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Earth Day April 22

Xavier Salvador: One Man Exhibition, “SO NEAR………..SO FAR……….” Exhibit runs through April 21st, 2017 @ Commenoz Gallery THE GALLERIA SHOPPING CENTER 328 CRANDON BLVD. #218-219 • KEY BISCAYNE “LANDSCAPE IN GREEN”


Hours are MONDAY - FRIDAY, 10:00 am - 6:00 pm • SATURDAYS, 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM




Bilingual Publication Serving Coral Gables, Key Biscayne, Downtown MIA, the Design District, and all of South Florida • Apr. 12–25, 2017

SISTER CITIES Arts Performances

Forging Ties and Enriching Cultural Exchange

Explore Gun Violence

By: Kim Hutchinson



Mayor of Cartagena visits the City of Coral Gables. [Photo courtesy of Evelyn Paz]

By: Chris Carson Chris@INYBN.com

At a time when the rest of the nation was focused inward, the city of Coral Gables chose to implement George Merrick’s vision of the City Beautiful as an international destination. The vision, which has blossomed over the decades, required a long-term commitment from its residents and community officials. A major factor contributing to Coral Gables’ status as a thriving, multi-cultural community is its Sister Cities Initiative. But what is Sister Cities? “It’s an international organization, that in 1954, President Eisenhower began. It has created bridges for international collaboration and allowed city to city diplomacy to occur around the world,” explained Coral Gables Mayor Jim Cason, about the half century old program. In 1957, the first Sister City was created with Cartagena, Colombia. The program aims

to further establish international ties around the world. Currently, there are four cities—Aix-en-Provence, France, Cartagena, Colombia, Granada, Spain, and La Antigua, Guatemala—that are Sister Cities to Coral Gables. There are also two emeritus class cities- the Province of Pisa, Italy, and Quito, Ecuador. In addition to political exchange, a key objective of the program is to facilitate a cultural exchange for residents of Sister Cities. Mayor Cason, a career foreign service officer, hopes to deploy his expertise to further Merrick’s vision and increase relations with current and prospective Sister Cities. “I know we can learn from other countries, and I like to bring that knowledge home. We—here in America—like to think we are the center of the world, but sometimes America doesn’t always exercise best practices,” stated Mayor Cason. It is through this political and Continued on page 7

lending a unique combination of art, drama, music and poetry, composer Byron Au Yong and Hip Hop poet and playwright Aaron Jafferis created Trigger, “a powerful project that has become a catalyst for discourse, expression and action around the issue of gun violence and how it effects communities in Miami,” described Kathryn Garcia, Executive Director at MDC Live Arts. Building up to the April 21st performance of Trigger will be multidisciplinary workshops and related events taking place across multiple Miami Dade College campuses to connect the show with students, faculty and the public with the aim of gathering different perspectives and extending conversations. “It has been an amazing process

(Be)Longing. [Photo courtesy of ArkType]

bringing together MDC students, faculty and community members with our invited artists around this issue,” said Garcia. Au Yong and Jafferis explained that the creation of Trigger arose from the April 20 07 r a mpage at Vi rg i n ia Tech. “I am Asian as was the

shooter at Virginia Tech,” said Au Yong. “Asian Americans rarely receive any media attention, and there was a blitz following the tragedy. I had a lot of anger and found myself having to reconcile my feelings not only about this incident and those that Continued on page 17

Miami Crooner Jeff Grainger Keeps Sinatra Spirit Swinging By: Liz Kobak Liz@INYBN.com

Jeff Grainger

When reflecting on the history of jazz music, there’s always one singer who comes to mind as someone who popularized it: Frank Sinatra. Since his passing nearly 20 years ago, many vocalists worldwide have taken a stab at imitating the late great, including his son Frank Sinatra Jr. and countless others. And as far as impersonators on the local South Florida scene

are concerned, local resident Jeff Grainger has stepped up his Sinatra game for 15 years and counting. While in college, one of Jeff’s friends offered him a Sinatra album, which he would sing along to in the shower. Since imitating singers and celebrities had always been his strong suit outsides of academia, Grainger immediately drew a liking to Sinatra. Before he knew it, he transitioned from wedding guest Continued on page 10




Serving Coral Gables, Key Biscayne, Downtown MIA, the Design District, and all of South FL

Apr. 12–25, 2017

Serving Coral Gables, Key Biscayne, Downtown MIA, the Design District, and all of South FL INYBN |

Apr. 12–25, 2017




Editor-in-Chief / Publisher Yara Zakharia, Esq. (Coral Gables/ Key Biscayne, FL) English Language Columnists Chris Carson (Philadelphia, PA) Kim Hutchinson (Memphis, Tennessee/ Atlanta, Georgia) Liz Kobak (Miami, FL / New York City, NY) Spanish Language Editor Saida Santana (Miami Shores, FL / Madrid, Spain) Spanish Language Columnists Saida Santana (Miami Shores, FL / Madrid, Spain) Guest Columnists Robert Elias, Esq. (Miami, FL) Aphrodette North (Roanoke, VA) Julie Valderrama (Coral Gables, FL)

Peruvian Chamber of Commerce Announces Peru Gourmet 2017 The Peruvian Chamber of Commerce (PERUSA) announces the 7th edition of Peru Gourmet 2017. Alfonso Esterripa, president of the Peruvian Chamber of Commerce and Mario Gomez, president of Peru Gourmet announced that the event will take place on May 16, 2017 at the Coral Gables Country Club, located at 997 North Greenway Drive in the Gables. Due to the success of this event in the past, the Peruvian Chamber of Commerce (PERUSA) will continue to organize this event to promote the worldrenowned Peruvian cuisine. This year, the event’s main sponsors are LATAM, King Ocean Shipping, Consulado General de Peru

en Miami, and ABICC. Top Peruvian restaurants from all over South Florida will participate, along with a restaurant from Cusco, Peru. There will also be a host of representatives of Peruvian beer, Pisco, and a national Peruvian soft drink as well as distributors of key ingredients and spices. Tickets are $50.00 per person and may be purchased on Eventbrite or at www.peruvianchamber. org. Attendees will be able to sample dishes from a variety of restaurants in one place, along with the best piscos that Peru has to offer. All the profits from the event will benefit the Asociacion Emergencia Ayacucho Miami Chapter (www.aeamiami. com) and victims of the flood in Peru.

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@ Broward College’s Bailey Hall;

 2 Tickets to “BoleroSoul” featuring Gema Corredera @ CCEMiami;  2 Tickets to Gilberto Santa Rosa @ the Broward Center for the Performing Arts;

 2 Tickets to the Miami Children’s Chorus’ “Let the Children Sing” @ the First United Methodist Church of Coral Gables;

 2 Tickets to Orchestra Miami’s cantata “Atonement”;  2 Tickets to Peru Gourmet 2017 @ the Coral Gables Country Club; and  2 Passes to “Climakaze” @ the Miami-Dade County Auditorium ! ! !




Serving Coral Gables, Key Biscayne, Downtown MIA, the Design District, and all of South FL

Apr. 12–25, 2017


Julieta, o El Silencio Que Une y Separa El más reciente film del laureado director Pedro Almodóvar, y que representará a España en los Oscar 2017, reúne buenas actuaciones con una historia contada en tres tiempos. Con sus fotogramas perfectos enseña que estar al lado de una persona, aunque ésta sea una hija, no hace que se le conozca. Con humor imperceptible y ninguna lágrima, esta cinta trae también ese sello que lo hace tan único. — MINÍN ARÉVALO-PARODI Sony Pictures Classics

Cuando crees saberlo todo

Sony Pictures Classics

Hablar de Pedro Almodóvar es hacerlo de palabras mayores. Y cómo no si estamos ante su film número 20 en donde la mayoría de ellos, por una causa o por la otra, ha quedado marcado en la vida y memoria de quienes siguen su trayectoria cinematográfica. Este director nacido en Calzada de Calatrava en España, el 1949, ha logrado con esta “peli” mostrar su madurez narrativa, pues ya no recurre al llanto desencarnado para convertir su historia en mar de lágrimas, sino que lo hace a través de lo que él mismo define como un “drama seco”. Apenas un leve temblor de ojos, pero una carga increíble contada con una letra que más bien parece de un niño de primaria y no de una actriz de la talla de Emma Suárez, Julieta descubre una realidad implacable: no importa cuán cerca se está de una persona, incluso si esa persona es un hijo, ese hecho no implica que lo conozcamos a fondo o sepamos en realidad quién es, qué prefiere, qué oculta detrás de sus silencios o por qué se va, casi para no volver. Y Silencio, justo era el título original de este film, pero el director prefirió llamarla con el nombre de su protagonista, figura que se divide en dos, pues son Adriana Ugarte, con una actuación impecable, como siempre, quien junto a la mencionada Emma Suárez, crecida como intérprete y con una solvencia actoral de primera línea, se encargan de contar, en tres décadas diferentes –que van desde 1985 hasta 2015- la vida de una mujer corriente, si se mira como a cualquier profesora de literatura clásica que se enamora, se casa y tiene una hija; que enviuda y que comienza de nuevo.

