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SPRING 2013 - #10



Man Overboard | Walk The Moon | Joe Brooks | Lydia | Sweet Talker | Undervienna Skies



INTO THE COVER: MAN OVERBOARD New Jersey Courtesy of Lost Tape Records


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Marissa Zechinato




Aberdeen, MD Courtesy of Right Coast Records

The Mixtape Anthem

Sacramento, CA Unsigned

Walk The Moon

Cincinnati, OH Courtesy of RCA Records

Anson Li

Forest Hill, NY Unsigned


Phoenix, AZ Courtesy of 81 Twenty Three Management

Sweet Talker

Phoenix, AZ Courtesy of 81 Twenty Three Management

Joe Brooks

Southampton, UK Unsigned


Austin, TX Courtesy of ROXR




Founder & Writer Dania Dwikhanza

Editor-in-chief | Art Director | Photographer Winnie Surya

Assistance editor | Photographer Abbey Toomey-Fisk



Thank You:

Message From Editor Hello world! Sorry it took us somewhere around four-five months to release another issue due to lack of features that we can put on the issue but I’m really happy to announce that during that long break, we got opportunity to features bands such as Man Overboard, Walk The Moon, Joe Brooks and many many more! It’s been fun getting those together but no worry because starting this upcoming summer, our issue will be released monthly again instead of seasonal because most of us won’t be all tangled with school anymore (and I’m graduating after staying another year in high school yay!) Anyway, this spring is a good season more music. I really am excited especially since Fall Out Boy are back from hiatus now and making a really really worth a wait album also with Vampire Weekend since they haven’t release anything and touring since 2010 other than festivals. From the materials they put on Diane Young, I have a feeling this album is gonna be better than Contra! Well, have a good spring everyone! Stay warm if you’re in Canada like me because its been snowing and raining back and forth. Peace out.

Nik Bruzzese and Justin Collier of Man Overboard, Danny from Working Group Management, Lan Alexander of Undervienna Skies, Brett Allen of Tidewater, Big Picture Media, Joe Brooks, Kevin Fisher of Sweet Talker, Leighton Antelman of Lydia, Eighty One Twenty Three Management, Anson Li, Eli Maiman of Walk The Moon, RCA Records, The Mixtape Anthem, Ballyhoo!, Marissa Zechinato, all of our contributors, thank you so much for helping out on this issue, I really appreciate it more than anything. Friends that been helping out taping interview in Toronto, it means a lot so thank you so much!!!!! Most importantly but not last, our readers, the one who’ve been sticking out with us from the start or maybe the one who just started acknowledging us at this very moment, thank you. Without you guys, there won’t be another issue!



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Spring 2013 Cover:

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Spring Album Releases

Sweet Talker Be The Light EP (3/26)

Vampire Weekend Modern Vampire Of The City (5/14)

I actually been listening to Kevin’s music since the day one and listening to “I Wish” and “Love Affair” on the EP version really shocked me because it’s really amazing. It’s a really good tunes to check!

I’ve been listening to two of the tracks that they leaked on repeat. I have a good feeling it’s going to be another great one by Vampire Weekend!

The Summer Set Legendary (4/16)

Fall Out Boy Save Rock and Roll (4/15)

Their released singles “Maybe Tonight” and “Boomerang” are already indications of a great album. When asked about the evolution of their sound, John has said that for this album, they “kinda figured out who [they] were a little more.” With Brian Dales’ unique vocals, this album is definitely going to be on my to-listen list.

I’ve been waiting for Fall Out Boy to come back from hiatus since the first hour they announced it. I never been so stoked for an album release until this. From all the preview that I’ve heard online, this album is really worth years of hiatus.

A Rocket To The Moon Wild & Free (3/26)

It’s a great listen for any mood and anyone. I guarantee everyone can find at least one song that suits them. Whether you are rocking out with the friends or the family no one will be left with a complaint.

Paramore Self-Titled (4/9) The new record shows how they’ve grown as musicians and how they’ve kept their music fresh and new.

Bring Me The Horizon Lydia Sempiternal (4/2) Devil (3/24) So different and refreshing, Solid lyrics. This is their year yet they still stick to the true to takeover. Lydia roots.



Band of the month:

Undervienna Skies


ndervienna Skies, a 5 piece pop-rock band based in Melbourne, Australia had been getting more online recognition with the release of their first EP, “Colours”. The band started as a solo project of Lan Alexander, who was in the band Meet Me By Sunrise, as main vocals and after moving down under from Jakarta, Indonesia to Melbourne, Lan revamped the band to a full line up with 4 of his friends.

All Time Low song back in their Three Words To Remember EP. The second song, Nights Like These, is my personal favorite. So catchy and so upbeat with the story of wanting someone you can’t have, that actually can be easily relate to by the crowd. Featuring Dylan Nash of the Never Ever and actually produced by him too, making this song is perfect as their first single out of the EP.

bring you. Thumbs up and no other words should be said. Raindrops (...And Your Company) is the essential to every pop-punk EP/album; a slower beat song to the others. We can hear the singing talent Lan Alexander has in this song. Another good song stored in Undervienna Skies’ archive.

