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Whatever your fix, our all-new Spectral:ON gives you more of it with a ride that no other bike can match. Bringing together the latest in drive technologies with features that put the rider in the foreground, you get to spend even more time on the good stuff – whether that’s picking out impossible lines to the summit or running multiple laps on your favourite trails. Get on it with the Spectral:ON. CANYON.COM/ON





the heart of an incredible region of lakes, forests, meadows and mountains that are waiting for you to explore them by foot or on a


bike (electric or regular) this summer.

A DIFFERENT WAY TO ENJOY CYPRUS  Located in the Eastern Med, Cyprus may be best known in the UK for its beach resorts, but head inland a little and you'll find green mountains, a richness of birds and plants and a summer full of festivals to enjoy.

EPIC DESTINATIONS  The world is full of incredible places that it’s always a pleasure to look at in a magazine and to hope visit one day. Some take it a step further and achieve extreme sporting firsts at these places, so we thought we’d combine the two.




You may think you know the amazing city of Salzburg, but it’s at







GET ACTIVE THIS SUMMER IN THE AUSTRIAN TIROL  A wonderful region to visit at any time of the year, the Austrian Tirol is chock-full of fantastic places to visit for a hiking or biking holiday. Indeed you can hike or bike right across the region should you wish.



ever better ideas using the latest materials and innovations to produce kit that takes the level up yet another notch. Here we profile the best of the latest on offer in the shops.




It’s amazing how gear manufacturers can keep coming up with


you could multiply the number at least 100 fold, but with limited space we’re focused on five of the best.


Patrick Thorne



SUP (that’s a ‘stand-up paddleboard’ for those not in the know) and get out into the great outdoors. At Love The Mountains we’re all about the outdoors from spring to autumn, and we aim to give you loads of ideas about where to go and what to do in the UK and abroad, as well as bringing you the latest news from some of the top athletes in outdoor sports worldwide. In this issue look out for our feature spread on Epic

attractions, we decided to take a look at some of the achievements of extreme sports people who have climbed



Megan Hughes SUB EDITORS

10 Great LAKES 032

It’s time to get out your hiking and biking gear, inflate your

Rather than showcase them for their impressive natural

EDITORIAL TEAM dom@inthesnow.com


the days are finally getting longer and, hopefully, warmer.

locations including big mountains and massive waterfalls.

Dominic Killinger


Hoorah! After the “Beast from the East” has done its worst,

Destinations – some of the world’s most stunning

There are of course many more than five reasons to visit the wonderful Swiss resort of Crans-Montana this summer;


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up them, dived off them or wing-suited from the peak. If you don’t like your sports too extreme we have less intimidating options too. There can’t be much that's more enticing than the idea of SUPing around the coast of Lake Garda in Italy, stopping whenever you feel like it for an ice cream or a coffee, as Love The Mountains team member Anne was lucky enough to do. We also have a feature of 10 of the best lakes in the UK and abroad if you’re looking for more ideas for water-sports destinations. Or perhaps a trip to the beautiful lakes and mountains of


Austria might suit you better. Here you can go as hard or


take it as easy as you like with a choice of strenuous multi-

Rocket Base

day hikes or perhaps a couple of hours on a nice gentle path through the valley on an e-bike. Of course, you don’t have to be super-active to get the adrenaline pumped up. Zip-lining is getting ever-more popular and the lines ever longer and faster with the latest world record breaker some 2km in length and your ride on the fastest reaching over 160kph. You don’t need much stamina for that, just the nerve to let yourself go. We also have other great destinations like CransMontana in Switzerland and the other side of Cyprus from the beach holidays. The choice is yours, but whatever it is, have a great summer!


BRITISH TEA ROOM GOES ON 6000 MILE ROAD TRIP A group of British adventurers have launched on an epic road trip with a difference across Europe. The team have spent less than £500 on their transportation for the month-long, 6000mile journey to Georgia, and as if that wasn’t a novel enough approach, they’ve also converted their vehicle, an aged Renault Espace, into a travelling “British Tea Room”.

The British Tea Room Item List Purchased on Gumtree

Convoy” (GlobalConvoy.com), and has been designed

£425 Renault Grand Espace

to encourage people from all over the world to join the

£15 Tea set

convoy in their own budget vehicles with the aim of

£12 2x Tea cake stand

travelling through Bosnia, Turkey, Slovenia, Ukraine and

£11.45 White bunting

across the Black Sea and through Transnistria before

£10 Chandelier

crossing the finish line in Vama Veche, Romania. The transformation of the back seat of the Renault Grand Espace into a travelling “British Tea Room” also involved a further expenditure of £59.95 on a tea set, two cake stands, bunting, a chandelier, a

£7.50 Table cloth £4 Candelabra £0 Corner Cabinet TOTAL = £484.95

table cloth and a candelabra while a corner cabinet was obtained free of charge. This took the total

The ultra-low-budget tea-room road trip is the

spend to £484.95.

idea of Max White, who describes himself as a

It’s not the first time Max and the Global Convoy

“tea enthusiast” and found the Espace for sale on

team have headed out in budget vehicles. They

Gumtree for £425.

made a successful trip around the world in two

“The amazing seven-seater Renault Espace was real

budget vehicles purchased on Gumtree in 2016–17,

value on Gumtree at only £425 and was sold by an

visiting 46 countries around the world, and have

owner who no longer needed it but wanted to give

continued to hit the road with no plans of stopping

the vehicle a new lease of life! We’re excited to see

the adventure anytime soon.

the places it will take us, and what better way to meet

“We can’t wait to start our epic journey and take the

new people and get to know new culture than over a

British Tea Room on an adventure like never before.

nice cup of tea!” said Max.

Global Convoy is all about breaking down barriers

The trip will see the British Tea Room travel across 25

and showing people that travelling can be both

countries through Europe, beyond and back again. The

exciting and challenging, and our mobile British Tea

28-day journey is part of Max’s wider vision, the “Global

Room is the perfect vehicle to do that in.”


007 // JUN18

MORE EXOTIC TREKS BOOKED FOR 2018 Trekking experts Walks Worldwide is seeing a bounce in exotic, long-haul walking trips for 2018: the brand-new small-group walking tour of Japan, meeting the exotic eagle hunters of Kyrgyzstan and the Spice Trails of Kerala are popular choices with adventurous travellers. Key to the success of its long-haul trips is the ability to create varied trekking itineraries without any hidden extras that are rich in nature and culture. JAN KASL / RED BULL CONTENT POOL


NEW SATIAM YOGA FESTIVAL There will be three days dedicated to practising yoga in the “Satiam yoga spirit”, for a well-being weekend in an exceptional setting in the heart of the Aravis mountains. Participants can detox


and relax with yoga teacher and inventor of this new yoga technique, Katy Misson. There’ll be four yoga classes per day plus workshops and activities. laclusaz-satiamyogafestival.com


British rider Tahnée Seagrave burst onto the UCI Mountain Bike scene in 2014 with a bronze medal at the World Championship in Norway aged 19.

and five times out of seven in 2017

can separate the winners from the

including her first-ever victory at

losers,” said Seagrave.


“I did make sacrifices of my own

Seagrave, 22, went on to win the

as a teenager, but looking back it

final two races of the season in

was quite an easy choice. When

Canada and Italy last year and is

you want something that badly, the

known as one of the best kite-surfing spots on earth

The 2013 junior world champion

now ready to shine in 2018.

hurdles don’t seem like hurdles.

and is a regular fixture on the annual Kite Surfing

has been a powerhouse on the

“Downhill is so much more of a

The crazy thing is, I’m still in the

Pro World Champion Tour, but the calmer waters

World Cup circuit in recent years,

mental game than it is physical.

early years of my career. I’m still

An endurance athlete has started running

of Kite Lagoon on the western side of Le Morne

making the podium three times in

Some deal with it better than

learning and I don’t think that’s ever

marathons in all 196 countries there are over an

peninsula is perfect for those looking to try kite

2015, four times the following year

others, and I think that’s how you

going to stop,” she added.

18-month period.

The crystal-clear waters of the Indian Ocean at Mauritius offer ideal conditions for an array of water sports. “One Eye” on Le Morne Peninsula is widely


Nick Butter is aiming to raise at least a quarter

surfing for the first time. lemornekiteschool.com

of a million pounds for cancer charities and

Road cyclists targeting the greatest Alpine sportives can now book a Kudos Performance Improvement Training package with ex-pro cyclist coaching that starts eight weeks before they arrive in the Alps, as part of their cycle training camp in Switzerland’s Valais region. After the

set a world record for the fastest time to run a marathon in every sovereign state on earth by HENK MEIJER / ALAMY STOCK PHOTO


the end of 2019.


goal itself – whether it’s the Etape du Tour, the Marmotte or a charity ride. kudoscycling.com


the world to form a global community. “My goal is to raise £250,000 and loads of awareness for prostate cancer. Inspire young people to live their dream and make a difference,” said Nick, who recently reached the 1,000th day of his 550-day quest. “I believe we all have a chance to leave the world better than we found

training camp in the Swiss Alps, Kudos Cycling will follow the rider’s progress right up to their season

He also plans to link up with other runners all over


it, and this is my way of making a mark. Besides from running, I will use my love of photography to capture the trip and share my story.” Nick is making his way around the globe, spending an average of just 60 hours in each

St Hilda Sea Adventures have

and marine ecosystem. The onboard

Signature ship St Hilda is a traditional,

country, documenting everything from race

announced they’ll run more than

policy is that all rubbish is brought

beamy, 16.4m wooden ketch that

prep to the people he meets, and the culture he

40 cruises to the Scottish islands

ashore with a strict recycling policy

was originally built for a crew of 20

experiences as he goes.

this year.

of all non-organic waste.

but has been converted for cruising

Nick says he met a man in his early 50s called

heart was fixed by surgeons aged three months,

The company, which recently

St Hilda Sea Adventures offer sailing

with a capacity for only eight people

Kevin who had a cancer diagnosis while

will participate in The University of Manchester’s

celebrated 10 years in business, is

and Scottish wildlife cruises, from

– six guests, a skipper and chef –

running the Marathon Des Sables out in the

Purple Wave one year on from her second open-

an environment-friendly business

Arran to St Kilda from Oban, the

making her very spacious.

Sahara Desert last year, and it was he who

heart surgery. Imogen Davies, from Birmingham,

operating all their cruises on a strict

gateway to the Hebridean isles,

St Hilda is one of the smallest of the

inspired him to undertake his epic challenge.

will complete the 10km race as part of the

“leave only a wake” policy as well

aiming to share their knowledge and

“tall ships” ever built, and prior to her


Simplyhealth Great Manchester Run, despite her

as a strict “look and leave alone”

passion for the sea – and life above

St Hilda Sea Adventures days she

numerous health problems. The organisers hope

approach with regard to the wildlife

and below the waves.

competed in several Tall Ships Races.

A second-year physics student, whose hole in her

to beat last year’s record-breaking total of 2,500 runners through Central Manchester. @LTMOUNTAINS






South African Ryan Sandes (36) braved extreme weather conditions

One of the world’s best MotoGP riders took on one of the world’s

to smash the Great Himalaya Trail (GHT) record with a new mark of 25

best rodeo riders in a unique challenge.

days, three hours and 24 minutes at the Nepal finish. The trail runner

The “ultimate test of horsepower” saw professional barrel racer

was confident of beating the previous mark of 28 days, 13 hours and

Jackie Ganter on four legs taking on MotoGP rider Marc Marquez

56 minutes set by compatriot Andrew Porter, but had to dig deep

on two wheels. The unlikely high-paced challenge took place at

mentally and physically to do it. The GHT is a combination of high and

Dripping Springs Ranch in the state of Texas. Jackie Ganter is a

cultural route trails with a gruelling 70,000m of elevation gain and loss

professional barrel racer. Barrel racing is a traditional rodeo event

over the Himalayas. Sandes endured sub-zero temperatures, frostbite

in which horse and rider have to ride around three barrels in a

and starvation in Nepal along Porter’s earlier 1,504km route.

cloverleaf pattern in the quickest time possible. She is arguably the

“This has been the biggest adventure of my life but incredibly

sport’s biggest up-and-coming star and burst onto the scene as the

challenging, especially mentally, to just keep going day in and day out

sport’s female rookie of the year back in 2015. At the age of just 25,

for so long. It has been humbling to meet these incredible people. I

Marquez already boasts four MotoGP world titles. Ganter walked

doubt anyone back home would have opened their homes to strangers

Marquez through the sport of barrel racing and then proceeded to

as easily as the Nepalese citizens we met along the way,” said Sandes.

run her way through the course on her horse Gatsby, allowing the

In 2010, Sandes became the first competitor to win all four of the

Spanish motorbike rider to try his hand at beating her time on two

Deserts races across Chile’s Atacama Desert, China’s Gobi Desert, the

wheels on a Honda CRF450 dirt bike. Marquez was the fastest.

Kudos Cycling offers performance focused training camps and guiding based in the Valais region of Switzerland.

Sahara Desert and Antarctica.

Choose from a variety of 4 or 7 day cycling packages SEBAS ROMERO/RED BULL CONTENT POOL

based from Crans Montana during May and October or we can design a bespoke tour. • • • • •


Stunning legendary alpine passes following the Tour de France Local knowledgeable guides Safest roads in Europe* Variety of terrain for all abilities Unique Mediterranean climate

For more information or to confirm your training place today:

In echoes of a futuristic spaceship, BMX riders Courage Adams (22) and Paul Thölen (19) recently unleashed their array of tricks on a bike park made of mirrors.

covered in mirrors.”

Meanwhile, Thölen performed his Fakie-Alley

P: +41 (0) 79 135 0321

“It looks like a spacecraft. That place looked

Oop 360 among other tricks despite a crash

nothing similar to how it was before,” said

in training.

E: info@kudoscycling.com

Adams, as he performed unlikely lines playing

“As soon as I saw Mirror Park, I thought it was

with manuals, nose manuals, double peg, crank

surreal and that I wouldn’t be able to perform a

The Mirror Park, built in Pamplona, Spain,

arm and bar-spins in the park.

single trick. Riding in a place like this can only

has been one year in the making, a visually

“It’s a real challenge which has enabled me to

happen once in a lifetime. The real difficulty was

spectacular backdrop to the duo’s stunts.

see my limits and evolve a lot, improve my self-

to isolate my mind from my own reflections on

The park is described as “Your usual tailor-

control and my actions in the street, and keep

the ramps because it was hard to calculate the

made bike park with all the twists and turns

me motivated. I’ve learned there are no limits in

distances. It has not been easy to ride Mirror

you might expect, only that it is completely

BMX, just the ones you create,” he added.

