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INTERSTENO - International Federation for Information and Communication Processing WWW.INTERSTENO.ORG


International Federation for Information and Communication Processing

INTERSTENO - International Federation for Information and Communication Processing WWW.INTERSTENO.ORG



INTERSTENO activities

INTERSTENO is the trademark of the International Federation for Information and Communication Processing, a non-profit association founded in London in 1887.

 organizes world championships and international contests.  associates professionals and students in all countries.  encourages the maintenance of high standards of competence.  promotes the use of new technologies.  co-operates with national and local governments, nongovernmental organizations or international public and private agencies.  collects and spreads information.  organizes congresses and conferences.  advances joint studies.  defends the professional interests.

INTERSTENO is a forum for professionals, experts and students of  Reporting: capturing the spoken words by means of advanced techniques in order to ease the communication and the access to information by categories of users.  Text and Information Processing: producing and processing texts and data.  Secretariat: the skills for various secretarial activities.

INTERSTENO promotes international thinking and stimulates mutual understanding of cultures and values.

INTERSTENO - International Federation for Information and Communication Processing WWW.INTERSTENO.ORG

125 years of history On September 26th 1887 in the hall of the Geological Museum, London, the first Congress of INTERSTENO was opened. Born of an idea of Sir John Westby Gibson to celebrate 300 years of the 'modern shorthand' it enabled the 400 participants to spend a whole week discussing the themes of shorthand in parliaments and the courts of justice, and its influence on education and in the female world.

Wireless radio had not yet been invented by Marconi, the telephone was a mysterious object, the designers of automobiles had taken their first

footsteps, typewriting was a curiosity looked upon with distrust and still produced at handicraft level. Stenographers at that age assured the recording of parliamentary debates and their diffusion through the newspapers, which received the texts via the telegraph, the principal source of news transmission. During the opening speech, the hope that the Congress would not be an isolated event was expressed. The decision to continue was consolidated, a tradition that today is still alive. Almost every two years, with some interruptions around the world wars, congresses were scheduled, mostly in Europe but also in Chicago and Beijing. In 2012 INTERSTENO celebrates her 125th anniversary during the council meeting in Prague, end of September. In 2013 the 49th INTERSTENO congress will be held in Ghent (Belgium).


INTERSTENO - International Federation for Information and Communication Processing WWW.INTERSTENO.ORG



Fausto Ramondelli (IT)

Vice President

Jaroslav Zaviačič (CZ)

Vice President

Mark Golden (USA)


Danny Devriendt (BE)

Jury President

Georgette Sante (BE)

Scientific Committee

Jean-Charles Le Masson (FR)


Rian Schwarz-van Poppel (NL)

Council The Council consists of the delegates of National Groups and meets once a year.

Scientific and Education Committee The Scientific Committee explores scientific and technological developments, proposes research and educational programs and leads the organization of conferences. Acting in sync with the Scientific Committee, the Education Committee fosters the exchange of educational experiences designed to better enable

the digital natives to deal with the complex reality of the workplace in the coming decades. Education Committee Simon Sun (China)

IPRS The aim of IPRS (Intersteno Parliamentary and other professional Reporters’ Section) is to enable parliamentary and other professional reporters to co-operate and participate via a professional organization and to ensure that this resource is used to promote the cause of democratic government, service delivery and professional business practices throughout the world. Website: The IPRS Steering Committee implements the policies established for IPRS: Ms. Lida Horlings (chair, NL), Ms. Patti Calabro (USA), Mr. D’Arcy McPherson (Canada), Ms. Marlene Rijkse (NL) and Mr. Fabrizio Verruso (Italy).

Jury The Jury organizes the world contests and cares about the rules for fair competition.

INTERSTENO - International Federation for Information and Communication Processing WWW.INTERSTENO.ORG

Countries and representatives

 Italy []

 Argentine

 Japan

Mr. Jorge Alberto Bravo (

 Australia

Mr. Adrian Kelly (

 Austria []

Mr. Harald Liebhart (

 Belgium [ ] Ms. Georgette Sante (

 Brazil

Prof. Waldir Cury (

 Cameroon [] Mr. Pius Onana (

 China []

Mr. Simon Sun (

 Croatia []

Mr. Marica Piršlin (

 Czech Republic [] Mr. Jaroslav Zaviačič (

Dr. Anna Maria Marino ( Mr. Tsuguo Kaneko (

 Korea

Mr. Lee Kyungsik (

 Poland [] Ms. Teresa Wawrzynek (

 Russia [] Ms. Nora Berezina (

 Switzerland []

