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Going green catches on at big events The director of the NFL’s environmental program talked about the league’s effort to make sporting events, such as the Super Bowl, more environmentally friendly.

February 19, 2010, Volume 204 >> Number 104 >> 40 cents >> >> An independent newspaper serving Iowa State since 1890


Angry at IRS, man crashes plane By Jim Vertuno Associated Press Writer AUSTIN, Texas — A software engineer furious with the Internal Revenue Service launched a suicide attack on the agency Thursday by crashing his small plane into an office building containing nearly 200 IRS employees, setting off a raging fire that sent workers running for their lives. Emergency crews recovered two bodies from the wreckage.

The pilot was presumed dead and one worker in the building had been missing. Austin Fire Department Battalion Chief Palmer Buck declined to discuss the identities of those found, but said Thursday night that authorities had “accounted for everybody.” The FBI tentatively identified the pilot as A. Joseph Stack III, 53. Law enforcement officials, speaking on condition of anonymity because the investigation was still going on, said

that before taking off, Stack apparently set fire to his house and posted a long anti-government rant on the Web. It was dated Thursday and signed “Joe Stack (1956-2010).” In it, the author cited run-ins he had with the IRS and ranted about the tax agency, government bailouts and corporate America’s “thugs and plunderers.” “I have had all I can stand,” he wrote, adding: “I choose not to keep looking over my shoulder at ‘big brother’ while

he strips my carcass.” The pilot took off in a four-seat, single engineer Piper PA-28 from an airport in Georgetown, about 30 miles from Austin, without filing a flight plan. He flew low over the Austin skyline before plowing into the side of the hulking, seven-story, black-glass building just before 10 a.m. with a thunderous explosion that instantly stirred memories of Sept. 11. Flames shot from the building, windows exploded, a huge pillar of black


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Rule No. 1: Smile Bhangra Club works to share joy, excitement of west Indian dance

Ames possible Google Fiber trial candidate By Allison Suesse Daily Staff Writer The city of Ames has taken the initiative to apply for the new Google Fiber experimental trial of highspeed broadband network. This new network could increase Internet speed by more than 100 times, according to Google. The company will select one or more candidate communities for this trial of the network, and representatives from the city of Ames are intrigued by the possibility of being selected. The high-speed network will serve anywhere from 50,000 to 500,000 residents. Ward 3 councilman Jeremy Davis has received numerous e-mails encouraging City Council to consider applying for the experimental trial. Jeremy alerted the city manager of this opportunity, who referred the notion to the city staff. The council will discuss further plans at Tuesday’s meeting. Jeremy said the council will discuss reasons Ames would be a good candidate for Google Fiber. “High-speed Internet has become almost like a utility,” Jeremy said. “Having the option to make the Internet and the access to information on the World Wide Web become faster ... than what it currently is now, I think would help increase the overall quality of life for everybody that lives in Ames.” Jeremy said he had heard feedback from residents of Ames, ISU students and other council members who were in support of applying. He also noted that there is no cost to be part of the trial, only the time it takes the city to apply. Jeremy also said there is potential for Iowa State to get involved with Google Fiber. He said the Internet connection would incorporate everything in the city, including the university — an “integral part of the community.” As the city begins the application process, Jeremy said the council hopes to involve Iowa State. He said he would like to hear the university’s ideas and thoughts on how Google Fiber could help it. Jeremy said Google Fiber could help researchers at Iowa State have faster access to information.

By Justine Scattarelli Daily Staff Writer A group of ISU students are working to share the joy and excitement of Punjabi Indian dance with Iowa State through the recently formed ISU Bhangra club. The club held a practice and audition for the team Tuesday night. At the practice, dancers’ hands, knees and elbows shot in opposite directions. Each movement seemed to be led by particular body part — hands, shoulders — with the rest of the body pulled along by the certainty and intensity of the movement. Bhangra is a celebratory folk dance from the Punjab region in northwestern India. It is performed at weddings and celebrations, and emphasizes big, animated movements. ISU Bhangra club is made up of Punjabi Indians, non-Punjabi Indians, Americans of Indian descent, and non-Indians. Many of the Indians in the club have been dancing Bhangra at parties and family gatherings their entire lives. Darin Williams, senior in advertising, has just recently been introduced to Bhangra. Williams is one of only two non-Indians in the club. Williams first became fascinated with the energy and excitement of Indian dance two years ago when he participated in the Diwali dance performance, part of the Indian Festival of Lights. “At the end of the dance, we were all drenched in sweat, because when you do it you put your heart and soul into it. It’s not something you just do and be passive about.” After enjoying that experience, Williams joined the recently formed ISU Bhangra club. Williams said it’s weird at times being the only white American at practice, but the club members do a good job of making everyone feel welcome. “They have embraced me and I’ve taken an active part in being embraced.” Participating in Bhangra has taught him more than just steps to a dance. “It’s not just the practice and learning the dance. We talk and hang out outside the practice,” Williams said. Williams says he is trying to learn some Hindi through his friends in Bhangra club, and listens to Bhangra music and practices the dance outside of club meetings. Meeting people through the club has also taught Williams about Indian culture. He said he has learned a little about how relationships between men and women and parents and children work in India. “The [club members] that are from India, they’ll fill me in. You know, ‘this is how it actually works,’ because I’m really curious,” Williams said. Williams said he has always been interested in Indian culture because of its rich and unique traditions, and hopes to travel to India someday. Williams said the feeling of dancing Bhangra is indescribable. “The music is just really upbeat; it fills you,” he explained. “You’re just in the moment.” Nishan Singh , freshman in business, is one of the founding members of the club. He said the purpose of Bhangra is simply to have fun.

smoke rose over the city, and terrified workers rushed to get out. The Pentagon scrambled two F-16 fighter jets from Houston to patrol the skies over the burning building before it became clear that it was the act of a lone pilot, and President Barack Obama was briefed. “It felt like a bomb blew off,” said Peggy Walker, an IRS revenue officer who was sitting at her desk. “The ceil-

see GOOGLE on PAGE 3

Student Government

Student insight needed on bill Rajin Olson, sophomore in electrical engineering, and Darin Williams, senior in advertising, both members of ISU’s Bhangra club, step through some of the moves of the traditional Indian folk dance Tuesday. The Bhangra club is new to Iowa State and wants to bring more awareness to the dance in the Midwest. Photo: Kelsey Kremer/Iowa State Daily

“The number one rule of Bhangra is to keep a smile on your face,” Singh said. Williams remembered the effect dancing had on him when he first started. “When we were practicing for Diwali I was having a really rough semester at the time, and going to practice was always the bright point of my day or my week. I knew as soon as I got there I would be in a good mood, because the music and the dance just brings you up. It really does,” Williams said. Rajin Olson, sophomore in electrical engineering and Spanish, is the founder and president of the club. Olson said participating in competitions is

the club’s long-term goal, but mainly members want to spread Bhangra around Iowa State. “I think it’s such great music and dancing. I want everyone to experience that joy and that fun,” Olson said. Another member of the club, Haema Nilakanta, senior in mathematics, said the dance has been gaining popularity on the U.S. coasts but is underrepresented throughout the rest of the U.S. “It’s such an amazing dance,” Nilakanta said. “If we could be a competition level group, we could show that good Bhangra could be performed at Iowa State. Hopefully that will interest some other people in the dance form.”

By Paige Godden Daily Staff Writer The Varsity Task Force is seeking to gather student feedback before its presentation to the Board of Regents. An e-mail sent out to all students late Wednesday night featuring a survey and the announcement of the second open forum which was held on Thursday at 6 p.m. in the Memorial Union. Turk, two members of the task force, and two students showed up to the open forum. Brian Ryherd, one of the task force members at the meeting, said that the students didn’t have a strong opinion for or against the theater. “One student wanted to figure out where the money was coming from, and the other was trying to figure out what other options on campus the money could be used for,” Ryherd said.


