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Microlab Locations 1. Community Room, Sissipahaw Loft 1 & 2 2. Ballroom Mezzanine 3. Eddy Farm Table Room 4. Paperhand Puppet Studio 5. Culture Mill Lab 6. Haw River Hydro 7. Amphitheater


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TOGETHER, WE’RE BUILDING HEALTHY COMMUNITIES Aligned with Our Mission, Global in Our Commitment The Medtronic Foundation focuses on expanding access to healthcare for the underserved worldwide and supporting healthy communities where we live and give.

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Medtronic Foundation 3

THURSDAY 8:00 AM | Haw River Ballroom, Cup 22 Coffeehouse Breakfast & registration 8:30 AM | Haw River Ballroom Jeghetto's Puppets: Tarish Pipkins

How to SwitchPoint: Pierce Freelon Move Closer: Marco Werman

OMG UHC: From Acronym to Access: Jessica Mack Let’s Talk about Sex: Vithika Yadav

Building Community on Facebook: Vaughn Hester Testimony from the Front Line: Carol Karutu

Human Freedom in a Post-Normal World: Nathaniel Raymond 10:30 AM | Break 10:45 AM | Haw River Ballroom Musical Interlude: The Collection (sponsored by ITC Translations) A Data Scientist’s Emoji Guide to Your World: Hamdan Azhar Start-Ups: Get Funding, Win Prize Money: Bobby Jefferson Testimony from the Front Line: Cheick Touré It Takes a Village: Hawa Diallo

Africa's Creative Billions: Mantse Aryeequaye

Leaving Impossible Things Unattended: Mike Dimpfl, Ginger Wagg Microlab Selection Interactive: Culture Mill

12:30 – 1:15 PM | Lunch Enjoy lunch outside. Entertainment by The Collection, sponsored by Hill, Chesson & Woody. 4

1:15 – 1:30 PM | Microlab Parade Meet outside the Haw River Ballroom. 1:30 – 2:30 PM | Various locations Microlab 1 Microlabs are your chance to interact with presenters and participants as you design hands-on, practical solutions to real-world problems. Each microlab is capped at 40 participants. 2:30 PM | Break 2:45 – 3:45 PM | Various locations Microlab 2 3:45 PM | Break 4:00 PM | Haw River Ballroom Women Leading Global Health: Roopa Dhatt

Community Bowl: Low-Cost, Low-Power, High-Tech Content Delivery: Kafui Prebbie (special thanks to Gelman, Rosenberg & Freedman for this speaker scholarship) Without Data Equality, There Is No Gender Equality: Nina Rabinovitch Blecker Pigeon Business: Paperhand Puppet Intervention

Beyond Cryptocurrency: Blockchain for Good: Phaedra Boinodiris Inspiring Next-Gen Teachers: Julie Keane

The Other Four-Letter Word: Paurvi Bhatt

Engagement: SwitchPoint Advisory Council 5:30 PM | Haw River Ballroom + Courtyard Networking reception hosted by the SwitchPoint Advisory Council and libations sponsored by Bluedoor.


FRIDAY 8:00 AM | Haw River Ballroom, Cup 22 Coffeehouse Breakfast sponsored by Global Health Council. 8:30 AM | Haw River Ballroom Welcome: Pape Gaye

The Truth about Information: Indira Lakshmanan

Drones for Good: Juan Bergelund, Elena Arguelles (special thanks to Cigna for this speaker scholarship) Global Health Security: Pia MacDonald

Testimony from the Front Line: Elizabeth Machila Testimony from the Front Line: Rosaura De Jesus Solar Sister: Neha Misra, Fatma Muzo

Health Systems Analysis and Improvement: Jean Kagubare Look the Other Way: Trevor Snapp

Neuroscience, Technology, and Manipulative Environments: Celia Hodent Data Science as Service: Erich Huang

Testimony from the Front Line: Salwa Bitar 11:00 AM | Break 11:15 AM | Haw River Ballroom Message Not Sent: Offline Health Tech for the Last Mile: Nicholas Gordon Everything Worth Fighting For: Dasan Ahanu How to Fuel Social Enterprise: Pierre Thiam

Global Operation: Cheri Reynolds, Hannington Segirinya

Radical Collaboration and Health for All: Madeleine Ballard 6

Meals, Manners, Money, and Motivation: Barbara Stilwell Creating Billions of Portals into the Microcosmos: Jim Cybulski

Awakening the Greatest Regeneration: Diana Ayton-Shenker 1:00 – 1:45 PM | Lunch Enjoy lunch outside. Entertainment by The jonDoe, sponsored by Duke Center for International Development. 1:45 – 2:00 PM | Microlab Parade Meet outside the Haw River Ballroom. 2:00 – 3:30 PM | Various locations Microlab 3 3:30 PM | Break 3:45 PM | Haw River Ballroom SwitchPoint Closing Ceremony: Team SwitchPoint 4:30 – 5:30 PM | Various locations Field Trips: Get out there! This is your chance to explore some beautiful North Carolina scenery with your fellow SwitchPointers. See page 22 for more information. 5:30 PM | Haw River Farmhouse Ales SwitchPoint Meet-Up: Spend a relaxing evening at the local brewery as you process all you've learned at SwitchPoint and continue to network with other attendees.


An IntraHealth Production

SwitchPoint brings together the brightest thinkers and entrepreneurs from multiple industries to collaborate on solutions to critical issues around the world. To stay involved throughout the year, visit our website to sign up for updates.

IntraHealth International is the proud producer and host of SwitchPoint. We're on a mission to make sure everyone everywhere has the health care they need to thrive. And we know that creative, unexpected partnerships can help us achieve that.

The Haw River Ballroom is an award-winning space set in the former dye house of Saxapahaw’s historic cotton mill, featuring performances by top artists from around the world, hosting conferences, holding weddings, and building community. 8

science, meet global good.


