask them to position themselves some way in order for us to know whether they’re with us or with these people committing illegal acts,” Igas said, adding that he does trust the border police and customs employees who are doing their jobs honestly. Last week, 59 border police and customs employees at the Siret crossing in eastern Romania were arrested on the same charges. The massive raids come after the interior ministers of France and Germany asked the European Commission to postpone Romania’s scheduled entry into the Schengen zone next month because of corruption and security issues. The 25 European countries that are party to the Schengen agreement eliminated internal border controls between member states.

had agreed to a cease fire on Saturday, but skirmishes continued after. The clashes stem from a longstanding conflict related to the 11th-century Preah Vihear temple. The building sits on a cliff in Cambodian territory, but the most accessible entrance to the site is on the Thai side. In a letter to the United Nations over the weekend, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen said that in addition to the human toll the fighting was taking, the temple had suffered damage. Conflict over the Preah Vihear site has taken place periodically for years. In 1962, the International Court of Justice in The Hague, Netherlands, ruled that the site was in Cambodia. But Thailand says the 1.8-square-mile area around Preah Vihear was never fully demarcated, and blames a map drawn at the beginning of the 20th century during the French occupation of Cambodia. In July 2008, the U.N. approved Cambodia’s application to have the temple listed as a World Heritage Site, meaning the U.N. believes the place has outstanding universal value. CNN Wire Staff

Iowa State University


Drug gangs

Army undersecretary backs off comments about Mexico The undersecretary of the U.S. Army is backing away from comments he made suggesting American troops might have to fight drug gangs in Mexico, offering his regrets Tuesday for his “inaccurate statements.” Joseph Westphal, the Army’s No. 2 civilian leader, told an audience at the University of Utah on Monday that the narcotics cartels had become “a form of insurgency” that could imperil the Mexican government. Westphal said he doesn’t want to find American troops “fighting an insurgency on our border in violation of our Constitution, or having to send them across the border.” “Maybe this is more of a personal opinion, but I’ve certainly shared with people at the White House — this isn’t just about drugs and about illegal immigrants,” Westphal said. “This is about potentially the takeover of a government by individuals who are corrupt and have a different agenda, and that would be again right on our border.” Tuesday, Westphal said he had wrongly

characterized Latin America as a “strategic blind spot” for Washington. “My statement also mistakenly characterized the challenge posed by drug cartels to Mexico as ‘a form of insurgency.’ My comments were not and have never been the policy of the Department of Defense or the U.S. Government toward Latin America,” he said. “I did not speak on behalf of the president, national security adviser, secretary of defense or any other officials charged with establishing and articulating U.S. policy,” he added. “I regret that my inaccurate statements may have caused concerns for our partners and friends in the region, especially Mexico.” There was no immediate response to Westphal’s comments from Mexico’s government, which launched a crackdown on drug traffickers in 2006. The struggle to wrest control from the cartels has left more than 34,000 dead. CNN Wire Staff

“I plan on going because it’s the best time to find out all of my housing options.”

2011 Housing Expo Tuesday, February 15th 10am-4pm Great Hall, MU

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Redesigns reflect public consideration Via the ISU News Service, officials with Jamie Pollard’s athletics department unveiled redesigns of the department’s proposed Cyclone Sports Complex on Tuesday, and we’re happy to say it would seem university officials took a cue from residents of south Campustown by going back to the drawing board. The complex, which university officials were given permission to begin planning for at an October meeting of the Board of Regents, is slated to include new homes for Iowa State’s soccer, softball and track and field teams east of the Wallace and Wilson residence halls. In a Dec. 8 public forum, area residents raised concerns over the potential increase in traffic, noise and lighting the project could bring to their neighborhood. Residents along the south side of Storm Street complained the new facilities would be built too close to their properties; residents along Ash Avenue decried the eyesore the facilities would be, in the place of what is currently a normally well-manicured field. University officials said they believe they have revised their initial proposal to accommodate the residents’ concerns. Only time will tell. Several questions remain unanswered. Where will the clubs and intramural teams displaced by the facility find their new homes? We hope residents who continue to be opposed to the idea of a multimillion dollar athletics complex across the street from their homes will find answers at Tuesday’s public forum. And, as plans to redevelop Campustown continue to move forward, we hope the university will continue to keep an eye toward south Campustown as an opportunity for further development, in an effort to restore the foot traffic lost to the area with the demolition of the Knapp and Storms residence halls and the creation of a CyRide route that ferries passengers from south Ames to Central Campus. A thriving, vibrant Campustown is in everyone’s best interests, and we hope the renovation and relocation of the Cyclone Sports Complex is just another step in that direction. We’re pleased to say we’re proud of the university for taking action to address the community’s concerns. Although there might be more work ahead for the project’s engineers, the university’s reaction to the initial forum seems to be a step in the right direction, and we hope to see more of the same in the weeks and months ahead. Part of living in a community, in Iowa, especially, is being a good neighbor. It would seem the university is committed to being a good neighbor to south Campustown residents. We hope Tuesday’s forum proves that to be the case. Editorial Board

Jessie Opoien, editor in chief Zach Thompson, managing editor of production RJ Green, opinion editor

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011 Editor: RJ Green opinion Iowa State Daily

Violence against women

Rape has been turned into a weapon of war during a time of upheaval in Haiti. Natural disasters have decreased resources and increased acts of sexual assault and violence in the country. Photo courtesy: UNIFEM/Flickr

Rape common after disaster

By Liz.Steinborn and By Ahna.Kruzicn

Haitian sexual violence requires global attention


s we passed the first anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti, we ask you to stop and think about the horror and devastation that faced the people of this island nation. Their walls crashed down around them. Individuals’ loved ones perished amongst the rubble. Children were separated from parents — some were sent to the US before they knew their parents were still alive. All of what many of them had known and trusted shifted dramatically and permanently. A magnitude seven earthquake struck Haiti on Jan. 12, 2010. More than a year later, workers are still finding bodies in the rubble. Less than 5 percent of the debris has been cleared. The remaining rubble could be put in enough dump trucks parked bumper-to-bumper to reach halfway around the world, according to one report. Why should we care? We should care because 316,000 people died from this devastating natural disaster. Consider your fellow ISU students dead — not only several devastating deaths like we saw last year, but every one of your peers. Now imagine this happening 10 times over again. We should care because the people that did survive this earthquake are suffering, especially women. Historically, women are impacted by disaster situations to a disproportionate extent — this is because women in most countries are already at a disadvantage. As in most countries, women in Haiti are poorer than men. Having no safety net after a disaster such as this further exposes many to violence, homelessness and sexual assault. Horror and devastation is not new to many of the women of Haiti. Sexual assault was prevalent in Haiti prior to the earthquake.

Historically, women are impacted by disaster situations to a disproportionate extent — this is because women in most countries are already at a disadvantage. As in most countries, women in Haiti are poorer than men. Having no safety net after a disaster such as this further exposes many to violence, homelessness and sexual assault.” In times of upheaval, rape was often used as a political weapon. As the Chief of Staff of the Ministry for Women said, “... war taught a country to rape. Before there was rape of course, but it was not a common practice. Now when a man wants to rape, he rapes. It was used as weapon of war — the military institutionalized it and now when a robber gets into your house, he rapes you.” Rape was not even considered a criminal offense until 2005. With limited resources for women’s health in general, the women of Haiti had very little access to rape education or treatment for physical, psychological and emotional impact of such violent crimes. After a natural disaster as devastating as this, conditions get worse. Women lose access. They lose access to essential reproductive health care services — if they had any to begin with. If their husbands had died in the earthquake, a woman could be denied access to property rights to try to rebuild her home, forcing many women into tent camps. Of the people who did survive, an estimat-

ed one million remain in tent camps, unable to rebuild over the rubble. These tent camps have left many people vulnerable, especially women. With no lighting or effective security, the tent camps often become dangerous places. Aid workers say sexual assaults are a daily encounter; however, most women do not report in avoidance of the attached social stigma out of fear of reprisals and feelings of shame. In the U.S., sexual assault primarily occurs among acquaintances: family members, partners, spouses and neighbors. In 77 percent of reported cases in the U.S., the attacker is not a stranger. In Haiti, half of the rapes are committed by strangers, often times using weapons and violent force. These are our worst nightmares — reports include incidences of gun barrels and knives being shoved up women’s vaginas in tent camp communal areas. The women of Haiti have the worst of both worlds: They must be aware of people and situations they are familiar with as women in America are, but they must also fear people and situations they do not know. The women living in tent camps have no way to protect themselves. Many times, the officers chosen to protect the people are the people doing the most heinous crimes: Officials have been known to ask for sexual favors in return for protection. The dangers these women face are not being stopped. To make matters worse, the fabric walls of women’s makeshift homes in the tent camps don’t offer protection in any form; there is nowhere for them to go. These women survivors of both natural disasters and personal violation have had their literal as well as figurative walls torn down. They were not only rendered homeless, but now live in fear of sexual assault on a regular basis as they huddle in their tarp-walled homes. We are a part of a global sisterhood, and atrocities like this cannot be overlooked. I urge each of you to educate yourselves — just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.


