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An IntraHealth Production

APRIL 25 & 26, 2019 • SAXAPAHAW, NC


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To Graham, I-85, I-40



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hle Bet To Chapel Hill, I-85, I-40 Via NC 54


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Saxapahaw General Store

Haw River Ballroom

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To Pittsboro, NC 54 via Hwy 87

Microlab Locations 1. Main Ballroom & Ballroom Mezzanine 2. Sissipahaw Loft 1 & 2 3. Eddy Farm Table Room 4. Paperhand Studio 5. Culture Mill Lab 6. Haw River Canoe and Kayak Co.


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Time flies when you’re doing good. We’ve spent 40 years building creative partnerships for greater global good—and we’re building new ones every day. IntraHealth International is the proud producer and host of SwitchPoint. Learn more at

THURSDAY 8:00 AM | Haw River Ballroom & Cup 22 Coffeehouse Breakfast & registration 8:30 AM | Haw River Ballroom Futurescope: Tom Dawson How to SwitchPoint: CJ Suitt Climate Symphony: What Is the Sound of a Dying Planet?: Leah Borromeo and the Climate Symphony Orchestra Rights-Based UHC in Africa – Equity or Equality?: Githinji Gitahi Technovation: Tara Chklovski Fragile States: Tine Knott Microlab Selection Interactive: Culture Mill Testimony from the Front Line: Hawa Talla Humanitarian Innovation: Brian Gitta Special thanks to Gelman, Rosenberg and Freedman for this speaker scholarship. 10:30 – 11:00 AM | Break 11:00 AM | Haw River Ballroom Going Far, Together: Partnering for Health: Jenny Sia, Lila Cruikshank, Sowmya Rajan Global Health and the Private Sector: Relationship Counseling for Friends with Benefits: Jesse Bump Human Capital Project: A Global Agenda on Investing in People: Ayo Akala Snip Stroke: Barbershops and Stroke Education: Carmelo Graffagnino Blinded by Empathy: Tracy Johnson How I Became an Emoji Data Scientist: Hamdan Azhar Frontline Focus: Fati Abubakar 4

12:45 – 1:30 PM | Lunch Enjoy lunch outside. Entertainment by Caique Vidal and Batuque sponsored by Hill, Chesson & Woody. 1:30 – 1:45 PM | Microlab Parade Meet outside the Haw River Ballroom. 1:45 – 2:45 PM | Various locations Microlab 1 Microlabs are your chance to interact with presenters and participants as you design hands-on, practical solutions to real-world problems. Each microlab is capped at 40 participants. 2:45 – 3:00 PM | Break 3:00 – 4:00 PM | Various locations Microlab 2 4:00 – 4:15 PM | Break 4:15 PM | Haw River Ballroom Misinfodemics: Natalie Gyenes Perseverance, Quality, and Tech in Rural Health Care: Jeremiah Sam Special thanks to Johnson & Johnson for this speaker scholarship. Making Home: CJ Suitt NCDs as a Global Emergency: Closer to Pandemic or Climate Change?: Rachel Nugent Views of a Critical Artist: Serge Attukwei Clottey What Is Radical Change?: Pape Gaye 5:30 – 7:00 PM | Haw River Ballroom & Courtyard Networking reception hosted by the SwitchPoint Advisory Council and sponsored by DAI.


FRIDAY 8:00 AM | Haw River Ballroom & Cup 22 Coffeehouse Breakfast & registration 8:30 AM | Haw River Ballroom SwitchPoint Welcome: Pape Gaye Every Woman, Every Child, Every Hour: Toyin Saraki A Business Plan for Girls: Julia Bunting Human: Molly Sarlé Digital CHWs: Local and Switched On: Crystal Lander The Role of U.S. Faith Leaders in Advocacy for Global Health and Development: Jenny Dyer Catalyzing Innovation: Emily Hillman Artivism to Action: Donovan Zimmerman, Hilary Jones 10:30 – 11:00 AM | Break 11:00 AM | Haw River Ballroom Global Health Innovation: By Design or by Accident?: Dai Hozumi What’s Your SwitchPoint?: Culture Mill Art for Humanity: Hope Azeda 12:15 – 1:15 PM | Lunch Enjoy lunch outside. Entertainment by Curtis Eller’s American Circus sponsored by Lockton.


1:15 – 1:30 PM | Microlab Parade Meet outside the Haw River Ballroom. 1:30 – 3:00 PM | Various locations Microlab 3 3:00 – 3:15 PM | Break 3:15 PM | Haw River Ballroom SwitchPoint Closing Ceremony: Team SwitchPoint 4:00 – 5:30 PM | Various locations Field Trips: Get out there! This is your chance to explore some beautiful North Carolina scenery with your fellow SwitchPointers. See page 22 for more information. 5:30 – 7:00 PM | Haw River Farmhouse Ales SwitchPoint Happy Hour: Spend a relaxing evening at the local brewery as you process all you’ve learned at SwitchPoint and continue to network with other attendees.


The Medtronic Foundation focuses on improving health outcomes among underserved populations worldwide through models of innovation, scale and sustainability. We are proud to support SwitchPoint 2019 and its positive mission toward building a world of longer, healthier lives.


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An IntraHealth Production

SwitchPoint brings together the brightest thinkers and entrepreneurs from multiple industries to collaborate on solutions to critical issues around the world. To stay involved throughout the year, visit our website and sign up for updates.

IntraHealth International is the proud producer and host of SwitchPoint. We're on a mission to make sure everyone everywhere has the health care they need to thrive. And we know that creative, unexpected partnerships can help us achieve that.

The Haw River Ballroom is an award-winning space set in the former dye house of Saxapahaw’s historic cotton mill, featuring performances by top artists from around the world, hosting conferences, holding weddings, and building community.



