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200 km of road courses, 177 km of cross country and enduro trails, 1 bikepark with red and black tracks, north shores and a pumptrack, 3 hotels certified “Swiss Bike Hotels�. Crans-Montana, the new place for nature and bike lovers.

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THE BIGGEST BIKING  EVENTS IN EUROPE 2016 The greatest road races, the biggest mountain biking events, some for all comers, some where you can watch the world’s best – they’re all in the Alps this summer.


18 HIGHLANDER  Established as recently as 2003, the Cairngorm National Park is Britain’s largest and most northerly. There's also a tonne of things to do there.


CHASING WINTER  It’s summer north of the equator but the 2016 ski season is underway in the southern hemisphere. Here’s the LoveTheMountains guide to where’s best to ski in South America, New Zealand, Australia and even southern Africa and Antarctica this year.

WHERE TO SKI AND SNOWBOARD IN SUMMER 10 Missing the ski season? There’s been lots of late spring snow, so things are looking good on Europe’s summer glacier

ON THE BUCKET LIST  We all have places we dream of visiting – maybe the Great Wall of China or the Barrier Reef? Here Alison Heyworth gives us insider tips on making the best of a visit to Machu Picchu – a destination on many a bucket list.

ski areas.

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White water doesn’t have to be too scary to start with; in fact

Although we often think straight away of mountains across the

it can just be good fun, says one 7-year-old. There are also

Channel or even the ocean, we have some of the world’s best

variants to progress on to including hydrospeed and

on our doorstep. Here’s a quick lowdown of what’s where

inflatable kayaks.

and what’s on.













MOUNTAIN FAMILY  More and more families are finding that they have much more fun in the fresh air together on a summer mountains holiday than they do fighting the crowds on the beach.

60 WHO WANTS TO BE A MOUNTAINEER?  you need to get off the ground.


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against family tragedy to set

One of the world’s great ski destinations is just as stunning in the

Alps as well as competing in


Francesca Eyre has battled up a year-round mountain

stay even more enticing.



SUMMER IN THE DOLOMITES  summer months with a whole host of activities laid on to make a


otherwise, without permission of the

If you’ve thought about climbing but not thought about how and where to start, Emmanuelle Châtel has some top tips on all



holiday company in the French 2016/17

challenging mountain sports endurance events.

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S reetings! It doesn’t seem long since the last one ended, but the new ski season,

2015–16 is upon us already – well, almost! pring is well and truly here with long days Quite when one season ends and the and (hopefully) warm nights, and in fact next one begins is one of those eternal summer is knocking on the door, so it's "chicken and egg" questions, particularly time to get out there and enjoy the great at resorts like Zermatt which tries to open outdoors! for skiing every day of the year. But as

Love The Mountains is published, most of The magazine you have in your hands is the summer ski glaciers in the Alps have dedicated to all things mountain, from our

own Cairngorms to the far-flung peaks just ended their 2015 run, and later in the of the Andes and the Southern Alps. month half a dozen Austrian glaciers will We don't care whether we're hiking, start operating for 2015–16, so maybe it’s trail running or climbing up, or biking, about now. In any event you’ll find our skiing, white-water rafting or perhaps regular "off season" update on where you parascending down, or just stood on the can ski today within these pages. top taking in the view – we just With our bi-annual Love The Mountains love mountains. magazine, the InTheSnow team like to showcase all that makes us Britain’s best Of course, for those of us who love the snow-sports publication – all the latest mountains in winter as well as summer, news for the coming season which you we might be starting to feel a bit restless need to know, the best information and at the thought that there's six months ideas to plan your snowsports holidays, until the next ski season really kicks the best writing, glorious images and all off, but rest assured you'll find within presented in a superb design, thanks to this magazine details of where you can the efforts of our designer Tom. still hit the snow slopes over the next As always, the highlight of Love The six months in Europe up high on the Mountains is our spectacular photo glaciers; and there's a four-page spread shoot of all the must-have new season's on some of the amazing places where fashions and gear, which we shot in the you can ski in South America, Southern stunning Norwegian resort of Beitostølen. Africa or Oceania during the coming But you’ll also find the latest big news southern hemisphere winter if you're in stories for ‘15–’16 (we did some back-offor the long haul.


But back to the wonder that is spring and a-beermat maths and reckon the largest summer in mountains closer to home. We resorts in Europe and North America look at the attractions on our doorstep in our have spent more than half-a-billion euros own National Parks – there are now 15 of on the biggest projects alone) and lots of them spread across most of Britain (Northern useful features with, for example, advice Ireland is currently debating whether to open on how to make best use of the pound’s theirs first). There's lots to do in them year best buying power in most ski nations for round and some great events coming up more than five winters. this spring, summer and autumn, but official In fact the ski season never ends for figures show only a fraction of us are making InTheSnow, as we’re here all year round the most of them. Maybe this is the year? tracking snowfall and ski resort openings on northern glaciers from spring to autumn, A little further afield, the Alps and other and of course in the southern hemisphere, mountain ranges in mainland Europe have as well as breaking the big news stories ever more activities on offer on top of and special deals for the coming winter the simple pleasure of just being in these before anyone else. Just head to stunning locations in the summer months. – which has a swish new We have features on attractions for families, small-screen-friendly design for 2015–16 major cycling and downhill biking events by the way – for the latest news and to over the next few months, white-water thrills sign up for updates, and you can also join and much, much more. our 40K+ followers on Facebook. So here’s to a great 2015–16 ski season! Whichever mountains you end up climbing And why wait? Hit the slopes today! this year, enjoy!



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TIPS ummer is a good opportunity to enjoy the thrill of mountain-

to climb with experienced climbers.

climbing! Reaching the top of a mountain is a physical and mental

Never climb alone. The best way to be safe is

Learn about mountaineering ethics.

SIX beginner-friendly mountains to start your climbing career

accomplishment, and above all a

Mountaineers are very concerned to limit

source of pride for a lifetime that

their impact on the environment and to leave

Ben Macdui, Cairngorms, Scotland

is worth all the hard work. But

mountains untouched.

The second-highest mountain in the UK – 1,309m high

Keep an eye on the weather forecast. And

– Ben Macdui is situated in the heart of the Cairngorm

check out what huts exist on your route.

mountains and offers splendid views over the valley.

first there are a couple of basics you need to have prepared.

What do I need to get started?

Mont Blanc, Alps, France With its 4,810m the Mont Blanc is the tallest mountain On the day you must make your own assessments,

in the Alps. A multiple-level range of routes lead to the

depending on your body and your training, and see what

summit of one of Europe’s most iconic climbing peaks.

Bear in mind that you’ll have to carry everything with you

pace works for you. What works well for some people does

Altitude remains the main consideration.

all the way up. So being loaded down by non-essentials is

not apply to everybody. Start gradually; don’t push it if you

not an option for a mountain-climber.

feel pain. Know your limits and stick to them. It’s best to listen

The Matterhorn, Swiss Alps, Switzerland

Good gear. It’s essential to have special climbing

to your body when it comes to intense physical effort. There

One of the most popular mountains to climb in the world,

clothing. Layering is key to staying comfy when sweating

is no need to rush, so embrace your pace, and don’t compare

the Matterhorn is 4,478m high. A variety of routes to the

during the climb and when the wind hits you at the top.

yourself to others!

summit are accessible. The Hörnli Ridge or Lion Ridge

Food. Good nutrition is crucial; you’ll be burning a

routes are perfectly suited for beginner climbers.

ton of calories, so pack enough to restock the energy burnt, taking easy-to-eat snacks to stuff in that are easily

Monte Bronzone, Lake Lugano, Italy

accessible in your pockets. Make sure you stay hydrated

From the village of Dasio you can reach the 1,433m

and drink a lot before, during and after effort.

summit of Monte Bronzone. Once on top, enjoy the

Accessories. A backpack, sunglasses, sunscreen, hat,

stunning view of Lake Lugano.

hiking boots, first aid equipment and a map.

Świnica, Tatra Mountains, Poland

How Fit do You Need to Be?

Located in southern Poland, the Tatra mountains offer a variety of hiking routes during the summer with spectacular views and lakes on the way.

As a demanding physical activity, mountain climbing requires good fitness and endurance skills. Being in shape

Mt Fuji, Japan

is essential. Any type of regular, physical activity that

Standing at 3,776m in height, Mt Fuji is the tallest

improves your strength and endurance will help you to get

mountain in Japan and one of the most climbed

fit and ready for the summit day.

mountains in the entire world.

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MOUNTAIN CARTING World-record-holding speed

of Europe's largest parks, and at

this delay meant that there was a

rider Armin Senoner, along with

3,905m is the highest mountain

decline in snow and ice conditions

extreme climber Christoph Hainz,

in South Tyrol. It towers above

with an increased danger of falling

both Italians, and the famous

the remote village of Solda

ice and rocks. It also meant that

Austria extreme skier, Axel

(population 400), sometimes

the planned route in the ice wall

a 3km rough track and get a real buzz from

Naglich, one of the very few men

called the “Siberia of Tyrol”

had to changes as seracs broke

this safe adrenalin sport. Suitable for children

to have completed the descent of

because of its isolated location

away, meaning that established

10 years and older with a minimum height of

the world's biggest skiable vertical

surrounded by many high

“classic routes”, such as the direct

125cm, prices are from £13 for adults and £10

on the treacherous Mount St Elias

mountains and plenty of snow.

Messner-line, are simply no longer

for children aged 10–15. Safety helmets are

in Alaska, took on a new challenge


Switzerland's Jungfrau region has a new attraction this summer, First Mountain Carts. A thrilling cross between a go-kart and a sledge, adventurous carters can thunder down

available free of charge.

together at the end of April when

For the attempt, the three extreme

they tackled the Ortler North Face

athletes prepared with a detailed

The climb and subsequent

in the Italian Alps.

inspection, analysis of routes and

descent on skis were,

an exchange of information about

nonetheless, eventually completed

The Ortler North Face, which has

the snow situation. In general, the

successfully. Senoner was first up,

icy descents at up to 80° angles,

Ortler North Face is climbed in the

and while Hainz and Naglich were

is an extreme challenge even

months between May and June,

still ascending the longest ice wall

The United Arab Emirates, home to Ski

for the best climbers. The “Giant

so ascending in the month of April

in the Eastern Alps with its 1,200m

Dubai, is reported to be considering building

Ortler” is located in the heart of

presented an additional challenge

of climbing, Senoner flew down

for the three athletes.

the steep North Face.

Despite all the preparation, bad

Hainz and Naglich were rewarded,

weather conditions led to the

after stopping to take a good

Italy's Stelvio National Park, one


a mountain in a bid to increase the chance of rainfall in the country, one of the driest on earth with temperatures reaching 50°C. An

ascent being postponed for several weeks in the wait for good conditions. But

look from the top of South Tyrol's

international study, costing over £250,000, has recommended the idea as a natural way to potentially bring rainfall to the region.

highest peak, with a breathtaking descent from the heavily glaciated Ortler through the Minnigerode couloir, a 50° steep downhill over nearly 1,400 vertical metres


of descent. The Mountaineering Council of Scotland is looking for people who love the mountains and are based anywhere in the country to write a piece inspired by the mountains. Winners will receive a cash prize, a free weekend pass, worth about £100, to the 2016 Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival and will see their entries in print in the organisation's quarterly magazine which goes to 12,000 people. Prose entries of up to 2,000 words or poetry of any length should be sent to by 31 August.

CURIOSITY ROVER TACKLES MARTIAN MOUNTAIN NASA's Curiosity rover, which landed on the Red Planet four years ago, is currently ascending the 5,000m high Mt Sharp. In recent months, NASA scientists have noticed damage to several of the rover's 50cm high wheels, which are made of strong but very thin lightweight metal, but the mission team say the damage over time is in line with predictions made in tests before the rover left earth and that it should still be able to complete its climb.


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Where to






Sadly, the number of summer ski operations in Italy has

Europe's highest lifts up to 3,899m on the Matterhorn

kept decreasing. There used to be half a dozen, but with

glacier paradise above Zermatt are only open in summer,

Val Senales now closing in the summer (it usually reopens

although most of the 20km of slopes are open year round.

he northern hemisphere's ski season may be over for most

in mid-September) and Passo Tonale closed for a second

The nearby resort of Saas-Fee reopens on 16 July.

resorts, but there are a few dozen glacier ski areas that either

season for major infrastructure upgrades, it's down to

stay open year round, or reopen for periods in the summer.

Cervinia and Passo Stelvio, the latter open from the end

You just need to know where and when!

of May on. Cervinia is open weekends in May then every day from 25 June to 4 September. During this period you can ski over the border to Zermatt in Switzerland, quite


impressive for summer skiing options.

SCANDINAVIA Norway has three glacier ski areas, each with one long drag lift that are open through the summer. The Folgefonna glacier is already open, and it's joined by the Stryn and Galdhøpiggen glaciers at the start of June.

Austria has more glacier ski areas open in the warmer months

open to 24 July while the Mölltaler glacier will reopen around


20 June for a 10-month season.


than any other country, with eight to choose from; however, only the Hintertux glacier is open year round and the Dachstein open all summer. Of the remainder, the Kitzsteinhorn will be


In Sweden, the great spring skiing resort of Riksgränsen stays open until Midsummer's Day weekend in late June; it offers skiing under the midnight sun as there's 24-hour daylight there.




Passo Stelvio:

With all the snow on the west coast of North America this

France has three glacier ski areas that normally open in


winter (bases had reached 5m by Easter), it looks likely

summer at Les 2 Alpes, Tignes and Val d'Isère. Traditionally


some areas like Squaw Valley and Mammoth will be open

Tignes has had around a two-month summer ski season,


through into June. However, the main summer ski area

the longest, but in 2016 Les 2 Alpes announced a 10-week


there is Timberline on Mt Hood in Oregon, which has a

summer season from mid-June to the end of August, starting

Val d'Isère:

permanent snowfield that is normally open virtually year

a fortnight before Tignes; 11 runs and a terrain park are


round (it closes in September). The other big option is

open here, served by more than a dozen lifts. Val d'Isère is


Whistler in BC, Canada, which opens for five-week glacier

normally open for a short period through June to early July.

TM16 // 10

Les 2 Alpes: Mölltaler:

skiing and boarding from 10 June to 18 July.





95 215



180 215

101 250


245 150








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number of people arriving here in summer for biking has exploded, and the rate of growth shows no sign of slowing down. Resorts continue to create ever better road and mountain biking trails that are open all season, but there are also big events – some like the world's

he numbers of skiers and

best road and downhill biking

boarders hitting Alpine slopes

events you can come to watch;

each winter has remained fairly

others are mass participation

static for decades, but since

events you can sign up for and

the turn of the millennium the

join in.



Crankworx has grown into one of the biggest events in the downhill biking world over recent years. Originating in Whistler BC, it's now a world tour which kicked off in New Zealand in March this year, has been to France for the past five years and rounds off back in Whistler. Landing in Les Gets this spring is only natural, as the famous ski village in the Portes du Soleil has also been a pioneer mountain biking destination for both mountain bike tourists and racers. It has previously hosted five World Cups and numerous French nationals. Mountain biking fans the world over are well familiar with its steep, verdant alpine trails. “Back in the '80s, Les Gets was one of the first regions in the world to use its lifts to shuttle riders, and its 2004 UCI World Championships is the stuff of legends. This is a location steeped in the culture and history of our sport, and we are thrilled to be adding the region to the World Tour,” said Darren Kinnaird, Crankworx World Tour General Manager. The resort hosts 95km of biking trails, has three dedicated lifts and is only an hour's ride from Geneva airport, giving it the classic Crankworx touch: a place to ride the best terrain alongside the best riders in the world, while watching the world's best racing. The Crankworx World Tour arrives one week before the 80km Pass'Portes du Soleil race. With a family pump track already built for the village square, and riders en route for the 12th year of the Pass'Portes du Soleil, it is expected the inaugural Les Gets festival will draw epic crowds of all ages right out of the gate. Summer holidays in Les Gets are offered by Chalets 1066:


On Saturday 21 May, the 14th leg of the 99th Giro d'Italia will finish in Alta Badia, in the heart of the Dolomites. It's the first time the famous race has reached the famous ski resort since 2002, and the leg in Alta Badia allows you to see the bikers pass by at least three times. If you want to see more than the final rush, head to Passo Pordoi to see the first lap; then follow the second to Arabba. You will still have time to move towards Corvara at the finish line and follow the final sprint. If you want to stay put, though, the “Giro d'Italia Fan Zone” will be positioned in the centre of La Villa. It will feature a live screen to follow all the route and support the bikers before their climb on the Mür dl Giat, the “cat wall”, with a 19% steep incline. During the Giro d'Italia weekend there'll also be the chance to ride some of the “Pink Race” routes with local expert guides showing bikers every nook and cranny of the Dolomite passes. And après-ski becomes après-leg. The famous après-ski bar, L'Murin, in the heart of Corvara, where skiers stop to dance to the sound of groovy music during winter, will welcome the Giro d'Italia. Biking continues all summer in Alta Badia, and on 19 June the 11th edition of the Sellaronda Bike Day will be staged. On the day roads are closed to traffic between 8.30am and 3.30pm, and the bikers are kings!


