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Mildly Sarcastic by Olivia Read


Pages 4-5: Framing Pages 6-7: Leading Lines Pages 8-11: Shutter Speed, Aperature, and ISO Pages 12-13: Perspective Pages 14-15: Portraiture Pages 16-17: Light Pages 18-21: Free form for more coverage go to



framing Upper right: This photo was taken in the cafeteria. I saw the change machine and thought that it suited Christina since she makes a lot of cents. I went behind the extremely dull-colored lunch tables and took the photo so Stina was framed through the metal legs. Lower right: I remembered seeing some dude talking on the phone in the little in-between-doors-not-quitefreezing-like-outside-but-still-cold area and thought it would be eye-catching to take a framing photo there. So, Stina sat down and posed in between the bricks with a serious look on her face. Lower left: My cat, Panda Bear (he has been called Poozy ever since the day in Atlanta I discovered we were moving to Boise and started calling him “Boise cat� which somehow turned into Poozy) is pictured in between the rim of the bathtub (which he enjoys lounging in during the evenings with a cold cup of water from the faucet) and the edge of the faucet handles. He has been a waterloving cat who is very difficult to bathe because of his water-proof fur ever since he was young, so I thought this bathtub picture was suitable.-



leading lines Upper right: One night after dinner, I realized I needed on more leading lines photo. So, I went on the five-minute-quest to find a good subject. I pulled out part of a pair of pajama pants from the dresser, got positioned near the opening of the drawer, and got hold of my last photo. Lower right: My Converse, like the majority of my other shoes, were strewn about the house one evening. They seemed like a good subject, so I set one on the railing of my stairs and took the picture leading down to the shoe. Afterwards, I left my Converse on the stairs until a week later when my brother complained that he had tripped over them.



aperture & Shutter speed Upper right: I took this photo of Poozy. His tail seemed in the perfect position for an aperture photo (depth of field) so I fluffed his tail out and focused on his adorable little black and white face. Lower right: I remembered hearing from some of my friends about using a slow shutter speed and taking a coollooking photo with a blurry effect. I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to photograph, so I just put the camera on a timer and spun around in a chair. I didn’t get dizzy, though. Upper left: As always, something fell over on my desk. This time it just happened to be my colored pencils. I thought it’d be a cool foreshortening photo where I could focus in on one thing. The colored pencil in the front is called periwinkle, which is fitting. But, the rest of the colored pencils have horrible names like “orange”, “flower”, and “mustard”. FEBRUARY 2014 9

10 FEBRUARY 2014

shutter speed & iso Upper left: I adjusted the ISO so it was pretty high up and searched around for a subject; it came in the form of my dad’s zebra piggy bank. Lower left: A picture of one fast, professional skater (Amirah!!) near some slower, informal skaters that often slip. Lower right: Poozy isn’t usually too hipster, but he doesn’t wear yoga pants or buy Starbucks so I guess he could be considered hipster. He looks especially hipster in low ISO.


perspective Lower left: My family owns this pshychadelic-almost-like-Chinese-lanterns-but-not-quite lamp that has reddish-pink lightbulbs (fluorescent, of course) that we rarely turn on because we never actually go into the family room. My mom’s cat, Audrey (who is NOT mated with Poozy, to be clear) was perched on her cat tree and I snapped a shot from behind the lightbulb. Right: My family also owns these Japanse character signs that are hung up on the wall in the master bedroom. They, of course, are cheesy and say things like “winter” even though I don’t know Japanse, so for all I know they could say something extremely different.

12 FEBRUARY 2014

FEBRUARY 2014 13

14 FEBRUARY 2014

Portraiture Upper left: Here is another picture of Audrey. She is sitting on her newly purchased, beige, carpeted cat tree in her signature “lamb� position with her paws tucked in. She enjoys sitting on her cat tree in the evenings even though at that time of day she cannot see out the window at which the cat tree was purposely placed near in order for the cats to look at the window in the daytime. Lower left: Here is a picture of the infamous Ryotaro Ohashi in Algebra II Honors enjoying his goldfish. Need I say more? Upper right: A dramatic photo of Poozy is just the thing to brighten any portrait. Whiskers sticking out everywhere, a pink nose, and amber eyes staring off into the distance (actually staring at some rabbits outside).

FEBRUARY 2014 15

16 FEBRUARY 2014

light Upper left: After Christina got bundled up in her parka, she proceeded to go outside in the bright-that-somehow-doesn’t-melt-the-snow sun and stayed outside for ten seconds before going back inside. Lower left: Following with the Christina theme, I attempted to take a portraiture picture that ended up showing light streaming in through the windows. So, it became a lighting picture. Lower right: Earlier this year I had drawn a picture of a girl holding her hand up to her face and decided it would suit Christina as well as make an interesting shadow on her face.

FEBRUARY 2014 17

free form Lower left: My overly-worn Converse on the floor in the hallway. Not very interesting. Upper right: #rakinginthedough. Poozy has some jobs on the side. He loves sniffing his cash and playing with it. Audrey doesn’t earn as much money, usually.

18 FEBRUARY 2014

FEBRUARY 2014 19

Free Form Upper right: I found some interesting sparkly-yet-not-sparkly yarn around the house and rolled it out so it lead to the sleeping Poozy. He didn’t seem too bothered by it. Lower right: Poozy’s paw was sticking out in a position suitable for holding objects. This fortune pen from Urban Outfitters (don’t worry, I’m not endorsing them) seemed to be sassy enough to hold. Only if you’re lucky... Lower left: This is Panda in his infamous “meatloaf ” position. He enjoys sitting near the stairs in the evenings in this position. Yes, both of my family’s cats have their signature positions. Lamb, meatloaf, chicken wings...

20 FEBRUARY 2014

FEBRUARY 2014 21

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