The EP is closed by a song called entitled The Epilogue. It sounds so calm and nice with The band had their EP Moving onto the next acoustic guitar in the background. produced by Dylan Nash of The song, Like, Consequence, I love It’s a perfect ending and closing Never Ever, who also featured how the song opened by great for a debut EP. I cannot wait for in their first single called more from this talented “Nights Like These”. These band. Pretty sure they would teenagers continued to get more recognition and get more recognition as hopefully, from big labels they play shows across soon enough. Melbourne and getting their songs out to the crowd. Want to listen to Undervienna Skies music? Head to the The long anticipated band’s facebook page: debut EP of our band of the w w w. f a c e b o o k . c o m / month, Undervienna Skies, underviennaskies and make Colours, featured 5 songs sure to give the band a follow including their first single, on twitter @UndrvnaSkies Nights Like These. It started out with a 5 minute track Photo by: Karina Evelyn titled the same as the EP, Words: Dania Dwikhanza Colours. From a personal opinion, I think it’s a usual pop-punk song. Kind of a little too dragged on but it will guitar riff. It actually made you surely remind you like a good ole’ anticipated on what the song will



Marissa Zechinato Photo & Interview by Gabby Mendoza

At what age did you begin to sing? I began to sing in earnest when I was about 11 years old. Describe your music to us? I haven’t finished much original music of my own yet, but what I’m most confident with is my voice. I like to layer my voice to make harmonies and rhythms similar to what you’d hear in an acapella singing group, except it’s all my voice. What inspires you to sing and write songs? Original and passionate musicians are the most inspiring to me. When I hear something that hasn’t been done before or when I see someone who is passionate about their craft, it makes me want to create my own stuff. What’s the best part of performing live? Performing live gives me a chance to share what makes me happy with other people, and possibly touch their lives in some way, even if it’s very small. That’s a fantastic feeling. Who are some of your biggest influences? Three of my biggest influences vocally are Corinne Bailey Rae, Ella Fitzgerald, and Christina Aguilera (even though I don’t

What is your guilty pleasure song? Hmm. I have more than one actually. “London Bridge” by Fergie is up there. It’s so shallow and was so mainstream for awhile in pop (I usually stray away from If you could tour with any 3 mainstream pop music because bands or artists who would they it tends not to be very unique... be? and I like to think I’m a modern Michael Jackson would be my first day hippie) but God I can jam to choice even though it’s impossible. that song. I got that album when He was such a complete genius I was in private school which was and was so in love with music. a secret then due to its explicit I’m very inspired by him. I’d love material [laughs]. to tour with Corinne Bailey Rae because she is one of my biggest Do you have any hobbies? influences and I am in love with My hobbies outside of singing are her music and her voice. My third playing guitar, piano, and bass, choice would be... hmm... maybe writing poetry, sketching, playing Prince, actually. His music has with my guinea pig, sleeping, always been so ground breaking eating, and going on some pretty and he has managed the business intense bike rides. I have others aspect of his music throughout his too but those are my main ones. career as well. No record label owns his material, he’s entirely What is the best advice some independent. That gives him has given you? freedom as an artist to do whatever The best advice I have ever he chooses and he’s obviously received is that perfection does been beyond successful at that. I not exist so seeking it is futile. I think I could learn so much from tend to be a perfectionist but I’ve him. learned building upon this advice that you can only improve in any Where do you see yourself in 5 facet of life once you’ve stopped years? aiming for perfection. All you can In 5 years I will have graduated do is get better, and when you college with my BA in vocal jazz become fixated on an ideal that performance, and hopefully I doesn’t exist, you simply become will have released an album and stuck. started gigging to pay the bills. listen to her stuff very much nowadays- her skill and accuracy is something that’s inspired me a lot). But I listen to a wide array of genres and artists that inspire me as well.


BALLYHOO! Photos & Interview by Eman El-Saied






allyhoo! is a rock, pop, punk, reggae band from Aberdeen, Maryland. They have managed to sell over 10,000 copies of their two self-released CDs and more than 200,000 digital tracks. Ballyhoo! played the House of Marley Stage on the Warped Tour 2012. They have opened up for big names in ska/rock/reggae such as bands 311, Dirty Heads, and Slightly Stoopid on previous tours. They played over 166 shows in 2012. When you think Ballyhoo! what comes to mind? I think loud noise, craziness, chaos. Is that what your shows are like? We want our shows to be like a party. We want people to make a night of our shows. Where does Ballyhoo! even come from? Ballyhoo is actually the name of a bate-fish. In some language it actually means penis fish. (i.e.” The name ballyhoo comes from the native Brazilian Tupí– Guaraní term “b’ayi hyo” meaning “penis fish”.) So last year, I heard you guys played over a hundred shows? Yes. 166 to be exact. Does it get old playing the same songs over and over again? Like ourselves, our songs evolve too. We like to change it up live. So what genre do you think you fall under? We are a rock band first. Essentially, we are punk, reggae and alternative. Something along those lines. Tell me, when exactly did Ballyhoo! begin? Well, when my brother & I were maybe 12 and 14 we started playing in our basement. I’d come home, do my homework and be like its time to rock and roll. We had


practiced for 8 months before we played our first show. I remember coming home and jamming out thinking about what it would be like to be introduced on SNL, having fans screaming my name. That’s been a big dream of mine. When was your first show? Do you remember? March 1st 1996. We played our first show seventeen years ago.

There’s never a moment where I say “It HAS to sound like this. It HAS to have reggae.” We go into it with open ideas, while maintaining our own style. Talk about your new song “Marijuana Laws” . What sparked that song? Marijuana Laws, is just my ideas and thoughts on the whole thing. Its not about “oh smoke weed every day, weed is life”. Its nothing like that, you have to listen to the song. I just think these laws are absolutely ridiculous. The world is way different now. Did you remember what happened to Michael Phelps? He won the freaking Olympics. So what if he smoked some weed? He’s still a record breaking swimmer. Its things like that, blow my mind.

