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Ruth Sims A couple of them filmed quite a bit with the hopes of creating a film documenting the trip. I am excited to see how it turns out as one of the biggest fish I have ever caught was caught completely on film. It was such an honor to be able to fish with some of the most talented fishermen I have ever met. I would go back to Iceland in a heartbeat and do that trip all over again 100 times, what a beautiful country and culture of people. Also locally I have been working with a few companies in or near the Pacific Northwest @blackstrap_inc , @decade_reels , @heidi_michelle_designs , @rising3474 to name a couple and I’m looking forward to seeing where this all goes! If you could be anywhere in the world right now fly fishing, where would you be - and why? I would be in Hawaii at an indisclosed location. I went there 2 weeks ago fished 3 days for bonefish and I did not get one. I had many chances however either I just did not present the fly in time, the presentation was off, or they just were not interested. I fished my heart out for 3 days and did not even get a bonefish nibble. There is no greater motivation to get back out there and keep trying like being skunked. Although I will say that I wasn’t exactly skunked because I caught one of the most beautiful fish I have ever seen as “bycatch” it was a barred trevally, maybe only 3-4 lbs but he fought just as hard as a steelhead and took my breath away when I finally saw him/her up close.

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