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Intrepid Among Us BIENNIAL REPORT 2019 / 2020

A MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT By every measure, 2019 was truly a remarkable year for the Intrepid Museum. We delivered impactful educational programming, unique public events, compelling exhibits, expanded access initiatives and welcomed more than one million visitors from around the globe for the eighth straight year. We celebrated the milestone anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission that landed the first humans on the moon. Navy Cakes: A Slice of History was unveiled, showcasing the epicscale sweet treats created by sailors to celebrate special occasions. We relaunched an upgraded kamikaze exhibit, timed to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the darkest day in Intrepid history, when 69 crew members lost their lives. Befitting our commitment to accessibility, the Museum was awarded a coveted national leadership grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services to improve the museum experience for millions of individuals with disabilities. And a Free Fridays series was introduced to engage with local and underserved communities. Then suddenly the world changed in ways we could never have imagined. On the heels of a record-setting Kids Week in February of 2020, we were forced to shut our doors on March 13. Faced with a lengthy physical closure, we continued to fulfill our mission and serve our constituents when they needed us most. The isolation caused by the pandemic, especially for our veterans, created a critical void for compelling programming. The Museum quickly pivoted by moving much of our existing in-person educational and family programs to virtual, while creating and launching new content. For our veterans, we turned their programming into virtual online communities to facilitate much-needed social connections. As the Museum forges ahead through 2021 and beyond, and as we celebrate our 40th anniversary year in 2022, we are committed to opening more and more of Intrepid both physically and virtually in order that ALL can experience the wonders of this national historic landmark and our entire Museum complex. Your generous support allows us to continue to serve. For that, we are grateful.

Susan Marenoff-Zausner President A Message From the President 3

Restoring and Reopening Historic Spaces Aboard Intrepid The Museum has an ongoing commitment and imperative to open and interpret spaces on the WWII-era ship, and was able to utilize the pandemic-related closures to work on and ultimately debut new experiences on Intrepid. In early 2021, a new permanent Photo Lab exhibit opened, recreated on the very footprint of Intrepid’s original photo laboratory, a cluster of cramped compartments just steps away from the hangar deck. The Photo Lab examines the critical and unsung role of “photographer’s mates,” the sailors who processed aerial photographs, filmed flight operations, documented accidents, photographed the crew at work and took portrait photos. The site was once a beehive of activity. In the early 1960s, the ship’s photographers would take up to 35,000 photographs a year, with 50,000 prints processed; each night a person slept in the lab in case someone urgently needed a photographer. “What makes Intrepid such a great historic site Museum is that crew lived and worked on the aircraft carrier, and we can present these stories in their actual spaces,” said Elaine Charnov,

“ W hat makes Intrepid such a great historic site Museum is that crew lived and worked on the aircraft carrier, and we can present these stories in their actual spaces.”

the Museum’s SVP of exhibits, education and programming. Another important experience in the iconic aircraft carrier - the pilot escalator - was restored and made

available to the public for the first time in decades. The Navy installed escalators on aircraft to help pilots, often lugging over 60 pounds of equipment, quickly move from their ready rooms to the flight deck. Installed in the 1950s, the escalators are no longer operational; however visitors can walk up the escalator from the hangar deck to the flight deck and learn about its role during service. Visitors also now have the opportunity to peek into one of Intrepid’s bomb elevators, which over the decades carried an array of bombs, torpedoes, rockets and missiles. In the years ahead, the Museum has pledged to make more and more of the ship available to visitors to tell the complete story of life onboard Intrepid.


Restoring and Reopening Historic Spaces Aboard Intrepid 5


Kids Week: Two Ways





For nearly two decades, Kids Week has been a cherished Intrepid Museum tradition, an annual February festival of family-friendly education activities and programs. For more than 27,000 visitors, Kids Week from Feb. 15-22, 2020 was one of the last moments of pre-pandemic normalcy. “Full STEAM Ahead” – the theme of the weeklong event – saw science, technology, engineering, arts and math taking center stage, shortly before the closures and shattering consequences of the coronavirus crisis. Kids Week 2020, coinciding with the New York Public Schools Winter Break, featured live animal shows, hands-on experiences, performances, 3D experiences, interactive demonstrations -- and special guests NASA astronaut Ricky Arnold, NASA flight director Allison Bollinger, zoologist Jarod Miller, former NASA astronaut Mike Massimino, birder, educator and author Heather Wolf and planetary geologist Natalie Curran. Over 40 programming partners participated in Kids Week, which was supported by Coca Cola. Due to the pandemic the following year, Kids Week (Feb. 15-19, 2021) went virtual. All the wonder of the Museum’s family-focused fun and education - featured themes were Space & Science, Music & Arts and Safari & Nature streamed live on Twitch, Facebook and YouTube. There were engaging activities for kids of all ages, including Ballet Hispanico’s School of Dance’s presentations of its early childhood program “Los Pasitos,” a STEM education program for grades 2-6; NASA astronaut Stephen G. Bowen talking about his time in space; live drawings by illustrators Laura Knetzger, Lauren Castillo and Judd Winick; a video game coding workshop; and a virtual tour of Intrepid, exploring the history of the ship and the crew who served from 1943-74. More than 12,000 viewers accessed the Kids Week livestreams.

Kids Week: Two Ways 7

Pivot to Virtual Allowed Museum to Continue to Serve

Intrepid has served our nation for more than 75 years, playing crucial roles in World War II, the Cold War, Vietnam War and the Space Race. Now as the centerpiece of a world-class museum – the Intrepid Museum – it continues to serve with a new mission: to honor our heroes, educate the public, and inspire our youth. While the Intrepid Museum was physically closed due to the pandemic, it remained as important as ever to stay connected and deliver on its mission. To serve its community, the Museum assembled a one-stop shop of all its online resources, Experience Intrepid Anywhere, where the public, including educators, parents, students, veterans and military families, could stay engaged with the Museum digitally through teacher and home-school resources, virtual tours, oral histories, virtual talks, virtual veterans programs, and much more, all for free.

VIRTUAL ASTRONOMY LIVE Shortly after closing due to the pandemic, with support from NASA through the New York Space Grant Consortium, the Museum launched a free and hugely successful monthly program series, Virtual Astronomy Live. It was perfectly timed, as the new age of isolation and social distancing reignited interest in the night sky and celestial objects.

Pivot to Virtual Allowed Museum to Continue to Serve 9

The New York Times spotlighted Virtual Astronomy Live as one of the best Digital Field Trips anywhere.

Collaborating with digital platform Kerbal Space Academy, the Museum treated local, national and international audiences to breathtaking tours of the universe, bringing an ultra-modern view of astronomy, the world’s oldest natural science. Viewers had the opportunity to meet astronauts, scientists and other extraordinary professionals through live conversations streamed on Twitch TV. The New York Times spotlighted Virtual Astronomy Live as one of the best Digital Field Trips anywhere. The series debuted in April 2020, by commemorating 30 years of the iconic Hubble Space Telescope, which provided the first unobstructed view of the universe. Ultimately, the Virtual Astronomy Live series – each iteration featuring a different theme - was experienced by millions of viewers globally. The series is continuing through 2021 and beyond.

SUMMER INSTITUTE Through a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), the Museum produced a two-week Summer Institute for a national group of teachers to deepen their understanding and increase confidence in their ability to explore a subject thoroughly, critically and engagingly with students. The program made use of two historic sites—the former U.S. aircraft carrier Intrepid, a National Historic Landmark, and the former U.S. submarine, Growler, a unique artifact that represents the technology and tensions of the Cold War, along with the oral histories of the men that served on these vessels, to provide a powerful starting point for examining the history and legacy of Cold War technology. While meant to be in person, the Museum was one of the few NEH-funded organizations able to pivot and deliver on the Summer Institute virtually in 2020.

