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celebrating canada’s lgbt LIFESTYLE | september 2015

Ricky Martin Exclusive

On family, charity and his sizzling Canadian tour

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MAGAZINE PUBLISHER Patricia Salib EDITOR Jim Brosseau Art director Nicolás Tallarico FASHION DIRECTOR Adam Webster CONTRIBUTORs Ruth Hanley, Dr. Malcolm Hedgcock, Tracy Howard, Peter Knegt, Moe Laverty, Orlando Lopez, Michael Pihach, Al Ramsay, Adam Segal, Riley Stewart, Casey Williams ON the cover Ricky Martin photographed by Nino Muñoz Senior Account Director Woodrow Monteiro sponsorship co-ordinator Matthew Fuller DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS Reggie Lanuza Controller Miki Ogiri OUR MISSION Inspire gay men and lesbians to live life to the fullest. Expand the gay and lesbian community by valuing diversity and individual choice. Celebrate Canada. Provide readers with compelling news, information and entertainment. ADVERTISING & OTHER INQUIRIES 416-800-4449, ext. 100 EDITORIAL INQUIRIES 416-800-4449, ext. 201 PRODUCTION TALK BACK Feel free to share your comments on IN or articles in the magazine by emailing us at IN Magazine is published 12 times per year by The Mint Media Group. All rights reserved. 182 Davenport Rd., Suite 300, Toronto, ON, M5R 1J2

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issue 64


INFRONT 06 | LOOKING GOOD A close shave every time 08 | WHEELS The Dodge Durango Blacktop’s cool ride 09 | MONEY$TYLE Finding the right life insurance for your loved ones 10 | THE DOCTOR IS IN Some keys to a good night’s sleep 11 | ON RELATIONSHIPS He’s just perfect, but…? 12 | FITNESS PROFILE In shape and wise beyond his years 15 | ON THE TOWN Scenes from the party circuit

FEATURES 16 | THE HEART OF RICKY MARTIN The superstar’s exclusive interview with IN

Fashion 20 | DRESSED FOR SUCCESS Smart looks to perk up office life 28 | STEWARD OF STYLE The man behind Toronto Men’s Fashion Week

Art & Culture 31 | LIGHTS, CAMERA, DIVERSITY LGBT highlights from this year’s Toronto International Film Festival 34 | FLASHBACK Television discovers the LGBT audience

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Office fashions, page 20, photographed at the Thompson Hotel, Toronto

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collective wisdom for living well

Looking Good

Brave the Shave → Some tools to give you the razor’s edge in grooming your face By Tracy Howard

6 I N M a g a z in e S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 5

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18/08/2015 1:39:58 PM



espite media pronouncements of its imminent demise, the beard trend continues (that is, the one related to facial hair…). But since the urban-lumberjack look has become so prevalent, going clean-shaven may be the way to stand out. Shaving has

other benefits, too. Giving up the goatee can take off years, especially if it’s sporting greys. And since shaving is a form of exfoliation, it helps you look younger by sloughing off dead skin cells and stimulating collagen production. Are you ready to pick up your razor again? These tools will help you put your best face forward for fall:






CRÈME DE LA CREAM If you’re still using your dad’s foam or gel for wet shaving, you might want to try a cream. While canned foams are convenient, they can be drying because their propellants displace water from skin. Creams, on the other hand, provide more of a moisturizing cushion between the razor and skin. Paraben-free L’Occitane Cade Shaving Cream features soothing organic cade essential oil, plus shea butter and glycerin to hydrate skin. For best results, first rinse face with warm water, and then create a lather by massaging cream into skin or applying with a shaving brush. ($29 for 150 ml, at L’Occitane stores across Canada and RITZY RAZOR For a close shave, a multiblade razor gets the job done efficiently. L’Occitane Cade Razor Plisson comes with the five-blade Gillette Fusion ProGlide. Manufactured by Plisson, a French shaving-accessories company around since 1808, the razor has a neck and end-fitting made from chromeplated brass, as well as a rosewood holder. To avoid ingrown hairs, shave


in the direction of hair growth. ($58, at L’Occitane stores across Canada and 3

APRES-SHAVE If shaving leaves your skin cranky, you may want to add an alcohol-free toner to the regimen. Toners soothe irritated skin, close pores and help reduce redness and razor bumps. Alcohol-free Taconic Shave After Shave Toning Mist features aloe vera, rose water, witch hazel and essential oils to moisturize, soothe and tone. ($16 for 118 ml, at


BEARD BESTIE For those attached to their facial hair, there’s beard oil to keep things under control. Packed with conditioning ingredients, beard oils help soften and tame facial hair while moisturizing the skin underneath. With an appealing fragrance of clove, vanilla and grapefruit, Beardbrand Spiced Citrus Beard Oil is a lightweight blend of several natural oils to condition whiskers and leave them shiny. ($27 for 30 ml, at

Tracy Howard is a writer and editor specializing in lifestyle topics. She’s the creator of, a blog that takes an inside-out approach to looking good and feeling good at any age.