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SUMMER 2016 BIKING CALENDAR May 21 Giro d'Italia 2016, Alta Badia June 15–19: Crankworx, Les Gets; 18–26 KitzAlpBike Festival, Tirol; 19: Sellaronda Bike Day, Dolomites, Italy


24–26: Pass'Portes du Soleil, Portes du Soleil; July 1–3: Mountain of Hell, Les 2 Alpes; 10: Etape du Tour, Megève to Morzine, 23: Tour de France, Megève to Morzine, August 3–6: Ironbike, Ischgl;

TM16 // 14




Les 2 Alpes has built a reputation as one of the leading biking destinations in the Alps over a number of years, seeing the potential growth of this market years before most other resorts. There's an eclectic mix of biking events here each summer with new ideas to check out every year, and 2016 is no exception. However, the Mountain of Hell remains their flagship race, staged this year from 1 to 3 July. It is a downhill mountain bike race where amateurs and professionals take on a challenging and spectacular course which starts on the glacier at 3,400m with spectacular views across the Alps and includes 2,500m of descent over 25km. Over 700 riders will take on the qualifying rounds, which start on the Friday, with the main event taking place on Sunday. Riders will face snow, ice, scree, rocks, plants and mud. The fastest riders arrive in less than 30 minutes, and first over the line wins.


TIROL, AUSTRIA Austria's Tirol region doesn't do things by halves when it comes to mountain biking. The area operates the Tirol Mountain Bike Safari, a long-distance route criss-crossing the heart of the Alps with over 780km of twisty, fun mountain bike trails. If you do the full distance, it involves a total of 32,000m of elevation gain, but helpfully there are 22 cable cars along the way to lift you up most of it! This being Austria, everything can be organised including luggage transfers and accommodation en route, and you can see videos of the route and download a planner online – all via You can also sign up for some of the big mountain biking events in Tirol this summer if you wish including the KitzAlpBike Festival, a whole week of biking events for all ages, abilities and tastes staged around the Kitzbühel-Brixental area in late June. Later, in early August, the legendary Ischgl Ironbike is back for its 22nd staging with a new format, making it a multi-day MTB festival with a choice of race formats, an extensive exhibition area and events for all the family. Events will include a new night-time hill climb race up some 1,000m of altitude difference on a floodlit route and the Ironbike Junior Trophy for kids aged between 5 and 12, who'll get to sample the real racing atmosphere. There'll also be the “Easy Ironbike”, which has been designed to be a beginner's level tour suitable for everyone. Despite the expanded format, the highlight of the event will remain the crowning finale, the Ischgl Ironbike Marathon race on 6 August, with prize money of over €20,000 (about £15,800) up for grabs and three different route lengths.



The Tour de France is a huge annual event in the French mountains, passing through numerous ski resorts and involving some of the most famous climbs on the tour. One of the most exciting stages, almost midway through the race, is the 20th, a 146km stage which takes the riders between two of the country's great ski resorts. The race begins at Megève, 1,050m above sea level, and sees no less than four major climbs to passes 1,500m–1,600m up before descending to Morzine. In 2014 this leg played a crucial part in the whole race. On the way to Courchevel, Alberto Contador lost ground while Britain's Christopher Froome struggled against a royal breakaway led by the likes of Romain Bardet. Mikel Nieve won the stage, but the performance of the day was from Andrew Talansky, who eventually went on to win the race. Two weeks before this stage, cyclists can join the 15,000 cyclists in the Etape du Tour riding the same route as the pro riders in the Tour de France on closed roads.


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nyone who has visited

But if you'd rather push your lungs and limbs to

A summer multipass priced at €2 (about £1.56) per day

the mountains in

their limits, there are plenty of adrenalin activities

gives access to 15 different local activities including use

summer knows that

to try locally, including downhill biking (hundreds of

of the ski lifts (so you can take a lift up then hike or bike

there's something

kilometres of trails including an 80km return route over

down), swimming and tennis, and also free use of the

very special about the

the border into Switzerland), road cycling or tandem

local buses.

Alps in their “green

paragliding from the local peak, Mont Chéry, where

season” when the

first-timers are amazed by the strange combination of

days are long, the

peacefulness and sheer fear that paragliding produces!

sun is warm and

And of course you could turn that gentle stroll into

the landscape is as

a serious mountain hike on one of the hundreds of

stunning as ever.

kilometres of well-maintained and signposted paths!

The traditional village of Les Gets in the French Alps is a classic example of this. In winter it's a famous ski resort, in summer a place to relax and unwind while savouring the mountain views over a long coffee in one of the

The beauty of an Alpine holiday in Les Gets is that it can be


as relaxed or as full-on as you wish. Famous for its family-

The accommodation which Chalets1066 have

friendliness throughout summer and winter, you can choose

available for the summer includes a range of

just to take some gentler strolls or relax by the swimming

self-catered chalets and apartments from good-

lake – fully life-guarded and swimming pool regulated but

family-value apartments to luxurious chalets (fully

a beautiful natural lake with a treetop adventure climbing

catered is offered as well in the ski season). As

course next door.

Chalets1066 have a team in Les Gets, they are

mountaintop restaurants.

able to offer far more than just basic self-catering – they also offer optional hotel services too. For example, someone is always available to help organise activities such as white-water rafting or paragliding.

While many tour operators come and go from the village during the year, with most just focusing on the ski season, Chalets1066 offer mountain holidays in Les Gets all year round. Based locally, they know everyone and have expert knowledge of all the activities on offer. The business is family run. In the ski season, Susan, Nathan and Morven run operations, and in the summer her son is in charge. Susan's husband, Mark is responsible for marketing and finance all year round. Before the family bought this business, they spent around 10 years taking summer holidays in the Lake District, but Sue believes that Les Gets offers far more than the Lake District and at similar if not lower prices.

For bookings please visit:

The first Chalets1066 property was called Hastings (hence

the company name!), and it remains a favourite and one


which epitomises the summer experience in Les Gets.

phone: 0207 183 5082

Since then they have expanded the business and now run some 20 properties in Les Gets.

TM16 // 16









r e d n a l h ig n u o m r e summ

n i s y a d i tain hol

nd a l h g i h h s i t t o c the S



Britain's largest and most northerly National Park is also

and they head out into what is, after all, one of the last

How about dog sledding? You can actually do that on

the country's newest, established as recently as 2003.

great wildernesses of Northern Europe, and one of the

wheels rather than sleds in the Cairngorms in summer,

volunteer local mountain rescue teams needs to be

thanks to the Cairngorm Sleddog Centre, the only daily

called out.

working sleddog centre in the UK and one of only five

Stretching over 4,528km2 and including much of the Central and Eastern Highlands, the Cairngorms National

in Europe.

Park actually covers one-fiftieth of the UK's land mass –

You can combine hiking with nature tours if you sign up

that's bigger than Luxembourg and three times the size of

with Speyside Wildlife, which offers full-day wildlife tours.

the city of Greater London. It's big!

Cyclists have more than 480km of promoted routes in the park, which provide a mixture of quiet roads and

Glenmore Lodge, Scotland's outdoor adventure training

off-road trails.

The park encompasses a magnificent wilderness of

centre, is also located on the edge of the park near

the high mountains, lochs, rivers and glens of ancient

Aviemore and offers outdoor enthusiasts of all ability

There are many bike rental options in the park including

Caledonian forest, the protection of which is the core

levels (from complete novice to expert) instruction on how

Cairngorm Bike & Hike, and if you'd like to cycle there

reason why the park was established.

to make the most of adventure activities and to

yourself from anywhere in the UK, Route 7 of the national

be safe.

cycle network ( takes a spectacular

Hiking And Climbing Four of Britain's five highest mountains are located within


route in. For downhill bikers, CairnGorm Mountain, a ski and

the Cairngorms National Park, making it a magnet for

It doesn't have to be a leisurely hike in the hills; there are

snowboard area located within the park in winter, offers

climbers and hikers. There are more than 984km, in fact, of

plenty of high-octane activities offering full-on adrenalin

guided descents from the top of its funicular railway.

core paths for all types of walker and plenty of organised

fun in the park.

Laggan Wolftrax also has another 30km of downhill biking

and guided hikes to join in.

trails free to use, ranging from the 4.8km Green route, The Rothiemurchus estate around Aviemore offers dozens

suitable for all the family, and the 3.6 km Orange grade Fun

Indeed, if you're considering tackling one of the bigger

of different outdoor activities, with everything from archery

Park, to the extremely difficult Black grade trail containing

ascents, it's well worth going with a local guide as it's sadly

or clay pigeon shooting through to off-road Segway

the “2 Ton Drop” and the “Back, Sack and

all too common that visitors overestimate their own abilities,

adventures or off-road Land Rover Defender driving.

Crack Attack” features.

TM16 // 18






Cairngorms National Park: Visit Cairngorms: Visit Scotland: Balmoral: Cairngorm Bike & Hike: Cairngorm Brewery: CairnGorm Mountain: Cairngorm Sleddog Centre: Full On Adventure: Glenmore Lodge: Highland Wildlife Park: Laggan Wolftrax: Landmark: Loch Insh Water Sports: Quad Bike Treks Aviemore: Rothiemurchus Estate: Speyside Wildlife:

If you prefer your bikes to have four wheels and a motor,

surface at Loch Insh Water Sports, where you can book

In any case, you can find everything you need for a

Quad Bike Treks Aviemore are the company for you. They

wind surfing, sailing and kayaking rentals and courses.

less intense but still fulfilling experience of the great

offer quad bike treks led by experienced guides through magnificent Caledonian pine woodland and heather moorland with breathtaking views of the Cairngorms and into shallow stretches of the River Druie.

Families And Mixed-Interest Groups

outdoors in the park if that's how you prefer to enjoy it. In fact, at whatever level you experience the

Although on the one hand the Cairngorms are a serious

Cairngorms National Park – full on, laid back or a bit of

mountain wilderness, on the other they are Scotland and

both – the magnificence of the scenery, the splendid

Landmark in Carrbridge is one of the most popular venues

Britain's leading adventure area, and there are plenty of

isolation and the natural beauty are likely to be the main

in the region. A theme park where the theme is forest

attractions down in the valleys for which you don't need to

memories you take away with you.

adventure, there are family-friendly water coasters, forest

be a seriously fit and experienced outdoors person.

towers and more.


It's a long list but, for example, you can find wildlife parks

Getting There

(there are tigers, polar bears and snow monkeys at the

Cairngorms National Park is easy to reach by road,

Highland Wildlife Park in Kincraig), outdoor theme parks,

rail or air with flights from Gatwick, Luton, Heathrow,

Water is life for the park, and you can sail on it, fish in it,

mountain railways, golf courses, horse riding, a reindeer

Manchester and other cities into Inverness. The park's

splash through it, even drink it (it's converted to beer at

farm and a steam railway. Or you can make a distillery visit,

western boundary follows both the modern A9 trunk

Aviemore's Cairngorm Brewery, which offers free tours

or perhaps go royalty-spotting near Balmoral.

road north from Perth and the historic stretch of the

and has its products widely available across the area).

east coast mainline to Inverness served direct by Royal connections with the Cairngorms stretch back

the noon Highland Chieftain train from King's Cross

Full-day white-water rafting expeditions with qualified

more than 160 years, and Royal Deeside was of course

( or an overnight sleeper from

guides or river tubing and canyoning are offered by the

a particular favourite of Queen Victoria, who purchased

London Euston ( All other UK rail stations

aptly named Full On Adventure company (01479 420123;

Balmoral Castle in 1852. It has provided a haven to the royal

can be used to access the region with one or Or if you prefer your water less

family ever since. The castle is open to the public for just

two changes.

white and frothy, there's the usually serene, smooth

four months each year until 31 July – so it's open now.


TM16 // 19


ee tim it th to h

s e t u a h s e alp


But if you can live with all that, then the

with everything from family-only gentle

rest is pure heaven. It's the centre of alpine

forest meanders to high-altitude trails and

road cycling, amazing for mountain biking,

big gutsy descents such as the famous La

and it is THE white-water centre of France.

Prorel – 14km. worth of downhill adrenalin!

There's more rock climbing than the whole of Yosemite valley, 30 Via Ferrata routes,

The Hautes Alpes is the Alps as it used to

the longest Tyrolean zip line in Europe,

be – a remote region that is one and a half

Ailefroide (France's second centre of

hours drive from the nearest motorway and

Alpinism), the largest man-made lake in

much cheaper than the Northern Alps. It’s

Europe and three National Parks' worth of

home to holiday company,

walking and hiking on well-marked trails.

run by an English family who moved here

Look out for eagles, chamois, ibex, willow

in 2003. They offer a wide range of self-

grouse and the ubiquitous marmots!

catering chalets and apartments, and are happy to provide further information about

The Hautes Alpes is tucked away just

how to get the most out of this wonderful

beneath the Northern Alps, three hours'

Alpine paradise. Whether you are an ultra-

or lovers of the outdoors, France has a

drive south of Chamonix and three hours

fit weekend warrior, a group of mountain

huge secret!

north of Marseille. It is called the High Alps

lovers or an active outdoor family, there

because it has the largest concentration

is something for everyone in The

The Hautes Alpes (High Alps) is one giant

of 3,000m and 4,000m mountains in

Hautes Alpes.

outdoor playground encompassing more

France, as well as arguably the easiest

than 5,000 square kilometres – that's bigger

4,000m peak in Europe – Le dôme des

“As one of the UK's leading expedition

than the Lake District, Peak District and

Écrins (4,015m). That equals a lifetime of

climbers over a 30-year career, I have

Snowdonia National Parks combined. Yet

alpine hiking and mountaineering. The rock

explored the world many times over. But

while they jointly attract 40 million visitors

climbing is equally impressive – there are

honestly I have not found an equal to

each year, the Hautes Alpes only see two

85 crags with over 1,000 sport routes and

this place. It's AWESOME! So if you get

million adventure sport enthusiasts annually.

free climbing routes up to 650m in length.

a chance, come out and visit us and get

The weather's better too, an almost

In the heart of it all is the famous

Mediterranean climate, and with over 300

Durance valley, home to quiet, beautifully

days of sunshine a year and the widest

tarmacked roads that comprise the largest

selection of outdoor activities anywhere in

concentration of world-class road cycling

Europe, there's only one catch: its rubbish

cols anywhere in the Alps – think Col

for shopping! The food is typical “death by

D'Izoard, Galibier or Alpe D'Huez from

cheese” mountain fodder too – expect a lot

your doorstep! The mountain biking is

of raclettes and fondues.

just as good; thousands of kilometres of

a taste of this Southern Comfort Secret!” says Director Jerry Gore.

Visit or contact direct:

specialist lift-assisted downhill courses

TM16 // 20


National 3 Peaks Challenge – UK

The challenge doesn’t come any bigg er or better than conquering the mighty National Peaks of Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon back to back covering 40kms with 2,984m of ascent and descent all within 48 hours.

Kilimanjaro Summit Climb – Tanzania

st volcanoes to break At 5,895m, Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the large summit through a the through the Earth’s crust. Making your way to the high altitude of nts, variety of beautiful forests and challenging asce epic challenge. an ng this extraordinary climb is ideal for those seeki Choose from the Rongai or Lemosho route.

TREK TO NEW HEIGHTS Book now and receive 10% off your registration fee. Quote MOUNTAINS16. Exclusive offer to InTheSnow readers. T&Cs apply *Offer expires 31 December 2016

Take on your ultimate challenge, do something extraordinary and raise money for your chosen charity. Lace up your hiking boots and choose from over 200 expeditions worldwide. From the UK to Asia and beyond, challenge yourself to do something incredible this year.

Everest Base Camp Trek – Nepal

8,848m in the Nepalese Mount Everest stands at a formidable and wonder at the Himalayas. Trek to Everest Base Camp numerous rivers along the ssing Cro breathtaking panoramic views. array of peaks and glaciers way, this trek contains an astonishing before celebrating in Kathmandu.

+44 (0)20 8346 0500

Avenue of Volcanoes Trek – Ecuador Passing through Ecuadorian rainforests, this spectacular expedition finishes with a magical midnight glacier climb of the majestic Cayambe volcano. This action-packed itinerary includes spectacular views as you trek up and over the mountains.


TM16 // 22



For many of us, one of the most annoying things about winter is that it doesn't last long enough! Last winter was a particular case in point;

on summer snow 2016!); you can even ski

to be skiing at one of them in July or

as if the usual four months from mid-

indoors on machine-made snow anytime,

August. Some instructors never really see

December to mid-April at most resorts

but it's not quite the same.

summer as they just follow winter around

wasn't bad enough, last winter didn't really

the planet.

get started until January in many areas as

So how about that dream trip this year?

the snow came late, cutting the ski season

Down to the southern hemisphere? The

You have four continents (that's one more

to little more than three months.

ski season tends to start in June and last

than in the northern hemisphere), in fact

until September or October. There are

maybe five (some say New Zealand is on

Of course you can find ski areas open in

about 100 ski areas to choose south of the

its own mostly submerged continent of

to May and glacier areas where you can

equator (compared to more than 5,000 on

Zealandia), and six countries to choose

ski all year round (see our separate advice

the northern side), so it's a lot more special

from when picking your destination.


TM16 // 23




Australia Antarctica

You may be able to count all the ski areas in Africa on the

Australia is home to a few more than a dozen ski areas – all

Can you ski Antarctica? Well, there are plenty of snow-

fingers of your two hands, but it is the only continent with

located in New South Wales or Victoria, along with a couple

covered mountains and indeed icebergs to hike up if you

lift-served ski areas in both northern and

of fairly basic ski hills down on the island of Tasmania.

can get there … and find a rental shop.

southern hemispheres. Snow cover is usually better than you might expect from

Some companies occasionally offer Antarctic ski touring

In our summer you can ski at small areas in South Africa

Australia's hot, dry reputation, and in an average to good

trips for a high price tag, and there are reported to be

and Lesotho, both heavily reliant on snowmaking – so

season bases often reach around the metre mark after a

a few simple rope tows operational at several Antarctic

much snow that they can go all winter without seeing any

month or so and stay there throughout the winter.

bases for use by resident scientists.

snowstorms and fresh powder (up to a metre in 36 hours

You can usually ski from early June to late September here.

There were reports back in the 1990s that some of the

has been reported).

