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Growing Florida Fischbach Land Company provides clients with expert knowledge of the region and more than a decade’s worth of experience, striving to ensure clients exceed their real estate goals, providing understanding of the current market, land values, and challenges in order for clients to make informed decisions. By Breanne Williams Reed Fischbach has been fascinated with land since he was a child. Growing up, his grandfather would often tell him he needed to save his money to buy a piece of land. He can still remember being barely 10 years old and listening to the elders sit around and talk about land values, teaching more than even they realized. “It’s almost like I got a head start without even knowing it,” Fischbach said. “Ever since I was young I’ve been interested in land.” Fischbach was born and raised in the Brandon area and lives on a farm in Lithia. As a young boy he was in love with animals, which led him to obtain a degree in Animal Biology from the University of Florida. During his senior year he ended up taking several real estate and business courses, forever changing his future. Fischbach Land Company specializes in agricultural, transitional and commercial land in Florida, including acreage homesites, farms, and horse farms in the greater west central Florida area. Fischbach, and the company’s licensed real estate agents, offer expertise, advisement, value and quality in services and work closely with each clients’ individual real estate goals by managing their listings to match sellers to qualified buyers. Each property is unique and requires different goals and strategies for the client’s success. Land sales is a very complex endeavor with issues, such as land use, wetlands, future area growth, regulations and much more. Clients are made aware of how these issues can impact their property long term. “I’m an advisor…I love the relationship of being involved and helping. It’s the personal aspect of my business that sets us apart. We are very hands on and we have a straightforward approach of what expectations are for each listing.” Fischbach Land Company bases its approach on the understanding that not all sales are the same. Once the company picks up a listing, one of the first steps is to ascertain the goals of each individual buyer or seller. From there, the land professionals do significant research on the property, a task Fischbach said, with improved technology, is much more accurate by providing complex information quickly and conveniently. When he started his career in 2004, much of his research involved tracking down individual papers to verify permits, soil quality and other improvements. Rather than having to spend weeks simply on verifying the background of a listing, Fischbach can now have the same information in a matter of hours via in-depth research on his computer. As technology continues to improve, the real estate industry has to adapt or be left behind. For Reed Fischbach, owner of Fischbach Land Company, innovation is changing the game for the better. PAGE

His company uses advanced industry technology, such as



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GIS mapping services and drones that offer unique and high quality marketing videos and images for listings. Rather than using only still photos, aerial footage is used to better showcase a property. Through an aerial flyover, a potential buyer can see the entire property from their computer or devices and that is more informative than being on the ground walking parts of the property. He said he started early enough that he saw the old way, but was young enough to learn how to adapt to the change. Technology is an outstanding resource for real estate, Fischbach said. To him, the abundance of information at his fingertips allows him to better serve his clients to gain a thorough understanding of each property. Fischbach said he learned early on the importance of deep research for each individual property. Often he finds himself reminding his clients they have to plan for 15 to 20 years down the road in order to be successful. The industry is constantly changing and Fischbach monitors real time changes in market conditions, land values, and regulations in order to provide accurate advice to his clients. His dedication to research and passion for learning caused Fischbach to excel despite attempting to make his start at the beginning of the Great Recession. While many would have been overwhelmed by the property market crash, Fischbach chose to use it to his advantage to learn under some of the best in the field. “During the crash I was lucky that I was young enough to not be devastated by it,” Fischbach said. “I didn’t have a family or any debt. I was able to use that time as a learning period. I learned a wealth of knowledge through the experiences of others and came out of it with a much better understanding of the industry. It was a lesson I will never want to forget.” His reputation has grown, kick starting his business more than 10 years ago solely by word of mouth. Through it all, he said one of his best accomplishments is simply the fact that many of his clients keep in touch and don’t hesitate to reach out again if they pursue another sale. Fischbach’s deep roots in Florida land provide him with a unique insight to the greater west central Florida region. Though he spent more than a decade perfecting his craft, he said he never ceases to be amazed at the hidden gems scattered throughout the state. He loves Florida and he loves agriculture. That passion drives him to do what’s best for each listing he’s given. Fischbach Land Company uses long-time knowledge and the experience in the region to guide clients toward their strategic real estate goals. “I’m confident that we give people the best advice available,” Fischbach said. “The best advice isn’t always to sell. If that’s the case I’m going to tell you. You’ve got to be genuine in what you believe in.” WWW.INTHEFIELDMAGAZINE.COM