VIRTUAL YOUTH SUMMIT The Museum’s inaugural Virtual Youth Summit was a resounding success with nearly 400 attendees from across the globe. The Summit invited young people to hear from experts in the fields of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) and social advocacy and featured three inspiring keynote speakers and over 30 live and pre-recorded virtual sessions, with the goal of promoting conversation, personal development

Onboard With Safety After a year of closure, the reopening of the Museum on March 25, 2021 meant piloting through some uncharted waters. Yet the number one priority never wavered - the health and safety of its employees, volunteers and visitors. To that end, “Onboard with Safety” protocols brought enhanced safety measures based on recommendations by health experts as well as the relevant city, state and federal agencies. There were capacity limits, reduced visitation, required face coverings, temperature checks, social distancing, enhanced clearing procedures and other safety steps, including timed-entry tickets. If a bit different, it also ensured a safe experience for all visitors during a unique and challenging time.


and community engagement.

When you cannot wash and dry


Ceremonies to Remember MEMORIAL DAY Despite COVID restrictions and the ongoing pandemic, the Museum upheld its commitment to honor the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving in the United States Armed Forces. A poignant, mostly virtual Memorial Day commemoration on May 25, 2020, was livestreamed on the Museum’s website, and generated more than 1,000 pieces of media coverage. Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo participated in a socially-distanced ceremonial wreath-laying in the Hudson River, joined by Intrepid former crew members and Navy commander Jay Yelon, a trauma surgeon who treated COVID patients at the Javits Center temporary hospital.

LÉGION D’HONNEUR (LEGION OF HONOR) On Oct. 12, 2020, the Museum proudly and for the first time hosted the prestigious Légion d’honneur (Legion of Honor) ceremony, at which U.S. Army veterans Louis M. Nittolo and George C. Thomsen, formerly of the U.S. Navy, received France’s highest honor. The Legion of Honor was founded in 1802 by Napoleon Bonaparte to recognize unusual military and civil service to France. The Consul General of France, Jérèmie Robert, bestowed the prestigious award to both American veterans for their roles in helping liberate France from German occupying forces during World War II.

Ceremonies to Remember 13

VETERANS DAY The Museum’s annual ceremony on Veterans Day in 2020 was scaled-back due to the pandemic, but no less meaningful. It marked the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II. Partnering with the United War Veterans Council (UWVC), organizers of the annual Veterans Day Parade in New York City, the Intrepid Museum ceremony was incorporated into WABC-TV’s live Veterans Day broadcast.

Armando “Chick” Galella, a beloved hero and survivor of the attack on Pearl

Harbor, participated every year in the Museum’s Pearl Harbor Commemoration

Ceremony. He died of complications from COVID-19 in September 2021 at age 100.

PEARL HARBOR DAY Pearl Harbor Day was also a bit different. Each year on December 7, the Intrepid Museum hosts a ceremony and wreath laying honoring those who served and lost their lives during the attack. While unable to conduct the remembrance in person on Dec. 7, 2020, the Museum honored the memory of the nearly 2,500 Americans who died in Oahu through a video tribute, including a message from Intrepid Museum President Susan Marenoff-Zausner, thoughts from Intrepid’s former crew members and an interview with Pearl Harbor survivor Armando “Chick” Galella, who annually participated in the Museum’s commemoration and celebrated his 100th birthday on January. 1, 2021.

Ceremonies to Remember 15

Museum Launches New Initiatives FIGHTING I FUND LAUNCHED Throughout World War II, Intrepid, whose hull number was CV-11, repeatedly endured kamikaze attacks and torpedo strikes. Despite these blows, the ship and its crew returned to combat each time, earning the nickname the “Fighting I.” In that spirit, the Museum launched the “Fighting I” Fund to provide critical financial support that allowed us to continue to offer virtual programs and foster real connections with veterans, students, families, homebound seniors, and others when it was needed most, helping the Intrepid Museum continue to serve the community during the COVID crisis and come back stronger than ever.

MUSEUM FORMS DEAI GROUP In 2020, the Intrepid Museum formed a Diversity, Equity, Access and Inclusion group and engaged a diversity consultant to foster important conversations in the area of equity and diversity, and to assist the Museum in identifying and implementing short term, midterm and long term goals, and action steps in connection with equity and diversity. Areas addressed include, among other things: board composition, structure, recruitment and nominating procedures; staffing at all levels; hiring and promotion practices; staff development and education opportunities; content development and delivery; internal and external communications and relationships; and review of the Museum’s mission and values.

Name of Section


INTREPID MUSEUM’S LEGACY SOCIETY The Legacy Society is a group of supporters who have made a planned gift that includes the Intrepid Museum. Legacy Society donors are among the most committed supporters of our work. The Museum recognizes the generosity of its Legacy Society donors in our semiannual newsletter, on the Legacy Society website and on our new Honor Wall located in Intrepid’s historic hangar deck. Individuals whose planned gifts are in excess of $250,000 will be Peggy Donovan attending the 2019 Salute to Freedom gala.

recognized on the Donor Wall in the Museum’s Welcome Center. Legacy Society donors receive invitations to special VIP and member-only events, exhibition openings, lectures, and more.

Longtime Museum volunteer and member Margaret “Peggy” Donovan” pledged a planned gift to the Museum in 2016 and became an inaugural Legacy Society member. Peggy sadly passed away on November 9, 2019 and is fondly remembered by her friends, fellow volunteers and the entire Museum staff. Peggy began volunteering at the Museum in 2012 and gave over 800 hours of her time to advancing our mission. Many of her shifts were greeting visitors at the Museum’s information desk. Peggy was among the Museum’s most generous supporters contributing to the acquisition of the space shuttle Enterprise in 2012. She was especially fond of GOALS for Girls, a program that fosters STEM as an educational and career pathway for young women. Peggy’s planned gift reflected her strong belief in the Museum’s mission and programs that bring together history and STEM. Her generosity will allow us to share this work with millions of people. It is an honor that she included us in her plans and we are humbled by her friendship.

REMEMBERING THOSE WE LOST The Intrepid community was tragically impacted by the pandemic, and we recognize and honor the Intrepid and Growler former crew members and Museum volunteers who passed away in 2020. Their stories of service are an important thread throughout our programs and exhibitions, and reach hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the globe each year. Their legacies will live on through the work of the Museum.

Legacy Building on the Intrepid 19

50th Anniversary of Moon Landing Celebrated A half-century ago – July 20, 1969 – some 238,000 miles away through the blackness of space, the eyes of the world were mesmerized by the sight of an American astronaut, walking on the moon. Science fiction became reality. The U.S. won the space race. And Neil Armstrong’s “giant leap for mankind” captivated our adventurous imaginations like nothing ever before. To celebrate the 50th century anniversary of the extraordinary Apollo 11 lunar landing, the Intrepid Museum, in 2019, hosted a top-flight array of special exhibitions, events, and public programs. The installation of Apollo 11: Media, Moon, and Beyond beneath the space shuttle Enterprise allowed visitors to experience the emotions and reactions of households and public gatherings that echoed worldwide. In keeping with Intrepid’s history with the space race and the Museum’s current focus on the space program, Elaine Charnov, senior vice president, exhibits, education & public programs, said a main objective of the exhibit – which featured an ascending tower of vintage television sets - was to artfully engage younger visitors and recreate the extraordinary role of media at the time. “It was the most viewed event in history, and we wanted to capture this global experience,” she said. More than a moment of national unity, the landing was seen live by roughly 600 million viewers, one-fifth of the world’s population. That voyage of the ages -- imagine an event today that could generate such celebratory reaction around the globe -- seems like a long, long time ago. Less than 35 percent of current Americans were alive in 1969. Yet the Museum’s space-themed events, all designed to capture the humanity and audacity of landing humans on the moon, had something for everyone. Other Apollo-related programming included a free Astronomy Night for stargazers; an outdoor screening of First Man; a talk by former NASA astronaut Noah Petro; a pop-up installation of Earthrise: A 50-Year Contemplation by the MIT Media Lab; and To the Moon with the United Citizens Brigade, an evening of history and humor from a New York City improv group, with special guests comedian Lauren Adams and the Museum’s senior space advisor Mike Massimino.

