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ummer is right around the corner and what better way to start it of by getting awseome ideas of what to do this summer by reading NaNa (fun) Summer? There are many things to do in Iowa City and many will be discussed in NaNa Summer.



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3: Sports The Women of Troy take over the softball field this summer. 4: Opinions What do we really do during the summer, and why go through the trouble to put on non existant clothes in Why bother with clothes? 5-7: Cover Story Fun activities taking place in Iowa City this summer. 8-9: Food and Health The Iowa City Farmer’s Market is open for business this summer. 10: Back Page Discover your summer horoscope!

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Summer’s Hot, But the softball team’s on



While the 2013-14 academic year at West has ended, the summer sport teams have just begun. On the last day of school, while everyone is disposing of worn out binders and signing yearbooks, one group of athletic girls is preparing for their big game. It might not be time for volleyball just yet, but the Women of Troy have already entered the spotlight. The West High Softball Team is ready to dominate the field this summer. The season officially started on May 27 with the first two home games. West started off strong, defeating Dubuque Hempstead 3-2 and 5-1. The season will continue until July 7. The girls will play several home games, as well as away games in locations across the state, including Linn Mar, Cedar Rapids, Eldridge, Cedar Falls, and Waterloo. This year, the varsity team welcomed a new coach, Justin Lutjen, who previously coached at Mid Prairie for four years. “I was the head coach there, and we went to the state softball tournament all four years. Our goal is to accomplish the same things here at West,” says Lutjen. There are 41 girls playing softball at

West this year. They are divided up into three teams; varsity, junior varsity, and nine/ten. For each team, there are two coaches. “Myself and my wife Kelsey Lutjen coach the varsity team,” says Lutjen. The varsity team has introduced girls from all four grade levels. With three seniors, three juniors, eight sophomores, three freshmen, and even one eighth grader, Lutjen has confidence that the returning players, as well as the newcomers, will have a big impact on the success of the team. Of the five starters that the varsity team returns this year, one of them is the pitcher, Jessie Harder ‘16. “I chose to become a pitcher when I was seven and my neighbor [Shelly Stumpff ‘12] was my role model and she was a pitcher,” said Harder. Although it is one of the tougher positions on the team, Harder manages to make the most of it and for the benefit of the team, as well as personal fulfillment. “I really enjoy pitching because it requires a lot of focus and mental strength, but when you succeed it’s an amazing feeling,” says Harder. Another returning member is the shortstop, Grace Tafolla ‘15, who is emvisioning a

great future for the team. “We are making huge improvements as a team and working towards the ultimate goal: winning a state title. We are a fairly young team, but we have a lot of talent,” says Tafolla. While hoping to achieve many victories, the team looks forward to spending time and forming inseparable bonds with each other. “I have really enjoyed this season not only because of the coaches, but because of my great teammates. They make playing the game even more fun,” says Harder.

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June 2014 SPORTS 3

Summer “plans” of the average student By LEOLA EKO

It is the first week of June. The last day of the school year is slowly creeping up on us. Finally. No more responsibilites. No more waking up at 6am to get to early bird PE or even to get to our first hour class on time. No more teachers overwhelming us with 2,345,893 homework assignments on a daily basis and seven tests to prepare for on the weekends. No more complaining about the lack of air conditioning in the stuffy classrooms, with the exception of that one fourth of the school that is blessed with the limited AC. For the seniors, this is the sum-

mer that one chapter ends and another begins. High school in all its glory is finally a thing of the past, and they venture out into the world. For the rest of us, this summer mostly a time for us to goof off and forget how to hold a pencil before having to migrate back into West in August and get back into the fabulous routine of school that we all know and love. Summer usually consists of travelling with family, working and volunteering to strengthen resumes, going to the beach with friends, attending various summer camps, and in the process building everlasting memories. Well, that’s what we all say. We compile these long bucket lists of things we are going to do

during the summer. But in actuality, are we being truthful about all these plans? It’s likely that a low percentage of students who plan out all these numerous events actually fulfill them. Most of us will remain at home all summer on our couches binge eating Scratch Cupcakes (because we obviously didn’t get enough of those during the school year), watching reruns of Breaking Bad or staying in bed all day, not seeing the light of day for 72 hours straight. Fellow West High students, I implore you to take chances this summer. You don’t have to climb Mount Everest or discover the cure for cancer to be productive. Let’s make this summer the best yet.