In fact, all the main ski areas open for the Queen's Birthday

international research centres, including the New Zealand

weekend celebrations in Australia at the start of June,

and US bases, on Antarctica set up their own little ski

regardless of whether there's any snow.

slopes using portable rope tows. The story goes, however,

natural snowfall – but equally both sometimes seeing big

Tiffindell in South Africa's North Eastern Cape was created back in 1993 when some innovative young men who had

that the US Government decided to ban skiing at their

studied snowmaking in the USA returned home to set the

The big-name resorts here include Mt Hotham, Falls Creek,

base because if anyone broke a bone it could be months

centre up. Afriski in Lesotho is newer but on a similar scale.

Thredbo and Perisher. The latter, which is the country's

before rescue was possible.

biggest by several measures including uplift with a worldThe ski season in southern Africa is usually earlier than the

class 47 lifts, was purchased last year by the mighty American

The only known permanent drag lift was set up in 1988 at

rest of the hemisphere's resorts. Both areas usually open

Vail Resorts group, which owns around a dozen resorts

Villa Las Estrellas, one of only two civilian communities

at the end of May or start of June and close for the season

including big-name centres in Colorado, California and Utah,

on the continent, by the Chilean Ski Federation. The

at the end of August or the start of September.

clearly seeing the possibilities to grow destination business

200m Doppelmayr drag lift had a vertical rise of 60m. It's

from Australia.

not known if it still operates.

TM16 // 24



INFO Afriski: Cardrona: Catedral: Cerro Castor: Coronet Peak:

America South

South America is home to nearly 50 ski areas of various sizes, the vast majority in the Andes mountains, divided between Argentina and Chile. Around half a dozen of these aim to offer the type of resort experience you might experience north of the equator.

Falls Creek: Las Leñas: Mt Hotham: Mt Hutt: Perisher: Portillo: The Remarkables: Ruapehu: Thredbo: Tiffindell: Treble Cone: Valle Nevado:


New Zealand is often the ultimate goal for serious skiers and boarders from Blighty. Along with some superb terrain and excellent heli-skiing, there's that Lord of the Rings approved scenery. There are more than two dozen ski areas here, although a sizeable proportion are “club fields” run by local enthusiasts. Of the bigger areas, Mt Ruapehu on the North Island combines the centres of Whakapapa and Turoa and, as well as being the country's largest

Three ski areas close to Chile's capital, Santiago, including

centre and one of the three biggest south of the equator, also often

famous Valle Nevado, originally built by the French and

hemisphere's powder Mecca while resorts like Las

has the southern hemisphere's longest ski season, through to

looking very like something they'd have built in the Alps

Leñas in Argentina can be great and, in terms of

“Snow-vember” some years.

around the same time as Avoriaz or Les Arcs, promote

terrain within its boundaries (not all lift-accessible),

themselves as the Les 3 Valleés of the

it can claim to be the biggest in the southern

There's a concentration of ski areas around the self-styled

southern hemisphere.

hemisphere, but getting a good snowfall seems

year-round adventure capital of the southern hemisphere too:

much more problematic.

Queenstown. Choose from Cardrona, Coronet Peak and

Across the border in Argentina the ski area of Catedral

The Remarkables.

near Bariloche is home to gondolas and six-seater chairlifts

There are many other interesting choices too. Cerro

among its 40-odd lifts. It was the first ski area built in

Castor was created quite recently down near Tierra

Other famous names include Mt Hutt – and Treble Cone, which is

Argentina, some 80 years ago, and is South

del Fuego at the very southern end of the continent,

one of the most famous in the skiing world for its steep skiing and

America's largest.

using quad chairlifts imported from Andorra. Sadly,

its spectacular views.

the world's former highest ski area, a single tow lift As with Japan and Utah in the northern hemisphere, Chile

more than 5,000m up above Bolivia, was an early

So there you have it, a quick tour of the best ski resorts in

seems to have the edge when it comes to powder. Of

victim of climate change, and the snowfield where

the southern hemisphere. Now you know them all, your only

course you can never be certain from one season to the

it used to operate melted away a few years ago,

problem, just the same as in the northern winter, is deciding

next, but Portillo certainly has a reputation as the southern

handing the highest ski area title to Asia and China.

which one to head to first.


TM16 // 25


The Three Peaks Challenge is a popular rite

depending on our ever-changing British weather

of passage for serious climbers and mountain

– can become extreme. So unless you are very

hikers, and less serious charity fund-raisers.

experienced, a guided group is usually the

An estimated 30,000 people attempt it each

wise option.

year – some doing it themselves, others as part of a group led by experienced

One of the most popular approaches is to start in the

mountain guides.

evening at Ben Nevis. The benefits are that it's seen as the easiest of the three to descend in poor light

The idea is to climb the highest mountains of

and the long A road down to Glasgow is likely to be

Scotland (Ben Nevis 1,344m), England (Scafell

traffic-free through the night (the 400km stretch is

Pike 978m) and Wales (Snowdon 1,085m)

the longest for driving).

within 24 hours. If you're not a super-fit climber, you can make It essentially means walking 42–43km up

the challenge marginally easier at Scafell Pike by

and down the three peaks with around 3km

approaching from the south side starting at Wasdale

of vertical climbed (and the same amount

Head, which is a shorter ascent but a slightly longer

descended) – no mean feat.

drive to reach, rather than the north side starting at Seathwaite (shorter drive but longer ascent).

The challenge is more challenging because of the 24-hour time limitation; it's around

Respect the environment and the locals – some

800km of driving between the bases of the

critics have complained about damage done to

three peaks, and while a large chunk of that

the peaks by people rushing and leaving waste or

can be achieved on motorways at 112kph,

damaging paths and gates, and they have argued

there's also several hundred kilometres on A

that this results in mountain charities spending more

and B roads at a maximum 96kph so driving

on fixing this than is raised by people taking part in

times are typically around 10 hours – if there

the challenges for charities. No one really knows if

are no traffic delays. Add with an average of

that's true. There have also been complaints from

five hours for each peak, you're quickly close

locals living near the three peaks of noise in the

to the time limit even if things go according

middle of the night, so it's important to keep it down

to plan.

as you arrive and depart from each mountain base.

But the challenge has been achieved in the

There are variations on the Three Peaks Challenge,

past by super-fit climbers taking less time on

including the Welsh and Yorkshire Three Peaks

the climbs, by public transport and even by

Challenges – it can be a good idea to try these first

sailing between the peaks over the Irish Sea.

(less driving and slightly smaller hills) to see how you get on, then you can build up to the national.

Top Tips From The Experts More information: Although many people successfully complete

the challenge each year, it does require a high level of fitness and experience of fast mountain

Guided groups:

ascents and descents in environments which –,

TM16 // 26



TH 55 ELEMENT TH ELEMENT PRO PRO 5TH ELEMENT Technical Features: PRO T Technical Techni cal Features: Thermogrip

THE ONE ® ROAD PREMIUM THE ONE Technical Features: ®

THE ONE Technical Features: Removable Aero Shells

Safety QR Code Unique to Bollé Removable Aero Shells Technical Features: LED Technical Features: Safety QR Code Unique to Bollé Removable Aero Shells Delivered with 1 summer Removable Aero Shells LED All Seasons: Safety QR and Code Uniquelining to Bollé lining 1 winter Safety QR Code Unique to Bollé All Seasons: Delivered with 1 summer LED Sunglasses Garage LED lining and 1 winter lining Seasons: Delivered 1 summer Removable Visorwithwith AllAll Seasons: Delivered 1 summer Sunglasses Garage TM lining and 1 winter lining Click-to-Fit System lining and 1 winter lining Removable Visor Sunglasses Garage Sunglasses Garage Click-to-FitTM System Removable Visor Removable Visor TM TM Click-to-Fit System Click-to-Fit System


Thermogrip® Adjustable Nosepiece Optical Precision Technical Features: Adjustable Nosepiece ® Hydrophobic / Oleophobic Thermogrip Optical Precision Anti-Fog treatment Adjustable Nosepiece ophobic /O Hydrophobic Oleophobic ® Interchangeable LensOptical Optics Control System Precision Anti-Fog treatment Available in Prescription Hydrophobic / Oleophobic Interchangeable Lens Optics Control System® Anti-Fog treatment Available in Prescription ®

Interchangeable Lens Optics Control System Available in Prescription

WATCH WATCH Available from: Join us on facebook / Bollé Cycling



CYCLE SURGERY | SIGMA SPORT Join us on facebook / Bollé Cycling



Mountains Clean-up


and finally “reduce, reuse, recycle and upcycle”. Respect The Mountains is about more than just words and advice, though. Every year their Envirotrek Clean Up series of mountain clean-ups sees an ever-bigger programme of volunteers around Europe, including in the UK, taking to the hills to collect rubbish others have left.

he Dutch-based Respect The Mountains has been working for more than

In one recent summer's clean-up of

a decade to promote sustainable

European mountains in five countries, a

enjoyment of mountains around

total of 635 tourists and locals spent a

the world.

combined 1,255 hours cleaning up and removing 4,600kg of waste filling 428

There are estimated to be 100 million

garbage bags as well as removing scrap

visitors in the European Alps each

metals, car tyres, car doors and much

year, which presents a huge challenge


in preserving the fragile mountain environments, Respect The

“There is a growing need to provide

Mountains say.

necessary awareness campaigns to ensure mountain tourists are aware of

They have a simple charter for

the pressures that these popular holiday

responsible behaviour in the mountains:

destinations are under,” said a statement from the organisation.

Book smart – travel low season, travel wise – use public transport to get there,

“The aim of the hikes is to enjoy nature

support sustainable practices, be a

and help by simply cleaning up. A simple

respectful and responsible mountain

way of giving back that is enjoyable and

tourist, leave no trace of your visit






Catered chalets and hotels in the Alps ✔ FREE White Water Rafting

✔ FREE Kids Clubs ✔ FREE Bike Hire ✔ FREE Bike Guiding** ✔ FREE Multi Activity Pass ✔ FREE Lift Pass ✔ GROUPS save up to £150pp


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avalanche rescue system at everest base camp Two years after the tragic avalanche accident in

rescue specialists along with the helicopter

the Khumbu Icefall on Mount Everest in which

company Simrik Airlines in Kathmandu in

16 Sherpas were killed, a new avalanche rescue

mountain search and rescue techniques in which

system has been installed. Two local guide and

the RECCO® rescue system was part of

rescue organisations have been equipped with

the training.

RECCO® search equipment and detectors. As a result of the training, one RECCO® detector The Nepal Mountaineering Instructors

will be used at Simrik Airlines in Kathmandu. A

Association (NMIA) now has a RECCO® detector

second detector will be placed at Simrik Airline's

at the Everest Base Camp, and there are two

helicopter base in the Annapurna area, which

more based in Kathmandu for use by the

in recent years has suffered severe avalanche

helicopter companies in the area.


RECCO® systems are widely used in ski areas

RECCO wants to make all local guides and

around the world. Unlike with avalanche

porters searchable using RECCO® reflectors

transceiver systems, RECCO® detectors are very

in case of accidents involving avalanches,

lightweight units often built into clothing and can

crevasses or falling ice. The French Yves

be detected by rescuers from the air as well as

Pollet Villard Foundation, with Anselme Baud

the ground.

as President, has funded 200 reflectors to equip the professional porters working with

“This development is very exciting for RECCO®;

expeditions. It's hoped all commercial climbing

it shows that our rescue system has a wider

groups will be equipped with RECCO® reflectors

application than just adjacent to ski areas and

too as it's a very light rescue feature weighing

freeriding”, says Johan Sauer, VP of RECCO AB.

only 4 grams.

All 50 NMIA guides were trained in search with the RECCO® system last year by the renowned French mountain guide Anselme Baud from Chamonix, and they are all now also equipped with RECCO® reflectors to be searchable in case of an avalanche accident. In addition, Bruno Jelk, long-time Head of Rescue in Zermatt, has trained 12 Nepalese


TM16 // 29


my first wh


of rafts dropping off big waterfalls or

“I was nervous at first when we got the

where specialist operator Spirit1950

overturning going through gnarly rapids,

safety information, but soon I was jumping

( offers a range of

but you can start with something more

into the water, as the river wasn't very deep

activities for children aged eight and up

gentle – often called river rafting – to see

or very fast. At one place we were allowed

including rafting and hydrospeed from

if you have a taste for it or not. While you

to just float in the river using our life vests

Aime to Centron down the Isère river

normally need to be a teenager at least

and that was great fun,” added Robert. “It

or from Bourg-St-Maurice to Gothard,

to try white water, gentler rafting can be

was also good to pull up on the river bank

accompanied by a guide. Over two and a

tackled by children as young as age six.

and cook up a barbecue

half hours you'll travel around

for lunch.”

8km downstream!

just that when on a Thomson Lakes &

Rafts will normally have eight to 10 people

The company grade their rafting and

Mountains holiday to Kitzbühel in the

on board, and it's important, of course, to

hydrospeed sessions like ski runs with the

Austrian Tirol.

ensure you book with a reputable company

easiest, green, available for children aged

with fully qualified guides.

eight or older. For the more challenging

Robert Thorne, then aged seven, did

“We had a lot of fun going down the river,”


here's always something you can do with

said Robert. “It was strange wearing the

water in the mountains. In winter you can

wetsuit, helmet and life vest but I soon

ski on it as snow or maybe climb up it as

got used to it. There were three rafts

ice; then when it all thaws in the spring, we

altogether, and I was the youngest. The

If you find you love rafting then

get white water to enjoy kayaking or rafting

guides were a lot of fun, and to start with

hydrospeed – facing forward on a solo

on. It's a great gift; I hear some people use

we had competitions trying to get ahead

float with flippers on your feet for added

it to generate hydroelectricity and some

of the other rafts and splashing each other.

power and control, a bit like lying on a

have even begun drinking it.

I kept splashing and one of the guides off

toboggan – could be your next challenge.

blue descent, kids need to be 12 and up; for more difficult still red runs, 14 years old; and for the toughest of all, black, 15 years or older.

another raft came and took me onto his raft

WARMER WATERS OF HAUTES-PYRENEES The southerly French department of Hautes-Pyrénées is crossed by hundreds

White water can seem an intimidating

before our guide got me back. That

It's a popular option in action-sports

of streams and rivers, once more

prospect if you've seen action videos

was great!

resort Arc 1950 in the French Alps,

descending through spectacular scenery.

TM16 // 30



hite water There are more than 270km of rivers,

Loisirs Aventures (loisirs-aventures-rafting.

waterfalls and streams, fed by snowmelt and

com) offers first-timers as well as half-day

glaciers, to splash down through whirlpools,

and full-day experiences. The company also

natural water slides and clear-water basins.

offers weekend or full week multi-activity holidays with the option to try all the different

The Aure river is fed by the crystal-clear lakes and springs of the Néouvielle National Nature Reserve above Saint-Lary Soulan

activities. Courses run up to 30 September.


resort, its emerald-green water finally

Thomson Lakes & Mountains (thomsonlakes. offers both white-water rafting for children aged 12 and over and the gentler river rafting for children as young as age six on their summer holidays to Kitzbühel. The activity includes a stop for a barbecue en route down the river. It's one of many outdoor activities available,

emptying into the Garonne

Besides rafting and hydrospeed, some

including beginner canoeing, canyoning, guided

around Montréjeau.

operators offer inflatable kayaks, sometimes

mountain hikes and paragliding. Participants

called a “hot dog”, among other floating

need to be aged 12 and older for all of these

Here there's an amazing 8km descent

devices you can tackle white water in or on.

activities except for the high ropes course,

possible by canoe, kayak or raft. It takes only

Tom Rafting (, run by Thomas

which you can also tackle from age six.

about 75 minutes to make it, due to the fast-

Legeay in Cauterets in the French Pyrenees

flowing water.

and with English-speaking guides, is one

Thomson Lakes & Mountains offers a week

such operator, also offering kayaking

half-board at the 4★ Hotel Jägerwirt in Kitzbühel

and rafting.

from £493pp (family of three from £1,480)

The course is divided into two parts, which

including flights from Gatwick to Salzburg and

makes it a great place for beginners to find their feet on the smoother upper river before

Children, usually teenage or above, as well

resort transfers departing on 16 July 2016.

things start to get a little frothier on the lower

as adults, can also try canyoning – which

Direct flights available from all major UK airports

half as the river flows through the gorges of

involves following a narrow stream bed

at a supplement starting from £20.

Cadéac and passes through the infamous

without any sort of boat and just jumping

“letterbox”, where you'll find out if you're

down waterfalls and into pools as you

going to get “posted” or not.

scramble down its course.


TM16 // 31

SHEFFIELD GETS NEW MOUNTAIN BIKING TRACK A new “dual slalom” mountain bike track has just opened at Parkwood Springs in Sheffield, the first inner-city trail of its kind in the UK. Dual slalom tracks allow two riders to race side by side down two almost identical trails at the same time. The new track, the latest of several built since 2012, is part of the city's “making tracks” project, a partnership between Sheffield Council, Sport

A New

Trek In Nepal It is one year since the devastating earthquake in Nepal,

England and local mountain bikers to improve the

and the country continues to rebuild itself as well as its

city's mountain bike infrastructure.

tourism. What's most important to this ongoing recovery

is that visitors keep coming to trek and climb in Nepal. With rickshaw travel, visitors to Nepal can trek between


soaring mountain peaks through a remote region of the Annapurna mountain range and observe the progress in rebuilding that Nepal has made over the past year.