When did you feel like Ballyhoo! broke out as a band? Well, in the early 2000’s we were getting approached by a lot of big labels. Dreamworks, Wind up, and J Records which by the way has signed great artists like Alicia Keys. However, it wasn’t the right time for us. It wasn’t our moment. We were doing our own thing for a long time, and we liked it that way. It wasn’t till maybe 7 years Are you all planning on playing ago, that we wanted to get serious Warped this summer? about our music. Not this year, no. We are trying to focus on our shows for right now. Who would you kill to meet? Warped was an amazing Definitely Dave Grohl of Foo opportunity though. Fighters. What was your most memorable Who are some of your big show? influences? HFS Festival. It was this huge Definitely 311, and Green Day. festival in 2001. Green Day and Green Day taught me how to write Incubus was there. A lot of big a song and that’s where our rock names in rock, and we got to open influence comes from. We got our the whole thing. It was amazing. funk-groove sound from Sublime. Its quite the hybrid style. Your new record, when is that coming out? Is there ever something you think to We just finished our fifth album, yourself when your writing a song? and we should be releasing it. How do you find that medium?





MIXTAPE ANTHEM Interview by Paula Mirando



What inspired you two to start making music? Music has always been a major part of our lives. We wanted to write music that would impact people in the same ways that our favorite bands impacted us. How would you describe your sound? We’re a pop rock band. Don’t know if we sound anything like them, but big influences for us are bands like Jimmy Eat World and Maroon 5.

in, I don’t have to wait for the band to learn it. I can just play it. In some ways I enjoy playing solo shows, but I don’t see myself pursuing a solo career anytime soon. Sam’s my best friend in the world and I can’t imagine not being in a band with him. The Mixtape Anthem just released its first EP. What kind of responses has it received so far? It’s been great. The EP is comprised of old demos that we wanted to release to our fans because they’ve been waiting for music from us for a while. So while we’re working on new EP, we released some old songs for free. The response has been great - we’ve seen status updates and tweets with our lyrics which is really cool feeling knowing that something we wrote means something to other people.

What is it like working together as a two-piece band? It’s great. It’s how we started out. When we first began writing and playing music together (back in 2004), it was just the two of us. We’ve played in other bands, but the chemistry was never really there. So when we started The Mixtape Anthem, we just decided to have the band be a two-piece for now. We write all of the lyrics, we You guys have a tour coming up. play all of the instruments. What hopes do you guys have for it? Jordan, I know you also play We’re starting off small (California your own solo shows. What’s mostly). We’re hoping it’ll open it like performing on your own doors for us, get our name out there. versus as part of a band? But most of all we’re just stoked to It’s definitely a different experience. play shows again and meet all of In a band, you work on things together the fans that have supported us. - song structures, setlist, etc. When you’re on your own, everything’s Where do you think you’ll tour up to you. You decide what songs next? you’re playing. Sometimes it’s We’re not sure. We definitely want easier, like for instance if I thought to tour more of the West Coast and of a random song I wanted to throw East Coast.



Walk Th 16


he Moon

Photos & Interview by Eman El-Saied


INTOTHECROWDMAGAZINE Who are some of your influences? Who also has shaped your sound? The band is heavily influenced David Bowie, E.L.O, Talking Heads is are some of particular big ones. We are intrigued by the 70’s and 80’s era. We like to lean on group harmony and vocals. We currently love the Local Natives.

How would you describe your eclectic sound? We say and rock ‘n roll & synthesizers. We like to emphasize heavily on vocals. When we are writing, no ideas are too weird for “Walk the Moon.” We don’t box ourselves when we come up with ideas. We want our music to be fun and to feel good.

but for different focuses. Nick, I believe, went Kenyon College. After we graduated, they went separate ways. Nick had an idea for what kind of band he wanted to start and began to search for band members. He literally stole all the kids from the local scene. Granted, it took him a year, but he finally found us.

How did you all meet then? Nick and I met when we were playing a gig together in separate groups in Cincinnati. We got to talking and realized that we spoke the same musical language. However Nick & Kevin grew up together when they were toddlers and they started Walk The Moon after college. Sean went to high school with Nick and did a ton of Which more important: gigs together back then. performance or sticking to the sound? Who would you kill to tour with? We definitely try to approximate The Killers, David Bowie, and the record as much as we can. Vampire Weekend. We never wanna rely upon pre recorded sounds. We wanna be Who is Anna Sun and who wrote live. For us, it’s all about pumping the song? the crowd. We think its important Anna Sun was a professor at to make our fans feel a part of us Kenyon College. The song itself and not keeping them in a fish is not about her at all. The song bowl. However, when I see an is kind of this string of images artist, I think if the lead can’t sing, from our childhood and college to but can sell the song, I’d be happy. invoke this and not quite knowing If I had to choose, energy over what you want to be you know? music performance any day. You’re an adult and still feel like a kid. Anna Sun (the professor) Do you consider yourself indie? is just another image in a string I think our influences are indie. of images from our past. Nick Honestly though, “indie” doesn’t wrote that at the end of his college mean a whole lot anymore. We career. considered ourselves “indie pop” for a while, but now we consider When did you feel you blew up it rock ‘n roll. I don’t think I would as a band? even know how to tell my own We don’t really feel that way. Yes, grandmother what indie means. we have been getting around on the radio, and touring constantly. I heard you all met in college But it hasn’t settled in yet. studying music. Which music school did you all go to? You were on Billboard, Jimmy Sort of. Nick, our singer, formed Fallon, Lettermen, and last time the band in college. We all went to I checked your song was behind music school one way or another, a Microsoft commercial! I even