Thursday at 1:45 PM

Mentoring Ayo Akala, Hamdan Azhar, Michele Broemmelsiek, Catherine Burnett, Robyn Schryer Fehrman, Tim Gabel, Emily Hillman, Tracy Johnson, Crystal Lander, Steven O’Connor, Jeanne Tessougué, Donovan Zimmerman Location: Ballroom Mezzanine SwitchPoint gathers diverse ideas and people together to bring humanitarian concepts to life. Meet four SwitchPoint speakers in 15-minute one-on-one mentoring sessions driven by you. Ask your questions, share your ideas, learn from their experiences, build your networks, hone your goals, design your future. What is your SwitchPoint and how can you make it happen? Immersive Tech Lucas Blair Location: Eddy Farm Table Room Immerse yourself in virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. In this microlab, you’ll discover how to use these in education, training, research, empathy-generation, and research to advocate for social change and help solve global health issues. A team from RTI International will show the potential of immersive technology across industries through use cases in health, communication, and assistive technology.


Visual Artivism Fati Abubakar, Hope Azeda, Serge Attukwei Clottey Location: Paperhand Puppet Studio See the impact art can have as a tool to advocate for change. Learn from visual artists-turned-activists how they are using different mediums to express big ideas about the direction of the world and the way visual information is perceived. Get your art on and create your own form of personal expression that can drive policy, foster inclusion, and spark engagement. Health Ecosystems Leah Borromeo, Rachel Nugent, Cheick TourĂŠ Location: Haw River Canoe and Kayak Co. From planetary health to personal health, these leaders in data, science, and public health are looking in depth at the state of our world. Join them to talk about microcosms, global systems, and what these diverse SwitchPoint speakers see as the best path forward.




Fragile States Carol Bales, Salwa Bitar, Tine Knott Location: Sissipahaw Loft 1 Fragile states are characterized by weak capacity or weak legitimacy that make citizens vulnerable. An estimated 26% of the world’s population lives in fragile states and may face the risks of severe poverty, lack of access to education, high rates of child and maternal mortality, migration, war, and the increasing impact of climate change. Learn more about the sophisticated efforts now being designed to provide care and protection to people in fragile states, respond to changing humanitarian and environmental challenges, help prevent attacks, and counteract violent extremism. Misinfodemics Dana Acciavatti, Natalie Gyenes, Jeremiah Sam Location: Culture Mill Lab Did you know that online misinformation fuels the spread of diseases such as tooth decay, Ebola, and measles? And did you also know that disease today spreads via Facebook statuses and Google results? From fake news to real news, from citizen reporting to rumor mills, how can we trust information in a sophisticated, fast-paced world where digital misinformation is having increasingly catastrophic impacts? Come learn more about this phenomenon, how to validate information, and how to ultimately stop the spread of both diseases and misinformation. 12

UHC: Reality or Pipe Dream? Jesse Bump, Julia Bunting, Pape Gaye, Githinji Gitahi Location: Sissipahaw Loft 2 We all want to get, be, and stay healthy without the burden of financial hardship. But what do we actually need to make this a reality? Join leaders in the field to map a pathway from commitment to action on universal health coverage and brainstorm new ways to develop momentum among diverse stakeholders, including policy-makers, civil society, technical experts, innovators, the private sector, thought leaders, and scientists.



Thursday at 3:00 PM

Mentoring Fati Abubakar, Phaedra Boinodiris, Jesse Bump, Robert Furberg, Natalie Gyenes, Anne Kinuthia, Rebecca Kohler, Tembi Mugore, Steven O’Connor, Jeremiah Sam, Hawa Talla, Yadira Villaseùor Location: Ballroom Mezzanine SwitchPoint gathers diverse ideas and people together to bring humanitarian concepts to life. Meet four SwitchPoint speakers in 15-minute one-on-one mentoring sessions driven by you. Ask your questions, share your ideas, learn from their experiences, build your networks, hone your goals, design your future. What is your SwitchPoint and how can you make it happen? Sound, Data, and Humanity Hope Azeda, Leah Borromeo, CJ Suitt Location: Culture Mill Lab What do data sound like? Can data create music that creates a narrative that informs surprising results that prod action? Hear from artists, filmmakers, and poets about how sound can tell stories, convey complex information, and underscore the evolution of culture unlike any other medium.


Maker Enterprise Tara Chklovski, Brian Gitta, Robyn Schryer Fehrman, Sarah Dunn Phillips, Liz Parrott Radzicki Location: Sissipahaw Loft 1 See a problem, create a solution. Join this lab to hear how the 2018 Africa Prize-winner, a CEO science superstar, and education and innovation torch-bearers are doing just that. This enterprising group is keen on fostering a culture of innovation, especially among young people, as a key to solving some of the world’s toughest problems. Come hear more about how to harness the power of learning for the greater social good. Human Capital and Indexing Innovation Ayo Akala, Emily Hillman, Tracy Johnson Location: Sissipahaw Loft 2 Human capital. What does it mean? The World Bank and other major global institutions are looking much more closely at human capital as a driver of a country’s capacity to develop. But how do you measure human capital? How do you incentivize growth? Can you index creativity and innovation? Join leaders from the World Bank, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, USAID, and IntraHealth to learn about future trends in development and global productivity.




Data Science Hamdan Azhar Location: Main Ballroom Emojis have clearly become intertwined in our culture of communication, as evidenced by the more than six billion emojis sent each day. Hamdan is using emoji data to analyze reactions to current events in politics, culture, and society and to interpret and better understand human behavior. Join this microlab to learn more about what your emoji usage has to say about you and others around the world. Making Artivism Timothy Akimanzi, Serge Attukwei Clottey Location: Paperhand Puppet Studio Artivism (art + activism) can raise social, environmental, and political awareness. Come hear from two of Africa’s top artists about their work, their process, and their favorite mediums. Bring a smock and join in making contemporary art. Choose your medium, choose your subject. Your art is your tool, your voice, your cause.


Immersive Tech Lucas Blair Location: Eddy Farm Table Room Immerse yourself in virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. In this microlab, you’ll discover how to use these in education, training, research, empathy-generation, and research to advocate for social change and help solve global health issues. A team from RTI International will show the potential of immersive technology across industries through use cases in health, communication, and assistive technology.