Why bother with clothes? By Zayetzy luna

Have you ever walked around the halls, or any public place really, and then suddenly BAM you turn into a werewolf. This is not because you got attacked by a werewolf, or there’s a spell on you, there isn't even a full moon! Actually there is. Someone is just standing there, usually a girl, basically mooning you with almost non existent shorts. A backtracking side comment: If it’s unsightly for a girl to do this then I don't want to imagine what kind of life scaring worthy trauma seeing a guy in daisy dukes will cause. I agree that if you got it, use it, but leaving nothing for the male, which you're probably trying to attract, to imagine and takes

out the mystery of the feminine body. I’m not saying that you should be super conservative and cover yourself head to toe, but, why go through all the trouble of putting on the, presumably very tight clothes, if it won't cover you at all? Sure, there are places where dressing like this is acceptable, i.e. a beach or pool, but out in public, or school, is unacceptable. I mean why do guys need Playboy anymore if girls are now willing to wear the skimpiest of “articles” of “clothing”? So, please stop causing more spontaneous werewolf transformations. Buying new clothes to replace the clothes one just exploded out of gets annoying and expensive. {Design by Leola Eko}




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Don’t sit around like a couch potato this summer. Make the most of it! It’s only a matter of time before we will be back in the routine of school. Here are some local events taking place this summer that can help keep you busy.



Summer of the Arts

If you live downtown or visit there often, and want to be entertained with awesome live music,movies and/or artwork, be sure to attend some of Iowa City’s Summer of the Arts events, which will be going on all summer! All of the events listed below are free of charge.

Sporting Events If you love summer sports and are affiliated with West High in any way, you might want to attend the softball and baseball games! The dates and locations for the home games this summer are as follows:

at d Fairfield n a t s a E s l Moine stiva ainst Des in g ts Fe A s r 6 k e A c n r th t and No n blo oftball: Ju Iowa -8 s S e : w W t t o r n t o avenp Eve : June 6 7 down U of I Against D on s r i e t 7 e t e a v a n r Ju y O b D t igh of I t West H tion: Iowa Ci nity cele ternation a U a h t a c ig e H g o y u it n L rid in Scott Eld ne 10 - Against C ng omm ntow and High Ju Dow iption: C 25 local and selli t at West s r g 1 e c W n r s i o e e y lo a D ov ater displ gainst W ring School ne 12 - A featu al artists Ju igh u t West H a s ll a F al vis rtwork. r Event: F a inst Ceda School riday/Sa their ly 1 - Aga turday N Ju Series of I ight Con nal at U io t a cert est it v n Dates: E I est son at W r W e ff School very Frid e 5 J d s n ay July 4 a ar Rapid ning unt il Septem and Saturday ev ainst Ced g A 7 ly eber 16 Ju Location :O ool Descript utside of the Sh h c High S eraton H ion: The Event s o e t f e a riendly p l re a serie :F erforma s of famil Dates ree Movie S n Base a c y n e s d b a : Ever y local b rtists. bal y even eries ands lasting i n Iowa l: June 4 i ng sta until A - Ag rting o City Locati June ainst n June on: O ugust 21 6 Plea u 1 A Descr 4 and tside o C g a i sant ty inst iption f M Valle W a cbride : On s alher can co June y u H m me an t a 9 , m l l D e r even Agai ubuq d enjo featur J u n i n e n ue in ya e fi g s 2 City 3 - Agai t Linn M and la lm at suns contempo s, people Iowa et. Be nst W wn ch rary o a r i n r class airs! sure to J I une aterl ic 2 bring oo W owa City Iowa 7 - Agai blank e st in ets nst C Iowa June City edar 30 Rapi A ton i ds Je n Iow gainst C ffers al v i t s on in e J e F u a dar R ly 1 City azz J y t i C a A a p e w i g h J o d t I u ain s Wa ly 7 with Event: shin Agai st North wa City crest in ly 3-5 J o u I u J g: n l s y n e w t S a o t s t 1 c n n t Da e 1 o w C P tt in I - Ag ity H Do e U : e s r e J n u h h t t o i l f I a e t y o o in ig w 14 L o ca front e wi l l b Agai st Cedar h in Iow a City tage in Capitol. Ther t to the Penta s n i n a a F s m C a t Bet n d tend lls in Iow ity f the ol set up adjace o front o s a e r g f a C in Io well ide st wa C ity other s riety of coma v a ity e b re will well as up and e crest. Th : n tio as Descrip zz musicians, ming. a j f r or known ians pe c i s u m ing jazz 6 Cover story JUNE 2014



Summer Camps

Whether you’re just about to start high school or a senior preparing your college application, this summer is a good time to gain some experience and volunteer. Volunteering is a fun way to spend your summer and a way to gain hours for your Silver Cord.

t lose C d rt de row rt Cou C : e ion ilb 337 izat 213 G 0 n 9 a 1 Org tion: 1 A 5224 k at 3 n a I nts Loc City, ane Fu tale es a i s ’ w D e o : I giv tact g on kin set also hat Con a T : w 4 lo 592 ription ded C chose store c ft Des e Crow dom to he thri ll it, t a e h t to t the fre of the ould c , “Wha one rment some w lub like p) one a dep hop as o the c rift Sho t s r (o , walk ”’ - Th h ‘Na I got a… up? ses. o cho

If you’re not really into volunteering or can’t find anything to float your boat, then, how about you try going to a camp? The ones on this list are centered on sports by West High.