50th Anniversary of MoonName Landing ofCelebrated Section 21

Kicking off Intrepid’s Apollo 50 celebrations, Museum donors took part in a special event on April 30, 2019 showcasing the science and innovation of the 1969 moon landing – and the space exploration of tomorrow. Guests previewed the new installation of Apollo 11: Media, Moon and Beyond under the space shuttle Enterprise. Then they engaged with three space experts as part of symposium moderated by Jeff Kluger, author of Apollo 8: The Thrilling Story of the First Mission to the Moon.

“ It was the most viewed event in history, and we wanted to capture this global experience.” ELAINE CHARNOV, SVP OF EXHIBITS, EDUCATION AND PROGRAMMING

Former NASA administrator and Museum Trustee Charles Bolden, astronaut Serena Aunon-Chancellor and scientist Randy Giles shared their insights into the Apollo missions, and the first moon land ing, which lives as a seminal moment in human history.

Fifty years later, living in a culture steeped in high technology, the panelists projected the future of space travel and exploration, which are no longer limited to the United States and Russia. As Bolden noted, space is transforming our daily lives, with the promise of commercial opportunities continually increasing, and with more countries around the world developing their own space programs. These nations’ space ambitions are seen as more advancement of humanity, engineering and innovation, one of the enduring legacies of Apollo 11.

Apollo 11: Media, the Moon and Beyond was generously supported by Pamela Liebman and Michael Krouse. Additional support was provided by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of the New York State Legislature.

50th Anniversary of Moon Landing Celebrated 23

Museum Awarded Grants to Enhance Accessibility In 2019, the Intrepid Museum received a highly competitive National Leadership Grant for Museums from the Institute of Museum and Library Services to partner with New York University’s Ability Project to increase the capacity of historic sites by developing rich, sensory-based interpretive experiences that are accessible to visitors with disabilities. The project was inspired by the 25 percent of adults in the U.S. who have disabilities related to hearing, vision, cognition and mobility – and the collaboration will address inaccessibility in all of its forms. Through the initiative, the Intrepid Museum debuted an innovation in accessible visitor experiences: a Bring Your Own Accessible Device (BYOAD), which allows visitors to access exhibit content on their personal smart phones. This free guide assists visitors with self-guided navigation and provides engaging and accessible content and information about the Museum’s spaces and exhibits. The user experience is designed to be fully inclusive and accessible to people of all ages and abilities. It helps guests navigate the Museum and offers a wide collection of content including fast facts, visual descriptions, historic photos, videos and oral histories, statistics, and deep dives into various artifacts and spaces. “The Museum embarked on this endeavor as part of a longstanding commitment to creating dynamic and accessible experiences for all our visitors,” said Susan MarenoffZausner, President of the Intrepid Museum. The Museum has also launched Making History Accessible, with additional support from the Harry S. Black and Allon Fuller Fund, Bank of America, N.A., Trustee, a new exhibit that displays the variety of accessibility tools being prototyped through the project and ultimately will incorporate visitor feedback to inform and adapt the next generation of these tools. The Museum also received an IMLS CARES grant to develop and deliver virtual education programs to New York residents. Because the pandemic’s widespread impact changed how educational organizations could engage with their communities, the IMLS funding enabled the Museum to continue serving a diverse population in the face of hardship including K-12 students, individuals with autism or developmental disabilities, homebound seniors, veterans groups, public housing residents and adults with dementia.

Museum Awarded Grants to Enhance Accessibility 25

Free Fridays Series Debuts The Museum introduced Free Fridays, once-monthly, admission-free, after-hour visits from April-October 2019. The initiative provided the priceless experience of Intrepid at night - with an array of programming featuring something for everyone. Each Free Friday was highlighted by exciting performances, educational talks, film screenings at sunset on the flight deck, and high-powered telescopes for stargazing. In addition to browsing the current exhibits and pop-up planetarium, visitors were also treated to breathtaking views of the Hudson River and city skyline. Kicking off the series, the Intergalactic Travel Bureau - a live, interactive experience presented by Guerilla Science – explored the incredible possibilities of space tourism through personalized space vacation planning. Visitors also got a sneak peek of the A-1 Skyraider on the flight deck, rolled out to the public for the first time since undergoing a major restoration. Skyraider pilot and former Intrepid crew member Lt. Dave Eberle shared stories of his time flying the aircraft.

Skyraider pilot and former Intrepid crew member Lt. Dave Eberle enthralled audiences with stories from past missions.

Visitors also participated in intergalactic yoga in the Space Shuttle Pavilion, stretching like an astronaut and uncover what happens when mind and body leave the soothing gravity of Earth. The Summer Movie Series kicked off in May 2019 with a screening of Dunkirk , the World War II thriller about the evacuation of Allied forces from the coast of France. As part of the ongoing 50th anniversary celebration of the Apollo 11 moon landing, the Museum hosted a special screening of Apollo 11, followed by a discussion with director Todd Douglas Miller. At the Space Shuttle Pavilion, visitors also explored the new exhibit, Media, the Moon and Beyond, which captured the awe of the moon landing through the emotions and reactions around the world. On Astronomy Night, Dr. Noah Petro showed rare images from NASA’s Lunar

Free after-hours programming, including movies on the flight deck, made Free

Reconnaissance Orbiter, followed by an opportunity to explore the universe with

Fridays a popular date.

high-powered telescopes, and special screening of First Man under the stars.

Museum educators provided Tales from the Flight Deck and STEM demonstrations

Other Free Fridays programming took a look at what’s ahead for space missions in

around the four forces of flight, the science of rocket launches, and more.

“From Concorde to Mars: Designing the Future,” and celebrated Hispanic Heritage

As part of the Museum’s Innovators series, Robert Bell of Space & Satellite

guide talks.

Month with special Spanish-language space-themed education demos and tour

Professionals International revealed the secrets of satellites and how they power our world – from TVs and computers to weather forecasts and humanitarian efforts.

Museum Awarded Grants to Enhance Accessibility Name 27 of Section


Navy Cakes: A Slice of History Opens Daily life aboard Intrepid and Growler wasn’t easy, given the grinding chores, cramped conditions and stress of combat. Yet there was a rich tradition that occasionally added sweetness to every crew member’s life: cakes. Opening October 2019, Navy Cakes: A Slice of History – an exhibition of photographs, film footage, artifacts, recipes and oral histories from the Museum’s collection - explored the morale-boosting role of cakes in the U.S. Navy. Like contestants on a reality baking show, sailors of the past created impressive, sculptured confections. Even if the culinary conditions on a warship in the water weren’t exactly idyllic. Still, elaborate navy cakes reflected the hard work and creativity of commissarymen, whose sweet treats, in some cases, weighed 1,000 pounds and fed 3,000 shipmates. Such slices of goodness were always a welcome sight at the end of a long, hard day. On special occasions – such as the first anniversary of Intrepid – festive cakes brought the crew together in celebration of what they accomplished and in recognition of what they endured. “Cakes were a traditional and beloved part of celebrations on board Intrepid and Growler,” said Elaine Charnov, senior vice president, exhibits, education and programming. “These stories help personalize and humanize the experience of our former crew members and shine a light on the innovation and ingenuity it took to feed thousands of people.” The exhibition opened with a delicious reception, highlighted by a fun panel discussion with Duff Goldman, celebrity chef and owner of Charm City Cakes, Michael Munoz, food writer and stylist, Zachary Schmahl, cookie master and Schmakery’s creator, and Anastacia Marx de Salcedo, author of Combat-Ready Kitchen: How the U.S. Military Shapes the Way You Eat. Navy Cakes: A Slice of History was made possible by a grant from the Navy Supply Corps Foundation.