Julieta es una historia que tampoco puede catalogarse netamente de triste, porque tiene momentos muy felices. Es, a fin de cuentas, la narración del egoísmo, ensimismamiento o de la poca importancia que una mujer le da al hecho de conocer, o no, a su propia hija. Se centra en ella, en lo que quiere, lo que busca y lo que sufre a causa de su destino, dejando de lado la parte que vive Antía, que no solo es importantísima dentro de la trama, sino que da pie a una carta en forma de cuento escrito en un cuaderno, que desenmaraña la trama. Es una historia sobre la maternidad, el amor y los errores, y dónde lo que no se dice es, definitivamente, lo más importante. Julieta de 55 años se presenta como la mujer de un escritor de arte. Es aplomada, guapa y madura. Pero una esquina de Madrid cambiará su vida. Allí, en un semáforo, se encuentra a la amiga de su hija, quien cambiará con una frase, toda

Sony Pictures Classics

la historia, tanto de la película, como de la vida de su protagonista. Allí comienza el drama. Todo se desbarata y todo empieza. Es el relato que Julieta le escribe a Antía, una hija a quien tiene 12 años sin ver ni saber de ella. Elíptica y con un ritmo agradable, es tal vez un film un poco más lento que otros suyos, si se compara con “Volver”, por ejemplo, pero cada personaje es perfectamente perfilado y va dando la información precisa, con soltura y solidez, para que el espectador construya la historia y tome partido sobre la situación que presenta. No es una película redonda, tampoco la mejor de Pedro Al-

Sony Pictures Classics

modóvar, pero es, sin duda, una vuelta suya que lo reconcilia con la mayoría de sus seguidores, porque la calidad de dirección actoral de la que hace gala la cinta, es realmente impecable. Aunque toda la historia gira entorno a Adriana Ugarte –con una seria de pelucas que van marcando la década y el tiempo- y Emma Suárez en sus papeles de Julieta joven y madura respec-

Sony Pictures Classics

tivamente, Almodóvar se rodea de un excelente grupo de otras actrices que, a pesar de lo pequeño de sus roles, consiguen fascinar al espectador con sus desempeños en la cinta. Tales son los casos de Rossy de Palma, Inma Cuesta, Nathalie Poza, Susi Sánchez, Michelle Jenner y Pilar Castro. El componente masculino, con interés en la trama, pero en franco segundo plano, queda en manos de los dos hombres en la vida de Julieta: Daniel Grao y Darío Grandinetti. Puestas en escena que parecen cuadros pintados, su inseparable gusto por lo vintage, el rojo como color que lo define, un tema musical que se queda la mente y el papel tapiz rococó de las paredes, hacen de Julieta, junto a las actuaciones, el montaje y el guión, que Pedro Almodóvar siga ocupando su sitio en el universo de los buenos directores.

Apr. 12–25, 2017

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Magic City Casino Presents Four Tops in Concert on Friday, Apr. 28 Key Biscayne Presbyterian School Launches 1st Grade Program Did you know that Key Biscayne Presbyterian School is launching a new program to include 1st Grade?! KBPS is excited to announce the launch of a 1st Grade program in August 2017. The program tailored to students will utilize exceptional and advanced curriculums including: Super Kids Reading and Singapore Math. In addition, students will continue to receive the excellence in outdoor education that is characteristic of Key Biscayne Presbyterian School as they partner with The Fairchild Botanic Gardens and The Dream in Green Academy of Miami. The prospective teacher, Ms. Corey Gildersleeve, is eager to lead her students next year. Corey has a degree in Biology and Environmental Science from Colby College and is completing her Masters in Education from John Hopkins University with a 4.0 GPA. She has been teaching in Miami for 3 years and served as the Director of Palmetto Bay Mathnasium. She is a native English speaker and is also flu-

ent in Spanish. She has a passion to create memorable experiences for her students through interactive and experiential learning. Register by April 1st to receive $500 off tuition! Visit www.kbpcschool.org for more details or call 305-361-2058 to schedule a tour of our bay front facility. KBPS serves families with students ages 12 month - 1st Grade. Accepting applications now for the 2017-2018 school year.

The Four Tops [Photo courtesy of Sandra Rodriguez]

Magic City Casino, Miami’s first casino to offer Las Vegas style slot machines, will present a Motown concert by the Grammy award-winning Four Tops, on Friday, April 28 (8 p.m.). The Four Tops, one of the longest-running soulful quartets of its genre, will be performing at Stage 305, as their only South Florida stop. “We can’t wait to see the Four Tops hit the stage! These Motown hit-makers will show the audience a fantastic time and remind us why their music never goes out of style,” said Scott Savin, Chief Operating Officer of Magic City Casino. “The audience won’t be able to help itself and will dance along to each one of these timeless tunes.” Ranking with The Temptations and The Supremes, the Four Tops amassed a large fan base around the world during the 1960s with hits including Ain’t No Woman, I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch) and Reach Out I’ll Be There. They were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1990 and earned a Grammy Lifetime Achievement award in 2009. The concert is open to all ages. Tickets start at $25. VIP Tables are available for $500 and include seating for four. For more details, visit www.magiccitycasino.com or call 844.234.SHOW. Magic City Casino will present the following entertainment: April 15 Raul Acosta & Oro Sólido (9 p.m.) May 26 Burger Beast presents Hamburger House Party (7 p.m.) June 8 Carlos Mencia headlining Ultimate Miami Comedian (8 p.m.) June 9 RuPaul’s Drag Race winners, Sharon Needles & Jinkx Monsoon, headlining Ultimate Miami Drag Queen (9 p.m.) June 10 TKA, Rob Base and Lime headlining Ultimate Miami Bartender (9 p.m.)




Serving Coral Gables, Key Biscayne, Downtown MIA, the Design District, and all of South FL

Apr. 12–25, 2017


Country-Theme Celebration Benefits Broward Performing Arts Center MORE THAN $250,000 RAISED TO BENEFIT THE CENTER’S EDUCATION AND ENRICHMENT PROGRAMS The Broward Performing Arts Foundation’s Annual Celebration raised more than $250,000 for the outstanding education and enrichment programs at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts. The country chic-themed benefit kicked off with a cocktail reception at the beautiful Huizenga Pavilion and Wendt Terraces overlooking the New River. Guests then moved into the Au-Rene Theater for a memorable “Up Close and Acoustic” performance by the awardwinning Rascal Flatts. Following the performance, the curtain rose on a spectacular setting for a party onstage where guests enjoyed an elegant dinner and dancing

Beverly and Joel Altman [Photos courtesy of EmmaJean Livingston]

Marty and Terri Cole

Robert Lochrie, Lisa Kitei, and Kelley Shanley

Douglas and Linda Von Allmen

well into the night. “There is so much to celebrate at the Broward Center,” said Broward Center President & CEO Kelley Shanley. “We are experiencing our busiest concert season on record this year and since the Rose Miniaci Arts Education Center opened, we are seeing consistent growth in class attendance. Next season, our Broadway series will feature four South Florida premieres and in the following year, we will be the first South Florida venue to get ‘Hamilton’.” “We appreciate our donors, our underwriters and all the patrons who have supported the arts at the Broward

Deborah and Gary Wendt

Charlie and Laura Palmer, Anne and Bill Scherer

Lorraine Thomas and Diana Metcalf with Rascal Flatts

Center over the years,” said Robert Lochrie, Chair of the Broward Performing Arts Foundation. Lochrie, who, as a child, was introduced to the theater at the historic Parker Playhouse in Fort Lauderdale, spoke of future plans for the venue which has been managed successfully by the Broward Center for more than a decade. At the end of his remarks, he invited all the celebration guests to join him on stage. Dinner was served and the party continued. For more information about the Broward Performing Arts Foundation, call 954-468-3284 or email Foundation@BrowardCenter.org.

Jon Hines and Ann Burris

Noreen Salah Burpee and Bill Burpee

Cindy and Ray Rodriguez, Jamie and Terry Stiles

Apr. 12–25, 2017

Serving Coral Gables, Key Biscayne, Downtown MIA, the Design District, and all of South FL INYBN |






Continued from page 1

cultural exchange that information and experience are shared. Being able to mutually benefit from that collaborative interaction requires a very important element: people. “So much of what we do is dependent upon the residents and community. When a board member seat becomes available, it is open to the public. Not only are members selected from the public, but we try to base our Sister Cities selections from interest of Gables residents,” commented Mayor Cason. Though community involvement is vital to the procedure, becoming a Sister City with Coral Gables is a time-consuming process. “We have an international affairs advisory committee, which is made up of appointed members. When they meet, the Commissioner and rest of the board decide if there is a vacancy in the program.” From that point, they would then pick a new city based on knowledge gathered from members of the board. Typically, each member brings personal knowledge of a region, which in turn would be utilized by the board. This knowledge—along with interest from the potential city—would be the first steps in developing the relationship that could blossom into something more. This would be the staging

area of the greater experience of Sister Cities. “Once a Sister City has been established, there is a wealth of exchange that takes place. At the end of March, we had a Guatemalan booth set up at our farmer’s market promoting their culture,” noted Mayor Cason. It is events such as these

that play an important role in the development of Sister Cities. There are also moments when Coral Gables is able to showcase and provide vital services to other cultures. Gables emergency services—fire department, police force, and paramedics—are some of the most distinguished in the nation. These departments have

The stellar work of the Coral Gables Fire Department is showcased both in the prowless and giving heart. [Photo courtesy of Evelyn Paz]

The concept of Sister Cities embodies the exchange of culture, ideas, and resources for the betterment of all involved. Strengthening these bonds will enrich both communities and bolster understanding among peoples. “The City Beautiful was, and still is, designed to be a gateway to the world. Before the rest of the country, Merrick had a plan of an outwardlooking city. He had a different vision. We’ve been able to use what the world offers us. That’s why you see our city today with such a rich international flavor.” For more information on Sister Cities or get involved, visit http://coralgables.com/ index.aspx?page=330. For any questions regarding the program, please contact Evelyn Paz, Assistant to the Mayor, at epaz@coralgables.com or 305-460-5220. The La Antigua Firetruck Donation gifted a valuable resource to one of the City Beautiful’s Sister Cities. [Photo courtesy of Evelyn Paz]

been able to help train and share many of their practices with Sister Cities to enhance their communities. The City of Coral Gables was awarded the 2016 Sister Cities Humanitarian Assistance Award for cities with a population of less than 100,000 for the exchange between the City and La Antigua,

Guatemala pertaining to a fire truck donation. “We were able to assist in the development of crucial emergency forces overseas. We’ve even been able to provide equipment to areas in extreme need. Guatemala was gifted two firetrucks through Sister Cities,” boasted Mayor Cason.