A look at Iowa State

PAGE 2 | Iowa State Daily | Friday, February 19, 2010

Snapshot Daily

Daily Weather : the 3-day forecast

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A chance of a flurries in the evening, winds north 5 – 10 mph

Peaks of sunshine with winds out of the northwest 5 – 10 mph

Clouds increasing with next system rolling in to south, slight chance of snow late

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Daily Calendar : tomorrow’s events Sat 20

Sun 21

Mon 22

Tue 23

Wed 24

Thu 25

Fri 26

Erin Pauly, freshman in mathematics, plays the vibraphone during an ISU Groove rehearsal Thursday. Groove is an extension of the marching band drumline into the spring. Its biggest performance is Veishea, where it performs music completely written and arranged by its members. Photo: Kelsey Kremer/Iowa State Daily

1. Organist of Iowa, Colby Kegley Time: 7:30 p.m. Saturday Location: Martha-Ellen Tye Recital Hall, Music Building Description: The 2010 guest artist is

Police Blotter : ISU, Ames Police Departments

former ISU professor Colby Kegley.


2. Aids Walk/Run



Time: Noon – 4 p.m. Sunday Location: Lied Recreation Center Description: The event raises money to help


support locals struggling with HIV/AIDS. All proceeds from the event are donated to the Living with HIV program through Mid-Iowa Community Action.



Cost: $15/person, $12/groups 5+, $20 day of event


3. The Story of a Collector: Anne Zimmerman

Feb. 17 Danielle Stuber, 22, 250 Campus Ave., was arrested and charged with operating while intoxicated. She was transported to the Story County Justice Center. (reported at 1:23 a.m.)

Time: 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. Monday Location: Mary Alice Gallery, Morrill Hall

Celebrations Party and Wedding Store

An individual reported a man acting in an unusual manner while waiting for a bus. The man was located, identified and released. (reported at 7:35 a.m.) Vehicles driven by Addie Hunter and Wesley Boyer were involved in a property damage collision. (reported at 7:59 a.m.) Vehicles driven by Joshua Crouch and Kristin Francy were involved in a property damage collision. (reported at 12:46 p.m.) A patron reported the theft of clothing and keys. (reported at 2:45 p.m.)

The information in the log comes from the ISU and the City of Ames police departments’ records. All those accused of violating the law are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

An athletics staff member reported a counterfeit parking permit in a vehicle. Information was taken and follow-up will be conducted. (reported at 8:38 p.m.) Daryl Davis, 4212 Westbrook Drive unit 23, was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance, possession of a firearm, and violation of drug tax stamp act. (reported at 6 a.m.) Zachary Emmerson, 2310 Mortensen Parkway unit 26, was arrested and charged with leaving the scene of an accident. (re-

ported at 2:17 a.m.) Jawondrick Jones, 3316 West St. unit 1, was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. (reported at 9 a.m.) Michael Jovan Jordan, 114 E. Lincoln Way unit 5, was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. (reported at 2:24 p.m.) David Kelly, 4212 Westbrook Drive unit 16, was arrested and charged with a felony in possession of a firearm, violation of drug tax stamp act, delivery of a simulated substance, and possession of a

controlled substance. (reported at 6 a.m.) Jeffery Tedder, 1231 N. Dakota Ave. unit 4, was arrested and charged with public intoxication. (reported at 4:25 a.m.) Feb. 18 Jeffrey Schmidt, of Solon, was arrested and charged with operating while intoxicated. (reported at 1:50 a.m.) Tyler Wrabek, 3218 Lincoln Way, was arrested and charged with contempt of court. (reported at 10 a.m.)

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V2010 V2010 V2010 V2010 eishea




Friday, February 19, 2010 | Iowa State Daily | NEWS | 3

Editors S. Buhrman, A. Hutchins, J. Opoien, and K. Peterson | | 515.294.2003

Radio, TV host Dr. Drew to speak to Veishea crowd By Tyler Kingkade By Daily Staff Writer American radio and TV personality and board-certified internist Dr. David Drew Pinsky, better known as Dr. Drew, will speak April 16 at Stephens Auditorium as a part of Veishea’s entertainment lineup. Dr. Drew has been the host of the syndicated radio talk show “Loveline” since 1984 and hosts and produces various television programs such as his current VH1 show “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.” In addition he’s an assistant clinical professor at Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California and a private practitioner. BJ Brugman, Veishea entertainment co-chairman and junior in agricultural business, said Veishea officials are not giving Dr. Drew a specific topic to speak on — similar to past

■■ ■■ ■■ ■■

Veishea speaker: Dr. Drew Pinsky When: 11 p.m. April 16 Where: Stephens Auditorium Cost: Free

speakers who carry on in a casual conversation with the audience. “We always say it’s a lecturer or speaker but anymore it turns into a comedian,” Brugman said. Dr. Drew has gained national fame primarily from television shows on MTV and VH1 in addition to numerous appearances in film and on the CBS reality show “Big Brother” and books he’s written. His radio career spawned from his spots on a KROQ radio segment called “Ask A Surgeon” while he was a medical student

at the University of Southern California in 1984. Brugman describes the process of choosing Dr. Drew as similar to selecting bands for Veishea. They gathered a pool of possible acts, saw which ones were available and did research with Pat Miller, program coordinator for the committee on lectures, on what the different guests could contribute to Iowa State. “We want to draw students,” Brugman said. “Our ultimate goal is to provide alternative entertainment on Friday and Saturday nights.” Brugman said the Veishea entertainment committee tries to provide names students are familiar with. “If Motion City Soundtrack isn’t your thing, maybe Dr. Drew is,” he said, adding that one could potentially hear Dr. Drew and leave early for Motion City Soundtrack’s set.

State Government

Rants drops from election bid DES MOINES — Former House Speaker Christopher Rants has ended his bid for the Republican gubernatorial nomination, conceding he’s been unable to attract voters to a campaign he concedes was a long Rants shot from the beginning. Rants issued a statement Thursday, saying the campaign has been a rewarding experience that’s allowed him to travel


Stanley Davis, IT manager for the city of Ames, agreed that Google Fiber could make access to information faster for residents, as well as potentially serve areas that are not currently being served by other Internet providers. However, this endeavor is still in the preliminary stages. Stanley said it’s still too early to tell what will happen if Ames’ application is selected, or what the process of installing the Internet will be. There will be a group from the city IT department working to get everything set up. The city has not determined whether


Ryherd didn’t believe another open forum would be held, and said the next step toward proposing the bill to the Regents would be closing the online survey and evaluating the results. The survey asked questions about whether or not students think Ames needs another movie theater, and if students think it is a proper expenditure of GSB’s money. Tom Danielson, GSB finance director and a member of the task force, said he is focusing on finalizing the lease agreement, in preparation for a presentation to the Regents. Danielson said the lease

more than 54,000 miles around Iowa. Rants, of Sioux City, previously announced he wouldn’t seek another term in the House, and he says his decision to drop his bid for governor won’t change that decision. His exit leaves former Gov. Terry Branstad, Sioux City businessman Bob Vander Plaats and state Rep. Rod Roberts in the hunt for the GOP nomination to oppose Democratic Gov. Chet Culver.

—The Associated Press

there will be some sort of support system established to help people if they have trouble with Google Fiber. The effects of Google Fiber on other Internet or telecommunications providers in Ames also remain to be seen. The benefits of Google Fiber to the university also have yet to be determined. Jim Davis, vice provost and chief information officer, said Google Fiber could make students’ online experience in Ames more seamless. Students would be able to take their laptops off campus and already be connected to the Internet. Currently, Iowa State has its own separate fiber optic cable that provides Internet. Jim mentioned that the uni-

could be done by the end of February, but that the timeline may be an ambitious goal. Chandra Peterson, GSB vice president and task force mem-

versity has not yet discussed the idea with the City Council, but he feels positive about the council’s decision to apply for Google Fiber. “One of the things that Google wants to do with this is ask the question, ‘what could we do if network speed wasn’t a barrier?’ That’s kind of interesting to think about,” Jim said. He also wondered what benefits Google Fiber could have on sharing information and research if the Internet access speed was the same for all residents in a community. Jim said although this project is still in its experimental phase, he thinks that Google has the “engineering to pull it off” along with the proper funding to make this system work.

ber, said the task force is still working with administration and working to answer questions and concerns about the proposal.