Thursday at 1:30 PM

Mentoring Hamdan Azhar, Juan Bergelund, Phaedra Boinodiris, Mike Dimpfl, Vaughn Hester, Celia Hodent, Rebecca Kohler, Mark Otter, Karim Sy, Tom Tasche, Cheick Touré, Vithika Yadav SwitchPoint brings diverse ideas and people together to bring humanitarian concepts to life. Meet with four SwitchPoint speakers in 15-minute one-one-one mentoring sessions driven by you. Ask your questions, share your ideas, learn from their experiences, build your networks, hone your goals, design your future. What is your SwitchPoint and how can you make it happen? Location: Ballroom Mezzanine World on Fire: How and Why Fake News, Cyber Warfare, and Digital Targeting Are Upending the Global Order Nathaniel Raymond, Marco Werman How are data being weaponized to target specific populations and undermine trust in institutions? Technology can't solve the problems it's now causing. Values, norms, and political will are the missing factors— not better design and more code. Hear from top journalists on accurate reporting, real facts, exposing the strategies of misinformation, and the safe, ethical, and effective use of information and information technologies, both day-to-day and during humanitarian and human rights emergencies. Location: Eddy Farm Table Room 10

eLearning 2025+ Salwa Bitar, Bobby Jefferson, Auson Kisanga, Kafui Prebbie What is the eLearning of the future? How will the roles of instructors and learners change? What new technological innovations will be developed to improve outcomes in primary through adult education and training for health workers? From school systems to health systems and beyond, join us as we fast-forward into the 2025+ eLearning experience. Location: Sissipahaw Loft 1 Big Dire Data Nina Rabinovitch Blecker, Nicholas Gordon, Erich Huang, Jennifer Wesson The world is increasingly making decisions based on data. As machine learning's promise becomes a reality, we can't forget about data considerations like collection, security, privacy, equity, measurement, and money. Where are we getting data? How are they collected? What do they look like in their rawest form? Who is analyzing the data? Where are the gaps? How can digital data complement official data sources and shed light on populations that might otherwise be overlooked? There’s not an established blueprint (yet) for how to use data for health and humanitarian issues, but we can start to develop one in this microlab. Location: Sissipahaw Loft 2




Calling All Wonder Women: Let’s Close the Gap—We’re Done Minding It Paurvi Bhatt, Roopa Dhatt, Jessica Mack Most of the public health workforce is female, and yet a minority of leadership positions are held by women. Momentum is growing around examination of this gender gap in global health leadership and what can be done in all corners of the global health field. Engage in thoughtful roundtable conversation with three women who are helping to spur this movement and reflect on what you can do to unleash your own inner leader, confront the gender gap, and mentor other women to do the same. Location: Paperhand Puppet Studio Next-Gen Learning Design, Digital Accreditation, and Workforce Development Kerri Lemoie, Liz Parrott Radzicki, Barbara Stilwell How do we design curricula and learning platforms so students and professionals are equipped to tackle pressing global challenges? How can we utilize technology to track accreditations and certifications and interface with other systems? How do we make systems work for us versus the other way around? Location: Community Room


Visual Storytelling: The Truth Is Simple— Capturing it Is Not Trevor Snapp Photography is one of the most critical and compelling means of visual communication. It can inspire action and reach broad and diverse audiences. But with compelling imagery comes responsibility and opportunity. Employing new technologies, showing greater diversity, and taking a “slow” approach allows creativity to take flight, resulting in better and more accurate stories. In this microlab, we will delve into the role we play as storytellers to help change damaging visual tropes and stereotypes, and the ways in which this benefits us all. Location: Culture Mill Lab



Thursday at 2:45 PM

Blockchain, Biometrics, and Identity Phaedra Boinodiris, Nathaniel Raymond, Wayan Vota Blockchain and biometrics—you keep hearing about them, but how do they pertain to you and how are they being used in humanitarian and development solutions? The world is coming to a tipping point when it comes to matters of privacy and identity. What is meaningful and informed consent in a post-privacy world? What has to change? Who decides? For displaced and vulnerable populations, these questions are especially sensitive, but they also affect everyone on the planet. Learn about the latest applications of blockchain and biometrics in humanitarian work and join the discussion about rights, privacy, comprehension, and appropriate technologies. Location: Culture Mill Lab Community Health Workers in Action Madeleine Ballard, Roopa Dhatt, Nicholas Gordon, English Sall Illness is universal, but access to health care is not. How do we build systems that reach everyone? Step into the role of a health systems designer and take on the challenge of ensuring health for all in a pandemic-style simulation. From holding off the next disease outbreak to beating the clock against illnesses that kill before many can reach a clinic, participants will work together to overcome the challenges of health delivery in the world’s hardest-to-reach areas. What is the secret sauce for optimizing community health systems? Come find out! Location: Sissipahaw Loft 2 14

Radical Refuse: the Art of Reclaiming Johnson Desauguste, Ginger Wagg, Donovan Zimmerman “Nothing is lost…Everything is transformed!” —The Neverending Story Let's practice the art of reclaiming and revisioning how we interact with our trash, and explore the differences between modern consumption and invention, creativity, and recycling with purpose. Join academics, artists, and activists to talk about waste, consumption, equity, social enterprise, environmentalism, and the communication of big messages for our planet. Location: Paperhand Puppet Studio Universal Health Everywhere Paurvi Bhatt, Pape Gaye, Jean Kagubare, Rodion Kraus, Pia MacDonald Universal health includes access to well-trained health workers, treatment and medicine, and affordable services. It also means strengthening the global capacity to prevent, detect, and respond to infectious disease threats. Hear from experts in the global health field on where we are in achieving universal health and what you can do to help. Location: Sissipahaw Loft 1




Social Entrepreneurship that Supports Local Livelihoods Neha Misra, Fatma Muzo, Karim Sy, Pierre Thiam Investments in women + clean-energy technology + economic opportunity = prosperity for all. Learn how solar lighting, mobile connectivity, clean-cooking solutions, and an ancient, gluten-free, African super-grain can advance sustainable livelihoods and improve health and well-being for all. Location: Eddy Farm Table Room Behavior Science Tom Tasche People behave in peculiar ways. We tell ourselves we’ll definitely exercise tomorrow, but when the alarm goes off, we’re not so sure. The traditional model of human behavior holds that human beings are rational actors who consider the available information, make decisions in their best interests, then follow through with action. But our everyday experiences tell us that’s simply not true. If we know that humans aren’t perfectly rational beings with impeccable follow-through, why do we design programs and interventions as if they are? Embrace your inner behavioral scientist in this microlab as we explore how and why humans make decisions that just don’t make sense—and what we can do about it. Location: Community Room