Organiz atio Location n: Agape Café :A out of th gape Café opera e “Old B tes ric close to 26 E Ma k” very rke directly across th t Street ( e John P pajohn B apus Contact: iness Building). Laura W aldo-Sem at 319-6 26-2055 ken o re laurasem ken@gm mail her at ail Descript ion: If yo .com u were to unteer y ou volCafé pro would help Agap vide the e ho and hun gry of Io meless wa City a piping with ho Wednesd t breakfast every ay.

240 IA 52 er , t y n t i e aC sC Crisi ourt Iow edu e Th . nter tion: Gilbert C @uiowa risis Ce roa z i n p g C Orga ion: 1121 at: law-cl g at the stribute i n t l i Loca ct: Emai hen help ves and d y. a t W h n unt s el Co iption: tock nson Co s r p c l s he oh De ould ilies in J w e n m o a s to f cerie

Cam p Cam : Co-Ed p Trac Date k s: Ju ly 31 8:00 A Fee: M - 10: Aug. 1 00 A $30 M L o ca t Scho ion: Wes o t Hig Con l h tact: Mik 319eP 68 er@m 8-1050 arker: or ic park m -

p er Cam c c o S d 00 AM : Co-E Camp ne 16-19 8: Ju Dates: AM 10:00 & Ed 0 Fee: $6 : West High on nLocati occer Field d Rose al. S i r v e a k D r a B rls) enth ct: (Gi or ros Conta -688-1050 s 19 .u thal: 3 ccsd.k12.ia Stiles: 319u @ a r B d david (Boys) brad@mac. iles 0 or st 2 5 5 1 62 com



/ ZAY S BY /


: t e k r a M s r e r m e r a p e F e D g n i g g i D Luna etzy y a Z By y@g ayetz


8 Food/Health June 2014 {DESIGN BY// ZAYETZY LUNA


any have heard of the Farmers Market. Its an open air market that goes takes place downtown and a Sycamore Mall. When one goes there they

ing booths and found a fun little story. My first stop was with Tammy Oaks, who creates beautiful solar flowers out of

are minding their own business and don’t notice the diversity around them or listen

glass. One solar flower is pictured in the upper left hand corner. She started this

to the wonderful stories. Today, experience the Farmers Market like never before.

three years ago when she went to a shop and found then. Soon she made a few for

Close your eyes. Actually don’t because then you won’t be able to read the story, but, imagine this: Its a cool summer morning in May, you hear the whoosh of

herself and friends found out and requested more. Before she knew it she had a huge clientele which encouraged her to make more and more.

cars off of Gilbert Street on the other side of Robert A. Lee Recreation Center.

My second stop was with Griselda Lopez who sells Guatemalan clothes, dolls,

There’s a slight breeze, in it you can hear the voices of the busy Farmers Market

bags, and other assortment of textiles. She learned this trade when she was very


young in Guatemala. Her grandmother use to teach her in the little village she lived

Highway 80 carried over. As you walk over to the market, through the crowded parking lot, the voices get louder and more distinct.

lan open air markets. When she moved to the U.S. she decided to continue with her

Walking closer and closer you can

custom which she admits “ it’s a lot easier to bring my goods here (the Market) then

start to make out the booths: there are

haul them down the mountain”.

intricate metal works of butterflies,

While walking around the market you may notice, as I did, that there are two ki-

flowers, ‘trees’ with hanging colored

osks that sell almost identical Asian food on opposite sides of the highway. When I

glass bottles that glint in the sun on the

noticed this I wondered if there was some sort of rivalry. Sadly, or luckily, there isn’t.

right. There are wooden tables and seats on the left, as you pass them you can feel yourself leaving the busy downtown when the shadow of

in the mountains then would go down into the city and sell them in the Guatema-

the highway cools you from the previously burning

sun just a few inches away and enter the even busier Farmers Market. Most people just buy their things and get going but I stopped at the most interest-

When I asked one of the owners if a rivalry existed he said, “ No, I sell Vietnamese rolls. He sells Taiwanese rolls so there is no feud. Also, he is my friend. I cannot feud with my friend.” As you can see the Farmers Market is not like any other store. Here you can really connect with the vendors and just relax and have fun. Hopefully next time you go to the market you can find more little stories to share with others.

June 2014 Food/Health 9

NaNa Summer