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IN front Wh e e l s

What a Wagon → Dodge’s Durango Blacktop mixes the functional with the fun By Casey Williams

2015 Dodge Durango R/T Blacktop Six-passenger, AWD Crossover Powertrain 268kW/360hp 5.7-litre V8, 8-spd auto trans Suspension F/R Ind/Ind Wheels 20”/20” alloy f/r Brakes disc/disc fr/rr Must-have features Style, performance Fuel economy 17.3/11.5 litres/100km city/hwy Assembly Detroit Base price/as-tested $41,395/58,440


here’s simply no sexy



268kW/360 horse­power to the

way to rock a mini-van,

climate control and a booming

all-wheel-drive system through

This vehicle started as a

even if you need three

audio system are delightful. I

an eight-speed automatic trans­

three-row SUV based on the

rows of seats for your posse.

really like the reconfigurable

mission. Drive with a light foot

Dakota pickup, but by sharing

You could go for a full-size SUV,

instrument cluster, which dis­

to see 17.3/11.5 litres/100km


but that’s wasteful. Or, there’s a

plays an analogue or digital


Dodge offers a roomy wagon

long list of crossovers that lack

speedometer and infotainment

If you fear the next gas

swagger. Kid-toting moms and

system with touch-screen con­

crisis, try Durango’s available


dads should warm up to the

trol, redundant controls below

3.6-litre Pentastar V6.

$41,395, our lavishly optioned

Dodge Durango R/T Blacktop.

or voice control. Video players

Durango shares architecture

connect to twin seat-mounted

with the Jeep Grand Cherokee






trades chrome for a black grille, emblems




Dodge packed in utility with

GL-Class—which was developed

What isn’t black is body colour for

this one, too. Cargo feeds through

while Daimler and Chrysler were

that custom style. Our red tester

a powered hatch, folding third-


looked like a molten devil. And

row seat and sliding middle-row

The sport suspension and firm

you can light up the night very

seats. Front and rear passengers

steering balance comfort and

easily with LED running lamps,

can power up with USB ports and

handling. It’s a vehicle you’ll

LED tail lamps and fog lamps.

household-style plugs in their

enjoy putting through curves

consoles. Actual adults can ride

or stomping down the left lane

in the rearmost seat.

on the freeway.




especially with red stitching, while the interior is high-tech

Conjuring the fear of HEMI is a

and comfortable. Heated seats,

5.7-litre V8 engine that delivers




turning radius is super tight.



that is a pleasure to drive.


Durango edition

starts came

at to









pavement sans drama. The

Casey Williams is a contributing writer for, and a frequent business traveller to Montreal. He contributes to the New York-based LGBT magazine Metrosource and the Chicago Tribune. He and his husband live in Indianapolis, where Williams contributes videos and reviews to, the area’s PBS/NPR station. TALK BACK Feel free to share your comments on IN or articles in the magazine by emailing us at editor@

8 I N M a g a z in e S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 5

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PEACE OF MIND → An ironclad life-insurance policy shows your loved ones how much you care By Al Ramsay


he topic of insurance does not generate much enthusiasm in most of us. If it weren’t mandatory, many wouldn’t pay for car insurance (I usually waive it on car rentals). And if you buy a home, property insurance is required before you can get a mortgage. The essence of insurance is to manage risk by sharing it among many policyholders instead of absorbing all that risk yourself. The general rule of thumb is to insure a risk for which there is a substantial chance—for example, the heightened risks of disability, injury or even death in such jobs as policing or mining. Along with probability is the financial impact of a catastrophic event: If Grandma passes away at 92, it might have a huge emotional impact but it’s far less likely to have a financial impact (assuming Grandma was not a family’s main breadwinner). We’ve explored the money issues related to such life events as marriage and starting a family. Those events often spur concerns—rightfully so—about insurance needs. The various types of policies to explore cover disability, critical illness (cancer, heart attack, stroke) and life insurance. These are not mandatory; the choice is left to the individual. As such, it’s important to make an informed decision based on your unique situation and the difference it will make in your family’s life. Let’s focus on life insurance— its general benefits and the special role it can play for families within the LGBT community. THE WHY OF IT ALL First off, it’s not that YOU need life

insurance, the question is how much will your loved ones need if something happens to you. Disability and criticalillness insurance are for oneself, and life insurance is for those around you. When you compare all the risks that we insure— car accident, fire, etc.—we can all agree that the probability of death is 100 percent for everyone. The probability of that risk is equal for all of us, but the difference will be the financial impact on our family at our passing. It’s vital to consider hefty liability for such things as mortgages and/or dependents. After all, your income and that of your partner may both have been needed to qualify for a mortgage, so it’s possible one income may not be enough to cover the mortgage and all other expenses. My recommendation is to get an assessment done by an insurance agent to help you determine just how much life insurance you need. RETIREMENT PLANNING Not long ago, same-sex couples faced an extra set of challenges in financial planning for retirement. Since the laws did not recognize their unions in the same way as it did heterosexual couples, gays and lesbians were not entitled to survivor benefits from government and private pensions. To compensate, a pop­ ular option was to secure enough life insurance to provide for one’s partner. In 2000, passage of Bill C-23 expanded the definition of a “common law relationship” to include same-sex couples, granting those couples survivor access to government pensions.

Private pensions, however, may have their own definition of a “spouse.” I recommend contacting your pension administrator to clarify and confirm just how they define a spouse and whether your partner qualifies for a survivor benefit. If that’s not the case, you may want to lobby to have that changed and also consider whether a retirement nest egg ought to be included in your life-insurance assessment.

Al Ramsay is TD Bank Group’s regional manager, LGBTA Business Development. Follow him on Twitter, @AlRamsay_TD.

