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Deshauna Barber Miss District Of Columbia is crowned

Miss USA 2017

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Jan. 16, 2017


January 16, 2017

Photo courtesy of the MLK Dedication Foundation

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Sonya D. Swinton Publisher A fabulous national Entertainment Review Magazine for aspiring entertainers has arrived. The premiere magazine features up & coming performers in the fields of fashion, film & TV, music and sports. We are looking for local & national positive & up beat feature stories to be presented in our quarterly color magazine. There will be two opportunities to present your feature stories. You may present a feature story with paid advertisement for our annual full colored review magazine or you may present your story for submission to our annual black & white event directory. Both the magazine & directory have national paid advertisers and sponsors’ promotional campaigns. The full colored magazine and the black & white event, conference & seminar directory are published by Swinton International Enterprises, originally headquartered in Washington, DC. The magazine and the event directory are presented at national and international events, conferences and festivals. The magazine is purchased in digital and hardcopy on the website. If you are interested in advertisement opportunities, please fill out the form on the above website for our submission guidelines, media kit and rate card. You may also e-mail your request to vi Internet Celebrity Magazine

Sonya Swinton is the publisher. Her background in publishing started over twenty years ago as a photojournalist of a military newspaper and continued as a senior marketing & publications officer. She has served as an award winning multimedia entertainment marketing specialist for cable, television & film. She has also served on entertainment marketing campaigns for the EmmyÂŽ & GrammyÂŽ Awards and for national and international organizations such as the American Women in Radio & TV (AWRT) and the British Academy of Film, Television & Arts (BAFTA). Swinton has even been called upon by top American film studios, such as Disney, Paramount Pictures, DreamWorks and New Line Cinema just to name a few to promote their overseas film marketing for the BAFTA Awards. Getting the word out about you, your business or organization on a national & international level is just the beginning. Make sure Internet Celebrity Review Magazine is your advertisement and marketing source.


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9-14 Exciting JOBS in Entertainment With Nakia SWINTON 15-27 2017 MISS USA PAGEANT Deshauna Barber, Miss District of Columbia USA 2017



29-31 MARQ LEWIS: A Man on a MISSION-Changing Communities for the Better!

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By Sonya D.Swinton

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IC : Nakia Swinton, where did you grow up and who inspired in? (Location, town, High school and extra curriculum activities in High School and college. Nakia Swinton : I originally grew up in the suburbs in Roselle, New Jersey and later moved to a rural town called Washington, New Jersey at age 8. In high school I was very active and was a 4 year triathlete playing volleyball, basketball, and track. I also was a part of the debate team, human rights club, and peer leadership. In high school my biggest inspiration were my parents and probably Ryan Seacrest. I then went to the same college as my dad (Montclair State University) and followed Ryan Seacrest when I joined radio and started as a Broadcasting major. IC : What was your favorite subjects in High School and college? Nakia Swinton : My favorite subjects in high school were definitely English and history. I am awful at math. In college I loved learning about communication theories and applying them to the media. I also enjoyed and learned a lot from my human sexuality, mythology, and religion classes. IC : Who are your parents and sibling? Were they inspirational to you? Nakia Swinton : My parents are Stephen and Nita Swinton and I have a twin sister named Erica. My family is very hardworking and strives for success so I grew up with similar values and work ethic.

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IC : Who inspired you to attend Montclair State University and major in Communications and Media/ Business? What classes did you enjoy taking? Nakia Swinton : Definitely my dad because he graduated with a B.A from Montclair as well. In high school I had no idea what I would go to school for and one day my dad and I were driving and he said I would be good at broadcasting. I always loved entertainment and the media so it was a great fit. My favorite class in my major was Introduction to the Control Room and Theorizing Communication in Media. IC : Tell us about your DJ opportunities at WMSC 90.3 FM and what you experiences were like (time, days type of music)? Nakia Swinton : WMSC was the very first thing I joined at MSU and provided me with so many opportunities and is the reason I obtained my first internship. I had the overnight shift which I ended up loving and continued throughout my four years. My show was called "Overnight Delight" from10pm-1am on Wednesdays where I played a lot of pop and hip hop and conducted interviews with local artists. 12 Internet Celebrity Magazine

IC : What was it like to intern at Black Entertainment Television (BET Networks)? How did you get this opportunity? (was it paid/unpaid and what were your assignments? Nakia Swinton : BET was my first internship and it was so much fun! My supervisor was impressed with my grades and my work at the college’s radio station where I created all the programming for my show. I interned with the programming and scheduling department where I learned how to calculate the network ratings, brainstormed programming ideas, and learned the importance of competition and the target audience. And luckily almost all my internships were paid! IC : What was it like to intern at NBC Universal? How did you get this opportunity? (was it paid/unpaid and what were your assignments? Nakia Swinton : Working with a network whose focus was a minority group helped me obtain my internship with the Diversity and Inclusion department at NBC Universal. NBCU was always my goal because I love SNL. I worked with the Employee Resource Groups to promote their events and I also researched diversity non -profits the company could partner with. I learned about the importance of diversity in a media company and ways to make the company more diverse. Internet Celebrity Magazine 13

