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MAY 31, 2013

T a b l e o f C o n t e n t s


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Sharon Xiang



f you want to test cosmetics, why do it on some poor animal who hasn’t done anything? They should use prisoners who have been convicted of murder or rape instead... they should throw it in Charles Manson’s eyes and ask him if it hurts.” said Ellen Degeneres. You’ve seen those ASPCA ads with the videos of poor, little, abused animals. Innocent animals are consistently abused, and a significant way they are abused is through the testing of cosmetic products on them. Animal testing is something that plagues the cosmetic industry is an issue that needs to be addressed. Companies use three major testing types: the Draize test for eye and skin irritancy, and inhalation. The Draize test tests the irritancy of eye and skin irritancy and usually used on guinea pigs and rabbits. The eye test often causes bleeding, ulceration, and severe damage to the cornea and/or blindness. The skin test causes extreme inflammation of the skin and bleeding. Inhalation is used to observe the effects of toxic substances. This test is used on a multitude of animals such as dogs, cats, mice, rabbits, and guinea pigs. These animals

Our take

are killed from the inhalation of toxic substances and then taken to labs for examination. These companies seem to be unaware of the fact that humans are animals too, and we don’t see them taking young children, carting them away to labs where they are manhandled so a scientist can see the effects of a cosmetic product on their eyes or skin - if someone did this to a human, who is an animal, it would be considered an abhorrent crime and that person would probably be considered for the death penalty. However, if a company does this to an animal in the United States, they will be fined a few ten thousand dollars, which is nothing to companies that have annual revenues of over hundreds of millions or billions of dollars. It’s a slap on the hand, and barely felt. Humans are animals, so why are we above other animals? Some argue that animal testing is needed so that products such as lipstick can be proven to be safe on humans, however there are so many alternatives that are available to test cosmetics on. An example would be the in vitro test, which can be used as an alternative to the

Draize Test. In vitro tests use human tissues in test tubes to observe the effects of a cosmetic product. Another way would be through skin cloning, which is cloning skin cells, and then observing the effects of cosmetics on actual human skin, instead of animal skin. This test also allows for more accuracy because it is being used on human skin. Animal testing is something that needs to be ended because it is inhumane to do and unfair to animals. How can you help prevent animal testing? Buy cosmetics from compnies

that specifically say that they don’t test on animals. Aveda, Burt’s Bees, Everyday Minerals, and Kiss My Face are all cosmetic companies that are animal cruelty free and are dedicated to cruelty-free products. To get a full list of companies that do not test on animals, you can go to PETA’s website, which is also a great place to find information on animal testing.

Should animal testing be allowed?


The Belle editorial board voted against animal testing.

Mallory Gillispie ’14 “We should be allowed to test on animals, so we know how it reacts.”

Malik Williams ’14 “If it doesn’t harm the animal then it is all good.”

Madison Waite ’13 “As long as it doesn’t harm whatever animal it’s testing or kill them, it’s okay.”

Alex Baller ’14 “It’s not fair to the animal to be born and [then] tested on.”


OPINION MAY 31, 2013 03

Eyeliner Style



ELENI “I lightly brush on the eyeliner in the middle of my eye making a thin line. I like making the outter of my eyes have a thicker line. I also move the brush past my eye and pulling up a little to make a semi wing but not too dramatic. I put natural shades of eye shadow on top of the eyeliner so it does not look as dramatic.” -Eleni Katz ‘14

04 EYELINER MAY 13, 2013

“Eyeliner is the last thing I put on when I’m getting ready. I pull my eyelid up and make a line going from my eyelash line back towards my hair. I make mine thicker on the back half of my eye to sort of look like a cat eye, just not as dramatic. I sometimes put a little eyeliner on the bottom but just a very fine line on my bottom eyelash line.” -Hannah McGowan ‘14



NNAH “I like to use Mayblelline gel liner and it comes with a little stylist brush. I use that and put some eyeliner on it. I then swipe it across my lash line strating from the middle and going out to each side to the corners of my eye.” -Chelsea Berry ‘13


A “I get the cream on the brush, pull my eye out Cat Eye stryle, start from the ouside corner thick. Take small strokes with a thin brush all the way to the center. As the stroke gets to the center of my eye, make then eyeliner line get thinner. Once the stroke line is complete just touch the line up a little.” -Jessica Bowman ‘14

5 MAY 31, 2013 EYELINER 05

s e l y t s r i Ha


for each day of the week!


You go to your bathroom and look in the mirror- only to see a bird’s nest in your hair. How should you fix it? A bun? Side ponytail? Keep it down? Curl it? Ahh... the struggles in life, but, no worries! Here’s a guide to how you should do your hair everyday. You can wear your hair these ways any day, this is just what we suggest because they’re easy to do.




