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WELCOME... We have just returned from Iceland. There, we fished for massive and hard-fighting brown trout in a beautiful and well-hidden river a grueling 7-hour-drive from Keflavik Airport. With only two-and-a-half days on our hands, we were eager to make the most of it, and we therefore fished hard and with very little rest. Not even winterlike weather, which made for wet, windy and bitterly-cold conditions, was enough to dampen our spirits. On the very last day – irrespective of the fact that we had an early morning flight the next day - we ended up fishing the whole day, right until the official fishing curfew at 22:00. When we were finally packed up and ready to leave, we were completely exhausted. Needless to say, there weren’t enough caffeinated energy drinks in Iceland to keep us awake the whole way, and we had to use every additional trick in the book to prevent us from falling asleep at the wheel. (It was pretty noisy at times)! Nope, we’re not the most sound or intelligent people. But we’re passionate about what we do. And so are the people who’ve contributed material to this issue of In the Loop Magazine. With us this time around, we have fly fishing profiles such as Stephan Gian Dombaj, Paulo Hoffman, Florian Kaiser, Jordan Oelrich, Barry Ord Clarke, Damien Brouste, Jako Lucas, Johan du Preez, Gordon P. Henriksen, and Nikolaj Korsholm. Enjoy! Tight Lines// The In the Loop Crew

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In the Loop Fly Fishing Magazine - Issue 21