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ing caved in and windows blew in. We got up and ran.” At least 13 people were injured, with two reported in critical condition. About 190 IRS employees work in the building. Gerry Cullen was eating breakfast at a restaurant across the street when the plane struck the building and “vanished in a fireball.” Matt Farney, who was in the parking lot of a nearby Home Depot, said he saw a low-flying plane near some apartments just before it crashed. “I figured he was going to buzz the apartments or he was showing off,” Farney said. “It was insane. It didn’t look like he was out of control or anything.” Sitting at her desk in another building a halfmile from the crash, Michelle Santibanez felt the vibrations and ran to the windows, where she and her co-workers witnessed a scene that reminded them of 9/11. “It was the same kind of scenario, with window panels falling out and desks falling out and paperwork flying,” said Santibanez, an accountant. The building, in a heavily congested section of Austin, was still smoldering six hours later, with the worst of the damage on the second and third floors. The entire outside of the second floor was gone on the side of the building where the plane hit. Support beams were bent inward. Venetian blinds dangled from blown-out windows, and

large sections of the exterior were blackened with soot. It was not immediately clear if any tax records were destroyed. Andrew Jacobson, an IRS revenue officer who was on the second floor when the plane hit with a “big whoomp” and then a second explosion, said about six people couldn’t use the stairwell because of smoke and debris. He found a metal bar to break a window so the group could crawl out onto a concrete ledge, where they were rescued by firefighters. His bloody hands were bandaged. Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo said “heroic actions” by federal employees may explain why the death toll was so low. The FBI was investigating. The National Transportation Safety Board sent an investigator as well. Rep. Michael McCaul, a Republican from Austin on the Homeland Security Committee, said the panel will take up the issue of how to better protect buildings from attacks with planes. In the long, rambling, self-described “rant” that Stack apparently posted on the Internet, he began: “If you’re reading this, you’re no doubt asking yourself, ‘Why did this have to happen?’” He recounted his financial reverses, his difficulty finding work in Austin, and at least two clashes with the IRS, one of them after he filed no return because, he said, he had no income, the other after he failed to report his wife Sheryl’s income. He railed against politicians, the Catholic Church, the “unthinkable atrocities” by big business, and the government bailouts that followed. He said he came to the conclusion that “violence not only is the answer, it is the only answer.”

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Opinion Editorial:

PAGE 4 | Iowa State Daily | Friday, February 19, 2010 Editor S. Prell | | 515.294.6768


Possible ‘cold’ shoulder awaits Texas in Big Ten Even if you’re not a college football fan, odds are you’ve caught wind of the rumored “conference realignment” that may, or may not, involve the University of Texas joining the Big Ten. Countless arguments and postulations have arisen regarding the possible ramifications of such a massive power shift in college football. The Big Ten provides Texas with the opportunity to make a lot more money playing football. The entire business of college football is supercharged with billions of dollars in TV revenue each year. The problem is, only the best teams are on TV, so only the best teams make a lot of money. The teams with a lot of money are generally more successful, sign the best recruits and eventually achieve the juggernaut status that the University of Texas now enjoys. It’s all about the money: The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Wether or not a massive “conference realignment” is good for college football, there has been some concern among diehard Cyclone fans. Will the Big 12 survive the loss of its strongest program? First and foremost, these rumors are just that: rumors. Texas investigating every option does not mean anything certain. Money talks, but there’s more to college athletics than football. Texas will have to think long and hard about travelling to the Great Lakes region for every sport. Will the added revenue offset the cost of sending all 20 varsity sports, including smaller teams like golf or tennis, thousands of miles every year? Second of all, few conferences will crumble under Texas’ influence with the same, predictable frequency as the Big 12. The Big Ten won’t readily fall to its knees in an effort to placate the mighty Longhorns. Practically every major decision in the Big 12 is dictated by Texas. Shortly after the formation of the conference, Texas wanted the conference headquarters moved to Arlington; that happened. Texas gets what it wants. Texas isn’t just a big fish, Texas is the only fish, and they know it. In the Big Ten, they’ll be the “new guy”; forced to find their place in the already rich and lengthy history of the nation’s first conference. Third, and most tantalizing of all, a move to the Big Ten would come complete with the finest weather the “Lake Effect” has to offer; including cold, sleet, wind and (gasp!) snow. Last season’s face-off between Oklahoma State and Iowa State on Nov. 7 was only the third time in conference history that a south division team played a November away game against a north opponent. The Big Ten won’t be nearly as accommodating. In fact, all current members of the Big Ten are farther north than the Big 12 north’s southernmost locale. Football fans everywhere are salivating at the thought of those good ‘ol Texas boys playing Ohio State, Iowa or Michigan in a late-November rainstorm. With that said, Texas’ decision is anything but cut and dry. As Cyclone fans, should we be concerned? Maybe a little, but Iowa State has been a member of a major conference for more than a century. Our athletics director is a smart guy, and we have great coaches and some of the nation’s most loyal (patient) fans. Texas, we’re tired of you hijacking the Big 12. So go, we dare you, join the Big Ten. After your incessant, childish demands go unmet, and your first game in the snow, you’ll realize just how great you had it. Editor in Chief

Opinion Editor

Zach Thompson 294-1632

Sophie Prell 294-2533

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The media presents strong adult images of sexuality to young girls in America, causing them to grow up — or want to grow up — too soon. Courtesy photo: Thinkstock

Grown-up girls Parents should protect children from culture of oversexualization


here is a song entitled “Hollywood’s Not America,” by an artist called Ferras, that I absolutely love. The song seems to launch the message: Hollywood is so superficial that it takes away a person’s true identity. Nonetheless, we are all too familiar with the notion that the Hollywood scene does in fact influence the way many of us see ourselves. As superficial as we may find it, there is no denying the fact that Hollywood and the media do have influence over the most vulnerable facet of our country — the youth. We’re used to hearing about and questioning the scandalous examples young Hollywood starlets set for teenage girls in our country. However, I came across a story a few weeks ago that made me stop and think about what kind of example is being set for the preteens. Perhaps the promotion of promiscuity and physical beauty is not just aimed at and affecting teenage girls anymore. While searching for celebrity news online some weeks ago, an article concerning not Miley Cyrus, but her 9-year-old sister, Noah, caught my eye. The child had teamed up with her best friend, 8-year-old “Hannah Montana: The Movie” actress Emily Grace Reaves, to release a clothing line with company “Ooh! La La! Couture” for children. The line was set to be released on Valentine’s Day, and all I can say is that I hope, for sake of this country, that overbearing mothers and bratty little girls were not grabbing items from this line off the racks on Sunday. I say this because as “trashtastic” as I’m sure the line is, I don’t feel that children need one more pint-sized star to emulate their style after. Perhaps this bit of “news” that I came

Julia deLutio

is a sophomore in animal ecology from Chicago.