Park but, in the end, it was a lot of fun,” he said.

www.kudoscycling.com KUDOS CYCLE TRAINING

*Switzerland awarded the 2017 European Transport Safety Council (ETSC)


09 // JUN18


S U MME R IN L ES G E TS W I T H CH A LE TS 1066 Chalets1066 offer a wide range of chalets in the French mountain resort of Les Gets, from simple, yet stunning 2 bedroom chalets to a luxury 6 bedroom chalet with a hot tub and sauna.


Les Gets offers outstanding facilities for the summer, from relaxing by the lake, through wonderful mountain walks of all levels, to some of the worlds best mountain biking and road cycling – something for everyone.

Les Gets, the perfect all year round holiday destination. CREDIT TO LES GET TOURIST OFFICE FOR IMAGERY

Salisbury will proudly show the world that it is open for business by hosting the Grand Final of the OVO Energy Tour, Britain’s leading televised cycle race series, on Thursday 31 May.

clockwise lap of Salisbury also takes in Minster

when the Series titles will be on the line. It promises

Street and Silver Street, passing in front of the

to be a fantastic evening of entertainment – and it’s

historic Poultry Cross, as well as New Canal,

completely free for spectators!”

Catherine Street, Ivy Street and Brown Street.

As well as being an unticketed, free-to-attend

Commenting on the Series’ visit to Salisbury, Race

event, the OVO Energy Tour Series is unique in the

Wiltshire’s first-ever round of Britain’s leading

Director Mick Bennett said: “Given the grandeur

world of cycling, as the focus in both the men’s and

televised cycle race series, the 10th edition of

and the history of Salisbury, not to mention the

women’s competition is on the teams, who battle

which is taking place in 2018, forms part of the

stunning backdrop of the city’s Guildhall that riders

for the overall title based on the performance of all

cathedral city’s recovery from the nerve agent

will pass repeatedly, I cannot think of a more fitting

five of their riders in each round.

attack there in March.

place to host the Grand Final of the 10th edition of

Cycling fans and local residents are guaranteed

Riders will tackle an iconic 1.2km circuit through

the OVO Energy Tour Series.

an evening of fast and thrilling action; in the nine

the city, starting and finishing adjacent to the

“I’m excited to see how Britain’s best teams

previous Grand Finals to date, the men’s Series

market and Grade II listed Guildhall. The anti-

respond to the challenge of a new circuit, especially

title has been up for grabs at six.



We are a small family run business. We live and work in the village and have been operating for 10 years. We can offer a wide range of additional services so you can tailor your holiday experience.

Call: 0207 183 5082

Alta Badia in the stunning Italian

“The fact that you can choose

Dolomites have announced they’re

varying levels of difficulty makes

unveiling three new Bike Beats

the Bike Beats Trails suitable both

– Alta Badia Trails circuits – this

for families with children and young

summer, set up at 2,000m in the

people and all those who wish to

Piz Sorega area, in the heart of

try the thrill of a descent on a trail

the resort’s Movimënt area. The

entirely dedicated to cycling,” said

new tracks are suitable both for

Alta Badia’s Nicole Dorigo. All tracks

mountain bikes and e-bikes.

start and then re-converge at the

Cyclists can decide the level

same points.

of difficulty of track they want

Mountain bikes can be hired at

to tackle, as they are divided

the Piz Sorega rental, and an

by colour: green (easy), blue

innovative e-bike sharing scheme

(intermediate) and red (difficult).

means cyclists can hire electrical

These are Country Flow circuits,

Pinarello bicycles at one of several

so trails with no traffic, side railings

rental spots and return the bikes to

and easy/medium difficulty jumps.

a different rental spot. moviment.it


or email suzi@chalets1066.com for more details or to book

010 // JUN18

010 // JUN18



In the wake of its recent agreement regarding the Olympic qualification

Holidaymakers no longer need leave their four-legged family

pathway with World Skate (the IOC-recognised international

members behind, thanks to the introduction of seven new dog-

federation), the world’s most prestigious skateboarding competition

friendly woodland lodges at Landal Darwin Forest near the rugged

makes its London debut at the Copper Box Arena, Queen Elizabeth

moorland and rolling hills in the neighbouring Derbyshire Peak

Olympic Park.

District. The Coppice is a luxury collection of seven pooch-tastic

Hosting the opening event of this prestigious tour is a major coup

lodges designed to make holidaying with your favourite hound

for London, as Street League Skateboarding (SLS) and World Skate

as relaxing as possible. Each lodge comes with its own spacious

prepare street skateboarding for its inaugural appearance in the

enclosed veranda, complete with outdoor washing and drying

Olympic Games at Tokyo 2020.

facilities that will prove a godsend for rinsing down boots and

“British skateboarding has held some incredible contests in the past

enthusiastic family members of all shapes and sizes after a muddy

that have gone on to grow and shape the skate scene in Europe – and

woodland walk. For added peace of mind, the outdoor furniture

worldwide. It’s great to see the city of London embracing that rich

is dog- as well as weather-proof. Stable doors separate this pet-

culture by bringing SLS to the city,” said British skateboarding legend

friendly utility area – which also doubles as a doggie bedroom and

Geoff Rowley.

feeding zone – from both the decking and internal living space, so

As well as showcasing the world’s best street skaters, the SLS Pro

guests know their animals are safe and secure at all times. There’s

Open London shines the spotlight on the capital’s rich street skating

even a special feature for the human guests: a hot tub.

scene, challenging negative perceptions of the sport and celebrating

A stay at Landal Darwin Forest starts from £749pp based on four

the creativity, physicality and sense of community at its core.

people and one dog. landal.co.uk/uk/landal-darwin-forest-darw



B ED n

ri DE If you want to dIscover the most beautIful traIls In valaIs (swItzerland), plan your custom-made mtb trIp here : w w w. b e d n r I d e . c h Info@bednrIde.ch +41(0) 79 812 39 49

“BIGGEST RUN IN THE WORLD” SETS NEW RECORD The Wings for Life World Run, back for its fifth year in 2018, attracted more than half a million participants this year.

Welcoming participants of every ability, from

their race is over. One man and one woman will

beginners to ultra-runners, the event has boomed

be crowned Global Champions, but thanks to this

year by year. This year not only did the 500,000th

moving finish line, everyone completes the race!

person to register take part – but also the total

The start of the race is announced via an

Ever since the first edition in 2014, there’s never

kilometres run surpassed five million.

app across the world with everyone starting

been anything like the Wings for Life World

The Wings for Life World Run pioneered the

at the same time, whether day or night, and

Run, where runners and wheelchair participants

concept of people around the world starting at

all with the same goal – to raise money for

across every continent all start together – at

exactly the same time. That scope of participation

the Wings for Life Foundation, a not-for-profit

exactly the same moment – and are chased by a

is what’s made it the world’s biggest run. The

spinal cord research foundation with the single

moving finish line called the Catcher Car. So far

innovative Catcher Car starts “chasing” the

mission to find the cure for spinal cord injury.

participants from 193 countries have taken part.

runners 30 minutes after they start. When passed,



011 // JUN18

an amazing playing field !

With more than 8000 kilometers of trails and 300 days of sunshine a year, Valais is a dream destination for bikers looking for thrills. From jagged peaks to wild alpine pastures, picturesque valleys to beautiful larch forests, get ready for a truly unforgettable mountain biking experience!

w w w. b e d n r I d e . c h


MONTANA Hotel +Restaurant Guide


Once upon a time, gondolas swung into the building, but today it is one of the most spectacular mountain hotels in the world. This former cable-car station offers space for 200 people and bright, ultra-modern conference rooms. Activities such as yoga, mountaineering, biking or meditation are on offer, and there are wellness facilities and a swimming pool under the open sky. The restaurant has 12 Gault&Millau points and is recommended by the Michelin Guide.

Family-run 4★ hotel with a genuine family welcome. There are 24 bedrooms and a suite with balconies and every modern convenience. There’s a wonderful wellness centre including a steam bath, sauna, swimming pool and extensive fitness facilities too. Its unique location in between Crans centre and Montana makes it the perfect place to enjoy the resort. The restaurant is rated 13 by Gault&Millau and offers delicious Mediterranean cuisine with a touch of local flavours.





Crans-Montana in the Swiss Alps is chock-full of fantastic hotels and restaurants. Here are some of our favourites.






CRANS AMBASSADOR The Crans Ambassador is a privileged haven of serenity located in a cosy, timeless setting. Combining luxury, friendliness, vibrancy and the highest levels of service, this prestigious hotel welcomes guests in search of wellness. CRANSAMBASSADOR.CH

LECRANS At LeCrans Hotel & Spa, the landscape takes centre stage. Located at the top of a hill overlooking the resort, it is surrounded by spectacular scenery with magnificent vistas of spectacular mountain peaks from Matterhorn to Mont Blanc yet facing the warm sun. Altogether it’s a haven of peace and refinement. LeCrans’ chef Pierre Crepaud holds a Michelin star. This place is ideal for a treat or a special occasion. You will be thrilled.




Facing Lake Moubra and only a few metres away from the ropes park, this cosy restaurant has a very relaxing terrace with a view embracing the whole resort and the mountain tops. Dining on raclette paired with a beautiful Petite Arvine white local wine is a must here.






Next to the Crans Cry d’Er gondola and the finish lines of the MTB Downhill trails, Zerodix transforms from one of Crans-Montana’s best après-ski venues during the winter into a lively beach house in summer. The eclectic menu includes beautiful salads and creative wraps as well as burgers and great meat dishes. One of the best is a delicious sirloin steak cooked on hot stone.

A typical chalet restaurant covered in summer with planters filled with blooming flowers and the charm you can only find in the Swiss Alps. Located up on the hill at Aminona, diners can enjoy the scenery and the calm of the beautiful summer while enjoying delicious local cheese dishes and charcoal-grilled meat. After a day hiking or biking, this place is heaven.



012 // JUN18

012 // JUN18

LE MEMPHIS Located right at the heart of the bustling shopping street of Crans, this lounge bar with beautiful terrace is the place where everyone meets. Enjoy cocktails, freshly made sushi and delicious pasta, served until 9pm. It’s a great place for people-watching and seeing the luxury cars go by – it’s all part of the charm of Le Memphis. LEMEMPHIS.CH






01202 733 744


014 // JUN18  PROMO







What’s not to love about Cyprus? There are those great beaches, the lively nightlife, the welcoming locals and even a great foodie scene, all at very reasonable prices. But it is a mistake just to think of Cyprus as a beach holiday destination, because there’s much, much more to this great island in the eastern Mediterranean if we stop looking out to sea and instead look to the hills and Troödos mountains rising to nearly 2,000m behind us!

Festivals Island


At these, visitors can attend the making of palouzes

Akrotiri Peninsula, Cape Greco, Oroklini Marsh, Larnaka

and shoushoukos, enjoy various grape delicacies, and

Salt Lakes, Troödos and the Pafos Forests.

Cyprus is an island where there’s always something

have fun participating in competitions, wine tasting and

Cyprus has two endemic species: the busy,

happening, and up in the Troödos region the local

entertainment shows.

“chatty”, Cyprus warbler, Sylvia melanothorax,

villages and tourist board work together to organise

The Apple Festival, from 13 to 14 October in

which can be found all year round, but more

themed events and festivals all year long.

Kyperounta, includes an open-air market with fresh

prominently during spring and summer, in scrub

It’s at one of these fun-filled events that you can learn

seasonal apples, traditional products, fresh apple

and forest areas all over the island; and the Cyprus

more about the rich history and culture of the area

juice, apple pies, apple vinegar, etc., an apple

wheatear, Oenanthe cypriaca, a migratory species

while indulging in the great gastronomy of Troödos.

exhibition featuring all the types of apples that grow

spending the winter in Africa but breeding only

The Dora Village Revivals Festival in the Dora

in Cyprus, competitions for the best apple pie, and

in Cyprus. The wheatear can be best enjoyed in

community square on 27 May is one of the first of the

many more activities.

spring and in summer, “buzzing” from prominent

season, with musical and dance events alongside

Finally, the Zivania Festival in the village squares

song-posts all over the island.

demonstrations of traditional crafts and products like

of Alona (4 November) and Pelentri (11 November)

Unfortunately, due to the persistent problem of illegal

halloumi, palouzes, trahana and local bread.

celebrates this traditional alcoholic beverage made

bird trapping in Cyprus, there are many birdwatchers

The Aromatic and Healing Herbs of Cyprus Festival

only in Cyprus, made there since the time the

who choose to avoid/boycott Cyprus as a form of

follows a week later – the Conference and Exhibition

Republic of Venice ruled the island, around the end of

protest against this issue.

Cyprus may be a small island (although it is the third-

at the Platres Cultural Centre is from 2 to 3 June. Here

the 14th century.

An organisation called BirdLife Cyprus works to

largest island in the Mediterranean), but it has a long

you can learn about the 674 different types of herbs

The two consecutive weekends include

promote Cyprus as a birding destination and in so

history and a rich culture that spans 10,000 years of

on the island and try out herbal food products and

demonstrations of the distillation of Zivania,

doing helps to discourage the problem of illegal bird

human habitation, resulting in a mosaic of different

teas. There are also guided herbal walks, seminars,

promotional kiosks with traditional products, and

trapping on the island.

cultural influences.

workshops and more.

folklore, music and dance programmes.

“Birdwatchers visiting Cyprus helps locals realise the

Hidden in the countryside and mountains there are

The Lavender Festival takes place every first

importance of preserving Cyprus’s nature and wildlife

remote monasteries to be discovered, dating back to the

weekend of July, in Platres again; this year it’s

and adds an economic value to protecting birds,” said

fourth century, plus sleepy villages with welcoming locals.

on 7/8 July. This event includes seminars on the

A varied landscape offers a range of habitats to

healing properties of lavender, and there are

enjoy and routes to explore, all within easy travelling

workshops for lavender distillation and bouquets,

distance of wherever you choose to stay during your

culinary delicacies and organic cosmetics, as well as

Cyprus is a really important and special place for

deeper appreciation of Cyprus’s nature and what it has

time on the island.

guided walks with herbalists in lavender plantations

birds on a European and international level. Over 400

to offer to both locals and tourists.”