Valentine’s Day is too complex

By Claire.Schwager

Simplicity is key in order to make the day stress-free


emember back in grade school when Valentine’s Day consisted of cutting hearts from folded construction paper, comparing candy hoards and gluing glitter to as many surfaces as possible? I’m going to assume everyone has experienced these lovely memories, and then I’m going to complain about the state of things nowadays, which is my favorite thing to do. Well, here it is: Why can’t things be as simple as when we were 8? College students are so obsessed with the idea of this perfect Valentine’s Day date or gift that we’re kind of forgetting the purpose of the holiday. Sure, it’s nice to

impress someone with fancy dinners or sparkly jewelry or a dozen roses, but I’m sure most women would agree with me when I say these are all a little bit boring. For those who don’t like surprises, predictability is great. But the majority of the female population prefers one of two things: thoughtful, handmade cards, or just plain chocolate. Either way guys, you can’t go wrong. Women love receiving homemade cards — it’s the attempt that counts, for all you non-creative ones — and we love chocolate. There’s really no need to expand on that. As for Valentine’s Day in general, it shouldn’t be a cause for stress. However, along with the commercialization of the holiday comes the pressure to create a perfect, expensive day your significant other won’t soon forget. This is where things start to get out of hand. First of all, nobody’s

going to remember every detail of every single Feb. 14 from age 4 to 92. Even just three years from now, it won’t matter whether you got Hershey’s or Godiva chocolates; ate at Jeff’s Pizza or Aunt Maude’s; or gave a dozen roses or three. In all sincerity, Valentine’s Day is a day meant for affection, not displays of money or style. I’m not suggesting we revert back to buying Disney princess valentine cards with little “To:” and “From:” spaces provided for ease of mass distribution, or that no one should buy roses or make reservations at a nice restaurant. While I miss the days when decorating a Valentine’s Day box was the most exciting aspect of the holiday, I know adults need to complicate things, and Feb. 14 is no exception. With billions of dollars being spent in retail for the holiday, I’m sure there will be no end to the complications. But where’s the old-fashioned

charm, the romantic notion of Valentine’s Days past? I know I’m not the only one who thinks generic expressions of affection aren’t romantic. Hallmark cards are OK, but handwritten letters tied in ribbon are better. Roses, I suppose, are classic, but giving her her favorite flower is creative. Chocolate well, we’ve already discussed chocolate. No worries there. Am I striking a chord here with all the women, or am I way off? Maybe guys are happy with going through the motions of buying the roses, the card, and the expensive dinner. Maybe the girls don’t mind either. But I think it’s safe to say the holiday has lost a little of the sparkle it used to have when we were younger — literally, there’s a lot less glitter involved. This is just a friendly suggestion that the guys do something about it. Consider yourselves warned.

Editor: RJ Green | opinion

Wednesday, February 9, 2011 | Iowa State Daily | OPINION | 9

Cock & Bull at the bar:

Valentine’s Day pick-ups are an art By Gabriel.Stoffa

Commentary from the bar-side of life


alentine’s Day. What does it bring to mind for you? For some helpless romantics: “ ... My heart expands, ‘tis grown a bulge in it, inspired by your beauty, effulgent.” — Spike from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” For others — think hipsters — the day brings on a glossolalia seizure of rhetoric assaulting big business and industry with strawman fallacies abounding. Still others exist that have no longing to become lost in love’s embrace or fight against “the man.” These are frequently the folks you find dateless the night before and who have no intentions of trying to find a significant other. These folks, my friends, are the ones who profit most from Valentines Day. These people are the PUAs, the pick-up artists. While everyone else is caught up in their own identity crisis brought on by candy-heart syndrome, the PUA goes out the evening before Valentine’s Day knowing it is one of the easiest days to snag one or two or even more attractive women and not only not be looked down on for their

attempts at a one-night stand, but thought fondly of in days still to come by the ladies who they wooed. Do not get me wrong, women may also go out and pick up men in this fashion, but all women have to do to get a random single guy on any given night is to be forward; guys are suckers for an outright between-thesheets romp offer. As to those following the same-sex interests, well, your odds go up equally on V-Day eve because the stigma of singleness can open a lot of people up to, ahem, broaden their horizons. To gain the favor of a lady without a date, all the PUA has to do is go to a bar or club early and look for one of two things: The wild girl — sometimes called a “woo-girl” — that lacks her usual entourage of ladyfolk; or the girl stirring her own drink and not outright dismissing the slovenly drunk failing to communicate anything resembling the intimate conversation desired. As soon as the PUA sees the wild girl, all that must be done is a forward walk toward the girl, followed by a casual stop as he walks past her and the strangers ogling her. It is almost an intimate moment; that moment when you see someone across the room and

lock eyes and in a flash you comprehend myriad possibilities your lives would take. Then, as abruptly as the glance came, it goes and the crowd flows on. It is a look of that sort that will give the PUA his opening. From there, all he has to do is reach out and bring the girl with him to the bar or anywhere at least slightly away from the crowd. Rarely will a woo-girl object to this new attention, as it carries with it a new adventure and possibility of an actual connection to ease their inner turmoil — i.e. the emptiness frequently surrounding their woo-boo-hoo-lives. From here, it is child’s play for the PUA, as he uses simple directed and teasing questions about the girl and lets her find a connection in this clearly chivalrous suitor. Soon after they will go off to a more private location and make with a bit of the “ole in ‘n’ out.” If the PUA happens to have not embraced the full Casanova logic, he may make plans instead to see the girl on the actual day of valentines and solidify his position of chivalrous pursuit. In which case, he will still not buy her dinner or take her out. It will be a coital meeting possibly followed or preceded by drinks that will also

not be purchased by him for her. As to the girl sitting more or less alone with the verbally-impaired simians rambling about something inane, the PUA is similarly situated to sweep her off her feet. He can come forward and just jump into the barrage of potential mistakes; making certain to keep his conversation pointedly questionbased about her while inserting the occasional jibe at the other wannabe alphas and even an occasional snipe at the girl for her possible interests in some of the future failures painstakingly laboring or lumbering about the room. The route I would take, involves a more movie-inspired entrance: Walk up to her, take her hand ever so suavely and tell her, “Come with me for a moment, I have something to show you.” This forward move, though dangerous in your regular club setting, is golden to the girl out on V-Day eve at the bar — a girl at a bar on that eve of eves did not go to the bar in order to be left alone; those helpless romantics are at home with a bottle of wine watching “Sex In the City,” or reading Jane Austen stories. Once she has walked off with the PUA — only a few steps away gents,

please; you do not want to attempt to drag her far off and come across like a kidnapper — go ahead and sit her down to start into a new conversation making fun of the blokes she was previously entertaining and then her for sitting there and listening. After a while, you will have come across as endearing and worthwhile — the conversation has moved on to other things at this point, and if you do not know how to hold a conversation, please do not try any of this and make the competent look bad — and with your worthiness will come the opportunity to relocate to her or your place, or even simply off to another location to continue the conversation. Regardless of the move, the end result will involve some bedroom exploration. And if you succeed early in the evening, there is nothing stopping you from going back out or if you only made plans for the following evening, going on to the next bar and doing it all again. So, for those out there lacking in love, go for a reasonable facsimile and enjoy an evening of a connection you can look back on years later and wonder “what if.” And for the rest of you heathens: Loosen up that wrist. Cheers.


Conversation remains true king of communication By Lauren.Hayward


recently received a call from a friend of mine wanting to just “check up on me.” He was wondering if I was feeling alright or if I was just really homesick. I assured him that I was fine, and in fact having a wonderful time in Ames. The thing that had prompted his concern was a few recent status updates on Facebook. One read that I missed Australia, the other that I was upset about missing out on some incredible music festivals back home.

