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Our Beginnings Inventiv was founded in 1998 with a mission to simplify and streamline

the wine and spirits distribution industry for sales reps and sales managers.

This market has served us well. In fact, as of September of 2019, our company has been old enough to drink. With a host of software firsts under our belt, We continue to offer a powerful, easy-to-use platform that is the best in the market.

Quick Facts 17,000 licenses in daily use

touch screen devices cellular-based orders

used in 43 states

Industry Firsts

$15 billion of sales volume processed annually

internet-based orders iOS split-screen

Our Commitments “Every screen tap you save adds a second to your life.�


are committed to improving the daily

working experience for our customers. in this

pursuit, we focus on demonstrating reliability and thoughtfulness to our customers. We want our customers to feel heard.


in issues that inevitably present themselves.

The responsive-

ness, and, at Inventiv, we like to be judged by the ways we respond to problems.

employ the latest technologies and have

strategic partnerships with a myriad of companies that allow us to leverage their expertise along with ours.


teach our team members to be proactive

test of a software company is its


perform ride-along activities with sales

reps, sales managers, drivers, loading dock personnel, and any other employee with equally valuable experience.

provement: we add features and expedite your

Not only do we want you to speak up, but we sincrely encourage it. By hearing and seeing directly from the source, we will improve your daily routine.

It is important for us all to be well equipped.

We are committed to increasing opportunities for your team.


are driven by our desire for constant im-

business processes on a weekly basis.

PocketDelivery Driver USERS Delivery Drivers

REPORT drivers can save

15 minutes per stop

PD Driver

is an industry best

automated proof of delivery app designed with the driver in mind.


of it prevents the need to

track credits issued and sent by mail, an accounting nightmare

for the store or restaurant, and no longer requires drivers to make handwritten notes and do math on invoice copies.


clean invoice is generated to

print at delivery and saved as a


that can be shared (which

does not need to be scanned back at the office).

TOP BENEFIT clean invoice

PocketDelivery Dock USERS Delivery Dock Personnel

REPORT real-time control of all data aspects

Managers assign drivers, vehicles, and routes to get the trucks onto the street

Last minute route and personnel changes handled quickly and seamlessly

Real-time location of trucks in lists and maps

TOP BENEFIT flexibility for solid deliveries

DropOff USERS Sales Reps, Delivering Products to Customers

REPORT saves sales reps hours a month

DropOff is a sister app to our PocketDelivery that extends the proof of delivery function to cases and bottles that sales reps are tasked with delivering to customers.


provides a complete

digital audit trail of inventory

assets and digitizes the signature receipt process, eliminating the sales reps need to return signed paperwork to the office.

TOP BENEFIT eliminate driving for paperwork

RouteMaps USERS Regional and District Managers

REPORT Complete 2-day rerouting projects in under an hour


is a web-based platform

that is designed for optimizing sales rep territories. now able to:


this tool you are

customize and filter your account data by commodity type, premise type,

total sales, commissions, radius, and much more.

create open territories to experiment with new reps and revise overlaps.

track and analyze changes in each

sales rep’s territory in real time with exportable

Excel documentation.

TOP BENEFIT revise territories at any time


PocketAdvantage gives wine, spirits, and beer sales reps the most comprehensive selling tools in the industry.

Over 2,500

setup options are available

to customize for use in a given market

or by a given type of sales rep, manager,

USERS Sales Reps

REPORT reps have the tools to prepare more in less time

or merchandiser.

There are multiple pricing and deals options, pricing within your own device, predictive analytics, integrated sellsheet & shelftalker production, and other time saving functions.

TOP BENEFIT single point of live info

PocketAdvantage+ USERS Managers & Sales Reps

REPORT Keeps all sales reps updated all around

PA+ is to Robin as PockAdv is to Batman. And PA+ is all about communication. We have push notifications ringers of a champagne cork popping instantly lead users to perform:

order confirmations

delivery confirmations

sample order approvals

TOP BENEFIT single point of live info


What are the most common report types? Sample Tracking Supplier Reporting Sales Rep Goal Tracking by Month Rep PrePlan and Recap Reports Survey Results

EISweb different than other reporting tools?

USERS sales managers

REPORT Track sales rep performance, review sales trends by item/brand, and report back to supplier on daily and monthly numbers.

why is




was designed for the in-

dustry the answers to the most commonly asked questions are included in the base reports.

Second, the data is easy to customize to meet the needs of the required reports. Finally, sharing reports is done either by a report link that updates daily or via an automated email.

TOP BENEFIT no internal it resources required

to get started.

advantageEIS USERS Sales Managers, Supplier Reps, and IT

REPORT requires extremely little training






software system, providing fast reporting and various management tools and extensions.


reporting occurs immediately

upon install, over

9,200 different

columns can be added to a report.

AdvantageEIS requires the least amount of training of any business intelligence tool.


multiple dimensions for drill

downs, copy/paste, export, print.

TOP BENEFIT Reporting Types & Functions Summary and Invoice Detail Reporting Survey Creation/Management/Reporting Deal Pricing Modules

Real-time PockAdv Order Status PockAdv Refresh Counts and Stats Multiple User Device Management

single point of live info



DAVE REA and Founder

HARRISON REA Director of Operations

AMY KIRSON-REA Chief Operating Officer JIM HARRIS Vice President



REMINGTON REA Creativ Development


welcome all inquiries at


contact for a free demo

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