Of course, you can enjoy the countryside with a

around Platres.

species have been recorded there, so, in short, it’s an

If you’d like to find out more about birdlife in Cyprus

glorious mountain hike or a high-paced, exciting bike

These are followed by various food- and drink-

ornithologist’s dream!

before leaving the UK, BirdLife Cyprus takes part in

ride – Cyprus has plenty of opportunities for you

themed festivals through the summer.

The rich variety of habitats, from coastal areas to

the RSPB’s annual Birdfair (birdfair.org.uk), taking place

there, along with lots of locations to enjoy some SUP

If you like nuts then the annual Hazelnut Festival in the

wetlands to mountain forests, ensures great variety

from 17 to 19 August at the Leicestershire and Rutland

(stand-up paddle boarding). For all the details go to:

beautiful village of Platanistasa, where you can try the

in bird species all year round. Cyprus has 34 areas

Wildlife Trust, where visitors can also learn about

visitcyprus.com, but it can also be fun to really immerse

year’s freshly cut hazelnuts on 5 August, is for you.

identified as Important Bird Areas, covering wetlands,

exploring nature trails and traditional accommodation

yourself in the traditions and rich natural heritage of a

Local pastry and baked goods are celebrated in the

forest, scrub and farmland habitats in both inland and

options as well as get to know more about Cyprus’s

place you visit, sometimes known as slow, or soft tourism.

village of Galata’s square on 2 September, followed

coastal areas and peninsulas, ranging from sea level to

history and culture.

And there are few place on earth, if any, with more

by the annual Grape Feast – Wine Villages during

the highest peaks of the Troödos range.


traditions and a richer natural heritage than Cyprus.

September and October.

Birdwatching hotspots include the Akamas Peninsula,


Birdwatching in Cyprus

Elena Markitani of BirdLife Cyprus, adding, “We believe that when people visit Cyprus for its nature and its birdlife, they contribute towards cultivating a


Zip lining – what is it exactly? Well, essentially, it’s that most exciting ride in the children’s playground, where you hang on to a pulley beneath a cable as it rolls down the wire, taken to XL dimensions.

You head up to the top of Rainbow Mountain in a custom 4x4, then at the top a series of four dual zip lines take you back down, the fastest reaching speeds up to 100kph as you fly through spectacular scenery. I “don’t do heights” very well and previously bottled out of a treetop ropes course, but I was determined not to do that again, and my nerve actually strengthened when another chap decided to go no further at the

Well, XXXXXXL to be more accurate. Over the past

initial “how you use your harness” instruction session

few years, the wires have been getting longer and

before we even started going up the mountain, and I

longer, hanging higher and higher off the ground, the

soldiered on.

experience ever-more exciting as operators around the

The ascent was slightly reminiscent of the ratcheting

world seek to outdo one another.

up of your car at the start of a roller-coaster ride, but

They’re all fairly similar. Apart from being much longer

once my trolley was connected to the cable I actually

(some are now more than 1.5km long) and much

felt very secure, especially with the super-professional

higher (200m above the ground is quite common),

staff explaining everything and checking everything

the big difference from the playground version is that

for me. So I was able to enjoy the ride, which truly

(thankfully) you’re hanging in a safety harness beneath

deserves the description “awesome.”

the wire, not “hanging on”. You can also go much

If you are afraid of heights like me, the best advice is,

faster, with some zip-line companies claiming you can

“Don’t look down, just enjoy the ride.”

reach up to 160km an hour, so those childhood dreams

In the end, the only upsetting thing was that it was all over

of going ever faster can finally come true.

far too soon. All I could do was scream, “Again! Again!”

Indeed, Zip World Velocity in Wales (zipworld.co.uk), which claims to have the longest zip wires in Europe, also claims to have the world’s fastest wires at up to 200kph –

World’s longest zip line opens in UAE

you ride in a superman-style horizontal position. A few years ago, Val Thorens in the French Alps

The UAE’s highest mountain, Jebel Jais (1,680m), has

opened the highest wire in Europe, more than 3,000m

become the new holder of the title “world’s longest

above sea level, and equated the experience to flying

zip line”. Earlier this year, Guinness World Records

like an eagle, and just a few months ago the longest

confirmed the length of the new zip line at 2.8km –

zip line yet opened in the United Arab Emirates (UAE),

the equivalent of over 28 football fields. This beats

at 2.5km long. There’s bound to be an even longer one

the previous 2.2km world record in Puerto Rico by a

before long.

full 600m of extra heart-pumping adrenaline. Thrill

I finally got my chance to fly on a zip line at Whistler in

seekers and adrenaline junkies travel at speeds of up

BC, Canada, where Superfly Ziplines (superflyziplines.

to 120kph to 150kph on the line before transferring on

com) operate Canada’s longest zip lines at well over a

to a second 1km line back to the ground.

kilometre long and 200m above the valley below.

016 // JUN18

016 // JUN18


THE BEST SOCKS ON THE PLANET THE BEST SOCKS FOR THE PLANET Produced using the finest blend of Merino wool and recycled synthetic yarns made from plastic bottles, our merino socks provide you with all the cushioning, comfort and breathability you need and they’re kind to the planet too. So, whilst our sheep aren’t actually green our award-winning socks are.


M3RINO SIN3RGI Enduro light cushion sock

eco-performance socks TM


An incredibly beautiful lake surrounded by wonderful mountain vistas, it’s a picture-perfect summer destination. However, there is much more to Lake Annecy than it’s eye-catching beauty, and for active holidaymakers who love the great outdoors, here are five reasons it’s a definite must-visit.


chilly lakes in the UK. Tuition and hire of equipment

visiting, it is clear to see why it is often referred

water to enjoy the spectacle from a different angle.

are readily available around the lake.

to as the “Venice of the Alps”. The canals, lined

The theme for 2018 is “Around the World” and will

with beautiful coloured houses, are truly delightful

celebrate all that this magnificent world of ours has

to explore. Or, take a walk up to the Château

to offer.


d’Annecy to learn about the area’s history. Explore the markets of the walled medieval town, before


For a different view of the water, visit the famous

stopping for a drink or some traditional Savoyarde

“Col de la Forclaz”. With a bird’s-eye view of

cuisine at one of the many bars and restaurants

the stunning turquoise water and surrounding

overlooking the Palais de l’Ile, the unique former

Annecy has a multitude of cycling opportunities, with

mountains, paragliding here is an experience you

prison building.

well-kept cycle paths, varied terrain and stunning

are sure to remember forever. Take a tandem flight with an instructor, who will control the glide and identify places of interest or interesting facts about

Lake Annecy is the perfect destination for anyone

the area. Of course, this is weather dependent, so

who loves water sports or wants to give them a go

keep an eye on the forecast!

surrounding landscapes. The views from Col de

Fete du Lac

la Forclaz are even more rewarding at the end of a long ride, but it’s pretty steep (with stretches between 12 and 13%), so make sure you’re prepared.

On the first weekend of August, Lake Annecy plays

For a more relaxing experience, there’s a car-free

for the first time. From wake-boarding and water-

host to an incredible display of pyrotechnics as part

cycling track that runs the whole way around the

skiing to paddle-boarding, the water is often fairly

of the “Fete du Lac”, an annual celebration of the

lake, offering an opportunity for less confident

lake. Almost 200,000 spectators now watch the

cyclists to appreciate the beauty of the area. While

festival unfold, from either the shore or from the

it’s mostly flat, it’s enough to warrant that ice cream

water itself, with hundreds of boats taking to the

halfway round!

flat and warm, reaching around 24°C in summer,

Venice of the Alps’

which makes it a much more appealing place to dip your toe into water sports than some of the more

018 // JUN18

018 // JUN18

The town of Annecy has a rich history, and upon




Book at ba.com/Salzburg

Ask most people what springs to mind when they think of Salzburg and it could be Mozart, perhaps The Sound of Music, or even more likely the capital of one of Austria’s best winter-sports regions. Zillertal

But the truth is that in summer this

Spectacular SalzburgerLand

There’s water everywhere too, of course,

nature in SalzburgerLand. Within the

in the form of innumerable lakes and

main summer season which stretches

rivers, so whether you want to paddle on

from May to October there is a special

a lake or fish in it, ride the white water

“Almsommer” (Alpine Summer) when

a fabulous mix of a city break while

The region that surrounds Salzburg WORDS: is known, simply PATRICK enough, THORNE as

down a fast-flowing mountain river,

the mountain huts are all open and

spending some time hiking, mountain

SalzburgerLand. It’s an incredible region

marvel over a magnificent waterfall or

the cattle are up on the mountain. This

biking and perhaps even doing a little

with more than 3,000 walking trails to

just relax in a thermal spa, the choices

season lasts approximately 100 days

paddle boarding on one of the lakes, all

explore, for example – altogether adding

are almost limitless.

each year, this year with its official

in the one visit.

up to some 7,000km of hiking paths.

There’s also a timeless connection to

launch on 17 June 2018.

stunning city, laced with history and culture and located right next to the mountains, is the perfect place to enjoy

Olperer Hütte


PROMO  019 // JUN18


“It’s difficult to think of a more beautiful and refreshing hiking destination than SalzburgerLand, a natural paradise of stunning mountain peaks and crystal clear lakes.”

The 100 days isn’t just some marketing

huts located throughout the region.

The good news is that if 350km sounds

every biking extra you might need on site.

beautiful include the Fuschlsee,

concept either; it’s the time from the

Once summer accommodation for cattle,

way too daunting, you can instead

SalzburgerLand has also embraced

Wolfgangsee, Obertrumersee and Lake

ancient practice of the region’s farmers

they’re now converted into comfortable

tackle just one or two of the 31 individual

e-biking big time – again with hundreds

Zell, but there are many more.

driving mountain cattle up onto the

restaurants and overnight lodgings

segments this hike can be divided down

of places to hire e-bikes and lots of

Running into these lakes are rivers,

mountain pastures to graze at the very

where you can take a break from your


places to charge them up.

streams and waterfalls in all shapes and

end of spring time to when they’re

labours and enjoy some local speciality,

If you like the thought of looking down

For a hike with a tasteful difference,

sizes, right up to the incredible Krimml

brought back down to the valley at the

no doubt made to an old recipe,

on creation but don’t like the thought

Salzburgerland has nine trails known

Waterfalls, which fall a total of 380m

very start of autumn in late September.

handed down through the generations,

of hiking up to the viewpoint, the good

as the ‘Via Culinaria’. Each of these

over three stages – the biggest drop in

and created with only locally sourced

news is that there are many chairlifts,

routes take you to a selection of ‘taste

Central Europe.

ingredients. Yum!

gondolas and cable cars that can take

addresses’ – places of culinary interest

The opportunities for watery pleasure

You can enjoy everything from an easy

the strain on the uphill stretches so you

on a theme like fish, meat or mountain

are almost endless – from just taking

half-day walk on a gentle valley or

can just amble downhill all the way.

herbs – so a fascinating and delicious

in the view or spending a leisurely day

It’s difficult to think of a more beautiful

meadow path to the most demanding

Of course, you don’t have to walk.

reward for your walking efforts.

fishing, boating or open-air swimming in

and refreshing hiking destination than

multi-day hikes taking you up into the

Cycling and mountain biking are big

SalzburgerLand, a natural paradise of


in SalzburgerLand with thousands of

stunning mountain peaks and crystal-

One of the most famous multi-day hikes

kilometres of trails to explore across

clear lakes where you feel your soul

is the 350km-long Salzburger Almenweg

the area including exciting, lift-accessed

being cleansed as soon as you arrive in

trail, which weaves its way through

downhill mountain-biking runs if you’re

Water is a big feature of SalzburgerLand

rafting or canoeing.

the midst of it all.

meadows and forests of the Pongau

feeling brave.

with more than 180 lakes, and some of the

Let’s not forget that water can be warming

For hikers there are thousands of miles

region with waterfalls and mountains

As you would expect it’s not just well

biggest and best in the Salzkammergut,

too. SalzburgerLand is rich in thermal

of well-maintained, clearly marked hiking

aplenty to gaze at along the way, and lots

maintained and signposted routes you

the Salzburg Lake District, just a short way

springs and there are plenty of spa baths

trails to enjoy, with the added bonus that

of those fabulous mountain huts to rest in

can find but also dozens of special bike

away from the city.

where you can indulge in a soak as well

there are 170 certified Alpine Summer

en route too.

hotels and biking B&Bs, complete with

Some of the best known and most

as pamper yourself with a spa treatment.


020 // JUN18  PROMO

the crystal-clear, drinking-water-quality


lakes to getting a little more active, perhaps SUPing or water skiing on a lake or joining a group for some white-water



Don’t Forget The City

city or take the Mönchsberg funicular

amazing tricks to wow participants and

where a 30-second journey will

spectators alike.

(Everyman) on the Cathedral Square.

them all easier to access it’s well worth investing in the SalzburgerLand Card.

24–27 August: Jazz Festival, Saalfelden

Available in 6- or 12-day versions it’s a

22–24 June: Adidas Infinite Trails

If you love jazz you’ll already know that the

handy little tool which provides the holder

out to those many natural treasures of

World Championships, Gastein Valley

famous festival in Saalfelden has been THE

with free or reduced entry to 190 attractions

SalzburgerLand beyond.

Some of Europe and the world’s best

place to be each August for more than 30

and events across the region including

Salzburg Old Town is a place of beautiful

runners will be in SalzburgerLand for this

years. If you don’t yet realise you love jazz,

thermal spas, mountain festivals, cable

old buildings, enticing cafes and

top-class Trail Running event at the very

perhaps this is the summer to find out?

cars, bathing lakes, museums, castles,

While we’ve been enthusing about the

elevate you 60m, giving you unrivalled

many natural wonders of SalzburgerLand,

panoramic views across the city and

Salzburg itself is a sensational spot for a city break.

restaurants, open-air squares lined with

A Summer Of Festivals

start of summer.

scenic train rides and much, much more. 9 September: Eddy Merckx Classic

boutiques – in short it’s a place that it’s a pleasure just to wander around.

It can add to the fun of a SalzburgerLand

23 June: Stoabergmarsch24,

Ride side by side with the cycling legend

But the wonders of nature are never

summer holiday if you time your visit so


Eddy Merckx (if you can keep up) in this

far away even in the city centre when

that you can attend one of the numerous

This year’s Stoabergmarsch24, a 24-hour

cycling race that’s in a class of its own

you’re in Salzburg. There are many

festivals taking place in the region all

hike between Tyrol and Salzburg for

through the Fuschlsee region and the

public gardens across the city in bloom,

through the summer season.

hardcore hikers, takes place from 23 to

Salzburg Lake District.

probably the most famous being the

There are, literally, hundreds more

24 June, 2018.

flowers of the Mirabell Gardens.

festivals in SalzburgerLand once the

There’s plenty of water to enjoy in the

season begins. Here’s a choice selection:

city too including open-air swimming

21 July–31 August: Salzburg Festival

Getting To Salzburg This Summer British Airways offers regular, direct flights from London Gatwick to Salzburg.

