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InVMA Asset Minder Remote Equipment Monitoring system M2M for uptime and for service efficiency

A universal challenge: Unplanned Downtime is irritating, frustrating, costly and can have unforeseen business consequences. InVMA Asset Minder utilises cost effective technology to monitor all critical equipment assets, no matter where the equipment is or where you are located. Monitoring and Alarming using InVMA Asset Minder allows you to be warned that attention is needed as a problem is appearing and plan effective and remedial action before it becomes business or operationally critical. InVMA Asset Minder benefits end users and equipment suppliers by enabling your equipment to call home when help is needed.

The six benefits of InVMA Asset Minder Beyond reducing unplanned downtime with direct relevance to OEE, InVMA Asset Minder provides functionality that delivers other important and valuable benefits.

1. Reducing unplanned downtime One of the most expensive events in manufacturing or utility operations is unplanned downtime. Frequently this occurs through a failure of unmanned and unmonitored equipment, which may even be remote to the principle site, or be part of an extensive network of equipment. Its premature failure, which may be catastrophic, is first observed by the other systems that depend upon it ceasing to operate. An issue that was probably avoidable or at least foreseeable has now become an emergency repair. Such equipment usually has its own control system but this is not connected to anywhere that has the ability to monitor it. InVMA’s Asset Manager connects this control system to anywhere that the equipment’s status and trends may be usefully observed. The solution is provided in a ready configured small enclosure that connects your critical equipment quickly and simply to a readily accessible secure web service. InVMA Asset Manager will not only alert you to critical failure but also warn you if various trends (flow, pressure, current, vibration etc) indicate wear or mal-operation, allowing you to plan remedial action and schedule a task, thus avoiding expensive unplanned downtime and reduced customer satisfaction.

2. Prolonging equipment life To continually watch and monitor equipment is prohibitively expensive and impracticable, but if it was to be possible then the machine would always be running under optimal conditions, with adequate reserves of consumables and frequent periods of preventative maintenance. A more practical solution is to connect the machine to InVMA Asset Minder; this totally automates equipment monitoring 24/7/365 – without tiring or missing a beat. Letting such automated monitoring do the background work lets you concentrate on the important things, with the assurance that you will be promptly informed if something is trending towards a problem. Real time machine monitoring means that maintenance can be optimised around the actual duty that the equipment is asked to provide. Informed decisions can be made for maintenance based upon this reality, rather than depending upon averaged maintenance schedules. This will extend equipment life – regardless of duty or a harsh environment.

3. Anticipating service requirements

5. Increasing Customer Satisfaction

If equipment is monitored then failure may well be catastrophic and any detailed events will not be available when making service management decisions: was it electrical, or mechanical or hydraulic? Which skill do you send to site?

Availability is a key component of OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency), having high OEE will almost certainly add to customer satisfaction through on time delivery in full (for manufacturing) and continuity of service (for infrastructure and utilities).

With InVMA Asset Minder you will have detailed insight to what lead up to the failure (unless the trends available within InVMA Asset Minder triggered preventative maintenance!). You will know which skill set, parts and support is needed, helping you to achieve a first time fix, thus enhancing customer satisfaction.

Utilising InVMA Asset minder will help determine the ‘weak link in the chain’ through constant automated monitoring, providing peace of mind for operations staff.

4. Monitoring consumables

6. Increasing equipment availability

Consumables (fuel, filters, bearings, lubricant, coolant etc) are the lifeblood of equipment, if not replenished then they are not there when needed, if stocked in abundance then too much capital is tied up. Consumables require managing and InVMA Asset Manager will indicate when an item has been used, which can then be re-ordered, and a record kept of consumable usage, which if exceeding accepted normal usage may indicate a problem is appearing.

Well maintained equipment will have an extended life, however, planned maintenance schedules will be designed for ‘average use’ and not the particular duty that a particular piece of equipment is tasked with. Through continual monitoring and reporting the actual duty can be taken into account, ensuring decisions about delaying or bringing forward planned maintenance are made from an informed view, rather than instinct or relying on ‘average duty schedules.’ Well maintained equipment, with maintenance schedules based upon actual duty, will last longer.

Technology overview InVMA Asset minder collects data from remote and often unmanned equipment. This is transferred automatically to a secure cloud based system which stores and processes the information to provide you with equipment process value trends, status, alarms and other services. You automatically receive this information no matter where you are or what device you wish to use.

Technological Solution

Remote data gathering Equipment will typically have a local controller, usually a PLC. InVMA Asset Minder uses a standalone unit that can be external to the enclosure or mounted within, this provides communication to the equipment controller, protocol conversion and a communication path to the central, cloud based system through any operator’s wireless 2G/3G network.. Protocol conversion All PLC and other equipment control types can be connected to InVMA Asset Minder using our protocol conversion technology.