Hikers who have allowed mountain goats to get to their food or lick salty sweat from bare skin or pack straps have created dangerous situations

The local people in the Annapurna range have collaborated with the United Nations Development Fund

for hikers who come later, according to experts in

to create a unique trek where hikers will stay at

Idaho, USA. The local branch of the National Forest

eco-lodges and family homes, giving guests the

Service have produced a video, “Hiking Safely With

opportunity to view the culture and village life of

Goats”, that's available on YouTube and advises

the locals.

hikers on how to interact safely and responsibly with goats. The video was produced after a hiker

Trekkers will also see wonderful wildlife in its natural

was killed by a mountain goat in Olympic

Nepalese habitat and all the time be surrounded by

National Park.

magnificent mountainous backdrops. Guests will be welcomed into local homes, some of


which are the eco-lodges, in villages that are off the beaten trekking path. They will fall asleep after feeling the comforting warmth of home-cooked Nepalese meals

The new Pipe Mountain Coaster at Revelstoke,

in their stomachs and wake up to watch the sun rise

which opens for this spring/summer season in

over the Annapurna mountains.

BC, Canada, descends for more than 1.4km over a 279m vertical drop including twists and turns

The six-day trek is priced at £395 including

through a tunnel and forest at speeds of up to

accommodation (price based on two people sharing),

42kph. The coaster is the first single-rail type in

all meals during the trek, return transfer from Pokhara,

North America, making for a ride that's closer to

English-speaking guide and one porter per two people.

the ground and with more variation. The gravitypowered ride was originally designed to emulate the feeling of downhill mountain biking by the Brandauer family in Austria.

Kenton Cool First Briton to Summit Everest Since 2014 Thursday 12 May at 8.15am saw Sherpa Adventure Gear ambassador, Kenton Cool, complete his 12th successful summit of Mount Everest (a British record) and become the first Briton to reach the top of the highest peak since before the avalanche in 2014. Alongside fellow mountaineer Robert Lucas, he successfully reached the top of the world's highest peak together, with two Sherpa guides.

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Canvas Holidays was created by a family for families offering luxury self-catering tent, mobile home and lodge holidays at the finest campsites in Europe. You’ll find everything from wonderful pool complexes and twisting water slides to fabulous sports and entertainment! Accommodation suits all budgets and offers flexibility on dates, duration and travel arrangements. 0345 604 3903


The famous cycling hill climb to Alpe d'Huez on the Tour

“Change position. Try to ride in the saddle as much as you

de France is steeped in cycling history and attracts keen

can as it is the most efficient way to climb, but try to get

cyclists from all around the world year round eager to

out the saddle at regular intervals to stretch your back/

tackle the “Alpe”.

save your bottom,” Gary advises, adding, “The last 4km will really start to bite. There is no way of getting round

The venue for battles between Tour de France legends

it. Accept its coming and make sure you eat/drink at the

since 1952, the 13.8km-long climb up to Alpe d'Huez at

start of the climb so you are filled for the final push to the

1,860m has 21 hairpin bends each named after a previous



stage winner and for cyclists actually bring welcome respite from the constant climbing. The average gradient is 8.1%

Once you reach the town of Alpe d'Huez, you arrive at a

Gary's company is organising the

and the maximum 13%.

roundabout where you have a flat/slight downhill section

London Mont Blanc ride this August, a fully supported

before the last 300m to the traditional Tour de France

ride through the beating heart of rural France.

finish line. Easy!

Starting at the Shard in London and finishing at the

Experienced cyclist and l'Alpe veteran Gary Willis, who runs 001 Sport, a company which organises cycling holidays for

Aiguille du Midi in Chamonix, it is a true point-to-

good cyclists, has some top tips for anyone tempted to try

The “Alpe” not only draws cyclists from all over the world

point ride. Not for the faint-hearted, the distances are

the climb.

to try and conquer the climb but just as much attracts fans

between 161km and 193km per day. Each ride is made

of the sport to come and watch the race from the roadside.

up of small groups of five people with their support

“The first section of 200m to the first hairpin bend is one

When the tour comes to town, the usually quiet climb

car with the focus on helping you get through the

of the steepest parts, so don't let it psych you out!” warns

becomes a constant 14km parking lot of camper vans and

kilometres each day and arrive at Western Europe's

Gary. “Then ride at a tempo you can maintain. Remember

fans with every available inch of tarmac having a name,

highest mountain really having achieved something

you could be climbing for up to two hours (for the record

flag or encouragement in any language imaginable. The

you would never have thought possible from the

the fastest time on Strava is by Thibaut Pinot in 42:18 during

Alpe d'Huez climb is a must-do for all lovers of the Tour de

aeroplane window!

the Tour de France in 2015).

France, the mountains and cycling.

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Twenty-four years after being paralysed

Shaun, from Lancaster, was involved in

lining. I met my best friend, soul mate and

Beet It concentrated high-nitrate beetroot

in a life-changing car accident, paraplegic

a road traffic accident as a back-seat

wife, Dawn, at the rehab home, and we've

juice, a product for which he is a brand

athlete Shaun Gash (45) will rise against

passenger at the age of 20, which left

now been married for 20 years and have

ambassador, to give him an extra boost

all odds and ascend Mount Kilimanjaro, to

him completely paralysed from the chest

three children, Sharna, Kyle and Niamh.”

and help with acclimatisation.

raise funds for CancerCare and a children's

down, yet this has not stopped him from

charity, Alexandra House, this summer.

completing tasks most able-bodied

Shaun's training for the climb consists

“Kilimanjaro is the ultimate test of

people would struggle with.

of a series of cardio-based exercises

endurance in anyone's eyes, but more

with trainers on a CrossFit programme

so for me, as I'm in a wheelchair and

The dad of three, who has overcome adversity and both physical and emotional

“The car turned over and I was thrown

of strength-based circuits and WarriorFit

completely paralysed from my chest

obstacles to raise over £20,000 for charity,

out of the back window, breaking my

classes four times a week.

down. It is going to be an incredible

will undertake his biggest challenge yet,

shoulder, ribs, puncturing my lungs and

when he ascends the Rongai route of

breaking my spine,” said Shaun. “I spent

For the climb, Shaun will be using a

can do anything if they put their mind to

Kilimanjaro in a specially designed all-

almost six months in hospital and a further

special wheelchair that includes a series

it. I hope it inspires others to push their

terrain wheelchair on a nine-day trip

three years in a rehab home for spinal

of pulleys and equipment to tackle the

boundaries when they are faced with a

in August.

injuries. But every cloud has a silver

climb. He will also take regular shots of

barrier,” Shaun added.

achievement for a worthy cause. Anyone

Giving you


Active summer holidays in Croatia, Italy, Slovenia and more! Book online or contact us today for a tailor made quote - - Tel UK 028 91 40 40 80





There's a wealth of resources on offer from our National Parks —available for free to



ENGLAND'S 10 National ParkS

everyone—for enjoying the great outdoors. As well as dramatic scenery and stunning views, visitors to the National Parks can


Northumberland National Park is home


Lake District National Park is renowned

to Hadrian's Wall, a World Heritage site.

enjoy the best of British food, with over a third of England's diverse range of protected foods produced within National

The Broads National Park is famous for its inland waterways, a haven for a quarter of the UK's rarest species, located on Norwich's doorstep.

around the world for its mountaineering

Parks – including Yorkshire Wensleydale

and has the highest concentration of

cheese and Lakeland Herdwick lamb.

outdoor activity centres in the UK.


South Downs National Park has inspired the words of Jane Austen, paintings of Turner and music of Elgar.

Over half of the population in England live within an hour of a National Park, and in addition to all the good things


North York Moors National Park


Peak District National Park was Britain's

features heather moorlands and exceptional coastal geology.


on offer, research published recently by Natural England showed that taking part in

ritain's 15 National Parks (there are 10 in

nature-based activities can contribute to a

England from tranquil Northumberland

reduction in anxiety, stress and depression.

first to be given the status and reaches five different counties: Derbyshire, Cheshire, Staffordshire, Yorkshire and

Downs, three in Wales and two in

Natural England recommended greater use

Scotland, including Britain's biggest by far)

of “green care” to help people suffering

together welcome over 100 million visitors

from mental ill health, including taking part

every year and make a major contribution

in environmental conservation.

to the rural economy. Always a great place to go when you

the crown of our beautiful countryside

want some fresh air and freedom, spring,

and something to be very proud of. They

summer and autumn 2016 see ever

are living, working landscapes that need

more organised events, things to do and

careful stewardship, for the benefit and

festivals and courses across all of

enjoyment of all,” said Jim Bailey, Chair of

the parks.

National Parks England.

royal hunting ground and is believed ancient trees in Western Europe.


Greater Manchester.


Yorkshire Dales National Park sits just to the north-west of Leeds, famous for its man-made patchwork of dry stone

“Our National Parks are the jewels in

New Forest National Park was once a to have the highest concentration of

to the wide open spaces of the South

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Exmoor National Park covers an area of hilly open moorland in West Somerset and North Devon.


Dartmoor National Park is the largest open space in Southern England and sits between Exeter and Plymouth.

walls and history of livestock farming.






GOVERNMENT AIMS TO GET MORE KIDS IN THE PARKS The UK government believes that too few children in our country are aware of these natural wonders of our National Parks. Under new plans announced this spring, every schoolchild in England will have the chance to visit our inspiring National Parks at each stage of their education. The new plans were announced by Environment


Secretary Elizabeth Truss as new figures

10–12 June, The Great North Swim – Lake Windermere, Lake District National Park

the Peak District National Park's much-

reveal only 10% of schoolchildren currently

loved traffic-free trails with a sponsored

have access to outdoor learning.

walk on the Monsal Trail. The event will There's always something happening in the

Brought to us by the same organisation as the

also feature abseiling and wildlife-themed

The new plan for National Parks aims

UK's 15 National Parks. Here's just a small

Great North Run, this open-water swimming

guided walks and a cycle skills track among

to encourage 80,000 young people to

selection of the events lined up for the next

event sees around 10,000 participants tackle

other events.

visit National Parks and put them in the

few months across the country:

two brand-new 10k challenges. Participants of all abilities including families and friends

19–22 May, Keswick Mountain Festival, Lake District National Park

take the plunge safe in the knowledge that expert safety kayakers will be with them every

curriculum. At secondary school this

7–16 October, Cowalfest 2016, Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park

stroke of the way. There are also elite races

includes a target to double the number of youth volunteers in National Parks as part of the National Citizen Service. There's also to be a new apprenticeship standard and

Outdoor activities, world-class speakers,

with some of the world's best swimmers.

One of Scotland's largest and most varied

doubling of apprenticeships in National

sporting events, camping and live music in the

walking festivals with more than 80 walks

Parks by 2020.

evening – there will be something for every adventurer at Keswick Mountain Festival.

20–22 May, Summit Snowdon Weekend, Snowdonia National Park

led by expert and knowledgeable leaders,

26 July, Bogtastic, Exmoor National Park

catering for all ages and abilities. Themed

Along with work already underway to

walks include wildlife, bird watching, drama,

give schools in England one million native

A fun-packed adventure day for all ages

photography, art, history, heritage, folklore,

British trees to plant in their communities,

exploring the bogs, wildlife and heritage in and

t'ai chi, great gardens and great houses as

National Parks will be a key part of a new

around Simonsbath and Blackpitts, whatever

well as some great hill walks.

government campaign that will launch later

A weekend away in Snowdonia with packages

the weather – indeed, “the wetter the better”

including two nights of accommodation and

say the organisers. Activities include guided

a guided walk up Snowdon on the Saturday,

walks, stream dipping and the infamous

plus several other shorter hikes, weather

Bogstacle Course.


21 May, Royal Marsden South Downs Trekathon, South Downs National Park

this year to connect more children with VISIT ENGLAND

nature and the environment. “Just as Yellowstone is known worldwide as one of America's national treasures, our

19–21 August, Walk In The Park, Peak District National Park

beautiful lakes and dales, moors and fells are a symbol of this country, part of our British identity – they are also huge public

“Walk in the Park” is a new event based at

assets that should benefit as many people

A 26-mile (about 42km) charity fund-raising

Bakewell Showground that aims to get more

as possible. By instilling a love of nature

walk from Lewes to Beachy Head along

people into the great outdoors for a true

in our young people and building thriving

the South Downs Way starting at 7am.

adventure and a weekend full of fun. It's also a

communities in every National Park, our

family-friendly first-ever fundraiser to support

plan will allow these unique spaces to flourish for generations to come,” said Elizabeth Truss.


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active MOUNTAINS ra lake o in the im earby n w s s t spor u can r o e y t a d an hite-w g. iking, hile w yonin and h d can ool, w n p a g g lier min heva , raftin t as swim rre C aking e y doub S a o e k n e clud ou s the ou in includ ions in and y clude ave y stinat alley, ich in ers le r e V t h e d a h ld (w ort r t w a s O er ise opula e a sh h Alp river. e Em urquo d tak ther p n r the Frenc ed th O a e ll n The t v a r a , in o c e e g is outh ridin by tra rts ar wires g y this the s r spo horse w zip there e in l e t e to wh rythin e n a d v e w e lu v a to tr enith ere e out th white ea inc n Z h r y 4 r a io in w d t x t a n 4 e p d n o ca g to re ag elan ing, a k s in th atchin ), whe ik in Ic unitie skydiv ” wee k t w v r e a n o g ja e e le r o k a p v a n b op wh ge pack r Rey and e volca iving, packa ght, o ctivity rs to liding g to d ed “a ailor a highli k tou t in s r n parag a e o id ig t r P d s l y e exclu tiona horse happ pre-d from d Na e, and has a u or is es, an u'd lik r for yo o u y t le r n ! b teve er. adve days nd of availa s wha on off y holi e sou clude s are activit like th e r 't ik e n h s with d m o that in e untrie you d s sum in, mend o r r c e m e y ff n o v e c o a e , Spa e all what enith venia urope ther r tzal v Z E lo o e , t n S n O c , a e even In fa er is r the vakia a doz c and ticula y, Slo summ than r . li a a d b e in w r p n u r o p ia la o h, in ,N in m h Re the Austr urger Zenit inland Czec sides Salzb e from atia, F st be y, the ee in li o e r S k e r C n h u m choic t a T d, y is s on Zell a erlan l valle ol or Island at Switz in Tir Oetza nnel lex th a e ed. p h h t m C f o ith t n c n ion foot o from uez w ur ow y me isure more e s o d le h r a ie t e it d t e v e d'H n a lr iv e t a a lp 7 c d it s 4 s A a t n , r h a trie hic spo Area ys to tains enalin assé coun olida n c e, w moun action s h-adr ropes ays p e Fra ises h hand azing d holid in the of hig n itude e r a lt m h e e for h u a g r a c t d r o o s a u h in mite the T ge to do m y hig also o multit ith be rself a ver e brid nising mb in n Dolo enith ies to ers a t you a li d a it in Z ff u c g li n n ate o p r lp l r a a n u o il a t a It a o r t g Fox Hum w an r sep ous h that's idea oppo o the n s fam ee ou and t pany d belo or the e Flyin now good it s , e h k ” m y t e the a d – r g o t d in n e c s in n agaz they liday e can tivitie can b suspe und a Blobb s m n o c “ a e o a h o r s is d y t r g r h r n in n u t a n a a co unta expe larmin new. as in eave ins ye wing ages hat's er mo of an ll as a o are but h ega S ounta pack y're a se tw summ and w ted – he M he m e r e t t t a h h o ls t o e T n e t ok at . h n v ll 's lo t o t s a le in a s y o b y t trips h a e t fa r n e o d, w the holid anxie featu ebsit Cann ot for s, 's goo their ctivity h's w what and n ulti-a tunitie o like Zenit r d h m it o n w s p is u r v p e o s offe of o r thos days njoy offer. round rth fo h Holi in they and e playg on ea s a o in t Zenit – a t ounta g e n n m p u li l ! o o c a h r y n m u sE a and c set hig o the raditio acros iking ead t of a t and in tain b burg can h more n lz u u is a o o e S r y e so from m Se ing, m do he g ty to Zell a climb reach , n o g t le mbin in p y li t s raf ing, c rt, ea few. here's id ir o T r a s e . t e e h n r u t s b catio , hor ut all heir name ing lo biking ked o ong t stunn chec d am ntain n u e a o v , a m d h ing sthan e the h staff includ ns fir wher Zenit ding, optio enia, e v n e lo p io t s S a hydro vec in destin fting, is Bo rites for ra u t c o v e f fa is per g. river ayakin Soča and k g in n canyo


Zenith Holidays: 0203 137 7678

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MEND our A major new crowdfunding campaign has been launched

alone gave just 20p, we would hit our target,” said Carey

to raise money for environmental projects on some of

Davies, BMC Hill Walking Officer, adding, “More people

Britain's most iconic peaks.

experiencing the outdoors is great news, improving our



collective health, enriching our culture, encouraging Mend Our Mountains (

engagement with nature and keeping rural economies

mendourmountains) has been launched by the British

alive. But it puts pressure on the landscape.”

Mountaineering Council (BMC) and is supported by worldfamous mountaineers Sir Chris Bonington and Doug Scott

The Mend Our Mountains campaign runs until

CBE as well as nature TV presenter Julia Bradbury.

mid-May, and funders have the chance to buy a walk in Borrowdale in the Lake District and pub lunch with Sir

“Booming visitor numbers and smaller budgets,

Chris Bonington if they pledge £1,000 (only one available)

compounded by the extensive damage of recent flooding,

or a place on a full day's walk in the Lake District with

means that National Park authorities and conservation

filmmaker Terry Abraham if they pledge £100

bodies are struggling to keep up,” said a BMC

(four available).

spokesperson. There's also the chance to secure a day out for three Working with eight National Parks, the BMC is aiming

people in the Cairngorms with long-distance walker Chris

to raise more than £100,000 to repair damaged paths

Townsend for a £250 pledge (one available) or a day of

on some of Britain's most popular peaks, including the

traditional climbing tuition for two people in Snowdonia

respective highest mountains of England and Wales –

with top climber James McHaffie for a £250 pledge (one

Scafell Pike and Snowdon.