Friday at 1:30 PM

African Innovation Hope Azeda, Serge Attukwei Clottey, Brian Gitta, Janet Muriuki, Jeremiah Sam, Hawa Talla Location: Main Ballroom Meet leaders in engineering and design, technology, journalism and citizen reporting, sound arts and photography, global health, development, and humanitarian innovation—each of whom are having a unique impact in Africa and around the world. Focus stations in this interactive microlab will give you the chance to work side-by-side with SwitchPoint speakers while learning more about the latest wave of African innovations, ideas, and leaders. Data Science Dream Team Leah Borromeo, Natalie Gyenes Location: Culture Mill Lab Each of these microlab leaders is using data science as a tool for change. Using every tool and medium available—including satellites, microscopes, misinfodemics, and music—these speakers are gathering information on climate change, migration, conflict, refugees, human health, communication, advocacy, arts, language, and culture. How do data help us illuminate human and global stories and how will they affect future generations?


Creative Public-Private Partnerships and Alliances: New Models for Catalyzing Impact Rebecca Kohler, Chris LeGrand, Malcom Riley, Ting Shih Location: Sissipahaw Loft 1 The global health and development landscape is in flux. The global community is looking to the private sector to unleash greater impact and organizations of every size and shape are exploring new ways of creative partnering. In an increasingly resource-constrained world, the ability to drive impact is imperative. But what does this mean for impact on the ground? Where’s the industry going and why? Artivism Timothy Akimanzi, Culture Mill, Hilary Jones, CJ Suitt, Donovan Zimmerman Location: Paperhand Puppet Studio Join puppeteers, dancers, communicators, and political activists to learn more about how the arts can incite action. In what ways do art, communications, and the creative process transform ideas, people, policies, and leadership? How do we create a space for dialogue in this divided world? This interactive workshop will help you look at the world and yourself just a little bit differently.




Women First Pape Gaye, Tembi Mugore, Constance Newman, Toyin Saraki Location: Eddy Farm Table Room Women make up 70% of the health and socialsector workforce, yet half of women’s contributions to global health are unpaid. Without action, health coverage expansion may be thwarted by a severe shortage of health workers. Female frontline health workers are essential to implementing maternal care, preventing disease, providing access to family planning, and more. These same health workers often compensate for the shortcomings of health systems through individual adjustments, at times to the detriment of their own health and livelihoods. Come learn more about the path forward. Faith in Action Jenny Dyer, Babacar Gueye, Pamela McQuide Location: Sissipahaw Loft 2 What motivates action? Faith? Science? Empathy? Come hear different perspectives from global health nonprofit representatives who are unified around a desire to improve global health equity. In this season of sharp political divide, compromise and collaboration are what we really need to make progress in health and development.


Frontline Tenacity Fati Abubakar, Tine Knott, Cheick TourĂŠ Location: Haw River Canoe and Kayak Co. How are people solving issues on the front lines of care in fragile states around the world? Frontline responders, health workers, artists, and humanitarians all have something in common: tenacity. How do you persist through devastating circumstances? How do you persevere when you have no support or infrastructure? And how do you diligently provide health care for others when you are worried about your own safety? Come hear inspiring stories from these tenacious individuals and flex your own tenacity muscles.



Friday at 4:00 PM

Get out there! Join us Friday after the conference for field trips around Saxapahaw. Choose from four opportunities to explore some beautiful North Carolina scenery while networking with fellow SwitchPointers. Please sign up for these field trips at the registration booth. Space is limited. Paddle the Haw River Enjoy a relaxing trip down the beautiful Haw River led by Haw River Canoe & Kayak Co. Meet your guide outside the Ballroom entrance at 4:00. Weather permitting. Microbrewery Tour Take a tour of Haw River Farmhouse Ales and try some of their signature products. Haw River Farmhouse Ales specializes in crafting brews steeped in Belgian tradition but elevated by local creativity. Sculpture Farm Tour

Board the Culture Mill bus and head into the countryside to

visit a local farm adorned with bold, geometric, large-scale sculptures designed and built by local sculptor, Wayne Vaughn. Survivor Learn about wilderness first aid and how to save life and limb in any emergency situation during this preview of the full course, which will be offered April 27 & 28. 22

science, meet global good. 23



Timothy Akimanzi

Hope Azeda

Caique Vidal and Batuque

Serge Attukwei Clottey

Culture Mill

Curtis Eller’s American Circus

Tom Dawson

Paperhand Puppet Intervention

Molly Sarlé

CJ Suitt


An IntraHealth Production

YEP, WE’RE ALREADY ON IT. SwitchPoint 2020 is only 12 months away! Think you’d make a great speaker? Have a phenomenal idea for a microlab? Be in touch: 26

KEYNOTE SPEAKERS Leah Borromeo, Disobedient Films @monstris Leah Borromeo is a journalist and filmmaker. She leads creation and development of Climate Symphony—a data sonification project that takes narratives from climate-change data and tells the story of our warming planet through sound. She has lectured and taught journalism, art, and architecture at the Royal College of Art, University of Gothenburg, City University, Oxford Brookes, Chelsea College of Art, Warwick University, University of Essex, University of East London, Queen Mary University, the Roundhouse, and elsewhere. Toyin Saraki, Wellbeing Foundation Africa @ToyinSaraki As founder and president of Wellbeing Foundation Africa, Toyin Saraki is a Nigerian advocate for women’s and children’s health and empowerment with two decades of advocacy covering reproductive, maternal, newborn, child, and adolescent health; ending gender-based discrimination and violence; and improving education, socioeconomic empowerment, and community livelihoods in sub-Saharan Africa. She is the inaugural Global Goodwill Ambassador for the International Confederation of Midwives and special adviser to the Independent Advisory Group of the World Health Organization’s Regional Office for Africa, and was named by Devex as a UHC Global Champion.


SwitchPoint has gone international with a series of local and global events. If you’d like to bring SwitchPoint to your country or community, let us know!


RWANDA 2018:



SPEAKERS + PERFORMERS Fati Abubakar, Photojournalist @fatiabubakar_ Fati Abubakar is a documentary photographer, photojournalist, and public health worker in Nigeria. She specializes in documenting cities and towns and focuses on health perspectives, using photography to highlight problems at the community level. She documents cultures, conflicts, urban poverty, rural development, and humanitarian issues. Her newest personal project, Bits of Borno, showcases her hometown of Borno State at the time of Boko Haram. It has gained critical acclaim and been published in the New York Times, BBC, Reuters, CNN, Voice of America, Newsweek Europe, and others. Dana Acciavatti, IntraHealth International Dana Acciavatti has almost 20 years of experience working in the global health field, primarily focusing on digital health and human resources for health to strengthen systems that support health workers. She manages IntraHealth’s portfolio of digital health projects, including the iHRIS Foundation, which is a platform to cultivate the continued growth of the iHRIS open-source software suite (used in over 20 countries to manage health workforce information) and engage with the broader global community to set future direction for resources and tools.