Straight Down

Loose Side Braid

Straighten hair. Near the ends of the hair turn straightener inwards, making hair curl in. Do this all around hair, best to take hair in layers depending on thickness of hair. Once down brush through and spray with medium hold hairspray.

50’s Curls Pony Tail


Half up Half Down

After showering, let hair dry just a little. Spread a grape size amount of mousse starting with the back underside of the hair and massage from the roots of hair to ends. Brush lightly and pull to one side. Divide hair into three sections and braid. Finish off with a ponytail.

Spray hair over with Herbal Essence hair spray. Take quarter sections chunks of hair and tightly wrap the hair from the bottom of the 1’in wand to the top end. Hold hair section there for approximately for 3 to 5 seconds. Slowly pull the wand out so that the quarter size hair is still in the ringlet shape. Repeat steps until all of the hair is in ringlet curls. Spray all over hair. Pull back into loose ponytail.

Using a flat iron, straighten hair. Once done rub pea size of moroccan oil into your hair starting with the under backside. Shake hair out and grab ends by the ear and pull back Using a barrett clip each end of hair together.

Fun Bun

Pull hair to crown of head. Grab hair pulling into the center of the pony tail. Twist hair tie wrapping it back around the edge of the bun while pushing down the end of the bun. Secure it by wrapping hair tie once more around the bun to make sure no pieces are hanging out.








Straightener Hair spray Pony Tail

Mousse Hair Dryer

Straightener Bobby Pins

Curling wand Hair ties Hair Spray

Hair Ties Fun Hair Piece

06 HAIR MAY 2013

Summe r Fashion trends 3 1 0 2 of BY KATIE PEPLOW



Hottest Summer is arriving, and it’s time to forget about the winterlike spring that we’ve had and get out the summer clothing - FINALLY. Put away those cardigans, skinny jeans, and snowed-on Uggs, and get out the swimsuits, tank tops, and shorts. Last summer, rompers, TOMS, bold colors and stripes were in. What’s in for this summer? Let’s take a look.

Long days, cold drinks, endless days at the pool. Life seems better - more carefree. Except there’s still that one thing you always worry about. It’s lingering over you every morning almost immediately after you wake up. What should you wear? Summer is known for a time of making new impressions, may it be with the cute new guy or hanging out with a new crowd, you want to look your best during the hot months of June, July, and August. “Summer fashion is important ... you never know who you might see. Also looking cute is a great confidence booster” said Sofia Mendoza ‘14. Another argument for looking fashionable this summer season is wearing clothes that might not be acceptable to wear at school. “You get to wear some things that you can’t wear to school because they might not be appropriate there,” said Rachel Weeks ‘16. If a new wardrobe is the key to con-


fidence during the summer, where should you turn to? Tie dye, maxi dresses and floral have always been a hit and it doesn’t seem like that will change this season either. “Summer trends have been tie dye always because its fun and bright summer floral dresses because they’re cute,” said Mendoza. But what’s the point of dressing up for summer? Is dressing up for school more important? Against what you might think, many West students say summer style is more important than school. “It’s more important to dress up in the summer especially if you go on vacation. At school most people know each other so first impressions don’t really exist.” said Mendoza. “I think summer fashion is important because in the summer you always unexpectedly run into people, so it’s important to look decent,” said Weeks. On those blistering hot days when all you can possible do is eat some

It’s more important to dress up in the summer ... At school most people know each other so first impressions dont really exist.” -Sofia Mendoza ‘14





What’s your favorite summer style?

Hannah Fairfield ’14 Ghurtie’s froyo, the last thing you want is to put on a long, sweaty maxi dress that touches to your toes. Don’t give up and put on your athletic shorts and the tshirt you wore to volleyball practice yesterday morning. Instead, opt for something both comfy and stylish, like a crop top and high-waisted shorts. “Crop top shirts are always a summer-must. They go effortlessly from the pool to a party and they al-

Crop top shirts are always a summer must. They go effortlessly from the pool to a party and they always seem put together.”

“Dresses because they’re easy. You don’t have to wear pants when you wear dresses.”

Hope Shreves ’14

-Rachel Weeks ‘16

ways seem put together ... [Crop tops] add interest to any outfit,” said Weeks. “High-waisted shorts are already becoming a summer staple. They can be dressed up or down and make outfits simple but put together.” And of course we can’t forget the classic, simple

“Obviously bright colors and patterns. High waisted shorts look of a dress. They are easy to throw on and nev- definitely. They seem pretty popular.” er fail to impress. “I think maxi dresses started to become popular last year but it seems like this year they will be even more popular. They’re awesome because you can look really cute while still being super comfortable,” said Emily Hollingworth ‘15. Whether you like dressing up no matter what the occasion or you’d prefer to wear sweat pants twenty-four seven, if you follow these fashion tips Zak Ranshaw there is no doubt you’ll create a spark this summer. ‘14 Remember: crop tops are perfect for pool days, high-waisted shorts are always a must, and dresses always do the trick. Have fun and make a splash with your clothes this summer! “Red khaki shorts and tanks.”