Chris Carson A West Virginia native, Chris Carson is a WVU alum. After working in the fitness and customer service industries for the better part of two decades, he now lives and writes in Philadelphia. While residing in the City of Brotherly Love, Chris indulges his interests as a lover of red wine and appealing alliteration, while constantly wait i ng for t he next great adventure that life has to offer.




Serving Coral Gables, Key Biscayne, Downtown MIA, the Design District, and all of South FL

Apr. 12–25, 2017



Children’s Harbor hosted its 5th Annual Harbor Lights Gala at the W Hotel in Fort Lauderdale, an elegant “Red Carpet” event that raised $200,000 for the non-profit foster care agency. The 5th Annual Harbor Lights Gala was presented by Ultimate Software and UPS, in support of Children’s Harbor, which keeps siblings together in loving foster care homes. Guests dressed in their “Red Carpet” finest ball gowns and tuxes, mingled with a Marilyn Monroe impersonator during the cocktail hour, then moved into a sumptuously decorated ballroom for dinner and dancing. UPS and Royal Caribbean/Celebrity Cruises were honored with the 2017 Beacon Award which is given to individuals and organizations that for their outstanding contributions towards bettering the lives of children in Broward County. The highlight of the evening was an appeal to “Bridge the Gap” by refurbishing the apartments in Brown’s Harbor, a collaboration between Children’s Harbor, and the Selfless Love Foundation established by Ashley and Ed Brown, to take over the operation of a campus for youth

aging out of the foster care system. This new project is a supportive housing program for 18-23 year olds which includes twenty 2-bedroom apartments, a community center as well as on-site support and guidance. “A hugely successful appeal to make these apartments a place that inspires and encourages our youth to dream big and reach their goals, exceeded our wildest expectations,” said Children’s Harbor President and CEO Dr. Elizabeth Wynter. “Thanks to generous supporters and a match by Ed and Ashley Brown, we raised enough funds to renovate three units.” “Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors and supporters, we are able to make a significant difference in the lives of children and youth who we serve everyday. So many who come from homes filled with abuse and neglect need healing,” said Board Chair Sherry Stein. “We want to thank everyone who has helped Children’s Harbor become a place where siblings in foster care grow up together, where they feel safe and loved and where they know they matter,” Visit Childrensharbor.org to learn more.

Seated L to R: Lisa Lutoff Perlo, Gregory Purdy, Anne Purdy, Standing L to R: Andre Perlo, Erin and Patrik Dahlgren.

Seated L to R: Suzanne & William Lowe, Gladys and Johnny Boan,, Standing L to R: Fernando & Claudia Spada, Gaby & Jeff Franklin.

Seated L to R: Doug Stein, Richard & Naseema Outram. Standing L to R: Nellie Stein, Coleen Nelson, Chris and Nataly Askew.

Warren Wirth, Sherry Stein, Heather Geronemous, and Ed Galante.

Standing L to R: Joe Jennings, Elizabeth Wynter, Jeff Elkins, Rick and Neeta Madan, Terri and Jeffrey Knight. Seated L to R: Ed and Ashley Brown, Karen and Scott Rassler.

Seated L to R: Delia Gaines, Brenda and Howard Forman, Diana Runcie, Standing L to R: Melida Akiti, Dawn and Mike Quaranta, and Robert Runcie.

Bill Mahoney, Charnley Conway, Karla Nickell, Sherry Stein, and Marty Alexander.

Bill Mahoney, Karla Nickell, Lisa Lutoff-Perlo, Gregory Purdy, Sherry Stein, Patrik Dahlgren, and Marty Alexander.

Top L to R: Alfredo Aguirre, Terry Delehanty, Marty Alexander, Erin Alexander, Sandy Alexander, Michelle Shev, BTM Row L to R: Gloria Aguirre, Diane Delehanty, and Stephen Fuller.

Erin and Sandy Alexander with Marilyn Monroe Impersonator Erika Norell. [Photos courtesy of Kim Rodriguez]

Apr. 12–25, 2017

Serving Coral Gables, Key Biscayne, Downtown MIA, the Design District, and all of South FL INYBN |




Key Biscayne Lions Club Members Enjoy Camaraderie at Their Annual Pancake Breakfast Benefiting Eye and Diabetes Charities

Allan Joseph, Todd Jonas [Photos courtesy of Maritza Minor]

Nancy & Ted Schwarz, Peggy Hawkins

Frank Caplan, Mike O’Brien, Robert Vernon

Nora Camejo, Rosemarie Heinrich

Helmut Heinrich, Howard Sanders, Mikel Achaval



1345 N. MIAMI AVE.


19,500 + sq.ft. on a 18,000 sq.ft. lot in Miami’s hottest development area, south of Wynwood. Zoned T6-8 Residential up to 90+ units mixed use, commercial flex. Call for full executive summary. $7.5M

Mixed use, 2-story 15 fully occupied retail/office spaces of 10,340 sq.ft. adjacent to Key Biscayne Shopping Center and Winn Dixie with shared covered parking. Fantastic investment and high appreciation value. $5.675M


NEW FOR SALE 401 RIDGEWOOD RD. Premium corner lot in center of Key Biscayne. $1.849M 234 NE 3RD ST. The Loft Downtown. 2/2 loft. $305,000. Also for rent: $2,100/month.

Corner lot of 30,000 sq.ft. of land. Zoned mixed-use, part of Miami 21. Walking distance to future site of Soccer Stadium. Fastest growing area in the urban core. Next to Historic district near Lummus Park and Riverfront. Five folio’s. $4.7M

185 SW 7TH ST. UNIT 3803. Latitude On The River. 2/2 with panoramic views. $399,000

RENTALS AVAILABLE 322 MADEIRA AVE. UNIT 404. 2/2 in the heart of Coral Gables. $2,400/month. Unfurnished. Also for sale at $410,000 350 S MIAMI AVE. UNIT 3907. WIND BY NEO. Furnished 1/1. 6 months rental $2,200/mo.





An International Associate of Savills




Serving Coral Gables, Key Biscayne, Downtown MIA, the Design District, and all of South FL

Apr. 12–25, 2017


Miami Crooner Jeff Grainger Keeps Sinatra Spirit Swinging Continued from page 1

to impromptu wedding singer at his friends’ events. Since relocating to Miami in 1998 from Chicago, Grainger first started to perform at an Italian restaurant on Key Biscayne. “I noticed they were playing mostly Frank and Dean; so, I told the owner that I can perform that music if they were ever looking to have live music there. He said ‘let’s try it out’, and it just kind of snowballed from there,” said Grainger of his first breakthrough gig. As word got out, he started to perform at other restaurants, charity events, corporate events, parties and weddings including annual fundraisers organized by the South Florida chapters of Boys and Girls Club and Big Brothers Big Sisters. Then, when Carmine’s in Kendall opened in 2012, he sang there every Friday and Saturday night. As much as Jeff loves singing the music of his musical idol, it doesn’t fully support the lifestyle he wishes to maintain. Like many artists, he has a day job that supple-

“I noticed they were playing mostly Frank and Dean; so, I told the owner that I can perform that music if they were ever looking to have live music there.”

Jeff Grainger performing with the Hoboken 11 band

a nd open i ng up for Dea n Mar tin’s daughter, Deana, at her concert in Boca Raton last month. For Grainger, performing revolves around his enjoyment and ability to make a little extra rather than the prospect of getting recognized for his work. “I like to think of myself as a Michael Buble who sounds a bit more like Sinatra,” observes Grainger, underlining that it’s mainly for leisure only. “If I get discovered, that’s great. But at this point, I’m just having fun with it.” When asked why Miamians should celebrate Sinatra’s music in today’s world, Grainger points out that the younger generations of music lovers can still relate to the velvety sounds of generations before them. “Music today is so much different,” remarks Grainger. “I used to wonder if a younger crowd would like what I do.” But the youthful crowds at some of his recent concerts have put to rest any doubts he may have had before. In addition to his striking musical resemblance to Ol’ Blue Eyes,

ments his income for his family. In his “regular” job, Jeff is a marketing manager; come weekends, he becomes “The Miami Crooner”, the Frank Sinatra impersonator backed by the “Hoboken 11” band. “To me, when I perfor m, my goal is to try to sound as much as I can like Sinatra or Dean Martin or whoever I am trying to perform like,” notes Grainger. “I get a kick out of it when I see faces in the audience and they say ‘is this guy really singing this, or is this a CD?’” That’s often the remark by patrons who dine at Amici’s, a Kendall restaurant where he has been per- Liz Kobak forming for a couple Liz Kobak is a freelance writer with bases in New years. He has even York and Miami. An avid tennis player and former top-ranked junior, Liz has written on variheard that comment af- ous beats from sports ter performing at fun- (mainly tennis) to art draiser events at Fair- (her college major). In her spare time, Liz child Tropical Botanic can be found on the Gardens, Legends Ra- tennis courts, singing dio’s Sinatra Saturday ‘80s songs at her local karaoke bar and volevent in Palm Beach unteering.

Jeff is on the younger side and has a big band backing him up unlike most other live Sinatra-style performers in South Florida. “The younger crowd seemed to love it,” says Grainger of his most recent performances in front of a younger audience at a Jack Daniel’s event. “And it reassured me that people still appreciate good music.”

“What separates my band is that they’re a younger band,” adds Grainger. “They add a little extra Latin flare to it since most members originate from the Havana symphony orchestra. I’m also bit younger than a lot of the other Sinatra tribute people I have run into.” Looking ahead at additional Sinatra performances, Jeff says he’s stacked with spring

gigs on Saturdays at Amici’s, corporate and private events and festivals. Find out online at miamicrooner.com about “The Miami Crooner’s” upcoming performance schedule with his Hoboken 11 band (named after the lucky dice number 11 and Sinatra’s hometown) and whether they’re bringing an old swing vibe to a venue near you.

