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my house 2017.

west high school January 24th.2018

west high school January 25th 2018.

my house 2016.

in the north iraq when evreything distroyed i found this girl .lena April 17th.2016.

This picture tooked in the streat but its get to photoshop cc, Istanbul,Turkey.June25th.2016

northern Iraq immigrant camps April.18th.2016

The old city Iraq.Bagdad April 10th.2016

west high school iowa city january 15th.2018. coravile lake January 3rd.2018.

coravile lake .January 3rd.2018. Ankara altin park Turkey.2016.

my house october 4th 2017.

west high school January 16th 2018.

in my house iowa city December.20t.2017.

in my house December 8th.2017.

90-91 Mohammed alobaidy

January.2nd.2018.iowa city.

December.28.2017.iowa state north librty.

[THE christmas in USA]


Mohammed alalobaidy

December 20th 2017.iowa state .coravile.

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Mohammedhilal portfolio  

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