Ummuro Adano, IntraHealth International @usadano Ummuro Adano is IntraHealth’s regional director for East Africa. He has worked for more than two decades throughout sub-Saharan Africa with local nongovernmental organizations and the private sector to influence transformative change in the health and education sectors, strengthen health systems and service-delivery platforms, and expand local capacity. His areas of expertise include leadership and governance, education and performance, public-sector financing, systems analysis, and data-driven solutions. He has worked with the British Council, DFID, Management Sciences for Health, and Save the Children. Timothy Akimanzi, Inima Arts Center Timothy Akimanzi is the fifth-born in a family of six siblings who all found their way toward art. His introduction to the field was as a salesman at lnema, an art center and gallery founded by his elder brothers. This led Timothy to discover his own skills and he is now an artist-in-residence at the gallery. Timothy’s art communicates his fascination with the iconic beauty of his homeland. While commonly said to resemble aerial landscapes, Timothy’s pieces convey the wide-ranging emotions we all go through in our day-to-day lives. Francisca Ayodeji (Ayo) Akala, World Bank Francisca Ayodeji (Ayo) Akala, a senior health specialist at the World Bank, is a core team member of its Human Capital Project, which is tasked with supporting countries to accelerate their human capital outcomes. Ayo has 20+ years of experience in human development focusing on health services management, health systems strengthening, and multisectoral interventions to address public health issues, including malnutrition, HIV/AIDS, malaria, 30

and noncommunicable diseases. Before joining the World Bank, Ayo practiced clinical medicine, worked on national public health initiatives, and worked with Médecins Sans Frontieres in Nigeria. Hope Azeda, Mashirika Performing Arts @HopeAzeda Hope Azeda is founder and artistic director of Mashirika Performing Arts and Media Company. Under her direction, the group created Africa’s Hope, which was performed at the 10th anniversary commemoration of the Rwandan genocide. Hope’s writing and directing has taken her to theaters and universities around the world. She is currently curator of the Ubumuntu Arts Festival in Rwanda. She was a John P. McNulty Prize laureate in 2018, received a lifetime achievement award from MAAFA, and won the 2018/19 continental award for arts and culture honored by CEO Global. Hamdan Azhar, @HamdanAzhar Hamdan Azhar is chief data scientist at, a founding member of Bitcoin Center NYC, and the founder of PRISMOJI. He previously worked in ads research at Facebook and was the national statistician on Ron Paul’s 2012 presidential campaign. Hamdan is best known for his recent work in emoji data science—analyzing emoji usage to inform understanding of public sentiment about current events. He is also a frequent writer on the intersection of technology and culture, including in Forbes, VICE, the Washington Post, and the Christian Science Monitor.


Salwa Bitar, IntraHealth International @salwasbitar Salwa Bitar is a medical doctor and former chief of party for IntraHealth’s Palestinian Health Capacity Project. The project improved referral systems between the Palestinian Ministry of Health and nonministry hospitals, health professional development and education, and informatics solutions for the health sector. Before joining IntraHealth, Salwa worked in the USAID Jordan PHN office for 17 years, as well as at Management Sciences for Health as the global alliance and scaling adviser on two global flagship projects for family planning, reproductive health, safe motherhood, and health systems strengthening. Lucas Blair, RTI International @LucasBlair Lucas Blair is head of the Immersive Technology Lab at RTI International and a member of Lab 58, an emerging technology group. Lucas also cofounded Little Bird Games, a serious game development company that specializes in educational and therapeutic games. Before that, Lucas was lead game designer and comanager of RETRO Lab at the University of Central Florida. His doctoral research explored the use of video game achievements to enhance player performance, selfefficacy, and motivation. Phaedra Boinodiris, IBM @INNOV8game Phaedra Boinodiris is a member of IBM’s Academy of Technology where she kicks off internal startups that range from IBM’s first Serious Games and Advanced Simulation program to IBM’s first K-12 program— influencing curriculum in traditional and nontraditional learning spaces through entrepreneurship and social impact. She is keenly 32

and wholeheartedly invested in tech for good and ethics. Phaedra happily mentors start-ups around the world as well as business school students at her alma mater, UNC-Chapel Hill. She is also the author of Serious Games for Business. Jesse B. Bump, Harvard @JesseBump Jesse B. Bump is executive director of the Takemi Program in International Health and lecturer on global health policy in the Department of Global Health and Population at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Jesse’s research focuses on the intellectual ecology of global health, examining the historical, political, and economic forces that are among the most fundamental determinants of ill health, and the most significant contextual factors that shape institutions and the approaches they embrace. Julia Bunting, Population Council @JuliaBuntingPC Julia Bunting became the ninth president of the Population Council in 2015. She is widely known for her work on reproductive and maternal health during her 12-year tenure at the UK Department for International Development (DFID), where she oversaw the UK government’s international development policy on HIV/AIDS; maternal, newborn, and child health; sexual and reproductive health and rights; and population. In 2013, Julie was awarded the honor of Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for improving reproductive health in developing countries.