The SalzburgerLand Card

Running from late July then right through

Choose from great-value hand-baggageonly fares, or why not treat yourself and travel in style in Club Europe (Business),

pools, such as the Leopoldskroner Bad,

7–10 June: Out of Bounds Festival, Leogang

August, the most significant cultural event

Having read so far you’ll know that

which includes lounge access and food

the AYA and the Volksgarden swimming

Europe’s bike park season gets off to

in Salzburg features around 180 operas,

you’re spoilt for choice during summer in

and drink on board. Tickets cost from

pool which are all close by.

a flying start (literally) with this thrilling

concerts, readings and theatre performances

SalzburgerLand with literally hundreds of

only £37 each way, including all taxes.

You can hike up to the castle above the

event featuring high-speed downhills and

each year, including the famous “Jedermann”

different activity options to try. To make

Book at ba.com/Salzburg






stunning waterfall inside with crystal-clear mountain spring water falling down the mountain. Paddling further along the coast we quickly reached the famous "Schweinebucht", popular with windsurfers. We then reached the Windsurf Hotel Pier where we had a quick cappuccino break at the bar before the water got busy with windsurfers. The Ora now started to blow gently, just perfect to paddle back to Riva where we stopped for lunch at Spiaggia de Olivo, a very cool bar at the beachfront. There are plenty of eating and drinking choices in Riva, but this place is just perfect as we could take our

Our plan was to paddle from Torbole to Riva del

boards right next to it.

Garda, a bustling town located at the northern end

After lunch we slowly paddled back to Torbole, the

of the lake, with mountains rising on either side. In

water definitely now a bit more hectic so we were

order to return with the famed Ora (south wind) that

happy that we had started so early. Arriving back we

tends to blow in later in the morning, we decided to

hit the Beach Bar for a nice sundowner – a perfect

start early.

SUP day Italian style!

Starting at Circolo Vela Club right at Torbole's Beachfront we pumped up our inflatable SUP boards and paddled along the beach, passing the Surf

Further Info

Segnana Surf Center, where we also met a lot of fellow SUPs.

There is a big choice of accommodation for all tastes

It was beautiful to be out on the Lake so early as

and budgets, but make sure it's close to the lake

the water was super-smooth and the air still fresh.

before booking:

The beachfront at Riva was very quiet and when we

gardasee.de, visitgarda.com;

arrived in the harbour, we took a small break and climbed up the beach to have a quick glimpse at the

SUP and windsurf rental:

historic centre, which is set back from the lake.

segnanagroup.it, vascorenna.com;

We did not stay out of the water long as we wanted to be back before the Ora started, so we carried

Extra tips:

on paddling further towards Limone. The coast was

spiaggiadegliolivi.it, gelateriaflora.com,

ever-changing and full of surprises, the best of which

hotelcentraletorbole.it, hotelsantoni.com,

was a little hidden cave we checked out and found a

hoteltorbole.it, circolosurftorbole.com



Lake Garda, the largest lake in Italy, is well known for watersports, hiking and mountain biking, but these days Stand Up Paddling (SUP) is a great way to see the pretty landscape around the lake from a different angle. You can tour the coast with a few coffee or ice-cream breaks and sightseeing: SUP "Dolce Vita" style!

022 // JUN18

022 // JUN18



www.slovenia.info #ifeelsLOVEnia

Home to the Alps, the Mediterranean, the Pannonia Plain and the Karst, Slovenia is one of the most green and diverse countries on the planet. Slovenians share a love for nature and outdoor activities with opportunities for adventures throughout the year, from the beautiful coastline to hiking in the Julian Alps, kayaking in the upper Soča valley, and skiing the awesome mountain peaks of Kranjska Gora.

The newly re-opened Planica Nordic Centre boasts the world’s steepest zipline, a 566m long adventure that allows adrenaline seekers to experience the feeling of ski jumping off the world’s longest flying hill. Slovenia is the perfect active holiday destination for everyone!

Home Alps, the Mediterranean, the Pannonia Home toto thethe Alps, the Mediterranean, the Pannonian Plain and thePlain Karst,and the Karst, A special tip: Adria Airways is flying Manchester – Ljubljana twice a Slovenia is one of the and diverse on the planet. You’re invited to most explore year of outdoor adventures in diverse Slovenia. week during the summer season 2017! For more information please Slovenia is one of the agreen most green andcountries countries on the planet.

Vir: Bananaway

During summer, water sports enthusiasts delight in rafting and visit: www.adria.si through deep Ingorges andautumn pastthere’s dramatic spring and nothingwaterfalls, better than surfing Slovenians share a love forcanyoning nature and outdoor activities Slovenians share a historic lovethefor nature The newly re-opened Planica Nordic Centre boasts the world’s steepest on the coastline andand stand-up paddle-boarding on serene experiencing theoutdoor vivid colours ofactivities the changing seasons with opportunities for adventures throughout year, through the extensive biking and hiking trails, from place easier in from the beautiful coastline to hiking Julian lakes andin the stunning salt flats. Capital city Ljubljana is the only with opportunities for adventures throughout the year, zipline, a 566m long adventure that allows adrenaline seekers to short trails along the valleys and foothills to demanding Alps, kayaking in the upper Soča Valley, and skiing the the world where visitors can try stand-up paddle-boarding on a river from the beautiful coastline to trails hiking in the Julian Alps, experience the feeling of ski jumping off the world’s longest flying hill. in high mountains with outstanding views of the awesome mountain peaks of Kranjska Gora. flowing through a city, the Ljubljanica. A perfect opportunity to Slovenia mix Alpine peaks.  kayaking in the upper Soča valley, and skiing the awesome is the perfect active holiday destination for everyone! culture with active You’re invited to explore a the year of outdoor adventures in and adventure experience, delivering a perfect mountain peaks of Kranjska Gora. Slovenia. During summer, water-sports enthusiasts Active City Break delight holiday.The newly re-opened Planica Nordic Centre boasts the

A special tip: Adria Airways is flying Manchester – Ljubljana twice a allows adrenaline seekers to experience the feeling of ski dramatic surfing on explore the historic coastline You’rewaterfalls, invited toIn yearandofthere’ outdoor adventures Slovenia. week during the summer season 2017! For more information please spring anda autumn s nothing better thanin experiencing the vivid jumping off the world’s longest flying hill. Slovenia is the stand-up paddle-boarding on serene lakes and stunning During summer,colours water sports enthusiasts delight in rafting and visit: www.adria.si of the seasons through the extensive biking and hiking perfect active holiday destination for everyone! salt flats. Capital city Ljubljana is the only placechanging in the from easier the valleys and foothills to demanding world where visitorsthrough can trytrails, stand-up paddle-boarding on trails canyoning deep gorgesshort and pastalong dramatic waterfalls, surfing A special tip: Adria Airways is flying Manchester a river flowing through a city, the Ljubljanica. A perfect in high mountains with outstanding views of on the Alpine on the historictrails coastline and stand-up paddle-boarding serene–peaks. Ljubljana once a week during summer 2018! opportunity to mix the culture with active and adventure Green. Active. Healthy. lakes and stunning salt City flats. Capital Ljubljana isplease the only place in For more information visit: www.adria.si experience, delivering a perfect Active Break holiday.  city the world where visitors can try stand-up paddle-boarding on a river flowing through a city, the Ljubljanica. A perfect opportunity to mix the culture with active and adventure experience, delivering a perfect world’s steepest zip line, a 566m-long adventure that



in rafting and canyoning through deep gorges and past

7–II JUN 18

I4–I7 JUN 18

Tour de Troops


Mountain of Hell

The Tour de Troops is a five-day endurance Land’s End-to-

USA. FIBArk stands for “First in Boating the Arkansas”—

Les 2 Alpes, France. The MTB event that has been going

John o’Groats cycling challenge that’s part of the Captain

it’s a three-day festival held in Salida, Colorado, that

from strength to strength for the past 19 years. Around 700

James Wadsworth Challenge, in aid of military charity The

started in the 1950s after two friends bet each other

experienced mountain bikers line up at the highest start

Felix Fund, which raises money and awareness to support

who’d win a race from Salida to Cañon City on the

line for an MTB competition (3,400m) and descend over

the Explosive Ordnance Disposal community.

Arkansas River. fibark.com

snow, stones, rock, banks and undergrowth 2,500 vertical

The areas of Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit on Mexico’s Pacific Coast are building up their reputation as adventure tourism destinations.




29 JUN–I JUL 18

Vallarta Adventures (vallarta-adventures.com/ en/) offer everything from jungle safaris to zip lining through the Sierra Madre Mountains. For an adventure off the beaten track, head to Altavista, home to one of the largest-known concentrations of ancient stone engravings.

NEW CYCLING PACKAGES IN SLOVAKIA Jasna Adventures has launched new summer

metres over 25km.

cycling packages for mountain bikers and road cyclists in and around the mountain resort of Jasna. Known for its value-for-money ski offering, the mountain bike terrain around Jasna includes a combination of lift-serviced downhill riding, single

7–29 JUL 18

20 JUL I8

I0–19 AUG I8

Tour de France

Hardrock 100

Crankworx World Tour Finale


track and cross-country trails. Packages include accommodation, cooked breakfast, guided MTB cycling, on-call road support, transfers and more. jasnaadventures.co.uk

MINDFULNESS & WELLNESS DAY RETREAT The Elan Spa at Mallory Court, Warwickshire’s newest spa, has launched a new wellness retreat. Learn how to live in the moment, nurturing awareness of your body, mind and emotions

The 2018 Tour de France will be the 105th

USA. One of the longest-established ultra trail runs,

The massive Crankworx World Tour culminates at its home

through the practice of mindfulness. Experience

edition of the 21-stage Tour de France, one

or “endurance run” as it prefers to be called, the first

base of Whistler for the 15th year, having seen riders

mindful eating, guided breathing, meditation and

of cycling’s three Grand Tours. The world’s

Hardrock race was staged more than 25 years ago in

perform the extraordinary and launch into the realm of the

best cyclists will compete over a total

1992. It’s 161km long and involves just over 10,000m of

unimaginable, riding faster, climbing further, flying higher

distance of 3,329km.

vertical climbing. hardrock100.com

and going bigger than previously thought to be possible.

walks to lift your spirits. The Mindfulness and Wellness Day Retreat costs £185pp. mallory.co.uk

NEW ALPINE COASTER OPENING IN TIROL The new Alpbachtaler Lauser Sauser alpine coaster on the Wiedersbergerhorn Mountain in the Alpbachtal Valley opened in May, just in time for summer. The raised track ride starts at an altitude

S U M M E R C A L E N D A R 27 AUG–2 SEP I8

29–30 SEP I8

UTMB® 2018

Enduro World Series Finale


Chamonix, France. One of the world’s toughest ultra

Ligure, Italy. The eighth and final leg of

The 51st staging of the OMM (Original Mountain

trail races, with a choice of five courses this year

the Enduro World mountain biking series

Marathon) will see more than 1,000 people take to

including the original UTMB® at 171km with 10,000m

rolls into Italy after stops in Canada, Chile,

the hills. This year the organisers have so far said

of vertical climbing and others from 40km/2,300m

Colombia, France, Italy, Spain and along the

that the daddy of mountain marathons will take

vertical climbing to 300km/26,000m vertical

Austrian/Slovenian border since the tour

place in the southwest of England. They’ll tell us

climbing. utmbmontblanc.com

started in March.

exactly where in late September.


of 1,845m – descends more than 134 vertical metres over two jumps and through two 360° twists – and reaches speeds of up to 42kph. At the end of the ride, the coaster carries passengers (and the sledge) back to the top. visittirol.co.uk

NEW ART RETREATS IN THE FRENCH PYRENEES L’Ancienne Post, Avajan, a luxurious catered chalet

27–28 OCT I8

in the French Pyrenees, is running two Art Retreats in September. The seasons in the Pyrenees mountains are simply stunning with its constantly changing light and colours, and artists will be inspired and uplifted by the sheer beauty of our natural surroundings. The seven nights’ holidays with resident artist Jacqueline Williams, and host James Dealtry to look after you, costs €999pp (around £880pp). ancienneposteavajan.com @LTMOUNTAINS



The world is full of amazing destinations, many of which we’ve noted down for our “must-seesometime-in-our-lives” personal destination bucket list.

an amazing mountainscape just isn’t enough; they have to do something


Tanzania, Africa

while they’re there that no one has

Tanzania’s ice glaciers years ago. He

gone in as little as five years.

hadn’t set an urgent deadline to do so

Faced with the daunting first task

until he learned that more than 90% of

of acclimatising to the altitude, Will

done before – often involving a kayak,

Kilimanjaro is a favourite for charity treks,

the ice on top of Kilimanjaro had already

commented, “At 6,000m it’s challenging

a mountain bike, ice crampons or some

but at 5,895m high this dormant volcano


to even walk. Even before we reached

other piece of extreme sports kit.

is no walk in the park.

In fact, the entire 20km2 peak of Africa’s

the glaciers, I was gasping for air like

So here we profile 10 of the world’s most

National Geographic Adventurer of the

tallest mountain was once covered

a fish out of water. We would have to

amazing places, spread across seven

Year, Will Gadd, had long been on a

with ice, but intense melting has left

collapse just to breathe sometimes.” This

For some people, though, just going

continents, and also some of the sports and

quest to climb ice on every continent

behind nothing but a handful of rare ice

was special and extremely important

to look at an incredible waterfall or

adventure achievements made at them.

in the world, and had decided to climb

formations that will likely be completely

because it was the last ice of its kind. I


025 // JUN18

felt so very lucky to be there.”


Ireland, Europe You’ve seen them in films as The Cliffs of Insanity (inconceivable…) in The Princess

Bride and as the setting for Harry

some dives by the cliffs, believed to

Bonifay, Adam Errington, Cutun Martin

a bit for the first 30 or 40 feet, but then

“The ground in Cappadocia has been

be the first cliff dives in an area where

and Tomas Karagozian went to Argentina

the water takes over,” he explained.

hardened by wind and rain over many

usually Atlantic puffins and more than

to attempt the feat, successfully writing a

20 other bird species fly high above

new chapter in wakeboard history.

the water.