Apr. 12–25, 2017

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MOCA Presents Synergism: Ekaterina and Victor Khromin Workshop Schedule The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), North Miami is currently featuring the exhibition Synergism: Ekaterina and Victor Khromin through May 21, 2017. With careers that began in Soviet Russia, Ekaterina and Victor (1948-2015) developed Synergism as a new art method through a combination of traditional art methods including drawing, sculpture, painting and collage. Throughout the months of April and May, there will be different workshops to learn about the elements of art through the style of Synergism. The exhibition’s workshop schedule is listed below. All events take place at The Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami, 770 NE 125th Street, Miami, FL 33161.

Saturday, Apr. 15: Masterpieces of Russian Animation • Time: 2:00 – 4:00 p.m. • Description: Based on traditional Russian fairy tales, children’s stories, and folk tales, the Soviet Union produced a stunning array of animated films which have been recognized as classic masterpieces of animation. This family-friendly afternoon will feature storytelling and animation by masters such as Yuriy Norshteyn, Ivan Ivanov-Vano, Lev Atamanov, Boris Dehzhkin, and others. • Price: Free with Museum admission; free to MOCA members and North Miami residents.

Saturday, Apr. 22: Synergism: The Collage of Our Memories

Thursday, May 4: MOCA Shakers: Artist VIP Tour

• Time: 2:00 – 4:00 p.m. • Description: Artist-led hands on workshop. Participants should bring two to three everyday objects (wood, leather, rubber, ceramics, metal, no fabrics) with a personal connection to their lives and hometown. Objects will be combined to create a community collage/art piece reflective of Ekaterina and Victor Khromin’s aesthetics. Participants will share personal histories and discuss contemporary art aesthetics. • Price: $10 per person; $5 to MOCA members and North Miami residents. Materials fee included in admission. • Ages: Open to teens ages 13 to 17 and adults.

• Time: 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. • Description: Become a MOCA Shaker and join us for VECHERINKA an exciting evening mixer featuring a vodka tasting, Russian delicacies and music, and a conversational tour with exhibition artist Ekaterina Khromin. • Price: $10 per person; $5 for MOCA members and North Miami residents. For more information, visit mocanomi.org or call 305-893-6211.

Saturday, Apr. 29: What You Can’t Let Your Parents Do in the Car • Time: 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. • Description: Family-friendly safety activities and hands-on coloring experience based on Ekaterina Khromin’s work as a children’s book illustrator. This program is offered with the cooperation of Lauren’s Kids and the Miami-Dade Police Department. • Price: Free with Museum admission; free to MOCA members and North Miami residents. • Ages: Open to children ages 5 to 8 and adults.

i m a i M e m i Pr Properties le! Now Availab

47th Floor — Incredible Views

2/1 — Heart of Coral Gables

321 Catalonia Ave: 2/1 in the heart of Coral Gables. House has wooden floors throughout. Newly remodeled kitchen, New washer and Dryer in the garage. Attractive price for the location. Less than a mile from Miracle Mile, close to the highways and US1, near the beaches and Coconut Grove. Call (305) 445-6921 today for complete details.

253 NE 2 ST Apt. 4704: Gorgeous 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo on the 47th floor in the highly sought after Vizcayne Condominium. Unit has 2 balconies and offers breathtaking views of the city. The unit has tile throughout except in the bedroom which has carpet. Master bath has a jacuzzi tub and separate shower, and his and hers sinks with plenty of storage space. There is a flat screen TV in the living room that is included with the rental of this unit. Unit also has a storage space in the parking garage and washer and dryer inside the unit. This unit is priced extremely fair in comparison to other units on lower floors. Close to highways, of walking distance to Bayside and the AAA Arena. Call (305) 445-6921 today for complete details.

Call the listing agent today! Cell (786) 487-0524 | Office (305) 445-6921




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Apr. 12–25, 2017


NAIOP South Florida Celebrates 2017 Awards of Excellence Winners NAIOP South Florida, a Commercial Real Estate Development Organization, recognized the winners of its 2017 Awards of Excellence last week at The Ritz Carlton. The Awards of Excellence highlighted the individuals and companies whose achievements have contributed to the local commercial real estate industry, benefited the regional business environment and facilitated economic growth. The Great Gatsby-themed dinner and ceremony also celebrated NAIOP South Florida’s 40th anniversary. “This year’s Awards of Excellence was phenomenal in terms of participation, turnout and impact on our regional commercial real estate community,” said NAIOP South Florida Executive Director Jules R. Morgan. “The caliber of the submissions we received this year was unsurpassed. The esteemed panel of judges had a challenging time determining the winners as all of the finalists deserved to win!” The categories and winners of the 2017 Awards of Excellence are: Industrial Lease Transaction of the Year: Graybar at Port 95 Business Center, Cushman & Wakefield and CBRE Industrial Sale of the Year Over $50 Million: South Florida Logistics Center, CBRE Group, Inc. Industrial Sale of the Year Under $50 Million: Palm Beach Small Bay Industrial Portfolio, Cushman & Wakefield and CBRE Industrial Broker of the Year: Team of Larry Genet and Tom O’Loughlin of CBRE Office Lease Transaction of the Year: Dell Corporation Comcast, CBRE, Inc. and Colliers International South Florida Office Sale of the Year Over $50 Million: Southeast Financial Center, HFF

Office Sale of the Year Under $50 Million: 200 Southeast First Building, Marcus & Millichap Office Broker of the Year – Investment Sales: Team of Joseph Chick, Andrew Chilgren, Amy Julian, Christian Lee, Jose Lobon, Marcos Minaya and Tyler Ploshnick of CBRE Office Broker of the Year – Leasing: Team of Tere Blanca, Andres del Corral, Flavia Eternod, Danette Linares and Juan Ruiz of Blanca Commercial Real Estate Renovation/Rehab Project of the Year: Plantation Pointe Redevelopment, Torburn Partners Creative Deal Maker of the Year: Plantation Pointe Drainage Reconfiguration, Torburn Partners Project of the Year: Centergate at Gratigny II, Gibson Development Partners (recently merged with Foundry

Commercial) Member of the Year: Eric D. Swanson of Treadwell Franklin Infrastructure Capital Developer of the Year: Bridge Development Partners Game Changer of the Year: Brickell City Center, Swire Properties Banyan Street Capital founder and Chief Executive Officer Rudy Touzet presented the 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award to Alice Lucia Jackson, who recently retired from JLL as senior vice president.

Joe Galinis of Itasca Construction with NAIOP South Florida Board of Directors Executive Committee President-Elect Heidi Davis-Knapik of Gunster, Yoakley & Stewart, P.A. [Photos courtesy of Lexi Robinson]

Developer of the Year Award recipients Kevin Carroll, Eddy Santamarina and Brian Latta of Bridge Development Partners

NAIOP South Florida Board Member Stephanie Rodriguez of Duke Realty, NAIOP South Florida Marketing and Accounting Coordinator Alba Garcia and Executive Director Jules Morgan

Gene Berman of Marcus & Millichap and NAIOP South Florida Board of Directors Executive Committee Treasurer Marc Kopelman of Raymond James Financial

Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Alice Lucia Jackson with NAIOP South Florida Board Member Stephanie Rodriguez of Duke Realty

Mike Lucia, Kristina Lucia, Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Alice Lucia Jackson, AutoNation CEO Mike Jackson

Member of the Year Award recipient Eric D. Swanson of Treadwell Franklin Infrastructure Capital

Game Changer of the Year Award recipient and Swire Properties President Kieran Bowers, developer of Brickell City Center

For more information, visit www.naiopsfl.org.

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Apr. 12–25, 2017




F A R M D AY Students at Key Biscayne Presbyterian School recently completed a unit on the study of Farm Animals, Spring and the Life Cycle. As a culmination of their studies, students enjoyed an onsite petting zoo, with the opportunity to see and feed many animals they had learned about. Students even got to learn how to milk a cow with the help of our friend “Bessie The Cow.” KBPS is passionate about creating hands-on learning experiences that make learning FUN! KBPS is enrolling now for the 2017-2018 School Year. Ages 12 months - 1st Grade. Visit kbpcschool.org or call 305-361-2058 to schedule a tour.

Photos courtesy of Cierra Bragan


Hear the Future in Every Voice Presents



2016-17 Season

3-color variation 1

Let the Children Sing Sun., May 21, 2017 • 4:00PM

First United Methodist Church of Coral Gables 3-color variation 536 Coral 2Way • Coral Gables, 33134-4915 $25 General Admission | $10 Children (age 5-18) MCC Alumni & Senior Citizens [Available through Miami-Dade County Golden Ticket Program] For more information, call 305.662.7494 or visit us online at miamichildrenschorus.org 3-color variation 3 miamichildrenschorus







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Apr. 12–25, 2017


‘Pines Day’ Marks 57 Years Cuban-American Art Now for City of Pembroke Pines on Display at Nature Center

The City of Pembroke Pines will celebrate its 57th birthday with Pines Day, featuring a full afternoon of free family fun at the new, state-of-the-art Pembroke Pines City Center from noon to 6 p.m. on Saturday, April 22. “We’re very excited to hold the 57th Pines Day at our new Pembroke Pines City Center,” said Mayor Frank C. Ortis. “It’s a great time to celebrate and look back to see just how far we’ve come in the growth of our city, as well as look to the future, in being a diverse, inclusive and economically vibrant community.” Pines Day will feature the selection of the 2017 Royal Court in which girls between the ages of 3 to 16 will be crowned during the Miss Pembroke Pines Royal Court Pageant. Other highlights include a Kids Konnection Business Expo, Children’s stage performances, Food Truck Invasion and chances to win prizes. In addition, the celebration will promote the Pembroke Pines Kindness Initiative and honor Earth Day with several related interactive stations for guests to enjoy. Festivities conclude with the La Hora Loca Party featuring stilt walkers, and the cake cutting ceremony of the Pembroke Pines 10-foot birthday cake. At 8 p.m., One Night of Queen performed by Gary Mullen and the Works will take the stage in the Great Hall. Fans can relive their favorite classics

Free Reception for Artist Nicole Salcedo Sunday, Apr. 16

Image courtesy of Savannah Whaley

with songs like “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “Killer Queen,” “Crazy Little Thing Called Love,” “We Are the Champions” and many more. Tickets to the concert are $22.50 - $75 and are available through Ticketmaster.com or by phone 800-7453000. Sponsored by Bright Star Credit Union, Pines Day is presented by the City of Pembroke Pines with additional sponsorship support from the Professional Firefighters of Pembroke Pines Local #2292, American Pediatric Dental Group, NAIDU Orthodontics, Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, and 3 Lil’ Divas Photography. Memorial Hospital Systems and Joe Di Maggio Children’s Hospital are sponsors of the Kids Konnection Business Expo and La Hora Loca, and FPL is sponsor of the birthday cake. The Pembroke Pines City Center is located at 601 City Center Way, Pembroke Pines. For more information please call 954-392-2116 or visit pembrokepinescitycenter.org.