Ms. Françoise Girardet (

 Slovak Republik

Ms. Marcela Skalická (

 The Netherlands []

Ms. Joke Bakker (

 Turkey []

Mr. Seckin Köse (

 USA []

Ms. Virgene Biggers (

 Germany []

Honorary presidents and members

 Finland

Austria Germany Turkey China Italy Switzerland Switzerland

Ms. Waltraut Dierks ( Mr. Jari Niittuinperä (

 France []

Ms. Bertin-Mahieux (

 Hungary []

Ms. Anita Dobos (

Ms. Marlis Kulb (Vienna) Mr. Gregor Keller (Darmstadt) Mr. İhsan Yener (Istanbul) Mr. Tang Keliang (Beijing) Ms. Marialuisa Corti (Milano) Ms. Gabrielle Fasnacht (Lausanne) Mr. Mauro Panzera (Cademario)


INTERSTENO - International Federation for Information and Communication Processing WWW.INTERSTENO.ORG

Associated members 6

African Verbatim Reporters (Cameroon) Asociacion Española de Estenotipistas Madrid (Spain) Calabro Reporting Services LLC (USA) ConVotex - Kimberly Turnage (Germany) Ms. Linda Drake (USA) Mr. Richard Flament (USA) Ms. Teri Gaudet (USA)

Many thanks to Jacqueline Bertin-Mahieux, Geert Bonte, Uwe Brüdigam and Georgette Sante for the photos.

GZOS (Russia) – National Verbatim Reporters Association NVRA (USA) – Real Time Reporting (Italy) – Realtime STENOvations (Canada) SténoFac Inc Montreal (Canada) Stenotran (Canada) Stenotype Italia srl Sesto Fiorentino (Italy) – Ms. Marie-Paule Wagener (Luxembourg) Ms. Karen Yates (USA)

INTERSTENO - International Federation for Information and Communication Processing WWW.INTERSTENO.ORG

Competitions and certifications INTERSTENO first directly organized world-wide championships in shorthand and typewriting in 1955 at the 21st Congress in Monaco-Montecarlo. The original standards have been extended to promote excellence in new technologies. Nowadays, hundreds of competitors take part to the Intersteno world championships. The Jury must constantly adapt competitions to technological evolution, which has broadened the availability of tools and methods (PC keyboards, stenotype, speech recognition…). Competition coordinators Text production Text correction Prof. Word Processing Speech capturing Real time transcription Multilingual shorthand Correspondence and summary reporting

Ms. Helena Zaviačičová (CZ) Ms. Waltraut Dierks (DE) Ms. Georgette Sante (BE) Mr. Jari Niittuinperä (FI) Ms. Teri Gaudet (USA) Ms. Joke Bakker (NL) Mr. Jan den Holder (NL)

Official rules can be found at Text production 30-minutes copying of text (errors allowed 0,25 %). Computer and stenotype keyboards, as well as speech recognition are admitted. Speech capturing competition Take and transcribe from dictation at a steadily increasing rate of speed. All technologies can be

used (shorthand, steno machines, keyboarding, speech recognition). Realtime transcription Take and transcribe from an 8-minutes dictation at increasing speed. The transcription must be submitted immediately at the end of the dictation, without opportunity to make corrections. Professional word processing Use word processing in a professional and functional way for producing high quality documents. Text correction competition Make as many requested modifications and corrections as possible to a text within a time frame of 10 minutes. Correspondence and summary reporting competition Make a verbatim transcription from a 3-minutes dictation and produce a summary report of the 7minutes dictated text. Multilanguage competition Take and transcribe 3-minutes dictations in mother tongue and foreign languages. Keyboarding championship by Internet Yearly competition. Copy a 10-minutes text from the computer screen in up to 16 languages. Competitors are enrolled at school with a responsible teacher or link to an INTERSTENO group. Free training exercises in 16 languages are available at


INTERSTENO - International Federation forInformation and Communication

49th INTERSTENO congressWWW.INTERSTENO.ORG Ghent . (Belgium), 13-19 July 2013

INTERSTENO   e-mail: INTERSTENO  Kapellestraat 124, BE-8020 Oostkamp, Belgium INTERSTENO Bank Account: IBAN: BE53-0682-3189-0853  BIC: GKCCBEBB (Belfius Bank Brugge)

INTERSTENO Leaflet 2012  

International Federation for Information and Communication Processing INTERSTENO - Leaflet 2012

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