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staring at hair tips Let’s face it, our hair would be a mess without the tools we need to help care for it. Personally, my hair would look like a disheveled lion’s mane in the morning if I didn’t at least have a comb. If your hair isn’t quite looking the way you would like it to, it might be time to invest in these tools for wavy or curly hair. 1. Wide-Toothed Comb: Is your hair looking stringy? Damaged? Broken? These are all signs of hair that’s been torn to bits by amateur brushes not meant for curly or wavy hair. Invest in a widetoothed comb. It will detangle your hair without pulling or breaking your strands. It’s a much healthier option for curlies, coilies and wavies that your locks will certainly appreciate. 2. Microfiber Towel: Yes, even your towel affects the quality of your hair. Most towels are rough and damaging to curls and waves. The long term effects can be unrelenting, so switch over to a microfiber towel while you can still save your curls! If you are worried about the cost, you can also use an old T-shirt to gently dry your tresses. Microfiber towels are definitely worth it, though. I’m currently using the Deva Curl Deva Towel and I love it. I have less frizz and more waves. You can scrunch your waves and curls with this towel in your hand to get more definition. 3. Finger Diffuser: For ladies with waves and curls, it’s essential to have a diffuser that can aid in the curl process. For most 2As like me, waves can fall limp once they dry out. Invest in a professional diffuser that you can attach to your blow dryer. I’m currently using the Luxor Professional Finger Diffuser.

It’s inexpensive and top notch. My waves are almost curls when I use it. A diffuser can make all the difference in your finished hair style if you know how to use it! 4. Blow Dryer with Cool Air Option: I don’t want to sound like your average door to door salesman, but you really do get the quality of what you pay for. If you’re not willing to pay for a good quality hair dryer, you won’t get one. I strongly recommend investing in a professional style hair dryer that has the cool shot option. I’m using the Solia Professional Thermal Ionic Dryer. After diffusing or drying my hair, I blast it with cool air to get a nice shiny finish. If you’re always conscious about how much heat touches your hair, replace the hot air diffusing with cool air for a much healthier alternative. 5. Hair Therapy Wrap: Every head of hair, no matter what texture, needs a good therapy session now and then. I’ve tried them all: avocado masks, deep conditioners and oil treatments the like, but they all have one thing in common. They’re messy! And if you go the homemade route, you have to sit with your hair dryer over your head, which is annoying and time consuming. But a thermal Hair Therapy Wrap makes it super easy to deep condition your hair with heat. All you have to do is heat up the gel packs, slip them into the turban and it stays warm for 30 minutes. Most ladies love the fact that you can deep condition your hair and have the freedom to walk around. The convenience is worth the investment.



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Coloring hair is a complex process that involves more than the application of a coloring agent into your hair, letting it sit, then washing it out. For your benefit, we’ve provided the following information to help you understand some of these complexities. The more you understand, the easier it will be to customize a formula that best meets your hair color needs. 1. THE NATURE OF HAIR COLOR: Have you ever noticed how your hair color can look different at home, at work, or outdoors? Because color is a reflection of light, hair color will reflect the background colors of the surrounding environment. TIP As you begin to compare hair color swatches to select a new color or to match your existing hair color, do so in a well-lit room with white walls, outdoors in the daylight, and/or in a variety of well lit rooms. 2. ARTIFICIAL HAIR COLORING: In general, hair coloring is simply the application of artificial color pigments to change the color of your hair. There are four types of hair color: Temporary, Semi-permanent,

Demi-permanent and Permanent. TEMPORARY: A temporary color will stain or coat the outside of the hair shaft, and as the name implies, it will wash out in one or two shampoos. We use temporary coloring in our custom blended shampoos and conditioners to maintain or “refresh” your hair color between regular color treatments. SEMI-PERMANENT: Like temporary coloring, semi-permanent coloring is a short-term option that can add greater depth to hair. It provides a slight blend with the existing color, but may not thoroughly cover the existing color. Semi-permanent hair coloring will last a lot longer than temporary coloring, but washes out between four and six shampoos. DEMI-PERMANENT: This type of coloring is designed to deposit color for subtle changes, but will not lighten the hair. Demi-permanent color will provide some coverage for someone with a small percentage of gray, but it may not offer complete coverage for someone with moderate to mostly gray hair. When coloring your hair with demi-

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permanent color, it will last four to six weeks. PERMANENT COLORING: Coloring your hair with permanent hair coloring generally gets the best results. It is flexible to lighten hair up to three levels from sheer coverage to complete coverage with more intense shades. It is also the most durable with coverage lasting five to six weeks. 3. CHANGING PREVIOUSLY COLORED HAIR TO A LIGHTER COLOR: It is difficult to adjust recently colored hair before it has completely washed out. For example: a person who colors his or her hair brown one week, can not simply use a different hair color to change it to blond the next week. To do so could substantially damage the hair, and produce unwanted color pigmentation. If such hair color change is desired, we strongly encourage you to work directly with one of our professional technicians or a professional salon in your area. 4. RETURNING COLORED HAIR TO ITS NATURAL COLOR (OR DARKER): It is difficult to adjust recently colored hair before it has completely washed out.