CONCLUDING THOUGHT It’s important not to assume that

Financial Planner, TD Wealth, Orlando Lopez contributed to this column. He can be reached at

your loved ones will have enough resources for a comfortable life should you predecease them. It’s not too soon to make a full assessment of your lifeinsurance needs, taking into account the survivor benefit— or lack thereof—of any pension plan you may have.

09 Money.dw.indd 9


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IN front

the doctor is in

Rest Easy → Are all those screens keeping you from getting the sleep you need? By Dr. Malcolm Hedgcock


or some reason, human beings spend a third of their lives asleep. For the

lucky few for whom sleep comes easily, bedtime is a blissful part of life. Unfortunately, 40 percent of Canadians report at least one feature of disordered sleep every week. That’s why insomnia is one of the most common reasons for visits to the family doctor and costs a huge amount of money in lost productivity.

Experts used to think that insomnia was simply a symptom of another medical illness, such as depression or chronic pain. We now know that it can actually be a disease unto itself with its own constellation of consequences. Beyond making you feel lousy, poor sleep is associated with depression, anxiety and car­ diovascular disease in the long term. We also see higher rates of substance abuse in people with insomnia, possibly because they’re using drugs and alcohol to get to sleep. Despite the mag­ nitude of the problem, we still have very limited resources for dealing with insomnia. That said, most people can find some relief by adopting a few simple strat­ egies—and sticking to them. My first recommendation is to start a sleep diary (templates can be found online). These diaries can help clarify the severity of the problem. They act as a baseline, so the effect of various interven­ tions can be tested objectively. I typically avoid using medi­ cation for insomnia unless abso­ lutely necessary. I focus on what is called “sleep hygiene” or the pattern of behaviours as we wind

down the day. Preparing for a good night’s sleep begins during the day. It’s important to avoid caffeine after lunch. That means paying attention to the additives in workout supplements and energy drinks. Stay away from alcohol too close to bedtime, as it might help you get to sleep but often you’ll wake up in the mid­ dle of the night as its effects wear off. I recommend moderate exer­ cise every day, but not too late in the evening. And quitting smok­ ing goes without saying. Another thing to remember: A bed should be used only for sleep and sex. Working, read­ ing or Facebooking there sud­ denly turns the bedroom into a place for thinking, not relaxing. Light-emitting screens can trig­ ger a daylight response, trick­ ing your brain into thinking it’s time for work. Read before going into the bedroom and get into bed only when you’re ready for sleep. Forcing yourself to sleep is an exercise in frustration. If you’re lying in bed for more than 20 minutes without falling asleep, get up and move to a different room to do a mundane activity. That doesn’t mean rewarding yourself with TV or a snack: Go read something boring or listen to calming music. It’s important to get up at the same time every day, even if you’ve had a bad night of sleep or it’s the weekend. You may be exhausted for the day, but the next night you’ll fall asleep more easily. Once awake, get out of bed imme­ diately and avoid napping during the day. Some people encourage napping for alertness, but poor

sleepers don’t have that luxury: It’s more likely to make sleeping even tougher later on. Consider meditation as an alternative. If these strategies fail, a short course of a sedative or hypnotic is the next step. These drugs work well in most people but should be used intermittently and for short periods since they can cause dependence. We’ve also seen recently that there might be a link between sleeping pills and mem­ ory impairment. To get around that, and for people who need a longer-term solution, some doc­ tors will instead prescribe sedat­ ing antidepressants at very low doses to help with sleep.

There’s nothing like a full night of deep sleep to feel recharged. Alas, for some of us, such sleep is rare. Sleep science is still very new, and, although we have lim­ ited treatment options now, I see things rapidly changing. Until a breakthrough, I like to remind my patients not to worry too much about sleep. Sure, it’s frustrating when it won’t come, and there can be some long-term conse­ quences. But a few rough nights of sleep is never dangerous. Dr. Malcolm Hedgcock is a Torontotrained family doctor living and working in Vancouver. He has a special interest in gay men’s health issues, including the primary care of those living with HIV and AIDS.

1 0 I N M a g a z in e s e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 5

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O n Re l at i o n s h i ps


Steven Simone, PFP, MBA Financial Planner Investment and Retirement Planning 416-574-2825

→ When something’s truly good, not just too good to be true By Adam Segal

This is such an exciting time for me in so many ways. I met someone online about four months ago, and we cannot get enough of each other. Something just clicks with us, and I have been this thrilled only once before in my life—and that was a long, long time ago! I have been single for nine years, with a smattering of dates but nothing that really made me lose my breath. I feel so comfortable with this man, and I think we both know something big is happening. The bad news is that I am terrified. The thought that something will go wrong and I will lose this relationship is often swirling around my brain, and I am just waiting for it to disintegrate. If this ended, I think I would just sink so low, and I cannot imagine that there could be anyone out there just as right for me. I’m worried and even becoming self-conscious around him, trying to be perfect so I keep his interest. I certainly don’t want to act this way. How can I simply relax? Oscar Dear Oscar: It is clear that your anxiety is pestering you ceaselessly, and I know just how exhausting obsessive worry can be. There are possibly a billion books about taming or eradi­ cating anxiety. But rather than try to banish the big “A,” it can also be helpful to think about your anxiety as a little buddy that is trying to protect you from harm and suffering. For a host of reasons, we cultivate this inner shield— usually because of painful experiences such as childhood hurts, heartbreaks and big disappointments. Unfortunately, this hyper-vigilant watchdog isn’t truly helping you but only offering an illusion of control: “If I worry about it first, it won’t happen, or at least I’ll be prepared.” For a lot of us, feelings of happiness and contentment

can be scary. They can seem too good to be true, and we’re skeptical of letting ourselves relax into such blissful states. This moment in your life is an opportunity for you to learn how to enjoy what you have right in front you, right now. It is also an opportunity for you to cultivate trust in your own capacity to cope with any possible relationship crisis that might arise in the future. So it’s important to remember that there is no need to prematurely brace yourself for impact.