IC : What was it like to intern at VH1? How did you get this opportunity? (was it paid/unpaid and what were your assignments? Nakia Swinton : I previously interned with Press Here Publicity which is a PR company for music artists which led to my internship at VH1 with the press team. I had the opportunity to write press releases that actually were used and also worked at the events and met VH1 talent which was pretty awesome. IC : Have you ever met any recording artist or celebrities if so who are they? Nakia Swinton : I worked with a lot of underground artists around Montclair. I had the opportunity to meet all the drag queens on RuPaul's Drag Race season 8 and I had dinner with Cisco and DJ Self from Love and Hip Hop. IC : What are you doing now at VICE Media? Nakia Swinton : Right now I am very blessed to be working as the Communications Assistant at VICE Media. I do a lot of pitching for the digital channels at VICE as well as assist the Chief Communications Officer and the rest of the team.

14 Internet Celebrity Magazine

Deshauna Barber, Miss District Of Columbia USA 2016, is congratulated on stage with fellow contestants after being crowned Miss USA 2016–17 at the conclusion of the three-hour long live telecast on Fox from the T-Mobile Arena on Sunday, June 5th. She has moved to New York City where she will live during her reign and become a spokesperson for various charitable causes on behalf of The Miss Universe Organization. Photographer: Matt Petit Internet Celebrity Magazine 15

Deshauna Barber, Miss District Of Columbia USA is crowned Miss USA 2016 at the conclusion of the threehour long live telecast on Fox from the T-Mobile Arena. Photographer: Darren Decker

16 Internet Celebrity Magazine

Deshauna Barber, Miss District Of Columbia USA was crowned Miss USA 2016-17 at the T-Mobile Arena . Photographer: Darren Decker

Internet Celebrity Magazine 17

Deshauna Barber, Miss District Of Columbia USA is crowned Miss USA 2016 at the conclusion of the three-hour long live telecast on Fox from the T-Mobile Arena . Photographer: Darren Decker

18 Internet Celebrity Magazine

Internet Celebrity Magazine 19

Deshauna Barber, Miss District Of Columbia

Tiffany Teixeira, Miss Connecticut

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Taylor Gorton, Miss Oklahoma USA 2016; Desi Williams, Miss Virginia USA 2016; Abby Floyd, Miss Arkansas USA 2016; Madison McKeown, Miss South Dakota USA 2016; Chelsea Hardin, Miss Hawaii USA 2016; Tiffany Teixeira, Miss Connecticut USA 2016; Sydnee Stottlemyre, Miss Missouri USA 2016; Nadia Mejia, Miss California USA 2016; Deshauna Barber, Miss District Of Columbia USA 2016; Nichole Greene, Miss West Virginia USA 2016; Peyton Brown, Miss Alabama USA 2016; Chelsea Myers, Miss Arizona USA 2016; Emanii Davis, Miss Georgia USA 2016; Megan Wise, Miss Ohio USA 2016; and Leah Lawson, Miss South Carolina USA 2016; compete in Luli Fama swimwear and Chinese Laundry shoes as a top 15 finalist during the 2016 MISS USAÂŽ Competition airing live from the TMobile Arena in Las Vegas on FOX Sunday, June 5th. HO/The Miss Universe Organization Keywords: Candids, Miss USA 2016, Telecast, Top 15, Luli Fama, Swimwear, Swimsuit, Chinese Laundry Photographer: Matt Petit

Peyton Brown, Miss Alabama

bby Floyd, Miss Arkansas Chelsea Hardin, Miss Hawaii

Madison McKeown, Miss South Dakota

Nichole Greene, Miss West Virginia

Nadia Mejia, Miss California

Internet Celebrity Magazine 21

Sydnee Stottlemyre, Miss Missouri

Desi Williams, Miss Virginia USA Taylor Gorton, Miss Oklahoma

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Chris Young performs onstage while Desi Williams, Miss Virginia USA 2016; Peyton Brown, Miss Alabama USA 2016; Nadia Mejia, Miss California USA 2016; Emanii Davis, Miss Georgia USA 2016; Tiffany Teixeira, Miss Connecticut USA 2016; Deshauna Barber, Miss District Of Columbia USA 2016; Sydnee Stottlemyre, Miss Missouri USA 2016; Abby Floyd, Miss Arkansas USA 2016; Madison McKeown, Miss South Dakota USA 2016; and Chelsea Hardin, Miss Hawaii USA 2016; compete in their evening gowns as the top 10 finalists during the 2016 MISS USAÂŽ Competition airing live from the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on FOX Sunday, June 5th. HO/The Miss Universe Organization Keywords: Miss USA 2016, Telecast, Evening Gown, Top 10 Photographer: Matt Petit