Catherine Burnett, Phillips Enterprises @BurnettCH Catherine Burnett is the chief impact officer at Phillips Enterprises, an impact platform consisting of the Phillips family’s four real estate companies, family office, and philanthropic entities, including the Phillips Foundation. Catherine manages impact strategy development, implementation, and evaluation for the full platform; leads the transition of Phillips Foundation toward 100% impact-alignment of its assets; develops original programs, such as the Impact Investing Think Tank series; incorporates National Green Building Standards certification into new real estate development projects; and builds a pipeline of impact investment deal flow. Caique Vidal and Batuque Caique Vidal and Batuque is a unique band that brings infectious energy and riveting dance grooves to the stage. Batuque (pronounced ba-TOO-kee) means to drum. The band delivers an explosive performance integrating the sounds of Afro-Brazilian percussion with keyboards, bass, guitar, and horns to produce an innovative version of samba, reggae, salsa, bachata, pop, rock, and bossa nova. Caique Vidal and Batuque have performed at the Art of Cool, Afro-Bahia Festival, Hardee’s Festival, International Festival Raleigh, Fiesta del Pueblo, and others. Tara Chklovski, Iridescent @TaraChk Tara Chklovski is founder and CEO of the global nonprofit Iridescent, which creates and delivers science, engineering, and technology education to empower underrepresented young people. Iridescent has grown to a community of 7,000+ mentors and 90,000+ participants worldwide through its flagship programs, Curiosity Machine and Technovation. 34

Forbes highlighted Tara in 2016 as “the pioneer empowering the incredible tech girls of the future,” and she was featured in the award-winning documentary Codegirl. Discovery’s Science Channel honored her as the inaugural CEO Science Super Hero. Serge Attukwei Clottey, Afrogallonism @attukwei Serge Attukwei Clottey is known for work that examines the powerful agency of everyday objects. Working across installation, performance, photography, and sculpture, Serge refers to his work as “Afrogallonism,” a concept that confronts the question of material culture through the utilization of yellow gallon containers. In a personal work inspired by the aftermath of the death of his mother, Serge staged a performance exploring the concept of material possessions honoring women as the collectors and custodians of cloth that serves as signifiers of history and memory. Lila Cruikshank, One Family Health @LilaCruikshank Lila Cruikshank is director for business development at One Family Health, a social enterprise dedicated to delivering sustainable primary care to underserved communities. Her role is focused on strategy, partnership development, and fundraising. Lila’s background is in business and global health. She has worked as a strategy consultant with several global health innovators and foundations and spent several years in Mozambique designing social marketing programs for Population Services International.


Culture Mill @cultmill Culture Mill is an artist-driven organization of working professional artists who believe that culture is an investment in civil society, and that such an investment benefits from the existence of open, dynamic, and fluid enclaves fostered by artists and other creative people. With a team of experienced consultants and board members to guide and ensure sustainability, the artists at the helm allow Culture Mill to imagine and realize radical new possibilities for how an arts organization can exist in the 21st century. Curtis Eller’s American Circus @CurtisEller Curtis Eller is a banjo player, songwriter, and rock and roll singer. After beginning his show business career at the age of seven as a juggler and acrobat, the Detroit native turned to the banjo and lit out for New York City where he rose to obscurity as “New York’s angriest yodeling banjo player.” Having spent years toiling in the musical sweatshops of the industrial north, Eller uprooted his family and resettled in some faded tobacco town in the North Carolina Piedmont to begin the arduous task of assembling a new version of his band, the American Circus. The latest version of the ensemble is a brutish and inelegant rock and roll outfit specializing in banjo music for funerals, gospel tunes for atheists, and novelty dance fads for amputees. Tom Dawson, the Temporal Cartography Project Tom Dawson is a landscape architect, urban planner, and artist living in Durham, NC. Over the course of his 15-year career, he has designed and developed transit-oriented metro communities, art museum landscapes, industrial sites, university campuses, parks, trails, wetlands, gardens, and more. He works for Durham Parks and 36

Recreation preserving and enhancing the city’s park and trail system. The Temporal Cartography Project is an installation, performance, and sculpture that addresses his fears about climate change and his efforts to develop participatory design and planning skills with the public. Jenny Eaton Dyer, the 2030 Collaborative Jenny Eaton Dyer is founder of the 2030 Collaborative, an organization dedicated to advocating for a better world. She directs the FaithBased Coalition for Global Nutrition with support from the Eleanor Crook Foundation. She formerly served as the executive director of Senator Bill Frist’s Hope Through Healing Hands, and as the national faith outreach director for the DATA Foundation and the ONE Campaign. Her forthcoming book, The End of Hunger: Renewed Hope for Feeding the World, will be released in fall 2019. Robyn Schryer Fehrman, Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship @RobynFehrman Robyn Schryer Fehrman works at the intersection of conscious wellness, mindful leadership, and transformative social impact. As managing director of CASE, Duke University’s Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship, Robyn manages operations, contributes to strategy, and oversees CASE’s MBA student programming. Robyn also serves as a member of the board of directors for Global Grassroots, an organization working in postconflict Rwanda and Uganda to catalyze women and girls as leaders of conscious social change in their communities.


Robert Furberg, RTI International @medicfurby Robert Furberg is a senior clinical informaticist in RTI’s digital health and clinical informatics program. He has conducted several studies on smartphone- and tablet-based interventions to support health promotion, primary and secondary disease prevention, and treatment adherence across a variety of patient populations for the National Institutes of Health and US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Robert also directs iSHARE, an RTI program that brings together researchers, engineers, clinicians, and informatics experts to establish novel methods for sensor-based, passive, longitudinal data collection. The Futurescope The Futurescope is a time machine. It’s a means of projecting visions of a town’s history and earth science, its present political and economic structure. The Futurescope projects illustrations of improbable, but plausible (and often hilarious) futures. The audience responds with drawn maps, plans, inventions, and suggestions to help the people of those futures. The drawn work is presented and the audience discusses the group’s strategies and adaptations to change. Tom Dawson draws on examples from the design and invention professions to show real-world parallels to the group’s strategies. Tim Gabel, RTI International @timgabel Tim Gabel is executive vice president of social, statistical, and environmental sciences at RTI International. He helped pioneer RTI’s early efforts to conceptualize and develop Internet applications for research activities and has extensive experience directing data collection and data processing activities for scientific research studies. Now Tim is 38

leading the effort to align RTI to meet the demands of big data so that RTI’s researchers can answer questions that, until recently, were impossible to quantify. Pape Gaye, IntraHealth International @pgaye Pape Amadou Gaye is president and CEO of IntraHealth International. A native of Senegal, Pape is a lifelong advocate for health workers, strong health systems, and access to health care for all. Under his leadership, IntraHealth has made human resources for health a crucial part of the worldwide conversation on global health. Pape believes partnership is essential to meeting the health challenges low- and middle-income countries face and speaks internationally on capacitybuilding and the global health workforce crisis. Githinji Gitahi, Amref Health Africa @daktari1 Githinji Gitahi joined Amref Health Africa in 2015. Prior to that, he was the vice president and regional director for Africa at Smile Train International, where he successfully established partnerships for long-term sustainability with various African governments. He previously worked with the Nation Media Group, where he was the managing director for monitor publications in Uganda as well as general manager for marketing and circulation in East Africa. He also held senior positions at GlaxoSmithKline, Avenue Group, and in the insurance industry.