For example: if a person colors his or her hair blond and wishes to return to their natural color (or darker), the hair must be pre-pigmented. If such hair color change is desired, we strongly encourage you to work directly with one of our professional hair technicians or a professional salon in your area. 5. GETTING RID OF STAINS AROUND THE HAIRLINE: The careful application of a hair coloring formula is generally the best way to avoid color stains on the hairline. However, depending on the color type (light or dark) and volume, sometimes stains are unavoidable, even at the best salons. To avoid potential interference with the hair coloring process, we recommend that you do not use Vaseline or any other cream prior to coloring your hair. Instead, when your hair coloring process is complete, we recommend massaging water into the color on your hair, and take this time to clean your hairline as best as possible. This should remove most stains.


Joscynthia Mason

Contact Joscynthia: Email: Phone: [404] 313.3612 Website: IG: @shears2me FB: Joscynthia Johnson-Mason FB Page: Joscynthia the Stylist FB Page: Hair In Motion Pinterest: Joscynthia Mason Twitter: @Joscynthiam Google+ & Linkedin: Joscynthia Mason Lux the Salon in Grant Park 318 Cherokee Ave. Suite 108 • Atlanta, Georgia 30312 [404]313-3612 Shears 2 U Luxury Salon 448 b Calhoun Ave. Greenwood, SC 29649 [864]227-0010

Joscynthia Mason is one of the most requested stylist in the industry. With over 18 years of experience , 7 as a salon owner , her passion and dedication is nothing short of excellence. Winning numerous awards in and out of the industry. Joscynthia lives by the 4 E’s : Example (be one) Education (always continue to learn and refine yourself) , Empower (everyone you meet) , Elevate (never become complacent). When she’s not behind the chair, Joscynthia travels all over the world as an educator and platform artist with Ashtae Product Company and Hair in Motion Styling Team. Voted “Women In Business Champion of South Carolina” in 2012, she believes this is an honor and true testament of her dedication to her gift. Joscynthia also shares her knowledge and tips as the host of Black Network Television’s show “Hair It Iz”. She is also featured in several business and hair care magazines. Currently Joscynthia holds master cosmetology licenses in South Carolina and Georgia. Specializing in cutting ,coloring , relaxer application, natural and healthy hair styling. She also the host of Instinct Radio’s newest talk show Beauty & the Beat. Joscynthia owns Shears 2 U Luxury Salon in Greenwood, South Carolina . She is also a Master Stylist at Lux the Salon in Grant Park in Atlanta Georgia. She is focused on continuing to strive for excellence by perfecting her craft through continuously educating herself……. Because education and ambition is a major part of true Beauty.

Tony Roland

Tony Roland Salon 9915 flower st Bellflower ca 90706 [562] 688.6095

FB: Tony Roland FB: Tony Roland Salon IG: 1tonythestylist

Tressie Rochelle believes in continuing education and strives to become a pioneer in the hair and beauty industry. Along with her expert knowledge of products and trending techniques; she places high value on listening to her clients, understanding their needs and respecting their hair. This process has allowed her to establish a loyal clientele and pushes her to strive for unlimited creativity! For all business inquiries please contact her at and remember, “Your hair is at its best; when its been #Tresse

Tressie Rochelle A native of St. Louis, MO, Tressie Rochelle has had a passion for the hair and beauty industry since her early childhood. She has been licensed for more than 10 years and has mentored under some of the Industries top hairstylist. She currently holds professional licensing in three states. To date, Tressie Rochelle has mastered a wide range of professional hair techniques including extension installation, long hair, short hair, razor cutting, and natural hair care. She has developed Specialty techniques that clients and professionals nationwide rave about. In 2013 she began work on “Tressie Extensions�, a self branded luxury extension hair line which she plans to officially launch by Winter 2015. Tressie Extensions offers retail directly to consumers and wholesales directly to licensed professionals. To date, the hair aristocrat has helped launch 4 professional extension hair companies and expects it to triple by the end of 2015.