Argentina, South America

USA, North America

bicycle track. It is extremely challenging


for doing tricks, but the incredible

Turkey, Asia

chimneys and other rock formations are so beautiful. It's like nature designed the

With its name meaning “Land of Beautiful

perfect place for my sport.”

Horses” in Persian, Cappadocia has been Standing an incredible 57m tall,

a cultural crossroads between Europe and

horcruxes, but the entirely vertical cliffs

Southern Patagonia is a beautiful area

the Palouse Falls in the US state of

Asia since the first settlers arrived in the

on the Irish west coast, including the

with locations like the Torres Del Paine

Washington are even higher than the

region during the first Palaeolithic era.

fabled blowhole of Serpent’s Lair on

national park that boast incredible

legendary Niagara Falls.

Multi-world champion Petr Kraus from the

Inis Mór, are part of a UNESCO Global

mountains, glaciers, lakes and rivers.

Extreme kayaker Rafael Ortiz recently

Czech Republic spent 10 days exploring

Iceland is a waterfall kayaking mecca. It

Geopark. The cliffs stretch for five

People visit to hike the partial or full

paid them a visit – and became only the

the UNESCO World Heritage Site in

is an island with a huge glaciated ice cap

miles as the crow flies, reaching their

circuit around the remarkable granite

second person ever to paddle over the

Central Anatolia on his bike.

in the middle that melts during spring

maximum height of 214m, just north of

peaks and just take in the amazing views,

edge. The impact of hitting the churning

“The thing that makes Cappadocia so

and summer months sending waterfalls

the 1835-built O’Brien’s Tower.

but until 2013 no one had ridden the

white water at the bottom was so

beautiful is the struggle of volcanic rock

off in every direction towards the sea.

Last summer, Australian Rhiannan

glacier-filled waters of Patagonia on a

intense that the Mexican was catapulted

against wind and water. I found something

Aldeyjarfoss is Iceland’s most famous

Iffland and Britain’s former Olympian

wakeboard before.

out of the kayak.

of myself in the beauty of Cappadocia,”

waterfall in Kayaking circles and for a few

Blake Aldridge decided to perform

On their trip five years ago, Parks

“You can steer the kayak with your body

explained Kraus, who continued,

years from 1996 held the Guinness World


Iceland, Europe

026 // JUN18













Potter and Albus Dumbledore hunting


millennia and today resembles a huge


Record for the highest free fall in a kayak.

means “the wolf's tooth” in Norwegian) a

session” covering four pools with a total

Paredes decided to dive off it, launching

Shaun Baker broke the world record for

sharp peak first mapped in the 1950s and

length of 80m.

themselves from a spray-soaked ledge

the longest free fall there then when he ran

climbed in 1994.

Respect for the environment was a

in the shadow of Victoria Falls, whose

the 19.8m drop. It has only been paddled

Rosov is reported to have flown for 45

priority, the team insist, saying they

indigenous name is Mosi-oa-Tunya, "the

by a handful of kayakers and is renowned

seconds before deploying his parachute.

made certain that the plants and wildlife

Smoke that Thunders". They first attempted

for dishing out serious beatings including

weren’t disturbed during the event.

lower jumps (21m, 22m and 24m) before

Mount Bromo is perhaps the most well-

broken bones.

"The whole project was a real adventure

tackling the ultimate 30m dive.

known volcano in East Java's Bromo

for us and the team. It is still incredible

Both usually dive from a height between

Tengger Semeru National Park, thanks to its

that we were wakeskating at such a

26.5 and 28m when competing on the Red

accessibility and epic sunrise views. Three

fascinating place!" commented Brian.

Bull Cliff Diving World Series. With 13 world

years ago, Austrians Dominic Roithmair

You may not have heard of the Banaue

titles and two Guinness world records,

and Marco Fuerst went to skydive with the

rice terraces of the Philippines, nor of

Colombia’s Duque has already dived near

Indonesian flag over the active volcano.

the Statue of Liberty and off a 28m-high

“You can't feel the heat,” said Marco

tree branch deep in the Amazon jungle.

Waltenspiel, one of the pilots of the plane

Mexico’s Paredes won his first World

the pair jumped from, "but you can smell


The Philippines, Asia





East Java, Indonesia, Asia

a sport called “wakeskating” but the

windiest, driest, and highest of the seven

famous rice terraces of Banaue are

continents. This desert continent is,

one of those places sometimes named

however, stunningly beautiful and home

“the Eighth Wonder of the World”, and

It’s the world’s largest waterfall by total

Series stop in 2015 and recently placed

the sulphur."

to millions of penguins.

wakeskating seems to be a lot like

area. Located between Zambia and

second at the High Diving World Cup.

Dominic and Marco leapt out of a

In December 2010 it also received

wakeboarding but on a smaller board.

Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls is a sightseeing

“Diving in a place like this just shows you

helicopter at over 4,000m for the scenic,

a visit from Russian Valery Rozov as

Professional wakeskaters Brian Grubb

classic, transporting an astonishing 1,088m3

the power of Nature,” said an ecstatic

stunning flight down to the volcano, which

part of a BASE Jump Expedition to the

and Dominik Preisner travelled there for

per second of water down an 110m cliff.

Duque straight off the water after a

sits 2,200m above Jakarta.

2,830m-high Ulvetanna mountain (which

what was described as “an epic winch

Cliff divers Orlando Duque and Jonathan

successful jump.









Zambia & Zimbabwe, Africa



Antarctica is on average the coldest,

027 // JUN18

in the

St Anton am Arlberg

Mountain bikers will find 350km of marked routes to enjoy, either using their own pedal power or the e-bike option. Both kinds of bike,

St Anton already boasts a fantastic network of 300km of well-marked trails

and all the assistance you might need, are available from numerous

of varying lengths and degrees of difficulty for everything from a relaxing

rental shops. Trails are classified blue (easy), red (moderate) or black

afternoon stroll to the most hardcore of hikes up to (or down from) the

(tough) with routes leading over mountains, meadows and romantic

region’s highest peak, the Valluga (2,811m). A network of fast, comfortable

Alpine pastures.

lifts whisks you up the slopes if you prefer the downhill option.


The answer to your conundrum is to head to the Austrian Tirol, a

This summer the Galzig Panorama Trail can be easily reached, too, via a new

wonderful region of lakes, mountains, rolling hills and lush valleys

cable car. Here the whole family can learn about the Arlberg’s fascinating

where you can truly relax. You’ll have magnificent views at every turn,

history at the lovingly designed “Erlebniswelt – Adventure World”.

If you’d like to mix it up a little and stay in one of the world’s

and there’s a new hiking route (an incredible 24,000km of marked

One end of the Tirolean “Eagle Walk”, an iconic 413km long-distance

most beautiful cities, with its wonderful Old Town lined with cafes

hiking trails in fact) or mountain biking route (5,600km of designated

hiking trail, is located at St Christoph, St Anton’s neighbour. The route

and boutiques, but still be surrounded by mountains and wild

mountain bike tracks to ride) around every corner.

traverses the entire province in 24 stages and it’s possible to do as

nature, Innsbruck is your answer, as it combines Alpine and urban

If you want, you can just spend your holiday hiking or biking from

many or as few sections as you like, and take a more challenging or

experiences easily.

place to place, but where to go first?

easier route, keeping everyone happy.

You can, for example, jump on the Hungerburgbahn hybrid funicular

028 // JUN18  PROMO



You know you want to get active, but this usually means either heading to the back of beyond or finding a hiking route or biking track that’s hidden away on the edge of suburbia somewhere.




railway, designed by late architect Zaha Hadid, that starts in the city centre

tastes and ability levels from beginner to expert, and there are also plenty of

and 20 minutes later you are on top of the Nordkette mountain (2,000m) in

e-bikes to hire, along with many strategically spaced battery-charging points.

high-Alpine terrain where you might tackle the Götheweg hiking route along the summits of the mountains.


If you’d like a little guidance on your route, Innsbruck offers a mountain-

Tiroler Zugspitz Arena Located on the Austrian Tirol side of the border from Germany’s highest peak, the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena is an area that’s home to more than 150 hiking trails of various levels of difficulty. There’s a wide range of guided

hiking programme Monday to Friday from June until October with different

The new Three Day Alpine Pasture Tour in Alpbachtal Valley takes trekkers to

hikes too, with everything from sunrise to sunset tours all the way to

three- to four-hour hikes offered completely for free to hotel guests.

the most beautiful spots between Reith, Alpbach and Inneralpbach. It’s part

the orchid or herbal hikes – the trails lead to green hillsides, impressive

For cyclists and mountain bikers, the Innsbruck region with its picturesque

of 900km of marked hiking trails in the region. The three-day tour is perfect

waterfalls and mysterious mountain lakes.

villages is a true Mecca, offering a wide spectrum of routes suitable for

for families or those new to the sport, while more ambitious hikers can try the

Mountain bikers can select their personal favourites from more than 100

all. These range from gentle cycle paths along the river Inn to challenging

Four Day Tour across the Brandenberg Alps and Rofan mountain range.

signposted trails on the online trail portal. Those looking for a gentler ride

tracks through steep Alpine terrain. The “Genuss Radweg” culinary cycle

For those on two wheels there are more than 20 well-marked mountain bike

might opt to ride to the Heiterwanger See lake, while those seeking a

tour is a particular favourite for those who prefer a more leisurely route, as is

routes. Along with challenging runs for experts there are gentle meadow

greater challenge might choose the free-ride trail on Grubigstein in Lermoos

renting e-bikes, which are widely available.

paths, mountain trails and rambling cycling routes ideal for e-biking. For

with its jumps and obstacles.

From 22 to 30 September the Road World Championships will be in town

road cyclists there are 22 tours to choose from that start centrally from

featuring the 1,000 best male, female and junior road cyclists who will come

Rattenberg, one of the stages on the 2018 Road World Championships. The

together for a showdown in Innsbruck. Around 400,000 spectators are

use of summer cable cars and of the regional bus service is included in the

expected in the city and along the race routes.

Alpbachtal Seenland Card.

St Johann in Tirol


St Johann is located at the other end of the famous long-distance Eagle’s

Kitzbühel has a proven track record as a true hiking, cycling and mountain

history and the fauna and flora.

Trail to St Christoph, but it’s just one of many hiking trails in the region –

biking paradise and now has more than 1,000km of well-signposted hiking

The gentle walk to the Filzmoos Moor is ideal for families, taking you

there are over 200km of trails altogether.

trails of all levels of difficulty.

through some thriving wildlife habitats. Keep an eye out for frogs,

The 79km Koasa long-distance trail, divided into five stages and covering

There are all types of walks to enjoy around Kitzbühel, whether along the banks of

dragonflies, butterflies and songbirds as you traverse the soft grasses of the

3,750m of altitude difference, takes you in a big circle around the region.

the streams in the village or high up in the Alpine meadows at over 2,000m, with

Alpine meadows. Weather permitting, you can even take off your shoes and

But there are many other well-signed hiking paths and forest trails and

the majestic mountain backdrop of the craggy peaks of Wilder Kaiser mountains.

walk barefoot. The Niederau Open Air Band Concert is another favourite for

themed walks, where nature lovers can hike over Alpine pastures, conquer

Special themed hikes, unique to the village, include the self-explanatory

all during your stay in the region.

high mountain peaks, explore wildly romantic mountain lakes and waterfalls

Horngipfel breakfast sunrise walk to the Kitzbüheler Horn. You can also

Hikers can use the free Wildschönau Card and take the cable car to the

or climb through gorges and canyons.

enjoy culinary treats at the high-altitude Hornköpfl.

peak of Markbachjoch at the heart of the Tirolean Alps en route to the

Natural spectacles here include the Grießbach Gorge in Erpfendorf and the

For a summer experience of Kitzbühel’s famous winter-sports racing

beautiful Rosskopf peak. Here a four-hour hike around the mountain is a

Kaiserbachtal Valley nature conservation area.

heritage, there’s a Streif biking or hiking route to see the course where the

great introduction to the area, with awe-inspiring views over the valley and

In addition, several hundred kilometres of cycle and mountain bike paths run

world-famous Hahnenkamm is run each January, or to the Seidlalm where

an opportunity to stop off at the Holzalm mountain hut where you can enjoy

through the region’s Kitzbühel Alps. Again, there are tracks and trails for all

the Alpine Skiing World Cup was first run in 1966.

homemade cheeses produced by the local master cheesemakers.

Wildschönau Wildschönau is a haven for hikers, with 300km of walking trails. Guided walks are offered from Monday to Friday showing guests the most picturesque spots on partially easy and partially challenging routes, but all in the safe hands of a local guide who imparts fascinating facts about local









030 // JUN18

030 // JUN18




When you’re looking for a stunningly beautiful base for your summer mountain holiday, it’s hard to beat Switzerland. Here the still snow-capped mountains rise higher, the green valleys are as lush as they can possibly be and the vistas are, well, just breathtaking.

A Network of 200km of Road Cycling Routes From the Rhône Valley to Alpine passes, a network of 200km of road routes, carefully planned by Tour de

views of the Valais Alps, and to take advantage of the

the different local wines.

proximity of other courses in the valley, such as those

If you want a strongly wine-themed mountain holiday,

of nearby Sierre and Sion.

there are also special wine events, such as the Wine

A Hiking Paradise

France regular Steve Morabito, await you, in order to

and Local Produce Fair in March, the Open Cellars in May and the Temps du Cornalin event in September. But whenever you visit you also have an opportunity

explore the wealth of nature in the region.

The possibilities for walks in the region are infinite.

to plunge yourself into traditional “savoir-faire”, meet

These divide into 10 routes of varying intensity, all allowing

Alongside a stream or a lake, in the forest or mountain

passionate producers and even help with the grape

you to immerse yourself in the surrounding countryside in

pasture, a wide network of 300km of clearly marked

harvest if you wish.

all of its diversity. The roads lead you past vineyards, lakes,

and maintained paths delight nature lovers.

A glass of local wine, a fondue and breathtaking views

picturesque villages and even Alpine pastures.

The Valais region is famed for its “bisses” – historic

– isn’t that the definition of happiness?

As well as a reputation for normally sunny weather, if

irrigation channels – and many walks run at the side

And none more so than the spectacular region that

you’re after some added excitement on your cycling

of these. Why not opt, for example, for the Bisse du

surrounds Crans-Montana in the Swiss Alps. With its lakes,

holiday, the area also offers several events for cycling

Tsittoret, an irrigation canal constructed in the 15th

forests, glacier and vineyards, the region has something to

fans, such as Cycling for Children, a race organised by

century, which is known as it is a magnificent walk, with

offer every nature and mountain-sports lover.