The campaign will also feature Ingleborough (Yorkshire

Other rewards include helicopter rides in the Yorkshire

Dales), Kinder Scout (Peak District) and part of the Brecon

Dales, handcrafted and personalised Yorkshire Three

Beacons Horseshoe, as well as vital repairs to moorland

Peaks signposts, VIP tickets to the finish of the Devon

on Dartmoor, Exmoor and the North York Moors.

stage of the Tour of Britain, and there's a 15% discount at


Cotswold Outdoor, in store and online, for every donation The campaign has been generously backed by top

above £10.

outdoor retailer Cotswold Outdoor, clothing company Alpkit and adventure film website SteepEdge, along with

Everyone who makes a donation will have a choice of

many other smaller sponsors for individual projects.

either giving their money to an individual project featured

Snowdon's Watkin Path and Kinder Scout's Ringing Roger,

loves the outdoors needs to come together. If the same

will not go ahead if they do not reach their Mend Our

number of people who walked up Snowdon in a year

Mountains target.



between the eight projects. Many of the projects, like

at a time of need. To make this happen, everyone who


in the campaign or to an overall total which will be split “We want to provide a financial lifeline for National Parks


TM16 // 39

THE 2016

GO CANOEING WEEK! If you've always fancied getting out on the

Whatever you take part in, everyone can log

“The great thing about canoeing is there is

water and trying canoeing, or you've done

on to the Go Canoeing Week website to submit

something for everyone, whether you take part

it long ago and want to try again, or even if

the individual miles they paddle to help reach

as a family or have been paddling for years

you're a regular wanting to play your part,

the target.

and want to keep challenging yourself,” said

then National Go Canoeing Week, coming up

Jenny Spencer, Go Canoeing Development

from Saturday 28 May and running over two

If you're new to canoeing and not sure if it

Manager. “To add to the excitement of the week,

weekends to Sunday 5 June, is where to get

will be your thing, you can come to a Starter

everyone that registers their paddling miles on


session to get a real feel of what paddling is all

the website will be in with a chance of winning

about. Just turn up, and the centre will provide

one of our top prizes. We look forward to seeing

Go Canoeing, the Olympic-inspired initiative

all of the equipment needed, and you can still

you out on the water, so come along and get

run by British Canoeing (the national governing

contribute your mile paddled to the total

involved! Nothing to lose, new passion to gain!”

body for the sport), aims to get as many people

target mileage.

as possible out on the water having fun, no matter what their ability – you can be as

If it's independence you crave, take in the

adventurous or as chilled as your heart desires!

summer scenery on one of the hand-picked one-, three- or six-mile Challenge Paddles.

“With last year's Road to Rio target distance

Simply hire a boat, grab your waterproofs and

of 24,901 miles (40,074km) well and truly

be on your way. Or, if you would prefer the

smashed, we decided to make this Olympic

security of a guide leading the way, there will

year bigger and better and aim for the nation

be a whole host of Guided Tours, for all of the

to collectively paddle 30,000 miles (48,280km),

family to enjoy.

achieved through a whole range of fun events and activities,” said Amy Jarratt of

If you're more au fait with the paddling world,

British Canoeing.

you can push yourself or your friends to paddle further or faster than you have ever done

There are over 400 clubs and centres across

before; use this as the perfect opportunity

England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

to take up one of the Go Canoeing Three

running activities during the week, so there will

Lakes challenges or make up your own mini

be something for everyone all over the UK.


TM16 // 40



IN ONE DAY Up for a challenge but can't decide

Real fitness junkies can also opt to test

On to your bike, and the Knolls Loop is a

Packages from the UK cost from £1,595pp,

between a winter and a summer holiday?

their endurance and complete the “Sierra

multi-use trail that is a favourite for its close

including flights from London Heathrow to

Why not do both on the same trip?

Trifecta” at Mammoth while taking in the

proximity to the town of Mammoth Lakes

Mineta San José, car hire, three nights at

stunning surroundings. This is essentially

and one of the first areas to be free of

the Dream Inn on Santa Cruz Beach and

to ski, bike and run in one day.

snow in the spring. A combination of single

seven nights in the Juniper

track, sandy off-highway-vehicle trails and

Lodge, Mammoth.

Chill by the beach in California for a few days and work on your balance on a surfboard before heading up to Mammoth

For good skiers, a favourite start is to

fire roads, the route meanders through

Mountain to hit the ski slopes that are still

head down from Cornice Bowl to Gremlin's

Jeffrey pine forests and over rolling hills.

open to late spring with the snow lying

Gulch, a steep black diamond run that is

more than 3m deep.

regularly groomed, and when the snow

Finally, the Sherwin Meadow – Enchanted

softens up, it is fun for fast turns. Once

Forest Loop is the favourite trail run in

You can even snowboard in the morning

at the bottom, roll over into the Gremlin's

town. The route combines dirt roads and

then hit the waves and surf on a board in

Gulch—a natural half-pipe-like gully that

single-track trails for a moderate loop with

the late afternoon if you plan it right.

heads towards Chair 23.

minimal climbing.

Boatloads of family fun this summer! and

Our collection of award-winning holidays is designed for families who want far more than the usual summer break. Try white-water rafting in Austria, snorkelling off the Galapagos Islands or canyoning in Tuscany. We have a range of holidays to suit all ages and abilities.

Visit or call 01670 785 082 to find out more



n i a t n u o



outside and enjoy the great outdoors

Once you try a family summer mountain

after discovering that, although half of

holiday, it's easy to get hooked. The

the UK's population live within an hour

Fischer family, who have three pre-

of one of our National Parks, only 10%

teenage children, are summer mountain

actually ever visit one.

holiday addicts.

And research published recently by

“My family loves summers in the

Natural England showed that taking

mountains. Two summers ago we had

part in nature-based activities is not

a brilliant week based in Argentière,

just good for physical fitness but

a highlight finding a waterfall above

can also contribute to a reduction in

Vallorcine perfect for picnicking and cold-

anxiety, stress and depression. In fact,

water plunging!” says mum Vanessa.

it recommended greater use of “green

ore and more families are finding that

care” to help people suffering from

“Last summer we discovered some new

spending quality time together in the

mental ill health, including taking part in

treehouses on the edge of the Hautes-

mountains in summer can beat beach

environmental conservation.

Pyrénées. One was big enough to sleep

holidays hands down.

our family of five, and it was a night we For families, there are ever more

will remember forever, sleeping high up

Holidays to the European lakes and

companies offering summer mountain

in the trees, and in the morning huge

mountains aren't about lying on a sunbed,

holidays in Europe, and there's ever

excitement pulling up our basket of

reading a novel and slipping into the

more for families to do once there.

breakfast with fresh croissants and hot

swimming pool (although they can be that

TM16 // 42

y l i am

coffee and chocolate left at the bottom of

too if you like!). Instead the local lifestyle, the

Prices tend to be much lower than

culture and the fresh mountain air make you

in winter too as ski resorts battle to

to want to get out and explore, to awaken

fill chalet and apartment beds, often

That treehouse also has a nice wooden

your senses.

offering free or very cheap activities as

hot tub heated to 39°C as an added

part of a package once you book your


What's more, the British government wants

accommodation and have been awarded

more people, particularly children, to get

your “guest card”. It's a buyer's market.

a rope below us!”





“Another summer we combined the lake at Annecy with day trips to the nearby resorts of La Clusaz and Le Grand

For something a little different for young families, the Gut

Bornand – the summer sledging in La Clusaz was great fun

Fat biking – mountain biking on bikes with over-sized tyres

Steinbach hotel in Reit im Winkl in southern Germany is

and only a few euros, and in Le Grand Bornand we spent

– has been all the rage in Alpine resorts over the past year.

next to “pram-friendly” hiking routes of 3–9km and offers

the afternoon in the fabulous outdoor pool with its fun

The bikes can cover all kinds of terrain and are popular

a family night hike in summer during which you carry

slide,” said Vanessa.

for use over snow in winter as well as wet soft surfaces in

burning torches through the local Klausenberg gorge to


enjoy a campfire and barbecue at the far end.

Now the concept is being extended to other modes of

This summer, VIP SKI will open 13 chalets in Morzine, Les

transportation for added fun.

Gets and Alpe d'Huez in the French Alps offering ideal

“Our holidays in the mountains always involve day trips to

mountain retreats for families looking for a short break or

find local adventure activities and always include water –

a week away.

be it an outdoor pool, river or stream,” concluded Vanessa.

Those twin 800m-long toboggan runs are accessed by a gondola lift and great fun for all the family.

In Savoie Mont Blanc in France they've got new ideas on the “Fat” theme. For example, in Val d'Arly, a ski area in winter, they're offering “Fat Scooting” – you guessed it, a

One option is for families to enjoy the high wires

scooter with fat tyres.

in the Alpine forests of Les Gets as they try “accrobranche”: an obstacle course constructed


Fat scooters can be taken up the mountain on the Torraz

among the trees, where holidaymakers of all ages

chairlift from where there's an amazing descent covering a

can let their sense of adventure run wild. Those

full 700m of vertical.

that wish to take part will be securely harnessed


with a belay as they negotiate their way through

(French Alps holidays – see our separate feature)

the various obstacles on the course.

Chalets 1066:

The resort is offering half-day lessons on its mountain bike tracks accompanied by an instructor all summer, priced at €55pp (about £43pp) (with equipment included). See

(Les Gets holidays – see our separate feature)


And why keep your fat devices on land? At Lake

Chilly Powder: (Morzine holidays) Erna Low: (French Alps) Inghams: (European mountains)

Aiguebelette you can try “Fat stand-up boarding” – yes,

If you're looking for a little more on offer than

Peak Retreats:

a giant inflated paddle board which is difficult enough to

just a regular family week in the mountains, the

(French mountains)

control if there's just you alone trying to paddle, but once

French Aravis region will be staging a Mountain

Thomson Lakes & Mountains:

the whole family of four or five get on, it is even more so!

Families Festival this July. Running from the 18th

(European mountains)

to the 22nd of the month, the five-day festival will


This summer, fat paddle boards that can accommodate five

see a swathe of activities and events across four

(European mountains)

to six paddlers will be available to hire at the lake

mountain challenges in the region. The Fischer

Zenith Holidays: (European mountains

family have already been there and checked it out:

– see our separate feature)


TM16 // 43




National Go Canoeing Week is a celebration of all things paddlesport! Whether you have never picked up a paddle before or you are a seasoned pro there is something for everyone.

The ski season is over at most of the

Pond skimmers have been taking part in

Northern Hemisphere's ski areas, but a few

qualifying events across a variety of North

select resorts battle on into May – and not

American ski resorts in order to qualify for the

just for skiing and boarding.

finals in Banff National Park, and later this month on 23 May we'll find out just who is the first-ever

The Slush Cup at Sunshine ski area is the

Pond Skimming World Champion!

mother of all “pond skimming” contests in the mountains and has taken place in mid-May

The Slush Cup has been staged for 88 years and

each year for nearly 90 years – believed to

helps to highlight Sunshine's long season. Last

be longer than anywhere else.

year the event attracted around 7,000 spectators.

With hundreds of events and challenges on offer across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. You will find adventure on the water whatever your level!

Pond skimming? It's that end-of-winter rite-of-

Some of the highest base elevations in Canada,

passage when skiers attempt to cross melt-

coupled with a heavy annual snow accumulation,

water ponds of freezing waters on their skis,

provide the ski resorts of Banff National Park with

snowboard or sometimes any other vaguely

one of the longest non-glaciated ski seasons in

sliding/floating object. Usually participants

the world, typically opening in early November

are in fancy dress, sometimes swimming

and staying open to the latter half of May for a

costumes, but the atmosphere is always fun.

near seven-month ski season.

This year there's something new in the pond

Long after many other resorts have completed

skimming calendar as Banff will also serve as

their end-of-season parties and pond skimming

the host for the first Annual Pond Skimming

events, Sunshine Village remains open, making

Discover more:

World Cup.

the Canadian Rockies the ideal location to host the Pond Skimming World Cup. TM16 // 44



Colorado Colorado is becoming increasingly

(Tour de France competitor for Garmin).

popular with UK cyclists looking for a

The experience is entirely customisable

holiday where they can indulge their

and can include activities such as a just

love of cycling. The physical challenge

over 40km ride to Sustainable Settings

of the altitude combines with amazing

Farm followed by a true farm-to-table

alpine views for a road-biker's dream

dinner prepared by Viceroy's Executive

destination. During the summer, many

Chef, Will Nolan. Or take a ride to the

of Colorado's road-bike races and

Maroon Bells and Castle Creek/Ashcroft

mountain-bike races cater to serious

followed by a massage at the hotel.

competitors, but they also have shorter and less intense routes for more casual

In addition, the Red Rocks Amphitheatre

cyclists – and you'll get fresh mountain

( is a naturally formed,

air and a loud cheer at the finish line, no

world-famous outdoor music venue just

matter the length of the ride.

24km west of Denver and is the only naturally occurring, acoustically perfect

Powderhorn Mountain (powderhorn.

amphitheatre in the world. It's well known

com) will debut two new mountain

in certain circles for U2's performance

bike trails in summer 2016. The bike

there in 1983.

trails will be serviced by the newly built high-speed quad. Powderhorn is also

Throughout 2016, the amphitheatre

working with local area bike shops to

will celebrate its 75th anniversary with

build and grow a downhill bike series.

special concerts and events. Red Rocks is recognised for its star-studded concert

Also new for summer 2016, the Viceroy

roster, natural acoustics and ambience, as

Snowmass (viceroyhotelsandresorts.

well as its awe-inspiring hiking and biking

com) will offer a cycling programme led by former pro cyclist Will Frischkorn

Badly fitted footwear causes Knee and Back Pain, Corns, Calluses, and Nerve Damage.

Bring this card for a FREE Biomechanical Assessment. We stock over 200 styles of footwear specializing in extra narrow and extra wide fittings. Our experts can help you choose the right boots making walking a pleasure.

138, High Street Kensington, London Phone - 02079377177





Explorer’s Grand Slam Masha Gordon, a British mum-of-two


and business woman, is on course

She is in the process of setting up

to enter the world record books

a charity, Grit & Rock, to encourage

by becoming the fastest woman to

teenage girls in deprived areas to take up

complete the Explorers' Grand Slam

mountaineering as a way to build grit and


other leadership qualities.

This ultimate adventure challenge

By the end of Masha's challenge, she will

involves climbing the world's highest

have scaled the world's highest peaks on

peaks on each of the seven continents

each of the seven continents – Everest

as well as trekking to the geographic

(Asia), Kilimanjaro (Africa), Vinson Massif

North and South Poles.

(Antarctica), Aconcagua (South America), Carstensz Pyramid (Australasia), Mt. Elbrus

Amateur climber Masha, 42, from North

(Europe) and Denali (North America) as

London, is due to finish the challenge

well as trekked to the geographic poles.

in June this year – in a world-recordbreaking eight months.

The extraordinary demands of the challenge mean she will have been

As a young girl, Masha failed at PE at

pushed to the edge of physical endurance

“As a teenage girl who hated any form of physical

school, and at the age of 31 she was

and mental resilience. She will have spent

exercise, it would have been unimaginable to think that I

unable to run 5km without being out

over 100 days in a tent including three

would one day scale Everest – far less climb the world's

of breath. While on maternity leave

weeks trekking on skis to the North and

highest peaks on each of the seven continents and trek

in her 30s, she discovered a love of

South Poles in -40°C weather and exposed

to the North and South Poles in just eight months,” said

mountaineering after a friend invited

herself to the “death zone” – the high


her to join her on a climb during a visit

altitude above 8,000m where there is not

to France.

enough oxygen for humans to breathe.

A mother to Freya (8) and son Theo

Only 45 people have completed the

personal endurance challenge will inspire young women

(6), Masha wants to inspire other

Explorer's Grand Slam challenge to date

to do what may have been unimaginable to them. As I

women to take up challenges that were

and only two of those in under a year. The

have discovered, mountaineering and outdoor sports are

previously unimaginable to them, and

current female world record title holder,

a fantastic way for women to build up self-confidence and

for girls to take up outdoor activities to

Vanessa O'Brien, completed the record in

mental resilience.”

build their self-confidence and mental

11 months.

“It takes grit to succeed in life – the ability to face challenges, motivate yourself and persevere. I hope my

TM16 // 46


After four extremely successful editions, the popular

This is followed by three clinic days on the mountain

alpine educational event Arc'teryx Alpine Academy is

and side programme including seminars, movie

taking place in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc again.

night and academy dinner. All workshops are led by


THE aRC'TERYX ALPINE ACADEMY 2016 professional mountain guides from the Compagnie On 16–19 June, Arc'teryx will unite alpine enthusiasts,

des Guides de Chamonix, the British Mountain

mountain guides and professional athletes aiming to

Guides (BMG), Chamex Guides and Arc'teryx Pro

create a space where beginners and experts alike

Athletes like Ines Papert, Luka Lindič, Stian Hagen

can gain alpine knowledge and respect for the alpine

and many more.

environment through top-notch clinics and experience sharing.

Nina Caprez will lead the advanced rock climbing course “7+ climbing” with the targe of improving

The four-day event will start on Thursday with the

the sport climbing technique of her students.

big Mountain Clean-up. Participants can join certified

Another new clinic down in the valley of Chamonix

mountains guides and over 20 international Arc'teryx

is bouldering, held by Mina-Leslie Wujastyk. She will

athletes to collect rubbish on the mountain. This

help to improve climbing and movement skills by

initiative is a collaboration between the Arc'teryx

looking at various techniques and methods.

Alpine Academy and the Compagnie du Mont-Blanc (CMB) with the goal to help keep our mountains pure.






