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Together with the municipality, the school, the colleges and the ski facilities we organize a special day when fourth graders are invited to explore all the fun, cool and amazing there is to do on snow. During the day they get to challenge, use and develop their balance and agility skills. They get to experience a day that make them grow through increased skills.

In 2018 ”Everyone on snow” celebrates its 10 year anniversary! Since the beginning in 2008 over 100.000 fourth graders have experienced something we call snöglädje (snowjoy) through ”Everyone on snow”.

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100,000 Fourth graders

4,950 College students



”Everyone on snow” is based on our core values Sustainability We have created a model that is sustainable and works over time. We work with sustainable leadership and create snow facilities in the social structure. ”Everyone on snow” has become a winning concept. We are also proud of having accomplished to get decision makers to make decisions that are in line with our intentions.

Equality Instead of selecting a specific target group, we have chosen age groups. In that way we reach a more varied group of children where everybody can participate regardless of background and abilities. That is integration with a capital I. We do not appoint hand-picked students to as young leaders. Instead we believe that everyone can develop into a leader – in different ways.

Lifelong ”Everyone on snow” invites the children to a day where they get to experience all the fun, cool and amazing things they can do on snow, which hopefully leads to a lifelong interest in physical activity on snow. We notice that children, who once participated, years later return as coaches. Many of our ski clubs tell us that they have developed their club to become more modern and that they focus more on the whole range of skiers, from beginners and recreational skiers to elite athletes, thanks to ”Everyone on snow”.

Lifestyle Participating in snow activities can be the start of a new lifestyle. We experience that many of the participating children wish to continue skiing and that the college students develops new skills as young leaders. Their personal attitude towards physical activity changes for the better and some of them continues develop their training in leadership at ski resorts or at our ski clubs.

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Here is a brief description of how an “Everyone on a snow” event is created (the different actors and what each one contributes with, as well as an example of a schedule for a typical “Everyone on a snow” day). The following actors participate in the planning process. The...

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Swedish Ski Association Municipality Ski facilities Primary schools Colleges Ski clubs (within the Swedish Ski Association)

This is how it works 1. It usually starts with a ski club contacting the Swedish Ski Association expressing their interest to arrange ”Everyone on snow” activities. 2. Together with the ski club and ski facility we create an organization with a functioning network.

The goal is to create an organization that works year by year to make ”Everyone on the snow” an annual recurring activity for the municipalitys fourth graders.

3. Now we can contact the municipality and present the concept. Since all municipalities have different conditions, we tailor the project for each municipality.

Who does what? The municipality is responsible for transporting the children to and from the ski resort. They also set aside a day when the primary school teachers are trained in winter activities by the Swedish Ski Federation representatives. During the training a teaching material is used, specifically designed for Everyone on snow, which includes everything from how the students should dress to safety in the ski slope and ski trails. The municipality also helps to promote ”Everyone on snow” among their primary schools. The ski facility provides ski passes and if necessary even ski equipment. They also make the facility available during leadership training. In facilities where there is no equipment, we try to find different solutions. The Swedish Ski Association has over the years bought skis, snowboards, rods and boots. The college provides ”Everyone on snow” with students from the “Children and Leisure Programme”. It is important that the fourth graders, especially those who have never been skiing before, feel safe during the day so that they can learn new skills in a safe environment and just enjoy all the fun. Therefore, we educate college students, both theoretically and practically, in how to be a good leader on snow. Getting a leadership training is a merit that they can carry for the rest of their lives. The ski club designates a local project manager. Together with everyone involved the club plans all the practicalities surrounding the event and showes all the leaders round the ski facility. The ski club also designates a special host who has the main responsibility at the facility during the day of the events. The ski club usually invites both the fourth graders and the college students to ski training, to further increase their interest in skiing or snowboarding.


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”Everyone on snow” in Staffanstorps municipality

Number of fourth graders: 250 Never been skiing before: 135 Number that wish to ski again: 240 38 out of 50 children thought that ”Everyon on snow” was the highlight of the academic year.