Being a hypervigilant watchdog isn’t helping you but only offering an illusion of control.

Steven Simone, PFP, MBA Financial Planner Investment and Retirement Planning 416-574-2825 Need financial advice? Give yourself every

advantage, including convenience.

Need financial advice? Give yourself every advantage, including convenience.

Financial planning services and investment advice are provided by Royal Mutual Funds Inc. (RMFI). RMFI, RBC Global Asset Management Inc., Royal Bank of Canada, Royal Trust Corporation of Canada and The Royal Trust Company are separate corporate entities which are affiliated. RMFI is licensed as a financial services firm in the province of Quebec. ® / ™ Trademark(s) of Royal Bank of Canada. RBC and Royal Bank are registered trademarks of Royal Bank of Canada. ©2011 Royal Bank of Canada. Used under licence. Financial planning services and investment advice are provided by Royal 45808 (09/2011)

Mutual Funds Inc. (RMFI). RMFI, RBC Global Asset Management Inc., Royal Bank of Canada, Royal Trust Corporation of Canada and The Royal Trust Company are separate corporate entities which are affiliated. RMFI is licensed as a financial services firm in the province of Quebec.

® / ™ Trademark(s) of Royal Bank of Canada. RBC and Royal Bank are registered trademarks of Royal Bank of Canada. ©2011 Royal Bank of Canada. Used under licence. 45808 (09/2011)

TOLLER CRANSTON (1949 - 2015)

Victory March 36" x 32" | $7,500 Adam Segal, writer and therapist, works in private practice in downtown Toronto. Ask him your relationship or mental-health question at relationship@ TALK BACK Feel free to share your comments on IN or articles in the magazine by emailing us at editor@


MON - SAT 10AM - 6PM SUN 11AM - 5PM

Oil on canvas | 30 x 40 in

11 Rel Col.dw.indd 11

FREE PARKING contact Gallery to reserve parking spot.


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Fitness Profile

Luis Cabrera Profession Events professional Role Model My mother. If I amount to even a fraction of the person she is, then I will be happy. She’s the most loving and giving person I have ever met. She would always say: “Help others and give as much as you can, and life will give back to you in other rewarding ways.” Ways You Overcame Any Anti-Gay Prejudices Humour was always my number-one weapon. I was always the first person to laugh at myself, which avoided others laughing at me. When I broke a chair in class, I stood up, laughed and waved the chair leg around as I took a bow. The result: warm applause. Advice to Young People on Overcoming Biases in Sports Ignore any doubts in your head. The mind can be our worst enemy. If you can overcome your inner doubts, your confidence will shine through. Personal Fitness Goals To push myself to be the absolute best version of me. In my humble opinion, many in the gay community have a goal of looking perfect, which I’m afraid is setting the wrong example for younger generations. Rather than focusing on the aesthetics, it’s time to put the focus on overall health and well-being. Your Fitness Strategy I have made it a habit to run five times a week for cardio. I also do weights four or five times weekly, focusing on different body parts each day. From time to time I throw something different into the mix, like a fitness class or yoga. Hobbies Travelling is my biggest passion. I love discovering new places and trying new foods. It’s also nice to see how other people live for a bit of perspective. Inspiration Source Social media. I love finding ideas I can apply to my life—in food, fitness, other activities. I’m also a “big brother” [through Big Brothers Big Sisters], and as much as my “little brother” learns from me, I learn from him. Best Life Lesson So Far I’m going to take this one straight from my high school Buffy days: The hardest thing in this world is to live in it. Love yourself and make the best of it!

Photography by Riley Stewart

dri-fit touch short sleeve heathered, $42 hyperspeed knit shorts, $52 elite running lightweight no show socks, $18 free trainer 3.0 v4, $155 (ALL CLOTHING AND SHOES BY NIKE. availability: nike retail locations and retailers including sport chek, running room and foot locker)

1 2 I N M a g a z in e s e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 5

12 13 Nike.dw.indd 12

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Join Canada’s #1 Fitness Club. Get into the BEST SHAPE of your life. Over 80 Clubs Across the GTA Proudly Canadian SINCE 1979

Best Fitness Programs and Classes in Canada


Join Today 15 AdPage.indd 34

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Photography by Moe Laverty

on the town by Michael Pihach

PrideHouse Toronto Opening at The 519






→ 1. Valerie Dugale, Heather Hiscox 2. Erin McLeod, Avery Miller 3. Matthew Cutler, Matt Petersen 4. Catherine Meade, Erin McLeod, David Morris 5. Andrew Greenlaw, Laura Dottori-Attanasio, Monique Giroux, Blair Kissack will help you do just that.