Dam Water Kevin Meehan, Fekadu Moreda Irrigation, water supply, hydropower, and other infrastructure projects depend on the availability of sufficient water resources, but these resources are vulnerable to climate change, population growth, and shifts in land use associated with urbanization, industrial growth, and increasing demand for food. To ensure water is managed in a sustainable, efficient, and socially equitable way, RTI is supporting governments and planning authorities in adopting a framework known as Integrated Water Resources Management. Fekadu will share an overview of the projects he’s led on water around the world and discuss the models he uses to evaluate water availability. He can even show you where your water originates. Location: Haw River Hydro



Friday at 2:00 PM

Drone Scavenger Hunt Elena Arguelles, Juan Bergelund Join leaders of Peru Flying Labs, a Peruvian innovation lab that focuses on solving local challenges through appropriate robotics and artificial intelligence, and on critical solutions in humanitarian, development, health, and environmental efforts. These local innovators have been conducting cargo deliveries of blood and medicine in the Amazon rainforest, search-and-rescue operations and data collection after natural disasters, and Zika reduction through the release of sterilized mosquitoes. Join a drone scavenger hunt across the Haw River to test out your skills and understand the challenges they face. Location: Amphitheater SwitchPoint Maker * Jim Cybulski, Robert Ryan-Silva Get your hands in the future and learn by playing with Foldscope, an ultra-affordable, paper-based microscope that you assemble yourself. It is designed to be inexpensive, durable, and give optical quality similar to conventional research microscopes. By breaking down the price barrier, the only limit to scientific exploration is individual curiosity and excitement! And learn about how emerging tools and approaches are enabling new paths for applying hardware to problems in developing countries with the DAI Maker Lab. Location: Sissipahaw Loft 1 * Note: This microlab begins at 1:15. Pick up your lunch and take it to Sissipahaw Loft 1. 18

Follow the Money Diana Ayton-Shenker, Paurvi Bhatt, Rebecca Kohler, Christopher LeGrand, Cheri Reynolds Impact investing, corporate partnerships, social ventures, shared value, sharing economies, digital financing—what does it all mean and where are we heading in the development sphere and beyond? Learn about the latest trends, predictions, and innovative financing models from a panel of experts who are using new funding mechanisms to spark and support innovation and collaborations with impact. Location: Eddy Farm Table Room Artivism, Action, and Expression Mantse Aryeequaye, Culture Mill, Pierce Freelon, Tarish Pipkins, Donovan Zimmerman Join leaders of Ghana’s renowned Chale Wote Street Art Festival, Durham’s Blackspace, Saxapahaw’s Culture Mill and Paperhand Puppet Intervention, and puppeteer Jeghetto to learn how cuttingedge artists are using every medium necessary to express big ideas about the direction of the world and drive popular culture, policy, politics, economics, activism, inclusion, and engagement. Location: Culture Mill Lab




The Village People Heidi Breeze-Harris, Kimberly Calkins, Hawa Diallo, Neha Misra, Fekadu Moreda, Fatma Muzo, Pierre Thiam, Cheick TourĂŠ The Orange Foundation has been building water points, schools, and health care centers in remote villages across nine African countries serving over 250,000 people. The foundation seeks to improve infrastructures to ensure they provide the best possible services to residents in these Orange Villages. This lab features numerous SwitchPoint speakers' innovations and will engage you in an immersive experience as you work collectively to develop aspects of an ideal village. Location: Main Ballroom Hone Your Story Salwa Bitar, Indira Lakshmanan, Jessica Mack, Jeff Polish, Anne Katharine Wales Storytelling is a powerful way to incite change and influence policies and practices. These masterful storytellers will share their own incredible experiences and then help you craft authentic and compelling stories by tapping into your personal repertoire of voice, perspective, and view. You'll leave knowing how to tell your own story and use it as a tool to advocate for the changes you want to see in the world. Location: Paperhand Puppet Studio


Sex, Data, and Women’s Rights Nina Rabinovitch Blecker, Roopa Dhatt, Vithika Yadav Addressing sex, misogyny, women's rights, and equity in leadership, these champions are challenging the status quo and working to make a practical difference in the lives of women and girls worldwide. They use data, social media, education, and creativity to improve policies, strategies, and decision-making in support of women's rights. Join them in the fight for #genderequity. Location: Sissipahaw Loft 2



Friday at 4:30 PM

Get out there! Join us Friday after the conference for field trips around Saxapahaw. Choose from three opportunities to explore some beautiful North Carolina scenery while networking with fellow SwitchPointers.

Paddle the Haw River

Enjoy a relaxing trip down the beautiful Haw River led by Haw River Canoe & Kayak Co.

Microbrewery Tour

Take a tour of Haw River Farmhouse Ales and try some of their signature products.

Farm Tour

Board the Culture Mill bus and head even further into the countryside to visit Cane Creek Farm. Weather permitting, you can visit with the animals, see what’s growing in the gardens, and hear from the locals about what life on a farm is like in 2018.

Please sign up for these trips at the registration booth. Space is limited.


An IntraHealth Production

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Marco Werman, one of the founding producers of The World in 1995, is host and editor of the Public Radio International program. He is a two-time Emmy nominee and winner in 2006 for his Frontline documentary about political changes in Libya as it opened to visitors during a total eclipse of the sun.


SPEAKERS + PERFORMERS Dasan Ahanu, Poet @dasanahanu Dasan Ahanu is a public speaker, organizer, workshop facilitator, poet, spoken-word performer, educator, songwriter, writer, emcee, and loyal hip-hop head born and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina. In addition to performing, Dasan has hosted many poetry, jazz, hip-hop, and cultural arts events across the state. He is one of the founders of Black Poetry Theatre, where he has been a writer, director, producer, and cast member for their productions. As an active participant in poetry slam, Dasan has competed regionally and nationally as a founding member and coach of Durham, NC’s own Bull City Slam Team. Elena Arguelles, Peruvian Flying Labs Elena is an engineer and drone pilot. She is also a member of the Peruvian Flying Labs and part of UAV of Peru. She has been working with drones for more than five years. Elena has been involved in different types of projects, including surveying, surveillance, humanitarian aid, and disasters. Recently she participated in a humanitarian project that used drones to send medicines into the Peruvian Amazon rainforest as part of a WeRobotics initiative. She was also a volunteer in the El Niùo humanitarian crisis in northern Peru in 2017.