MACHU PICCHU Words - Patrick Thorne


Chances are the famous Peruvian citadel

Machu Picchu was built around a century

Picchu, so the Peruvian government has

of Machu Picchu is on there, one of the

before the Spanish conquest of Peru

taken steps to strictly limit the numbers

modern-day “Seven Wonders of the World”

and was abandoned after only 100 years

visiting the site. It's also quite high in the

which we can still actually visit, according to

at about the same time as the invasion.

Andes mountains, so accessing it isn't

an internet poll.

However, it is believed the Spanish never

quite as easy as just flying in there – you

knew it existed at the time, and it was

need to be prepared to climb a lot of steps,

Built in an extraordinarily stunning location

only discovered by explorers a little over a

and for the altitude.

in the middle of a tropical mountain forest

century ago in 1911 (although its existence

in the Upper Amazon basin, rich with flora

is reported to have been known about

We asked world traveller Alison Heyworth,

and fauna, it is the crowning achievement


who has already ticked off many of the

of the Inca Empire at the peak of its powers.

items on her own personal bucket list, The site is still being restored in an

including many of the world's most famous

Constructed more than 500 years ago on

ongoing process over the decades; so

attractions, for her top tips on a visit to

rocky terraces 2,430m above sea-level

far, less than half of the site is believed to

Machu Picchu.

on the eastern slopes of the Andes, the

have been excavated and restored.

he Northern Lights, the Great Wall of

city's massive dry-stone walls and terraces

China, the Pyramids, the Taj Mahal, the

and ramps seem as if they have been cut

However, as with many of the world's great

Great Barrier Reef … what's on your

naturally in the continuous

attractions, as it gets ever easier to travel,

bucket list?

rock escarpments.

more and more people can get to Machu

TM16 // 48

“It's a great trip, Machu Picchu; doesn't disappoint!” Alison confirmed, so we're off to a good start.



Here are

Alison's five top tips: I. BOOK YOUR SPACE

that, our guide said most people just take a photo and then go straight back down again, and he seemed a little taken aback by our barrage of questions, but he rallied to the

Because so many people want to visit Machu Picchu these


days, the Peruvian Ministry of Culture limits the numbers allowed on the site in order to ensure it isn't damaged. Advance reservation is required, and you need to know what you're doing because you have to decide on which entry route you'll be taking to reach the site – professional advice from a


travel expert can be invaluable here. “Altitude sickness is definitely an issue for many people, “You have to book ahead to enter. They have a limit on people

and we suffered a bit ourselves, but saw others who were

allowed in each day; I think it's 2,500,” confirms Alison, who

in a lot more discomfort,” said Alison.

added, “In addition to the main site, there's an 'extra' hill – Huayna Picchu. It also has a separate limit of about 400 each

If you think altitude sickness might be an issue for you, or

day, and there are only two early-morning time slots to access

you're not sure, the advice is to spend a couple of days

it; we weren't organised enough to do that!”

lower down to acclimatise before heading up.

The admission price is a little under £30, children under eight

“The locals recommend coca leaves and we drank this (in

years old are admitted free of charge and there's a reduced

tea form) without a care in the world, but it was funny as

student rate for eight- to 17-year-olds.

two young women at the same hotel, who we got to know, worked for the US Drug Enforcement Agency and daren't

A popular and often fun way to reach Machu Picchu is by train.

risk taking it; they said they get drug-tested every six

From the train station you then get buses up a precipitous

months. No idea if the coca helped or not!” Alison added.

road with hairpin bends and are deposited at the entry station, which has a ticket office, café and other facilities.


5. CHECK OUT THE WIDER REGION Although Machu Picchu may be the main attraction, don't forget

This is high mountain territory, and you need to be fairly fit to

that there's lots more to see in the wider region.

tackle Machu Picchu's many brilliantly sculptured ramps and slopes.

One popular approach is to spend four days or so doing the Inca Trail, which brings together many of these sights.

“It's surprisingly strenuous!” confirms Alison. “There's a lot of climbing. It sounds obvious, but we saw quite a few people

“We were blown away by how many other Inca sites there are

struggling. I think maybe because it's such an iconic site that

– we had no idea!” said Alison. “We explored a couple more

you kind of feel you're familiar with it before you get there – a

once we did, but they were all over the place, and we ran out of

bit like you can feel with the Great Wall, but once you factor in

time. You could easily spend a couple of weeks just touring the

getting there in the first place, the high altitude, possibly high

other sites.”

temperatures and often high humidity, you do need to be reasonably fit to make the most of it.

“In fact the Inca are still living and working in the area, speaking the same language, dressing in the same clothes, farming


traditionally and eating and drinking Inca food and drink,” Alison added. “There are still many original Inca buildings, kind of made with polished dry-stone walls. It was all really interesting,

Hiring a guide is relatively inexpensive and highly

and we'd love to go back sometime.”

recommended to make the most of your visit. There's not much information provided at the site, so it's important to ensure you have a good guide book so you know what you're looking at if you are interested in more than just the initial “wow” factor. “We definitely needed a guide; it would have been a huge amount of guesswork without one,” said Alison. “Having said

INFO Official site: UNESCO listing:


TM16 // 49



It's just over one year since the Nepal earthquake

the children's hospice for East and West Sussex

killed over 8,000 people and injured more than

and South East Hampshire, as well as covering the

himself lucky to have come out alive.

21,000 as well as devastating the mountain

cost of essential equipment for his Everest 2K16

Although that experience was incredibly tough,

kingdom's fragile infrastructure.


Rupert has come back fighting and is determined to

Ever since then, the global climbing and trekking

“I am very passionate about supporting the only

community have been trying to help – both on the

children's hospice in Sussex as I feel my family

“At Chestnut Tree House we are familiar with young

ground and by fundraising worldwide – as well as

would have greatly benefited from such a service

people tackling the unimaginable; we help children

trying to ensure that vital climbing and trekking

when my younger brother was receiving treatment

and young people to make the most of their lives,

tourism revenue continues to flow into Nepal.

for a life-threatening heart defect as a child,” said

however short. Rupert is an amazing young man and

Rupert. “I am so grateful to everybody who has

we wish him all the luck in the world for his incredible

Rupert Jones Warner, aged just 24, was in Nepal

already donated to my GoFundMe page, and

challenge,” said Linda Perry, Director of Children's

when the earthquake happened last year and is now

although I am nervous about taking on a challenge

Services at Chestnut Tree House.

back in the country attempting to set a new record

that many view as impossible, I know this great

by becoming the first Briton and the youngest in the

cause will keep me motivated.”

re-attempt breaking this world record.

world to climb Mount Everest twice. Rupert's Everest 2K16 expedition is already In order to break the existing record, Rupert will

underway and will last a total of 70 days.

need to climb both the Nepalese and Tibetan sides

Temperatures will drop below -40°C, winds will

of the Earth's highest mountain consecutively. This

reach up to 100mph (160kph) and Rupert will be

attempt has only ever been accomplished once

tested by an altitude of over 8,000m, which is now

before, by a Mexican named David Liaño – who was

universally known as the “Death Zone” due to the

then 33. Rupert was trying to set this same record,

effect it has on your body. If he's successful, Rupert

aged 23, a year ago when the earthquake struck,

will return in early June.

but he is back to try again.


Everest Twice, Take Two Rupert's Mount Everest expedition began a year Rupert is taking on this challenging task in the

and a half ago; however, six weeks into the initial

name of charity and has set up a GoFundMe page

expedition in April 2015, Rupert was caught up in

to help raise an ambitious £50,000. The money

the devastating Nepalese earthquake which was the

raised will help raise funds for Chestnut Tree House,

worst to hit the country in 80 years, and considers

TM16 // 50


It's a familiar scenario. You want to improve your skills on the slopes to make the most of a coming ski holiday to your dream destination … but if you wait until you actually arrive in the resort, perhaps timing it perfectly

British ski course company Snoworks, whose

if you're lucky so that deep fresh powder is

teachers include Phil Smith (presenter

Courses include the All-Terrain class, where

waiting on day one, you then have to head

of Channel 4's Ski Tips), Emma Carrick-

you can hone your skills across the mountain

to your lessons at the start of your holiday

Anderson (four-times Olympic ski racer)

to become a confident skier in all conditions

rather than just getting out there, having a

and Mike Barker (former Head Coach for

(aimed at least adventurous intermediate

blast, and enjoying it.

the England Ski Squad), have an extensive

standard) offered on 2 and 9 July with five

programme of ski courses available through

half-days Monday to Friday for £300.

The answer? How about a cheeky bit

the summer based in the high-altitude

of technique training on the glacier this

resort of Tignes where the large summer

There are also Junior Race Camps for kids

Accommodation is offered in Hotel Lo

summer, so you're already advanced and

ski area is open throughout July (weather

who can ski but either want to get into racing

Terrachu ( at

improved before you arrive in the mountain

and conditions permitting). The summer ski

through the gates or are looking to improve

£295pp half-board seven nights and Geneva

in winter. Simple! The added bonus – costs in

season in 2016 is looking likely to be a good

their times (must be able to perform parallels

Airport transfer (shared) is offered for

the summer are lower and the slopes

one with larger than average snow depths up

on red runs). Again, five mornings of tuition

£100pp, return.

less crowded.

on the Tignes glacier and extended winter

are priced at £300 with course dates 2, 9, 16

conditions prevailing into May.

and 23 July.


350 guidebooks for active adventures Specialists for Alps Pyrenees Himalaya UK mountains Ski mountaineering and touring Hiking and trekking cycle touring


D. Lira - Trentino Marketing

Enjoy the outdoors in the Dolomites

In Madonna di Campiglio-Pinzolo-Val Rendena, between the Brenta Dolomites-Unesco World Heritage and the Adamello Presanella Group, summer means real nature and sport in open air. From easy walks to treks, from mountain bike and e-bike to downhill race, from fishing to golf, from climbing to vie ferrate and paragliding, holiday becomes wellbeing for body and soul in one of the most extraordinary areas of the Alps. MADONNA DI CAMPIGLIO PINZOLO VAL RENDENA TOURIST BOARD Madonna di Campiglio ph. +39 0465.447501 | Pinzolo ph. +39 0465.501007 |



f you're planning a summer escape

are available on request. There's even

Vallorcine's main lift still runs in the summer

to the mountains, why not consider

the chance to enjoy some spa time with

of course, and you can ascend by gondola

the Chamonix Mont-Blanc Valley,

your children (aged 7 to 16 years) with the

to the hiking trails of the Le Tour/Vallorcine

Europe's year-round action mountain-

'Kids' Spa'.

area. Or you can drive up to the fabulous

sports capital where there's a vast choice of outdoor activities to enjoy.

Emosson Dam in Switzerland, where the In-room TVs are fitted with a modern

Tour de France 2016 is stopping on 20

interactive system, providing a wide range

July 2016 (above Vallorcine). There's also

But just because you enjoy

of movies and music. Additional facilities

an Alpine zoo and outdoor pool to visit

adventuring in the great outdoors, you don't

include free and unlimited wi-fi and one

in nearby Les Marécottes (Switzerland),

have to rough it! Instead, plan to base your

indoor parking space per apartment.

and Chamonix has its own leisure park

summer escape in the village of Vallorcine

Towels are provided and the beds are

complete with summer luge.

Mont-Blanc in the heart of the Chamonix

freshly made upon arrival.

Mont-Blanc Valley.

Easy to reach by fast modern roads from The resort has a superb location set

the Channel, the close proximity of Geneva

Here the 5★ Residence & Spa Vallorcine

between the vibrant Chamonix town and

Airport (110km away) also makes it the

Mont-Blanc offers 50 spacious self-catering

the Swiss border.

perfect easy-to-reach location for outdoor

apartments just a five-minute walk from the biking roads and hiking trails.

activities around the Mont-Blanc massif. The trails around Vallorcine are a favourite for trail-runners (see our separate article

Located 15 minutes away from the centre

Chamonix's Vallée du Trail for more

of Chamonix, in the charming village of

information) and for cyclists from across

Vallorcine, the property offers cosy chalet-

the world, with the high altitude providing

style apartments from one-bedroom to

breathtaking views. The Valley and its

three-bedroom family suites with their own

surrounding peaks have long been a


world famous draw for hikers and alpinists too.

Guests of The Residence are offered a free train pass upon arrival and can leave their

There are 80km of maintained hiking trails

cars in the indoor private parking facility until

adapted to all hikers and starting from the

the end of their stay.

centre of Vallorcine. You could also sign

Residence & Spa Vallorcine Mont-Blanc Costs from €135/£104 per night for a self-catered one-bedroom apartment (27 m2, and from €165/£127 per night for a two-bedroom apartment (50 m2). For more information visit

up for whitewater sports including rafting, The main building has a reception, tearoom,

hydrospeeding and canyoning in the

lounge and wellness centre with a large

pure "Black Water" River, for paragliding,

indoor heated swimming pool, two saunas,

fishing, pony riding or dog-hiking

gym and a beautiful spa by Cinq Mondes,

(“cani-rando”) in French, together with

where massages and beauty treatments

friendly husky dogs…


TM16 // 53


m Words - Sa


Trentino and Ronny Kiaulehn Val di Fiemme

INFO Visit Trentino: Trentino mountain guides: Trentino mountain huts: Dolomiti Brenta Bike: Dolomiti Lagorai Bike: Mountain & Garda Bike:

TM16 // 54



n centuries past, no one ever used

At the same time there's much more

specific facilities for hikers).

to venture into the mountains

organisation of traditional summer mountain

There is also the possibility of spending two

in winter. There was a lot of

activities like hiking and biking – routes

nights in Rifugio Torre di Pisa while trying

superstition about bad spirits and

are interlinked to create flexible multi-day

the Latemar Trekking, in Val di Fiemme, with

malevolent fairy creatures lurking up

itineraries with a whole range of support

its 360° Grand Panorama view.

there in the ice and snow. Instead,

services in place too.

the first visitors to the mountains were summer tourists, often young Brits looking for adventure.

The Long Walk

Trentino offers over 400km of cycle paths

Some destinations have always been

But whatever great new ideas there are, the

as well as three exciting mountain-biking

more popular in summer than winter,

best way to explore a fascinating natural

networks through scenery that ranges from

but for many the lure of white gold –

environment like the Dolomites is probably

Alpine lakes to the peaks and spires of the

snowsports – led to winter becoming the

still the simplest one there is. Walking. It


dominant season when most people visited

doesn't matter how fast or slow you go,

throughout the 20th century and in most

or how high you climb – all that counts

All routes are properly graded, with some

cases right up to the present day.

is the intimacy you develop with your

“family trails” suitable for children under 12.

surroundings when you set out on

Most routes can be tackled as individual

a footpath.

stages or mini-circuits and, if you wish,

But after decades of talking about a more balanced year with equal summer and

tied into hotel packages with luggage

winter business helping to keep mountain

And now you can get to know the Brenta

transfer services and routes which can be

communities more stable, there are

Dolomites and eastern Trentino, the wild

downloaded from the relevant website.

signs of a change. The number of people

Lagorai chain and the Fassa and Fiemme

There are also reliable bike shops en route

heading to the mountains in summer is

Dolomites through two huge circuits that

which can deal with any repairs required,

on the rise, in part as people look for a

can each be undertaken in stages.

and there are also bike-taxis, bike-shuttles

change from the inevitable beach holiday,

and bike-buses to take the strain when

in part as they seek out the fresher air of

The two networks of well-maintained

needed. Electric bikes are also available

the mountains if they live most of their

footpaths (part of an amazing 5,000km of

to rent at an ever-increasing number of

life in a hot city and in part because

signposted footpaths in Trentino) pass by


mountain areas themselves are offering

no less than 143 mountain huts, and there

ever more ways to entertain and engage

is a small army of mountain guides ready to

The Dolomiti di Brenta Bike is a network of

their summer guests – often at a very low

provide all the support you need.

trails winding through the wild expanses

cost, or even free of charge when you

of the Adamello Brenta park. The hardcore

stay in local accommodation and receive

The Dolomiti di Brenta Trek Country

circuit suits expert bikers, travelling along

the free “guest card” – a ticket to free

( is an easy 90km

dirt tracks with adrenalin-fuelled steep

public transport in the region and free or

circular route divided into 17 stages that

descents and views of peaks, waterfalls and

discounted admission to dozens

winds its way through the imposing Brenta


of attractions.

Dolomites with a total height gain of 8,200m

Trentino In Summer

(there is also the Expert version for fitter

Alternatively, the family-friendly “country

walkers with 11 stages of paths and via

trail” is far gentler, taking in hamlets,

ferratas – climbing routes with ropes to hold

vineyards, apple orchards and easy riding

on to).

on cycle paths. Sections can even be done

Italy's Trentino region is typical of the trend.

by bus or rail to sidestep the steepest

Its ski regions have been dramatically

Alternatively the Dolomiti Panorama Trek is a

expanding their summer offer so that ski

classic 200km route at high altitude through

lifts don't just give hikers and downhill

San Martino, Val di Fassa and Val di Fiemme.