UNICEF in June, and the Tour des Stations, which takes

gentle slopes that are accessible to everyone.

In Crans-Montana, plenty of mountain huts and

Stretching from the Rhône Valley right to the Plaine

place in the month of August.

You’ll be using your calf muscles at the beginning,

restaurants will be happy to welcome you for traditional

but you’ll quickly forget the effort when you see the

dishes such as raclette or Valais platters, served with rye

magical views that the region has to offer.

bread and the highly renowned local air-dried meat.

A stop at the Colombire Eco-museum will provide you with

Quality local produce, lots of food and wine events, and

a chance to catch your breath, while also learning a bit

passionate local artisans and chefs illustrate the riches

Morte Glacier at 3,000m, Crans-Montana is a sunny region with a breathtaking view over a string of mountain peaks that unfold from Bietschhorn to Mont

One of the Most Beautiful Golf Courses in the World

Blanc via the Matterhorn.

Gastronomy Touches the Mountaintops

Sports fans, too, will be delighted to discover a large

Crans-Montana is a prime golf destination. Over a century

more about the history and organisation of life in a “mayen”.

of the region’s gastronomy. Indeed, Crans-Montana is

array of amenities dedicated to sporting activities,

of tradition has forged the destination’s reputation

Along the route of this pretty walk, several restaurants

delighted to have two Michelin-starred establishments

while cultural devotees will enjoy the wide range of

worldwide, alongside its famous courses, the Severiano

are waiting to welcome you for refreshments, and

among its many restaurants, Franck Reynaud’s Hostellerie

museums, events and festivals.

Ballesteros (18 hole) and the Jack Nicklaus (9 hole).

there’s even a chance to taste a few local cheeses.

du Pas de l’Ours and LeMontBlanc by Pierre Crepaud.

In fact, Crans-Montana combines all the benefits of the

One special treat is Hole Number 7 on the Severiano

urban lifestyle within a mountain setting, with a wide

Ballesteros course, which is widely considered one of

selection of restaurants ranging from mountain huts to

the most beautiful in the world. It offers 180° views over

award-winning restaurants, numerous boutiques and

the neighbouring summits, and the magical Weisshorn.

shops, a wellness centre, a variety of entertainment and

A chance to reach new heights!

Thanks to its soil, and especially its sunny weather,

But if you’re ready for a culinary round-the-world trip,

a vibrant nightlife.

In September many golf lovers congregate for the

Crans-Montana is an ideal region for growing grapes.

you’re in the right place! For a change of scene, you

Here are five reasons why Crans-Montana is the place

Omega European Masters, now in its 72nd year,

Both modern and rustic cellars, all of them very

have the opportunity to enjoy a Lebanese, Japanese,

to spend your summer mountain holiday:

but others are simply happy to enjoy the wonderful

welcoming, will open their doors to introduce you to

Argentinian or Italian meal too in Crans-Montana.


A High-Quality Wine-Producing Region

Thanks to their incredible talent, these two French chefs, Valaisan by adoption, interpret with great delicacy all the different flavours to be found in the local produce.


The world is full of lakes of are roughly 109,610km2 of them some have a bigger reputatio particular type


There are features on Lakes Garda and Annecy elsewhere in this magazine, but here we detail 10 more of the world’s great lakes worthy of your attention.

Ullswater Lake District, England At nearly 13km long, Ullswater is a seriously big stretch of water which has a big lake feel

Southwesterly winds typically funnel down

2,120m long and 1,380m wide, is the most

frame and skill level. For those looking for

vast it is virtually an “inland sea”. Fringed

the lake, creating downwinders, 48kph winds

popular of all, an Alpine lake that is home to

a shorter trip, the west side of the circuit

by beaches of golden sand it is not only a

which generate a metre-high rolling wave

Slovenia’s only island. Traditional wooden

can be paddled in two to four days. It is

scenic wonderland but a popular destination

that’s easy to ride. It usually begins at the

boats – pletnas – have been taking visitors

recommended that those who attempt the

for sailing, including in a traditional wooden

Steamer Pier car park in Glenridding village

to the island in the middle of the lake for

circuit have some wilderness canoeing

dhow, as well as other activities like scuba

and finishes at Pooley Bridge in the north.

centuries. These boats are operated by

experience. Spectacular views meet you

diving. malawitourism.com

Ullswater Paddleboarding rent

standing rowers known as pletnars – were

around every corner on the route, from

boards and offer guided tours.

these the first SUPers? bled.si

the very first in the Kibbee Lake channel.


Lake Bled Slovenia


Bowron Lakes Canada Technically not one lake but many, the

Lake Malawi Africa

Weissensee Austria Austria is full of crystal-clear lakes (see our Salzburgerland and Tirol features). This makes them great for scuba diving,

about it. With the mighty Helvellyn Mountain

Slovenia, a small nation with a population

Bowron Lakes circuit is a famous route for

The jewel in the crown of Malawi’s many

and while that’s not an activity permitted

towering above, its impressive scenery really

of just two million, is one of the most water-

canoes and kayaks which encompasses

natural attractions, Lake Malawi, Africa’s

at all of Austria’s lakes, it is a popular

adds to the experience.

rich countries in the world. It’s also a nation

a 116km chain of lakes, waterways and

third largest lake, was “discovered” by the

pastime at the Weissensee (White Lake) in

For SUP fans, crossing the length of the

of pristine nature and numerous flat-water

connecting waterways. This wilderness

missionary-explorer Dr David Livingstone

Carinthia. Around 11km long and 97m deep

lake, usually a three-hour, one-way trip,

Alpine lakes and gently flowing rivers.

canoe trip usually takes from 6 to 10 days

just over 150 years ago. Although totally

at its deepest point, the water is drinking-

is the ultimate Lakeland SUP experience.

The unbelievably picturesque Lake Bled,

to complete, depending on your time

landlocked, the 563km-long lake is so

water quality and during the summer can

032 // JUN18


f all shapes and sizes (there m altogether apparently), but on than others, often for one of water sport.


reach a balmy 24°C. In winter it’s a famed

Lake Geneva /Lac Léman Switzerland / France

Yellowstone Lake

Nicknamed “the pocket ocean”, the


Loch Ness Scotland

Lake Titicaca Bolivia / Peru

The largest single body of water in

Home to as much water as all the lakes in

The biggest lake in South America, some

the famous Yellowstone National Park,

England and Wales combined, Loch Ness

190km long and up to 80km wide, Lake

biggest lake in Western Europe is some

covering an impressive 323km2, is located

extends for approximately 37km southwest

Titicaca is also regarded as the “highest

73km long. The crescent-shaped lake was

almost 2.4km above sea level and spends

of Inverness, connected to the city 10km

navigable lake” in the world, with a

Llangorse Lake in Wales is a natural lake of

formed about 150,000 years ago thanks

more than half of the year under the ice.

away by the River Ness, one of the

surface elevation more than two miles up

approximately 160 hectares which allows

to the Rhône glacier melting and now

Even during the summer the water is cold

world’s shortest major rivers. Loch Ness

at 3,812m. There’s a vast choice of water

waterskiing and wakeboarding for ski

produces a micro-climate creating milder

at between 4.4°C and 16°C, but you can

is best known for alleged sightings of the

sports on offer here, and the snow-capped

boat owners so long as they’re registered

winters and refreshing summers locally.

warm yourself up by diving down to one

cryptozoological Loch Ness Monster, also

Andes, often cloaked in an ethereal mist,

members of British Water Ski & Wakeboard.

There are an estimated 20,000 boats

of the underwater thermal features that

known affectionately as “Nessie”. It’s good

are a spectacular backdrop against the

It is the only large natural lake in South

moored around the lake and a whole host

the Park is famous for on land. You’ll see

for water sports on top of the loch, but

electric blue waters.

Wales, and its great wildlife value is reflected

of water sports on offer including monoski,

steady streams of bubbles venting all

less so in the water due to water visibility

by its designation as a site of European

water skiing, wakeboard, snorkelling, lake

around you – some of which you can get

being exceptionally low due to a high peat

importance. There are zoning arrangements

sailing and many more … but jet ski is

close to, others you’re wise to keep your

content in the surrounding soil.

in place to help protect the wildlife and rules

forbidden due to the dangers. There are

distance from.

listed below to ensure the enjoyment of the

also about 100 beaches around the lake


lake by all. llangorselake.co.uk

for swimmers.

spot for ice diving once frozen over too. weissensee.com

Llangorse Lake Wales


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034 // JUN18

034 // JUN18


One of the best things about mountain biking is the places it can take you. From rainforests to deserts, from the mountains to the coast, there’s really no better way to explore than on two wheels. And if you’re thinking of saddling up this summer, but don’t know where to start, then look no further than the 2018 Enduro World Series (EWS) calendar.

Petzen–Jamnica, Austria/Slovenia If you’ve ever fancied riding in two countries in one day, now’s your chance. Petzen is an established ski resort and bike park in southern Austria, with trails of all levels from blue (easiest) right through to black (most difficult). Across the border in Slovenia awaits more trail, including some beautiful handcut single track. The region is home to the longest flow trail in the world at 11km long, and there’s even an underground trail that goes through the mountain if you fancy a completely new two-wheeled experience.

Now in its seventh year, the series’ mission statement

La Thuile, Italy

is to “find the best mountain biker in the world”. But

Nestled in the shadow of the iconic Mont Blanc,

don’t let that put you off, because it’s not just pro

this small Italian ski village is big on adventure. Lift

athletes that compete in this series – there’s a whole

access means you can save your legs and take in

lot of amateurs taking part too. Since its inception six

the breathtaking Alpine views en route to some of

years ago, the series has become a pretty reliable

the most scenic trails in Europe. The EWS will be

barometer of where the next big riding destination is

visiting this resort for the third time this summer

going to be.

and with good reason – the riding is a huge hit with

Chris Ball, Managing Director of the Enduro World

professionals and amateurs alike. Just a couple

Series, explains: “When we choose a race venue

of hours’ drive from Geneva airport, it’s pretty

it’s not just because there are great trails; there has

easy to get to this beautiful part of the world while

to be a strong local riding community as well. Our

still escaping the crowds that flock to its flashier

locations are more than just race venues: the travel,

neighbour, Chamonix.

the people you meet, the local riding scene – that’s all a really important part of the experience.”

Whistler, Canada

So without further ado, let us guide you through the

The iconic Whistler resort in British Columbia needs

EWS’s eight 2018 stops – it’s pretty much a bucket

very little introduction, such is its legendary status.

list of some of the best mountain bike riding the

Home to the most famous bike park on earth, this

world has to offer right now.

place is essentially Disneyland for mountain bikers.

Lo Barnechea, Chile

With everything from beginner trails to huge jumps and drops, it’s not hard to see why this place is

Sitting high in the Andes mountains but just a one-

revered by riders the world over. But away from the

hour drive from Santiago, Lo Barnechea hosted the

park it’s not hard to lose the lift queues on some of

first EWS round of the year back in March. At an

the lesser-known trails that span the Whistler valley.

altitude of over 2,000 metres the air may be thin up

And no Whistler trip would be complete without the

there, but there’s lift access available if you want to

obligatory post-ride lake swim before heading out to

save your legs and lungs for the fast, dusty trails. Lots

the resort’s equally legendary bar and club scene.

of the tracks here are long (up to 11km), but if you’re Parva Bike Park on site has you covered. Wherever

Aínsa, Spain

you go you are guaranteed stunning views of the

Perched atop a rugged cliff in the Sobrarbe region

surrounding mountains and to see some of the

of Spain sits the tiny medieval village of Aínsa.

region’s famous condors circling overhead.

Completely contained within ancient walls, walking

Manizales, Colombia

into Aínsa’s cobbled alleyways is like turning back the clock – a theme very much reflected in the

This thriving city in the heart of Colombia was the

area’s riding. Here the trail builders call themselves

second stop on this year’s EWS tour. The city itself

“trail archaeologists” because they’re not so much

is flanked by rainforest-covered hills and mountains,

creating trails as rediscovering them. Ancient trading

all of which are just a short drive from the city centre.

routes criss-cross this region – some dating back

Sitting right on the equator, Manizales’ tropical

to the sixth century – and one by one they are

climate means you’re guaranteed moist loamy trails,

being lovingly restored by hand and repurposed as

many of which make their way through some of the

mountain bike trails. The landscape is fascinating,

world’s most iconic coffee plantations. The city is

with many trails taking in abandoned villages that

crazy about cycling and plays host to both a myriad

offer a glimpse into the region’s past.

of big bike brands concept stores as well as local independent shops, meaning you’ll never be running

Finale Ligure, Italy

low on supplies.

Located on the beautiful Italian Riviera, Finale Ligure

Olargues-Montagnes du Caroux, France

is fast becoming one of Europe’s most talked-about mountain biking destinations. This bustling town on the shores of the Mediterranean has it all: sun, sea and

This quaint village in southwestern France is well

spectacular single track. Steep hills drop down to the

known by the French, but will be propelled onto the

shoreline, and with lots of dedicated uplift services

world stage this May when the EWS pays a visit.

on offer you don’t even have to break a sweat to get

This ancient little village may be sleepy, but the

to them. As famous for its gelato shops as its trails,

riding is anything but. Raw, rocky single track criss-

this place serves up the perfect balance of riding and

crosses the surrounding hills, with the expansive

relaxation. With numerous guides and tour operators

trail network stretching for miles. And with a warm,

in the area you’ll never be short of routes, and if the

Mediterranean climate, you’re almost guaranteed to

hot Italian sunshine proves too much you can always

be riding in the dry.

just head to the beautiful town beach.



after something a little less strenuous, then the La


Is there any better feeling than cycling through a beautiful mountain landscape with a group of friends, a day of exploration ahead and a gorgeous Alpine chalet to come back to?

the Pic Blanc has a vertical drop of more than 2,600m and is something you will always remember! For group entertainment off two wheels, there are two Via Ferrata routes in the area. Protected climbing routes, with ladders, ramps and cables to ensure safety, here even inexperienced climbers can experience the


thrill of scrambling up a rock face. With forested cliffs,

036 // JUN18

With almost 30 years’ experience in Vaujany, Peak

stunning waterfalls and a glorious Alpine meadow at the

Adventures, the summer operation of Ski Peak, are

end of your climb, the Oisans area is a beautiful place to

dedicated experts in the Oisans area and have all the

experience this mountain activity.

knowledge necessary to ensure you have the best

Around 30 minutes from Vaujany is the rafting and

cycling experience possible in the Alps this summer.

canoeing centre Vénéon Eaux Vives, which offers a

Vaujany, in the Oisans, Isère Valley, is a Mecca for

number of exhilarating experiences on the crystal-

alpine sports and activities. It’s a calm, charming resort

clear glacial river water. From whitewater rafting,

that is perfect for a relaxing break while at the same

canoeing and kayaking to “hydro-speed” body

time boasting a huge amount of activities and a great,

boarding, the whole group are guaranteed to have the

friendly atmosphere.

time of their lives!