across doesn’t seem very relevant on its own, but for me it brought up a deeper issue. There seems to be an awkward and inappropriate sexualization of young girls in our country today. I feel that allowing a preteen with a questionable fashion track record to dress our children is just too much. Tiny Cyrus number two was criticized back in October for showing off a witch costume that would have been more appropriate for a street walker than a preteen. I understand the importance of letting little girls play “dress up” and try on their mother’s makeup for fun, especially on Halloween, but there is a difference between allowing a little girl to experience being a woman for a day, and allowing a little girl to be sexy. Allowing young girls to dress and act so provocatively makes little girls feel that it’s OK to make yourself appear so available. I feel that if a little girl is being taught by her parents that it’s of utmost importance to be beautiful and sexy all the time, then why wouldn’t she believe it? There is a show on TLC called “Toddlers and Tiaras” that supports my opinion perfectly. The mothers on the show push their young daughters to compete in beauty pageants, and the girls begin to take on the persona their mothers create for them. It’s amazing to watch these mothers create these perfect little machines that smile on cue, flounce around on stage in barely there outfits, and throw temper tantrums when they are not chosen as winners. It’s absolutely absurd. What is one teaching a child when they enforce this kind of behavior? I get the impression that the media is pro-

moting the rapid ascent of maturity in young girls today. It’s unfair and dangerous for young girls to be exposed to the loss of their innocence at such a young age. All one has to do is look at the examples of what has become of female celebrities who reached “adulthood” at a young age. The most popular examples include stars like Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears. They were oversexed and exposed to adult influences at a young age, and it seems they had experienced more in their lifetime by the age of 18 than many experience their entire lives. I find it so sad that mothers are inundated with examples of this in the media constantly and yet some still don’t find it necessary to shield their children from it. Perhaps I’m biased because I did not grow up in a household where my mother put my sisters and me in beauty pageants, nor did she allow us to wear skimpy clothing as preteens. I’m not a mother, so I don’t want to pass judgment over the way some mothers choose to raise their daughters. I would, however, like to propose a solution to what seems to have become an uncomfortable sexualization of children. As college students we are going to be the parents a few years from now, if we’re not already. We have it within our power to look at what is happening to children today and change it. We can choose to continue to let our daughters dress like adult film stars and grow up believing that beauty is everything, or we can choose to actually allow them to be a crazy thing called children. I think it’s important to protect your children from adult influences while you can, because they’ll have the rest of their lives to be adults. These are also the individuals who will one day be in our shoes, getting ready to go out into the world and make a difference. We owe it to them to teach them how to be responsible and respected adults.


Better communication, better sex


ex. What is it exactly? Clinically, there are four behaviors that are considered to be sex. These behaviors are vaginal intercourse, anal intercourse, oral sex on a man, and oral sex on a woman. To some, this definition might seem too narrow. To others, it may seem too broad. For many, sex is some act of penetration, typically with a penis, that happens below the waist (either vaginally or anally). Some take this mentality even further and believe that sex is strictly the penetration of a vagina with a penis. In a 2008 article from ABC News, one woman reported that her roommate “only had anal sex with her boyfriend until they were married because that technically kept her a virgin.” Other people out there take exactly the opposite approach to defining sex. Some people believe that sex is anything that can cause any kind of sexual feeling. This can include the behaviors already mentioned as well as fondling, masturbation, kissing and many other behaviors that would not fall under a conventional definition. The rest of the population falls somewhere in between. But which of these groups of people is right? Is it the group that only defines a small few acts as sex, or is it the group that defines

Leah Hirsch is a Student 2 Student Peer Educator with the Thielen Student Health Center and a HIV/AIDS counseling, testing and referral intern for Johnson County Public Health.

almost everything as sex? Maybe it’s the between people? The answer is that they’re all right. There are almost as many ways of defining sex as there are people in the world, and that’s what makes sex such a mysterious and fascinating commodity. These differences in definitions have also caused a lot of confusion and tension in a lot of relationships. If one person feels one way about sex, and the other feels exactly the opposite, how would each partner know? This is where communication comes in. Communication is by far the most important aspect of any sexual or romantic relationship. Effective communication between partners will save both parties a lot of time, stress and relationship problems. Communication will also save the giver from embarrassment, the receiver from boredom, and both from discomfort. As far as sex goes, the first thing we want to accomplish with communication is respect of your

partner’s boundaries. It is pretty much impossible to respect someone’s boundaries without knowing what they are. This is why it is important to talk to your partner about your beliefs about sex, and why it is even more important to listen to theirs. Having an idea of what each of you expect from the sexual portion of the relationship will prevent one partner from trying to go too far, which can be pretty traumatizing for some people. Sex is supposed to be a pleasurable and positive experience, not a scary one — unless you’re into that, which is a discussion for another time. The other issue we want to accomplish is pleasing your partner. As with boundaries, it is essentially impossible to know what your partner finds pleasing without some form of communication. For those who are receiving some form of stimulation — be it oral sex, manual stimulation, etc. — keep in mind that it is OK to give directions to the person performing the act. In fact, the person

performing the act will probably greatly appreciate this. It takes a lot of stress off of them because they don’t have to just sit there and keep wondering, “Am I doing it right?” “Does she like this?” “Did he just moan or yawn?” etc. Basically, if the active participant is feeling anxious, he or she is not going to do a very good job. And if he or she does a crappy job, you won’t be satisfied. As far as I know, no one wants that. On the other hand, it is important for the active participant to ask some questions if anything is unclear. Asking questions like, “Does this feel good?” and “Do you want me to keep doing it?” and “Do you want me to (insert whatever you feel like doing here)?” will point you in the right direction. Not only will these questions ensure a pleasurable experience for your partner, they will save you from feeling anxious or embarrassed. Again, sex is supposed to be a positive experience for both parties involved. Whether you believe sex is one act, a few acts or an infinite number of acts, it is important that you talk about it with your partners. The simple act of communication will help you keep yourself safe, happy and well in your sex life, no matter what that may entail.

Friday, February 19, 2010 | Iowa State Daily | OPINION | 5

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Editorial Cartoon: Don Wright/McClatchy-Tribune

Voice your opinion, hold your student leaders accountable I’d like to take this time to thank the ISU Student Body for its comments, questions and concerns regarding the Cyclone Cinema proposal. They haven’t gone unnoticed. I apologize for not responding to each of the e-mails individually, but my inbox has been absolutely flooded with feedback, both positive and negative. As one of the people who put together this proposal, I’d like to thank Corey Becker, Allison Machtemes, Jason Covey and countless others who have voiced their opinions on the issue. I would also like to remind them that this project is not over. The money for the cinema was set aside for the project, but would all come back to the Government of the Student Body if the vote does not pass concerning the lease and other property costs, so continue to provide feedback, because you still have the chance to make a difference. The same goes for those students in favor of the project. One of the by-products of this project has been a drastic increase in student involvement in the GSB process. This has been my vision for the GSB and student body relationship since I joined GSB four years ago. Whether you are in favor of or opposed to the Cyclone Cinema’s inception, we can all agree that this has become one of the most talked about endeavors that GSB has undertaken. I’ve heard this project talked about by students at the Memorial Union Food Court, student organizations and even at establishments in Campustown. Maybe it’s the dollar amount, maybe it’s the venue itself, and maybe it’s the potential successes or failures of the proposal. Whatever it is, people are talking. GSB should always be looking at ways to better student life at Iowa State. Many ideas

Tom Danielson is a senior in civil engineering and GSB finance director. have been spoken of as substitutions and additions to the project, which hasn’t occurred in the previous three years. GSB needs this feedback on everything it does, don’t wait for a “sticker shock” bill to contact your senators or your president. You elect these people to represent you, so give them an idea of how to do that. Students have taken a huge risk in proposing this cinematic adventure in the hopes that it would enhance the student experience at Iowa State, and believe that the enhancement is worth the attached dollar figure. While you may agree or disagree with that assertion, there has been one strong underlying theme. Student involvement is key in the process. It’s a lot to expect of 35 senators to reach 27,000 students, so go to them, let them know that you have a voice too. It’s election season for the new and returning crop of GSB members. Let’s ride this wave of GSB and student body interaction and start a new trend at this fine institution. Vote on March 1 and 2 in the GSB elections, ask questions of the candidates before the vote, and most importantly, don’t let them forget about you once they are elected. Fill out the survey regarding the theater project that you will receive in an e-mail from your GSB president. None of the GSB projects hold water at the administrative or Regents level without student feedback one way or the other. The best idea may come along and never see the light of day if the students don’t voice their opinions. Hold your student leaders accountable because they’re holding you accountable as well.

Wilson-Peterson inspire students I am writing in support of Chandra Peterson and Jacob Wilson for the Government of the Student Body president and vice president. I have personally had the privilege to work closely with Peterson and Wilson as the former president of Freshmen Council. Their support for student organizations extends far beyond required office hours. They are both extremely kind, genuine individuals. Their superior knowledge of the inner workings of Iowa State and open interaction with various student organizations helped me tremendously when guiding Freshmen Council

this past year. Peterson was my first encounter with the Government of the Student Body, and she has had a positive, lasting impact on the way I view the representative student body today. She was my inspiration for getting involved in student government and will be a role model inspiring future students to get involved at Iowa State.

