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Student Voice

Issue 6 | Volume 3

September 2012

The classic “jump shot!” Crater Lake’s stone walkways are perfect for this.

In this issue: Smoke-free Campus

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Now in effect!


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Details of the End of Term Party

Staff Feature

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Allen Dean - Housing & Arrivals

Crater Lake Trip

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Photos of the fun!

Mixtape Music

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New summer tunes

Upcoming events: End of Term Party

Fall is coming!

Thursday, September 6th

In the August issue, the Student Voice speculated on the Farmer’s

Conditionally-admitted Student

Almanac’s prediction that a hot August means a cold, white winter.


August temperatures started off mild, so the heat wave Corvallis had

Friday, September 14th

was a surprise! Now we wonder, will our hot August lead to a cold, white

International Student Orientation

winter? Only time will tell.

Monday, September 17th


AE, PW and OSU Classes Begin

smoking is banned on all campus property, including outdoors. For more

Monday, September 24th

information, including resources for students who wish to quit smoking, visit

Info Depot


GE Classes Begin Tuesday, September 25th



Student Voice

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End of Term Party!

Don’t forget: The OSU campus is now 100% smoke-free!

Thursday, Sept. 6th @ 6pm At the Avery Park Lion’s Shelter

Smoking is now banned on the OSU campus.

Free Cake!

On the sidewalk of Western Blvd., outside the ILLC, smoking will still be allowed. There will be cigarette disposal towers. Please do not leave any cigarette debris on the ground.

Fun Games!

If you want to quit smoking, OSU will provide you with FREE HELP. You can talk to a counselor and get free nicotine gum or patches! Contact Student Health Services to get more info at 541-737-9355.

Staff Feature:

Allen Dean Housing & Arrivals Coordinator

Good Music! Come have some fun to celebrate the end of summer term! Bring your own meat/vegetable to cook on the BBQ. INTO OSU will bring the rest!

After years working for OSU’s housing department, Allen comes to this position with lots of experience. The Student Voice sat down with Allen to get to now him. Here’s what he had to say:

What will you be doing in your new position? In my position as Campus Housing and Arrivals Coordinator, I work with the rest of the Student Services staff to ensure students’ housing needs are met while they are here at OSU. I enjoy the opportunities in my position to interact with students and assist them with their individual housing needs. What’s your favorite thing about working with students? Personally, I believe that feeling like you are part of a community plays a large part in academic success, and I’m happy that I get to play a role in that for students. When working with students, no two days will be the same. I enjoy being able to constantly grow and learn as I find the best ways to help improve students’ Oregon State experience. What do you do for fun in Corvallis? I currently play in a city-league ultimate Frisbee team at Crystal Lake Park. Corvallis has many opportunities to get involved in sports or explore some cool new areas. Sometimes I just pick a direction and either bike or run to some new destination. I’ve discovered some great parks and communities this way.

Student Voice

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Crater Lake Trip Saturday, August 4th

Minnie Wang (left) and Shireen Weik, trip volunteers and INTO OSU student workers, pose in front of the amazing blue waters. Erwin Zhang, from China, and Chutiwat Vivatsurakit, from Thailand, walk ahead of the group down one of Crater Lake’s famous trails.

One of the world’s deepest lakes and a former volcano, Crater Lake is framed by massive cliffs and characterized by an incredible blue color. Mary Hughes (center), an INTO OSU instructor, dines with students at the Crater Lake lodge restaurant.

Student Voice


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From the desk of Warren Lawless

Artist: Passion Pit Album: Gossamer Released: July 23, 2012 Ever since their first EP, Chunk of Change, Passion Pit have been climbing in popularity. Their unique sound, characterized by a lot of energy and lots of electronic music, is easy to listen to and definitely breathes energy into any situation. You’ve probably heard their music before on TV shows and in movies. Their second album, Manners, really helped define indie music in 2009, when it was released. My favorites from this album so far are “Carried Away,” and “Constant Conversations.” (Click the orange links to listen online.)

Artist: The Gaslight Anthem Album: Handwritten Released: July 24, 2012 Gaslight Anthem has been around since 2007, but my first experience hearing them was their 2008 album, The ‘59 Sound. I had this album on repeat for months; I think I could probably still sing along to it all the way through. From that album, I loved “Film Noir.” I still listen to the old album pretty often. But with this new album out, I was excited for some new material. Handwritten actually has a very similar sound to The ‘59 Sound, which is good and bad. It sounds familiar, which is a good thing, but it almost feels like I could just listen to the old album and enjoy it more. Listen to “Handwritten,” and decide for yourself.

A large group of students gather during an Olympic soccer match in the ILLC Lounge. The match pitted South Korea against Japan. Congratulations to South Korea for winning the match and taking home a bronze medal.

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