On Sunday, April 16th, 2017 from 3:00 - 6:00 at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Biscayne Nature Center (MSDBNC), Nicole Salcedo will unveil her paintings Nectar of the Sable Palm. Salcedo’s remarkable collection is not to be missed by nature-lovers. These unconventional illustrations are a celebration of Florida’s scenery and people in nature. Visitors and families will surely be inspired to journey into the outdoors by Salcedo’s masterpieces. On Salcedo’s expression of nature, MSDBNC Naturalists said, “it’s the breath of fresh air everyone needs.” Each original painting will be available for purchase in the MSDBNC gallery direct from the artist. 30% of all sales support under-served children’s programming at the MSDBNC. Nicole Salcedo is a CubanAmerican artist born and raised in Miami, FL. In 2010, she earned her BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Salcedo has eagerly returned to Miami to recover from her tropical withdrawal after living in the Midwest. The MSDBNC is pleased to partner Salcedo’s quirky, ecological perspective with

its mission to encourage citizen participation in protecting Florida’s environment. Don’t miss this fabulous, family opportunity to meet with and own a masterpiece from Nicole Salcedo in person. Refreshments will be served. For information on the center, visit http://www.biscaynenaturecenter.org.

Image courtesy of Theodora Long

Apr. 12–25, 2017

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More Than Meets The Eye at Frost Science Museum Special Exhibition — SEEING: WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT — from Science Gallery Dublin Through October 20, 2017

The Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science is proud to announce its first special exhibition, SEEING: WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT?, supported by Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, part of the University of Miami Health System. SEEING will make its debut on May 8, 2017 when the museum opens to the public and will be on view in the West Wing through October 20, 2017. Making its United States debut after its premiere at Science Gallery Dublin in Ireland, SEEING questions how eyes, brains and robots see, while tackling the

Photo courtesy of Paola Villanueva

Photo courtesy of Paola Villanueva

complex sensory experience of vision, understanding and perception. Is vision just one way to see? How do our brains interpret what’s in front of our eyes? How do machines understand what they’re looking at, and will they change how we look at the world? Developed by the Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin and curated by ophthalmologist Kate Coleman, computer engineer Gerry Lacey, neurobiologist Semir Zeki and Science Gallery Dublin Director Lynn Scarff, SEEING investigates biological and technological sight with interactive artworks examining the limits of machine recognition and the latest innovations in sight enhancement. Optics, perspective and comprehension are illuminated while augmented ways of seeing, artificial eyes and radical alternatives are also explored. The exhibition examines the subjectivity of sight, the other senses that shape our view of the world, and the unexpected parallels between hu-

man and machine vision. “SEEING is an exciting addition to Frost Science’s exhibition offerings as it merges the fields of science and art in an unprecedented way, showcasing the cutting-edge science of perception through the lens of 21 talented international scientists, innovators and artists,” said Alexandra Kuechenberg, Frost Science Creative Director. “This exhibition will be hugely impactful for Miami in exposing the community to current research and technology in a uniquely creative way.” Wondering what else to expect at SEEING? Here are some highlights: • Sight Without Light — This interactive exhibit will allow guests to try out one form of echolocation and learn how the same part of your brain — the visual cortex — is used to picture surroundings with sounds as people with sight do with their eyes. It’s sight without light.

piece by Suki Chan demonstrates the mechanics of visual perception. Using eye tracking technology, guests are invited to participate and make the surprising discovery that their gaze changes what they are seeing and hearing. • Synesthesia: Colored Music — Using colored shapes, visitors assemble a sequence and a computer transforms it into an audio-visual experi-

Photo courtesy of Paola Villanueva

ence. This merging of senses evokes the experience of synesthesia. • 3RNP — Will a computer see you the way you see yourself? In this interactive piece by Patrick Tresset, guests can sit for a life-drawing class with three robots named Paul and receive a digital version of their drawn portrait. “Science Gallery Dublin is beyond excited to bring our SEEING exhibition on its inaugural tour to the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science,” said Lynn Scarff, Director, Science Gallery Dublin. “We are honored that SEEING Photo courtesy of Paola Villanueva will be part of the opening program at Frost Science. Their track record in • D-EYE – This exhibition uses a soengaging young adults in emerging phisticated lens that attaches to a science and cutting edge technology smartphone to capture an image of makes this a perfect collaboration and the back of the eye — the retina. Usthe beginning of many more partnering this modern-day digital ophthalships into the future.” moscope, a device that allows you SEEING will officially open durto see the structures inside the eye, ing Frost Science’s grand opening on healthcare professionals can examine Monday, May 8 and will be on view the retinal wall for signs of health isthrough October 20, 2017. The exhibit sues - such as diabetes, glaucoma, will span through floors two and three age-related macular degeneration, hyof the museum’s West Wing. Frost pertension and melanomas or cancers. Science will also be launching a bi• 20/X — In this immersive piece from monthly evening event series that dives McMullen_Winkler, guests view the deeper into the topics explored in the world from the perspective of a com- exhibition. Additional information on puter as they navigate through the dif- the exhibition, events and programming ferent levels of an algorithm used by a can be found at frostscience.org/seeing. computer to identify things. Admission to SEEING is included in all • Lucida III — This moving image museum admission tickets.

Photo courtesy of Paola Villanueva




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Apr. 12–25, 2017


Blue Wild Ocean Adventure Expo Returns to Broward County Convention Center April 22-23 Sheri Daye, producer of the 10th Annual Blue Wild Ocean Adventure Expo announced the popular water sports expo which features exhibits, seminars, demos, marine art and more will return to the Greater Fort Lauderdale/Broward County Convention Center April 22-23, 2017. What began as a small charity event has evolved over the past decade and flourished into an exciting, two-day event. The 2017 Blue Wild Ocean Adventure Expo will exceed 65,000 square feet, host 160 exhibitors and anticipates 5,000 attendees. Highlights include seminars and exhibits on freediving, scuba, spearfishing, fishing, marine art, underwater photography and videography, paddle boarding, adventure travel, and more. The popular Kids Zone will offer face painting, art classes and crab races – the event offers activities for the whole family to enjoy. Attendees will be fascinated by the variety of celebrity speakers like TV personality, Manny Puig and other experts who are a “who’s who” in the underwater worlds of freediving, spearfishing, photography, video and more. Handson workshops offer proven techniques and include: Yoga Session, Lionfish Preparation and Sampling, Marine Art Printmaking, Fish Filleting Demos, How to Hunt Off Your SUP and more. “I’m thrilled to be celebrating our tenth anniversary this year. We strive to

Photos courtesy of Diana Hanford

offer an exciting atmosphere where likeminded ocean lovers and watersport enthusiasts of all ages can meet up and socialize,” said Sheri Daye, producer of the Blue Wild Ocean Adventure Expo. “I’ve crafted the expo be both educational and entertaining where attendees can learn about latest techniques and products, shop for great deals, listen to the best speakers and network with one another.” For marine art fans, The Blue Wild Ocean Adventure Expo has one of the most impressive collections -- from the world-renowned to the local scene with artists such as Carey Chen, Don


Atonement A Cantata by Marvin David Levy

Sunday, April 23- 4 PM Temple Israel of Greater Miami 137 NE 19 Street, Miami, 33132

Tickets: $20-$40; $5 Students

Elizabeth Caballero Elaine Rinaldi Michael Hendrick Tenor Soprano Conductor

www.OrchestraMiami.org or (305) 274-2103

Ray, Randall Scott, Jason Mathias, and many more. Returning exhibitors include Aqua Lung, Mares, Cressi, SEAC, PADI, Pelagic, Bass Pro, YETI, Florida Freedivers, Island Water Sports, Nautical Ventures, Wong Spearguns, and many more. The Expo is pleased to welcome several new exhibitors such as NAUI, Reef Photo and Video, and Coco View Resort. Adding to the excitement, the Expo also has state-of-the-art water toys, kayaks, and Contender Boats. The Blue Wild Ocean Adventure Expo is known for its high-energy crowds and fun vibe. The diverse crowd includes visitors, experts and exhibitors from all over the world who flock to Fort Lauderdale for its desirable and central location. Water-lovers can also take advantage of the year-round tropical

weather and warm waters. Entry is $20 at the door and includes a free goodie bag (while supplies last) and free entry to the Saturday night After-Party at the Fort Lauderdale Beach Courtyard Marriott. For more information, visit www.TheBlueWild.com or check out a video from last year: https:// youtu.be/I-a2kXyejIQ

Apr. 12–25, 2017

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(Be)Longing. [Photo courtesy of ArkType]

(Be)Longing. [Photo courtesy of ArkType]

Arts Performances Explore Gun Violence Continued from page 1

followed in Newtown and then in Orlando but also why people equate guns with power.” Jafferis added, “I was not affected the way Byron was, but I lost friends and students in New Haven; so, the show became a way for us to work through trying to understand how we all are similar to these shooters and their victims … and how we are different,” he observed.