Instagram @TressieRochelle Twitter @Devoted2Hair Email:

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Ted Gibson is one of the most sought-after

editorial, runway, and celebrity hair stylists in the business. His work has appeared in publications such as Vogue, Harper’sBazaar, Elle, Marie Claire, Vanity Fair, People StyleWatch, W, and Allure and backstage at runway shows such as Chanel, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana. He is also a huge influence and presence at both Fall and Spring New York Fashion Week styling some of the top American fashion designer labels including Pamella Roland, Carmen Marc Valvo and Lela Rose. Ted is perhaps most known for toiling over the tresses of top celebrities including Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Debra Messing, Angelina Jolie, Ashley Greene, Lupita Nyong’o, Gabrielle Union and many more. Considering his background, it’s not surprising that Ted’s incredibly successful Flatiron salon is frequented by models, actresses, fashion and beauty insiders and influential women who love its modern vibe and its discreet, down-to-earth flavor of chic. Ted was also the resident hair guru on TLC’s “What Not to Wear” and was responsible for the participants life-changing makeovers. On top of all this, his luxurious product line offers unique, innovative products that have developed a loyal following, as well as being honored with industry accolades and awards. His products, including shampoos, conditioners, and styling products were an immediate success and sold out within hours on

QVC. The Ted Gibson Hair Sheets have become a cult product and beauty closet staple amongst celebrities, editors, and salon clients all over the world. Born in Texas and raised in a military family, Ted Gibson moved from one exotic location to another, living in Germany, Hawaii, and Japan. This experience opened up a whole new world for Ted, as he learned at an early age to appreciate the beauty of different cultures. Upon returning to the Lone Star State, Ted followed his passion and pursued his dream career. An influential style maker, Ted is a regular contributor on “The Today Show” and “Good Morning America” and has also appeared on “Oprah,” “The Insider,” “Inside Edition,” “Entertainment Tonight,” “The Early Show,” “FOX News,” “CNN American Morning,” “The Rachael Ray Show,“ “Dr. Oz” and “ABC News.” Today, Ted divides his time between working with clients, managing both of his salons and creating new products. His career as a fashion, runway, editorial and celebrity stylist continues to thrive taking him around the world where the beauty of different cultures inspires him and where exciting new projects continue to challenge and fulfill him.

Daisy Roefs

Photography: Daisy Roefs & Styling: Daisy Roefs Hair: Mutlu Polat Make-up: Debbie Schellius Model 1(blonde): Bauke van Bokhoven Model 2: Jill Berends

Cesar Ramirez

Besides an explosive new album there’s something else about Ciara that we’re digging right now. Her hair! From her long ombre locks to her recent short and edgy bob, we’re having a serious hair moment with the Atlanta native. So when we found out the mastermind behind her look was celebrity hairstylist Cesar Ramirez, we had to get the lowdown on the inspiration of her fresh new look. Ramirez has worked with some of Hollywood’s hottest starlets from Lala Anthony to Cassie. Check out the secret behind Ciara’s locks and tips on how you can have Hollywood hair. Cesar Ramirez: I grew up spending my weekends at my family salon in New Jersey, helping out around the salon. In high school I decided to attend beauty school to get my license, so I could work at a salon and pay for fashion school. Her fashion and sense of style inspires me a lot when designing her hair looks. The style is very modern and edgy just like her. I wanted to do something fresh and flattering. Hair should be treated like an expensive fabric, as gentle as a cashmere sweater. Keep regular salon visits for trims and deep conditioners, and yes the right high-end and highquality products do make a difference. First of all, this should never be something done on your own. Go to a very skilled and trained colorist. If your hair is already colored, take special precautions before bleaching because you can cause breakage. If you are wearing a weave, have the hair colored while on your head so the placement is tailored to your face. I love products and so I pick my favorites from all brands. Shu Ue-

mura has amazing shampoos and conditioners. I use Shu Uemura Moisture Velvet Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner on Ciara. Kerastase has great styling products, and I love Moroccan Oil Hair Spray. Since it’s summer and we all love to sit out by the pool or tan on the beach, keeping your locks protected from the sun is just as important as the sunscreen you use on your face. Most people aren’t aware that they should also wear sunscreen formulated for hair. Use a summer hair product with sunscreen and heat protector. Kerastase has an entire sun line with heat protectors from shampoos to styling products. Also long hair is more prone to damage, so on top of using a good sunscreen, it’s a good idea to style if you are less of a sunbather and more of a pool lover, be cautious of chlorine in pools. It can wreak havoc on your tresses, dries out the hair and ruins your color. One of my favorite tips is to always apply a conditioner on dry hair before swimming in a pool to protect the hair. This is especially good for blondes. Since two things can’t occupy the same space at the same time, the conditioner will prevent chlorine from entering the hair, AVL just discovered Living Proof Style Extender. It’s a weightless and weatherproof time saver hair primer. It extends hairstyles longer, while enabling you to go longer between shampoos with fewer touch-ups. It’s good for holding your blowouts in humid weather conditions. It also helps smooth out your hair when drying and flat ironing, add a green ashy tint and style it into a braid for less sun exposure and a great beachy look.