Brian Gitta, Matibabu @gittabrian Brian Gitta is an entrepreneur with a computer science background interested in using design thinking, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to solve some of the world’s hardest problems—starting with those in our communities. Brian is a cofounder of Matibabu, which makes a kit that can diagnose malaria within two minutes. Matibabu addresses malaria disease management by offering cost-effective, rapid, early diagnosis, which reduces the amount of necessary medication, duration of treatment, and the number of people suffering severe effects of malaria infection. Carmelo Graffagnino, Duke Hospital Carmelo Graffagnino is a neurologist at Duke Hospital in Durham, NC. His primary focus of clinical practice and research involves the care of patients with stroke and neurological critical illness. He sees medical care as a team effort and strongly believes in the integration of health workers and community members to improve health outcomes. He is leading an innovative partnership with barbershops as a hub for community awareness around the causes and symptoms of stroke and works to train EMTs to quickly screen for stroke.


Babacar Gueye, IntraHealth International Babacar Gueye is a military-trained physician who has worked in public health in West Africa for around 25 years. As country director for IntraHealth in Senegal, he’s led work that gets results through key partnerships, including with religious leaders, to dispel myths about family planning and encourage men to become more engaged. He is an epidemiologist with clinical and public health programming experience in malaria, reproductive health/family planning, and maternal and child health. Babacar has worked for UNICEF, Senegal’s Ministry of Health, and the Senegalese armed forces.

Natalie Gyenes, Meedan and Harvard Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society @GyenesNat Natalie Gyenes is a researcher, anthropologist, and writer focusing on the intersection of health and technology. As special projects lead at Meedan, she builds tools for global journalism and translation, access to information, and digital inclusion. She also leads the health misinformation working group at the Credibility Coalition, and as research affiliate at Harvard’s Berkman Klein Center, examines how the health information we encounter online affects disease distribution. She studies the role that epidemics—and digital misinfodemics—have in changing cultures, traditions, and societies. Emily Hillman, USAID Emily Hillman is a senior innovation adviser in the Center for Accelerating Innovation and Impact within USAID’s Bureau for Global Health. Emily provides technical assistance, management oversight, policy guidance, and strategic direction to catalyze innovation within and beyond USAID. She oversees projects funded through the Saving Lives at Birth and Combatting Zika Grand Challenges, aimed at saving and improving lives through novel solutions to intractable health challenges. Emily is codeveloping resources to spark and sustain innovative thinking for impact and an index to assess health innovations along their paths to scale.


Dai Hozumi, IntraHealth International Dai Hozumi leads IntraHealth’s Center for Technical Excellence. He and his team are responsible for shaping IntraHealth’s technical agenda, driving new business, ensuring the quality of our technical products and services, and contributing to technical advancements in global health and development. Dai has extensive experience managing complex, multicountry health system projects. His career in global health spans more than 20 years, and he has worked in more than 20 countries, including Bangladesh, India, Kenya, Malawi, Mexico, Pakistan, South Africa, Ghana, Lao PDR, and Zambia. Tracy Johnson, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation @tracypilar Tracy Johnson is a senior program officer focused on user experience and innovation for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s integrated delivery team. Her current work focuses on creating a strategy for applying humancentered design across the foundation’s portfolio of grants, as well as building capacity in this area. To this end, she leads innovative end-to-end design programs addressing issues such as women’s sexual and reproductive health and works with partners to develop and design tools and resources, such as Hilary Jones, Lush Before joining Lush more than 20 years ago, Hilary was a campaigner and activist who spent some years driving an animal ambulance for a charity and dealing with injured wildlife. She began working in the Lush factory making soap. Now she is Lush’s ethics director, spearheading campaigns that speak out on issues around human rights, animal protection, and preserving the environment. Hilary is part of the Lush Prize management committee, an initiative launched in 2012 and the largest international annual prize in the nonanimal testing sector. 42

Anne Kinuthia, IntraHealth International Anne Kinuthia is country director for IntraHealth in South Sudan. She has over twenty years of experience in development; conflict and postconflict environments; managing international teams; and implementing a broad range of multimillion-dollar programs in fields such as child protection, orphans and vulnerable children, health, nutrition, HIV/AIDS, food security, and refugee assistance in Africa and Asia. Anne has worked in Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia, Burundi, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, East Timor, and Indonesia. Tine Knott, DAI Tine Knott is vice president of the Center for Secure and Stable States, where she provides strategic leadership of DAI’s work in fragile states. For the past three years, she was DAI’s managing director for governance, transition, and stability, where she was responsible for the company’s portfolio of good governance, stabilization, political transition, preventing and countering violent extremism, peace-building, citizen security, and public financial management work. Before joining DAI in 2011, Tine spent 15+ years with USAID, including assignments in Ghana, Jordan, Mozambique, and Peru. Rebecca Kohler, IntraHealth International @rebeccakohler As chief strategy officer at IntraHealth, Rebecca Kohler provides vision and leadership for IntraHealth’s organizational strategy, leading IntraHealth toward its vision of a healthier global population by creating stronger health systems around the world. For over 25 years, she has devoted her career to addressing health care challenges in more than 20 countries across several continents, including long-term, resident assignments in Armenia, Eritrea, Kenya, and Tanzania. 43

Heather LaGarde, IntraHealth International @HeatherLaGarde Heather LaGarde is a producer of SwitchPoint and serves as the senior strategic partnerships adviser for IntraHealth. She is also co-owner of the Haw River Ballroom, one of the members of the planning team working to revitalize the historic riverside village of Saxapahaw, and founder of Saturdays in Saxapahaw, the outdoor farmers’ market and music series. Heather previously worked with Human Rights Watch and War Child. These days she lives on an old dairy farm with her ex-NBA husband and entrepreneur partner and their very tall children. Crystal Lander, Living Goods @crystallander Crystal Lander is a senior public health professional who launched the advocacy and global policy portfolios for two global nongovernmental organizations. As the director of advocacy for Living Goods, she manages engagement on global health policy to drive the organization’s vision for lasting and systemic impact that will enable every family to access high-quality health care in the community in which they live. Prior to Living Goods, Crystal led the advocacy unit at Management Sciences for Health for more than seven years.