From the


Yoga pants. The epitome of comfort for high school girls. The go-to pant when you have “nothing to wear”. The baggy sweatshirt does not accomodate to Sharon’s petite body.


Tennis shoes are only acceptable when you are A) Playing tennis or B) Walking around the school halls. Giving Sharon a new pair of “kicks” will make her look shine.

A baggy school sweatshirt may be fine for when she’s hitting the books., but it won’t do for a nice party unless it’s a party of bad dressers!

Sharon’s hair was gathered into a pony, perfect for a day in the classroom, but it wouldn’t do for a night out. Also, she had no make-up on. Sharon’s natural beauty still shined, but we wanted to make it dazzle.



To the



Sharon looks fresh faced and bright after her makeover. We added foundation to make her skin more even, mascara, blush, eyeliner - the Works! Mascara gives her lashes extension and she wore contacts to make her eyes pop. Her hair was curled using a one inch wand and brushing the curls out with wide tooth comb.

An old prom dress is the perfect attire for a fancy party. Borrowing a friend’s is a great way to save money and time looking for a brand new dress. We thought the color was perfect for Sharon’s tan complextion.

Because the length of the dress covers most of the shoe, we put black stilletos on Sharon. The height will give her more length and confidence.



Lauren Larson:Makeup Artist

12 PROFILE MAY 31, 2013

“Mommy, can I pretty please try on your makeup?” A dream of many little girls is wearing makeup and looking princess perfect in it. As teenagers, you can still do that, and there are loads of makeup extraordinaires right here at West High, who would be willing to help. Our interviewers were able to catch up with one of the Theater West makeup artists, Lauren Larson ’13. PHOTO BY//SHARON XIANG

Why She Qualifies Larson started doing makeup just this year, just for the musical production for Theater West. “I saw how much fun my friends had doing Theater West and I knew I had to get involved with something.” Larson said. She decided to choose makeup because her friend, Erin Kallsen ’13, was head of makeup and she knew it would be fun to do. She said that it takes five to 10 minutes to do makeup for one person during shows, and the worst thing that usually happened was accidentally making someone too pale or too dark. The best part of being in Theater West? “Putting eyeliner on guys was lots of fun because they all hated it.”

When She Began

Larson loves makeup because “because it gives people a lot more expression and

character.” She began experimenting with makeup at a young age. “I have always loved to play with makeup and put it on for fun when I had free time,” she said, and believes she fell in love with makeup then.

Makeup on herself

She enjoys doing smokey eye styles and often uses browns, purples, and grays. She usually puts on foundation, blush, eyeliner, and mascara, which takes her up to ten minutes everyday, and does makeup sitting on the bathroom counter while jamming out to music.

Some Tips

“Always curl your eyelashes if you want them to pop, and wear blush to define your cheekbones!” She also thinks that you should use

liquid makeup if you have more scars or acne, but the usage of minerals or liquid is dependent on the type of skin you have.

Her Friends’ Take

Larson’s friend, Michaela Recker ‘13 is someone who often gets beautified by Larson. “When we go to nice events, such as prom or homecoming, Lauren does it allwe use her mom’s because she has a crazy amount of makeup.” Sam Ryken ‘13 also enjoys having Larson making her up, “We’re really good friends, so I can tell her when I don’t like something and she won’t get mad.” Recker quipped, “She’s kind of OCD, she has to put the eyeliner on and then uses a Q-tip to make a perfect line, and with mascara, she has to get every single lash.” BY SHARON XIANG

MAY 31, 2013 PROFILE 13

““Flowy long maxi skirts look really nice on everyone.” -Ceci Whitebaer ’15

“Always look to Jay Gatsby.” -Adam Dellos ’14

“High waisted short look good, and are in style this summer.” -Emily Hollingworth ’15

“Never wear socks with sandals” -Ben Dellos ’14

““Don’t mix patterns too much, it’s too confusing.” -Sarah Franz ’16

“Wear Keds, they match with everything” -Hannah Van Roekel ’15

“Simple things always look nice, don’t be afraid to change your style, and wear comfortable, well-made clothing.” -Amiela Canin ’14

“Don’t try to go too crazy with colors-especially at school.” -Rachel Weeks ’16

Fashion Tips


from West Students

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