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westsidestory iowa city west high school

2901 melrose ave.

iowa city, IA 52246


photo portfolio photos by moon fangman


Pages 4-5: Framing Pages 6-11: Shutter speed, aperture, ISO Pages 12-13: Portraiture Pages 14-15: Lines Pages 18-19: Perspective Pages 20-21: Free Form for more coverage go to


framing In the picture above is Allie Biscupski ‘17 looking at me through a stained glass window in the art hallway of West high school located by the cafeteria and the temporary classrooms. To the left is Mary Mondanaro ‘17 and Claire Murray ‘17 hugging in the freshman middle hallway while Mckenna Harris ‘16 frames them by making a heart with her hands.


The picture above was taken on the way home from my farm with three little sleeping kittens. They were laying in a layered fashion and only the black and white one was looking at me so I saw it as a perfect photo opportunity.


ISO ISO is the amount of light a picture needs to capture everything. In the picture below I turned down the ISO so not much light was let in Making the things that are brighter stand out and those that have not much light become dark, like my black shoes. To the right is a dark hallway where I turned up the ISO making the dark hallway appear to be brighter.



Aperture 2 FEBRUARY 2014

Aperture is the depth of field of light in the picture above Isabelle Robles’ shirt is in focus because the aperture is lower. To the left the aperture is higher so everything is in focus.



shutter speed Shutter speed is the speed in which a picture is taken. Above is a picture of Allie Biscupski ‘17 and Isabelle Robles ‘17 taking pictures in the hallways of West high. As I turned down the speed they were blurred out as they moved. To the left


12 FEBRUARY 2014

portraiture Above is a picture of eyes that are at an angle looking at the camera. To the left is Hannah Krupp ‘17’s face at an angle looking very suspicious.

FEBRUARY 2014 13

Above is Natalie Trout ‘17 against a brick pillar in the mian commons of West High and to the left she stands inbetween the vending machines in the cafeteria.

14 FEBRUARY 2014

In the picture above is Allie Biscupski ‘17 is standing in the middle of the winding stairway at the front of the school.

lines FEBRUARY 2014 15

In the upper right is a vase with white roses. The light hits the roses from the top making the bottom shadowy. To the left is a picture of a person standing at the end of the West High art hallway. As the light shines through the window it distorts the person’s silhouette. Above is a beautiful leafy archway draped with bright white lights.

16 FEBRUARY 2014

light FEBRUARY 2014 17

perspective Below is a picture of a cut out make believe city skyline. The angle this photo was shot at creates a mirroring shadow behind the cut out.


Above is a picture of morse code

FEBRUARY 2014 19

free form In the picture above is some fake money next to a polka datted pot. The green is really bright and I like how it contrasts against the balck and white. To the laft is a sink that is rarely used and old and the wall against it is covered in hand prints.

20 FEBRUARY 2014

Above is a picture of Isabelle Robles taking a picture of the somewhat forgotten sink. FEBRUARY 2014 21

Moon Fangman