Cloud based data gathering and information handling

mobile wireless connection

Secure Internet connection

User viewing / alarming devices InVMA Asset Minder Connector Unit

Remote Equipment Controller

If a value or status exceeds a pre-set value or sets to a particular condition you will be alerted immediately. You can interrogate a piece of equipment at any time to check that all is well.

or externally mounted, connections are made to power and the equipment controller. Communication is through a wireless 3G router with an industrial strength signal.

There is no IT system to buy or support, InVMA takes care of everything. Field equipment is provided as a standard enclosure that can be internally

All this without the need to buy and maintain servers, network cabling, or SCADA, Historian and Reporting software.

Geo positioning Optionally InVMA Asset Minder can track and display the geolocation of a piece of attached equipment, which is applicable for tracking mobile or frequently re-located equipment assets. Secure Cloud The central part of InVMA Asset Minder is a comprehensive data logging, trending, alarming and information display portal. This is co-located in several data centres and has full data and system access security. Web enabled Customer access to the InVMA Asset Minder system is provided through a zero-touch internet browser (zero touch meaning that no special download is needed). The interface has a comprehensive and easy to use set of tools that delivers a great deal of insight into the events and behaviour of your remotely connected equipment. It is this insight that is at the heart of InVMA Asset Minder’s reason for being. You can see exactly what has happened / is happening to your equipment from wherever you or it is located. There is nothing to load locally to your PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone; in simple terms it’s like being in front of the machine. Data extraction and system integration InVMA Asset Minder is data rich, this data can be integrated to other systems such as back office functionality and service management applications. InVMA specialises in such integration to produce a streamlined service environment to save money, make service operations efficient, improve user and customer satisfaction and keep the visibility of critical equipment assets in the foreground.

Cloud Hosting & Security Hosting a secure and reliable remote management solution involves many challenges, such as reliability, security, scalability, system maintenance, ease and speed of deployment, etc. The InVMA Asset Minder platform has been built with many years of experience and delivers a solution that lives up to your expectations. The InVMA Asset Minder servers are hosted in a professional environment, specifically designed for this purpose. This involves redundant system design within geographically dispersed locations as well as trained personnel to ensure stable operation. We have incorporated security measures to ensure our customers data is safely guarded and built the system on a modular design that makes it possible to expand based on the demand of our customers.

Information, Alarms, Insight, wherever you are... Without the need to buy and maintain servers, network equipment, or SCADA, Historian and Reporting software.

Live Visualisation (option)


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Who benefits from deploying InVMA Asset Minder? Automatic asset minding is to the benefit of all stakeholders, whether end users or suppliers: The End User benefits from Asset Minder by gaining immediate access to all asset minded equipment, thereby being able to spot potential problems before they occur and plan remedial actions. Further, InVMA Asset Minder through duty cycle monitoring will also show assets that are underutilised and are of questionable value when undertaking continuous improvement initiatives. The OEM benefits from Asset Minder by being able to monitor all equipment that has been supplied or hired to ensure high levels of availability, more efficient service management and consequent customer satisfaction. The detailed information from InVMA Asset Minder will also be crucial in determining the exact nature of failure or potential failure and thus sending the best skilled and equipped resource to implement a first time fix.

Applications across the world and across many industries: Industrial machinery InVMA Asset Minder customers are reducing emergency repairs, minimizing down time and are able to keep control of logistics. • Store and analyse process data • Monitor equipment health • Notify service engineers in the event of a problem • Streamline logistics and inventory processes Building automation Building managers are using InVMA Asset Minder to optimize the energy consumption of their facilities. • Reduce energy consumption • Monitor ventilation, heating, cooling and security systems • Improve facility efficiency Power generators A backup power generator may not often run, but when needed it is critical that it performs properly. • Monitor health and readiness • Instant access to fuel level, oil-pressure, battery voltage, etc. • Remote start/stop to verify operation • Minimized on-site service

Tank management InVMA Asset Minder helps to keep logistics and content levels under control. • Monitor tank level, pressure and temperature • Schedule stock-up refills • Optimize logistics Pump and pump stations Keep installations under control and direct service engineers to where they are needed. • Notify service engineers on operation interrupts • Minimize on-site service • Instant access to equipment status • Improve equipment efficiency Renewable energy InVMA Asset Minder helps to keep the energy return on investment (EROI) under control and reduces unexpected downtime. • Instant access to performance data • Minimize downtime • Minimize on-site service Remote PLC Any controller that needs remote access, one that is isolated by distance from the facility network, an outstation, a remote location. InVMA Asset Minder will connect you to it, and it to you.

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InVMA is based in Clay Cross, Derbyshire, UK InVMA technology makes this almost irrelevant as it connects equipment globally, our central information portal is cloud based, and you can also access the system from anywhere. Our address for visiting and post: InVMA Limited Coney Green Business Centre Clay Cross Chesterfield S45 9JW United Kingdom Phone: +44 (0) 333 313 0060 Fax: +44 (0) 333 313 0061 0333 numbers are local call rate in UK from land line or mobile

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