Jamison Arends is a sophomore in logistics and supply chain management and former president of Freshmen Council.

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Modern conservatism


want to be the voice of change and hope. I want to confront the big challenges this country faces.” Think this column is an homage to Obama? Think again. The above quotation is from a conservative. What conservative could possibly have the rhetorical skills in the same realm as President Obama — and even sans teleprompter? Certainly, conservatives are incapable of promulgating such positivity. David Cameron, the leader of the Conservative Party in Britain and leader of the opposition in Parliament, has been doing the “hope and change” bit since he was elected Conservative leader in 2005, well before Obama’s brand of “hope and change” spread across America. When not lambasting Prime Minister Gordon Brown during prime minister’s questions — and Cameron does so with regularity, which you can watch on YouTube — Cameron has been pushing the party of Churchill and Thatcher to poll leads over Brown’s Labour Party. A recent ComRes poll for the Independent showed Conservatives with an 11 percent edge. All this means the Tories are likely to exit the political wilderness they entered when Tony Blair became prime minister in 1997. Lately, British Conservatives are riding the wave of changing voter preference. The ruling Labour Party has been in power a long time, and the accumulating grievances of British voters have caught up with it, University of Iowa history Professor Jeffrey Cox wrote in an e-mail. Cox teaches modern British history and is working in London for the semester. So what does this mean for American politics? In order to get back into power, Republicans need to recognize that the Conservatives in Britain are campaigning on the same issues as Republicans. The difference in issues lies in the fact that Cameron has well thought-out and articulate explanations for his policy ideas, going beyond just opposing Brown. Republicans need to get beyond just being the opposition and should promote themselves as an alternative that promises more individual freedom and opportunity. To be fair, I think it was completely necessary for Republicans to be “the party of no” in opposing health care and cap-and-trade legislation. However, I know voters — especially the all-important independent voters — need to hear

This column was written by Jonathan Groves and originally published in the The Daily Iowan, the student newspaper of The University of Iowa. specific plans from Republican candidates in the upcoming midterm elections, as well as a positive plan of action in the run-up to the 2012 presidential election. The tide has turned in their favor, and Republicans now need to turn with the tide. To find this positive message, we must again go to swinging London, baby. Here, Cameron has adapted conservative ideals to fit the concerns of his presumptive voters with a positive message and plan for his country. He has brought back the concept of “compassionate conservatism” on top of a fresh, young face for Conservatives, Cox said. Cameron has not done this by promising to outspend the Labour Party or glossing over issues. Cameron wants to fix what he calls Britain’s “broken society” with plans to “give people more power and opportunity over their own lives.” In short, Cameron has promised Conservative ideas — not reworded Labour ideas. Republicans need to do much the same to win voters, especially the Tea Party movement, which polling suggests is rich with independent voters and is not the Astroturf movement Democrats wishfully think it is. As of yet, the Republican Party has not quite figured out how to woo the Tea Partiers. But I think they would be more successful in attracting these voters if they found a better way of explaining exactly what conservatism means in America today. Rather than favoring groups or promoting top-down solutions, conservatism rests power with the individual. That is what Cameron has explained so well to the British people, and it is what Republican leaders need to explain better to Americans. Republicans have been successful in criticizing the Democrats for forcing unpopular legislation on the American people. But they need to seize the opportunity to define American conservatism in modern terms — much as Cameron has redefined modern British conservatism — before Democrats take the chance to do it for them.

The Problem of Evil & Suffering

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Peter Kreeft is a professor of philosophy at Boston College and the author of over forty books, including Making Sense Out of Suffering. His writings tackle questions related to the nature of suffering, the existence of God, and ecumenism. He is a regular contributor to several Christian publications, and his first novel, An Ocean Full of Angels, will be published next year. Kreeft earned a PhD from Fordham University. Sponsored by: Areopagus; Campus Crusade for Christ; Catholic Student Community; Christian Educators Network; Christian Faculty and Staff Association; Collegiate Presbyterian University Ministry; Lutheran Student Fellowship; The Navigators; The River; The Rock; The Salt Company; Bridgeway Church; Cornerstone Church; First Evangelical Free Church; Lifepoint Church; St. Thomas Aquinas Church & Catholic Student Center; Stonebrook Church; Trinity Christian Reformed Church; University Baptist Church; and Committee on Lectures (funded by GSB)



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2010 Winter Olympics ■■

Friday’s Schedule:

11 a.m. - 9 p.m. Curling — Women’s and men’s round robin tournament U.S. Women vs. Russia - 11 a.m. U.S. Men vs. France - 4 p.m. Freestyle Skiing — Women’s Aerials 12 p.m. Ski Jumping — Indiv. Large Hill - Qual. 1:30 p.m. Alpine Skiing — Men’s Super-G 2 p.m. - 11 p.m. Hockey — Men’s group play continues 3 p.m. Cross-Country — Women’s 15km pursuit 5:45 p.m. Skeleton — Women’s run 3 and 4 6:45 p.m. Figure Skating — Ice Dancing Comp. 8:20 p.m. Skeleton — Men’s run 3 and 4 ■■

Saturday’s Schedule:

11 a.m. - 9 p.m. Curling — Men’s and women’s round-robin tournament cont. U.S. Men vs. Sweden - 11 a.m. U.S. Women vs. Great Britain - 4 p.m. 12 p.m. Alpine Skiing — Women’s SuperG 2 p.m. Hockey — Men’s group play cont., Women’s playoffs begin 3:30 p.m. Cross-Country — Men’s 30km Pursuit 7 p.m. Bobsled — Two-man - run 1 and 2 9:51 p.m. Short Track — Women’s 1500 meter finals 10:05 Short Track — Men’s 1000 meter finals

Downhill Skiing

Vonn falls, Riesch takes women’s title WHISTLER, British Columbia — For all the worry about her famously injured shin, it was a common skiing mistake that ended Lindsey Vonn’s bid for a second Olympic gold medal in two days. Although Vonn’s bruised right leg was “killing me,” she said she simply failed to get her ski around a right-hand gate and fell in the slalom run of the super-combined. “The shin wasn’t the reason why I didn’t finish the race,” Vonn said. “It was just because I hooked a tip, and that happens in ski racing all the time. I just wish it wasn’t at the Olympic Games.” Maria Riesch of Germany won the event, helping to atone for her failure to challenge best friend and biggest rival Vonn in Wednesday’s marquee downhill race.

— Associated Press


USA’s Teter, Clark take silver, bronze WEST VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Torah Bright brought a glint of sanity to a messy night on the halfpipe. She walked away with — what else? — a shiny, Olympic gold medal. After falling on her first run Thursday night, the Aussie strung five technically superior jumps together on her second attempt and landed them all for the perfect capper to her victory. She scored 45 points to defeat defending champion and American Hannah Teter by 2.6. The 2002 champion, Teter’s fellow American Kelly Clark, fell on her first run, hit the deck on an awkward landing on her second but still managed to take the bronze.

