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4 Seasons

Winter Sprring

photo by Sidney Petitgout

photo by Aaron Carter

(4-5): “Hot Chocolate reveiw” by Sidney Petitgout

4 seasons

(03):“The Daredevils” by Aaron Carter

photo by Aaron Carter

photo by Sidney Petitgout

(6): “2013 Spring Training” by Aaron Carter


(7-9): “Furthest Reaches of the World” by Micah Otterbein


photo by Micah Otterbein

photo by Micah Otterbein

(10-11): “Summer Treats” by Sidney Petitgout

(12-13): “Football Rituals” by Micah Otterbein

Micah Otterbein, Editor-in-Chief and Co-Copy Editor. 02 T.O.C. May 31, 2013

photo by Aaron Carter

Designed By Micah Otterbein

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Sidney Petitgout, Design Editor.

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check out all these cool photo stories 1.Wildlife from Florida to Iowa by Aaron Carter 2.Spring Styles by Sidney Petitgout 3.Signs of Spring by Micah Otterbein Aaron Carter, Photo Editor and Co-Copy Editor.

The Daredevils


The amazing and crazy adventure of High Schoolers

during a snow day.


After The Storm On February 22, 2013 the storm hit. A mix of a blizzard with below freezing temperatures. School cancellations were abundant, and many people stayed inside to avoid the weather. I was not one of those wimpy people. I was outside as soon as I had been notified that school was cancelled. Of course after putting on all my winter gear (shorts and a sweatshirt), and having my beloved hot chocolate I went to the closest sledding hill I have grown accustomed to, Lincoln Elementary’s monster sledding hill. I have been sledding here since I was roughly five years old. I used to sled on the bunny


hill, but now I’m going off the steepest hill plus creating a ramp to launch into the air. I was with my friend Nate Barnes ‘16 who decided on the ramp, and he also decided he would like to go down first. He went down the hill, and only three seconds later he was down on the ground. He was lying in a snowbank topped off with ice chunks. I didn’t know whether to laugh at him or go down to see if he was hurt. Luckily he didn’t make me choose. He gave the thumbs up sign and got up like a champ. Wimps who stay inside would have called the hospital but not us daredevils. Then it was my turn. I wasn’t nervous. I had been down this hill thousands of times. I didn’t have the time to stop and think about whether or not I was going to go because I was pushed from behind by an anonymous

person. On the way down I wasn’t really thinking about whether I would suffer the same fate Nate did, I was thinking more about the pusher. It couldn’t be Nate because he was still climbing up the hill when I took off. Who could it be? Once I regained my senses, I looked down and I couldn’t see the ground. I was up in the air soaring over where Nate had landed and over all the ice spots, and then I landed safely in the snow. My first instinct was to look up but there was no one there, but there was someone coming down the hill and it wasn’t Nate. It was Feeley! Or more form‘16, I knew it!ally known as Nick Feeley The culprit rushed down the hill and fell off of his sled to the same fate Nate suffered. I was the only survivor of the monster hill. We kept going down, crashing and laughing for hours and hours until we were finally tired out. One thing is for certain. No matter how many times we wiped out. We were not the wimps sitting in front of the fire sipping hot chocolate and complaining it was too hot. We were the ones who faced the bitter cold in shorts, or maybe that was just me. Nonetheless we will always be known as The Daredevils.

THE LATEST STATISTICS- Iowa City got 5.5” of snow,

and Coraville got 4.5”. Schools were cancelled in the ICCSD. Over 20 schools were cancelled across the state of Iowa.


Tips to Stay Active 1) Join a gym 2) Join a winter sport or club 3) Eat healthy 4) Stay away from fats 5) Eat lots of fruits & vegetables

03 Feature Winter May 31, 2013

Jeff Halevy, fitness trainer, promotes his workout plan. Visit the website above.

6) Walk in the mall 7) Go to an indoor pool 8) Create a home gym 9) Do work around the house 10) Everything counts (vaccuming, shoveling etc.)