For anyone that loves road cycling, the Oisans area

Speaking of water, there are also many beautiful

has more than its fair share of stunning routes, from

mountain lakes in the Oisans area. In particular, the

narrow mountain roads to soaring mountain passes

magnificent Lac du Lauvitel, a true hidden gem. To

and steep hillsides. The world-famous twists and turns

get there, it’s a walk up of about an hour and a half,

of Alpe d’Huez are a challenge many dream of taking

but it is well worth it. The beautiful blue water of this

on, and this is just one of hundreds of routes in the

lake is absolutely stunning and a delight to swim in –

area. Varying in difficulty, there are a range of different

definitely welcome after all the hiking!

challenges for each day of your trip, all surrounded

Peak Adventures have been operating in Vaujany since

by the incredible mountain scenery – snow-capped

1989 and are truly dedicated to the area. It is this passion

peaks, colourful Alpine meadows, traditional villages

and expertise that makes them the perfect choice for

and glacial waterfalls. It’s no wonder the area plays

mountain lovers. With beautiful comfortable rooms and

host to so many sporting events like the Tour de

passionate, knowledgeable staff, their accommodation

France, Le Marmotte sportive and the TIME triathlon.

is ideal for groups looking to really explore the area.

Vaujany is also a great place to base yourself if you’re

You can choose from catered and non-catered

interested in experiencing the famous Megavalanche

accommodation, which means that you have flexibility

Challenge. If you’re into freeride mountain biking,

within your group as to whether you want more

this is not one to miss – a week-long celebration of

freedom to cook for yourselves, or simply wish to sit

all things MTB, culminating in what is undeniably the

back at the end of a long day’s cycling, relax those tired

longest downhill race in the world. The descent from

legs and enjoy a fantastic meal without lifting a finger!



 Canyon 1 x E-MTB

Spectral:ON Men 7.0

£3,899 / €4,299 | CANYON.COM/EN-GB Exploration demands the luxury of time. And let’s face it, most of us don’t have a whole lot of time to spare in a day. That’s where a Spectral:ON 7.0 E-Bike with its Shimano 250w motor can come in really handy. You will have that extra level of speed that will redefine what are the outer limits of your usual two- or three-hour ride radius.

 Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR Baro £439.99 | ELLIS-BRIGHAM.COM Designed for use in the mountains. Its robust design is backed up with a feature set tailored to meet the demands of outdoor and training activities in the vertical world. Using GPS/ GLONASS, it provides advanced navigation features as well as accurately tracking speed, pace and distance. Featuring Suunto’s FusedAlti technology, it combines GPS and barometric data for more precise altitude information.

 Mountain Equipment Helium 250 Sleeping Bag  Mountain Equipment Cobra Hoody £64.99 | ELLIS-BRIGHAM.COM



Sacrifice comfort no longer with the Helium 250! A 700 fill down sleeping bag that is ideal for the weight conscious backpacker

Whether it’s climbing routes, coiling ropes or simply having a cuppa,

spending their summer outdoors. Weighing

the Cobra Hoody will keep you comfortable. Dri-release fabric gives

less than most bottles of water and with an

warmth, stretch and excellent moisture management while the slim fit,

impressive pack size to boot, this is one

relaxed hood and clean lines offer simple style for all-season use.

piece of kit you’ll want to boast about.

 Salomon Quest 4D 3 Hiking Boot £179.99 | ELLIS-BRIGHAM.COM Comfort reigns supreme. IN ASSOCIATION WITH

An updated 4D Advanced Chassis


improved High Traction Contagrip sole ensure optimal stability, cushioning and grip – all helping to reduce

 MSR Elixir 2 Tent

fatigue as you cover long distances.


Durable yet supportive uppers are backed with a waterproof GORE-TEX® membrane, so you can

The Elixir is a two-person backpacking

hike in confidence regardless of conditions or terrain.

tent at the top of its class. With easyaccess StayDry doors, two large vestibules and an internal space optimised for living, it’s ideal for

 Scarpa Crux Approach Shoes

multi-day use. Performance-orientated


components not only aid a fast set-up; they help keep the weight down too.

The latest incarnation of Scarpa’s much-loved Crux, with a cleaner

Great value for money, this superb

upper, revised lacing and a sculpted toe rand that provides

tent even comes supplied with

lightweight protection on rocky terrain. Ideal as an approach shoe,

a footprint for enhanced

underfoot you’ll find Vibram’s Megagrip rubber for impressive

durability – perfect for those

traction on hard packed trails and grassy slopes alike.

looking to spend their summer outdoors.

 UCO Flatpack Portable Grill and Firepit £39.99 | ELLIS-BRIGHAM.COM A flatpack portable grill and firepit in one, perfect for camping trips, beach barbeques, last-minute get-togethers ... you name it! Made from stainless steel, it’s lightweight, durable and easy to clean. Super quick to set up: simply unfold, place the grate on top and you’re ready to go. With a stable base and sides that act as wind breaks.

038 // JUN18


 Mountain Equipment Impellor GORE-TEX® Jacket

 Patagonia P6

 Inov-8 X-Talon



Patagonia’s P6 Organic Tee

Taking traction to new levels,

offering essential protection to climbers and ultra-runners in mountain

is a summer staple. Made

the X-Talon 230 is an off-trail


from organic cotton and cut

running shoe that’ll keep

slim, this soft and comfortable

you firmly at the front of the

tee looks good in any

pack. Featuring Inov-8’s


new Sticky Grip rubber and

S/S Logo Organic T-shirt

230 Trail Running Shoe

£199.99 | ELLIS-BRIGHAM.COM This jacket won’t fail to impress. Made from GORE-TEX® Active 2.0, this ultra-light, ultra-breathable waterproof shell weighs just 170 grams. Finished with a precise hood and water-resistant chest pocket, it’s a minimalist piece

8mm studs that claw into soft terrain, they provide unbeatable purchase in muddy conditions.

 Mountain Equipment Tupilak 37+ Rucksack £199.99 | ELLIS-BRIGHAM.COM Lightweight, durable and weather resistant, this pack excels on rock, ice and mixed ground alike. The custom-made components are easily removable, reflecting the fact that not every feature will be needed all of the time. Whether worn fully loaded or stripped down to the bare essentials, careful design ensures the pack sits stable and fits comfortably. Durable and weather resistant, lightweight and low-bulk.

 Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Venture Camp Mat £69.99 | ELLIS-BRIGHAM.COM A good choice for backpacking and camping trips, the NeoAir Venture offers performance and value for money in one. With a patent-pending WaveCore construction, it doubles the warmth of uninsulated air mattresses, without significantly increasing weight or bulk. Once inflated, its superior stability ensures a great night’s sleep, and when the night is over it can be packed away quickly and

 Osprey Transporter 65

efficiently. Stuff sack included.

£119.99 | ELLIS-BRIGHAM.COM From climbing trips to month-long treks,

 Keen Men’s Newport H2 Sandals

this impressive duffel is ideal. Durable,


highly water resistant and with a range of carrying options, it makes moving

This versatile, high-performance hybrid shoe is ready for water

your gear from A to B easy. The clean,

and ideal for use in a wide variety of trek or travel situations.

simple design includes a large opening to the main compartment, dual end pockets, and a zip-away backpack

 MSR Pocket Rocket 2 Mini Stove Set

harness to make travelling across land,


sea and air a breeze.

This ultra-light, ultra-compact stove set makes a superb choice for the solo traveller. Featuring MSR’s proven Pocket Rocket 2 stove and a 0.75 litre aluminium pot, it provides the essentials while keeping weight and bulk to a minimum. Easy to use, the pot lid doubles as a strainer and an additional bowl fits over the pot for cooking versatility.

 Inov-8 Full Zip Windshell £79.99 | ELLIS-BRIGHAM.COM A superlight windproof jacket that’s perfect for training in cool, windy conditions. Made from Pertex Quantum and featuring vented zones, it offers weather protection and high levels of breathability in one.


039 // JUN18

 PROTEST Impartial £39.99 | PROTEST.EU The Impartial are the amazing new surf leggings by Protest. Made up of contrast areas of solid colour and fabulous all-over prints, the fabric of these leggings is treated to have UPF50 sun protection. As part of our SUP line, the Impartial by Protest gives you that added protection you need to get there.

 TNF Litewave Flow Lace Shoes £74.99 | ELLIS-BRIGHAM.COM Find your flow on any terrain with this modern athletic style. Light, breathable and quick-drying, this versatile shoe will keep feet comfortable on those warm weather adventures.

 PROTEST Mojito SUP and


£49.99 | PROTEST.EU The Mojito SUP and surfsuit by Protest keeps you looking fine while you’re out there on the water. Featuring a print mix with contrast colour sections, this is a visually stunning surfsuit. There is a long front zipper making it easy to get in and out of. The fabric of this springsuit is treated so that it has UPF50 sun protection. The best suit for your next water adventure, go and get the Mojito by Protest.

 TNF Shinpuru 2 GORE-TEX® Waterproof Jkt

 Fjallraven High Coast Wind Anorak




As the breeze picks up on the

The Shinpuru 2 is a

hill, the High Coast Wind Anorak

streamlined GORE-TEX®

is all you need to counter the

Active jacket ideal for

chill. Lightweight, breathable,

hiking throughout the

wind resistant and more, it’s a

season. Named after

practical layer that protects when

the Japanese phonetic for simple, it comes

you need it and packs down

equipped with the essentials to keep weight

small when you don’t.

and bulk to a minimum while providing reliable wet weather performance.

 Salomon Sense Ride Trail

Running Shoe

£109.99 | ELLIS-BRIGHAM.COM Slip on the Sense Ride and run in comfort as you clock up the miles. Created with a host

 Ultimate Direction

of Salomon technologies, the generously


surfaces, while a natural rocker profile helps

Mountain Vest 4.0

cushioned midsole makes light work of rough maximise your movement. Finished with a proven fit, this running shoe is sure to impress.

From ultra-marathons to endurance training days, this vest gives you 13 litres of storage

 Osprey Exos 48 Rucksack

to accommodate all your running needs.


Adjustment occurs over the small of the back instead of the sides, ensuring comfort, stability

The new Exos 48 offers impressive comfort within

and optimised sizing – and an impressive

a lightweight design. A ventilated AirSpeed

fit every time. With open mesh and zipped

suspended mesh back panel and ExoForm

pockets, a main rear compartment, bungee

harness ensure the pack feels great against the

system and more, it allows the weight and bulk

back, while adaptable features make it easy to

to be distributed evenly. Two 500ml soft Body

tailor to each adventure. With a 48 litre capacity,

Bottles are included, sitting comfortably in the

it’s ideal for multi-day backpacking with an

front of the harness.

emphasis on moving fast and light.

040 // JUN18


 Fjallraven Greenland Top Large Rucksack


£129.99 | ELLIS-BRIGHAM.COM The Greenland Top Large is a 30-litre pack that merges classic looks with modern features. Lift the lid for access to a zipped front pocket and spacious main compartment which includes a padded 15” laptop sleeve. Made from rugged G-1000 HeavyDuty Eco it gives the performance needed for daily use and weekend adventures alike.


 Patagonia Micro Puff Hoody

 Patagonia Arbor Pack 26L Rucksack



Patagonia’s much loved Micro Puff

With a design inspired by Patagonia’s

offers impressive breathability and weather resistance in one.

Hoody is back. This new incarnation

heritage packs, the Arbor is a stylish

With a snug hood and active fit, the Nimble provides essential

is the best warmth-for-weight jacket

yet practical choice when you need

protection in a lightweight package.

they’ve ever made, thanks to the

to carry everyday kit. Underneath the

innovative PlumaFill insulation. Perfect

front lid, you’ll find a zipped pocket

for a myriad of outdoor sports, it

and drawstring access to the main

achieves the warmth and compressibility

compartment, which includes a padded

of a down jacket, with the durability and

laptop sleeve and enough space for

water resistance of a synthetic.

food, books and a spare layer.

 TNF Nimble Hoodie £84.99 | ELLIS-BRIGHAM.COM The North Face’s WindWall fabric is a stretch softshell that

 Teva Women’s

 Saxx Quest 2.0 £24 | COTSWOLDOUTDOOR.COM

Terra-Float 2 Universal £69.99 | ELLIS-BRIGHAM.COM

National Geographic named this the “ultimate travel boxer” – we'd

Combining a street-ready silhouette with

have to agree. Quick-dry, anti-stink, ultra-

water-ready uppers and a Float-Lite sole,

light, adventure-ready. Made for: road trips, red-eye flights,

these are excellent sandals for active summer

and treks around the world. This low-maintenance travel pair has wash-and-go

adventures – in or out of water.

wearability. Slim fit: ultra-light, with a fly. Built in tech: Ball Park Pouch™, Three-D Fit™, Flat Out Seams™, anti-odour, anti-roll waistband.

 Lowe Alpine Aeon ND25 Rucksack £89.99 | ELLIS-BRIGHAM.COM A multi-activity masterpiece, the Aeon is a women’s specific technical daypack that lets you do more. Bringing together comfort, versatility and simplicity in a design you can rely on, this 25-litre version will transition from hiking to climbing, biking and beyond.

 Canyon Spectral Wmn CF 8.0 £3,399 / €3,699 CANYON.COM/EN-GB If you enjoy shredding with your friends on the toughest trails you can find, then the Spectral WMN CF 8.0 will be the full suspension answer to all your trail dreams. Steep, rough, twisty trails, some jumps in between: you and your bike are in your element.


041 // JUN18

E R A U O Y %? 0 I0

Peter Sagan was hot. Quite literally. He’d just won Stage 4 of the Tour Down Under — his first Tour Down Under stage victory. Temperatures hovered in the mid-40s Celsius, and riders wilted while Sagan rode to victory.

but that’s not a good thing,” said Castillo, adding, “It’s like a variable cam in a four-stroke engine. It changes the lift of the valves depending on what you’re trying to get out of the engine. It’s a matter of controlling your breath, and that controls your heart rate.” The benefits have shown in Sagan’s performance this season, and he is expected to continue to wear the glasses at the upcoming Tour of California, Tour de Suisse and Tour de France.

