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Video has killed the radio star… and social media has killed the good old modest reports in fishing magazines. Today, we are looking at a never-ending stream of destination reports and pictures on Facebook and co. This hype for more, better, and crazier things has left us jaded and numb. And while there are still many places left to discover, the majority of the destination angling crowd went straight back to the good old classic – established, well managed and most of all seasoned fisheries with a good reputation. Only a few nut jobs out there are still trying to push this very tiny “industry” into the last corners of the planet where logistics, time and security issues outweigh the actual adventure and recreational fishing benefit. I can tell, I am one of them. Having said that, I do enjoy a well-established operation and that’s why Paulo Hoffmann and I decided to fish a bunch of classics with a twist in the Amazonian basin. This is a brief story about dorado explorations, monster peacock bass, the illusive arapaima, a story of failure, victory, and many other things and… judging by the state of our hands and fingers, Paulo and I must have worked 24/7 shifts in a barbwire factory without gloves.

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In the Loop Fly Fishing Magazine - Issue 21