rom the onset, Jafferis and Au Yong wanted Trigger to be more than the stereotypical one-show performance. It was designed to initiate dialogue and connect people but also to serve as a multidisciplinary exploration at colleges and universities throughout the country. Trigger premiered at Virginia Tech in March and has now come to Miami. Recently, st udent s a nd facu lt y throughout Miami-Dade College joined forces by deploying their skills and talents in preparation for “Trigger”:

with a moment of silence. The march enabled students, faculty and staff to take a personal stance against gun violence and voice their opinions on banners, t-shirts, and their own signs at an open microphone • On April 11th: The English, Communications and Theatre Departments throughout MDC collaborated for The Gun Plays performance. Poems authored by students in a creative writing class were shared with playwriting students – for scripting and staging, to produce a short play performed by acting students alongside specific poetry selections that were read aloud by the poets. The large mural was projected again at Black Box — the Lehman Theatre on the North Dade Campus of Miami-Dade College. • Tuesday, April 18th: The MDC School of Justice will host a panel discussion with faculty, elected officials and law enforcement personnel to talk about strategies for reducing gun violence in our neighborhoods. The public is invited to attend; discussions will include resources available to citizens for their voices

• On April 4: The Unveiling of the Trigger Mural Design took place at the breezeway between buildings 7/8 at the North Campus of Miami Dade College. Created by Victor Gomez and his art students, the mural, which mirrors the students’ poetry written in a Creative Writing class and is ref lective of the upcoming Trigger performance was displayed on a large plasma screen. The powerful illustration combines text with iconic photography for a large visual impact. • The March Against Gun Violence & Leaders With Attitude sponsored by the Student Government Association followed the mural unveiling, along (Be)Longing. [Photo courtesy of ArkType]

(Be)Longing. [Photo courtesy of ArkType]

to be heard. The event will feature a Q&A session where experiences can be shared, questions can be asked and recommendations provided.


n Friday, April 21st, a free performance of social action oratorio Trigger will be presented in two acts. In Act One, a local cast comprised primarily of MDC students will perform the large-scale musical alongside their own original

work in response to the theme “gun violence”. In Act Two, the audience becomes part of the show by participating in a town hall segment where they will be invited to think about gun violence and its consequences: belonging and isolation, forgiveness and justice, freedom and safety. They will be asked to assume the role of active negotiators by joining a conversation about advocacy or learn more about organizations dedicated to eradicating gun violence. TRIGGER will be presented at 7pm at the Lehman Theatre, MDC North Campus, and 11380 NW 27th Ave, Building 5 Miami, FL Following the MDC Live Arts performance, Trigger will be introduced in New Haven, Connecticut this June and the in San Francisco in 2018. Kim Hutchinson A fourth generation Floridian, Kim Hutchinson is Founder/President of KTH Communication Solutions specializing in public relations, marketing and social media. She has an MBA from FIU’s Chapman School of Business and a Bachelor of Science from its School of Journalism and Mass Communications. Prior to opening her own firm, Kim worked for over two decades at the famed luxury 7,000 acre Casa de Campo resort in the Dominican Republic as the Director of Marketing and Public Relations.




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Apr. 12–25, 2017


F O R T L AU D E R DA L E FA S H I O N Underground Lauderdale Fashion Weekend Part 2 Presented by The Colonnade Outlets at Sawgrass Mills. The eventful weekend included:

signer Angela George and “Queen of the Night” Susanne Bartsch. • Designer handbag giveaway presented by The Colonnade Outlets at Sawgrass Mills. Attendees opted-in for the chance to win one of four handbags during • The debut of fashion designer Nicole Miller’s 2017 Spring Collection hosted by the event. Creative Director of Marie Claire, Nina Garcia. Many celebrities and public • Fashion marketplace complete with pop-up stores by luxury brands. Attendees figures were in attendance, including the cast of WAGS Miami, jewelry dewere eligible to spin a prize-wheel to win a Simon giftcard and other prizes.

Photos courtesy of Ailys Toledo

Apr. 12–25, 2017

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INDIVIDUAL ENERGY HEALING SESSIONS WITH PAULA PETRY, PHD Dr. Paula Petry, PhD combines her life experiences with her formal training in energy medicine, education, psychology, and the healing arts to help individuals optimizes their health and well-being. She offers individual energy medicine sessions and workshops, as well as individual somatic therapy & coaching lessons to reduce stress, depression, anxiety and internal conflicts. In an initial energy medicine session, Dr. Petry first completes a standard intake process with you. This flows into a conversation about your expectations for the session(s) and in general what motivated you to seek assistance. Dr. Petry explains the general process, and you are given the opportunity to ask questions. Dr. Petry then begins an informal chat to help you identify the underlying emotional triggers that are diminishing your level of joyfulness and satisfaction with life. Early memories are identified that are connected to the emotional triggers. As your memories are activated, you identify where that emotion lives in the body, where you feel it, e.g., heart, stomach, head. If you have a generalized anxiety, you may feel it everywhere. The purpose of this process is to create an awareness of the emotional/ behavioral pattern and to activate the negative/heavy energy in the body so it can be released through the healing process. NOTE: During non-local healings which are conducted over the phone or Skype, you can be lying down or sitting in a chair, while Dr. Petry, applying the principles of quantum physics, clears your biofield. You will then lie in a supine position on a massage table and further relax by visualizing a healing energy entering your body with each breath. Dr. Petry calls upon her and your spirit guides. She begins to enter non-ordinary time which facilitates her ability to ‘see’ your biofield and remove non-beneficial energies. Through the power of intention and spiritual assistance, heavy energies are lifted from the body through the chakra portals. This part of the session can take from 20 to 60 minutes. Rhythmic sounds and scents help in the process. Generally speaking, anyone can benefit from energy medicine sessions. There Sessions are 1.5 to 2 hours in length. is no typical client. The benefits for individuals with chronic diseases and conditions, such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, obesity, and arthritis, SESSIONS AVAILABLE IN PERSON, the leading cause of death and disability in the United States include: BY PHONE, OR VIA SKYPE: • A renewed sense of hope in the ability to overcome long-time personal barriers that contribute to diminished health and wellness Call: 305.807.7594 • Energetic release from limiting beliefs and associated behavioral patterns Email: Paula@PaulaPetry.com • Energetic release from unhealthy relationships that contribute to negative patterns Visit: www.PaulaPetry.com • Lowered stress which exacerbates all chronic illnesses • Increased sense of control over one’s daily decisions Like: Paula’s Facebook page at • Increased ability to take actions that are life affirming www.facebook.com/PaulaPetryPhD • Incorporation of mindfulness practices into the individual’s lifestyle has been shown to lower stress, lower chronic pain, lower levels of cortisol, lower MENTION INYBN AND RECEIVE A blood pressure and increase immune system DISCOUNT.

Who Can Benefit?




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Apr. 12–25, 2017


The Coral Gables Community Foundation Hosts Graceful Voices Film Premiere The Coral Gables Community Foundation hosted a champagne reception and red carpet premiere of the documentary film, Graceful Voices on Tuesday, March 28th at the Coral Gables Art Cinema. Graceful Voices shares the life experiences and lifelong friendships of nine remarkable women. It sheds a light on the history of their communities of the MacFarlane Homestead and Golden Gate neighborhoods of Coral Gables as told by the women who were born in these neighborhoods and still call them home. “ T he ide a for t he do c u me nt a r y came about organically through our outreach efforts to neighbors,” said Brent Reynolds of NP International, by whom the documentary was made possible. Reynolds wanted to find a way to “capture, preserve and share their history with others.” “Their life stories are compelling, relevant, and important -- but as yet, still unknown to many, even to those in the City in which they live,“ he said. The film premiere brought the community together and honored the film’s cast and the stories they have graciously shared.

The Coral Gables Community Foundation hosted a reception for the documentary film, Graceful Voices. [Photo courtesy of Katherine Dagand]

“As a film maker, I seek to tell meaningful stories that touch the soul - we call them passion projects,” said Lurenda Turner, Director and Producer of Graceful Voices. “Meeting these women whose voices speak of their past and undaunting belief in the power of a positive voice, I’m struck how each of their journeys is filled with passion for community and

belief in the value of maintaining the family home,” she said. Turner is an award-winning creative director and President of LT Creative Inc. Proceeds from the Graceful Voices premiere will benefit the Golden Gables Fund at the Coral Gables Community Foundation. The Golden Gables Fund was created to benefit the residents and

non-profit organizations of Coral Gables’ historic MacFarlane Homestead and Golden Gate neighborhoods. Benefiting organizations include St. Alban’s Child Enrichment Center, Thelma Gibson Health Initiative, Inc., The Barnyard, Young Tigers Foundation and Thomas Armour Youth Ballet. For more information, please visit www.gablesfoundation.org.

Young Pianists Featured CORAL GABLES WELLNESS CENTER in Coral Gables Established wellness All-Chopin Program center in the heart of Coral Gables is for sale. on Sunday, April 23 TURN KEY Chopin for All Free Concert Series Sponsored by Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits On April 23 at 3 p.m., fourteen of Miami-Dade County’s best 7- to 17-year-old piano students will perform the music of Frédéric Chopin as part of the “Chopin for All” free concert series. The concert takes place at the Granada Presbyterian Church, 950 University Drive, Coral Gables. Admission is free and all are invited. The 14 students were recommended by their teachers and auditioned in front of professional jurors for a spot on the program. General information on the concert is available at www.chopin.org. For specific information, email Viga Gewert at info@chopin.org, or call 305-868-0624. Photo courtesy of Barbara Muze



Turn key, two rooms fully furnished. Lease in place until April 2018, for a fraction of what rent costs in the heart of Coral Gables business district. Database of over 400 patients. Comes with contract for a licensed acupuncturist to be in-network with United Healthcare and Cigna.

Owner financing available.