Christopher LeGrand, DAI @chrisalegrand Christopher LeGrand joined DAI in 2015 with a mandate to advance DAI’s global health portfolio, focusing on emerging health markets and the next generation of health solutions. Chris has 28 years of experience in the professional services industry, including 23 years in the health sector. He is board chair of the Triangle Global Health Consortium and chair of IntraHealth International’s board of directors. Chris was named one of Business Leader Magazine’s top 100 Business Impact Leaders in the Research Triangle area.

Pamela McQuide, IntraHealth International @mcquide Pamela McQuide has been an innovator in global health for over 15 years, including more than a decade in sub-Saharan Africa. A registered nurse, Pamela has worked extensively on health workforce issues in the region, with expertise in human resources management, human resources information systems, health policy, and health services research. Most recently, she served as deputy chief of party for the Capacity Building for Country Owned HIV/AIDS Services in Namibia. She brings a participatory approach to engaging local leaders— promoting ownership and creating an atmosphere of respect and trust. Stembile Mugore, IntraHealth International @Mugore Stembile (Tembi) Mugore is an IntraHealth senior health sector performance and sustainability adviser for Evidence to Action, the USAID flagship family planning and reproductive health project. In her career, Tembi has worked with policy-makers, health managers, trainers, and health workers to strengthen clinical service delivery systems in Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya. A nurse midwife by profession, Tembi most recently led IntraHealth’s human resources for health project in Southern Africa.


Janet Muriuki, IntraHealth International @JanetMuriuki Janet Muriuki is a skilled Kenyan clinician with over ten years of experience as a technical and programmatic leader. She has worked with Kenya’s Ministry of Health, sector stakeholders, and donor agencies at both national and subnational levels. Janet’s experience in HIV clinical services spans more than a decade. She is now the technical director and deputy chief of party for IntraHealth’s USAID-funded Capacity Kenya Project. Janet enjoys reading inspirational books and travelling within Kenya and abroad. Her life has been inspired by African leaders such as Nelson Mandela, Wangari Muta Maathai, and other upcoming Kenyan leaders. Constance Newman, IntraHealth International As senior team leader for gender equality and health at IntraHealth, Constance Newman creates practical tools and methodologies to help decision-makers and leaders at all levels understand the challenges of gender inequality and what it means for the health workforce. She has over 25 years of experience in health and development programs all over the world.


Rachel Nugent, RTI International @RachelNugent Rachel Nugent is vice president for global noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) at RTI International and an affiliate associate professor in the Department of Global Health at the University of Washington. She has advised the World Health Organization, the US government, and nonprofit organizations on the economics and policy environment of NCDs. She is a member of WHO’s Expert Advisory Panel on Management of NCDs, cochair of the Coalition on Access to NCD Medicines and Products, and a member of the Lancet Commission on NCDIs of the Poorest Billion.

Steven O’Connor, DAI @Steven0Connor Steven O’Connor is director of communications at DAI. In this role, he oversees DAI’s internal and external communications, including its website and social media, marketing materials, periodical publications, media relations, and corporate memberships. Before joining DAI, Steven managed internal communications for a division of Lucent Technologies, and before that he was a reporter and editor for a business news service specializing in the energy, transportation, and pollution abatement sectors. Nola Paterni, IntraHealth International @npaterni Nola is a producer of SwitchPoint and the senior strategy and development officer at IntraHealth. Her professional focus encompasses communications, event management, and development. She is equal parts creative and detail-oriented which shows through in her event designs. Her passion for doing meaningful work is a launching point for future projects, collaborations, and partnerships formed around the conference.


Sarah Dunn Phillips, Innovations in Healthcare Sarah Dunn Phillips’s passion is helping organizations create environments where people can thrive and achieve their aspirations. She currently leads engagement for Duke University’s Global Health Innovation Center and Innovations in Healthcare working together with enterprises to achieve growth through fostering creative partnerships with investors, global funders, industry-leading corporations, and NGOs. Sarah founded and served as CEO of Activate, LLC, which collaborates with global corporations and NGOs to build public-private partnerships, launch businessdevelopment strategies, and implement operational restructuring in a variety of countries. Liz Parrott Radzicki, Participate @LizRadzicki Liz Parrott Radzicki is an experienced educator with a practice and philosophy deeply rooted in arts integration and connected learning. Her passion is collaborative design and problem-solving: synthesizing multiple perspectives and finding an elegant fit that transcends a single purpose. As Participate’s instructional designer, Liz puts this into practice by designing learning experiences that challenge global educators to explore, connect, take risks, and share their expertise. Sowmya Rajan, Innovations in Healthcare @SowmyaRajan_ Sowmya Rajan is a sociologist and social demographer committed to reducing global and local health disparities. In her role as senior manager of programs at Innovations in Healthcare, she manages and conducts multimillion-dollar program evaluations of global health innovations. Her work contributes to building the evidence needed to inform decisions for innovative health care programs and policies, as well 48

as building capacity in this area. She has extensive expertise in global reproductive, maternal, and child health; social scientific and evaluation research; and fertility and family planning. Malcom Riley, Innovations in Healthcare @MalcomRiley22 Malcom Riley leads strategic partnerships for Innovations in Healthcare, fostering creative collaborations with industry-leading corporations, investors, global funders, and NGOs. Prior to this, Malcom served as sector director for technology at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, where he cultivated corporate relationships and supported global strategy initiatives. Malcom also served as managing partner for AYASPHERE, Inc., collaborating with technology and international development organizations to build public-private partnerships and launch new products and services in Ghana, Indonesia, Zambia, and the US. Jeremiah Sam, PenPlusBytes @AfricaJerry Jeremiah Sam is a journalist and trainer. He is also director of programs at PenPlusBytes, an institution dedicated to promoting effective governance using technology in Africa. As director, Jerry performs all aspects of project leadership, including project implementation, consultancy services, managing consultation exercises with stakeholders, developing reports for clients and outside stakeholders, and delivering key presentations. His role also includes acquiring resources, coordinating team members, and managing relationships with partners and consultants to deliver projects according to plan while ensuring quality control throughout the project life cycle.