The Hottest

Hot Chocolate


Starbucks was the first stop I went on. I really enjoyed the atmosphere, it was clean and very well put together. The hot chocolate was reasonably priced at $2.89. It was nice and warm as i lifted the cup off the counter. The waiter said “have a nice day” with a smile, and I left. The hot chocolate was rich and indeed tasted like chocolate. it had a thin layer of whipped cream topped with chocolate syrup, just what I ordered. This was my favortie hot chocolate out of all the places i went.


My second stop was at Caribou Coffee. I was in a hurry so i decided to go through the drive through. As a reached the window i was greated with a smile; but then as I ordered my small hot chocolate the waiter gave me a werid look which i didnt reallly find very professional. He told me it was $3.25, the most expensive out of all of them. The hot chocolate tasted like chocolate milk and had a very nice look to it. But this was my second favorite of the three.


My last stop was The Java house. As i walked in there was a weird smell which i couldnt stand. the waitress seemed bored and had a “didnt want to be there” attitude. she finally asked what i wanted and i told her I wanted a hot chocolate. I waited spproximently 15 minutes. She handed me a slightly warm cup with no whipped cream on it which i asked for. it was priced at $3.50 which was the most expensive out of the three, This was also my least favorite.

05 Feature May 31, 2013


2013 St. Louis Cardinals Spring Training

The period of arguments and confusion between teammates, that ends up being benificial in the end. Spring Training.



Spring Training, where you work out your differences and you get ready for the season. The hibernation is over, the sun is out, and baseball is back. Spring brings to us America’s pastime, where a man named Jackie Robinson changed racism in the sports world, and where heroes have been created. I have been lucky enough to see the training that goes into this sport first hand, 10 rows away from some of the most famous players in the MLB. The team I watched over the course of Spring Training is the St. Louis Cardinals, who currently hold the best record (26-13). Some of the players I saw first hand were Matt Holliday, David Freese and even Adam Wainwright. These are not only star players on the team but in the whole league. I even got an autograph from starting second baseman Daniel Descalso! It looks like the Cardinals are poised for a deep playoff run. The question is besides talent how do they play so well? “To be a good team you have to be very cohesive,” said Nate Barnes ‘16, “you need talent but you also need to mesh.” It seems as though Barnes is correct. The last three World Series Champions have been very cohesive teams with talent, but not overly talented. In 2012 and 2010 the San Francisco Giants brought home the hardware, and in 2011 the St. Louis Cardinals were crowned champions. I decided to ask some West High baseball players and see how they get ready for the season and prepare to be successful. “I go to the cages every morning and afternoon in the offseason,” said Mitchell Boxwell ‘16, “and I try to keep my arm in shape. I usually do this by either going to diamond dreams and throwing into a net or if it is nice out throw with my friends.” This is similar to what many other MLB players do in the offseason and cometitive players worldwide. The West High Freshman team defitely has some potential to be great. Evan Purkapile ‘16 said “We

“We [my teammates] have a strong bond between eachother. We have good pitching and can hit good too, we have a chance to be great.”

-Evan Purkapile ‘16

..................................... [my teammates] have a strong bond between eachother. We have good pitching and can hit good too, we have a chance to be great.” It looks as if the Cardinals are bound for greatness. But it also looks like the West High Freshman team is as well. There are

some teams that can bribe and buy championships, but it seems as if those days are over, which is only good news for baseball. The sport is improving, and with it so are the players.

Stars of the St. Louis Cardinals

David Freese, Third Base


06 Sports May 31, 2013

A successfull Spring Taining, as I recieved an autograph from starting Second Baseman, Daniel Desclaso.

Adam Wainwright, Pitcher


Matt Holliday, Left Field


Farthest Reaches of the


Oh, The Places They’ll Go,A Story About Your Friends And Where Thay Are Going This Summer

07 Feature May 31, 2013

Farthest Reaches of the


By Micah Otterbein

Aaron Carter: London, England Aaron is leaving on July 9 to help is aunt and uncle pack for their move to New York and then he is heading on to London, England with his mom, his sister, and his dog. While they are in England they will be going sight seeing and he will also get to visit his cousins. He is excited to be able to see Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and the Wimbledon tennis club while he is there.

