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Stokes Croft & Gloucester Road

The Gloucester Road is famous throughout Britain for having the longest chain of independant local shops on one high street. With the modern high street bombarded with plague like supermarkets, the Gloucester Road residents have been coming together in force to fight them from taking over their high street. With many people believing that convienience has become more important than local produce and it is up to the residents to take action.

James “when they burried me mam i just took off”

The walls have become the canvas for many artists. Loved by young and old alike the walls are awash with colour.

A squat that has become a valuable commodity in Bristol is known as the free shop. Opening three days a week it has become so successful that social services have been known to refer people in hard financial situations. The Emporium next door is often used as an art gallery.

Johnothan Taphouse

Despite nearly two years of protesting the locals battle was lost when yet another Tesco was built on the high street. This caused extreme upset and uproar.

designed and created by fiona hobson and ioan davies.

designed and created by fiona hobson and ioan davies.

Gloucester road  

A look into the issues establishments and lives of the people of the famous Gloucester Road. The longest chain of privately owned businesses...