Mantse Aryeequaye, ACCRA [dot] ALT @Accradotalt Mantse Aryeequaye is an independent filmmaker in Accra, Ghana, and codirector at ACCRA [dot] ALT, an independent cultural network that produces the Chale Wote Street Art Festival. Chale Wote is considered Africa's most revolutionary art festival, attracting artists from all over the world. ACCRA [dot] ALT began in 2010 and became a launchpad for African alternative music, video, and art. The outlet develops fresh content—photography projects, short films, music videos, merchandise, and commercial advertising. Mantse is interested in popular social pedagogies, design, and political imagery within digital spaces. Diana Ayton-Shenker, Global Momenta @DAytonShenker Diana Ayton-Shenker is Global Catalyst Senior Fellow at the New School and CEO of the philanthropy and social innovation strategy firm Global Momenta. The author of A New Global Agenda: Priorities, Practices, and Pathways of the International Community, Diana was the inaugural Nazarian Social Innovator in Residence (Wharton Social Impact Initiative). As Fast Forward Fund founder, she was honored by President Bill Clinton, selected as a Social Venture Network Award Finalist, featured among "31 Outstanding Women in Nonprofit Management" (UNC), and named one of "25 Leading Women Changing the World" (Good Business New York). Hamdan Azhar, PRISMOJI @HamdanAzhar Hamdan Azhar is a data scientist, journalist, and the founder of PRISMOJI. He previously worked in ads research at Facebook and was the national statistician on Ron Paul’s 2012 presidential 28

campaign. Hamdan's writings on data and society, drone culture, and religion in America have been published in Forbes, VICE, The Washington Post, and The Christian Science Monitor. In 2017, he was named a winner of the Knight Foundation Prototype Fund Grant, which recognizes the most promising early-stage innovations in media and technology. Madeleine Ballard, Convener, Community Health Worker Coalition @DrMBallard Madeleine Ballard was the founding program manager of Last Mile Health, a Liberian organization that recruits, trains, and equips community health workers to provide primary care in remote villages. She currently conducts research on the effects of interventions to improve the performance of community health workers and leads a multicountry coalition of community health practitioners committed to enabling national governments to provide optimally designed and implemented community health delivery at scale. Juan Bergelund, Peru Flying Labs Juan Bergelund is the Peru Flying Labs coordinator. He has worked in the information industry for more than 25 years and held technical and managerial positions for various Fortune 100 companies. Juan speaks on internet and development projects in Latin America, and in 2005, founded UAV of Peru, which currently leads the use and implementation of unmanned aircraft in emergency and disaster situations.


Paurvi Bhatt, Medtronic Philanthropy / SwitchPoint Advisory Council Member @PaurviBhatt Paurvi Bhatt is the senior director for global access at Medtronic Philanthropy, where she leads a multimillion-dollar global strategic grants portfolio that empowers people affected by noncommunicable diseases, enables frontline health workers, and advances policy to increase access to care for the underserved. Paurvi has spearheaded global programs at Levi Strauss and Co., Abbott, and other private companies, managed global health technical portfolios at USAID and CARE USA, and served as an international evaluator at the U.S. General Accountability Office. Salwa Bitar, IntraHealth International Salwa Bitar is a medical doctor and chief of party for IntraHealth’s Palestinian Health Capacity Project. She previously worked in the USAID Jordan office for 17 years and with Management Sciences for Health as the global alliance and scaling advisor on two global flagship projects. Now based in Ramallah, she focuses on improving referral systems between the Palestinian Ministry of Health and non-ministry hospitals, health professional development and education, and informatics solutions for the health sector, including a health information system for all ministry hospitals. Nina Rabinovitch Blecker, United Nations Foundation @nrblecker Nina Rabinovitch Blecker is director of communications and global advocacy for Data2X, hosted at the United Nations Foundation. Motivated by the belief that there is no gender equality without data equality, Data2X promotes the collection and use of gender data to empower women. Previously, 30

Nina managed communications for a series of global health, women's rights, and social justice organizations, including the Population Council, Merck for Mothers, HIAS, and the Center for Communication Programs at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School for Public Health. Phaedra Boinodiris, IBM / SwitchPoint Advisory Council Member @INNOV8game Phaedra Boinodiris is the blockchain design strategist at IBM. Previously, she was the producer of IBM's award-winning INNOV8 series of serious games and was responsible for IBM's broader global serious games strategy, its gamification strategy, and its serious games strategy for the US public sector, mainly focusing on defense. Her strategies have been championed by four-star generals, and she has presented her ideas at the Pentagon. Phaedra has keynoted two NATO Summits, is cofounder of, and continues to cochair serious games summits internationally. Heidi Breeze-Harris, PRONTO International With 20 years of leadership in the health and global development sectors, Heidi BreezeHarris has a proven track record of successfully growing organizations and programs. Her extensive global maternal, neonatal, and child health program management experience includes planning, implementation, and monitoring of health and community development programs and projects in Africa; South, Southeast, and East Asia; Central America; and the United States.


Kimberly Calkins, PRONTO International Kimberly Calkins has spent over a decade working in maternal health in the global sector and has worked at PRONTO International for over five years. She is PRONTO’s director of program operations, overseeing PRONTO’s projects worldwide and managing PRONTO’s curriculum and training development. Prior to joining PRONTO, Kimberly worked as a certified birth doula and lived in Nicaragua while working on a maternal health program. Culture Mill @cultmill Culture Mill is an artist-driven organization made up of working professional artists who believe that culture is an investment in civil society, and that such an investment benefits from the existence of open, dynamic, and fluid enclaves fostered by artists and other creative people. With a team of experienced consultants and board members to guide and ensure sustainability, the artists at the helm allow Culture Mill to imagine and realize radical new possibilities for how an arts organization can exist in the 21st century. Jim Cybulski, Foldscope @TeamFoldscope Jim Cybulski is coinventor of Foldscope. He has spent the last five years developing and fieldtesting Foldscopes all over the world as a PhD student in PrakashLab at Stanford and now as president and CEO of Foldscope Instruments. Jim’s primary role is to lead Foldscope’s efforts to provide access to scientific tools across the globe.