Cami Hippee: Amazon and the Galapagos

Cami Hippee’13 is going on the biology trip to Ecuadaor, many of the Galapagos Islands and the Amazon. She will be gone from June 4 until June 18. Why is she going? “Mostly for fun, but also because I’m interested in Biology.” Cami is traveling with her friends Uma Balakrishnan’13 and Darra Stuart “but there will be many other people from our school who I have yet to meet! Also Mr. Wymer and Mrs. Secrist will be responsible for us.” What will she do while she is there? “We will do a lot of exploring. We will hike a lot and learn about plants and animals in the area. We will also be crossing over a rope bridge in the rainforest canopies which I’m excited and scared for since I’m afraid of heights!” “I think this will be the greatest thing I’ve ever done!”

08 Feature May 31, 2013

photo by Lesli DeRosset Todd

Mikinnia Kerns, ‘15 is going to the island of Aruba on north of South America from June 15 to June 23. She will be going with her godfather/uncle and his girlfriend and his girlfriend’s six year old daughter. “I’m babysitting the six year old so the adults can go out! said Kerns. She has no idea what they will be seeing or doing yet. “I have no idea; I’m just going with the flow,” said Kerns. This is all a new experience for Kerns: “I just learned I was going recently. They had planned to take an 18 year old, but she couldn’t go, so I got to take her place. I don’t get paid, but they are paying for my trip and its the first time I’ve been out of the USA so I’m super excited!”

photo by Mikinna Kerns

Mikinna Kerns: Aruba

photo by Micah Otterbein

You may be flying away or just jumping on the couch, but many of your peers will be going to places around the world. Wonder where your friends are going? Here is a sample of the some of the places farther away where West High students are traveling this summer.

Designed By Micah Otterbein

photo by Carolyn Ellis

Allie is visiting three places this summer. She begins with a trips in the United States to the Twin Cities and Orange Beach, Alabama (Student Life Summer Camp!) before heading truly far off to the nation of Ukraine on July 4 through July 22. She is going to the Ukraine as part of a mission trip. She will begin by flying to Kiev. “We will go to Rivne where the camps are, and after than we will sight see in Kiev before we fly back. I’m part of the English camps. So I’m there to help the intermediate group learn English and also learn a little bit about the Bible and the stories in it.” About 25 people from Copple’s church are going on the trip. While in the Ukraine Copple will also do a home stay with a family. Copple is thrilled about the trip. “I’m so excited to go there. I’m also excited because two of my best friends will be going....This trip will help all of us grow closer to God....It will be so awesome to have that bond with people on the team. I’ve...been told that this trip will change my life forever. It sounds scary, but I can’t wait.”

Amy Schey’13 is going to Israel on July 23. She is going on a “back home” family visit to Israel as she gets ready to stay there for the rest of the year. She can’t wait to go and has plans to go to the beach and the desert. Who is she going with? “My mom, dad, sister, and brother!” “I can’t wait! I am going stay with family, see my friends, go to the beach and hang out!”

09 Feature May 31, 2013

photo by Amy Schey

Amy Schey: Israel

photo by Xiang Chen

Allie Copple: Ukraine “Going, going, gone!

Will Code: Japan

Will is going to spend vacation with his girlfriend Riko Ohashi. They will going to Japan from July 8 to 17 and will be traveling with Xiang Chen. Will was invited to go by Riko who has family in Japan. He is looking forward to sightseeing, shopping, and eating in Tokyo.


Summer Treats A “how-to” guid on how to make delicious Banana Boat s’mores and more treats to cool you down when its hot outside

10 Food May 31, 2013





Second you want to First make a quick stop to your local take a sharp knife and cut a straight grocery store and pick up marshmallows, chocolate chips and a nice ripe banana. line down the middle of the arch of the banana.

5th place your Summer treat into the microwave.

Next take about a handful of chocolate chips and place them directly on top of your marshmallows.


Third you're going to want to take about a handle of marshmallows and place them neatly in the seem of the banana so you can no longer see inside of it.


Next set the timer for one minute and watch your delicious treat come together!

Other Summer Treats:

Cookies filled with ice crem topped with sprinkles ice cold popsicles that are easy and fun to make 11 Food May 31, 2013

popsicles filled with many differnt flavors of fruit Fun snow cones you can make with your friends!