“They’re full of hate” he said. And as I reflected on my digital mood, it would appear that I am sad and in need of cheering up, but in reality they were flippant comments that were not indicative of my emotional state at all. Facebook really has changed our world, for me it is an invaluable resource to keep up with friends and family back home, but really it is human to human interaction that is important when communicating effectively.

We know that much of our communication is nonverbal or expressed through tone, intonation and other audible clues, so it is easy to see how a sarcastic or simple status update can be misconstrued. But there is so much more room for misunderstanding on Facebook. For example, my friend recently liked a group called “Don’t flatter yourself; it was a friend request not a marriage proposal.” I smiled to myself thinking about how true this sentiment is. Either as a requestee or a re-

quester, there is some ambiguity about what a friend request really means. And if you’ve drunkenly added a person on Facebook, but have no intention of being their friend in real life, seeing their name on your news feed or on Facebook chat can induce mild groans of regret to feelings absolute dread. Equally if you’ve got your eye on someone, the temptation to stalk is almost too hard to resist. But learning everything about a person you don’t actually know can make conversations awkward; you

probably don’t want to mention their upcoming birthday or sister’s recent relationship breakdown unless they’ve told you about it first. Facebook has certainly caught a lot of people out as well. I was taught as a young adult that if I was doing something I wouldn’t tell my parents about, I probably shouldn’t be doing it. I think a much better lesson in morality should be that if you don’t want it to be announced on Facebook, you probably shouldn’t do it. This is simply because the odds are

stacked against you, and someone somewhere is likely to mention it on your wall, make it their status or post a photo of it and then several hundred of your nearest and dearest will definitely know. So, for as much as the social network has allowed us to connect with long lost friends, talk to those living far away, keep up with all the dramas and parties of college life, there still aren’t enough sideways smileys to beat sharp sarcasm, subtle flirting or substantial conversation.

Iowa State University

HOUSING EXPO “I am going to the Housing Expo because I can win prizes & get to know my future landlord!”

Follow CyRide on facebook and twitter to keep updated on snow routes and closed routes.

2011 Housing Expo Tuesday, February 15th 10am-4pm Great Hall, MU




Wednesday, February 9, 2011 Editor: Jake Lovett sports | 515.294.3148 Iowa State Daily


Women’s basketball

Anticipating physicality Team adjusts to aggressive play style, heavy guarding By Kelsey.Jacobs No. 22 Iowa State will take on Kansas on Wednesday, as both teams attempt to recover from losses on the road. Iowa State (16-6, 4-4 Big 12) fell in a tight 65-62 game at the hands of Oklahoma on Saturday. The Cyclones almost recovered from a 14-point deficit going into the second half, but 24 turnovers meant they couldn’t secure the win. “I think that if we keep playing like we did in the second half [against Oklahoma] then we can beat anybody,” said senior Kelsey Bolte. “We have to build off of that and we want to play like that instead of how we played in the first half.” During Saturday’s loss, Bolte scored a teamhigh 23 points. She was helped out with 14 points by freshman Hallie Christofferson, who averaged 15.7 points in the last three games. “[Christofferson] played 37 minutes Saturday and will continue to log extended minutes,” said coach Bill Fennelly. “She gives us another scorer that’s somewhat consistent, which we’ve struggled with besides Kelsey.” Kansas (15-8, 2-7) also lost Saturday at Texas, 80-68, the sixth defeat in its last seven games. Despite the Jayhawks’ recent losing streak, Fennelly doesn’t want to overlook them. “I think Kansas is a team that’s extremely talented,” Fennelly said. “Some people will look at their record, they’re 2-7 in the league, but they’re a team that I think is as talented as a lot of teams.” Kansas shoots 46.6 percent from the field, and is lead by forward Carolyn Davis, who ranks 12th in the Big 12 with 17.7 points and 7.3 rebounds per game. The Jayhawks are known for their aggressive play, something Bolte is familiar with as she has been heavily guarded during the Big 12 season as the key scorer for the Cyclones. “Kansas plays just like that,” Bolte said. “I think the physicality is going to affect everyone, not just me, so we’re going to have to get ready for that in practice.” Iowa State has eight games left in the Big 12 season, with the Big 12 tournament in Kansas City, Mo., just a month away. Wednesday the team will attempt to come back from its loss to Oklahoma and kick off the second half of conference play on a positive note.

Iowa State (16-6, 4-4)


Kansas (15-8, 2-7) Where: Allen Fieldhouse, Lawrence, Kansas When: 7 p.m. Wednesday

Cyclone guard Kelsey Bolte attempts to pass Oklahoma State guard Lakyn Garrison, during the Iowa State vs. Oklahoma State game Feb. 2 at Hilton Coliseum. The Cyclones defeated the Cowgirls 79-59. Photo: Zhenru Zhang/Iowa State Daily

Defense key to victory against Jayhawks ISU defense keeps Cyclones in games, stifles Big 12 offenses By Dan.Tracy During their three-game Big 12 win streak, the Cyclones eclipsed the 70-point mark in all three wins. The win streak Fennelly and the streak of 70-plus point offensive outputs ended Saturday with 65-62 loss at No. 14 Oklahoma. The offensive outbursts were rare this season because Bolte this Cyclones team (16-6, 4-4 Big 12) has made their presence more wellknown on the defensive end. “We’re not an offensive powerhouse, we’re not going to outscore you so we better guard you,” said coach Bill Fennelly. “Defensive field goal percentage is always a very good indication of your team defense.” Opponents only make 33.8 percent of shots against Iowa State, the second best opponent’s field goal percentage in the Big 12 and 10th best in the nation. “We don’t get as much credit as some teams for being a good defensive team because we don’t press and maul you and steal the ball,” Fennelly


Coach Bill Fennelly disputes a referee’s call Feb. 2 at Hilton Coliseum. Photo: Yi Yuan/Iowa State Daily

said. In their 18 games prior to the three-game win streak, the Cyclones had only scored 70 or more points three times, but had allowed less than 50 on nine occasions. “We don’t score the ball very well so we can’t rely on us to have 20 or 30 points among all of us, so I think it’s very important to us,” said senior guard Kelsey Bolte of the defense. “If we’re supposed to not let a girl shoot threes then that’s what we’re going to do. We’re not going to let you shoot any threes.” Despite losing to the Sooners on Saturday, Iowa State allowed only one made field goal in the last 11:08 as they battled back from a 10 point deficit. “I think that [our defense has] allowed us to stay in games,” Fennelly said. “I’ve always believed that if you make people shoot perimeter shots

and don’t foul a lot you’re going to win a lot.” Defense will be crucial in Saturday’s game at Kansas (15-8, 2-7 Big 12) especially because it’s on the road. The Cyclones are giving up 66.7 points per away game in Big 12 play while only giving up 54.5 points per game at Hilton Coliseum.

Cyclone defense ƒ 53.9 points allowed per game (third in Big 12) ƒ .338 field goal percentage against (second in Big 12) ƒ .286 three-point field goal percentage against (third in Big 12) ƒ 28 defensive rebounds per game (second in Big 12)

Cyclone forward Hallie Christofferson attempts to attempts to pass the ball Feb. 2 at Hilton Coliseum. Photo: Yi Yuan/Iowa State Daily

Sports Jargon of the Day: Aerial

SPORT: Gymnastics

DEFINITION: A cartwheel performed without the use of hands, done on the

balance beam or during floor exercise

USE: Michelle Browning just wowed the crowd when she landed that aerial

during her beam routine.

Editor: Jake Lovett | sports | 515.294.3148

Wednesday, February 9, 2011 | Iowa State Daily | SPORTS | 11


Jackson: Drouin will return this weekend Wrestler sidelined after sustaining a concussion By Jake.Calhoun Chris Drouin will be returning to the lineup when the Cyclones travel to Columbia, Mo., for a conference dual meet against No. 16 Missouri. Coach Kevin Jackson said Drouin, who was sidelined Drouin after sustaining a concussion at the National Duals in midJanuary, passed his concussion test before last weekend’s dual meets against Northern Iowa and No. 13 Arizona State. However, there were still concerns with his weight and conditioning. Jackson “He drilled today” Jackson said Sunday. “Obviously his conditioning is a little bit down, but his weight is not too bad.” Having Drouin back is crucial for the Cyclones (9-8, 0-3 Big 12), who have given up six points to each of their last nine opponents by forfeiting the 141-pound match. Over that span, Iowa State was 3-6, a stretch that began with sixstraight losses. “They’ve got a real good squad over there,” Jackson said of Missouri. “[Drouin] should be back against a former teammate of his [141-pounder Todd Schavrien]. They both were at Arizona State for a while. So we expect him to be back, we expect him to be at full strength.” Schavrien, who transferred to Missouri after spending two years as Drouin’s teammate at Arizona State, has never faced Drouin in his time as a Tiger, making this the first match between the former teammates.