Navy Cakes: A Slice Name of History of Section Opens 29

Inaugural Veterans Job & Resource Fair As a meaningful way to support those who served, the Museum hosted its inaugural Veterans Job & Resource Fair on November 15, 2019. The event connected veterans and their spouses to 50 organizational partners, who were on site to recruit for open positions, share information about community resources, and offer professional development services. Dozens of military members attended, hoping not only to meet future employers but also to ease the challenge of restarting their civilian lives. For Javon Latibeaudiere, 23, of Brooklyn N.Y., gaining career readiness was a priority after five years in the Marines. “When you’re in the military, they don’t technically prepare you to leave the military,” he said. “People don’t have the right resume, they don’t know how to translate what they learned in the military to real-life skills.”

“ They’re not only skilled, but they served us every single day and it’s time we serve them in a real tangible way, more than saying thank you for your service.” SUSAN MARENOFF-ZAUSNER, PRESIDENT, INTREPID MUSEUM

Veterans participated in expert-led workshops including financial wellness and resume review, and even had the opportunity to take a professional headshot. “They’re not only skilled, but they served us every single day and it’s time we serve them in a real tangible way, more than saying thank you for your service,” said Museum President Susan Marenoff-Zausner. The all-day event, presented by Bank of America, is part of the Museum’s commitment to the veteran community while raising public awareness of the challenges facing veterans. The Museum looks forward to resuming the Veterans Job and Resource Fair again in 2022.

Inaugural Veterans Name Job & Resource of Section Fair 31

Kamikaze: Beyond the Fire Seventy-five years ago, two Japanese explosives-laden planes plunged out of the Pacific sky and slammed into Intrepid’s flight deck, just five minutes and 60 feet apart. Nov. 25, 1944 would be the darkest day of the ship’s history. Only the herculean efforts of the 3,000 crew members prevented the blazing Intrepid from being a permanent casualty. Ed Coyne was one of those who sprang into action, putting out the flames and saving the ship. But the dive-bombing kamikaze attacks – a relatively new and desperate tactic by the Japanese, who hit three other U.S. carriers that day - claimed the lives of 69 Intrepid crew members, who were buried at sea the next day. Now in his 90s, Coyne’s still-vivid reflections were part of the Museum’s enhanced exhibit, Kamikaze: Beyond the Fire, which transported visitors back to the final months of World War II via firsthand accounts from survivors, and an immersive multimedia experience examining the impact of kamikazes. The exhibit was produced in collaboration with the Chiran Peace Museum for Kamikaze Pilots in Kagoshima, Japan. Coyne was part of a somber remembrance aboard Intrepid on Nov. 25, 2019, which included a moment of silence and wreath-laying by former crew members. The absolute horror caused by the “special attack” missions, along with the perceptions of Japan’s kamikaze – noble sacrifice or inhumane warfare - were examined in the exhibit. Artifacts from both the U.S. and Japan presented stories of young men on both sides. An excerpt from the diary of kamikaze pilot Shimpei Satō revealed one pilot’s perspective as he prepared for his final mission. A Navy Cross medal illustrated the bravery of Intrepid crew member Alfonso Chavarrias, who died while trying to shoot down a kamikaze plane that crashed into the ship.

Kamikaze: Beyond the Fire 33

As Kamikaze: Beyond the Fire revealed, Japanese leaders pushed these unimaginable missions during a collapsing war effort. All told, it’s believed 2,800 kamikaze pilots died from the aerial suicide missions. Americans bore the brunt with almost 4,900 sailors killed and one-fourth of its invasion fleet destroyed. Yet the kamikaze attacks never pierced the Americans’ will to fight, nor destroy Intrepid whose crew’s spirit continues to resonate today. As Ed Coyne said, “That was the attitude. Love your country.”

Kamikaze: Beyond the Fire has been made possible by a generous grant from the Daniels Fund. The Daniels Fund is a private charitable foundation dedicated to making life better for the people of Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming through its grants program, scholarship program, and ethics initiative. It was founded by Bill Daniels, a decorated fighter pilot in World War II and the Korean War, who went on to become a pioneer in the cable television industry. Daniels was an Intrepid crew member who survived the kamikaze attacks on the ship, and was awarded the Bronze Star for his heroism and bravery in saving fellow crew members during the attack.

Kamikaze: Name Beyond of Section the Fire 35

Salute to Freedom On May 23, 2019, the Museum held its 28th annual Salute to Freedom gala, the Fleet Week-timed celebration of extraordinary service, leadership and inspiration. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, the Intrepid Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to NASA trailblazer Margaret Hamilton, a computer scientist at MIT who led the team that developed the navigation and guidance software that was instrumental in Apollo 11’s success. General Joseph L. Votel, a four-star general of the U.S. Army with 40 years of service to our nation, including overseeing military operations in parts of Asia and the Middle East, was presented the Intrepid Freedom Award. Frank Bisignano, chairman

From left: Intrepid Salute Award Honoree Frank Bisignano and his wife Tracy, Ken and Tammy Fisher, Bruce Mosler, Intrepid Lifetime Achievement Award Honoree Margaret Hamilton and her daughter Lauren, Michele Votel and Intrepid Freedom Award Honoree Gen. Joseph Votel.

and CEO of First Data, was presented with the Intrepid Salute Award in honor of his outstanding business and philanthropic achievements, including a company-wide initiative providing the military community with career and education opportunities. Kenneth Fisher (Fisher Brothers), Bruce Mosler (Cushman & Wakefield), Thomas Higgins and Joseph Plumeri (both First Data), chaired the event, which raised $1.65 million and hosted over 600 attendees, including prominent guests from the business, education, government, scientific and military communities, with former crew members of Intrepid present.


Joseph Plumeri presents the Intrepid Salute Award to Frank Bisignano Medal of Honor recipient Col. Jack Jacobs with Intrepid Museum trustees Thomas Higgins and Mel Immergut

The Museum appointed Joseph Plumeri, vice chairman of the First Data board of directors, to its board of trustees. He is dedicated to furthering the Museum’s mission and inspiring new generations of explorers and innovators. Plumeri helped transform First Data from a transaction processor to a payments technology company and solutions provider to merchants and financial institutions. Prior to joining First Data, he was chairman and CEO of Willis Group Holdings. Plumeri returns to the Museum board after serving from 2008-15. Susan Marenoff-Zausner with Intrepid Former Crew Members

Dr. Gregory Olsen with his table guests, including former NASA astronaut and Intrepid Senior Space Advisor Mike Massimino Name Salute oftoSection Freedom 37 Disabled American Veterans table hosts and guests

Condensed Summary of Consolidated Statement of Financial Activities

Condensed Summary of Consolidated Statement of Changes in Net Assets

These statements are summarized and excerpted from the audited financial statements.

These statements are summarized and excerpted from the audited financial statements.

A complete set of audited financial statements are available at

A complete set of audited financial statements are available at


FY 2020

FY 2019

Admissions & memberships



Contributions and grants

3,103,695 289,960


Special event revenue (net of costs of direct benefits)



Rental income, net



Auxillary activities



Total Operating Revenue and Support

862,982 $8,672,300

FY 2019

Condensed Summary Consolidated Statement of Financial Position

807,429 $32,778,126

FY 2020

Beginning of Year 75,665,500 72,938,561 End of year 63,011,897 75,665,500


Sponsorship income

Investment return designated for operations


These statements are summarized and excerpted from the audited financial statements.