Find everything on now in toronto.

nightliFe • Culture • Shopping • Art CuiSine • FeStivAlS • neighbourhoodS theAtre • SportS • SpeCiAl eventS dAy tripS • AttrACtionS

15 PartyPics.indd 15


18/08/2015 5:11:51 PM

The Heart of Ricky Martin As the superstar returns to Canada, he opens up about family, charity and keeping the sizzle alive onstage Interview by Jim Brosseau - Photography by Nino Mu単oz

1 6 I N M a g a z in e s e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 5

16 17 18 19 Ricky.indd 16

18/08/2015 2:19:55 PM

16 17 18 19 Ricky.indd 17


18/08/2015 1:47:01 PM


e watched the dynamic Ricky Martin grow up before our very eyes. And they’ve been eyes we couldn’t quite take off of the heartthrob

from Puerto Rico. He captivated everyone on the sexuality spectrum with dance moves that nearly ignited sparks. His songs exuded a youthful energy that spoke to teenagers and made their parents and grandparents feel like teens again. His was a sound that infused rock and soul with a uniquely Latin sensibility. And it was explosive. But it wasn’t just the irresistible strains of Livin’

La Vida Loca that sold us on Ricky Martin. When we got to know the man behind the music, we liked him even more. There was a warmth in his eyes, an accessibility in his smile. And the soft, gentlemanly quality of his voice made the international superstar feel like a neighbour, someone you could chat with over coffee at the local diner. Martin’s particular appeal to the LGBT community was instantaneous. Years before he came out, fans sensed that Martin embraced them no matter their own identity. Today, Martin—whose One World concert tour brings him to Canada this fall (see sidebar)—has leveraged his fame to fight for exploited children around the world. As for his own children, don’t be surprised if his twin boys gain a sibling or two. As the singer says, “I want to have a big family…I love the noise and chaos in my house.” Martin—family man and superstar–chats with IN. IN MAGAZINE Your dance moves have always been popular. What can ticket-holders expect to see vis-à-vis your dancing on the current concert tour? RICKY MARTIN This concert tour is staged in various acts with intensive dance sequences. It is full of high energy, so expect to do a lot of dancing! IN Do you have a new CD coming out—details, please? RM Early this year, I released my 10th studio album A Quien Quiera Escuchar (To Whomever Wants to Listen). it’s a very romantic, honest and transparent record. The songs are filled with cultural influences, and they reveal my emotions and the experiences I’ve had over the course of my life. IN You’ve been a father for several years now. What has been the biggest surprise about fatherhood? RM The first year as a single father with twins was insanity. I had eye bags down to my knees. But it was the most beautiful year of my life. IN You’ve said you’re just getting started with fatherhood; are you still planning on more children?

RM I want to have a big family because kids are wonderful. I’m all about a large family, and I love the noise and chaos in my house. IN You’re well-known for your charity work,

particularly on behalf of exploited children. Please share a bit about that. RM It’s about the children. It’s about their voice. For many years now, I’ve been working to raise

1 8 I N M a g a z in e s e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 5

16 17 18 19 Ricky.indd 18

18/08/2015 2:24:56 PM

prostitution and pornography. My commitment

and I already asked my team to look into other

to the cause of stopping the exploitation was

cities for 2016.

born from a humbling experience. I witnessed the horrors of human trafficking as we rescued three

IN Is there anything else coming up for you in

trembling girls living on the impoverished streets

your very busy career—another CD, etc.— later this

“My Canadian fans are just amazing and follow me everywhere. I see the flags across the world in the audience.” of India. It was a rude awakening into the reality of human trafficking.

year that you would like to draw our attention to? RM My North American One World Tour kicks off this month. Then I will make my way into

IN And you’ve taken action.

Montreal and Toronto in October. I am also a

RM We’ve created a powerful alliance with

judge and executive producer for [TV reality

UNICEF and with companies that want to make

singing competition] La Banda, which will have its

positive changes in the world. Right now, we’re

premiere this month.

building a centre in my hometown island in Puerto Rico, which is a safe haven to protect children. We know what it takes to help end trafficking, and with a collective will, there is a way to make it

HELP RICKY HELP Besides making his mark on the music scene, Ricky Martin has carved out a niche in philanthropy.

happen. As a father, I want my children to be safe

For several years, he has made the plight of

from harm, and I want that very same thing for

exploited children his cause. To help society’s

their children. We owe it to them—and we owe it to

most vulnerable, he has not only worked in

our families. It’s hard work and it involves fighting organized crime. But it’s all about saving one life today and another one tomorrow.

conjunction with UNICEF but has created his own foundation. For more information, visit www.

IN You’ve been a regular on The Voice Australia. What qualities attract you to an aspiring singer? RM Vulnerability. Being in touch with your emotions and defending your own identity. IN What have you learned about yourself in being a part of The Voice? RM It’s been very healthy for me to be a part of this show, because it has reminded me of the importance of being in touch with the child inside of you. IN Do you have a favourite destination in Canada or some memory of a visit “north”? RM I have very vivid memories of the beautiful north. One of my tours took me all the way through Canada, from east to west, for about three weeks. I remember spending a lot of hours in the front of the tour bus and seeing first-hand how beautiful awareness about human trafficking, and being a

the country is. My Canadian fans are just amazing

defender of human rights is something that I’m

and follow me everywhere. I see the flags across

passionate about. But, unfortunately, there are

the world in the audience. I’m very excited to bring

many children around the world who are forced into

my music back to Montreal and Toronto this year

RICKY TAKES CANADA Ricky Martin brings his One World Tour to Canada this fall, with concert dates in Montreal and Toronto: Wednesday, October 14, Bell Centre, Montreal, Thursday, October 15, Air Canada Centre, Toronto, For more information on Martin, visit his website,