Reader remains perfect, hones technique Jon Reader extended his streak of perfection on Sunday after wrestling up at 184 pounds to defeat Arizona State’s Jake Meredith by a 14-3 major decision, bringing his record to 30-0 on the Reader season. “Jon’s a great leader on and off the mat,” said teammate Chris Spangler. “He’s just a great person overall. He should be everybody’s idol.” Reader, who normally wrestles at 174 pounds, got a victory in his last match in a home dual meet as a Cyclone, which held a certain significance for him. “My family was here to be able to watch my last home dual,” said Reader, who hails from Davison, Mich. “It’s always great going out in front of your home crowd.” Heading down the final stretch of the season before the Big 12 Championships on March 6, Reader said the trick to staying consistent isn’t learning new technique, but perfecting it. “Communicating with your body is huge, and especially in the last stretch of the season,” Reader said. “Because the season is very long; we’ve been going at it for months now, so it’s just about being smart with your body.”

Jon Reader ƒ Season record: 30-0 ƒ Career record: 115-23 ƒ Two-time All-American at 165 pounds (2008, 2009) ƒ In dual meets this season: 53 takedowns, seven total nearfalls (4 two-point, 3 three-point) ƒ Won the award for most takedowns last season, when he went 25-6 overall.

Jon Reader defeats Arizona State opponent Jake Meredith during the wrestling meet Sunday at Hilton Coliseum. Photo: Rebekka Brown/Iowa State Daily


Young club will be tested Zabriskie will lead fresh roster By Zach.Gourley

Senior Rachel Zabriskie readies a pitch during a game against Nebraska. File photo: Tim Reuter/ Iowa State Daily

The ISU softball team is preparing to start the 2011 season with a roster where 10 of the 20 players are freshmen. Despite the squad’s youth, coach Stacy GemeinhardtCesler is confident her club

can compete in a conference that boasts five teams in the top 20 of the NCAA preseason rankings. “I want them to understand and realize that they can play with anybody,” GemeinhardtCesler said. “They’re as good as anybody out there.” Gemeinhardt-Cesler is expecting pitching to be one of the team’s strong points this season. Senior pitcher Rachel Zabriskie is coming off a 2010 campaign during which she

broke the all-time ISU record for strikeouts in a season with 255. “[Zabriskie] works very, very hard. She’s kind of bull-headed and relentless,” Gemeinhardt-Cesler said. “She is exactly the way you want your pitcher to be.” Zabriskie’s record was 20-17 last season, while she registered a 2.74 ERA in 227.2 innings of action. She also held opponents to a .235 batting average in 2010, as opposed to the .275 batting average posted by the Cyclones. Most of the players around Zabriskie do not have nearly as much experience at the collegiate level, if any. The team will have new starters at every infield position, as well as at center field. Gemeinhardt-Cesler is optimistic, despite those spots being filled by a cast of new players. “Defensively, I feel great about all the positions,” Gemeinhardt-Cesler said. “I feel that our depth and our speed are very good. I feel good about all aspects of our program.” Junior Heidi Kidwell is looking to fill the vacancy in center field left by her sister, Kelsey, one of five seniors the Cyclones lost to graduation last year. The younger Kidwell led the team in several statistical categories last season, including hits (60) and batting average (.328). Kidwell will be counted on to bat first in the rotation this season. “[Kidwell] can hit well deep in the count and she hit well behind in the count,” Gemeinhardt-Cesler said. “She does a great job of starting us off.” Sophomore Erica Miller is also expected to be one of the team’s top offensive weapons this season. Miller, who batted .299 last season, was second on the team in home runs (7) and third in RBIs (27).

Returning Cyclones:

MASSAGE118 FUND; 8.3056 in;Suite 1 in; Black, Hayward Ave. 4

515.708.2250 Massage for a Cause

Pitcher Rachel Zabriske Outfielder Heidi Kidwell Infielder Erica Miller Pitcher Tori Torrescano Catcher Amandine Habben Pitcher Katie Harms Pitcher Lauren Kennewell Outfielder Bianca Lopez Infielder Dalyn Varela

12 | WORLD | Iowa State Daily | Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cairo uproar

Constitutional reforms protested

Egyptians join together in Tahrir Square to hear words from the face blamed for uprising: ‘Egypt is above all else’ Galvanized by the emotional words of a freed Google executive, thousands of Egyptians jammed Cairo’s Tahrir Square on Tuesday, some for the first time, dismissing the embattled regime’s pledges of constitutional reforms. Wael Ghonim, the Google executive who was seized Jan. 28 and released Monday, may be emerging as a face for Egypt’s uprising. Ghonim spoke from a makeshift stage Tuesday in Tahrir Square. “This country, I have said for a long time, this country is our country, and everyone has a right to this country,” he said. “You have a voice in this country. This is not the time for conflicting ideas, or factions, or ideologies. This is the time for us to say one thing only, ‘Egypt is above all else.’” His words prompted the protesters to begin chanting “Egypt above all else.” Ghonim, a Dubai-based marketing executive, is the administrator of a Facebook page called “We are all Khaled Said,” named after an Alexandria activist who was allegedly beaten to death by police. The page is widely credited with calling the first protest Jan. 25. Another Facebook page created to authorize Ghonim to speak on behalf of the protesters has 150,000 fans. “I came today for the first time,” said Dalia, a protester in Tahrir Square. She did not give her last name. Earlier, Vice President Omar Suleiman announced on state television that a committee has been authorized to amend Egypt’s constitution to allow for free, fair and competitive elections. The amendments, Suleiman said, would be drafted by an independent judicial commission.

Enough protesters to fill the street in front of the parliamentary building broke away from the main group at Tahrir square to protest in front of the government building Tuesday. Photo: CNN Wire Service

He said he had discussed a number of reforms in recent talks with opposition representatives. Among them were greater freedom for the media, the release of detainees and the lifting of the continuous state of emergency. He also assured Egyptians that they should not fear arrest for speaking their minds. But with the credibility of the regime in serious question, the statements from President Hosni Mubarak’s deputy fell short. Real change, say Mubarak’s foes, can only come with Mubarak’s immediate departure and an overhaul of the

constitution, not amendments here and there. “That’s not good enough,” said Mohammed Habib, a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, a key opposition party in Egypt that is outlawed by the constitution on grounds that it is based on religion. “The first thing that the regime should do is for the president to leave,” he said. “The government is dividing the opposition through these announcements.” Asem Abedine, head of the pan-Arab Nassiri party, said Mubarak is merely angling for time.

“The government is only making these announcements to avoid making real changes demanded by the people,” he said. “The emergency laws should be lifted.” Since the protests began Jan. 25, Mubarak has appointed a vice president for the first time, reshuffled his Cabinet and announced that he won’t seek a new term in September. However, the constitution remains, reshaped in 2005 and again in 2007 to help retain power for the ruling National Democratic Party. It has been at the heart of the dialogue between the gov-

ernment and some opposition representatives, who want several articles amended to make way for greater political participation. The demonstrations, powered by the stamina of those who have put everything at risk for change, got an extra shot of energy Tuesday from Ghonim’s emotional interview on Egypt’s Dream TV. He said four people surrounded him at 1 a.m. on Jan. 28. “I yelled, ‘Help me,’ but of course I knew these were security forces. “The thing that tortured me the most when I was in de-

tention was that people would find out that I was the admin [of the Facebook page],” he said. “Because I am not the hero” He walked out of the Dream TV interview in tears after being shown photos of those killed in the uprising. “I want to say to every mother and every father that lost his child, I am sorry, but this is not our fault,” he said before leaving. “I swear to God this is not our fault. It is the fault of everyone who was holding onto power greedily and would not let it go.” But while the crowds remained large and boisterous, opposition voices have started to splinter. Some, including members of the self-declared Council of the Wise, have said they don’t agree that Mubarak’s immediate departure would be the best thing for Egypt. Arab League SecretaryGeneral Amre Moussa, who was among protesters last week, told CNN that Mubarak should be allowed a “dignified exit” in September. “I believe that the president should stay until the end of his mandate. The consensus is growing on this point because of certain constitutional considerations,” Moussa said. State television in Egypt is suggesting that the United States is helping fund the protests, which — it says — have been infiltrated by Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran and others. The divisions within the opposition raised fears that they could aid the regime. “The danger at the moment is that this opposition, which a few days ago seemed to unite, is now being divided,” said Cairobased analyst Issandr El Amrani. CNN Wire Staff