A complete set of audited financial statements are available at

OPERATING EXPENSES Program Expenses: Education



Exhibits and museum services





Public programs Other mission-related program support Total Program Expenses

93,136 18,012,362

103,298 25,470,083


Cash and cash equivalents Pledges receivable - net Grants and other receivables Prepaid expenses and other assets Investments in marketable securities, at fair value Fixed Assets - net

Total Assets Supporting Expenses: Management and general Fundraising Total Supporting Expenses Total Operating Expenses









Total operating revenue and support


in excess of total operating expenses


FY 2020

FY 2019

$13,709,051 871,660 1,232,433 435,246 34,141,867 44,296,233

$14,102,197 662,000 2,437,991 386,377 31,564,672 47,636,433



LIABILITIES Accounts payable and other liabilities Deferred revenue Capital lease obligation







Loans payable



Notes payable



Total Liabilities $31,674,593 $21,124,170 NON-OPERATING REVENUE, EXPENSES AND OTHER SUPPORT NET ASSETS Capital depreciation and amortization expense (3,880,825) (4,274,358) Without donor restrictions 27,694,890 42,972,090 Contributions and capital grants $588,553 $20,000 With Donor Restrictions: Insurance proceeds from casualty loss 329,592 Time restricted for future periods 12,371,860 9,569,426 Gain (Loss) on disposal of fixed assets - - Purpose restrictions 524,760 710,464 Investment return in excess of spend rate 2,793,155 4,083,007 Endowment funds 22,420,387 22,413,520 Total Non-Operating Revenue and Other Support $(169,525) $(171,351) Change In Net Assets



* T he government-mandated, pandemic-related closure and capacity limitations upon reopening decimated the Museum’s revenues and cash flow, and had a significant adverse impact on its overall financial condition. During the period April to December 2020, the Museum’s revenue dropped approximately 95% compared to the same period in 2019. Management took the difficult step of furloughing staff, reducing overall headcount and cutting expenses where possible, while pivoting its programmatic efforts towards virtual delivery and engaging audiences online. The Museum ended FY 2020 with an unprecedented operating deficit of ($12,653,603). The Museum launched an aggressive fundraising campaign and worked with funders to redirect dollars for programs and other initiatives. In addition, management secured a new liquidity facility, drew on its available line of credit and secured a PPP loan of $3,528,700 to meet operational and programmatic cash flow needs and to ensure the post-pandemic sustainability of the Museum.







Financials 39

Thank You The Intrepid Museum thanks the following donors who made a gift of $250 or more between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019. While space limitations do not permit listing gifts of less than this amount, the Museum extends its sincere thanks to all donors. $500k+

Event Network, Inc.

Fisher Brothers Foundation

GFP Real Estate, LLC

Richard Buccarelli

George and Rochelle Lazarus

International Integrated Solutions

International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading

Mark Glasser

Paul Bucha and Cynthia Bell-Bucha

The Leon and Toby Cooperman

J.E. & Z.B. Butler Foundation

James E. Fitzgerald, Inc.

Greenway USA

CardWorks, Inc.

Family Foundation

James and Robin Herrnstein

James and Debbie Carrier

Robert Lourie

Arconic Foundation

The Joseph Leroy and Ann C. Warner Fund, Inc.

Jones Lang LaSalle, Inc. Pat LaFrieda

The Holliday Foundation

Chubb Federal Insurance Company

LPL Financial

Chase Private Client


Ben Lindeman

IPKeys Power Partners

Cogen Technologies Linden

The M&T Charitable Foundation

Daniels Fund

The Kraft Family Foundation

M&T Bank


Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP


Mark Lapidus

John W. Conroy

Manatee Community Foundation

Steven Fisher

Mel Immergut and Barbara Lyne

May and Samuel Rudin Family Foundation, Inc.

The Jeffrey and Nancy Lane Foundation

The Cowles Charitable Trust

Gary and Debbie Mandelbaum

Winston Fisher

Morgan Stanley & Co., LLC

Metropolitan Security Group, LLC

Jim and Linda Robinson Foundation

Charles T. Crawford

Kenneth and Tammy Fisher

Motorola Solutions Foundation

Nederlander of New York, Inc.

Edward and Kathryn Lapidus

Pam Demascus

Mandelbaum Family Charitable Foundation

Joseph J. Plumeri

Navy Supply Corps Foundation

Newmark Knight Frank

Make-A-Wish New Jersey

Shawn Edwards

Marlene Manzella

Ogilvy & Mather

Northrop Grumman Corporation

Richard and Ronay Menschel

Michael and Sara Elkin


Kathleen O’Hare

Dr. Gregory H. Olsen

Michael Tuch Foundation, Inc.

James Eng

Margaret Neubart Foundation Trust

The Andrew W. Mellon

Syracuse University

Paramount Group, Inc.

Moses & Singer LLP




Bill and Marguerite Nelson

Ess+Vee Acoustical Contractors, Inc.

Susan Marenoff-Zausner and Daniel Zausner

Frank Bisignano

The TK Foundation

Restaurant Associates

The New York Community Trust

Anne Evans

Willis Marine

Bloomberg Philanthropies

Tom and Cindy Secunda

RXR Realty

NYC & Company

Candace Forsyth

Vincent and Brenda McGowan

Booth Ferris Foundation

SL Green Realty

O’Connor Davies, LLP

Elpida Frantzeskarou

Milo Kleinberg Design Associates

The Canary Charitable

Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program

Stanley and Karen Hubbard

Gallagher & Associates

Thomas and Karen Misisco


The Velaj Foundation

United Refining Company

Robert & Toni Bader Charitable Foundation

General Magnaplate Corporation

Navigators Insurance Company

Verizon Enterprise Solutions Group

Sebonack Golf Club LLC

Nicola Gigliotti

David and Robin Neubart


Viacom International, Inc.

SHoP Architects PC

Anthony and Joan Nickert

American Express

Virginia Davies and Willard Taylor

Sideline II Import Export, LLC

William Poarch and Elizabeth Grizzard


Tim Tynan

John and Mary Hallahan

NYU Langone Medical Center


Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund Consolidated Edison Company of New York

NTT Industries, Inc.

Cushman & Wakefield

Bank of America Merchant Services

William Marden & Anne Tarbell

Cozen O’Connor

The FAR Fund

Urban Foundation-Engineering, LLC

Henry and Jean Harrell

The Barker Welfare Foundation

Peter Hein and Anne Farley

Orca Mechanical, Inc.

Hubbard Broadcasting, Inc.

Charina Foundation, Inc.


Willis Towers Watson

Terrance and Martha Holliday

Francis C. Parson, Jr.

James L. Nederlander


Adit Ventures

Zurich Insurance Company, LTD

Dale Mitchell and Alice Ibanez

Patriot Group Global

The Pinkerton Foundation

Corcoran Group Cares

Anchor Breaking & Cutting Co., Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Larry A. Silverstein

Issam Darwish

RTS Family Foundation

Deloitte Consulting Services LLP

Craig Newmark Philanthropies

Disabled American Veterans $25k+

Ernst & Young

The Ambrose Monell Foundation

Flight Avionics of North America, Inc.

BNY Mellon The Bovin Family Foundation Cobham The Corcoran Group Margaret F. Donovan Martin L. Edelman

Camille Irvin

Travis Patton and Jeff Seese



Michael Irvin

Lucie Perry

Berdon LLP

Adco Electrical Corporation

Johnson Charitable Gift Fund

David and Michele Posehn

Bill and Ernestine Bradley


Philip T. Johnson

Dr. and Mrs. Marvin L. Prince

Andrew Mathias

Larry Arnold

Joseph B. Rose Family Foundation

Redwood Investments, LLC

Anthony and Carol Carbonetti

Edmund and Candida Aversenti

Dennis and Karen Keegan

Rubenstein Associates, Inc.

Lyndon Keyes

Susan Rudin

Martin P. Klein

Ann Sheedy

Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel LLP

SAG Engineering & Consulting, PC

David and Susan Lazarus

Carl and Aviva Saphier

Cathay Bank Foundation

AXA Art Americas Corporation

Gerard and Elizabeth Byrne


Goldman Sachs & Co.