heard Anna Sun on my local rock station. How does it feel to hear your music catch on? Its really cool. My brother lives in Los Angeles and he said all he heard are Little Talks, Anna Sun, and Hey Ho. Could you please kill the song? It’s flattering and surreal. Do you guys have face paint at most shows, or was that just a special occasion? Most of our headlining shows, we really like to do it because its OUR party and not someone else’s. It came from this whole “Lost Boys”, Spy’s, and the movie, Hook. It caught on visual representation of our live shows. It wasn’t a plan or marketing plan at all. We lucked out and did something we thought was really cool. How did you guys ace up with “WALK THE MOON” as a band name? Walk The moon came from The Police song, Walking On The Moon. The Police is a pretty good influence on the band and it just stuck with us. At the show, you emphasized on being a little weird and stepping out of your comfort zone. Why do you think its important? I think its healthy to get out your comfort zone and scare yourself a little bit. We want our fans step out of themselves, and use the opportunity to get out the daily grind. There’s always that one person in the audience with their arms crossed, feeling awkward and we make it our job to get them loose! Where do your lyrics usually derive from? Lyrics always start from an autobiographical place or personal experiences; once they start being written and pick on their own lives.


“We think its important to make our fans feel a part of us and not keeping them in a fish bowl.� -Eli Maiman



Anson Li

Interview by Chloe Hoy



You only started posting videos on your YouTube channel less than a year ago, and have already released your debut EP. Do you have a large background in music? Yes I do. Throughout my life, music has been a big part of me. When I was 5 years old I began to play guitar and I started getting into singing when I was in preschool. I wrote my first song when I was in 4th grade and from there; I knew that music was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. For high school, I attended a music & arts school (LaGuardia Highschool for the Performing Arts) were I learned to perfect my craft in not only my song writing, but also singing classical music, learning to play tenor saxophone, and continuing to learn jazz guitar. As you can see, music is basically my life in its entirety haha.

My best friends Jeff & Jay Bassin shot the video for me and we had a great time making the video. I do see it as an accomplishment because it allows you to have something tangible on the internet for fans new and old to enjoy.

record out and get my solo artist career moving. Before I began writing this EP, I just split up with my long time drummer who had been in every band I was in since 7th grade. It was a tough time getting over that relationship, but from that event it opened my eyes to what I really wanted to do. From there, the writing came easy because I had a lot to say and knew exactly how to have it come out in the song writing.

Hmmm. Well I hope to be in 5 years to be touring the world constantly and being able to do what I love everyday. For me it’s not about the fame or fortune, I just want to be able to support myself with my music and be able to play for fans everyday. For me that’s my dream in 5 years.

You are planning your second living room tour for this winter. Are you excited to be on the road travelling? Yes I am! My second living room tour starts the beginning of December and ends in January. I believe its 30 shows and hits half of the US and parts of Canada. I am beyond ecstatic to go back on the road and play for fans. It’s seriously my favourite thing to do.

“For me it’s not about the Who are your musical fame or fortune, inspirations? to many artists. Some I just want to be Iofflooktheuptop of my head are able to support Speaking of your EP, Go Yellowcard, Mayday Parade, Demi My Way, what was the Lovato, Taylor Swift, Taking Back myself with my writing process like? Sunday, The Rocket Summer, and music and be able Dashboard The writing process for Go My Confessional. to play for fans Way was actually pretty easy. The reason why was because Where do you see yourself in five everyday.” I was very motivated to get this years time?

Do you have anything to say to your fans, or Ansonites? I LOVE YOU ALL! Thank you so sooo much for The music video for I Swear was released last supporting my music. It truly does mean a lot to me month. Are you glad to have the accomplishment that you all listen to my music. Can’t wait to see a lot under your résumé? of you guys this winter! =) I am very glad to have the music video out for I Swear.






Interview by Cara Friedman | Written by Karmin Yu | Photo by Winnie Surya


urrently touring with Sweet Talker, Arizonian indie band, Lydia took the time to open up about their roots as a band and their new record, Devil, which was recently just released. Starting off as a larger group back in 2003, the band has had many member changes and even went on a hiatus a couple years back when Mindy White had decided to leave the band in 2010. What brought Lydia back again then? Lead singer, Leighton Antelman explains that they kind of took about a year off and Lydia’s drummer, Craig, said that we should keep on going. Antelman mentioned that he was just going to stop, honestly, because he just had a bad relationship with some members of the band and Craig told him to keep making music. So, Antelman put it all on the drummer since Craig was the one who encouraged him to keep writing. Antelman mentioned that he always had other music and it was just a question of what name that he was going to put it under and with Craig’s encouragement, the band continued to make music as “Lydia”.