Rosaura De Jesus, Grameen Primary Care Rosaura De Jesus was born and raised in Gaspar Hernandez, Dominican Republic. She is a strong believer that everyone from all communities should have access to high-quality health care and wellness and is very excited to work for her community as a promotora at Grameen Promotoras, where she educates, counsels, and connects women to local community resources. Johnson "Blada" Desauguste, Kay Blada @KayBlada Johnson "Blada" Desauguste, the founder of Kay Blada, grew up in Hinche, Haiti. There he witnessed both the extreme poverty and environmental devastation that plagues the country, as well as the well-intentioned yet misdirected actions of the multitude of NGOs that function there. Blada's experiences led him to create a nonprofit that focuses on the community in which it operates, with the goal of educating and employing Haitian citizens while reducing plastic waste. Roopa Dhatt, Women in Global Health @RoopaDhatt Roopa Dhatt is a physician by training and an advocate by principle, striving for greater health and well-being for all people. She is executive director of Women in Global Health, a movement that strives to bring greater gender equality to global health leadership. Roopa serves on the Research in Gender and Ethics advisory board, the Women Leaders in Global Health conference steering committee, the Global Health 50-50 advisory council, and the GlobeMed board of directors. She is an internist, providing primary care in Washington D.C. at Kaiser Permanente. 33

Hawa Diallo, Orange Mali Foundation Hawa Diallo has served as the general administrator of the Orange Mali Foundation since 2013. In this role, her mission is to implement the company's corporate social responsibility through the foundation's activities in the domain of health, education, cultural activities, and charity. Hawa has experience in the fields of communications, banking, and telecommunications, where she led and launched the Orange Money Project (Orange Mobile Banking). Mike Dimpfl, Artist Mike Dimpfl is a teacher, academic, costume builder, and DJ. As a teacher, he is interested in using writing to better understand the boundaries of critical thought. His academic work explores the connection between hygiene, bureaucracy, and institutional racism, particularly in the southern US. Mike’s costumes often focus on the comic and confusing relationship between human beings and their garbage. When music is his focus, he is especially committed to reckless abandon on the dance floor. Pierce Freelon, Blackspace @piercefreelon Pierce Freelon is a professor, musician, EmmyAward winning producer, founder of Blackspace, and former candidate for mayor of Durham, North Carolina. Born and raised in Durham, Pierce has traveled the world, building spaces for creative expression and social justice. In 2012 he cofounded Beat Making Lab, a PBS web series that took him from community centers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to making beats with environmentalist Jane Goodall. In 2016 he founded Blackspace, a digital maker space where young people learn about music, film, and coding. 34

Pape Gaye, IntraHealth International @pgaye Pape Amadou Gaye is president and CEO of IntraHealth International. Pape is a native of Senegal and a lifelong advocate for health workers, strong health systems, and access to health care for all. His testimony on Capitol Hill during a 2014 Ebola-focused congressional hearing brought the role of frontline health workers—during that emergency and beyond— to the fore. Pape has worked with the US Peace Corps, the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Committee, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Nicholas Gordon, Last Mile Health Nicholas Gordon is Last Mile Health’s technology and health informatics manager for the Community Health Academy. In this role, Nicholas provides strategic guidance for the Community Health Academy's Continuing Education platform, a digital platform tailored for community health workers, their supervisors, and the policy-makers who support them. Previously, Nicholas served as the deputy director of research, monitoring and evaluation for Last Mile Health, where he helped develop Liberia’s National Community-Based Information System to strengthen disease surveillance and response in Liberia’s remotest communities in the wake of the Ebola crisis. Brian Harding, Musician @BL0NDAMBITION Brian Harding, aka Blond Ambition, is a musician/ producer/DJ. He founded the indie project Ex Cops in 2011 and became the first artist on the legendary New York City record store Other Music’s label. His album True Hallucinations was heralded by Pitchfork as a “triumph of focus and discipline.” His songs have been featured in film, TV, and video games. 35

Vaughn Hester, Facebook @oontz_me Vaughn Hester works to empower online communities as part of the Community Partnerships team at Facebook, where she leads efforts with health and humanitarian communities. Her background includes work with international health and development NGOs (Results for Development, UNHCR/FORGE, Partners in Health) and product/program management teams at CrowdFlower, DocuSign, and the Express Wi-Fi by Celia Hodent, Game User Experience Consultant @CeliaHodent Celia Hodent is a leader in the application of user experience (UX) and psychology in video game design and in the development of UX strategy and process in game studios. She uses cognitive science knowledge and the scientific method to solve design problems and ensure the player experience is enjoyable and engaging, while reaching business goals. Celia is founder and curator of the Game UX Summit, which launched in Durham, North Carolina, in 2016. She is also author of The Gamer’s Brain: How Neuroscience and UX Can Impact Video Game Design. Erich Huang, Duke University School of Medicine @erichhuang Erich Huang is working to create a data science culture and infrastructure for biomedical and health care research. As an assistant professor and the assistant dean for biomedical informatics at Duke in the Department of Biostatistics & Bioinformatics, Erich is the principal investigator on a National Institutes of Health-funded project under Big Data to Knowledge (BD2K) and a faculty lead 36

on the Google Life Sciences-funded Baseline Study. He is also leading projects on applied machine learning, user interfaces, and visualization of surgical outcomes. Bobby Jefferson, DAI Global Health Bobby Jefferson, chief technology officer for DAI Global Health, has a relentless entrepreneurial passion for combining social entrepreneurship and mobile innovation to address the health needs of the poor and most vulnerable. He serves in mPowering Frontline Health Workers, an advocacy group for community health workers, and is on the board of the Prostate Net, a nonprofit patient education and advocacy organization for underserved communities. Bobby also serves as board advisor for the technology start-ups THINKMD and MobileODT. Jean Kagubare, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Jean Kagubare is the deputy director for Global Primary Health Care Systems on the Integrated Delivery team at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. He provides technical and managerial leadership for the foundation's health financing and health systems strengthening work around the world. Jean has over 25 years of experience in clinical and public health, especially planning and managing public health programs in developing countries. Before joining the foundation, he was the global technical lead for health care financing at Management Sciences for Health (MSH).