Gwen Fisher

Bluecross Blueshield of South Carolina

Gregory and Anna Cuneo

Kyle Fisher


Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson LLP

Inland Printing Company, Inc.

Branch Banking and Trust Company Broadway Party Rentals

SageView Advisory Group

Thank You 41

Thank You The Intrepid Museum thanks the following donors who made a gift of $250 or more between January 1, 2020 and December 31, 2020. While space limitations do not permit listing gifts of less than this amount, the Museum extends its sincere thanks to all donors. Schneps Communications

Ralph Goff



Brian Gordon

Larry Arnold

Richard Spencer

Roberta Golubock

Gregory and Sarah Bender

Chase Private Client

Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund

Stephen Baker and Nadine Chang

Donald and Diane Sherman

Peter and Rosemary Haas


Peter Bepler

Thomas and Margaret Hayward

The Benevity Community Impact Fund

Fisher Brothers Foundation

Society For Science

The Canary Charitable Foundation

Gregory and Anna Cuneo

James Stuart

Carla Hendra

Joanna Bluestone

Tom and Cindy Secunda

Goldman Sachs & Co.

Bluecross Blueshield of South Carolina

Steve and Denise Sultan

Thomas and Fiona Higgins

John and Laura De Boisblanc

Paul Thomarios

David Holbrook

Patrick Burns


International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading

Lizzie & Jonathan M. Tisch

Buell and Elizabeth Hollister

Anthony Cassese

The Ambrose Monell Foundation

Howard and Allison Lutnick

Community Foundation for Northern Virginia

Frances and John Townsend


Cross-Fire & Security Co., Inc.

Bloomberg Philanthropies


Charles T. Crawford

David and Rosemary Turner

IntraLogic Solutions

Kai Dawes

BNY Mellon

Virginia Davies and Willard Taylor

United HealthCare

Eduardo and Luciana Jany

Susan Diamond

The Bovin Family Foundation

William Poarch and Elizabeth Grizzard

USS Intrepid Association, Inc.

Christopher Kollar

Charina Endowment Fund

Progress Charitable Foundation

James Eng

RXR Realty

Ess+Vee Acoustical Contractors, Inc.

Chubb Federal Insurance Company

Keith Duval

Viacom International, Inc.

LAB Plumbing & Heating Co., Inc.

Diproperzio & Mallia Architects LLP

Weeks Marine, Inc.

Chris Levinson

Henry Dvorak

Consolidated Edison Company of New York

Danielle Winick

Shelly London and Charles

Arthur and Denise Flynn

Craig Newmark Philanthropies

Lizzete Winick


Mark and Stephanie Frank

Cushman & Wakefield


Candace Forsyth

Vito Luppino

Edward Gonzalez

Martin L. Edelman


Nicola Gigliotti


Glenn and Aline Martin

Jack Graver

The FAR Fund

Charina Foundation, Inc.

H.C. Bowen Smith

Mark Aaron

Michael Massimino

William J. Hudson


The Cowles Charitable Trust

Peter Hein and Anne Farley

Michael Abiuso

MB Food Processing, Inc.

Viginia and Art King

Stanley and Karen Hubbard

Michael and Sara Elkin

Michael Irvin

Nicholas Alexiou

Chris Mead

James Long

Joe Plumeri Foundation Inc

GFP Real Estate, LLC

Philip T. Johnson

Albert and Tina Anguish

The Merck Foundation

Gerald and Selma Lotenberg

Richard and Ronay Menschel

James and Robin Herrnstein

KDK Charitable Trust

Michael R. Aulicino

Metro Sound Pros

James and Kay Loy

James L. Nederlander

Gayley Knight

Edward Kulic

Anthony Bartolomeo

Brett Miles

Steven A. Margenau

PTJ Operations, LLC

Robert Lourie

L&L Holding Company, LLC

Keith Butterfield

Timothy and Gabriela Neufeld

Kenneth Marshall

Edie Lutnick and Lewis Ameri

Pat LaFrieda

Richard and Nardyne Cattani

Patricia and Erik Nicolaysen

Donald and Jill Menard


David and Susan Lazarus

Robert Catell

John and Linda Parker

Jonathan Misisco

Frank Bisignano

May and Samuel Rudin Family Foundation, Inc.

Chan & Grant, LLP

Frank and Christine Peverly

Michele O’Connell

Issam Darwish

Michael Tuch Foundation, Inc.

Manatee Community Foundation

Alice Chan

Frederick Pfluger

John Phipps

Dean and Kathleen O’Hare

Bill and Marguerite Nelson

Willis Marine

Ranji Cheema

Nori Reid

Sharon Renz

Charitable Foundation

Dr. Gregory H. Olsen

Jennifer Clay

Robert and Florence Rosen

Mateo Rincon

Mel Immergut and Barbara Lyne

The Olsen Foundation

Margaret Neubart Foundation Trust

Cobham Political Action

Leslie and Teresa Scott

J.E. & Z.B. Butler Foundation

Plaza Construction Corporation

William Marden & Anne Tarbell


James Siegler

Robert E. and Elizabeth A. La Blanc Foundation

Michael and Janice Collins

Glenn Smith

David Corbett

Joseph and Suzanne Speicher

CTM Media Group, Inc. Davler Media Group


Anne Evans

LPL Financial


Pritzker Military Foundation

Matthew Markezin-Press

Michael and Elizabeth Rodriguez

Mark Lapidus

Sebonack Golf Club LLC

William and Kelly Massey

David and Marlene Rost

Motorola Solutions Foundation

TD Ameritrade

Silverstein Properties, Inc.

Sanford Schlesinger and Lianne Lazetera

Moses & Singer LLP

Charles and Donna Ruesink Michael Sinkin

Lizzie & Jonathan M. Tisch

O’Connor Davies, LLP

John Donnelly

United States Tournament of Dance, Inc.

Robert Kryter and Mary Strickland


Lynn Dundon

Joseph L. Votel

David Strong

American Express

Florence & Robert A. Rosen

John A. Vuyosevich

Verus Construction

Family Foundation


Stephen and Nova Wheeler

Mr. Albert R. Frater

NBC Universal Palo Alto Networks


John and Linda Parker

The Barker Welfare Foundation

Adco Electrical Corporation

Francis C. Parson, Jr.

Harry S. Black & Allon Fuller Fund, Bank of America N.A, Trustee


Travis Patton and Jeff Seese


Stephen Popper

Thank You 43

Thank You The Intrepid Museum thanks the following public supporters, sponsors and donors of gifts-inkind between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2020.

Dr. and Mrs. Marvin L. Prince

Glenn and Aline Martin

Elliot Gross


SAG Engineering & Consulting, PC

Metro Sound Pros

Suzanne Halpin


Ann Sheedy

Katharine Mongold

Christine Hamby

Society For Science

Murray’s Chicken

Terrance and Martha Holliday

National Endowment for the Humanities

Source Brewing

Robert and Carole Nichols

Buell and Elizabeth Hollister

Joseph and Suzanne Speicher

The Opdyke Family Fund

Eddy and Linda Kaletch

Steve and Denise Sultan

Robert and Eloise Pino

John and Kyoko Lin

Lilith Terry

Richard and Debbie Sander

Judith Marenoff

Richard and Colleen Truly

Adam Schechter

Steven A. Margenau


James Boesch

USS Intrepid Association, Inc.

Leslie and Teresa Scott

Larry Masters

Bank of America, N.A.

Frank Boyd

Willis Towers Watson

James Siegler

Matt McGowan

Liberty Coca-Cola

Frederick D. Braid

Frances and John Townsend

John A. Vuyosevich

Christy McKnight

United Airlines, Inc.