Deshauna Barber, Miss District Of Columbia USA 2016

Internet Celebrity Magazine 23

Sydnee Stottlemyre, Miss Missouri USA

Peyton Brown, Miss Alabama

Chelsea Hardin, Miss Hawaii

24 Internet Celebrity Magazine

Desi Williams, Miss Virginia Abby Floyd, Miss Arkansas

Internet Celebrity Magazine 25

Madison McKeown, Miss South Dakota

Tiffany Teixeira, Miss Connecticut

26 Internet Celebrity Magazine

Emanii Davis, Miss Georgia

Nadia Mejia, Miss California

Internet Celebrity Magazine 27

From the team of

Internet Celebrity TV™ Magazine & Radio Show

by Sonya D. Swinton

Photos courtesy of Marq Lewis

IC : Where did you grow up and what was your education in (High School, college major, etc.).

Marq Lewis: The first and major influence of any individual is usually their family and I am no exception. I had a wonderful support system in my life Marq Lewis: As a youth I grew which included my parents and up in Durham, NC and also my grandmother. Washington DC. After graduation from high school, I started college with nursing as my major. However I quickly realized that I wanted to become an EMT/paramedic because I loved helping people. IC : Who and what organizations were your biggest motivator(s) in your career and volunteer work with helping others, and how did they make a difference in your life?

I watched my Grandmother fight for the rights of the disabled community and get ramps installed at her apart-

ment building. I watched my father who is a preacher, feed and clothe the less fortunate. My mother taught me about policies and law and instilled a moral core. There were also several organizations that were a motivating factor in my life. Former DC Mayer Marion Berry had a great youth program and as a youth, I won an award for a documentary on homelessness. From family, ministers, youth organization and mentors I learned how to never give up and how to believe in myself. I also learned no matter how big you get always honor and respect those who went before you who made that pathway.

Internet Celebrity Magazine 29

IC : When did your organization get started and what was the first under taking project? Marq Lewis: We the People Movement (WTPO) officially started in early 2015. Our first undertaking was looking at policy and procedures that reviewed the high rate of officer involved killings. In August of 2014 a young unIC : How did your program in shooting of unarmed citizens armed man named Jeremy Lake was killed by an off duty Tulsa, OK get started? Had you around the country. officer and in April 2015 Eric done this type of grassroots or- So in 2014, we started a Harris was killed by a reserve ganization before, if so where? group initially called Shut it Down Oklahoma. There were deputy. We have held protests, vigils, rallies, put toMarq Lewis: When I was about 5 people in the group gether a petition for a grand growing up, it was a part of and it was really a radical many social awareness grass- grassroots in your face action jury and assisted the public with concerns of public policy. roots organization. They were organization. IC : Is your company willing to do national projects also? Marq Lewis: Absolutely, we have done national projects in the past and will continue to do them. IC : Do you feel that getting more people involved in the We the People Movement from across other communities will benefit your cause? Marq Lewis: Absolutely, the more people get involved, the better. We want people to not only get involved with WTPO all about helping those less At the time Oklahoma was #1 but with social activist organizations that look at governfortunate. A few years after I for officer shootings and rearrived in Oklahoma, I belated deaths and we realized ment policy and procedures. Making changes to ineffective came more concerned as we this had to do with policy. saw instance after instance of WTPO was formed out of that policies is always a good thing. police brutality and the process. 30 Internet Celebrity Magazine

IC : Most grassroot’s citizen groups began locally but expand state wide and nationally, do you see in the future that scenario happening to your program? Would you like to see a national movement also based on your hard work endeavors?

dures of their local, state and national government is more effective than one organization. It takes a collective of people working together.

phone at 918-928-9596 and I also can be reached on my website at or email at Of course I can also be contacted on social media sites such Marq Lewis: I would like to see as twitter under marqlamar, IC : What is your business pro- and Facebook under Marq the movement growing into a national organization but more fession and how can more clients Lewis. importantly I would like to see get in touch with you on a profesIC : Is your company willing to the work we have done to spill sional level (mail, phone& email)? do national projects also? over into established organizations. Marq Lewis: I am a profesMarq Lewis: Absolutely, we sional filmmaker, photograhave done national projects in Not one organization has all the pher, videographer and speaker the past and will continue to do answers or can take on all of which focuses on special social them. the problems we see. issues. I also design websites I think a collective group of and do some graphic design Internet Celebrity Magazine 31 people who understand their work. I can be reached by rights and policies and proce-

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