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Dressed for Success Looks for the fashionable workplace

PHOTOGRAPHY BY ADAM WEBSTER Stylists: Kenisha Paranso of ID Silhouette & Tyshia Morris Assistant Stylist: Nicole Stanikowski Models: Stephen, Steve S. & Tiago (Angie’s AMTI Toronto) Grooming: Mark Gonzales Photographed on location at the Thompson Hotel, Toronto

20 21 22 23 24 25 26 Fashion.indd 20

18/08/2015 3:10:04 PM

20 21 22 23 24 25 26 Fashion.indd 21

18/08/2015 3:37:38 PM

on Stephen (left) Suit: Topman Shirt: Zara Shoes: (opening page) Bostonian BAG: (opening page) Bertoni (available at Holt Renfrew stores across Canada) on Tiago (middle) Suit: Topman Shirt: Zara Watch: Burberry Shoes: (opening page) Luca del forte on Steve (right) Suit: Topman Shirt: Dalla Shoes: (opening page) Ted Baker Watch: Fossil

20 21 22 23 24 25 26 Fashion.indd 22

20/08/2015 11:07:05 AM

20 21 22 23 24 25 26 Fashion.indd 23

18/08/2015 3:11:45 PM

On Stephen (left) Shirt: H&M Suit: Topman Watch: Emporio Armani Shoes: Bostonian On Tiago (right) Jacket and vest: Topman Pants and Shirt: Paul Smith (available at Holt Renfrew stores across Canada) Shoes: Luca del forte Watch: Michael Kors Bag: Bertoni (available at Holt Renfrew stores across Canada)

20 21 22 23 24 25 26 Fashion.indd 24

18/08/2015 3:12:21 PM

20 21 22 23 24 25 26 Fashion.indd 25

18/08/2015 3:13:05 PM

On Dylon: Pant: Zanerobe Polo: Ralph Lauren Boots: Hugo Boss On Alex: Polo: Ralph Lauren Pant: Publish Boots: John Varvatos On Cameron:

Vest: Polo:Topman Ralph Lauren Shirt: Pant: H&M Publish Boots: Fossil Hugo Boss Watch:

20 21 22 23 24 25 26 Fashion.indd 26

18/08/2015 3:14:03 PM

Bespoke matchmaking

ExEcutivE Gay MatchMakinG FirM


Discover True Love Bespoke matchmaking works with exceptional gay men and lesbians who are ready to begin a loving relationship. our firm brings traditional matchmaking into the 21st century, combining a highly personalized approach with an exclusive network of eligible gay and lesbian singles.

ContaCt us today to sChedule a Complimentary Consultation


27 AdPage.indd 34 MALE.indd 30 Copy of IN Magazine

20/08/2015 17/02/2015 1:05:57 3:36:58 PM PM

Fa s h i o n Pl u s

Steward of Style

Life at the helm of an event that keeps Canadian men’s fashion on the global map Produced and directed by Roberto Vazquez - Photography by Mckenzie James WWD, GQ, Details and even Forbes Magazine. On a business level, it has further stimulated an alreadygrowing business of men’s fashion in Canada, providing a platform for menswear designers to showcase their collections firsthand to retailers, stockists, department stores, editors, media and directly to a growing audience of new male consumers. IN What’s the biggest challenge in pulling together an event such as this one? JR Like any big event, it requires project management, team effort and the ability to orchestrate many different moving parts at the same time—all with the focus on producing a world-class fashion week that would showcase the best of Canada and its talent. In just three seasons,


ith another Toronto

helped to put Canadian men’s


designers on the map?


→ Canadian style maven Jeff Rustia

Toronto Men’s Fashion Week has grown to such epic proportions, with more than 15,000 total visitors, over

Week (TOM) just

JEFF RUSTIA From the very

on many levels. It has definitely

20 menswear designer presentations,

under his stylish

beginning, TOM was always built


hundreds of male models, 400

belt, Jeff Rustia, the founder and

and designed to increase the profile

catapulted many of the menswear



executive director of the event, chats

and image of menswear in Canada. I




with IN about menswear—at home

am very happy to see that Toronto’s

stardom. The event has attracted both

members and volunteers, spanning

and abroad.

own men-focused fashion week has

national and global attention, giving

eight days and nights. That includes

opened the floodgates of opportunity

designers international exposure in

trunk shows, showrooms, TOM talks,

for Canadian menswear designers

publications such as Vogue Italia,

panel series, meet-and-greets and


brand from

awareness anonymity

and into





Styling: Bridge Fashion Marketing; Styling assistants: Carl Woo & Sarah Bundhwani; Hairstylist: Daniel Fortunato (hair sponsored by American Crew); Makeup artist: Maria Rodriguez; Producer: Maria Princess Perez; Videographer: Jakob Burkhardt; Assistant director: Kareem King; First assistant camera: Elmer Cuaresm 2 8 I N M a g a z in e s e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 5

28 29 30 TOM.indd 28

20/08/2015 1:54:29 PM

power brunches. All of this would not

IN How is the fashion world’s

definitely put the spotlight on

be possible without the support and

perception of Canadian designers

Toronto and, specifically, on Toronto

passion of our Sponsors, Patrons,


Men’s Fashion Week. TOM has proven to be an amazing platform to show the world what Toronto