Other options include the Dolomiti Lagorai

bikers access to summer trails but also

If you want to walk part of it accompanied by

Bike network in eastern Trentino, which

access to summer-only attractions.

a mountain guide, you can choose one of the

explores over 1,000km of off-road trails

“certified routes”, graded blue, red or black

past Alpine lakes and meadows in the Val

according to the level of difficulty you prefer.

di Fassa and Val di Fiemme, and it even

At the Ski Center Latemar, for example, in Val di Fiemme, there are a variety of family-


runs into the Pale di San Martino Dolomites.

friendly interpretive trails with lots for

One of the most spectacular routes of the

Apart from lapping up the wild beauty of

children to investigate, effortlessly learning

Dolomiti Panorama trek is the Palaronda Trek

the Lagorai chain, you can cool down with a

and exercising as they go. Multilingual

(, which has a five-stage

swim in Lake Levico or Caldonazzo.

child-oriented booklets are handed out so

“hard” circuit and a four-stage “soft” circuit,

kids know what to look for too, and there's

both of which start and finish in San Martino

Thirdly, the Mountain and Garda Bike

the option to ride a mountain coaster, a

di Castrozza.

network covers Trentino's part of Lake

kind of downhill roller-coaster course, back


400Km of Cycle Paths

Garda, Italy's largest lake, as well as Lake

to the base at the end. All these initiatives

The Dolomiti Trek King is a six-day trek

Ledro, Monte Baldo, Monte Bondone and

have been a huge hit, and customer

along the paths of Val di Fassa, from refuge

the Valle dei Laghi. This eye-catching and

numbers are up dramatically.

to refuge with two overnight stays in the

exhilarating route takes you from rocky

Dolomiti Walking Hotels (hotels that offer

peaks to sightings of sparkling lakes.

TM16 // 55



Words - Iain Martin

harder. The body quickly adapts, producing

added. “Some days the players had

“The training camp definitely helped our

more red blood cells, improved circulation

three sessions, so you always see an

start to the season,” said Hughton. “Tignes

and endurance levels.

improvement in fitness levels.”

is an incredible environment. You're training

Various sports teams have trained in

Adam Brett noticed that the players only

Tignes including the Gloucester and Toulon

took a couple of days to acclimatise, but

rugby teams, as well as the French national

that they “felt significant benefits” when

Both David Ginola and Eric Cantona have

football team, but Brighton were the first

they played back at sea level at the end of

enjoyed ski holidays since their retirement.

British football team to go there.

the week.

Would Hughton return for some skiing?

“The idea was first brought to me by the

Also important to Hughton were the team-

“Not with my knees, I'm afraid,” he admitted,

head of our medical team, Adam Brett,”

bonding activities on offer. However, the

“but it's a wonderful setting for a glass of

Hughton said. “He'd been there with

players were banned from activities that

wine in the evening!”

Gloucester and knew the facilities

presented a risk of injury, so while they

were excellent.”

enjoyed watching mountain bikers coming

in lovely sunny weather, with the backdrop of huge mountains.”

down the tracks, they couldn't take part. The most important aspect for a preseason camp is a high-quality pitch, but

The players were let off the leash one

ast year Chris Hughton, manager of

when Brighton sent someone to inspect

afternoon when they went down to Bourg

Championship team Brighton and Hove

the facilities, there was still snow on the

St Maurice for a rafting session on the

Albion, decided his first summer in charge


Isère river.

However, the club were reassured by

Club captain Iñigo Calderón was impressed

the fact that seven-time Ligue 1 winners

with Tignes. The Spanish defender took

Instead of heading to typical venues such

Olympique Lyonnais had reserved the

the funicular to the Grande Motte glacier

as La Manga or Tenerife, Brighton chose to

facilities for the week before Brighton.

at 3,456m and loved the spectacular view,

would see a change to their traditional pre-season training.

base themselves at altitude in the French ski resort of Tignes.

declaring the trip “the best pre-season I've “They actually cancelled in the end as they


had a big offer to go to the States,” said Training at altitude has proven fitness

Hughton, “but that ended up working for us

Overall the trip was a huge success for

benefits. The lower oxygen concentration

as the pitch was in perfect condition.”

Brighton; they went on to a 21-game

makes relatively low-intensity training much

“It's a hard week of training,” Hughton

unbeaten run at the start of the season.

TM16 // 56


hike three times as high

as ben nevis

before breakfast If you've ever felt jealous of

as guests will be taught the

accommodation, with

all the fun activities children

full set of skills required to

sumptuous breakfast buffet

can look forward to on an

complete all the activities on

and half-board dinner.

outdoor adventure camp, a

this special holiday package

hotel in Switzerland could

offered by the Grand Hotel

Participants also have

have the answer for you,

Kronenhof this summer.

unlimited access to the

with a very similar type of

Kronenhof Spa and an

holiday to the one that kids

The “Alpinism Adventure

included 50-minute aktiVital

enjoy – only this time aimed

Days” package at the hotel,


at adults!

which is located in the stunning Engadin region

The package is available

The holiday includes ice

about 9.5km from St Moritz,

on 4 to 9 July, 19 to 24

training on glaciers, rock

includes all the guided alpine

September or 10 to 15

climbing, an overnight stay

activities and tuition over

October 2016.

atop a mountain and an

four days plus the use of

early-morning alarm call to

all equipment required in

Rates start from CHF1,865pp

hike up a 3,900m peak (that's activities (except outdoor

(approx. £1,320pp) sharing a

nearly three times as high

mountain clothing) and

double room.

as Ben Nevis) in time to see

transfers to all activities.

For more details and to book,

the sun rise (it's a 4am start

please visit the Grand Hotel

and you'll be wearing a head But as this is aimed at torch).

Kronenhof website at

adults not children, and as the Kronenhof is a historic,

Beginners as well as

luxury hotel, the package

intermediates are welcome,

also includes five nights'









If you had an 8th Day, what would you do with it?

Explore, race, challenge yourself, or just simply have a bit of fun. 8th Day Adventure is a community for all of this. Find things to do, where to do them, and who to do them with!

There’s loads of 3rd party listings and also The Club from which it all started 10 years ago - the Club organises 100s of events a year, from mid-week evenings to weekend trips to holidays, doing almost any sport or activity you can think of. And all from just £25 membership per year!

So come and join the community! Check us out at


celand is one of the world's great natural

But one of the best ways to see Iceland's many

The farm offers itineraries that range from one or

action sports centres and a land of

wonders is the way people originally got around on

two hours to several days to suit riders of all ages

stunning natural scenery with its volcanic

this island which still has very few roads, especially

and abilities, and works with Hotel Eldhestar to

landscape crowned by glaciers and

ones with a solid surface: on the back of an

provide meals and accommodation. Children as

punctuated by stunning waterfalls and

Icelandic pony.

young as age five can be catered for on the short tours, and most tours are conducted in English.

spouting geysers. There are several pony riding operations and one

It's no surprise that the country has seen

of the biggest and best is Eldhestar, located in the

One of the most exciting is the week-long trek to

double-digit tourism growth in recent

heart of Iceland's south-western countryside along

Krýsuvík and the Blue Lagoon for experienced

years, and the opportunities just keep

Road No. 1, only half an hour's drive from Reykjavík in

riders which covers around 100km on horseback

growing. Icelandair recently added Aberdeen

a spectacular location between volcanic mountains,

over four days in the saddle. Along with rivers

to its route list to capital Reykjavik, joining

rivers and the ocean (not that there are many

and beaches, the trip involves a dip in the famous

Heathrow, Gatwick, Manchester, Birmingham and

locations in Iceland that aren't spectacular). They've

geothermal waters of the Blue Lagoon.

Glasgow airports. Several other airlines also offer

been organising pony treks from here for

direct flights, including WOW air from Bristol

three decades.

This trip has departures on 1 and 24 June and 17 August in 2016, and there are many others to

and Edinburgh. The area around the Hengill volcano with its beautiful Akureyri, Iceland's second city and the gateway

valleys, hot springs and the chance to bath in natural

to Iceland's north, has built a particularly strong

warm water is the origin of the Eldhestar name which

reputation in recent years for the wide range of

means “Volcano Horses” in Icelandic.

choose from.

activities there, many showcased in the country's Winter Games, now a major annual fixture at the start

“You'll get to know an Iceland you may not have

of spring. The games feature everything from dog

seen before – the Iceland of 100 or 1,000 years

sledding and horse riding to surfing just offshore, as

ago – endless meadows, rushing glacial streams,

it's a great location for that too.

hidden valleys, dormant volcanoes, and high mountains,” an Eldhestar spokesperson says.

Akureyri was recently chosen by a panel of editors at Lonely Planet as THE number one destination of choice in Europe in their annual top 10 (from the many thousands of possibilities across the continent). Perhaps that shouldn't be a surprise as its location surrounded by mountains and located along a long fjord is particularly stunning.


TM16 // 58




f you fancy starting work as a ski instructor

The course takes place from 3 to 23

The price for the three-week course is £2,995,

Once you have an Antwärter qualification, the

next winter (or perhaps working in an

July with eight days of training and ten

which includes three weeks of training and

first of four stages of ski instructor qualification,

indoor snow centre through the “warm

days of examination included in

exam assessment, half-board accommodation

you can be employed by any ski school

months”), you don't have to wait until the

the cost.

in a 4★ hotel, return airport transfers from

in Austria.

start of NEXT winter to do your training.

Munich, ski pass and that guaranteed job “For postgraduates, the obvious benefit

Snoworks are offering a short summer

is that the course takes place during the

course on the glacier at Hintertux that allows

summer break, leaving some time in the

successful candidates to teach skiing in St

autumn before the winter starts to earn

Anton during next winter season – in fact

extra money or relax before the start

they're even guaranteeing a job. You do need

of winter,” said Snoworks GAP Director

a basic level of German though, as most of

Lee Townend, who added, “For students

the course is conducted in German, as well as

taking a gap year between their A levels

good skiing ability.

and university, it's also ideally placed

in St Anton.

so that you can maximise your time Students who successfully pass the three-

working on the snow during the winter

week course will receive the Antwärter

with a qualification way before those

qualification that is the entry level required to

who choose to join GAP ski courses

work and teach in a ski school in Austria.

over the winter.”



Play From your base in Zell am See there is so much to do in this truly all year round resort.




Zell am See Apartment Specialists

Natural Wonders Apartment rentals from only £70 per person per week. Call or email us for a quote. 00447917815819

Summer fun for all the family! Explore your wild side from this stunning lakeside town Hike



Glacier ski

Windsurf and Sail

Thermal Spa

Iron man 2016


who wants to be a

mountain eer? Words - Robert Stewart

FACT BOX: Action Outdoors run 'Introduction to Alpine Mountaineering' courses based in the UCPA centre in Chamonix, France. Seven nights full-board accommodation, instruction and guiding, lift passes, equipment hire costs from ÂŁ516pp 2016 Dates: from 5 June to 4 September 0203 328 5443

TM16 // 60



tepping out of your

mountain, Mt Blanc. It's an obvious place to

comfort zone to reach

learn the skills required for mountaineering,

heights you hadn't

whether you're planning to tackle routes in the

dreamt possible before

Alps or head further afield to the Himalayas or

might be easier than

Andes in the future.

you think. If you're considering a climbing holiday, then you've

Your life in their hands

most probably been to your local climbing wall or had lessons on a nearby crag in the UK –

Despite its image in the media as an adrenalin-

now you want to step that up and head to the

fuelled action sport reserved only for those

Alps and have a go at climbing some serious

with a lust for danger, mountaineering is

mountains. We take a look at the differences

accessible for anyone with a moderate level

between rock climbing and mountaineering

of fitness and a sprinkle of determination.

and what you should expect from your

Finding the right organisation to instruct and

first-ever mountaineering holiday.

guide you is clearly important, and a fully

Bolted versus traditional

qualified mountain guide is essential.

Things to expect

If you're rock climbing in the French Alps then

Here's what you'd expect to be doing during

it's likely you'll be on a route that is “bolted”.

your first week of mountaineering

This is known as sport climbing and makes the task of leading a route very safe, as the

Rock climbing, abseiling, ice climbing,

bolts are permanently secured into the rock.

crevasse rescue, walking across glaciers with

Traditional climbing is more common in the UK

crampons, navigating in the mountains and

and routes are left bolt-free to allow climbers

general mountain safety.

to place their own security into the rock face.

Sport Climbing versus Mountaineering

Got to have all the gear Fortunately, you can hire a lot of the necessary

Although these two activities go hand in

equipment during your initial mountaineering

hand, neither one is necessarily harder than

courses without having to make any large

the other – sport slimbing can be done at

investments. Here's what you can hire:

all levels, as can mountaineering. Sport climbing is generally about short pitches on

Crampons, boots, helmet, ice axe, harness,

bolted crags (rock faces) with graded routes

ropes and quick draws (for rock climbing), and

that range in difficulty level from "easy" to

a backpack if needed.

"extreme", whilst mountaineering is essentially the journey from the bottom of a mountain, to

What you would be expect to own yourself is

the top.

waterproof and windproof outerwear ( jacket

So you want to be a Mountaineer

and trousers). The best option is a shell (no insulation) outer that is breathable and waterproof, preferably with taped seams (to ensure no water leakage) and a hood that

You'll need a pretty large toolbox of skills to

is designed to fit over a helmet. Underneath

succeed, and understanding the basics of

this outer layer, you can build layers including

rock climbing is a good starting point.

mid (fleece or lightweight jacket) and base (thermal under layers that wick moisture from

Finding your nearest indoor climbing centre

the body). Waterproof gloves and, a woolly hat

and getting some instruction is a sensible step

(the kind you might use for skiing) and walking

before you embark on any alpine adventure.

socks should also form part of your kit bag.

As well as rock climbing skills, you'll also learn how to use crampons and ice axes, cross a

Getting prepared

glacier safely and make any crevasse rescue that might be necessary – you will also learn

Get outdoors and walk in all weathers, and

about route planning and navigation.

if you live close to hills then take advantage

Where to now?

of that and climb them – mountaineering involves a combination of cardiovascular fitness alongside a good level of arm and leg

Chamonix is the capital of mountaineering

strength. You don't need to be an athlete, but

in Europe, with a huge range of options for

some work in the gym on your arm and leg

all levels that include sport climbing crags

strength will help you out at times when you

accessible from the centre of town, right

need extra strength during long days in

through to some of the toughest peaks in the

the mountains.

world including Western Europe's highest


TM16 // 61

How To Prepare & Pack For Your First Biking Holidays Summer is the perfect time to head out for a first biking trip in the mountains. To help you, we have put together a list of essentials to pack smart and travel light.

Words - Emmanuelle Chatel

14 Things You Need To Take On Your First Trip 12 – Chow Set

1 – A Good Base Layer

6 - First-Aid Kit

Staying out all day, it's essential to get it right. Merino wool

Accidents may happen, so it's good to bring a basic first-

essential to round out your camping equipment. The set

has multiple benefits: it keeps you warm, is lightweight

aid kit (scissors, bandages, sterile gauze, antiseptic).

consists of a camp stove, a pan, a cup, a fork, spoon and

and above all doesn't start to smell for a long time! Even if the forecast is good, carry extra lightweight layers in case

7 - Bicycle Tool Kit

Mother Nature decides on something different…

A tool kit is a must-have when travelling by bicycle. You

2 - Rain Jacket A good and light waterproof jacket is a must to avoid

To ensure having a hot meal every night, a chow kit is

knife. Size, performance and various fuel options should be taken into account when picking out a stove.

don't need your whole workshop and can easily get by

13 – A Deluxe Sleeping Bag

with just a few key items.

Getting a good night's sleep is vital, so make no compromise on comfort. The right sleeping bag will

ruining your ride. Breathable and high-tech fabrics can be

8 - Flat Repair Kit

worth the extra money to stay dry without making

The extra weight of the kit (pump, spare tube, tyre

you sweat.

patches and tyre levers) is worthwhile. You'll be prepared

14 – Calories & Water

for any eventuality.

Energy is your number one essential. It's important to

3 – Extra Padding Padded shorts and gloves will prevent you from getting

9 - Waterproof Matches

sore on the bike.

Fire is important for the outdoors enthusiast, for heat,

4 – Extra Footwear

light or cooking. So you'd better be able to start it easilly.

make all the difference.

carry a supply of quick-energy foods and water bottles. Cereal or chocolate bars will do the trick to quickly regain power.

Packing Tips

Always carry a second pair of shoes for when you're off

10 – Headlamp

the bike.

On a night ride or as a backup if your handlebars light

travel light. The less you carry, the more fun it is to ride.

fails, you'll find your way out safely.

Accessibility is key so pack things in the order you'll

5 – Helmet A bike helmet is always necessary, but if you're running

11 - Multi-Tool Kit

out of space, check out the flat-pack version, a lot more

This all-in-one multi-purpose tool fits easily in

convenient to carry.

the pocket.

TM16 // 62

However long your trip, it pays to keep it simple and

need them and store essentials where they're easy to reach, remembering to balance the load too to keep you stable once in motion.


BAREFOOT WALKING ON THE TICKLE TRAIL Engelberg in Central Switzerland is a spectacular destination at any time of year. Open for snowsports until 22 May thanks to its glacier, 2,000 vertical metres above the town, it has a huge programme of summer activities too. Fancy a bungee jump from a cable car, perhaps? Or, new this summer, really getting back to nature by hiking barefoot in the mountains? Then Engelberg is the place for you! Getting up high is easy too, as Engelberg has spent tens of millions of Swiss francs over the past few years building a fancy new gondola linked to a cable car with circular cabins that gently revolve through 360° as you ascend!

All included in the price:

Barefoot hiking is possible along the “Tickle Trail” on Engelberg's Brunni mountain, and is described as “an

Accomm o hut fees dation incl. (if requir ed) All mea ls Lift pas s Instructi on/Guid ing Any req uired te chnical kit

enjoyable tactile experience” – so long as you don't mind having your feet tickled, that is. Separate night hikes (with your boots on) are also being organised on Brunni on 18 June and 19 August. Also new this year is the “Buiräbähnli” Safari


which combines hiking and overnight stays in

Prices from

simple mountain huts with the use of traditional “Buiräbähnli” (the small Alpine cable cars that the local farmers use) to ascend.



The whole tour takes approximately 20 hours and includes one or two overnight stays in one of the many Alpine huts along the way. It conveniently starts and ends at the Engelberg train station.