Deans List Fall 2010 Abdulrahim Amira Marie Adams Bradley Aaron Adams Tara Rose Adelman Sara Amelia Aguero, Marisol Alameda, Rafael Allen Benjamin John Allen Robert Eldon Anderson Austin James Anderson Chelsea Marie Anderson Nicholas Wayne Andrews Natalie Marie Andrews Stephanie R Andruss Lauren Elizabeth Ascherl Jocelyn Michelle Athey Courtney Michelle Attwood Derek Reid Avendano Alex Alberto Baker Sawyer Kay Barger Robert Michael Baron Bridget Catharine Barriuso Taylor Anne Bartlett Tamara Jane Bauer Shannon M Beals Michael Gladson Beck Ashley Marie Beck Destin Claire Becker Megan Elizabeth Behrens Samuel Michael Bennett Heather Nicole Bennie Carolyn Elizabeth Berens Carter V Beresnev Pavel I Bergquist Karly Lynn Bernard Allison Marie Berntson Sara Jennifer Berryman Melissa Anne Bessine Kylee M Beswick Annette Nondas Bey Emily Christina Bidwell Zebulon L Bisbee Emily Kristine Blackowiak Carly E Boettger Hannah Jo Bohn Kaitlin Janaye Bomett Moses Kipchumba Boose Max Christian Borkowski Amy Jo Bormann Nicholas Louis Bousema Tess Ann Bower Brittany L Bowers Stephen T Bowles William Andrew Brabec Jeffrey James Bratek Rachel C Braun Karrin Bethany Brennan Mackenzie Jean Brien Kaitlin Elizabeth Brock Heather Janelle Brogni Colleen Rose Brown Drew Austin Brown Katharine Rosemarie Bryant Ian Lawrence Bryant Molly Rebecca Buckhouse Jennifer Diane Budnik Kaitlin Marie Buehler Barry Allen Buehler Sarah Elizabeth Buman Derek Paul Burkert Mary Katherine Burley Anne Cathryn Burney Katlyn Marie Burson Nicole Irene Bush Amanda Renee Butterbrodt Devin Ross Cabeen Nicolas Tanner Cannon Brittany Nicole Carlson Carissa Lynn Carlson Emily Ann Carlson Megan Christine Carpio Brittney Corrine Carson Courtney Elizabeth Castro Brian

Caudle Dana Jocelyn Celania Chris Ranger Cheely Suzanne Elizabeth Christensen Wesley James Christenson Shane Rollin Clark Cacey Louise Clark Catherine Sophia Clark Deanna Karine Cloutier Alexandria Lynn Coates Callie Allison Coates Rachel Ann Cole Kelly Lea Columbus Erwin Francisco Conetzkey Nicole Ann Congreve Kristin E Conklin Sara Ann Cord William O Correll Jacob Thomas Cossa David James Cox Anthony Gene Crary Thomas John Cremers Jessica L Cronk Madison Marie Rovn Culjat Elizabeth Rae Culp Emily Abbey Cummins Devin John Currie Krista Michelle Curtis Kasey Dianne Dahlstrom Taylor John Dallas Ian Patrick Darrell Fallon Lexington Davidson Ryan Elizabeth Davis Alexander D Dedecker Kyle James Deering Elliott Lane Deleon Darryl Demott Kaci Elizabeth Dennis Benjamin Allan Denton Justin Randall Deroche Kathryn Marie Di Fabio, Diana Rose Dittmer Addy Soorholtz Dittmer Ryne Brooks Dodson Nicholas Vincent Dohrmann Matthew Jon Dollinger Anna Rose Dowson Brette Ashley Dreeszen Adam Kyle Droddy Michael T Droessler Lucas Arthur Dudley Paul Ryan Duhrkopf Kelsey Marie Dupey Claire E Dyer Josephine May Dykstra Jacob Martin Eastman Evan Joseph Eggan Eric Edwin Eikanger Ryan Ellingson Lars E Ellinwood Elizabeth Emily Ellis Andrew Robert Ellson Laura Rebekah Erbstein Steven Paul Ericksen Hannah Kristine Ernst Alex Tyler Evans Emily Kay Evers Caleb Benjamin Fabere Christopher Martin Feipel Jill Marie Felderman Michael Lee Fenske Molly Jo Fessler Jenna M Fetterman Katrina Suzanne Feygin Alex Vadimovic Fielder Frances Jean Fitzgerald Alexander C Flagg Amy Ellen Florey Christina Leigh Formanek Michelle Briana Forneris Dominick R Fosselman Erin E Frana Chynna Phillips Freml Cassie Jo

French Sarah Elizabeth Frost Justina D Fruechtenicht Sabrina Mae Fry Erin Michelle Furleigh Alexander W Gaffney Taylor Jane Gamble Sarah Kay Gaudineer Olivia Ann George Kayla Lynn Gerdes Rachel Anne Gerdis Elizabeth Mariee Germer Caitlin Marie Gerst Kathleen Elizabeth Gilbert Whitley Joanna Godfrey Elisabeth Kay Goedken Nicholas Andrew Goettsch Lance Henry Goetzl Ryan G Good Erin Michelle Goodall Michael J Goode David S Goodwin Saxony Louise Graen Kathryn Joanne Graham Meredith L Graika Jason Robert Gray Matthew Arthur Gregg Gary L Greif Kathleen Jo Gunderson Kellyanne K Gustafson Tyler David Haguewood Alexandra Ray Haguewood Briana E Hakes Rachel M Halterman Paul Stephen Hampel Morgan Leigh Hancock Kevin James Hansen Mark Robert Hanson Blake Robert Hanson Isaac J Hanson Megan Rachelle Hanus Riley Chenchar Happe Kelsey Marie Harding William Ted Harmelink Jason Eugene Harms Eric Michael Harrison Tucker Lee Harvey Alexandria N Haselhoff Emily Ann Hauer Derek M Hawkins Justin Richard Hawks Marshall T Hay Kelsey Lynn Hayek Micah J Hayes Sadie Elisabeth Hedberg Sarah Hanna Heiderscheit Natalie S Heissel Kathryn Lee Helling Laura Ann Helling Ryan Matthew Hellman Taylor Brianne Henderson Nicole Marie Hershner Elizabeth Leigh Hilbert Megan Christine Hilgers Heather Nicole Hill Jessica Rochelle Hill Joshua M Hinrichs Katherine O Hirsch Jacob Russell Hoben Dakota Reed Hoeksema Kelsey Jane Hofer Alex Lee Hoffman Lindsay Jo Holdren Grant Oliver Holm Justin David Holst Tyler Michael Holte Afton Erica Holten Spencer L Hoover, Cody Hora Joseph Edward Horbach Devyn Lea Howard Hannah Kristine Howard Jeremy T Howlett Alyssa A