Alan Brooking

Zurich Insurance Company, LTD

Nicholas Wright


National Science Foundation

CNN Films

Grey Burkhart

Morgan Stanley & Co., LLC


Michael Chioffi

Microsoft Corporation

Burney P. Clark

Lockheed Martin Corporation

Stephanie Clipper


John Colleary


Patricia Coon

Redeam, Inc.

Philip Coyle

Allied Advertising Limited Partnership

Thomas Craver

Blue Marble Cocktails, Inc.

Fred DuPont

Luna Park

Stuart Elefant

Institute of Museum and Library Services



Timothy and Gabriela Neufeld

Mark Aaron


Michele Allmaras and Om Agrawal

Edmund and Candida Aversenti

George Pittel and Alice SiegelPittel

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Kevin Allmaras

Francis Bartlett

Michael and Elizabeth Rodriguez

Albert and Tina Anguish

Joanna Bluestone

Katie Schwab



John and Laura De Boisblanc

Brian and Catherine Schwartz


Frederick Braid

Kevin W. Smith

New York City Department of Cultural Affairs


Paul Brothers

Beatrice Stryker

Keith Butterfield

Paul Thomarios

Edward Reid and Lester Bartson

Wesley Chedister

TIAA Charitable


New York State Assembly

Robert Aronson

New York State Senate

Larry Arnold

Robert Anderson III

Cynthia Aurand

Federal Emergency Management Agency

Michael R. Aulicino

New York State Empire State Development

New York City Economic


Francis Bartlett

Cornell University

Mark Bates Steve Black

Development Corporation

David Davis

Quentin Erickso

Blackbaud Giving Fund

James and Angela Clair

Alice Chan

Jeffrey Cook

Martin Vanden Abeele and Lani Trezzi

Manhattan Borough President Council of the City of New York

Broadway Party Rentals

Ranji Cheema

Rick Cortellessa

Mayor of the City of New York

Dominique Galluzzi

David and Patricia Vondle

Cabaret Tent & Party Rentals

Stuart Gelband

Jennifer Clay

Thomas Coumbe

Sheila and Gerald Walpin

Eric Grosfils

Jeffrey Douglass USMC (Ret)

Cross-Fire & Security Co., Inc.

Stephen and Nova Wheeler


Catering by Restaurant Associates FARO

James Dicus

Polly Willis

New York State Council on the Arts

Harold Gross

George and Diane Fellows

Frost Productions

Flavio Grunewaldt

Mr. Albert R. Frater

Bonni Fandetti

Frederic and Robin Withington

Hang It Up

Gabrielle Hadyka

John and Mary Hallahan

Arthur and Denise Flynn

Infinity Elevator

Vernon E. Hazard

Michael Hallahan

Mark and Stephanie Frank

Duane Heatwole

Todd Happer

Marie Fullerton

NYS Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Services

Inland Printing Legends

James Henderson

New York State Dormitory Authority

On The Move Entertainment

Mark Herskowitz

Wizard Studios

William A. Hickey

New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation

ZAK Events

Julie Jeffus

Thomas and Margaret Hayward

Mark Glasser


Edward Gonzalez

Johnson Charitable Gift Fund

Elizabeth Gouger and Alen Shapiro

Judith Krupp

Christopher Grassi

MB Food Processing, Inc.

Jack Graver

Kenneth Marshall

Robert Groban


Michael Fink

David Klein Stephen Klim Carolyn Komerska George Konow Renee Kravatz Thank You 45

Richard Krick

Mary Jo Touvell

Mary DeMarco

Bill Humienny

Michael Schleiff

Kenneth M. Laraway III

David E. Tyre

Nick DeMasi

Lynda Ivey

Garret Schneider

Melissa Lasley-Scoville

USS Intrepid Association

Burton Dicht

Deborah Kayman

Stephen Schneps

James Leslie

John C. Villar

Joe DiFilippo

John Keenan

Hayley Schultz

Robert Lillie

Brian Walker

Joe DiGarbo

Bernard Kellaway

Al Schumacher

Paul Livingway

Ronald C.Wallace

Mike Dora

Henry Klapholz

Paula-Jane Seidman

Jane Loftin-Gray

A.J. Welch

Zachariah El Moustakim

Larry Kleinman

Joseph Speicher

Phillip Mall

Judith Wishman

Stuart Elefant

Anita Kraus

Sami Steigmann

Conrad Mangseth

Marc Wolf

Phil Elsner

Yau-Hang Lee

Jerry Stone

Thomas Mann

William Young

James Eng

Richard Lo

Jessica Strongwater

Arlene Feola

Kelleen Magro

David Sypen


Gerald Feola

Enrico Mandragona

Emma Tainter

Samuel Albrecht

Lawrence Finch

William Marden

Elizabeth Tom

Wanda Finch

Owen McDonagh

Janet Tyrna

Elizabeth Fine Smith

Paul Messina

Martin Vanden Abeele

Michael Fink

Patricia Minns

Basil Vasilkioti

Frederick Fischer

Norman Mohi

Amy Whelton

Thomas Fisher

Neil Moran

Ronald Winchester

Martin Flank

Carolyn Morris

Bianca Fragosa

Paul Murphy

Anthony Francica

Antonio Nibbs

Albert Frater

John Olivera

Roy Fredricksen

Carlos Opio

Joseph Fugalli

Walter Parezo

Stuart Gelband

David Parsons

Greg Gonzalez

Susan Pasquariella

Elizabeth Gorski

Matthew Perelli

Alan Gottesman

John Perry

Brigitte Gouarin

Richard Peters

Pierre Gouarin

William Peters

Paul Grigonis

George Pittel

Harold Gross

Carlos Ramirez

Ronald Guggenheim

Paul Ramirez

Jeffrey Guttenberger

Aaron Reznick

Lamiae Hanguir

Elyse Richardson

Patricia Hansen

Maria Riofrio

Robert Hartling

William Riordan

Mark Herskowitz

Robert Rose

John Heslin

Norman Russell

Thomas Hoffman

Michael Savino

James Hogg

James Scaglione

Richard Marucheau Albert McMenomy Robert E. Miller II Richard Mills Frank V. Moltisanti Robert Muszynski Frederick J. Nagy Bonny Olney Robert Wayne Osburn Douglas Peterson James Peterson Katherine Placco Troy Prince Andrea Richards Charles Robinson Justin Roth Cabel Sale Al Schumacher Paul Schweigert William Silliker John Simonetti Glenn A. Smith Jacqueline Smith Roland Smith Judy Snyder Gloria Stauffer Wayne F. Stiles Michael Strub Allen J. Stryker Samuel Taylor Charles Thompson

Nicholas Alexiou Paul Arellano P.J. Aronica David Athay Agnes Audige Elbert Austin Robert Bachman Redin Barefoot Lawrence Bassett Joan Bennett Richard Berliner Joanna Bluestone Frederic Bouley Jennie Brown Karen Brueckner Michael Burns James Burr Robert Cassara Rhoda Chaloff Kenneth Chin Andrew Chung Adam Cole Kevin Coll Manuel John Cortez Richard Cortez Rosario Costanzo Tom Coulson

Thank You 47

BOARD OF TRUSTEES Co-Chairmen of the Board

Mr. Mark Lapidus

Mr. Kenneth Fisher Senior Partner, Fisher Brothers

Mr. John McAvoy Chairman, Consolidated Edison Inc.

