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westsidestory iowa city west high school

2901 melrose ave.

iowa city, IA 52246


MY life photos by Natalie TRout 2 FEBRUARY 2014

Pages 4-5: Framing Pages 6-9: Shutter speed, aperture, ISO Pages 10-11: Portraiture Pages 12-13: Lines Pages 14-15: Light Pages 16-17: Perspective Pages 18-21: Free form for more coverage go to




ABOVE: Vegitation in the main commens framing West High in our Welcome To West High School Banner LEFT: A student siting in the office. Staring at the camera.__



IOS, Shutter Speed, and aperture LEFT: Spider Kitty! This is my kitten Paisley. She now is ten months old. Her favorite activities are climbing screens and running around the house. She is highly athletic compaired to her brother Mango. This was taken from my back porch looking into my living room. ABOVE: This was taken when I was at a nationals last weekend. I looked on the wall to see shadows of people compeating. That was a great weekend for me and my team!


ABOVE LEFT: Spinning coasters! This is one of my favorite things to do when I’m bored. My parents make me do my homework at this table. So I find random things to do. ABOVE RIGHT: This is my cosin Zach. He is a senior at Albernet High School. He is obssesed with Super Man. You can’t see it but he has the Super Man symbles on his socks and head gear. LEFT: Hey Pippa! She is laying on the cat tree in my sisters room. We bought it so the cats can get away from the dog, but the dog gets up there insted.


More Ios, shutter speedand aperture FEBRUARY 2014 9

POrtaiture RIGHT: Sit! Stay! This is my puppy Pippa! She is 9 months old and a vary hyper puppy. She allways likes to “hide” her bones all around our house. So we are sorry if you find a milkbone in your shoe! She also likes playing with Mango the cat. BELOW: This is my cosins friend Alyssa. She is super cool. She is a senior with my cosin at Albernet High School. She is also a cheerleader!

10 FEBRUARY 2014

FEBRUARY 2014 11

Lines BELOW: Students Taking pictures for their Intro Into Journalism projects in a West High hallway RIGHT: A West High staircase leading up to the top floor.

12 FEBRUARY 2014

FEBRUARY 2014 13

Light Above: A beautiful light comming through the doors at the end of the art hallway RIGHT: My awesome pumpkin that I carved this halloween. It has some of my favorite things, The Iowa Hawkeyes and Cheerleading!

14 FEBRUARY 2014

FEBRUARY 2014 15

16 FEBRUARY 2014

Persective ABOVE: Ben looking down a stairwell railing in West High. LEFT: Plants in the Main Commens area. This is one of my favorite pictures of this project.

FEBRUARY 2014 17


18 FEBRUARY 2014


Free Form ABOVE: Lockers Lockers and more lockers! There are at least 2,000 lockers at West High. Almost all of them are being used too! LEFT: Champion! This is my friend posing in her new shirt she got from winning Jam-Live! Go IEC!

FEBRUARY 2014 19

20 FEBRUARY 2014

More Free form! LEFT: This is one of my favorite quotes. My coach put quotes all over my cheerleading gym and this happens to be my favorite. You preform how you practice and you have to act nice when you win or lose. ABOVE: This is my favorite cheerleading bow that my team just earned.

FEBRUARY 2014 21

Natalie trout