think I ever really set out to make a certain record,” mentioned Antelman when he was talking about whether or not he aims to explore different genres and themes for each album, “I just write songs and whatever comes out, comes out. I just kind of write what I am doing. So, I just put it out and hope that people like it!,” Antelman continued. However, this album does have a different feel to it compared to the band’s previous albums. Devil does have a lighter and happier sound to it, as opposed to the darker themes of Paint It Golden. Songs like Runaway and The Exit provide upbeat melodies that go perfectly with the current spring season and upcoming also incorporate new elements to summer. Some people would their music. “I don’t think I was ever even say that Knee Deep has trying to recreate a sound or any more of a rock edge to it, but is sound, that is just what sounded still surprisingly catchy. good to me. So, I was always that type of music. When we continued, To certain fans that are I still wanted to make that type sceptical and may think that the of music, so I think it just kind of band may ever enter into another came naturally,” Antelman says. hiatus soon, they don’t need to worry since Lydia is here to stay. Fans can rest assured that We can expect a few more albums their third full-length album, Devil, to come because Lydia will make still stays true to its roots, sound at least a few more records said and style wise. “I don’t really Antelman. Lydia has always had a very distinct and soft sound from other bands and listeners are able to differentiate Antelman’s higher range, yet soothing voice from other bands. Luckily, fans who’ve been there from the start have been happy with the fact that they’ve been able to keep that sound throughout the years and

“I just write songs and what ever comes out, comes out. I just kind of write what I am doing. So, I just put it out and hope that people like it!” -Leighton Antelman



Sweet Talker Interview by Cara Friedman | Written by Karmin Yu | Photos by Winnie Surya




INTOTHECROWDMAGAZINE Kevin Fisher of Sweet Talker shares details concerning the origin of group name and talks all about the recording and touring experience.


his multi-talented individual, Kevin Fisher, began writing songs and playing music at the young age of 13 years old. Fisher can be found on YouTube covering songs such as Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah and One Republic’s Come Home. In these videos, he can be seen singing, playing the guitar and the piano. And for those of you who don’t know, he also enjoys playing the drums even though he claims to not be professionally good at playing them.

that he records with a band comprised of many of his good friends from He Is We.

He is now on the road with Lydia and From Indian Lakes, and said that touring does have its pros and cons. “Sometimes, the long drives can be a little bit uncomfortable and there is a lot of waiting around not doing much, which actually gives me time to do work for my day job on my computer,” he says as he weighs out the good and the bad sides of being on the road. He continues: “It actually just depends Prior to forming Sweet Talker, Fisher and a because no tour is alike. It’s cool because at the couple of his good friends formed a band based in beginning of tour, you don’t know people. But after, Seattle, Washington called “Fairline”, where he played you get to know them really well and that’s cool.” the guitar. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out and each member went their separate ways. “Right after Can we expect to see him out and bout and that happened, I have always been writing songs touring to promote his new stuff? Absolutely. and took singing very seriously. So, I just started writing some new songs and took those experiences I had in the band and everything I learned and put it into use with this one,” Fisher says. One night, the name of “Sweet Talker” came into mind when he was walking home. “I was thinking of names because I didn’t just want it to be Kevin Fisher and then that just kind of popped into my head,” explains Fisher behind the reason he chose to be Sweet Talker. Although he does admit of producing music that is somewhat in the pop genre, he balances it out by having a calming and subtle voice. So, he thought that “Sweet Talker” could be used appropriately as a name for his music. When talking about what is favourite thing about recording is, Fisher loves simply being him and a guitar or him and a piano. He also mentioned that he think the recording aspect of things is so enjoyable for him because in that element, he get to see everything that he have worked on like the outlines of everything he did and Fisher explained that was when the idea of what it could be and what he want it to sound like comes together. “So that’s my favourite part, seeing the vision you have completely to reality,” he adds. Another reason that would make recording even more enjoyable for Sweet Talker is



It actually just depends because no tour is alike. It’s cool because at the beginning of tour, you don’t know people. But after, you get to know them really well and that’s cool.” -Kevin Fisher





Joe Brooks Photo & Interview by Kelsey Hall



There’s a line from Toronto and it says “mind has slipped on life charm of all that’s gold you’ll attempt your heart before they wear your soul,” and I’m pretty pleased with the way that came out and all that means.“ - Joe Brooks


What made you want to start singing? I love listening to a lot of male singer/song writers like Kat Stevens and James Taylor who are absolute legends and Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz were two of the earliest people I listened to that were like strictly acoustic based pop and so I just loved the idea of an acoustic guitar and a vocal.

go big or go home and I’m trying to live by that. There’s a line from Toronto and it says “mind has slipped on life charm of all that’s gold you’ll attempt your heart before they wear your soul.” And I’m pretty pleased with the way that came out and all that means.

What is your favorite part of waking up in a new city everyday? Often I don’t know where I’m What music did you grow up waking up to be honest and but I listening to? like that I can talk to people who Exactly that, I remember listening have traveled and talk about all to Bryan Adams when I was the different places I’ve been. eleven. I remember listening to There’s always someone from Dier Straits and Mark Knopfler. So there or have had coffee or eaten really just good music, good pop or played. You know, so one of my music. favorite things to do is just to travel I think it’s very important. You have a new album coming out and what should we Speaking of touring are you expect? Is it going to be like the excited to share the stage with old ones? You haven’t had an all these people? album out since 2011. I’m excited I’ve made some really It’s going to be a slightly more good friends. The Rocket Summer mature sound but it’s still going are fantastic. Bryce is a really cool to be as diverse, interesting if not guy and it’s been really nice being more diverse and interesting then able to play to his fans. I’ve made any of the other ones have ever some great friends in Royal Teeth been so I’m excited for it. I’m a little who are just a bunch of really anxious about it. It’s scheduled for talented guys and girl. Also, Tide May 1st 2013. Water were on the tour as well who are a great group of guys What’s the meaning behind the and it was a pleasure sharing the album name: The Boy and the stage with them. Broken Machine? I’m going to leave that to the Do you have a dream tour lineup? person who listens and buys the Well saying that, I just announced record because I think too often online that I’m opening for Jason I’ve kind of explained the meaning Mraz. It’s gonna be two Korean behind songs and people are artists and then me and Jason Mraz disappointed. in a stadium. Ten years ago one of the first songs I ever learned how Do you have a favorite lyric from to play was a Jason Mraz song the album? from his first ever EP. It’s called Yes, there’s a few I’m really pleased “You Make Me High.” Specifically with. There’s a motto that’s kind because he was such an influence of come out of it I’ve been using on me playing guitar and how to quite a lot in the first song called write and sing a good nine years “The Island.” It’s just the motto of ago.