Personal style is very important. It goes beyond just making a good first impression. Great style is about confidence. Friends and, most of all, our TOM crew and volunteers.




national we’ve



→ DESIGNED BY (clockwise from top left): Dalla, coat and pants; David C. Wigley, vest, and Andrew Coimbra, pants; Coimbra, sleeveless top; Wigley, jacket; Pedram Karimi, vest; Coimbra, shirt

has to offer in terms of homegrown

daring these days. Although it may

talented menswear designers. As a

still be a classic cut, you’ll find the

result, it has further strengthened the

blue business suit has broken out of

perception that Canadian designers

its usual mould with the introduction

are fashion forward, innovative and

of more bright colours, from electric


blue to shocking pink. I’m also seeing more patterns, camouflage, glitter

IN What are two or three of the

and shimmer in men’s clothes from

biggest changes you’ve seen in

two-piece suits to casual wear. And


men’s fashion over the past decade?

I love the fact that men today are


JR Men’s fashion has become more

experimenting with and using more

28 29 30 TOM.indd 29


18/08/2015 2:04:20 PM

accessories to finish their looks and outfits—from pocket squares to bow

→ LOOKS BY (above left): Dalla, jacket and pants; Dalla, entire ensemble

ties, hats and sunglasses. confidence. In my opinion, you can IN Where do you see men’s fashion going?

tap into your personal style simply by understanding yourself, what

JR I think men’s fashion will

you really like and, of course, what

continue to head toward its current

looks good on you. I always say, Be

direction of marrying classic design

true to yourself and be creative.

with a modern edge. Men love anything


with a tale, like the wingtip shoe or a


tweed jacket or a pocket square. But

colours, shoes, accessories…until

at the same time, the new millennial

you hit the point when you say,

man is unashamed about being

Now, this is me! It’s all about

more fashion-daring and adding that

feeling good in your own skin.

modern twist to his style, which can

Your style should reflect your

manifest itself through the use of more

personality, individuality and how

shiny, metallic fabrics, bright colours

you celebrate life. Be fearless in

and patterns.

fashion. Once you find your style,





own it! Because anything that IN Are there two or three

makes you feel good-looking on

accessories to watch for in the

the inside and out, never ever goes

coming year?

out of style.

JR It’s a very exciting time to be a man—and a very exciting season for men’s accessories. All things boyish are

IN How important is fashion to your own life?

making a comeback in spring-summer

JR I am what you would call,

2016, with key accessories such as

in every sense of the word, a

the classic baseball cap to scout-style

“fashion enthusiast”! So it goes

bandana neckerchiefs to the ever-


so-chic slip-on shoes. Many of the

infiltrates every part of my life:

world’s top menswear designers are

where I live, where I work, what I

incorporating these looks, ranging from

do, what I wear, what I listen to—

casual day to evening wear. TOM’s ad

fashion, design, style, art, music,

campaign carried examples of these

food, drinks. Fashion is life. It is


creativity. It is the ultimate form




of personal expression. I choose to IN There’s a lot said about finding

dress myself in a way that makes

one’s personal style: How do you think

me happy and expresses who I am

one taps into that?

and what I’m feeling.

JR Personal style is very important. It goes beyond just making a good first impression. Great style is about

For more information, visit

577 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario M4Y 1Z2 T 416-966-6969 | shop online 3 0 I N M a g a z in e s e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 5

28 29 30 TOM.indd 30

20/08/2015 3:15:41 PM

Lights, Camera, Diversity Toronto’s international film fest makes way for a trove of LGBT cinema By Peter Knegt


from other festivals—in particular,

The programming team at TIFF

the coming-of-age drama,” the film

Toronto International

Sean Baker’s Sundance premiere

clearly has a lot of faith in Canadian

stars up-and-coming Canuck Connor

Film Festival (TIFF) is

Tangerine (in theatres now) and

filmmaker Stephen Dunn’s first

Jessup as a Newfoundland teenager

offering one of the most promising

Todd Haynes’ Cannes hit Carol

feature film, Closet Monster. They’ve

struggling with his sexuality, his

batches of LGBT-interest films in

(coming out in November)—TIFF

placed it alongside work from some

dysfunctional parents and flashes of

its history.

just might turn into 2015’s LGBT

of the world’s most established

a horrific gay bashing he witnessed in

MVP. Here are six films that could

filmmakers and, come the festival,


end up proving why:

it’s yours to discover. Described by

atypically large number of quality



TIFF as “an imaginative twist on


old this month, the

In a year that has already had an


Closet Monster

s it turns 40 years

Assisting him along the way? A

31 32 TIFF.indd 31


18/08/2015 2:05:35 PM

talking hamster named Buffy, who

Freeheld In

is played by none other than Isabella





diagnosed with terminal cancer. A


police officer in the U.S. state of

Yes, you read that right.