Molly Sarlé, Musician @Molly_sarle Molly Sarlé is one-third of the three-woman band, Mountain Man, and has recently toured as part of Feist’s live band. That is all prelude to her own solo project, which today comes into being via the debut single, Human. Ting Shih, ClickMedix @TingAtClick Ting Shih founded ClickMedix, an award-winning health care technology enterprise born out of MIT, to enable health organizations to serve more patients through its mHealth platform. The programs equip health workers, nurses, and rural physicians with smartphones and mHealth tablet kiosks to capture patient symptoms, images, and other information for artificial-intelligence-facilitated assessments and personalized care. Ting was named World Summit Awards Winner for 2019, Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2018, Toyota Mother of Invention in 2015, and is the 2012 Cartier Women’s Initiative Laureate for North America. Jenny Sia, Pfizer Jenny Sia is director of corporate responsibility and leads global health grant-making and impact investing for Pfizer Inc. and the Pfizer Foundation, key elements of Pfizer’s strategy to improve access to medicines and health care. Through this she is responsible for the Pfizer Foundation’s impact-investing strategy to support health delivery and social innovation, as well as programs to advance women and children’s health and noncommunicable disease care in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Jenny has been a member of Pfizer’s corporate responsibility team since 2003.


CJ Suitt, Sitting in the Intersection @suittsyouwrite CJ Suitt is a performance poet, arts educator, and community organizer from Chapel Hill, NC, whose work is rooted in storytelling and social justice. He is committed to speaking truth to power and aims to be a bridge for communities who can’t always see themselves in each other. CJ facilitates dialogue in spaces that are often dominated by feardriven stereotypes. He is cocreator of the podcast, Sitting in the Intersection, which explores the radical nature of relationships across differences. Hawa Talla, IntraHealth International Hawa Talla is deputy chief of party for IntraHealth in Senegal and leads IntraHealth’s work on the Challenge Initiative, a three-year urban reproductive health program in francophone West Africa. She and the Senegal team have made major progress in expanding the use of Sayana Press, a contraceptive injection that’s easy to use. Jeanne Tessougué, IntraHealth International @JeanneAmadiguin Jeanne Tessougué is chief of party of IntraHealth’s USAID/Mali Human Resources for Health Strengthening Activity. She is a public health professional with expertise in community health and more than ten years of experience working in health systems strengthening. In Mali, Jeanne has spent her career advocating for underserved populations, human rights, rural women, and youth. She has contributed to multiple programs that promote integrated family planning and reproductive health services in both rural and urban environments through civil engagement and public-private partnerships. 51

Cheick Touré, IntraHealth International @ctoure10 Cheick Touré, IntraHealth’s country director in Mali, is a physician with 15 years of clinical, programmatic, and management experience in service delivery, with expertise in human resources for health, maternal health, malaria, and HIV/AIDS. The board president and founder of Malian Medical Alliance against Malaria, Cheick was a Ford Motor International Fellow with 92nd Street Y and the Picker Center for Executive Education at Columbia University. Katherine Turner, Global Citizen, LLC @GlobalCitizenKT Katherine Turner is founder and president of Global Citizen, LLC, a consulting firm that works in the United States and internationally to strengthen leaders’ capacity to advance public health, human rights, global competence, equity, diversity, and inclusion. Katherine is a renowned organizational and community thought leader, senior global adviser, public speaker, educator, author, and change agent who has worked in more than 50 countries. Global Citizen, LLC works in partnership with a diverse network of dynamic consultants and interns and collaborates with companies across all sectors.


Yadira Villaseñor, IntraHealth International Yadira Villaseñor is a medical professional with nearly 30 years of experience in the design and implementation of public health interventions in Central America, including service delivery, training clinicians, and ensuring quality and performance improvement. Her expertise includes applying interventions that encourage community involvement in preventing and treating HIV/AIDS and reducing maternal mortality. Yadira’s approach to family planning and HIV prevention incorporates innovative gender and stigma-reduction initiatives.

Donovan Zimmerman, Paperhand Puppet Intervention @PaperhandPuppet Donovan is co-artistic director of Paperhand Puppet Intervention based in Saxapahaw, NC. Since 1998, Paperhand has been creating giant puppets, masks, painted flats, and shadows to tell stories, illuminate myths, and inspire audiences of all ages through performance. Paperhand’s mission is to use the puppetry arts and storytelling to promote positive change, connect people with the planet, and make the world a better place. Andrew Zolli, Planet @andrew_zolli Andrew Zolli oversees the global impact initiatives at Planet, a breakthrough space and artificial intelligence (AI) organization that has deployed the largest constellation of Earth-observing satellites in history. Andrew spends much of his time advancing a global dialogue on resilience—how to help people and systems persist, recover, and thrive amid disruption. He has served as a National Geographic Society Fellow, is on the boards of the Brooklyn Academy of Music and Blurb, and serves as an adviser to OneConcern, an organization using AI to transform disaster response.


SWITCHPOINT ADVISORY COUNCIL Paurvi Bhatt President of the Medtronic Foundation and vice president of Medtronic Philanthropy Phaedra Boinodiris Blockchain design strategist, IBM Michael Bzdak Executive director, global community impact team, Johnson & Johnson Jessica Colaço TED Fellow and cofounder, Brave Venture Labs Tim Gabel Executive vice president of social, statistical, and environmental sciences, RTI International Rebecca Kohler Chief strategy officer, IntraHealth International Roya Mahboob President and chief executive officer, Digital Citizen Fund Doug McLean Vice president of partnerships, DAI Eric Porterfield Consumer communications manager for social good, Facebook Karim Sy Founder and chief catalyst, Senegal’s Jokkolabs Asha Varghese President, Caterpillar Foundation


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