I heard you work for a lot of charities, what inspired you to do that? I think life should inspire everyone to do something like that. I was just attracted to the idea of putting yourself out there and kinda doing something that doesn’t really involve you. This industry is so self involving and egotistical. My business is Joe Brooks and I find myself sometimes talking about myself in the 3rd person and its horrible cause that’s my business. So everyday, all day I spend working on me as a brand and my music. So there’s honestly nothing more refreshing to kind of put that aside and concentrate on something else and someone else and people who really appreciate your time. It’s a completely other end of the scale thing to being an entertainer and hopefully I’ve helped a few people by doing that and it’s also helped me put a few things into perspective in life. You probably helped a lot of people by just being yourself, singing wise. Hopefully, every now and again you get people who say they’ve been affected or helped by one of the songs and I’m always interested to see what song and what lyric specifically. It’s nice to talk to people like that. It definitely makes me feel like I’m doing something worth while. Would you say those things are what inspires you to write? There’s so many things that inspire me to write. Just life in general. What’s the most memorable thing that you done on tour or life? I don’t think I could honestly answer that. There’s so many things I’m very thankful for.



Interview by Cassie Chan | Written by Karmin Yu | Photos by Pauline Nguyen









Heart Attack; that’s what Man Overboard fans gonna get when they’re listening to the band upcoming album. Following a hectic touring schedule and promoting their music on Suppy Nation Tour, we got to caught Nik Bruzzese of Man Overboard to talked about the band’s new album, how touring has been like and the future of the group at The Annex Wreckroom, Toronto, ON.


eart Attack is considered to be different than their first album, Real Talk, due to Man Overboard’s more mature sound. Their relatively new drummer, Joe Talarico, has also helped the band grow produce more “grown up” music. Although Bruzzese claims to not have much inspiration behind their new songs, and fans are able to get an “on the road” vibes from those songs. The band has finally found something that they are comfortable with and have worked really hard into making this record for new and old fans to hear. Just like any other band, these fivepiece pop punk band from New Jersey who were named after Blink-182’s song, really do care about their fans. For those of you who don’t know, the album cover for Heart Attack is painted by one of their fans from the Philippines, Marie Rubelle Ledesma. The cover art of this album is fairly simple: it contains a black background and features the band’s logo, two colourful rifles crossing each other with a heart located just above those two guns.

acknowledges and appreciates their passion, saying that sometimes, it is indeed very tough to win the hearts of fans who don’t live in North America and to stay as relevant to them as possible. If you haven’t been able to catch Man Overboard on their current tour, you can still see them at Vans Warped Tour this summer, where they will be playing a handful of new songs. For Canadian fans, the vocalist promises that the band will be coming back to Canada after Warped Tour. But if you don’t have Vans Warped Tour coming to your town and you absolutely cannot wait for the new album to come out, Bruzzese also assures us that there will be certain songs that will be released before the record comes out.

When asked about the future, the cofounder of the group told us that he would love to tour with The Foo Fighters, Jimmy Eat World and Blink-182. If you are also a fan of those three bands mentioned, there could be a possibility that they will one day end up touring together. So, stay tuned and don’t forget to get a copy of their new album Heart Attack that The quintet is currently touring with will be out on May 28th! The Story So Far, Tonight Alive, Citizen, and American Scene. Bruzzese tells us that touring and Canada has been amazing so far and the shows have been great. For fans who aren’t able to see them as much because they live overseas, he mentioned that he does







Fun Facts 1. The word “suppy” came from Brandon Wood, a friend of the band’s, who just came up with the word and the five of them started using the word Suppy ever since. 2. Nik Bruzzese prefers Tim Hortons over Starbucks. 3. What if Man Overboard become a jazz reggae fusion band? Nik Bruzzese said that it’s depending on how weird the members get.