Dr Monica Costa-Moreno is the owner and director, and has been in practice for over 17 years. She is leaving Miami for the Gulf Coast of Florida.

(305) 967-0626 • CoachMonica203@gmail.com

Apr. 12–25, 2017

SServing Coral Gables, Key Biscayne, Downtown MIA, the Design District, and all of South FL INYBN |




“El Caballero de La Salsa” Brings Four-Hand Piano Program Will Feature Gustavo Romero and Massimo Somenzi Elegance and Style to Broward Center

The 2016-17 Bailey Hall Chamber Series curated by Dr. Jure Rozman comes to a commanding close with an evening of four-hand piano performed by Gustavo Romero and Massimo Somenzi on Thursday, April 27 at 7:30 p.m. The acclaimed pianists will perform a program of Franz Schubert featuring: “Grande Marche Funèbre, D. 859;” “Divertissement à la Hongroise in G Minor, D. 847;” “Rondo in A Major, D. 951;” “Variations in A Flat Major, D. 813;” “Allegro in A Minor, D. 947 (Storms of Life);” and “Marche Funèbre, D. 859.” Called “a pianist of genius” by The Washington Post, Romero is internationally renowned for his exceptional technical brilliance and interpretive depth. He has performed in some of the leading concert halls of the world, including Carnegie Hall, The Kennedy Center, The Barbican in London, The Berlin Philharmonie, Teatro La Fenice in Venice, The Great Tchaikovsky Hall in Moscow and Salle Gaveau in Paris. Romero’s many awards include first prize in the prestigious Clara Haskil International Piano Competition in Switzerland, The Avery Fisher Career Grant and The Musical America Young Artist Award. Somenzi’s extensive concert activity

includes not only appearances as a soloist but also with orchestras and chamber music ensembles. He has recorded the complete piano works for four hands of Dvorak as well as Brahms with recording partner Emanuela Bellio. A native of Venice, he has won many first place competition prizes in Italy including: the National Piano Competitions at Osimo (1969 and 1976); at La Spezia (1970 and 1974); at Pescara (1978); at Cesena (1978); the National Cilea Chamber Ensemble Competition at Palmi (1984), the International City of Trapani Chamber Music Competition (1984); and being unanimously awarded first prize with special honors at the City of Vittorio Veneto Special Competition for Piano Duo (1985). “These two dynamic performers bring the series this season to a rousing close and it is not one to miss,” said Dr. Dan Barnard, associate dean of cultural affairs and director of Bailey Hall. Tickets are available for $8-$15 and can be purchased by visiting www.baileyhall. org or contacting the Bailey Hall box office at (954) 201-6884. The box office and phone lines are open Tuesday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.; and one hour prior to an event.


One of the most successful Latin music vocalists in the world, Gilberto Santa Rosa comes to the Au-Rene Theater at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts for one night only on Thursday, April 20 at 8 p.m. The concert is generously underwritten by IBERIABANK. Affectionately known as the “El Caballero de la Salsa,” Santa Rosa will bring his tantalizing Latin flavors to the stage with salsa and bolero top hits such as “Que Alguien Me Diga” and “Por Más Que Intento.” Named Billboard’s Tropical Artist of the Decade for 2000-2009, he has consistently entertained crowds with his energetic personality, vocal improvisational skills and refreshing sense of humor. Santa Rosa has won six Latin Grammy Awards in several categories including Best Salsa Album, Best Traditional Tropical Album and, most recently, Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album. With 14 No. 1 hits on Billboard’s Tropical Airplay chart and a dozen No. 1 best sellers on Billboard’s Tropical Albums Chart, his recordings have been certified gold (13), platinum (13) and multi-platinum (four). Other honors include receiving the ASCAP Latin Heritage Award. The New York Times notes, “Mr. San-

Gilberto Santa Rosa [Photo courtesy of Savannah Whaley]

ta Rosa’s music embraces pop melody without leaving its dance roots behind.” Tickets are $45-$150 with $125 LATAM AIRLINES CLUB LEVEL tickets. Buy tickets online at BrowardCenter. org or Ticketmaster.com; by phone at 954-462-0222; in person at Ticketmaster outlets or the Broward Center’s AutoNation Box Office. The Broward Center for the Performing Arts is located in the Riverwalk Arts & Entertainment District at 201 SW Fifth Avenue in Fort Lauderdale.


City of Pembroke Pines Celebrates Opening of Pembroke Pines City Center The City of Pembroke Pines invites the public to celebrate the opening of the Pembroke Pines City Center with a ribbon cutting ceremony and festivities beginning at 2 p.m. on Wednesday, April 19. “Wherever life takes you in Pembroke Pines, we have it for you here in our new, state-of-the-art City Center. Whether you are participating in local government, applying for a license, celebrating a special occasion or seeing a great show, we hope our residents enjoy this new space aimed at enriching the lives of those who call this great city home,” said Mayor Frank C. Ortis. Immediately following a ribbon cutting ceremony and remarks from city officials, guests can enjoy light refreshments, live entertainment and tour the

new City Hall, Commission Chamber, state-of-the-art performance/conference space and The Frank, the multidisciplinary, two-story art gallery and learning space. Designed to accommodate banquets, conventions, meetings, tradeshows and performance events, the new 175,000 square-foot Pembroke Pines City Center is Broward County’s newest venue. The largest space is the impressive Great Hall which offers room for more than 3,200 guests seated theater style, 2,400 for concerts, 1,300 classroom style, 1,120 banquet style and more than 100 exhibits for trade shows. The Pembroke Pines City Center is located at 601 City Center Way, Pembroke Pines. For more information please call 954-392-2130 or visit pembrokepinescitycenter.org. The Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce will do its part to promote corporate social responsibility during National Volunteer Month. In celebration of National Volunteer Week, the Chamber’s Nonprofit Business Committee is hosting its first annual Chamber Volunteer Day on Friday, April 28 and Saturday, April 29. Open to the public, the event will provide the Miami business community an opportunity to practice social responsibility by volunteering at ten local organizations that need tremendous help in completing important projects. Visit www.handsonmiami.org/gmcc to register, learn about each participating nonprofit and get details on the volunteer activities taking place.




Serving Coral Gables, Key Biscayne, Downtown MIA, the Design District, and all of South FL

Apr. 12–25, 2017



Pure Raw Honey / Gift Baskets Natural Bee Products Victoria Jackson, Ron Erbel Keybeehoney@aol.com 305 361-8733 P.O. Box 490056 Key Biscayne, FL 33149

CL A SSIFIED A DS EMPLOYMENT: Bilingual publication is seeking a few good advertising sales executives. Requirements: strong communication skills, outgoing, experienced in sales, selfmotivated. Contact: 786-218-0720.

FOR SALE: Red 2009 Chevy Aveo. 23,000 miles. Interior looks like brand new. Great gas mileage. Price: $4300. Contact: 786.218.0720.

SERVICES: Proofreading of college essays, research papers, manuscripts, and other documents. Experienced and credentialed. 786-2180720.

Follow us on Facebook at facebook.com/INYBN

Ad Hoc Legal Researcher and Assistant with law degree. Substantial exp. in researching legal issues, filing and drafting motions, pleadings, memos and other documents; culling and reading court dockets; summarizing depos and discover. For more info, email thewritingwizards@ gmail.com




Apr. 12–25, 2017

Serving Coral Gables, Key Biscayne, Downtown MIA, the Design District, and all of South FL INYBN |




Tuesday, April 18

Saturday, April 22

The Flower Market at Aragon


Studio 102 features Will to Power

11 AM- 6 PM @ Plaza Aragon, 51 Aragon Ave., Coral Gables

Boston: Hyper Space Tour

8 PM @ Hard Rock Live, 1 Seminole Way, Hollywood; ticketmaster.com

Jazz Encounters: Sebastian Noelle Quartet

8 PM @ WDNA, 2921 Coral Way $15 general admission; Free for WDNA Members, students, & musicians 18 & under who bring their instrument to play

Little Havana Art Walk

7 PM- 11 PM @ art galleries between 12th and 17th avenues, including Futurama. Free; 305-643-5500

KBCC Friday Movie Matinee

12 AM @ KBCC’s Adult Lounge (2nd floor) Free with registration; (305) 365-8900

Saturday, April 15 Traditional Egg Hunt

Find special eggs and win prizes 10 AM @ various parks Egg hunts at War Memorial Youth Center. Special 0-3 years old hunt at 10:30 a.m. Simultaneous egg hunts at 4 other City parks: Jaycee Park, Phillips Park, Salvadore Park and Sunrise Harbor Park. 305-460-5600; free

10th Annual Village Electronics Recycling Drive & 4th Annual Shredding Event

8:30 AM-1:30 PM @ West Enid Drive (from Village Green Way and Fernwood Road) (between Village Hall parking lot and Winn-Dixie) For more information, please contact Mariana Dominguez-Hardie, Building, Zoning, Planning & Public Works Department, at (305)365-5504

Giralda Al Fresco

Experience the outdoor plaza while ordering from your favorite Giralda restaurant 8 AM- Midnight @ Giralda Plaza, 100 block of Giralda’s Restaurant Row

Downtown Walking Tour

11 AM-12 PM @ Coral Gables Museum, 285 Aragon Ave. $5 for Museum members, $10 for general public. Free for Bank of America — Merrill Lynch cardholders on the first full weekend of each month

MOCA Moving Images: Masterpieces of Russian Animation 2- 4 PM @ Museum of Contemporary Art Miami, Joan Lehman Building, 770 NE 125th St, North Miami Free with museum admission

“Women” Microtheater

8 PM–1 AM @Microteatro, 1490 Biscayne Blvd., Miami

Sunday, April 16 Drama “Dry Powder”

2 PM & 7 PM @ Gablestage at the Biltmore, 1200 Anastasia Ave., Coral Gables; https://web.ovationtix.com/trs/ cal/473

Easter Brunch at Fairchild

9:30 AM-4:30 PM @ Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, 10901 Old Cutler Road, Coral Gables $140 per adult. Price includes mimosas, wine, coffee and juice. Children 4-12 $70, children under 4 are free.