Designed by: Sidney Petitgout

Football Rituals

By Micah Otterbein The Great Traditions of America’s Favorite Fall Sport With the warm weather of spring just getting going, it may be difficult to think about the fall season. But if we have to give up on the great times of spring and summer, what better way to get the next season going than that greatest of American traditions: American football played by high schools and colleges. Do you like hanging out with your West High friends? The best place to do that on the Friday nights of fall is at a West High football game where you can join in one of the great football traditions that go hand in hand with this game. Here is a sampling of some of traditions you can join in (and which many college also follow as well).

photo by Sal Lee

One of the long-standing traditions at West High is gathering with the crowd of students cheering from the central student section in the stands at the stadium. The West High student section is always spirited, and it is part of the tradition to be clad in green, gold, and white and a bunch of cool costumes. This has led to one of the best West High traditions: many of the football players give their secondary football jersey to a friend at school to wear all day and then to the game so that they cheer on and support their favorite players.


photo by Alli Peterson

Another long-standing tradition at West High is the Battle of the Boot. The Boot is given each year to the victor in West High’s fiercest rivalry game against the City High Little Hawks. In 2012, for the first time in years, the West High Trojans were victorious in the Battle of the Boot, and now the Boot is proudly displayed alongside our football trophies in our award cabinet. It is so good to get the Boot back after so many years of City keeping it in their control. You can see another West High tradition at this year’s Battle: the creating of a large banner that the football runs through on their way onto the field at the beginning of the game.


photo by Micah Otterbein 12 Sports May 31. 2013

So we have our award trophy of the Battle of the Boot to add drama to our greatest rivalry. This tradition has its roots in a variety of rivalry games with unique trophies that add excitement to the college game. Here are some examples: the Battle for the Iron Skillet goes to the winner of the game between the Southern Methodist University Mustangs and the Texas Christian University Horned Frogs; the Old Oaken Bucket is possessed by the winner between the Indiana Hoosiers and the Purdue Boilermakers; and one very familiar to University of Iowa

fans—Floyd of Rosedale, a statue of a grand hog which is the proud possession of the victor of the annual Minnesota-Iowa game. Ordinary objects just seem to make great rivalries even better, so keep an eye out for the Milk Can, Paul Bunyan’s Axe, or the Old Wagon Wheel.


A great tradition that bridges the high school and college games is the mascot. West High has the Trojan, City High has the Little Hawk, but one of the most famous mascots belongs to the University of Georgia. Georgia’s mascot is affectionately known to its fans as the charmingly ugly bulldog “Uga”. The original “Uga”

was introduced in 1956 and there have been a long line of Ugas who have followed in his footsteps. The current “Uga” is Uga IX. Uga is always there on the sideline, supporting his team.

Designed By Micah Otterbein


Many teams touch an object or a sign for good luck as they head out to the field. The most famous example belongs to one of the greatest programs in college football: the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame. It is a long tradition for the Fighting Irish football players to touch the sign which reads “Play Like a Champion Today”. The sign hangs at the bottom of the stairway leading down to the tunnel which leads to the field.


Our own university here in Iowa City is home to one of the truly strangest traditions of college football. In order to “psych out” the opposing team football players, legendary former Iowa football coach Hayden Fry decided to have the entire visiting locker room and bathrooms decked out in pink. Fry, who was a Baylor psychology major, thought that painting the walls, floors, ceilings, urinals and lockers pink would subconsciously take away the opposing teams’ aggression.

Texas A&M

One of the longer, most tiring traditions in all of football takes place at Texas A&M, where the fans of Texas A&M have some of the strongest legs and backs of all football fans. At every home game all the fans stand throughout the entire game, except, of course, when the opposing team’s

13 Sports May 31, 2013

band is playing on the field. Why do they stand? The stand to show their readiness at all times to be the “12th Man”. The tradition began in 1922 when E. King Gill, who was actually an Aggie basketball player at the time. The Aggies were on the verge of defeating a top ranked team but injuries had reduced the team to its last player. The coach called for Gill to suit up and wait at the sideline to be ready to go in if needed. As it turned out, Gill was not needed, but his willingness to step in lives on in the hearts of all Aggie fans. Kissing one’s date after every touchdown is another tradition—less tough, but sweeter.

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4 seasons  

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