Huff Hannah C Hunefeld Kayla Sandra Hunstiger Joshua Matthew Hurd Colin Josh Huser Chloe Marie Hutchison Hannah Caroline Icenogle Aubrey C Inness Michael V Isaacson Abby Mildred Jacobson Trenton Gordon Jaime, Mayra Janechek Michael James Janusz Holly Nicole Jaycox Allison Renae Jennings Michelle Ann Jennison Natalie Marie Jensen Kacie Alison Jensen Megan Elizabeth Jilek Amanda Mishelle Johnson Carolyn Anne Johnson Casey Emily Johnson Derek J Johnson Kellie Symone Johnson Levi Cale Johnson Mark Benda Johnson Shawn Russell Jones Christine Marie Jones Stephanie Ann Joseph Andrew Kenneth Joseph Derek Michael Joyce Kathryn Maria Julander Kayli Ann Jungman Samantha Rae Kahnk Kelsie Jo Kaiser Katherine Ann Kalinosky Kyle J Kassel Jill C Kathrein Emily Elizabeth Kaufmann Mike J Kayser Kiah Ann Keller Madison Murray Kennedy Ryan Anthony Kennett Amy Raffety Kenny Matthew Scott Kerns Karl C Kilburg Collin Jacob Kilgore Kelly Ann King Nicholas Aaron Kiraly Kyleanne Danielle Kleinschmit Keri A Knoll Matthew Thomas Knudsen Jeremy M Koch Daniel Logan Koliha Jared Lee Kolker Jacob Patrick Konz Nathan Daniel Krafka Ryan Daniel Kraft Kelsey Lynn Kraft Logan Michael Krambeer Eli Lawrence Kretschmar Karson Jo Krieser Kaila Ann Krist Alexander Ernest Kroese Brittany Leigh Krueger Zachary Alexander Kuhns Katherine Lee Kumbera Chelsea Alvine Lamair Lindsey Lee Landwehr Timothy James Larenzie August J Larsen Elizabeth Ilene Larsen Lucas B Larson Adam Arlis Larson Courtney Elizabeth Lashier Thomas Roe Laugen Austin Miles Leach Amanda Marie Ledger Paige Marie Lee Michael Lehr Cassandra Noel Leif Cassandra Jo Leines Chad Erickson Lenton Rebecca Jane Iona

Leonard Joshua Charles Lichty Noelle Marie Lietz Drew Alan Lindly Hayley Jeannette Lipp Brittney Nichole Little Allison Nicole Liu Peter Tienlun Loebig Meaghan Marie Long Amie A Long Austin William Long Clayton William Long Garrett Palmer Loomer Kelsey Elizabeth Lorch Aaron Otto Low Yunnie Lueken Dakota Steven Lutz Thomas John Mabry Carey B Magnus Kristin Suzanne Mahaney Sarah Elizabeth Mahoney Megan Gail Malloy Erin Lee Malloy James Maxwell Manternach Jay Joseph Mantick Kelly Michelle Marshall Leslie Anne Marvin Lindsey Jean Mason Sonnie Nicosia Masters Abigail Rose Masters Allison K May Aaron Anthony Mcbride Scott Ryan Mccabe Tiffany R Mccann Kelly Jean Mccarthy Sean Patrick Mcculloch Taylor Elise Mcdermid Kyle James Mcdonagh Megan Grace Mcfee Lauren Elizabeth Mcgee Thomas Ray Mcgrory Matthew John Mckinney Caroline Lund Mclaughlin Matt Mark Mclellan Michael Lawrence Mclellan Nicole Christine Mcmurray Andrew Joseph Mcnutt Ellison Jeanette Meade Rebecca Lia Meeker Brad Eugene Meier Britney Jean Meis Megan Eileen Meisgeier Nathan Donald Melookaran Roslyn Merchant Kristin Lea Mesick Spencer William Meyer Margaret Anne Meyer Nicole Elizabeth Millard Leslie Anne Millen Victoria Rae Miller Adam Michael Miller Drake Evan Miller Lauren Elizabeth Miner Kaitlin Ann Misak Emily Jeanne Miskovich Aleksandra B Mitchell Jefferson D Mohling Cory Michael Moline Joshua S Monroe Joshua John Monson Amy Jo Montgomery Daniel John Moore Bernard Gene Moorse Anna Elizabeth Mootz Tyler Kane Morrison David Carlton Mortenson Jolyn Rae Moses Emily Beth Myers Alyssa Ann Natwick Bjorn James Navarro Alejandra Nekola Abbey Lisa Nelson Andrew George Nelson Courtney A

Nelson Leigh Ellen Floris Nelson Sarah Jane Nelson Seth Murray Newman Rachel Katherine Nickell Lisa Marie Niehm Lindsey Christine Nielsen Jackson Vendelboe Nissen Lauren Elizabeth Nixon Isabella Sage Noble Taylor M Noce Rachel Anne Norton Drew Lauren Nuzum Nate Oakley Natasha Nate Oberender Nicholas T Oberheu Samantha Kay O’day Molly Katherine Oemichen Megan Jean Olney Andrew James Olsen Alexandra Blake Pace Jordon M Parker Lynnely G Parrott Eric Evan Patterson Anne Louise Paul Caitlin Marie Paulus Chelsey Nicole Pederson Zachary Allen Penland Jessica Leona Perez Mellanie Perkins Alison Margaret Peters Lindsey Marie Peterson Maggie Marie Peyton Amy Carol Pickerign William Patrick Pinto Audrey Marie Pittman Robert Lee Pittner Ariel Anne Pollard Rebecca Jean Posdal Jessica Leigh Powers Lucas Ryan Powgnas Joshua Lee Pringnitz Andrew S Prohaska Caleb Arnold Pudenz Joel Daniel Pudenz Samuel Douglas Quam Elise Broderick Rahim Muhammad A Rahman Khan, Muhammad T Raike Lauren Marie Rankin Casey Loyd Ray Austin Tyler Reber Nicole Christine Rector William John Redmond Joshua Benjamin Regan Marc Allen Regan Sean Micheal Reiff Bobbi Jo Marie Reilly Anna Elizabeth Remer Karissa Leeann Rettenmaier Laura E Rice Charlotte Marie Richardson Justin Michael Ries Kathryn Renee Ries Peter Arthur Riesberg Kelsey Ann Riha Amanda Lynn Riley Kristin Marie Ring Carolyn Anne Ringeisen Rachel Laura Roberts Carter L Roberts Ryan M Robinson Margaret Leigh Robinson Torey Leigh Robison Derek E Rohde Mikayla Ann Rohmiller Chelsee Lynne Rosauer Brett Allan Rose Kailee Marie Roth Alison Dougherty Roush Anne Maree Kanne Routledge Ross Raymond Rudnick Beth Ann Ruggiero Gina Suzanne

Rutt Alyssa Brittaney Ryan Justine Ellen Sabus Courtney Maria Sackett Aaron Lee Salat Leo William Samuelson Anne M Sandry Bryce Taylor Savits Angela Kay Scavo Amanda Kay Schantz Austin D Schantz Kayla J Schaubroeck Sara L Schilling Elizabeth Ann Schimek Anthony Paul Schlatter Austin Jon Schlegel Lindsey Carolyn Schloerke Barret Edward Schmidt Samuel Robert Schmitt Laura Marie Schnadt Elizabeth Marie Schneider Andrew John Schneider Kayla Rae Schroeder Jonathon Loren Schroeder Ryan Curtis Schroeder Ryan Joseph Schroeder Wheaton L Schulz Caitlyn Ann Schwager Amy L Schwartzstein Daniel A Scott Molly Lehn Seeley Crystal Niebergall Servais Kevin Patrick Sexton Brent Austin Shannon Joseph Patrick Sheets Robert Leonard Sheldahl Mallorie Ann Shell Sydney Lee Shojaat Shereen Stanfel Siebert Kelly Marie Sievers Christopher Todd Simon Kristin Marie Sinclair Molly Patricia Singh Ishan Sinsel Heidi Ann Sissel Benjamin Hawkeye Skalak Brian Vincent Skalbeck Hannah L Skeels Taylor Morgan Skjerping Emily Anne Sloan Claire Michelle Smith Alton Andrew Smith Alyssa Diane Smith Byron Douglas Smith Kelsey Ann Snede Marin Ann Solawetz Bridget Marie Sparacio Nicholas Rosario Spartz Lindsay Amanda Spears Emily K Sprick Timothy Mark Stafford Tyler Porter Staky Adria Elizabeth Steffen Megan Elizabeth Stenzel Evan Garret Stevenson Kelsi Vi Stonehocker Samantha M Strandemo Jessica Lauren Strohbehn Wesley Eric Stumme Jared R Stumpf Mariah Christine Sturms Matthew Alex Swailes Aaron David Swan Kevin Anthony Sytine Anton Igor Szczepanczyk Pawel D Tague Jessica Nicole Talley Claire Mackenzie Teasdale Stephen Michael Tessmer Allen Everett Test Adam Donald Thiesfeld Riley Benjamin Thode Stephanie Michelle Thomas Joseph T