— The Associated Press

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Hilton to host Huskers Nebraska comes for season finale showdown in Ames By Jake Calhoun Daily Staff Writer There is a lot to be said about ISU coach Kevin Jackson’s first season at the helm of Cyclone wrestling. Aside from two losses to top-ranked Iowa, the Cyclones have outscored their opponents 451-113 in their 12 victories. But one more obstacle awaits the second-ranked Cyclones, as the Nebraska Cornhuskers will head east to Ames for the season finale dual meet Sunday at Hilton Coliseum. Iowa State (12-2, 3-0 Big 12) is coming off a 28-10 dual victory over Missouri, who had pulled off an 18-15 upset of the Cyclones last season in Columbia, Mo. In their last three dual meets, seven Cyclone wrestlers have put points on the board for the Cardinal and Gold, drawing speculation as to whether this is the best the Cyclones have been wrestling all season. “We’re wrestling as good as we’ve wrestled all year long,” Jackson said. “We’ve had some big wins. We feel that we’re getting better just based on results last year and some results this year.” Nebraska (9-10, 0-3) is coming off a 31-6 dismantling against No. 3 Oklahoma State, and has yet to record a victory against a Big 12 opponent since Feb. 8, 2009, when the Huskers beat Oklahoma, 18-15, in Norman, Okla. The Huskers entered this season ranked seventh in the nation,

Jake Varner wrestles against Missouri’s Brent Haynes on Sunday. Varner and the Cyclones face Nebraska on Sunday. Photo: Logan Gaedke/Iowa State Daily

anticipating a promising season after a season-opening 26-17 dual victory against No. 11 Wisconsin. But the meat of the season has been more grueling than anything, the Cyclones facing seven teams ranked in the top 20 that have all handed the Huskers tally marks in the loss column. The Huskers have also had to go without one of their best wrestlers,

Jordan Burroughs, who was ranked No. 1 in the nation at 157 pounds, after Burroughs suffered an injury to his left knee in the Huskers’ 29-6 loss to Central Michigan in mid-December. Nebraska coach Mark Manning stated that Burroughs, a reigning national champion at 157 pounds, will seek a

vs. Iowa State (12-2)

Nebraska (9-10)

Where: Ames, Iowa Hilton Coliseum When: 2 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 21

see FINALE on PAGE 10

Women’s Basketball

Iowa State may lack Lacey By Jordan Wickstrom Daily Staff Writer


During Saturday’s game against Missouri (11-13, Big 12 1-10), Iowa State (19-5, Big 12 7-4) will honor the 10th anniversary of what many consider one of the best teams the Cyclones have ever had: the 19992000 women’s basketball team. “Besides the fact they were immensely talented of course, it was the most cohesive group of people I’ve ever been around,” coach Bill Fennelly said. “They were amazingly good friends; they still are. They had an amazing ability to know exactly what the other person needed. And they fed off of each other off the court just like they did on the court.” It may have been 10 years ago, but that team’s success still acts as a reminder of what is expected of the current Cyclones team. That team went 27-6, made a Sweet 16 appearance and featured four All-Conference players, including Stacy Frese, Angie Welle, Megan Taylor and Desiree Francis. Three of those players — Frese, Welle and Francis — were also included in the Conference All-Tournament Team. Like the 1999-2000 team, the current Cyclones have an established leader on and off the court. Senior guard Alison Lacey has embraced the role of leader like Frese did 10 years ago. However, the Cyclones are not sure they will take the court with their captain Saturday. Lacey suffered a concussion during Tuesday’s practice and was held out of the Nebraska game. Because of the uncertainty regarding Lacey’s status, the team will have to make adjustments to its game plan. “We will prepare for her not to play,” Fennelly said. “She’s being evaluated consistently and constantly, almost on a daily basis. She won’t practice [Thursday] and we’ll see how she feels [Friday] to see

Iowa State (19-5)

Missouri (11-13)

Where: Ames, Iowa Hilton Coliseum When: 7 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 20

Whitney Williams drives downcourt Saturday. Williams filled in for the injured Alison Lacey on Wednesday. Photo: Logan Gaedke/Iowa State Daily

if we can throw her out there for a little bit.” Without Lacey, the team struggled during Wednesday’s game against Nebraska. But with added time to get used to the possibility of playing without her, the Cyclones feel confident they will play better against Missouri. “There was no excuse for us to not be ready [against Nebraska],” sophomore guard Whitney Williams said. “But it will help to have a few days just to

kind of get used to what we’re going to have to do against Missouri. These two days will definitely help.” Senior guard Denae Stuckey handled most of the point guard duties Wednesday and will more than likely be asked to do so again if Lacey is still not ready to play. “It was a little different for me because I hadn’t played [point guard] in a while,” Stuckey said. “I’m usually a wing, but I know I have to step up if Lacey can’t play.” Missouri enters Saturday’s game with 1-10 record in the Big 12. Just by looking at the record, some may assume the Cyclones will not even need Lacey. However, the Tigers have lost to Nebraska by four and Oklahoma by one, and collected their only conference win by upsetting Baylor. Despite some close games for the Tigers, the Cyclones were able to keep the Big 12’s second worst scoring offense to just 39 points on 13-54 shooting. Iowa State would like to repeat that success defensively Saturday. “We can’t overlook anything,” Williams said. “Just because we won last time doesn’t mean anything this time. We just have to stay focused on our game plan and try to repeat what we did against them last time.” Saturday’s game will begin at 7 p.m. in Hilton Coliseum.

Men’s Basketball

McDermott mired in streaks Aggies surging, ISU stuck in losing skid By Chris Cuellar Daily Staff Writer Five-game losing streaks don’t end themselves. No. 24 Texas A&M (18-7, 7-4) is the next opponent for coach Greg McDermott’s Cyclones (13-13, 2-9), and the Aggies are surging while Iowa State is attempting to capitalize on any progress with just five games left in the regular season. Ranked teams continue to be the visitors at Hilton Coliseum, and Iowa State is 0-19 under McDermott against ranked teams since arriving in Ames. The problem in recent efforts has been a lack of scoring punch, and against Oklahoma State top scorers Craig Brackins and Marquis Gilstrap were a combined 5-for-27 from the field. “We haven’t gotten a lot of breaks, but sometimes you’ve got to make your own, too. There’s a reason it hasn’t

vs. Iowa State (13-13)

Texas A&M (18-7)

Where: Hilton Coliseum When: 3 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 20 happened for us,” McDermott said. The Aggies are the winners of four of their last five, with the lone loss coming in a nationally televised contest versus No. 1 Kansas, a game that A&M lost by five. That game was Monday night, so the Aggies will be on four days’ rest before arriving in Ames to solidify their place among the NCAA tournament field. Coach Mark Turgeon’s club doesn’t lead the Big 12 in any major statistical category, but has found a way to win with the 18.2 points per game they get from guard Donald Sloan, and have been led in scoring by five different players since the start of Big 12 play. The Cyclones are struggling against scoring depth, as the bench seems to stay thin no matter which

Key Players: ■■ TAMU: Donald Sloan18.2 ppg, 45.6 FG%, 78.0 FT%, 3.8 rpg ■■ ISU: Craig Brackins- 16.8 ppg, 8.4 rpg, 42.4 FG%, 2.4 apg players are out. Iowa State has allowed 14 scorers to hit double digits in its last four games. “You find out where you’re at, you certainly find out where your weakness is,” McDermott said. “Obviously, the fact that we don’t have a lot of depth is the factor with us, particularly the minutes Craig [Brackins] and [Justin Hamilton] have had to play.” Brackins has logged at least 35 minutes in six straight games. At 2-9 in conference, hopes for postseason play have faded for the Cyclones, and a stunning run in the Big 12 tournament would be necessary for games to extend past the second week of March. Iowa State’s center Justin Hamilton still isn’t ready to tear up his time card.

“We still have a lot to play for our fans, just give them what they paid for and give it our all,” Hamilton said. Hamilton has been the benchmark of consistency lately, using his length and hustle in the post to the tune of 10 points and 10 rebounds per game in his last three games. “There’s so much that he’s doing that isn’t showing up on the stat sheet, that when we watch and grade the tape, he’s bailing out his teammates a lot,” McDermott said of the sophomore. His growth from the 4.2 points and 2.9 rebounds per game in his freshman season to the double-double numbers he’s approaching nightly has been a high point in a struggling conference schedule for the Cyclones. “That’s how he’s been practicing the last three weeks. He’s been asking questions. He’s like a sponge, just trying to learn,” Brackins said. “He’s improved so much. He’s just been working — he works unbelievably hard.” The Cyclones have lost six in a row to Texas A&M, but McDermott is 7-7 against Turgeon head to head.

