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Summer Report 2018


Before-After Effect Hardware:

It’s time to streamline delivery and warehouse operations

iPhone 6/7/8 Plus & Zebra Printers 1) Plus-sized is best for drivers: large screens & text, pocket-sized 2) Zebra printers link via Bluetooth


No more tracking credits


No more handwritten notes


No more scanning paper receipts


No more lag time checking in

A Day In The Life Use Cases A driver visits a new account in a strip mall to deliver a 10-case deal. The driver searches the parking lot for the storefront entrance, losing 10-15 minutes, due to a pin dropped only in the vicinity of the account. Once the driver arrives, the customer only wants one case instead, forcing the driver to scribble on the paper invoice and leave the warehouse in the dark until the end of the day.

With PD, the driver arrives using the most efficientturn-by-turn directions. Thanks to uploaded photos of the account’s parking lot and/or entrance(s) and updated geocoding, no time is lost locating the front or back door. The driver enters edited order information into his/her iPhone as the app performs all math (including split case charge, delivery fees, and taxes) on-site. Meanwhile, the warehouse has advanced visiblity on a stop-by-stop basis and receive a clean invoice, signed and sent electronically, eliminating unnecessary paperwork.


Value of The Clean Invoice

It’s time to say goodbye to paper towers of invoice forms! Our team has proudly condensed those lengthy 4-part invoice forms (with up to 15 columns) into only 4 sections of content. Replace the mess digitally and/or with 4� thermal paper receipts.

Legend Date and summary information Wholesaler name and address Item and order details including case and bottle net and discount prices

Order summary with pickups, delivered quantities, and invoice number Signature with name, time stamp, and legal disclaimer

RouteMaps The RouteMaps Timescale Reroute in an hour Build territories in minutes Review data in seconds


Modify sales rep territories


Customize sales manager


Web access to all account data, by rep and customer on a map

and shift accounts

and sales rep teams

Take The RouteMaps Challenge Calling all sales managers to utilize our web-based platform to experience the difference. We will happily host a conference call demo at your convenience.

Contact Jim Harris


Meet The Features Not only is our process easily 10x faster, but also, with everything connected and nearly instantaneous, sales reps and managers are always on the same page.

New License Alerts

From pending to approved licenses, stay updated and on the front lines with our database. Capture first sales of new accounts before the competition.

What-if Analysis

Analyze net changes in sales, commissions, and account earnings by customer (alphabetically or monetarily) and by commodity type, in real time.

Backend Integration

Approved changes are updated in the backend system and reflected in PocketAdvantage

User Conference Recap Nashville 2018 Celebrating our 20th year in the wine and spirits industry, our team eagerly shared our most complete product line yet. Industry executives and friends alike joined us at the Hutton Hotel for a 3-day conference, where Dave Rea, Jim Harris, and Harrison Rea presented the Inventiv Solution: PocketAdvantage, PocketDelivery, and RouteMaps.

See you in New Orleans, April 23-25th, 2019 At Inventiv we take pride in approaching the industry from every point of view. Bring your team to experience our passion for sales optimization, as we showcase our latest and upcoming features and services, on both PC and iOS. Visit for details or contact Jim Harris at jim.harris@ for more information.

“We are all trying to solve similar challenges within our industry, Inventiv’s UGC is a great way to connect and collaborate with the Inventiv team as well as other distributors to discuss opportunities to solve them.” -- Jesse Williams, Director of IT at Standard Beverage Corporation

Newsletter Pamphlet Summer 2018  

Draft I

Newsletter Pamphlet Summer 2018  

Draft I