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iowa city west high school

2901 melrose ave.

iowa city, IA 52246


Photopolis BY Reagan Grieser-YOder


Pages 4-5: Framing Pages 6-7: Lines Pages 8-11: Shutter speed, aperture and ISO Pages 12-13: Perspective Pages 14-15: Portraiture Pages 16-17: Light Pages 18-21: Free form for more coverage go to


DIRECTIONS FOR PAGES 4-21: 1. Choose any of the DPS templates saved in your assigned folder. Once you choose a template, copy and paste it onto the appropriate page. You might use “Template A” on pages 4-5 and “Template B” on pages 6-9. Use whichever template showcases your photos best. You do NOT need to use the same templates for each DPS. 2. Make sure to Ungroup your template before you start plugging in your new information. 3. Make sure your pages and folios match your table of contents from page 3: Pages 4-5: Framing Pages 6-9: Shutter speed, aperture, ISO Pages 10-11: Portraiture Pages 12-13: Lines Pages 14-15: Light Pages 16-17: Perspective Pages 18-21: Free form *You can make small tweaks to the template, but be sure to keep the look consistent, and be sure to talk to me about this. * If you choose, you may add extra pages to your portfolio to include extra credit photographs. To do this, go to LAYOUT - PAGES - ADD PAGE. If you do this, be sure to add in 2-page increments.


FRAMING Top Left: Paige Brazina poses in a window frame on the third floor in West High School. Bottom Left: Katie McGrane laughs unter two trees with extending branches Top Right: Katie McGrane poses in the courtyard of West High. FEBRUARY 2014 5


lines Top Left: Katie McGrane flexes on top of the ampotheater in the courtyard as the sun beams down on her. Bottom Left: The sun shines through telephone wires on 1st avenue in Corallville. Top Right: A dead bird lies on the brick streets of the Ped Mall in downtown Iowa City. FEBRUARY 2014 7


shutter speed, aperture, and ISO Top Left: Paige Brazina spins and twirls her hair in the snow in the courtyard of West High Bottom Left: Paige Brazina dances in the falling snow at West High School Top Right: Alexis Gronewood takes a picture of Paige Brazina in the West High courtyard.


10 FEBRUARY 2014

shutter speed, aperture, and ISO Top Left: Paige Brazina looks down at the ground on the steps of West High School Bottom Left: Paige Brazina marvels at the falling snow in West High School’s courtyard Top Right: Reagan Grieser-Yoder looks straight ahead into the lens of a camera.

FEBRUARY 2014 11

12 FEBRUARY 2014

perspective Left: The streets of downtown Iowa City as seen from the top of a parking ramp. Right: Festive decorations line the streets outside of the Bread Garden Market in downtown Iowa City.

FEBRUARY 2014 13

Portraiture Left: Paige Brazina walks the hallways of West High School. Right: Cyrus Yoder stares intently at the television.

14 FEBRUARY 2014

FEBRUARY 2014 15

16 FEBRUARY 2014

light Top Left: Traffic Lights in Downtown Iowa City shine brightly Bottom Left: The sun shines through a window of The Mill Restaurant in Iowa City. Top Right: sunlight shines on some graffiti painted on a post of Hills Bank in Iowa City. FEBRUARY 2014 17

18 FEBRUARY 2014

free form Left: Street art has been painted on a power box in the alleys of Iowa City. Right: The sunlight reflects of of a bottle of rootbeer, while Cyrus Yoder is seen looking at a food menu through the reflection of a window in The Mill Restaurant in downtown Iowa City.

FEBRUARY 2014 19

20 FEBRUARY 2014

free form Top Left: Reagan Grieser-Yoder’s eye as the sun casts a shadow on her face. Bottom Left: A light in the Iowa City Library hangs from the ceiling. Top Right: Two cars parked in an alleyway of downtown Iowa City. FEBRUARY 2014 21

Reagan G-Y's photo portfolio  
Reagan G-Y's photo portfolio