r e t a ew

d i T

Interview by Paula Mirando | Photos by Winnie Surya


INTOTHECROWDMAGAZINE A one man band, Tidewater, from St. Louis talked about his upcoming album, The Wedding, which he mentioned that his wife always inspired all of the lyrics on his music since they started dating. As a new comer in the industry, Brett Allen of Tidewater got to tour with bigger act like The Rocket Summer this spring to promote his music. If you enjoy band like Coldplay, you will enjoy and in love with Tidewater’s music instantly! Q: How did you start getting into music? A: I got into music from my church. Growing up, I played guitar for the band and as I got older, I realized it’s what I wanted to do with my life. So, I started writing seriously when I was in college. In 2010, I decided to put out my first record. Q: What did you study in college? A: I studied film in college. Q: What bands influence you? A: That’s a tough question. Growing up, I really liked the guitar work of John Mayer; I liked the band Aspect and Coldplay. But I also liked a lot of folk, like Nickel Creek. Today, I like what Mumford does, also The Abbott Brothers and I really like elements of electronic music, so David Crowder, Two Door Cinema Club, and bands like that. Q: How has your experience as a one man band influence your music? A: It has its pros and cons. It’s nice because I can kind of get up and move and do my thing, but writing music is best when there are more people. This is my first full band tour, so it’s been really fun. I played a lot of shows full band, but I’ve never gone out on the road full band. So it’s been really fun as opposed to an acoustic tour, where it’s just me going out there. But I like it, it’s nice and it gives me a little bit more control, not in a selfish sense, but it just makes it easier. Q: What influences your lyrics? A: My wife inspires a lot of my lyrics. I mean, every love song you’ll ever hear from Tidewater has been inspired by my wife, which is funny, whether it’s before she’s my wife or after. My faith inspires me. I’m inspired by just about everything.


SPRING 2013 Q: You’re currently touring with The Rocket Summer and Joe Brooks, so how have the shows been? A: It’s been really fun and I think it’s a really balanced tour. Q: What are your plans for after this tour? A: Well, we’re releasing a record called The Wedding on April 30th. This will be the biggest scale of any project I’ve done. So, I hope to tour on the record and push it and share with the world. Q; What can everyone expect from that record? A: A lot of love songs. Its a very very happy record, which matches the phase of life I’m in, I suppose. Q: So, how has the recording been for The Wedding? A: It’s been good. I was finishing up school while finishing up the record. I got married and we moved to Austin. I recorded in St. Louis, Missouri, so I was kind of bouncing all over the country. It was kind of a year and a half in the making, which is cool, because I hear some lyrics that were from a different time in my life and some that are more recent, which is funny. But it’s cool, it was a fun project. Q: Is the name of your album, The Wedding, about your wedding? A: It is. It is indeed. The artwork states that as well. It’s cool, I’m excited. Q: What is your favourite song off of The Wedding? A: My personal favourite is Try The Knot, it’s kind of a different song for me. I think musically, it encompasses what I try to do. It’s lyrically and melodically a different song for me.




Fall Out Boy Save Rock and Roll Rate: 5/5

Release Date: April 15th, 2013 Tracklist: 1. The Phoenix 2. My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up) 3. Alone Together 4. Where Did The Party Go 5. Just One Yesterday (ft. Foxes) 6. The Mighty Fall (ft. Big Sean) 7. Miss Missing You 8. Death Valley 9. Young Volcanoes 10.Rat a Tat (ft. Courtney Love) 11.Save Rock and Roll (ft. Elton John) Must Listen To: Alone Together Where Did The Party Go Rat a Tat Review by Paula Mirando


all Out Boy surprised everyone when they came back from their indefinite hiatus on February 4 after denying countless rumors on the subject. Upon the band’s return, they announced a brand new album, entitled Save Rock and Roll, ready for release on the tenyear anniversary of their debut album, Take This To Your Grave. After seeing their fans’ reaction, Fall Out Boy pushed their record release a month early to April 16, and even then decided to stream the full album on their website a week earlier.

The boys went pop for this record. Tracks like “Alone Together” and “Where Did The Party Go?” are meant to be blasted through the speakers and sung along to on summer nights, and “Young Volcanoes” is a perfect road trip song to sing with your friends at the top of your lungs.

“Rat a Tat” was surprisingly good. Featuring Courtney Love’s spoken vocals, the song is upbeat, catchy, and contagious. It’s far from “another bad poem.” The only issue I have with the track is a minor one: “It’s Courtney, bitch.” If you want or expect to hear That’s a little tacky, a little cringeanother From Under The Cork worthy. It doesn’t detract from the Tree, you will be disappointed. If overall greatness of the album. this is the case, go home. Save Rock and Roll is representative of The closing track, “Save the band’s ever-changing musical Rock and Roll,” is a beautiful style—I mean, have any of their piano ballad played with power records ever sounded much like and conviction. Referred to by the one before it? If the first two some fans as part two of the singles “My Songs Know What heart-wrenching “What a Catch, You Did In The Dark” and “The Donnie” and with nods to both Phoenix” didn’t turn you on to the “Chicago Is So Two Years Ago” shift, then maybe you should sit and “Sugar We’re Goin Down,” down. the song is both a reflection on the past and a promise for the The former of the two future. Past eras of past albums singles reflects a new age for the are over, but Fall Out Boy will band. Stump’s vocals have grown keep moving forward. significantly better and clearer than before, and the song has a Fall Out Boy has evolved mainstream hip hop vibe to it. The since day one. This isn’t the same latter single is a little more akin to Chicago garage pop-punk band the band’s previous work. The from the early 2000s, but the lyrics are classic Wentz, much like heart and passion they put into the rest of the songs on the record. their work is still ever-present. To Much of the instrumentation is quote the closing track, “we won’t reminiscent of the band’s 2008 go, ’cause we don’t know when to album, Folie à Deux, their single, quit.” “Alpha Dog,” and the side projects each member pursued during the The future of Fall Out Boy starts group’s indefinite hiatus. now.


