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Especially in tight spaces – log jams, heavy cover, pocket water, etc. – the fly needs to ‘fish’ instantly, and its natural movement and the ability to push a lot of water while at the same time sinking quicker is unrivaled by any other fly IMHO. I like to keep it simple. A selection of Andinos in black & red, black & chartreuse and black & orange (alternatively: Predator Pounders in similar colors) and baitfish pattern in fairly light and natural colors sets a good base for your Dorado fly box. I always keep a few sharpies handy and like to color the synthetic fibers of my baitfish flies darker/more colorful in order to match the prey or whenever the situations askes for it. Some surface flies (Poppers, Pole Dancers, Titanic Sliders, etc.) and divers, which you can play around with, will top your box up. No matter how well those flies are tied, however, the sharp teeth of these fish will tear up any fly, sooner or later. Depending on where you go and for how long, pack enough flies or take an emergency fly repair kit (super glue, thread, spare lead eyes, synthetic fiber, etc.), to be able to quickfix your fly or recycle your hooks.

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