1 Friday, February 19, 2010 | Iowa State Daily | SPORTS | 7

Editor N. Sandell | | 515.294.3148



Prepare to get dirty Set to face Hawkeyes Fri, Feb 19 Purdue - at Houston, Texas 9:00 a.m. Fri, Feb 19 No. 18 Louisiana-Lafayette - at Houston, Texas 11:00 a.m. Sat, Feb 20 No. 15 Texas - at Houston, Texas 1:00 p.m. Sat, Feb 20 Houston - at Houston, Texas 7:00 p.m. Sun, Feb 21 UT-San Antonio - at Houston, Texas 11:00 a.m.

By Michael Zogg Daily Staff Writer They may play on it almost all season long, but the Cyclones’ first game on dirt in months may bring with it some rust. Iowa State goes to Texas this weekend for the Marriott Houston Invitational, where the team Zabriskie will face mostly southern teams that have been playing outside all year. “The balls are going to bounce differently, pitching is different, hitting will be different, running in the dirt is different,” said junior pitcher Rachel Zabriskie. “You just can’t think about it too much.” The different surface will likely cause the most problems on defense. “We will probably struggle in the first couple tournaments with errors in the infield, but hopefully we will get over those pretty fast,” said senior third baseman Courtney Wray. Although the southern teams will have a bit of an advantage, the Cyclones think they can overcome it if they stay focused. “We talked about taking extra ground balls in warm-ups, and just staying low and charging the ball,” Wray said. “We just have to play aggressively and not second guess any balls that come to us.” Iowa State will also focus on fixing a few things from last weekend’s tournament. “We need to stay focused for all the games, not just one game and then switching back and forth like we did last tournament,” Zabriskie said. The Cyclones also say they want to work on

getting more timely hits with runners in scoring position. The Cyclones will face three teams that qualified for the regional tournament last season, including 18th-ranked Louisiana-Lafayette and 15th-ranked Texas. “That is kind of the way that our whole schedule is set up, with good teams,” said head coach Stacy Gemeinhardt-Cesler. But that is the kind of competition the team likes. “Playing better people excites me, because your team always plays better when you are playing better people,” Zabriskie said. The Cyclones are particularly excited to play against fellow Big 12 member Texas. Iowa State rarely plays Big 12 teams outside the conference season, but they are looking forward to the unique situation. “It gives the younger players an idea of the type of team we will play in our conference,” Gemeinhardt-Cesler said. “Even though we are playing a lot of high quality teams outside of our conference, it shows them how ready they have to be.” With most of the team coming back from last year, they feel they are ready for Texas. Last season the Cyclones lost a heartbreaking eight-inning game 4-2 against the Longhorns, and they want to turn that around.

By Dan Tracy Daily Staff Writer Iowa State notched its second win over an in-state rival this season with a 7–0 sweep over the UNI Panthers on Wednesday. The Cyclones (4–2) did not drop a set in either singles or doubles in their first match with the Panthers since 2005. The Cyclones also defeated Drake 6–1 on Feb. 5. “It’s a good stepping stone for us, [Northern Iowa] is not a bad team at all, we just played really well,” coach Armando Espinoza said. The No. 1 doubles team of junior Erin Karonis and freshman Jenna Langhorst picked up its fifth victory in both singles and doubles. Karonis and Langhorst each went to 5–1 on the season with their singles victories and also teamed up to defeat Northern Iowa’s Talia Jang-Stewart and Sampada Kanade. The No. 2 doubles tandem of senior Alyssa Palen and junior Liza Wischer continued its undefeated season with its fifth win, an 86 victory over Laia Gonzalez-Garrido and Jessica Kunzelmann. “I was pretty happy with how we played in doubles and it certainly set the tone for the singles,” Espinosa said. In singles, freshman Jas-

do and Marie-Christine Chartier picked up the other three vs. singles victories for Iowa State. The Cyclones will get their Iowa State Marquette(7-3) shot at a sweep of the state (4-2) when they travel to Iowa City this weekend for a pair of vs. matches with Marquette and the rival Iowa Hawkeyes. They Iowa State Iowa will match-up with Marquette (4-2) (3-1) (7-3) at 1 p.m. Saturday. and then take on Iowa (3–1) at 11 Where: Iowa City a.m. Sunday. When: 1 p.m. Saturday, Espinosa hopes that the Feb. 20 Hawkeyes can not only give his 11 a.m. Sunday, Feb. 21 team a non-conference test, but also a preview of what’s to come in the Big 12 conference mine Lee returned to the lineup season that begins in less than and put the exclamation point a month. The Hawkeyes are on the Cyclones’ sweep, win- coming off of a pair of wins over ning her No. 6 singles match Big 12 opponents last weekend 6–1, 6–3 over Kanade. Wischer with a 6–1 victory over Kansas and sophomores Maria Mace- and a 7–0 over Kansas State.

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PAGE 9 | Iowa State Daily | Friday, February 19, 2010

24 hours

Sunday-Thursday 7AM-10PM Friday & Saturday

105 Welch Avenue • Ames, IA 515-292-3630 • Fax 515-292-5011 •

Daily Crossword : edited by Wayne Robert Williams

Daily Nifty Tidbits >> Famous Birthdays 1878: The phonograph is patented by Thomas Edison. 1945: World War II: Battle of Iwo Jima--about 30,000 United States Marines land on Iowa Jima. 1986: The Soviet Union launches its Mir spacecraft. Remaining in orbit for 15 years, it is occupied for 10 of those years.

>> Famous Birthdays 1940: Smokey Robinson, American Singer. 1963: Seal, English Singer. 1965: Jon Fishman, American Musician (Phish).

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66 Old map inits. 67 Steamed 68 Take forcibly DOWN 1 Stand up for 2 Combat outfit 3 Candy “whose success is out of this world” 4 Downing St. bigwigs 5 Pose 6 Botanist’s study 7 Hearing-related 8 Wiper 9 Migratory African critter 10 Fit to serve 11 Firebird maker 12 Guest letter? 13 Siren, for one 18 Predicament 23 Pride follower, so they say 25 It’s not true 26 Breaks up 27 Baroque stringed instrument 28 Raison d’__ 32 “No Exit” dramatist 34 Half of MMCXX 36 “What I look forward __ continued immaturity followed by death”: Dave Barry 37 Hung. neighbor 38 Coulees 39 Eternal, and a hint to this puzzle’s phonetic theme

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INSTRUCTIONS: Complete the grid so each row, column and 3-by-3 box (in bold borders) contains every number 1 to 9. For strategies on solving Sudoku, visit

Gemini (May 21-June 21) -Today is a 5 -- Challenge yourself to speak up in a tight situation. Choose words carefully to avoid

Yesterday’s solution:

misunderstanding. Stay professional. There’s no need to argue. Cancer (June 22-July 22) -Today is a 7 -- Never let it be said that you don’t enjoy a fight. What you like even better is to have someone in your corner to cheer you on. You can win one today. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) -- Today is an 8 -- Today you get practical as you create just the right message with a floral arrangement or muted lighting. Add a splash of color to cheer up a room. Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) -- Today is a 6 -- Each time you open your mouth, you have a chance to create connections. Dig a bit deeper to discover the right question. Then ask, and prepare to listen. Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) -- Today is a 6 -- Things run more smoothly if you devise a way to be emotionally persuasive while maintaining the bottom line. It would be easy to overspend today. Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) -Today is a 6 -- You have lots of

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ISU vs. Texas a&M Sat. 3pm #1 Kansas vs Colorado 3pm #2 Kentucky vs Vandy 5pm

10 | SPORTS | Iowa State Daily | Friday, February 19, 2010


Editor N. Sandell | | 515.294.3148


Opening round brings Cy-Hawk square off grudge match for ISU By Kelsey Jacobs Daily Staff Writer

By David Merrill Daily Staff Writer

said. “We’ve been playing well in practice all week and we learned some things against Minot State this past weekend, so we’ll be ready to go.” One of the keys to victory will be the Cyclones playing the full 60 minutes. There were instances in the game two loss to Minot State where the team didn’t finish plays as strongly as they needed to. “Playing the full game is going to be key,” Majkozak said. “Not everybody did that as well as they needed to this past weekend. That’s something we definitely need to improve on this weekend.” Iowa State suffered a close loss to Ohio in the finals of last year’s tournament with a third period letdown. They are hoping their luck will change this year, as they have the home ice advantage. “We have great fans,” Murdoch said. “The spirit of this town and its hockey fans never ceases to amaze me, and that gives us a definite advantage.” Ohio returns as the top seed this year as it will play the No. 8 seed. Robert Morris, Illinois, Michigan-Dearborn, Lindenwood, and Western Michigan finish off the eightteam field. If the Cyclones advance against Kent State, they will play again at 7:30 p.m. Saturday.