Sweet Talker | Be The Light by Chloe Hoy (4/5)

March 26th marked the release of Sweet Talker’s debut EP, Be the Light. Over a year’s worth of singer/songwriter Kevin Fisher’s heart and soul has gone into the 5 song album. Let’s give it a listen. “Light the Fuse and Run” is upbeat, and undoubtedly lays resemblance to many chart toppers to date. Fisher slows down the pace with “I Wish,” and speaks to romantics everywhere with the lyrics, “I can feel it so strong in my bones/ oh I wish I could let it go.” “This Is War” has your feet tapping along with the distinct beats in this catchy song. “Don’t you know that it kills me watching you leave/don’t you know I get lonely,” are lines in a verse of the fourth track, “Love Affair.” At this point, I’m growing slightly tired of the cliché lyrics detailing relationships. However, Fisher’s smooth voice is the highlight that keeps me listening with an eager ear. The EP ends with the ballad “Southern Belle.” If you want to serenade a girl, do it with this song – it’s beautiful. I also love the piano accompaniment, those get me every time. In Be the Light, Kevin Fisher definitely lives up to his stage name, Sweet Talker. Although his lyrics are stereotypical, his voice sets him apart from other upcoming pop artists, and has made me into a fan. Sweet Talker is currently on tour with Lydia (also repped by 8123 Management). I definitely recommend catching him in concert, and look forward to his future releases. Must listen to: Southern Belle

Lydia | Devil by Paula Mirando(4.5/5)

Lydia released their new album, Devil, this spring, bringing a new string of acoustic summer tunes to the table.

By far one of the greatest songs on the record, “Back to Bed” starts out laid back and slow but builds up to something you can stand up and dance to with your friends. The simple strumming and whimsical whistle in the song provide it was a feel-good vibe. It’s something to smile about, and it’s easy to sing and clap along to. Another great track, entitled “From A Tire Swing” starts out slow and relaxed . Like many of the other songs on the record, it recalls feelings of calmness and summer. It’s soothing and chilling and artful in its production. “The Exit” is upbeat and sounds like summer air and a trip to the marina. It’s an effective single with great guitars and programming. It works as a road trip song or the soundtrack to a happy movie montage. “Runaway” sounds like a better version of early Never Shout Never. It’s an upbeat tune, fitting to play around the bonfire with a solid group of friends. I have no qualms with this record, other than the fact that many of the choruses are weak in comparison to its strong verses, which make up for them in theory. Overall, a wonderful addition to Lydia’s discography. The album prepares us for a happy, lively, and youthful summer, and deserves to be heard. Must listen to: Back To Bed



A Rocket To The Moon - Wild & Free by Paula Mirando (4/5)

This spring A Rocket To The Moon returned with their sophomore album, Wild & Free on Fueled By Ramen. Their first full-length release since 2009’s On Your Side, the new record showcases the band’s transition from pop to something country emboldened by the youthful desire to gather around the bonfire and to live wild and free.

“Ever Enough” is a catchy single that’s easy to sing along to. A rock ballad, the song accentuates the sentimentalities the album has to offer. “I Do” follows the same romantic trend with the inclusion of strings picked with an added country twang. Also similar in theme, “First Kiss” bears semblance to the musical stylings of On Your Side without interfering with the unity of the album as a whole. A personal favorite, “Somebody Out There” is a more stripped down happy song. Straight from the get-go, the listener is thrust into a song where the percussion and picking provide undertones for a summer story. The narrator preaches a hopeful idea, that somebody out there is going to be the perfect person for you. Another favorite, “Lost And Found” is driven by the piano and serves as the perfect ending to the album. Sad and introspective, Santino sings of the inner journey. Pensive, he explains that “you need to get lost before you get found.” The song is calm and soothing, something you can fall asleep to or be moved by. The title track, although not bad, didn’t live up to expectations set when identified as the title track. Similarly, “Whole Lotta You” wasn’t a great single due to the overdone repetition in the lyrics. Both songs lacked creativity in their choruses and fell flat in comparison to the rest of the album. But overall, the record was great. The band went country and kept their sound fresh. It’s clear that the members of A Rocket To The Moon have matured as musicians, and Wild & Free is definitely worth a listen. Must listen to: Ever Enough

Brighten - Peace and Quiet by Lauren Lyford (4/5)

After much anticipation we finally hear something out of Brighten entitled Peace and Quite which is a beautiful follow up to their previous album Be Human. This release showcases somewhat of a more mature side of their music. The lyrics are well written with thoughtful versus’ and solid chorus lines. The tempo is pretty consistent compiled with mostly ballads and few upbeat tunes mixed in. A few of my personal favorites include Never Alone, We Wont Go in Peace, and Little Old Me which incorporate relaxing guitar parts and perfect melodies. Front man Justin Richards showcases his beautiful falsetto in the song Little Locket which is something we haven’t heard much of before. Brighten did a great job making this record, well worth the wait. It’s a nice album to listen and relax to. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you better have it stared on Spotify in preparation for the 8123 tour that we are all pumped for! I can’t wait to hear these songs preformed live.



By Abbey Toomey-Fisk





Profile for Into The Crowd Magazine

Into The Crowd #10 // Spring 2013  

On this issue, we bring you a pop-punk band from New Jersey, Man Overboard, on the cover; we also featured Joe Brooks, Walk The Moon, Lydia...

Into The Crowd #10 // Spring 2013  

On this issue, we bring you a pop-punk band from New Jersey, Man Overboard, on the cover; we also featured Joe Brooks, Walk The Moon, Lydia...