A revolutionary performance celebrating the fusion of classical music with classic rock featuring five world-class vocalists, five top notch rock musicians, an orchestra and choir. 8 PM @ Au-Rene Theater at the Broward Center, 201 SW 5th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale; ticketmaster.com; $30-$120

Wednesday, April 19 Author Event: Lesley Stahl— Becoming Grandma: The Joys and Science of the New Grandparenting

2 PM @ Bal Harbour Shops, 9700 Collins Ave., Miami Beach

Wellness Wednesdays in the Gables

8 PM-12 AM @ E11EVEN MIAMI, 29 NE 11th St, Miami https://tickets.completeticketsolutions.com Includes free drinks from 8-9 PM! $15 advance online ; $30 at the door

Earth Day Electronic Recycling, Paper Shredding and Household Hazardous Waste Disposal Event

Drop off your old electronics, worn-out tennis/athletic/walking shoes, and old eyeglasses 9 AM-12 PM @ Coral Gables City Hall; 305-460-5008

2017 Miami Zine Fair

11 AM-5 PM @ Lowe Art Museum, 1301 Stanford Drive, Coral Gables

6 PM- 7 PM @ The Plaza, 150 Miracle Mile

Sunday, April 23

Sip & Sketch

Gables Bike Tour: Fifth Annual Bike & BBQ

Sessions include guided instruction by UM professor, Jackie Gopie; use of water-based paints; all materials; and wine and cheese. 7 PM-9 PM @ Lowe Art Museum, 1301 Stanford Drive, Coral Gables Must be 21. $45, Lowe members $35. 305.284.1540.

Thursday, April 20 UM Frost Jazz Hour: Funk Fusion

10 AM-12 PM @ Coral Gables Museum, 285 Aragon Ave. $10; $5 for members of the Coral Gables Museum or Bike Walk Coral Gables and children under 12.

Chopin For All: Young Pianists Concert

3 PM @ Granada Presbyterian Church, 950 University Drive, Coral Gables; Chopin.org

The Art of Mindfulness Workshop

12:30 PM-1:30 PM @ Lowe Art Museum, 1301 Stanford Drive, Coral Gables Complimentary on the first Tuesday of the month. Other days, including with Museum admission of $12.50. Complimentary for Lowe members and UM students/faculty/staff.

Wednesday, May 3 Adult Trip: Soundscape Cinema Series at the New World Center

5 PM-12 AM; bus departs at 5 PM from the KB Community Center. $5; (305) 365-8900

Thursday, May 4 MOCA Shakers: Artist VIP Tour

An exciting evening mixer featuring a vodka tasting, Russian delicacies and music, and a conversational tour with exhibition artist Ekaterina Khromin. 7 PM-9 PM @ Museum of Contemporary Art Miami, Joan Lehman Building, 770 NE 125th St, North Miami Admission: $10 per person; $5 for MOCA members and North Miami residents.

Lowe After-Hours

7 PM- 9 PM @ Lowe Art Museum, 1301 Stanford Drive, Coral Gables $12.50; complimentary for Lowe members.

Health Seminars

11 AM-12 PM @ WDNA, 2921 Coral Way Free & open to the public

Thursday, April 27

11:30 AM- 12:30 PM @ KBCC’s Adult Lounge (2nd floor) Free; (305) 365-8900


KBCC Thursday Movie Matinee

KBCC Thursday Movie Matinee

10 AM- 12 PM @ KBCC’s Computer Lab For appointments please call Denise Agudelo at 305-670-6500, ext. 11211.

1:30 PM @ KBCC

1:30 PM @ KBCC

Friday, April 28:

Friday, May 5

12 PM- 2 PM @ KBCC’s Island Room (2nd floor) Please register in advance at the front desk to secure your spot. $5

Heal the Living

Coral Gables Gallery Night

Friday, April 21

Arts and music festival 7 PM-11 PM @ Domino Plaza, at SW 15th Ave & 8th St.. info@viernesculturales.org; 305.643.5500

Lunch With An Author

Jazz @WDNA — Rodolfo Zuñiga Surfaces & Strings Octet 8:30 PM @ WDNA, 2921 Coral Way $20 for WDNA members & students, $30 for general admission

Lunch and Learn: Plan Z and Parks with Jack Kardys

Mr. Kardys will present the exciting proposal to transform Rickenbacker Causeway into Rickenbacker Park, and explain how this innovative plan will enhance quality of life in Miami 12 PM- 1:30 PM @ Coral Gables Museum, 285 Aragon Ave.; $25

KBCC Friday Movie Matinee at Noon

12 AM @ KBCC’s Adult Lounge (2nd floor) Free with registration; (305) 365-8900

Adult Trip: Festival Flea Market on Sample 9:30 AM-12 AM @ KBCC $5; 305-365-8953


Join friends or make new friends while participating in dominoes playing and tournaments. 3 PM-5 PM @ Coral Gables Branch Library

4 PM, 6:30 PM & 9 PM @Gables Art Cinema

Viernes Culturales/Cultural Fridays

KBCC Friday Movie Matinee at Noon

12 AM @ KBCC’s Adult Lounge Free with registration; (305) 365-8900

Saturday, April 29 Author Event: Sam Talbot — 100% Real: 100 Insanely Good Recipes for Clean Food Made Fresh 5 PM @ Books & Books, 265 Aragon Ave., Coral Gables

Monday, May 1 Let Your Senator Bill Nelson Know

Meet a staff member from the Senator’s office and discuss any issues or concerns that you wish to bring to the Senator’s attention. 10 AM-11 AM @ Coral Gables Branch Library

Tuesday, May 2 Cultural Development Board Meeting

8:15 AM-11 AM @ 2327 Salzedo St., 2nd floor, Coral Gables. Free.

Look for the Gallery Night Trolley signs to hop on one of the special Trolleys which loop between Coral Gables galleries and participating art venues. 6 PM- 10 PM @ various galleries

Saturday, May 6 Miami Symphony Orchestra: Beethovenmania

6 PM @ Arsht Center’s Knight Concert Hall, 1300 Biscayne Blvd., Miami $35-$122. arshtcenter.org. 305.949.6722

Frost Science Grand Opening

7 PM-11:30 PM @ Museum Park, 1101 Biscayne Blvd, Miami. Creative cocktail attire. 305-434-9585; celebratescience@ frostscience.org

Sunday, May 7 Sunday Sounds

Enjoy live music performed by students of University of Miami’s Frost School of Music 1 PM- 2 PM @ Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden’s Glasshouse Cafe, 10901 Old Cutler Road, Coral Gables

Tuesday, May 9 The King and I

8 PM @ Arsht Center’s Ziff Ballet Opera House, 1300 Biscayne Blvd., Miami $29-$125. arshtcenter.org. 305.949.6722




Serving Coral Gables, Key Biscayne, Downtown MIA, the Design District, and all of South FL

Apr. 12–25, 2017

Giulietta Ulloa “Everything I Touch Turns To Sold!”

EWM’S KEY BISCAYNE OFFICE TOP PRODUCER 2010 - 2016 Since the beginning of her career as a Realtor®, Giulietta has been established as a Top Producer. She has sold more than $300 million in recent years and has extensive knowledge of the local Miami real estate market, including pre-construction and resale opportunities.


Giulietta@Ulloa.com • GiuliettaSellsMiami.com

360 Ocean Drive #PH02 S, Key Biscayne

PRICE UPON REQUEST 220 Knollwood Drive, Key Biscayne

The most exquisite two-level PH to ever hit the Miami Market set on the top floor of the new luxury building in KB, Oceana, with more than 5,500 sf of balconies. Step off the elevator onto the private rooftop deck that showcases spellbinding views of the Ocean & infinity edged pool. The spectacular wood sunrise deck invites the ultimate spot in which to enjoy the sunset & lavish entertaining. This unparalleled 6B/6B/3HB PH boasts some of the best panoramic views of Miami. With over 7,600 sf of interior, floor-to-ceiling windows throughout frame the uninterrupted breathtaking Ocean, Bay, Miami Skyline views.




17001 COLLINS AVE #4504, SUNNY ISLES BEACH 5 BR/6.5 BA/4,141 SF Two-Level Penthouse/Finest Luxury Finishes



Elegance without equal. This stunning waterfront Residence is truly the finest in Key Biscayne. Built to the most exacting standards the home is adorned with the finest finishes. The interior boasts high ceilings & soaring impact windows opening to a covered terrace, heated infinity pool & private boat dock on 100’ linear feet of waterfront. State-of-the-art home features 15,000 SF Lot, 6,042 SF, 6.5 BA & 6 BD, each with en-suite baths, formal living areas & an indoor/outdoor children’s area. Enjoy water sports & live the life you dream. www.220knollwooddrive.com


KEY BISCAYNE 5 BR/5 BA/4,146 SF/Modern Design Luxury Brand New Construction



161 CRANDON BLVD #319, KEY BISCAYNE 4 BR/2BA Excellent opportunity!




KEY BISCAYNE 7 BR/6.5 BA/5,839 SF/Pure Elegance & Exquisite Finishes


LA PERLA #3001

16699 COLLINS AVE #3001, SUNNY ISLES BEACH 2 BR+DEN/2.5 BA/1,623 SF/Turn-key, Fully Furnished w. Ocean Views



1111 CRANDON BLVD #C705, KEY BISCAYNE 3 BR/3 BA/2,208 SF/Beautiful Views



MINT PH 5209

92 SW 3RD ST #PH 5209, MIAMI 3 BR/2.5 BA/1,700 SF Design to your taste!




2020 N. BAYSHORE DR #2009, MIAMI 2 BR/2 BA/1,128 SF/5-Star Building




1300 BRICKELL BAY DR #1709, MIAMI 2 BR/2 BA/1,136 SF Completely Furnished




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