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westsidestory iowa city west high school

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Lumi e re photos by Isabelle Robles


Pages 4-5: Framing Pages 6-11: Shutter speed, aperture, ISO Pages 12-13: Lines Pages 14-15: Light Pages 16-17: Perspective Pages 18-21: Free form Pages 22-23: Portraiture for more coverage



On the day in which I took the picture to the left, there was a beautiful sunset. However, I decided to take a picture of the reflection the window had of the sunset. This way, it framed the sunset nicely to add contrast. In the picture to the right, a yellow branch from a small tree helped to frame the light bulb and canister of



While changing the ISO setting, photographers can change the “graininess” or “noise” in a picture to make it look pixilated darker. While taking a picture of a snowy street on the left, I changed the setting to make the picture darker. In the picture to the right I changed the setting to make the snowcovered bench appear grainy and the coloring to appear a dark red. Both picture were taken in mid-Janurary while it was snowing.


APERTURE Above, a short depth of field is used to show the contrast in a box of books and string of lights that are in the prop room. To the right, a short depth of field is used to show the different angles, shapes, and sizes of logs of wood on a rack. Aperture is used to change the amount of light let into the picture and the depth of field. In both pictures I used a short depth of filed to capture the details that these simple ,everyday objects have.



10 FEBRUARY 2014

SHUTTER SPEED In the picture to the left, Allie Biscupski ’17 climbs a ladder in the prop room while my dog, Maggie, chases after a flashlight in the picture above. A slow shutter speed is used to capture the movement while keeping it in the same frame, to forma more interesting picture.

FEBRUARY 2014 11

Above and to the left, Allie Biscupski ’17 sits on top of stairs to add depth and focus to her position. In the picture below and to the left, a follow tee trunk covered in snow creates a pathway to the lights and woods in the background. Above and right, a dark hallway in West adds depth to a picture of a sunset edited to fit the door frame.

12 FEBRUARY 2014

lines FEBRUARY 2014 13

14 FEBRUARY 2014

LIGHT In the picture to the left, ice crystals with the sun shining through in the background can be seen from a window in my bedroom. In the picture above, a slow shutter speed and quick movement gives life to the Christmas lights on my neighbor’s facade. To the right, car lights shining on trees in a forest give a colorful glow to the trunks.

FEBRUARY 2014 15

16 FEBRUARY 2014

PERSPECTIVE To get the angle of the tree trunk featured on the left, I climbed a tree in my backyard. In the top right picture, a bug’s-eye view is used to capture the varying lengths of branches of a tree in my backyard. The picture to the bottom right was taken on top of castle in Orvieto, Italy to get a bird’s eye view of the Tuscan town last summer

FEBRUARY 2014 17

18 FEBRUARY 2014

free form To the left, the paint-covered spout and wall from the sink in the prop room is pictured. Above, an old-fashioned telephone sits in a shelf surrounded by large multi-colored bouncy balls.

FEBRUARY 2014 19

Above and to the left, Allie Biscupski ’17 walks down the spiral staircase in the prop room. To the left, a pile of gigantic rubber duckies are being clothed in paper money on a shelf in one of the numerous shelves in the prop room. Above and to the right, a rose and multiple paper money bills lie on the floor next to a intricate bird cage.

20 FEBRUARY 2014


PORTRATURE Allie Biscupski ’17 poses in a vintage victorian-style chair while in the prop room. Ryan Johnson ’17 stands in a snow-covered forest.


FEBRUARY 2014 23

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