Mr. Bruce Mosler Chairman of Global Brokerage, Cushman & Wakefield

Mr. James L. Nederlander President, The Nederlander Organization

Vice Chairmen

Mr. Joseph J. Plumeri JJP Ventures

Mr. Denis A. Bovin Senior Advisor, Evercore Partners

Mr. Thomas F. Secunda Founding Partner, Bloomberg, LP

Charles de Gunzburg Vice Chairman, First Spring Corporation

Ms. Frances F. Townsend Executive Vice President, Activision Blizzard

Mr. Martin L. Edelman Senior of Counsel, Paul Hastings LLP

Mr. David H. W. Turner

Mr. Mel Immergut Chairman (Ret.), Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy, LLP Mr. Richard Santulli Chairman, Milestone Aviation Group Trustees Maj. Gen. Charles Bolden, USMC (Ret.) President, The Bolden Consulting Group, LLC Mr. Gerry Byrne Vice Chairman, PMC Mr. Sam Darwish Chairman & CEO, IHS Towers Mr. Steven Fisher Senior Partner, Fisher Brothers Mr. Winston Fisher Senior Partner, Fisher Brothers

Partner & CFO, KPMG LLP Museum Executives Susan Marenoff-Zausner President David Winters Executive Vice President Patricia Beene-Colasanti Chief Financial and Administrative Officer Elaine Charnov Senior Vice President, Exhibits, Education and Programs Marc Lowitz Senior Vice President, Business Development Matthew Woods Senior Vice President, Facilities, Engineering and Security

Mr. Thomas J. Higgins Chief Administrative Officer, Fiserv

Thomas Coumbe Vice President, Human Resources

Mr. Stanley S. Hubbard Chairman & CEO, Hubbard Broadcasting, Inc

Vincent Forino Vice President, Information Technology

Lynda Kennedy Vice President, Education and Evaluation Alexis Marion Vice President, Institutional Advancement

Gerrie Hall Director, School and Teacher Programs Benjamin Levinsohn Director, Volunteers and Docents

Michael Onysko Vice President, Marketing

Liam Marshall Director, Video Production

Brian Walker Vice President, Corporate Communications and External Affairs

Charlotte Martin Director, Access Programs

Lisa Yaconiello Vice President, Venue Sales and Events

Kimberly Ramsawak Director, Group Sales

Jennifer Fugina Assistant Vice President, Visitor Services Christopher Malanson Assistant Vice President, Exhibition Designs Rosalie Piantosi Assistant Vice President, Benefits and Employee Relations Irene Tsitko Assistant Vice President, Grant Management and Administration

James Rah Director, Operations

Laurie Scofield Director, Internal Audits Desiree Siegel Director, Marketing Katherine Suhr Director, Advancement Events Eric Boehm Curator, Aviation and Aircraft Restoration Jessica Williams Curator, History and Collections Kyle Shepherd Chief of Staff

Ashley Allen Director, Public Relations Cory Cuneo Director, Protective Services Camilo Fajardo Creative Director, Marketing Anthony Fernandez Director, Maintenance Louise Gormanly Director, Corporate and Foundation Relations Francis Graham Director, Special Projects

Board, Trustees, Executives 49


Deborah Gaouette

Keyla Lora

Mohan Ram

Eric Ammons

Edward Garcia

Rafael Lorenzo

Edwin Remigio

Michael Andrews

Stephen Garvey

Joseph Mangan

Semen Reydman

Timothy Ardan

Daniel Gavin

Gyasi Martin

Rafael Rios

Sylvia Ayivor

Scott Gawlicki

Samaria McCullough

Jasmial Rivera

Sharon Babu Choondassery

Nazima Gelfarb

Connally McCurdy

Oscar Rodriguez

Keith Barr

David Giacomini

Kerry McLaughlin

Sarah Runser

Fernando Barriera

Berman Gonzalez

Annette Melendez

Shihadah Saleem


Michael Bee

Garnett Grannum

Shazadee Merritt

Allison Salvatore

Anchor Society donors Virginia Davies and Willard Taylor first

Darwin Beltran

Sharome Green

Jennifer Milani

Michelle Sanzo

visited the Museum in the early 2000s. Virginia’s father served

Samuel Besse

Megan Grindle

Jonathan Milard

Ana Schlanzky

in World War II and she was excited to walk Intrepid’s historic

Joel Black

Dara Gross

Allan Millington

Elysia Segal

decks. While visiting, Virginia was struck by the rich history

Henry Blake

Nida Gulzar

Sarah Mohamad

Nicole Seunarine

on view and delighted to see that this history was used to form

Annmarie Bobak

Patricia Hall

Jonathan Mora

Chelsie Sharma

connections with the sciences through interactive exhibitions

Bethany Brotman

Gary Hartley

Kerstyne Moran

Wing Tung Shek

and lively programs.

Gerald Brown

Wayne Hernandez Rodrigo

John Mordan

Gavin Shepherd

Louis Cajigas

Todd Morisset

Kate Shillingford-Vidal

Over the years, she has taken her grandchildren to several

Angel Calderon

Herrera Quinde

Daniel Muller

Desiree Siegel

programs at the Museum, her favorite being Kids Week. Though

Trevor Cardone

Russell Hill

Emilio Narvaez

Richard Skolnick

the series is designed to connect youth with science, technology,

Ceferina Carvajal

Anthony Hilliard

Luis Navarro

Rachel Skontrianos

engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) subjects, she always finds

Amanda Catherall

Emma Hogan

Finbar Noonan

Michael Stevens

the content engaging herself. This intergenerational appeal is

Roberto Chavez

Janice Hogan

Florianny Norman Reyes

Juan Suarez

one of the features she loves most about the Museum’s programs.

Jamie Chung

Edward Holland

Michael Onysko

Jason Sullivan

“The programs with NASA scientists and engineers take abstract

Melecio Contreras

Anika Hossain

Andrew Orlando

Frederick Sutton

notions and show that you can do something concrete when

Yrisnelda Cruz

Eriberto Huerta Moran

Angeles Padilla

Danielle Swanson

applying these complex principals. Everyone, regardless of age,

Karen Darlington

Philip Hunt

David Padilla

James Tardiff

can take something away from these kinds of conversations.”

Jacob Davis

Joshua Ingles

George Panagi

Tyrone Taylor

Kirt Davis

Glenny Inoa

Ellen Peiser

Cory Testamark

In 2019, Virginia and Willard made a special gift to bring a group

Willie Davis

Charles Jackson

Nina Pena

Peter Torraca

of college student members of the Society of Women Engineers

Monica Day

Geeta Jagroop

Daniel Peralta

Yolanda Torres

to assist with the preservation of the Museum’s Lockheed

Jonelle Demby

Jasmyn Johnson

Juan Carlos Peralta

Fabricio Trejos

A-12 supersonic aircraft, or Oxcart. The students spent the

David Dzendzel

Malik Johnson

Matthew Petersen

Elizabeth Warren

day working alongside the Museum’s aircraft restoration team

Cecil Edwards

Genessa Kahn

Rene Phillips

Zenas Washington

preparing a section of the titanium aircraft to be repainted and

Jennifer Elliott

Luke Kelly

Joseph Piazza

Anthony Wells

applying lessons they learned in their physics, chemistry, and

Richard Eng

David Kistoo

Daniel Pizzuto

Ronald Wesley

engineering classes.

Silvia Estevez

Maria Koutoukas

Kevin Power

Joseph White

Bryan Fefe

Dinah Laster

Derek Privman

Thomas White

Virginia and Willard are proud to have supported this group of

Aless Fermin

Tylon Lee

Andres Pujols

Marvin Wicks

young women and hope that their experience aboard Intrepid

Michael Fink

Brinks Levius

Christine Quigley

Brandon Williams

encourages them to keep pursuing careers in the sciences. She

Bianca Fragosa

George Limbrick-Zanleone

Thomas Quirk

Stephen Yarczower

says, “When you go to the Intrepid Museum, you realize that we

Jason Gallant

Kayros Lippwe

Narsingh Ragoonanansingh

Stephanie Zank

need creativity and thought leaders in areas that we can only

Margaret Gambaro

Maria Lopez

Mohammed Rahman

Virginia Davies with

Intrepid Former Crew Member Association

president Stu Gelband.

begin to imagine. And that’s why I’m proud to support the Museum.”

Staff 51


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