Carol Karutu, IntraHealth International @ckarutu Carol Karutu is chief of party for the USAIDfunded Regional Health Integration to Enhance Services in Eastern Uganda activity. She has over 12 years of senior-level experience working on HIV/AIDS, health systems strengthening, and maternal and child health programs in Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, and South Sudan. Carol is a 2014-2015 American Association of University Women International Fellow, a 2010 Boston University Distinguished Alumni Award recipient, a 2004 recipient of the Boston University Women’s Guild Award for Academic Excellence, and a 2003 recipient of the PEO International Peace Scholarship. Aaron Keane, Aaron Keane Music Productions Aaron Keane is a composer, producer, and engineer of music. His 20+ years of experience include album projects, TV commercials, broadcast TV, film, and new media. He has worked with a diverse group of musical artists, from Shawn Colvin to Mos Def. As a composer/ producer, he has made music for several TV networks and a recent project “The History of White People in America,” had its North American premier at The Tribeca Film Festival in April 2018. He has recently completed construction on the home of Aaron Keane Music Productions, a production and recording facility in Chapel Hill. In addition, Aaron teaches songwriting in the music department at North Carolina State University and scored two Emmy-winning films in 2017.


Julie Keane, Participate @juliekeane Julie Keane is director of research at Participate. She leads research and evaluation of all Participate programs and contributes to professional development curriculum design. During 1993-2004, Julie was associate project director at the Center for Children and Technology, EDC, Inc. in New York. She has conducted research and evaluation examining global education, dual language immersion, and STEM curriculum initiatives, including analysis of international, federal, and state education policy, professional development, and teacher education programs. Auson Kisanga, IntraHealth International @ausonkisanga Auson Kisanga is a regional digital health adviser for IntraHealth in Tanzania, where he manages the Health Network Programme, a nationwide network of 1,000+ registered health workers operating over a closed user group. Auson has keen interest in the systematic use of technology and data to drive efficiency and deliver better outcomes. Prior to joining IntraHealth, he worked as a web developer, business analyst, and technology manager in the manufacturing and health insurance sectors.


Rebecca Kohler, IntraHealth International @rebeccakohler As senior vice president of corporate strategy and development at IntraHealth, Rebecca Kohler provides vision and leadership for IntraHealth’s multiyear organizational strategy, leading the organization toward its vision of a healthier global population by creating stronger health systems around the world. For over 25 years, she has devoted her career to addressing health care challenges in more than 20 countries across several continents, including long-term, resident assignments in Armenia, Eritrea, Kenya, and Tanzania. Rodion Kraus, Health Partners International Rodion Kraus’ areas of expertise include program management, policy development and reform, and human resources planning and management. Before becoming the managing director of Health Partners International, he was the deputy national program manager for the Women for Health Nigeria program. Rodion established and managed Health Partners Southern Africa, a health consulting organization providing advisory services in human resources for health, planning, and management. Heather LaGarde, IntraHealth International @HeatherLaGarde Heather LaGarde is producer of SwitchPoint and serves as the senior strategic partnerships advisor for IntraHealth International. She is also co-owner of the Haw River Ballroom, a member of the planning team working to revitalize the historic riverside village of Saxapahaw, and founder of Saturdays in Saxapahaw, the outdoor farmers’ market and music series. Heather previously worked with Human Rights Watch and War Child. These days she lives on an old dairy farm with her ex-NBA husband and entrepreneur partner and their very tall children. 40

Indira Lakshmanan, Boston Globe and Poynter Institute @Indira_L Indira Lakshmanan, a Boston Globe columnist, is the Newmark chair in journalism ethics at the Poynter Institute, the leading nonprofit, nonpartisan journalism think tank and training institute in the US. She has covered campaigns, coups, and revolutions, reporting from 80 countries for The Boston Globe, Bloomberg, the International New York Times, NPR, PBS, Politico Magazine, and others. In a new role for Poynter, Indira is writing, teaching, and convening journalists around the importance of free and fair media in sustaining democracy, forging public trust, and truthtelling to hold officials accountable. Christopher LeGrand, DAI Global Health @chrisalegrand Christopher LeGrand joined DAI in 2015 with a mandate to advance DAI’s global health portfolio, focusing on emerging health markets and the next generation of health solutions. Chris has 28 years of experience in the professional services industry, including 23 years in the health sector. He is board chair of the Triangle Global Health Consortium and chair of IntraHealth International’s board of directors. Chris was named one of Business Leader Magazine’s top 100 Business Impact Leaders in the Research Triangle area. Kerri Lemoie, Openworks Group @kayaelle Kerri Lemoie runs OpenWorks Group, a technology collaborative that provides training, design, and tech solutions for digital credentials, including Open Badges. She is one of the founding contributors to Open Badges and a cofounder of BadgeChain, a research group exploring the use of decentralized technologies such as blockchain for digital credentials. 41

Pia MacDonald, RTI International Pia MacDonald has over two decades of experience in domestic and international epidemiological research and public health, as well as an extensive background in infectious disease epidemiology and surveillance, global health security, public health preparedness, and field epidemiology. As a senior director at RTI, she leads projects focused on strengthening countries’ capacity to prevent, detect, and respond to disease outbreaks. She started her career as a CDC Epidemic Intelligence Service Officer stationed in North Carolina and a Peace Corps volunteer in Thailand. Elizabeth Machila, Beat Rheumatic Heart Disease Zambia Elizabeth Machila has been a registered nurse/ midwife since 1982. She has worked in different departments, including pediatrics, medicine, surgery, gynecology and obstetrics, as well as in the dialysis unit. Elizabeth was sister in charge at the University Teaching Hospital and joined Beat Rheumatic Heart Disease Zambia in January 2015. She is currently the coordinator for Beat RHD Zambia. Jessica Mack, Global Health Corps @fleetwoodjmack Jessica Mack is senior director for advocacy and communications at Global Health Corps (GHC). Before joining GHC, she managed a multimillion-dollar grant portfolio on the global tobacco control policy and advocacy team at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and was an independent communications and advocacy consultant specializing in reproductive rights in Asia, Africa, and the US. While on contract with UN Women in Thailand, she developed advocacy briefings on gender-based violence for Asia-Pacific Member States attending the UN Commission on the Status of Women. 42

