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Buskers of the Bearpit

Rominis Troubadours Mariachis Janglers Busker Minisingers Skomorokh Busquer Chindong Trouveres Spielleute Organ grinder

There have been performances in public places for gratuities in every major culture in the world, dating back to antiquity. For many musicians street performance was the most common means of employment before the advent of recording and personal electronics. Prior to that, a person had to produce any music or entertainment, save for a few mechanical devices such as the barrel organ, the music box, and the piano roll. Organ grinders were commonly found busking in the old days.

The Bearpit

The Bearpit, officially known as The James Barton Roundabout, is located in the centre of Bristol connecting, Bond Street, Haymarket, Marlborough Street and Stokes Croft. It is a microcosm in the middle of a large round about, sunken below ground level, filled with market stalls and people from all walks of life stopping to relax. It is also a main through route making it a prefect setting for buskers bringing all kinds of live music to the space on a daily basis.

Zack Guitarist Playing for 6 years Busking for 3 years

Zack and his guitar have travelled all across England and Scotland busking. He eventually decided to stay in Bristol due to live closer to relatives. Zack combines his influences from heavy metal and Spanish guitar players such as Rodrigo y Gabriela.

Rob Guitarist Playing for 22 years

Rob is originally form Swindon, a town situated half way between the bustling streets of London and the vibrant music culture of Bristol. He left home after his parents kicked him out. He now resides in Bristol, a familiar face on the busking circuit, where he can usually be seen out on sunny days playing in the open air. Rob performs a combination of psychedelic rock and folk style guitar.

Phil Guitarist & singer Playing guitar for 7 years Busking for 2 years

Phil is a bit of a regular round the bearpit, busking. He’s also part of a Gypsy, Jazz, Klezmer band called Ish Kabibble.

Dan Sax Saxophonist Playing saxophone since his teens Busking for over 15 years

Dan has travelled up and down the UK with his Saxophone and usually plays his smooth Jazz in a top hat and tails.

Buskers of the Bearpit  

A short publication documenting real bristolian buskers. The book includes a CD containing real live performances on the streets of Bristol.