Thomas-Peckumn Alexandra Tindall Emily Elizabeth Toale Kayla Diane Tobin Maura F Todtz Evan Thomas Tomka Gregory Joseph Tomlinson Kathryn Lee Toohey Erin Elizabeth Torgrimson Jamie Kahle Tretow Paul Robert Tripp Emily Louise-Rose Tronchetti Lisa Lynn Trost Mark Joseph Trpkosh Joseph B Truman Ashley Lynne Tumilowicz Michael K Tupy Lisa Ann Turner Emily Marie Ulick Katharine Brady Upton Brianna Marie Utesch Kelsey Louise Vail Courtney Lee Valdez Diaz, Amici Vallier Nolan Andrew Van Cura, Douglas K Van Dyke, Matthew Kevin Van Steenhuyse, Holly K Van Wert, Justin J Van Wyk, Nakeesha Joy Vasconcellos Davi De Sous Verhulst Katherine Nicole Vetter Kylie Nicole Vincent Allison Nicole Vincent William Jacob Vogt Mitchell William Volden Elizabeth Anne Volpe Chelsea Francescia Vonweihe Tyler Ross Vose Gregory David Wade Emily Lauire Wahl Maria C Walker Kristen Nicole Walker Zach J Warming Dane Richard Wassenaar Emily Lynne Watson Ashley Ann Watters Cathleen E Weinert Steven Andrew Wells Stephanie Diane Wendel Heather Danielle Wenell Felicia Kaye Westercamp Jeffrey Ross Westergard Caine Larae Westerhaus Ann Elizabeth Wheat Jason Daniel White Annette Marie White Ashlyn Elizabeth Wiedemeier Madison Lucia Wiemer Emily Sophia Wilkin Jenna Marie Wilson Amy Leigh Wilson Jacob Isaac Wilson Lindsay Camille Wilson Marisa Jean Wolf Christopher T Wolter Sara Anne Wolthuizen Jesa L Woodford John Andrew Woods Kennesha Rae Wright Diana Kathyrn Youngblade Kathryn Olivia Yung Michael Allen Zachar Taylor Ryan Zediker Mary Kathleen Zibrowski Kyle Layne Ziemke Travis John Zimmerman Ashley Michelle Zinnel Paul William Zylstra Matthew Paul Zylstra Tyler J


Wednesday February 9, 2011 Iowa State Daily | Page 13

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63 Sparkle 64 “Do ___ to eat a peach?”: Eliot 65 MI and LA 66 Alan of “Little Miss Sunshine” 67 “So Much in Love” singers, with “The”

DOWN 1 Feedback 2 Actor Lundgren of “Rocky IV” 3 Troops encampment 4 Buzzing with activity 5 Advanced 6 Rd. Rabbits 7 X, to Greeks 8 “Mean” señor 9 Permeate 10 Gardening moss 11 Incentive for dangerous work 12 Acid used in soap 13 Volume component 21 International finance coalition 23 Polish Solidarity leader 25 Sierra Club founder 26 South Pacific island region 29 “__ the ramparts ...” 30 Lyon king 31 “__ Wiedersehen” 32 University of Montana athletes 33 Gregarious 35 __ dragon: largest living lizard

36 Wrath 37 French possessive 39 Back stroke? 40 Conflicted 45 On the job 46 Knucklehead 47 Desktop images 48 Needle 49 Neither stewed nor pickled? 50 Hardly cool 51 Twinkle 52 Trumpet sound 53 Joins, as oxen 55 Lake Tahoe’s aptly named Cal __ Casino 59 Egg: Pref. 60 Baseball’s Griffey (Jr., too)

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Today in History [1526] [1776] [1910] [1947] [1974] [1979] [1981] [1989] [1992] [1994] [1998] [2010]

Heavy storm strikes Dutch coast, many die Wolfgang von Goethes’ “Stella,” premieres in Hamburg Boy Scouts of America incorporated and chartered (William D. Boyce - Chicago) KSD (now KSDK) TV channel 5 in St. Louis, Missouri (NBC) begins broadcasting Soap opera “Secret Storm” ends a 20 year run U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site “5 O’Clock Girl” closes at Helen Hayes Theater New York City after 12 performances 5 cm of snow falls in outskirts of Los Angeles “I’m Too Sexy” by Right Said Fred peaks at #1 Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee charge with possession of loaded firearm 1st female ice hockey game in Olympic history Finland beats Sweden 6-0 U.S. Space Shuttle Endeavor launches from the Kennedy Space Center, successfully beginning a twoweek mission to the International Space Station

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Daily Horoscope : by Nancy Black and Stephanie Clements


Dream Big

Today’s Birthday (02/09/11). This year, you may resolve previously hidden issues from the past. There’s room for growth in many areas, especially around the home. Expect good news in real estate. Family comes close this year, sharing important experiences. To get the advantage, check the day’s rating: 10 is the easiest day, 0 the most challenging.

Level: medium INSTRUCTIONS: Complete the grid so each row, column and 3-by-3 box (in bold borders) contains every number 1 to 9. For strategies on solving Sudoku, visit

Cancer (June 22-July 22) -- Today is a 7 -- It’s never too late to start planning or to find partnership in your community. Work together for a common goal and discover satisfaction. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) -- Today is an 8 -- All of the exploration of the previous few days is paying off, with new career possibilities opening up. Don’t let the apparent ease throw you off track. Keep playing.

Aries (March 21-April 19) -- Today is an 8 -- Opportunities for making money abound. Consider them carefully, and plan for a rainy day. After all, it wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) -- Today is a 6 -- New adventures lie in your path. Go ahead and take the challenge. Take a deep breath and take it all in. You deserve it.

Taurus (April 20-May 20) -- Today is a 9 -- Everything lines up for you for the next couple of days. You’re very sensitive to your surroundings, soaking it all in. Enjoy what you have.

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) -- Today is a 7 -- You may be surprised today by pleasant (yet perhaps shocking) news. Dream big, and then go after it with everything. Partnership produces results.

Gemini (May 21-June 21) -- Today is a 7 -- Your imagination runs rampant today. Don’t rein it in. Let it feed your future with possibilities, and see where it takes you. Write it all down.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) -- Today is a 7 -- You see opportunities for romance on the horizon. It’s up to you to either take them on or concentrate on work and developing new skills.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) -- Today is a 9 -- Work seems extremely easy today. Take advantage of the situation to considerably reduce the height of your inbox. Take on those projects you’ve been avoiding. Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) -- Today is a 7 -- Spend more imagination than money. Learn from young people. Add some romance to your ordinary routines. It’s as easy as lighting a candle or two.

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Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) -- Today is a 7 -- You’re an inspiration to others. It’s a good day to investigate your family history. Ask an elder for advice. Listen intently, and capture details.

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Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) -- Today is a 7 -- Confidence builds. You’re winning admiration and feel the love. Now start learning what you need to know to get the results you want to accomplish.

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14 | WORLD | Iowa State Daily | Wednesday, February 9, 2011



North, South Korea discussions resume

Assange’s lawyers want Swedish prosecutor

“Little progress was madeâ€? at working-level military talks between North and South Korea on Tuesday, but the two countries are set to resume their negotiations Wednesday, a South Korean Defense Ministry spokesman said, according to South Korea’s news agency. The ďŹ rst inter-Korean dialogue in months began at 10 a.m. Tuesday and there were four rounds of talks through the day at the truce village of Panmunjom, the Defense Ministry said. There was an air of friendliness when colonel-level ofďŹ cials from both countries appeared before cameras, though the representatives struggled to make headway in their discussions. “Little progress was made at today’s working-level military talks, but the two sides agreed to resume the talks as of 10 a.m. on Wednesday,â€? said Kim Min-seok, a Defense Ministry spokesman, South Korea’s official Yonhap news agency reported. The agency said the talks, which stretched for more than nine hours Tuesday, are aimed

“at setting the date, place and agenda for higher-level talks, possibly at the level of defense ministers.â€? The meeting signals a change in tone after tensions between the two sides escalated sharply last year, but higherlevel military talks will be held only if the North promises to refrain from further provocations, the South has said. The preliminary talks are led by Col. Moon Sang-gyun of the South and Col. Ri Sonkwon of the North, who have served before “as representatives for working-level military talks from each side for years,â€? Yonhap reported to CNN. The South demanded that Pyongyang take responsibility for last year’s military provocations and promise not to carry out any more attacks, Yonhap reported Kim said. The Seoul government also has proposed holding interKorean talks between highranking government officials to discuss denuclearization, something the North has not yet responded to. Last month, South Korea’s UniďŹ cation Ministry said it

had reopened communication channels with North Korea in the border area around Panmunjom. It was the ďŹ rst time in eight months the two sides had reopened the hot line. North Korea cut it off May 26 to protest Seoul’s response to the March sinking of a South Korean naval ship. South Korea has blamed North Korea for the attack, which killed 46 sailors. Pyongyang denies any involvement in the sinking of the Cheonan. Tension rose again in November, when North Korea shelled South Korea’s Yeonpyeong Island, killing two South Korean marines and two civilians. Pyongyang said the strike was in response to the South’s navy firing into North Korean waters. “We emphasized that North Korea’s responsible measures for the torpedo attack of the Cheonan warship and the bombardment of Yeonpyeong Island are a precondition to discuss other issues,â€? Kim said, as reported by Yonhap. CNN Wire Staff