What was Sagan’s secret? Well, he had one

The glasses are also available for roadies, runners and

advantage over the competition: he was wearing a

MTB riders to purchase from ride100percent.com.

special pair of Speedcraft AIR glasses from the San

While Sagan gets his own optimisation boost, everyday

Diego-based 100% sunglasses company, which are

riders and amateurs have seen huge benefits, including

much more than your normal sports shades.

less fatigue and stronger, longer riding.

The eyewear, developed by 100% and Jim Castillo of

It allows, to put things succinctly, all athletes to give

AC Systems, uses a nasal dilator attached to stickers


on the nose to expand and contract the nostrils, allowing cyclists and athletes to reap the benefits of nose breathing during training and in competition.

Speedcraft AIR

The advantages of variable nasal dilation are significant. Nose breathing filters, humidifies and

• Speedcraft AIR

temperature controls the air you breathe better than

• Patented AC Systems breathing technology

mouth breathing.

• Magnetic Nose Stickers to lock in frame +

After his stage victory Sagan has worn the new Speedcraft AIR in nearly every race since, including Milan–San Remo, Tirreno–Adriatico, E3 Harelbeke and for his win at Gent–Wevelgem. Ludo Boinnard, CEO of 100%, and Jim Castillo co-

cylindrically cut HiPER lenses with: • Increased contrast, amped-up colours and enhanced details

developed the Speedcraft AIR — the only cycling

• Unobstructed, 360O visibility

eyewear in the world to feature the patented

• Anti-reflective interior surface coating

breathing technology.

• HYDROILO hydroleophobic

The magnetic nose stickers in the Speedcraft AIR

exterior surface coating

secure and properly operate the system with the nasal

• 100% UV Protection (UVA, UVB and UVC)

dilator adjusted by rotating a small dial in the centre of

• Ultra-grip rubber coated Nose Pads and

the lens. The magnetic arms can then be opened or closed to control nasal dilation throughout a ride.

042 // JUN18

activate nasal dilation system • Interchangeable, 2mm-thick, six-base

Temple Arms for superior fit and comfort • TR90 frame design creates enhanced space

“When you breathe in and out of your mouth you’re

between lens and face to increase airflow

moving a lot of air and flooding your lungs with air —

and prevent fogging


A BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO CLIMBING With so many climbing and bouldering walls in the UK, it has never been easier to get into climbing. Climbing is a great and entertaining replacement for going to the gym as it engages your brain as well as your body.

very little gear – just climbing shoes and a chalkbag.

technique. Climbing centres tend to be friendly

respect for heights rather than a fear! Climbing walls

Bouldering is great for an aerobic workout and for

places and the staff and customers are always happy

have hundreds of colour-coded routes at every level

developing climbing technique.

to help newcomers to the sport.

of difficulty, so there is something for everyone and

Roped climbing, where the climber wears a harness and uses a safety rope, is divided into two basic disciplines: top roping and lead climbing. In top roping, this safety

always something to challenge you. However, try

3. Head Outdoors

not to get obsessed with the grades and routes – climbing is all about enjoying the process!

rope is controlled by a second person, a “belayer”, who locks it if the climber falls. In lead climbing, you carry

Taking skills learnt indoors and translating them

the safety rope yourself, clipping it in as you climb. Lead

onto real rock presents a few more challenges, but

We caught up with Phil Minal, Centre Manager at

climbing is more challenging than top roping and if you

also opens up a new world of opportunities. If you

the popular climbing centre Redpoint Birmingham,

fall from above the last place you clipped in, you may fall

decide that you want to give the outdoor experience

Statistically, climbing is a pretty safe sport; in fact,

to find out what top tips they would give to any first-

a little further before being caught.

a go, it’s best first to get some instruction with an

more people are injured playing netball each year

outdoor course or a local climbing club. Many people

than climbing! However, as with any sport, it’s only

develop their outdoor skills in places like the Peak

as safe as you make it, so be sure to pay attention

District before going on to longer routes in places

to safety briefings and instruction and don’t get

like Wales or Scotland.

complacent, no matter how confident you become in

timers giving climbing a go.

1. Learn the Basics

2. Get Some Lessons Lessons give you a good head start and are

5. Safety First

your climbing ability.

There are two basic disciplines in climbing:

essential for learning the safety side of things,

bouldering and roped climbing.

especially for roped climbing. Climbing instructors

Bouldering is lower-height climbing with thick

will teach you about both equipment and technique,

crash-mat-type flooring and no ropes or harnesses.

so starting out with some instruction is a great way to

Many people are scared of heights when they start

climbing courses. Check out redpointbirmingham.

Bouldering can be done on your own and requires

stay safe as well as getting a head start on climbing

climbing, but most manage to turn this into a healthy

co.uk for more info.


4. It’s OK To Be Scared!

Redpoint Birmingham runs climbing lessons for everyone and all abilities and also runs outdoor

043 // JUN18


044 // JUN18

such as the infamous attack on Pearl

so I was in good company. Located on the

Harbour in downtown Honolulu, I find

16 hours on planes (change flights in

eastern side of the island, the beaches

the best way to explore another culture’s

mainland USA) and 11 time zones away,

here, and in the south, are sheltered from

idiosyncrasies is through the everyday.

Hawaii stands as the ultimate adventure

the huge Pacific waves by an offshore

Food is often at the heart of a nation’s

holiday destination, and this spring I was

reef, so it’s safe to swim in the warm

identity, and Hawaii is no different.

lucky enough to visit this tropical paradise.

turquoise waters. The western side of the

Alongside the almost stereotypical fare

From the outset, O’ahu (the most populous

island is where the massive rollers crash

we imagine – pineapples, coconut, pork

island, on which I stayed) is utterly alien

into the beach – a surfer’s dream. Here

– Hawaii plays host to a myriad of exotic

to the world’s many cultures and climates.

beaches like Banzai Pipeline, Waimea Bay

foods. Taro, the staple of the Polynesian

After the long flights over two days, I was

or the aptly named Sunset Beach, to name

people, presents itself in a variety of native

met by a constant heat wholly new to me,

a few, are where surfers risk the riptide

dishes, most notably poi, a sweet purplish

if pleasantly so. With the temperature at a

for the chance of riding that perfect wave.

paste made from the plant’s stem.

constant 25OC, day and night, throughout

You can also sign up for surfing lessons.

Fusion food is a popular endeavour

the week, I found myself spending the

Out of all the eastern beaches, however, I

in many of Hawaii’s restaurants, with

entire week of my stay in the shorts and

particularly enjoyed Lanikai: a quiet spot,

dishes like fish tacos and spam sushi

vest I rarely get to wear back home.

with excellent views of the sunrise over

(spam musubi) featuring on most menus.

Humidity, too, can be an issue, although it

the nearby Mokulua Islands, which can be

For the less adventurous, don’t worry:

only got sticky on one day of my stay. The

reached by canoe.

fast food and chain restaurants exist in

peak is usually 79% in January, apparently.

But that’s not to say Hawaii is only about

ample numbers – McDonald’s is literally

The airport itself was also in stark contrast

the sea. When the Polynesian people

everywhere, trust me.

to those I had visited before. I flew in via

arrived on the islands somewhere

To me, however, Hawaii’s culture was

Vancouver International Airport, a global

between 124 and 800 CE, they didn’t stay

most becoming in the little things:

hub serving 24 million people annually,

simply for the excellent beaches. The

walking barefoot on tarred roads, going

which stands as a sparkling and bustling

great volcanic mountains that erupt from

for nighttime swims under the full moon,

beacon in the world of aviation. The

the surrounding ocean are nothing short

buying tacky souvenirs from even

Daniel K. Inouye (Honolulu) Airport was

of breathtaking, and the dense jungle

tackier gift shops. The people are some

the opposite, appearing lost in the 1970s.

which blankets it all is a treasure trove

of the friendliest in the world, coming

Faded murals and exotic plants creep up

for wholly unique species of flora and

from all walks of life to greet you with a

the marble walls, and with no need for

fauna, as well as hidden jungle waterfalls

happy “aloha”.

windows (the heat really is that intense),

accessible only by backcountry trails.

Though the islands may face threats of

aeroplanes pass by the building as if they

Though I did my best to avoid the more

flash floods, smoke monsters and, most

are giant garden birds.

touristy aspects of Hawaii, I did indulge in

recently, nuclear oblivion, during my stay

The airport serves as a good introduction

the Kualoa Ranch Movie Site Tour, which

it was an invasion of feral chickens that

to Hawaii, however. There are, essentially,

takes you through the sets of some of

had O’ahu up in arms (how a chicken can

two choices: you go to one of the big

Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters, from

exactly be feral is anyone’s wonder). In

resort hotels, probably in Honolulu,

Jurassic Park to the more recent Jumanji:

Hawaii the coffee is iced, the rain is warm,

probably near “world famous Waikiki

Welcome to the Jungle (and even my

the birds are bright and floral shirts aren’t

Beach,” which are the same as they are

personal favourite, Lost).

just for the dads.

the world over (so why bother going all

Travelling through the ranch’s three

After all this, it was hard to leave this

the way to Hawaii?), or you go somewhere

valleys in a modified school bus, one

beautiful place, which was so distant from

smaller, booked through HomeAway or

can understand the magic which

any holiday I had been on before. What

Airbnb, and DIY it.

Spielberg saw when he chose to shoot

stood out most to me was that Hawaii

I opted for option B and so was quickly

his dino-flick there: on three sides the

is a state of contrast. The islands exist

aware of the untamed nature of Hawaii,

tourist is immersed in sweeping volcanic

in a constant juxtaposition of character,

despite human attempts to build roads

landscapes, across wide empty plains,

whether it’s the leafy American suburbs

and buildings on it. Everywhere wild

as sunlight trickles over the emerald hills

against a backdrop of great, sweeping

nature is trying to break through and

like honey.

jungle, or even the blend of European

subsume the concrete. Within hours of

There’s plenty more to do at Kualoa too –

food against Asian influences from the

arriving, my phone was buzzing with a

horse riding, off-road vehicle driving and

east (or west), Hawaii really is a melting

public alert of flash floods; then sirens

zip-lining to name but a few.

pot for the eccentricities of our world.

started blaring outside, which I later

Of course, a pretty picture is incomplete

And yet, it’s these eccentricities that make

learned was a test of the nuclear attack

without depth, and the rich culture of

the magic. While other countries attempt

alarm system. I soon learned Hawaii keeps

Hawaii is testament to this fact. While one

to play down their stereotypes, Hawaii

you on your toes.

can learn of O’ahu’s ancient history at the

embraces its own – hibiscus, palm trees

My choice of holiday destination was

Polynesian Cultural Centre on the north-

and tiki. In this way, I think Hawaii is a

the coastal town of Kailua, which I later

eastern shore, or of more recent events

destination like no other.


learned was where the Obamas holiday,

incomprehensibly blue Pacific, about


Nestled comfortably in the


H a waii: t h e sm all c lus te r o f is l a n ds so me where i n t he m i d d l e o f th e P a c if ic is a n ame e ver y st ar - st r u c k tr a v e l l e r k n o w s , a n d dre am s of v i si t i ng , b u t n o t s o m a n y m a ke it fro m Eur op e. R O B E R T TH O R N E R E P O R TS .

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SUMMER IN LES GETS CHALETS 1066 If you enjoy walking, wildlife and stunning scenery, then you are sure to love summer in Les Gets, the gorgeous village in the French Alps that could be your new favourite warm weather destination. With tour operators such as Chalets1066 operating all year round, you can enjoy the best of the Alpine summer in total comfort.

walk can very comfortably be done in around an hour



and a half. Expect stunning views and a beautiful lake

The mountains also offer incredibly rich biodiversity on the ground from spring onwards, with beautiful

which children will love.

While the animals in the mountains tend to be very

flowers and much unique and interesting foliage.

The hike towards Mont Chéry – Easily reachable

cautious and keep well away from humans, if you go

For me, mountains are one of the last places where

either by gondola or by car and gives a breathtaking

with a guide, we can help you find them. You could

you can find areas protected from human invasion.

view over Mont Blanc.

be lucky enough to encounter mountain antelopes,

The silence and beauty of the landscape invites

Lac Montriond – A gorgeous lake that takes around

mountain goats, wild sheep, groundhogs or even

us to respect nature and its fragility. It’s a great

one hour to walk around. With water temperature

stoats! There are, however, two animals you are most

therapy for all!

often higher than 20° in summer, it’s great for

likely to see.

For your accommodation, the best operator for

swimming too.

Marmots – Large squirrels that live in burrows and eat

Les Gets is Chalets1066. They are managed by an

Col du Raty – Head through pastures of cows

roots and leaves - fascinating to watch, but generally

English couple who now live in Les Gets and now

responsible for producing the famous local cheeses

like to keep at least 100m from humans. Spring is the

manage over 25 properties in the village. What is

and bask in mountain flowers and Alpine wildlife.

best time of the year to watch them.

special about Chalets1066 is not only do they have

Roc d’Enfer – within the protected area “Natura

Chamois – Mountain goat antelopes that are very

local management but also they offer a range of

Here, the mountains are accessible to all, with a lot of

2000”, expect abundant wildlife, hundreds of chamois,

agile on rocky ledges and typically live above

services (for example a chef service) through other

easy, gentle hikes alongside more demanding routes,

marmots, etc. – this is a perfect place to visit for animal

1,000m. Very shy and quite scared of humans, if you

local partners they work with. So, you are able to

while the French-Swiss area of Les Portes du Soleil

lovers. This route requires good hiking ability.

want to approach them remain discreet or simply

“tailor” your holiday to your specific requirements

offers chairlifts to access higher areas.

There are also many walks in the “Vallée de la

bring your binoculars.

or budget. In the summer, staying in Les Gets is

Some of best walks in the area include:

Manche” area, giving spectacular views over the

In the skies, local birds include eagles, falcons,

usually even slightly cheaper than staying in the

Les Gets to Le Ranfolly – Great for small children, this

Swiss summits such as “Les Dents du Midi”.

kites, buzzards, and more rarely, bearded vultures!

Lake District!


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Quest 2.0 National Geographic named it the ultimate travel underwear. Now it’s even better. It’s made from ultralight, quick-drying, pindot mesh fabric for wash-and-go wearability. Featuring SAXX’s proprietary BallPark PouchTM technology.

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Love The Mountains - Summer 2018  

Love The Mountains - Summer 2018  

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