They have opportunities for all levels from introductory courses for those keen to learn the basics, to advanced courses perfecting technical skills and attempting challenging alpine routes and world famous summits, including Mont Blanc.

And if you're missing winter in summer, why not attend the resort's ice festival up on the glacier on 3 July? Free for kids and with half-price lift tickets for adults to access, there's everything from abseiling in glacial crevasses, chocolate-covered marshmallow Glacier park.

More than just guided courses, the UCPA educates in the real environment, teaching vital skills and autonomy alongside a guided adventure.,,

For more information and to book:

shooting, face painting and snow tubing at the mountaineering THE UK PARTNE


TM16 // 63



S ' X I N O M



Next up, L'UTMB® ( Camps for beginners are available to anyone aged 16 to 55 years old and

From 22 to 28 August 2016 is a more

starting at €30 per person (about

serious affair that attracts even more

These include a beginner's route that takes

£23.50pp). Prices for a Three-Day Trail

participants – some 7,500 runners from

a maximum of an hour, then four different

Preparation without lodging start at €150

87 countries supported by over 2,000

smaller routes each expected to take you

(about £117).

volunteers. In the past 13 years this

one to two hours, five medium routes with

race has become an international event

an expected duration of two to four hours

For more information email:

and includes no less than five ultra-

and five large runs with a running time of

endurance events around Mont-Blanc.

four to eight hours. In addition there are four XL routes which take longer still. The

The namesake race is the Ultra Tour of

Trail Running Races 2016

starting point for all of the itineraries is accessible via train or bus.

Mont-Blanc: three countries, 170km and 10,000m + vertical with a time limit of

If you prefer to take part in a competitive

47 hours max.

race on Chamonix Mont-Blanc Valley's There's a special Vallée du Trail app to

trails, then there's a choice of marathons or

download to your mobile device which

ultramarathons to sign up for.

uses GPS to geo-locate your position and


show route progress on IGN maps. New

Some 7,000 runners from 65 nations

hamonix has, of course, been one of the

for 2016 is a timed route from Chamonix

are expected in the Valley to kick off the

On 25 September 2016, this will attract

world's greatest (some believe the greatest)

to the Plan de l'Aiguille, which enables

season with the Mont

trail running experts keen to tackle the

skiing and climbing centres for over a

runners to measure their performance

( staged from 24–26

50km course with its 4,000m vertical

century, but there's much, much more to do

and to compare with other runners.

June 2016. This can be tackled in any one

gain that has become known in recent

in the famous French mountain town, and the

The tourist office also organises special

of six race formats depending on your

years as “the” mountain trail race. The

surrounding valley, summer or winter.

accommodation packages all season long;

preference, from the mini-cross or Vertical

new Petit 15km-long TAR race was

click on “Specials” at

KM up to the quarter- or half-marathon

created four years ago and involves a

distance 10km and 23km races, or the

less demanding (albeit still demanding

full 42km marathon and for the most

enough for most of us) 1,200m of

experienced and able, the very technical

vertical climbing along the route.

One of the more recently discovered summer sporting activities to try is trail


running, and in just a few years, Chamonix-

Blanc Marathon

Mont-Blanc Valley has become a favourite

If you'd like to join in with fellow trail

Mont-Blanc 80km race with a vertical of

of trail runners the world over, just as it is

runners, UCPA Chamonix Valley offers

+ 6000m.

for climbers and skiers, attracting tens of

accompanied preparation camps (with

thousands each summer.

or without lodging), youth camps and initiation camps. Half-day Trail Initiation

There are currently 18 different trail running routes that collectively form Chamonix's Vallée Du Trail (

TM16 // 64


 SUNWISE Greenwich GS White £59.99 Greenwich GS White featuring innovative Polafusion® lens technology are ideal sunglasses for all outdoor adventures. From hiking to mountain biking the unique

 BOLLÉ Kingsnake 12122 Matt Blue/Polarised TNS Gun Oleo AF £59.99

polarised lens system filters out potentially damaging light, eliminates glare and provides intense colour contrast for sharp and defined vision.

(polarised grey with oleophobic/hydrophobic coating – prevents

The water-repellent lenses are easy to clean and can handle all weather

smears – anti-fog coatings)

conditions. The lightweight and flexible frames provide maximum wearing comfort for long

Bollé Kingsnake is a sports performance sunglass featuring

periods of time while the bright and bold British designs set the trend this season!

embedded polarised technology, to align light and combat glare;

oleophobic and hydrophobic treatments to prevent dirt, grease and water clinging to the lens; and anti-fog (AF) to repel moisture to keep your vision crystal clear. Bollé Kingsnake is medium fit, wrapped, lightweight and available in various colourways. Bollé offers a wide range of sunglasses in prescription +6.00 to -8.00 (cyls of 4.00).

 RAB ASCENT 500 SLEEPING BAG £220 The Rab Ascent 500 is a mid-weight, down-filled sleeping bag, designed specifically for regular outdoor use and ideal for those buying their first down sleeping bag. Using a highly durable Pertex Microlight inner and outer fabric, the Ascent 500 is filled with 500g of 650FP European Duck Down with features such as internal YKK stash pockets, anti-snag webbing tape and a trapezoidal baffle design to eliminate cold spots. Hand filled in Derbyshire, UK.



The Lowe Alpine AirZone technology is one of the most breathable air-back systems in the world, designed for trekking and hiking throughout the seasons. This best-selling pack, available in two different sizes, offers a combination of comfort, support and stability with a clean aesthetic and full feature set, including a detachable rain cover, unique walking pole “Tip Grippers” and hip belt pockets. Hydration compatible means you can access your water easily while on the go. This is a must-have pack for hiking and backpacking in 2016.

 SMITH Forefront Helmet Without MIPS £149.99 MIPS £169.99 The award-winning Forefront is your ultimate do-anything

 BLACK EYE Black Eye was founded by three friends who shared a passion for board sports and photography. Skateboard photographer Arto Ekman and professional snowboarders Fredu Sirviö and Eero Ettala wanted to make filming and photography with smartphones easier for everyone.

all-mountain helmet. The Forefront fully integrates with both goggles and sunglasses – no more wild jabbing to get your glasses in place. The Forefront also offers full compatibility with your action camera to record those epic rides. The visor is adjustable and removable, providing protection from the sun while not hindering vision or ventilation. Also available with Multi-Directional Impact Protection System – MIPS.

TM16 // 66


 ANATOM FOOTWEAR V2 Vorlich & Lomond Light Hiking Boots SRP £100 Don't rely on its lightness, the Anatom V2 is made from extremely high-quality durable materials backed up by a lifetime warranty. The calibrated nylon midsole ensures the appropriate torsional support and flex combined with the lining water-

 ANATOM FOOTWEAR New S1 SkyeTrail Shoe for Fast Hiking

SRP £90

Ultra-light and strong, this women's shoe is an incredibly comfortable multi-activity

hydrophobic interface. Engineered to deliver comfort, the boot is ideal for those looking for a fast and light experience out on the trail and offers the best balance of

shoe for trail walking and fast hikes. The S1 Skye Trail is made from Anatom's latest technology: the upper of the shoe is made from ballistic polyester and high-quality suede that stand up to scratches and abrasions, while a thin lining creates

lightness and performance underfoot.

a waterproof barrier and allows for breathability. For increased support, webbing lace

for long-lasting comfort on every walk.

loops add stability as they are tightened and a crash pad in the heel absorbs impacts,

 STORM Clean & Proof in Just One Wash with Storm's Cleaner & Proofer Twin Pack SRP £6 – PFC-free option SRP £7 This is the handy way to get both the

 JACK WOLFSKIN Gossamer II £140.00


use the same technology that many

The Gossamer II is a lightweight tunnel tent

The CROSSWIND Jacket is a softshell

leading industry brands use on their

that is great for the summer months. It has

jacket made from Jack Wolfskin's

own apparel at manufacture, making it

enough room for two people and can be


the perfect complementary solution for

packed up small, making it the perfect tent

both windproof and water resistant,

extending the waterproof performance of

for trekking trips. The tunnel shape has two

making it perfect for windy hiking

outdoor apparel. Use the cleaner in the

entrances as well as two internal storage

trips. The jacket has a special lining

detergent compartment and the proofer

pockets, and the the inner tent is made from

on the front and collar which absorbs

in the conditioner compartment, set the

mesh fabric, which can also be pitched alone

water quickly and ensures that it

machine off and job done.

for mosquito protection.

wicks away from your skin. The jacket

cleaner and proofer in one wash. Suitable for the aftercare and re-proofing of


all technical textiles, Storm products

is also lightweight and breathable, a

comfortable wear for any outing.

 SMITH Squad Goggles


 SMITH Overdrive Glasses

 ECOVESSEL BOULDER Insulated Water Bottle SRP 600ml £29.95, 700ml £32.95 £139.99

Polarised £149.99 The Squad are a highly versatile, fully helmet-compatible

Ditch your plastic bottle for this triple-insulated stainless steel bottle which

set of goggles with excellent clarity and field of view.

The PivLock™ Overdrive sunglasses provide

will keep you hydrated all day! Versatile, this

They have interchangeable lenses and come with a

excellent all-round eye protection without

bottle is available in the most popular sizes,

premium mirrored lens and a clear Lexan option.

compromise. Interchangeable carbonic TLT lenses

includes a removable strainer and keeps hot

The Squad is fully vented to stop you steaming up

with a hydroleophobic coating allow the Overdrive

up to eight hours and cold up to 36 hours.

when things get heated and the lattice vent design

to perform in all light conditions, meaning you

Perfect to take anywhere and enjoy your

provides increased stability and fit precision while the

can keep performing too. Each pair of glasses

favourite drinks. Its secure top with a wide

Sweat-X F.A.T. 3-layer foam manages any sweat you do

is supplied with three easy-to-change sets of

opening for easy filling and a small opening

produce. The signature Semenuk ID model, designed by

lenses so you can adapt to whatever the trail or

for easy drinking will keep drinks inside

Smith-sponsored pro-rider Brandon Semenuk, feature

road throws at you. The Overdrive fully integrates

where they belong !

a distinctive black-and-white pattern paired with vibrant

Smith's Forefront Helmet.

Sol-X lenses.


TM16 // 67


Get more out of Morzine Words - Robert Stewart

It's a mega mountain adventure paradise and it's called Morzine, a winter ski resort close to Geneva Airport

BEST FOR ACTION Mountain Biking with Torico Performance Bicycles

that transforms into a summer

that for anyone wishing to

groups and families and

indulge themselves in a

British/French-owned Frogs

rather more serene activity

have a small but highly

during the day can do so

qualified team of guides

while their friends and

and instructors who know

fun park packed with things

It's not a push to state that

family burn adrenalin. Of

every inch of the water and

to do for families, adventure

Morzine is a global centre

course, taking advantage

ways that it can change

junkies and all-round

for mountain biking, and

of these facilities at the end

with nature with the

mountain lovers.

the town attracts a huge

of a hard day's hiking and

seasons. Rafting prices start

number of recreational and

biking can also soothe the

at €36pp (about £28pp).

Here's a pick of some of the

professional cyclists every

mind and body. British-run

very best activities you can

summer. With a wide variety

Indulge (indulgemorzine.

do this summer in one of our

of trails to suit all levels,

com) offer spa treatments

favourite Alpine towns.

it's possible to experience

for women and men seven

some real action whether

days a week. There's

you're a complete beginner

also a fantastic swimming

or experienced veteran. Lift-

complex in Morzine with

serviced single-track and

indoor and outdoor pools

bike parks combine with

(outdoor pool open from

British-run Alpine French

high Alpine cross-country

26 June to 30 August 2016.

Amelia Pearson is an

School provide language

trails that stretch over into

Opening times: 8.00am to

experienced triathlete who

courses for all levels all year

Switzerland with some of

7.00pm Monday to Friday

runs Buzz Performance

round in Morzine. During the

the finest scenery in the

and 10.00am to 7.00pm

based in Morzine,

summer holidays, families can

Alps on offer. Torico offer


specialising in fitness

participate in courses that

high-end Downhill (€89/

combine outdoor activities

about £70 day) and Enduro

with a few hours of French

(€84/about £66 day) bikes.

BEST FOR FAMILIES Learn a language with Alpine French School

a day. It's a fun and relaxed way to either learn some

basic French or sharpen up for exam time. Some of the activities on offer include mountain biking, horse riding, hiking, tennis, yoga and

BEST FOR RELAXING Spa treatments with Indulge

kayaking – if that all sounds a

BEST FOR FITNESS FANS Triathlon training with Buzz Performance

training programmes

through the summer months. Amelia and her husband,

BEST FOR ADVENTURE Rafting and Kayaking with Frogs

Joe, help individuals and groups train for triathlon and the separate elements within that (swimming, cycling, running) at all levels.

Both the Dranse and Giffre

They also run bike skills

rivers, just outside Morzine,

courses for beginners and

offer kayakers of all levels

intermediates as well as

little too strenuous, then you

Whether it's labelled as

the chance to paddle down

strength and conditioning

can choose simply to relax

spa, wellness or simply

spectacular gorges or end

clinics. Prices vary according

around the pool and enjoy

relaxation, the growth

up in the pretty town of

to courses and number

the scenery.

in beauty and massage

Samoëns (Giffre river) for

of sessions.

treatment services in

a spot of lunch. Rafting is

mountain resorts means

also a popular activity for

TM16 // 68



If you enjoy your yoga (or think you might

the midst of our unspoilt Alpine setting,

The hotel boasts 100 rooms and suites

like to try it), and you love the mountains,

are a natural fit for our discerning and

which combine contemporary glamour

plus a bit of a luxury pampering, a new

health-conscious clientele.”

with Alpine cosiness, and there's a

package from the famed 5★ superior

choice of five restaurants, as well as a

Gstaad Palace hotel in Switzerland that

Each day there will be five sessions of

large spa and the Palace's own famous

launches in June could be for you.

meditative and physical exercise aimed

nightclub, the GreenGo, known for its

at rebalancing body and mind.

legendary parties and its distinguished

The Palace has teamed up with the


London-based wellbeing and lifestyle

Vinyasa yoga and Pranayama

club, Grace Belgravia, to offer a six-day

Kriya yoga classes will be offered

“Yoga is for everybody and therefore all

retreat in the Swiss Alps – Yoga in the

complemented with gong bath

levels are welcome on this retreat,” said


meditations as well as a special diet

Kate Percival, Founder and CEO of Grace

plan to encourage optimum gut health.

Belgravia, London.

completely new kind of health offering

The luxurious Gstaad Palace opened

“In addition all sessions are completely

in our hotel,” said Andrea Scherz, third-

its doors for the first time just over a

optional to ensure that all participants

generation owner and General Manager

century ago in December 1913 and

can develop at their own pace and do

at the Gstaad palace, who added:

has been in the possession of the

not miss out on the enjoyment of the

Scherz family for three generations,

stunning Swiss Alps.”

“We are excited to introduce a

“Urban wellness and lifestyle trends,

making it one of the last family-run

combined with ancient yoga practices in

establishments of its kind in Europe.

Francesca Eyre Francesca Eyre is the eldest child of four.

ITS> What do you love the most about

She lost her sister Jo (aged 15) and brother

the mountains around Morzine?

Nick (aged 34) to cystic fibrosis and is a carrier of the faulty gene. Following Jo's

FE> We are very lucky that we go from

death, Francesca moved to Ireland to

800m up to 1,800m. There is a massive

train as a chef in Dublin. She set up a very

difference in the different pastures; the

successful catering company but returned

higher up you get, the starker and more

to England when her mum was diagnosed

tree free the mountains become. Down

with cancer, taking care of her two brothers

below in the summer we have pastures,

after her mum passed away.

streams, thigh-height wild flowers and then from about 1,600m the trees start

While her brother Nick was being cared

to disappear and the scenery becomes

for by family, Francesca took a holiday to

more dramatic, rocky and you get

Morzine, France, where she met and fell

smaller wild flowers. In the winter, you

in love with Paul, now her husband. After

can ski through the trees lower down

running a series of chalets together, they

and past ancient shepherds' hamlets;

decided that it made sense to set up their

higher up you ski in powder and have

own chalet business with Francesca as the

“couloirs”, etc. to challenge yourself.

chef and Paul as the surveyor. This was how Chilly Powder was born. Francesca and Paul

ITS> You compete in a lot of tough

designed the chalet and literally built up the

events to raise funds for cystic fibrosis

business from nothing. Francesca is “front

research. Which has been the most

of house” and runs the day-to-day operation

challenging, and what's up next?

and service of all the properties. Paul runs the business and controls the accounts,

FE> The Manaslu trail run was

marketing, administration, staff salaries and

amazing but very tough at the same

so on.

time – 220km with 15,000m of ascent. This run is in Nepal and based around

Married with their own business, the couple

the seventh highest mountain in the

started to think about starting a family.

world; the highest path that you run/

Francesca explains:

walk across is at 5,400m. The Nepalese are amazing people, so the sights and

“We didn't know if Paul was a carrier of the

sounds pushed me through the blisters

faulty gene but decided to try for children.

and altitude sickness! I think I smiled the

The chances of him being a carrier were 1

whole way round!

in 20, and we decided as a couple that we would not terminate a cystic fibrosis baby.

ITS> You have now raised over £6,000

Thankfully all three of my children

for the CF charity.

are healthy.” FE> For me I live my life to the absolute Now, 20 years on, Chilly Powder

full, on behalf of my mother, my brother

( is one of the most

and my sister, who have not been able

desirable ski chalet operators in the region.

to. I breathe for them.

TM16 // 70




TREKKING THE KUNGSLEDEN TRAIL, SWEDEN With its advanced adjustment technology Axiom ďŹ ts to you. Globe trotting or wilderness trekking, the incredible carry always supports your load. Whichever path you tread, adapt to your environment with Axiom.

moments to savour

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