Lawyers for Julian Assange wrapped up their case against his extradition to Sweden on Tuesday and challenged a Swedish prosecutor to “come to Londonâ€? to defend her handling of the sexual misconduct allegations facing the WikiLeaks founder. “Today, we have seen a Hamlet without the princess — a prosecutor who has been ready to feed the media within information, but has been unwilling to come here,â€? Assange attorney Mark Stephens told reporters outside a south London courtroom. Stephens called on Swedish prosecutor Marianne Ny to attend the extradition hearing when it resumes Friday and “subject yourself to the cross-examination.â€? Assange has not been charged with a crime, but Swedish prosecutors want to question him in connection with sexual misconduct allegations related to separate incidents last August. Assange denies the accusations, and his attorneys are ďŹ ghting his extradition on procedural and human-rights grounds. The case is not related to the work of the website, which has facilitated the leaking of thousands of secret documents on subjects ranging from the war in Afghanistan to the inner workings of U.S. diplomacy. Assange said the hearing is lifting the lid on allegations he says are false and have blighted his reputation for months, telling reporters after Tuesday’s proceedings that he is facing “the unlimited budget of Sweden and the United Kingdom on this matter.â€? Assange’s lawyers say Ny ordered his arrest without formally summoning him for an interview or requesting an interrogation.

They also argue that Sweden could send him to the United States to face espionage charges related to Wikileak’s disclosure of thousands of top secret U.S. military and diplomatic documents. Former Swedish prosecutor Sven-Erik Alhem testiďŹ ed Tuesday that Swedish authorities should not have told the media that Assange was accused of rape. But Alhem seemed unimpressed by some elements of the defense, including the claim that Assange could be sent on to the United States to face imprisonment in Guantanamo Bay or execution. Prosecutor Clare Montgomery, representing Sweden, dismissed the defense claim that Sweden would hand Assange over to the United States. The “suggestion that Sweden provides no protection against human rights violations is unfounded,â€? Montgomery argued Assange is free on $310,000 bail while he ďŹ ghts extradition. British courts have ordered him to stay at a supporter’s mansion outside London each night, to wear an electronic tag and to check in daily with police. Proceedings are set to resume Friday at Woolwich Crown Court in south London. “For the past ďŹ ve and a half months, we have been in a condition where a black box has been applied to my life,â€? Assange said. “On the outside of that black box has been written the word ‘rape.’ That box is now, thanks to an open court process, being opened, and I hope over the next day we will see that that box is, in fact, empty and has nothing to do with the words that are on the outside of it.â€? CNN Wire Staff

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Check it out: read more Style stories online at

Editor: Elizabeth Hanson,

Stupid Cupid Richardson Court Guy wearing socks with Sperry’s. NO. Central Campus Actual (printed) pajama pants should not be worn to class. Everywhere Girls wearing cowboy boots. Starbucks Penguin PJ’s ... I remember when I was 5. Hamilton Boy who wears the “I Do It With My Sox On,” I like it!

EVENTS The Vagina Monologues When: 5:30 p.m. Feb. 10 Where: Maintenance Shop in the Memorial Union The award-winning play is being put on by the Margaret Sloss Women’s Center in order to raise awareness about violence against women. Cost is $13 for students. Varieties Semi-finals When: 9 p.m. Feb. 11 Where: Great Hall, Memorial Union Watch the annual student variety show featuring singers, dancers, comedians and more. Cost is $6 for students. Sweet Love When: Ongoing from Feb. 11 to 14 Where: The Salon in Ames Have your makeup applied and hair styled and then enjoy a romantic dinner for two at Pazzesco Pasta and Chophouse. The dinner includes an appetizer, salad, filets, chocolate-covered strawberries, and sparkling wine, all for $50. Call The Salon or Pazzesco Chophouse for reservations. Valentine’s Day Workshop When: 10 a.m. to Noon Feb. 12 Where: Octagon Center for the Arts Learn to make creative Valentine’s Day gifts for loved ones. SUB Live Music When: 7 p.m. February 14 Where: Maintenance Shop, Memorial Union Cost is $12 for students, $14 for public, with a $2 day-of-showincrease. Rock band Ingram Hill w/ Chamberlin from Tennessee. Chamberlin will also perform.

CHECK IT OUT This check it out is for all you singles out there. Valentine’s day does not have to be about all the couples and the commercialized holiday. Check out this list of Valentine’s Day alternatives, including throwing a singles party, a spa day for yourself or send out Valentine’s to others. Yes I’m saying go all the way back to third grade and send some candy and valentines to those you love. Enjoy this holiday for what it is: time to embrace your relationships in your life. Love you all!

READ MORE @ • • • • •

Valentine gift ideas DIY ideas Makeup stories Styles from abroad And more



Do: Buy her a simple piece of jewelry. When it comes down to it, girls will always appreciate a beautiful bracelet. You can even personalize the gift by getting her a charm bracelet with an engraved message only the two of you understand. But steer clear of a ring-sized box – that’s just not fair.

Don’t: Head to Victoria’s Secret and get the most provocative item there. Let her do the shopping and show you what she is most comfortable feeling sexy in for you.

Photo courtesy: Macy’s

Photo courtesy: Victoria’s Secret

Do: Go the traditional route and buy her a bouquet of flowers. A dozen roses could never hurt.

Don’t: Give her fake flowers. They are clearly not real and clearly not romantic. Please reassess yourself before even considering them.



Make a homemade picture frame, or you uncreative boys head to Target or Hobby Lobby. A picture says 1,000 words; have those words be a picture of the both of you.

Pick up just anything that has a million and one hearts on it. The tackiness just explodes off of the little teddy bear holding the stuffed heart or the personalized “I heart (insert name here)” T-shirt. Photo courtesy: Macy’s Photo courtesy: Macy’s

Do: Pick up a chick flick. It is the one day you have to give in and watch “The Notebook.”


Don’t: Give romantic Facebook gifts. She may love to cyber stalk but will not love this gift nor think it is romantic.


Get her a stylish watch. This way she never has an excuse for being late and will always think of you when she looks at it.

Get her edible undies. No matter how much the salesperson talks you into them, they will never be OK, and she will never think it was a good idea.

Photo courtesy: Macy’s

Single’s Awareness Day Guide BY ANGELA CHRISTIANSON ISD STYLE WRITER Do your Valentine’s Day plans involve a pint of Ben and Jerry’s, “The Notebook” and your oldest pair of sweats? Or are you more like Jennifer Garner in the romantic comedy “Valentine’s Day,” beating the life out of a paper-mache heart? Either way, get yourself out of your apartment or dorm room, grab a few single friends and celebrate the 14th of February your way, as Single’s Awareness Day. Whether you want to run your heart out, learn some new dance moves or enjoy a musical performance, Ames and Des Moines have something for you this weekend.

Suit up in your running tights and your best flannel for YMCA of Greater Des Moines’ Annual Red Flannel Run. The three and five-mile races will be held Feb. 12, and awards are given to the best dressed individual, group and even the best dressed dog. If races aren’t your thing but you still want to get some fresh air, make a trip to Brenton Skating Plaza in Des Moines. The outdoor rink offers public skating daily and lessons Saturdays and Mondays. When you’re ready to get out of the cold, check out SUB’s Live Music. Ingram Hill, a Memphis-based rock

band, will perform at 8 p.m. Monday at the Maintenance Shop. Student tickets can be purchased for $12 in advance or $14 on Monday. Looking to brush up on your dance skills and maybe even meet your potential valentine? Try Valerie Williams’s Argentine Tango classes offered at the Memorial Union every Sunday. Moves for beginners are introduced at 4 p.m., along with technique for better dancing. From 5 to 7 p.m. there is open dancing with additional instruction. And the best part is, no partner required. Photo courtesy: Thinkstock


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