New Jersey’s Ocean County, Hester

The Danish Girl

repeatedly appealed to the county’s

A year after his The Theory of

freeholders board to attempt to

Everything had its premiere at TIFF

ensure that her pension benefits

and went on to earn him an Academy

would go to her domestic partner,

Award for best actor, Eddie Redmayne

Stacie Andree.

will likely generate Oscar buzz once

This tragic, powerful story, which

more for The Danish Girl. Could he

played a significant role in the recent

go two for two? His role in director

LGBT rights advancements in the

Tom Hooper’s latest film certainly

United States, is being brought to

makes the case for it on paper. Based

the screen this year in Peter Sollett’s

on the novel by David Ebershoff, The

Freeheld. In fact, TIFF will mark

Danish Girl is a fictionalized account

its world premiere. Julianne Moore

of the life of Lili Elbe (Redmayne),

(who, like Eddie Redmayne, won an

one of the first people to undergo sex

acting Oscar last year and could be in

reassignment surgery.

the race again this time around) and

It’s set in early 1920s Copenhagen and



Ellen Page play Hester and Andree,


respectively, while Steve Carell,

through the support of her wife,

Michael Shannon and Luke Grimes

illustrator and artist Gerda Wegener

round out the cast.

(Alicia Vikander). Director Hooper

You should definitely consider

knows how to bring out great

packing some serious facial tissues

performances—he led Colin Firth and

for this one.

Anne Hathaway to Oscars for The King’s Speech and Les Miserables,


respectively. If Redmayne were to

Not many people would expect

win again, he’d become only the

the director of disaster movies like

third actor—after Spencer Tracy and

Independence Day and The Day

Tom Hanks—to win back-to-back

After Tomorrow to bring one of the

best-actor Oscars.

most pivotal events in the history of gay and lesbian rights to the big

Fire Song “Two-spirited”

screen. But that’s indeed the case is



with Stonewall. Openly gay director

term used by some First Nations


communities to describe people who

Hollywood movies about blowing

are seen as having both male and


female spirits within them. Cinematic

on the 1969 Stonewall riots in this

depictions of two-spirited people are

fictionalized account.







sadly rare, with Adam Garnet Jones’

Emmerich has already taken

Fire Song one of the very first examples.

some heat: Protesters have been

Calgary-born Jones–who has made

calling for a boycott of the film

more than 20 short films, including a

since mid-summer, calling it out

few that have screened at TIFF–makes

for whitewashing a story that in

his feature-film debut with Fire Song.

large part belongs to trans people

three-time Academy Award winner

era of the movie business. Orry-Kelly

of colour. The film makes the

designed costumes for more than

was known as a “keeper of secrets”

protagonist a cisgender white boy.

289 films, including such classics

to the many incredible women he






Anishinaabe man who is forced

→ CINEMA, LGBT-STYLE Films showcasing diversity at TIFF this year include (opening page) Stonewall; (above, from top) Closet Monster; Fire Song; The Danish Girl; and Freeheld.

to choose between staying in his

Stonewall will have its very

as Some Like It Hot, Casablanca

dressed, a list that includes Bette

community or exploring the possi­

first public screenings at TIFF,

and An American In Paris. Gillian

Davis, Ingrid Bergman, Jane Fonda,

bilities of the world outside. In a

with controversy already certain to


Marilyn Monroe, Shirley MacLaine

festival that tends to be known

surround them.


more for its Hollywood fare than






and Natalie Wood.

clips, interviews and recreations

homegrown breakouts, Fire Song, like

Women He’s Undressed

Closet Monster, is a potential hidden

If you’ve never heard of Orry-Kelly,

gem that should definitely be on your

you’ve probably still seen his work.

He was uncompromising in his

TIFF radar.

During Hollywood’s golden age, the

sexuality during a deeply closeted

to explore the Australian’s rather unappreciated life.

The Toronto International Film Festival runs from September 10th through the 20th. For ticket and other information, visit

3 2 I N M a g a z in e s e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 5

31 32 TIFF.indd 32

18/08/2015 3:41:23 PM

corporate mARKETpLACE

Workplaces To Consider

in partnership with

Celebrating diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Clear space area around logo and tagline

Box based on X height of letters

For information on the X Workplaces To Consider Program, contact:







sign up for a free

digital LGBT subscription

LifesTyLe maGazine Minimum size 1.5 inches


IN AD.indd 30

33 MarketPlace.indd 33

14/05/2015 10:16:37 AM

18/08/2015 3:50:18 PM

FLASHBACK September 2001 in LGBT History



t couldn’t have been more revolutionary: a television station devoted to the LGBT community of viewers. But on September 7, 2001—14 years ago this month—PrideVision was launched, becoming Canada’s first channel offering daily programming geared toward an audience that had been largely ignored by other networks. Its founders were on to something, as the network expanded into today’s popular OUTtv.

3 4 I N M a g a z in e s e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 5

34 FlashBack.dw.indd 34

18/08/2015 2:07:27 PM

B:22" T:22" S:22"


U4576_Pride Poster Cling_E.indd


35 AdPage.indd 34

Job Description:

Mechanical Specifications:


Client: TD BANK Docket #: 112-LTDCIBU5476

Bleed: None Trim: 22” x 28”

Acct. Mgr: CHRIS / ZAID




Colours: 4C Start Date: 5-4-2015 2:34 PM

18/08/2015 2:08:01 PM








36 AdPage.indd 34

SO DO OURS. Introducing the redesigned 2016 Lexus ES. With its sportier lines, available hybrid engine, intuitive park-assist, handcrafted heated steering wheel and ventilated leather seats, it’s as comfortable as you are accomplished. AMAZING IN MOTION

18/08/2015 2:08:28 PM

September 2015  
September 2015