The Cyclones will have a chance for revenge Friday night against the Golden Flashes of Kent State in their opening round of the annual Central States Collegiate Hockey League tournament. Iowa State faces Kent State at 7:30 p.m. at the Ames/ISU Ice Arena. Iowa State was swept in the team’s regular season meeting at Kent State earlier in the season. “We definitely owe them one,” senior forward Pete Majkozak said. “They’re a tough team to match up against, but we’re completely confident that we can take care of business.” Iowa State, which has struggled at times to put the puck in the back of the net, will have to deal with arguably the best goalie in the nation, junior Ryan Gregory. “He’s better with the puck than most skaters in this league,” Majkozak said. “He’s literally like an extra defender on the ice, which makes it really tough to execute our offense.” Gregory has the ability to change teams’ game plans and the Cyclones are no different. The Cyclones will have to skate the puck into the zone

Iowa State (24-10-4)

Kent State (23-12-1)

Where: Ames, Iowa Ames/ISU Ice Arena When: 7:30 p.m. Friday, Feb. 19

instead of dumping it into the zone, like they do with most of the other teams in the league. The Golden Flashes and the Cyclones will become familiar foes by the end of the year, as the two teams will also play each other in the first round of the ACHA National tournament in Philadelphia. Coming off a split against Minot State, the team has some things it needs to work on to advance in the Central States Collegiate Hockey League. “We need to work on a little bit of everything,” coach Al Murdoch said. “That’s why we practice every day, so we can be as prepared as possible.” The Cyclones will be without one of their key players, senior forward Brian Spring, who is out with a separated shoulder and hopes to play in Nationals in two weeks. “I’m confident about our team’s ability against Kent State this weekend,” Spring

Buy or rent!

Fischer Cross Country Skis


308 Main Street Downtown Ames 232-0322

E T A T S I O Wa




:: now accepting applications for spring ::

apply for a seat on th e board siness and media gain real world experience in bu

no experience nec essary ble at the a il a v a s n applicatio

y l i a d e t a t iowa s




for more information: 515-294-2609


The ISU gymnasts are usually focused on their team score, and they often pay little attention to the activities of their competitors. Things are a little different this week as the No. 15 Cyclones head to Iowa to compete in the Cy-Hawk series, where more focus will be on beating their opponents. “It’s exciting,” senior Melanie Tham said. “It’s also a little bit thrilling because of the big rivalry. I’ve never experienced anything like that before coming here.” The Cyclones went 0-2 against Iowa last season, and any true Iowa-Stater knows a year is a long time to wait to get a crack at the Hawkeyes again after a loss. “There’s a little more pressure to win,” Tham said. “We definitely want to put up a high score, and by doing that, that’s when the win comes.” The team had confidence issues last year that resulted in

Iowa State


Where: Iowa City The Field House When: 2 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 21 losses. This was partly due to injuries and partly ill preparedness, and some of the girls let their personal insecurities affect the team. “It was a disease that spread pretty quickly,” coach Jay Ronayne said. “The cure was finding the confidence, and that spread pretty quickly this year.” After last year, the team was more motivated to focus instead of scrambling to get ready through mid-season. This was partly due to a pep talk Ronayne gave to some of the team. “We kind of scared some of the girls who in the past hadn’t worked very hard,” Ronayne said. “We told them ‘This is the real thing. This is division I gymnastics. This is big and if


medical redshirt and will hopefully be able to return next season. Unfortunately for the Huskers, all 10 Cyclone starters have found their way onto the national rankings with sophomore Andrew Sorenson and senior Duke Burk, both of whom are now ranked 20th at 157 pounds and 174 pounds. Burk found his way back to the national rankings after an electrifying victory over Missouri’s Dorian Henderson, in which he was able to pin his Tiger opponent in the first tiebreaker period with a fall time of 8:29. Henderson was ranked at No. 20 at the time of their match. Nebraska’s Stephen Dwyer, ranked fourth in the nation at 174 pounds, will square off against Burk in an attempt to earn his 100th career victory. Dwyer is 21-3 and 17-2 in dual action, his only losses coming against No. 1 Mack Lewnes (Cornell), No. 2 Jay Borschel (Iowa), and No. 9 Colby Covington (Oregon State). The marquee matchup of this dual will be a battle of the unbeatens within an ongoing rivalry between Iowa State’s Jake Varner (23-0 overall, 14-0 dual record) and Nebraska’s Craig Brester (25-0, 19-0). Varner, ranked first in the nation, defeated Brester in the championship match of last year’s NCAA tournament by a decision of 2-1 to win the national title. Varner and Brester have squared off on four separate occasions, with Varner holding a 3-1 advantage in the series. His only loss to Brester came at last year’s Big 12 Championships, where Brester won by a decision of 4-3. “It’s just another match,” Varner said of his

you don’t treat it like that, then there’s no reason for you to be around anymore.’” The Cyclones worked hard over the summer and went into pre-season ready to practice gymnastics instead of doing conditioning. Now they are riding the high of a good season — a very different story from last year. “If you watch video from last year compared to this year, you’ll see a dramatic difference just in the way they carry themselves,” Ronayne said. “And I can’t ask for anything better than that.” With a new season and new confidence, the team heading to Iowa this year is hoping not only to put up a high score as usual, but also to make its school proud. “Absolutely we want to win,” senior Ashley Kent said. “It’s our in-state rival, and we want to go in there and win for Iowa State. We want to win the Cy-Hawk.” The Cyclones face the Hawkeyes at 2 p.m. Sunday in Iowa City.

upcoming bout with his archrival. “We’ve wrestled four times already, and I’m just going to go out there with the same mindset and wrestle my match.” Jackson recently said that Varner has appeared frustrated with the lack of effort his opponents have shown him throughout the season. The intimidating demeanor of the top-ranked 197-pounder in the country makes opponents second guess whether they want to go full-force and get pinned, or hold back and keep it close. However, Varner doesn’t see it as a big deal. “A lot of people think I’m frustrated out there, but I don’t really let it get to me as much,” Varner said. “I know they’re not going to wrestle me out there, so there’s not much I can do.” Varner was called for unsportsmanlike conduct for shoving Missouri’s Brent Haynes’ right leg after intentionally letting him escape. Varner went on to beat Haynes by a major decision of 14-5. Nebraska’s final ranked wrestler, No. 14 Tucker Lane, has faced Iowa State’s David Zabriskie three times, going 1-2 with both losses by a 3-1 decision at last year’s dual meet in Lincoln, Neb., and a 4-2 sudden victory decision at last year’s Big 12 Championships. Lane’s only victory against Zabriskie came in their first encounter, a 7-6 decision over the Branchville, N.J., native at the third-place dual meet at the 2008 NWCA/Cliff Keen National Duals. Iowa State won that dual, 20-19, to place third in the event. “It was kind of a bummer,” Zabriskie said of his first loss to Lane. “I gave up a five-point move and put myself on my back, and it was kind of tough to come back, but I’ve beaten him twice since.” The Cyclones’ season finale dual meet begins at 2 p.m. Sunday at Hilton Coliseum.

CYCLONE HOCKEY Hosts the C.S.C.H.L. Tournament this weekend February 19th-21st Friday and Saturday games are at 10am, 1pm, 4pm and 7:30pm Sunday the Championship game will be played at 1pm The Cyclones will play in the 7:30pm game Friday and Saturday Games will be played at Ames/ISU Ice Arena

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