76 %

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Ale Bengtsfors Bjurholm Bollnäs Dundret Ekerö Eksjö Falkenberg Falun Gislaved Gärdet Gävle Göteborg Huddinge Järfälla Kiruna Kisa

Kungsbacka Laholm Marks Mora Nordmaling Norrköping Nyköping Orsa Sandviken Sollefteå Staffanstorp Stockholm Sälen Sävjö Söderköping Tranås Ulricehamn

In each municipality there is a local project group consisting of representatives from the municipality, the ski facility, the primary schools, the college and the local ski clubs. Togheter they make the ”Everyone on snow” day a success.

Umeå Vadstena Valdemarsvik Varberg Vilhelmina Vingåker Västerås Ydre Åmål Åre Åstorp Älvsbyn Ödeshög Örebro Örnsköldvik Östersund

– It’s not just about skiing. The children get useful knowledge about snow, winter and even on how to dress for outdoor winter conditions. We educate the childrens teachers and the college students into leaders on snow. Our philosophy is to create an environment where the children feel safe, challenged and where they are able to succeed! Charlotta Bürger Hyllienmark Responsible ”Everyone on snow” The Swedish Ski Association

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. . . g n i p ö k r r o N It all began in Representatives from Swedish Ski Association and Norrköping Ski Club during the celebration of the 10th anniversary. Photo: Bildbyrån.

What started as a pilot project in Norrköping in 2008 is ten years later a big success! More than 100,000 fourth graders and 4,950 college students have now been physically activated through the Swedish Ski Federations project ”Everybody on snow”. This year’s edition includes 50 municipalities – from north to south. ”Everybody on snow” began as a pilot project together with the ski club Norrköping SK. Fredrik Söderlund, was there from the start: – I feel a huge pride when thinking about how good this became. Imagine that what started here in Norrköping is now a nationwide project that has led many to discover the benefits and the joy of physical activity! More children and adolescents than ever become sedentary indoors, especially during the winter months. Through ”Everybody on snow”, the Swedish Ski Federation wants to give children a day to explore and discover different ways be active on snow, hopefully this will bringing about a lifelong interest in physical activities. During a ”Everyone on a snow” day, fourth graders from different areas of the municipality are invited, to spend a day on snow. – We chose fourth graders because children aged ten are at a receptive stage of development,” says Charlotta Bürger Hyllienmark, responsible for ”Everyone on snow”. One of our sponsors, that have supported the project right from the start, are Swedens biggest Ski resort owner SkiStar AB who, among other things, has provided ski equipment to the project. – We feel very strongly about The Swedish Ski Association’s project ”Everyone on snow”. For us, it means a lot to help inspire children to a healthy lifestyle and an active outdoor life, ”says Linda Morell, Advertising and PR Manager SkiStar AB.

It is really important that the children have a positive and safe experience during the day, therefore we train young people participating in a college programme for youth leaders to act as leaders on snow. This means that ”Everybody on snow”, in addition to activating the children, also engages thousands of adolescents . Among the fourth graders and college students there are many who have never tried cross-country skiing or snowboarding before. – At our school, ”Everyone on snow” has become a tradition, everyone knows that in fourth grade it’s time! To be a part of bringing joy and raising an interest for physical activity on snow this early in the childrens life is amazing. What the children learn before, during and after the ”Everyone on snow” day remains in their minds for the rest of their life! says Pierre Hallgren, student assistant at the Ljura school in Norrköping. Since the beginning in 2008, over 14,500 fourth graders in Norrköping, Söderköping and Valdemarsvik now have been invited to a day on snow. – I feel so grateful to the ”Everyone on snow” organization that ten years ago had an idea that became a reality. It takes knowledge, courage and patience to create such a professional organization that still exist today. This is due to the fact that the municipality, the ski facility, the ski club and the Swedish Ski Association made every effort to give the children and the college students the best experience. ”Everyone on snow” survived and kept on growing and we, in Norrköping, look forward to at least 10 more years! says Henrik Almström, teacher of sports and math at Svärdingehus school. – Everyone on snow has gone from a pilot project to a well-proven and working model. We have noticed an increase in members at the ski clubs in the municipalities where ”Everyone on snow” has become a major and recurring event. That is amazing since we really want skiing to be a natural part of the leasure time for all children, says Charlotta Bürger Hyllienmark.

Sponsors to ”Everyone on snow”

Assisting partners to ”Everyone on snow”

For more information, please contact: Charlotta Bürger Hyllienmark Responsible Everyone on snow Swedish Ski Association

Johan Linnaeus Projekt Manager ”Everyone on snow” Swedish Ski Association


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