Kevin Meehan, Inventor Kevin Meehan is an organic farmer in Saxapahaw, North Carolina, and the inventor of a portable hand-washing device known as the "Use-YerFoot" sink. He teaches trade classes in the Sustainable Agriculture Department at Central Carolina Community College and operates a hydroelectric facility in Saxapahaw. Neha Misra, Solar Sister @LightSolar Neha Misra is cofounder and chief collaboration officer of Solar Sister, the world’s first womenled social enterprise addressing extreme energy poverty at scale through women’s entrepreneurship and leadership. Solar Sister’s award-winning innovation combines the breakthrough potential of solar and clean-cooking technologies with a women-driven last-mile distribution network to bring light, hope, and opportunity to offgrid communities in sub-Saharan Africa. National Geographic and Forbes have featured Neha’s work. In 2017, she was named a Presidential Leadership Scholar. Fekadu Moreda, RTI International @fekadu_moreda Fekadu Moreda is a senior hydrological modeler at RTI, specializing in developing and implementing hydrologic and hydraulic models of large and small watersheds. Fekadu has conducted extensive research and implemented a highresolution distributed hydrologic model for the continental US. He has performed calibration and verification of models in dozens of basins using remotely sensed precipitation and observed soil moisture data. Prior to joining RTI, Fekadu served as a senior researcher for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, where he helped develop the Hydrology Laboratory Research Distributed Hydrologic Model. 43

Fatma Muzo, Solar Sister Fatma Muzo is country manager of Solar Sister, Tanzania. Solar Sister is an award-winning organization that eradicates energy poverty by combining clean-energy technologies with women-centered direct sales networks to empower women and bring energy to remote communities. In Tanzania, Fatma is responsible for supervising, mentoring, and supporting a team of dedicated staff who recruit, train, and mentor Solar Sister entrepreneurs. Fatma has worked with CARE International in Tanzania under the Women's Economic Empowerment Program. She is also an alum of Global Women in Management, organized by Plan International USA. Mark Otter, Participate @markjotter Mark Otter is chief operating officer at Participate, where he provides strategic direction and concept-to-implementation engineering for the organization’s global education programs that develop globally competent teachers, students, and school leaders. He integrates content, pedagogy, technology, and digital credentials in professional development models to create innovative global awareness and language acquisition programs. Mark gained experience and expertise as a global educator teaching secondary math and science in public schools in Nova Scotia, Canada; North Carolina and Virginia, USA; and London, England.


Nola Paterni, IntraHealth International @npaterni Nola Paterni has been involved in organizing SwitchPoint since its inception in 2012. Her professional focus encompasses communications, event management, and development at IntraHealth. She is equal parts creative and detail-oriented, which shows in her event designs. Her passion for doing meaningful work is a launching point for the future projects, collaborations, and partnerships formed around the conference. Tarish Pipkins, Jeghetto @jeghetto Tarish Pipkins, a.k.a. Jeghetto, is a selftaught artist. In the late 90’s, Tarish joined the BridgeSpotters Collective and became known for his live paintings and poetry. He moved to North Carolina in 2005, where he launched his career in puppetry, including street performances as well as helping with several Paperhand Puppet productions. He has also worked with national recording artist Missy Elliott on her music video WTF (Where They From). The Amazon Echo commercial featuring puppet versions of Missy Elliott and Alec Baldwin is his handiwork. Jeff Polish, the Monti @jeffpolish After earning a doctoral degree in molecular cell biology and seven years of teaching, Jeff Polish left science to pursue storytelling as a full-time endeavor. In 2008, he founded the Monti, a storytelling nonprofit that invites members of the community to tell personal stories in front of an audience. He also consults with businesses and nonprofits on how to communicate effectively through storytelling. Jeff teaches storytelling in medicine and health at Duke University. 45

Kafui Prebbie, TECHAiDE @kafui As founder and CEO of the technology social enterprise TECHAiDE, Kafui Prebbie has led the development of two thriving technology products—EDULab and ASANKA—to address the educational needs of learners across Ghana and West Africa. Kafui has experience in technology integration, training, and managing development projects funded by USAID, European UnionFP7, British Council, International Institute for Communications and Development, CAMFED-UK, Edify-USA, World Vision, and the Partnership for Higher Education in Africa. Liz Parrott Radzicki, Participate @LizRadzicki Liz Parrott Radzicki is an experienced educator with a practice and philosophy deeply rooted in arts integration and connected learning. Her passion is collaborative design and problemsolving—synthesizing multiple perspectives and finding an elegant fit that transcends a single purpose. As Participate's instructional designer, Liz puts this into practice by designing learning experiences that challenge global educators to explore, connect, take risks, and share their expertise. Nathaniel Raymond, Harvard Humanitarian Initiative @nattyray11 Nathaniel Raymond is the founding director of the Signal Program on Human Security and Technology at the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative of the Harvard School of Public Health. He has 18 years of experience as a humanitarian aid worker and human rights investigator. Nathaniel was also the director of the Campaign


Against Torture at Physicians for Human Rights. For his work in national security and human rights, Nathaniel was named a 2010 Rockwood Leadership Institute Human Rights and National Security Reform Fellow. Cheri Reynolds, Assist International Cheri Reynolds is director of program development at Assist International and an attorney. Part of her role at Assist International includes leading innovations for Safe Surgery 2020, a multipartner initiative whose gigantic goal is to move the needle on surgical care for 50 million people by 2020. Recognizing that such a goal cannot be reached without collaboration and partnerships, the initiative works with ministries of health, academics, other NGOS, businesses, hospitals, and local surgical teams to help lift barriers to essential, high-quality care for those in need. Robert Ryan-Silva, DAI @rryansilva Robert Ryan-Silva has been with DAI since 2002, when he joined the firm as a group business manager in the Agriculture and Natural Resources Group. Working over a wide range of regions and technical areas in his 20 years in international development, Rob approaches the implementation of complex projects in difficult environments at the level of nuts and bolts. As director of the DAI Maker Lab, Rob is leading the effort to explore how tools and approaches from the maker movement can enhance DAI’s global development work.


English Sall, Sall Family Foundation English Sall is a data enthusiast and researcher at heart. She is a board member of the Sall Family Foundation and is pursuing the role of a next-gen philanthropist. English specializes in humanitarian work psychology and is especially interested in how industrial organizational psychology can be applied to cross-cultural leadership and work-force development within informal economies. She is cofounder of Impact Thread, an organization that uses industrial organizational psychology to address workforce and organizational development through the lens of social good. Trevor Snapp, Photographer @trevorsnapp Trevor Snapp has produced and directed films for HBO, Vice, Al Jazeera, the New York Times, and Arte. He also helped found Nuba Reports, an award-winning experiment in local journalism in Sudan’s conflict zones. He is currently building an innovation lab in Nairobi focused on creating new solutions for global media. As a photographer, he has documented Libya’s revolution, coups in Honduras, the French liberation of Timbuktu, Somalia’s mental health crisis, and the tragic birth of South Sudan. Barbara Stilwell, IntraHealth International @bathebrit If it weren’t for Barbara Stilwell, there might not be any nurse practitioners in England today. Working in Birmingham, UK, in the 1970s, she found that many local patients had no one to consult about minor health issues except for the too-busy local general practitioners. So she helped establish England’s first training program for nurse practitioners. In 2008, the UK’s Nursing Times named her one of the top 20 most influential nurses of the past 60 years. Barbara is now senior director for health workforce solutions at IntraHealth. 48

Karim Sy, Jokkolab Karim Sy is chief catalyst, serial and social entrepreneur, and founder of Senegal's Jokkolab, a social-change hub and learning community-based action tank dedicated to finding innovations and disruptive solutions to today's challenges. A council member of FOSSFA, Africa's Free and Open Source initiative, Karim serves as an IT expert on numerous national committees, helping create innovative solutions that benefit those at the bottom of the socio-economic ladder in one of the poorest regions of the world. Tom Tasche, ideas42 Tom Tasche is an associate at ideas42, working on international health and civic engagement. Previously, Tom worked in development finance and international economics as a policy advisor at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and at the US Treasury Department. Across these settings, a major focus of Tom’s work was promoting structural change through policy-reform dialogue with senior government officials in both developed and developing countries. Pierre Thiam, Chef @chefpierrethiam Pierre Thiam is a celebrated New York-based chef, restaurateur, and entrepreneur. His second cookbook, Senegal: Modern Senegalese Recipes from the Source to the Bowl, was a 2016 James Beard Award finalist. A native of Senegal, Pierre is known for his innovative cooking style, at once modern and eclectic, yet rooted in the rich culinary traditions of West Africa. In 2017 he launched a social venture, YolÊlÊ Foods, connecting the developed world to fonio, a nutritious ancient grain grown in the Sahel.


Cheick Touré, IntraHealth International @ctoure10 Cheick Oumar Touré is IntraHealth’s associate regional director for family planning and advocacy in West Africa and country director in Mali. He has 20 years of clinical, programmatic, and management experience in service delivery, with expertise in human resources for health, maternal health, and HIV/AIDS. In addition to holding medical and public health degrees, Cheick was a Ford Motor International Fellow with 92nd Street Y and the Picker Center for Executive Education at Columbia University. He is passionate about gender equality and social justice. Katherine Turner, Global Citizen, LLC @GlobalCitizenKT Katherine Turner is founder and president of Global Citizen, an international health, human rights, global competence, and organizational and leadership development consulting firm. She has over 25 years of experience as a senior global health adviser, public speaker, educator, author, and change agent, working in English, French, and Dutch in more than 50 countries. Katherine consults and presents on women’s and LGBTQ+ health and rights; diversity, equity, and inclusion; global cultural competence; health systems strengthening; evidence-based and sustainable public health program design and implementation; and more. Wayan Vota, IntraHealth International @wayan_vota Wayan Vota is director of digital health at IntraHealth and a digital development entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience using new and emerging technologies to accelerate the social and economic development of communities. Wayan has created holistic, nationwide digital 50

development programs in 11 countries across sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East, and the Caribbean. He is cofounder of the Technology Salon, which brings technology and development professionals together in 12 cities, and of ICTworks, the blog-ofrecord for the ICT4D community. Ginger Wagg, Artist Ginger Wagg & Wild Actions is an umbrella for independent, collaborative, movement-based performance installations. A rotating group of dancers, musicians, writers, actors, designers, and visual artists create intimate, small-scale shows, evening-length performances, and opportunities for collaboration and new work. They address alternative points of view with nonlinear narratives, noise and experimental sound scores, and improvised choreography. Wild Actions is committed to using site-specific venues and public spaces to more easily invite audiences to interact with and purposefully impact performances in real time. Anne Katharine Wales, Medtronic Foundation @annekwales Anne Katharine Wales serves as the senior philanthropy portfolio lead at the Medtronic Foundation. She brings a passion for social entrepreneurship and health care innovation and enjoys developing and executing a high-impact strategic vision. Throughout her career, she’s been involved in the social entrepreneurship/innovation space, marketing, and raising impact capital at Calvert Foundation and Agora Partnerships, providing strategic consulting to entrepreneurs and foundations at Community Wealth Partners and UNC Health Care, and building the social entrepreneurship ecosystem through work at the Council for Entrepreneurial Development and Innovations in Healthcare.


Jennifer Wesson, IntraHealth International @WessonJennifer Jennifer Wesson loves all things numbers, so it surprised her when she learned to enjoy using qualitative research methods in applying principles of behavioral economics to research. Jennifer is director of measurement, evaluation, and research at IntraHealth. Previously, she was a research scientist and research director at FHI 360, specializing in research on sexual and reproductive health, maternal and child health, and HIV prevention. Her research has been published in Contraception, The International Journal of STDs and AIDS, World Health and Population, and Global Health Science and Practice. Vithika Yadav, Love Matters India @YadavVithika Vithika Yadav is a human rights professional working on human trafficking and sexual and gender rights. She is cofounder and head of Love Matters India, the first website in India to give complete, honest, and unbiased information on love, sex, and relationships in both Hindi and English. In 2016, she was named one of the Top 40 Next Generation of Family Planning Leaders by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and John Hopkins University. Donovan Zimmerman, Paperhand Puppet Intervention @PaperhandPuppet Donovan Zimmerman is the co-artistic director of Paperhand Puppet Intervention based in Saxapahaw, North Carolina. Since 1998, Paperhand has been creating giant puppets, masks, painted flats, and shadows to tell stories, illuminate myths, and inspire audiences of all ages through performance. Paperhand's mission is to use the puppetry arts and storytelling to promote positive change, connect people with the planet, and make the world a better place. 52


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