TELLS HER BEAUTY SECRETS She’s a global superstar whose infectious tunes have resulted in multi-platinum albums, smash singles and a truckload of awards. Her dazzling dance moves have mesmerized audiences worldwide. Her striking good looks have led to modeling opportunities and her magnetic screen presence has jump-started a promising acting career. But with Basic Instinct, her fourth album, Ciara wanted to push things further than she ever has before. “With this album I wanted to take it back to the basics and bring back the bass,” says Ciara. “At the same time, I’m still showing my growth and trusting my first instinct, my basic instinct on music choices and creative choices.”


Ciara’s instincts ring true time and

time again throughout the dynamic collection, which features her as an assertive, visionary woman whose life experiences have taught her to trust herself and her decisionmaking process. The up-tempo “Girls Get Your Money,” for instance, stands as the next girls’ anthem, as CiCi salutes women who go hard for their success, something she continues doing. She then shifts gears on the sultry yet charming “You Can Get It,” where the chanteuse takes a phrase typically associated with men and makes it her own. “I remember playing that song in a meeting and a lot of the girls were laughing, like, ‘Uh huh,’ and the guys were saying the same thing,” Ciara recalls with a laugh. “The guys were like, ‘Yeah. We know what you’re talking about.’ I want to make a record for my girls, but what I’ve felt over the years is that when I do a record like ‘Oh’ or even ‘Promise,’ those records represent for my girls, but the guys like to hear it and hear their girls saying those things or doing the moves.” Guys will certainly like the moves described in “Turn it Up (Heavy Rotation).” On this energetic, bass-heavy tune, Ciara imaginatively describes turning her man’s bed into a dancefloor during a secret rendezvous. There’s a definite sense of excitement, but Ciara also injects an air of innocence into the song. After all, she does want the door closed. Ciara then delves deeper into relationships on the heartfelt “Speechless.” On this duet with The Dream, Ciara clamors for more time with her man while celebrating the feelings she has for him. More than material love, Ciara seeks the type of relationship where commitment is more than financial. “I look forward to a person taking time to hear me out,” she explains. “Spending time with me means more than anything. A bag is cool. It lasts for the moment. A shoe is cool. It lasts for the moment. But, if you spend time and you actually take a moment to hear what I say or get involved and support me, that’s the best feeling in the world.”

Of course, any relationship can have shortcomings. Ciara slows things down on the guitar-propelled “Flaws,” which details both her man’s deficiencies and Ciara’s steadfast willingness to stand by her mate despite them. It’s this type of confidence that also makes “What He Wants For Dinner” so compelling. On this reggaetinged cut, Ciara sings about how she isn’t worried about other women trying to lure her man because she’s sure they cannot compare to her. Ciara’s assuredness also manifests itself on “Gimme Dat,” a thick, uptempo tune that triumphantly announces her return to the music game, and on the album’s sultry first single “Ride.” Comparing herself to a gymnast on the latter, it’s no surprise that the cut’s video features her unparalleled, lithe dance moves and flawlessly toned physique. (Maybe that’s why the “Ride” video has more than 10 million YouTube views.) In fact, this sensual, sexy selection features frequent collaborator Ludacris who adds a devilishly clever verse to the song, making for another memorable collaboration. “We joke with each other about how we’re almost like a group now,” says Ciara, who also worked with Ludacris on her platinum single “Oh” and “High Price.” “He just knows how to bring a different kind of energy, a unique energy to the record, and that’s why I love working with him. His animation is amazing and the way that he moves through a track is crazy. ‘Ride’ is a mid-tempo record, but the way he raps adds a cool tempo to it with his rhythm.” To be fair, Ciara has added plenty to music in her own right. The Atlanta-based artist exploded on the scene in 2004 with her ubiquitous single “Goodies.” Featuring Petey Pablo and produced by Lil Jon, the song put her next to two of music’s biggest acts and Ciara stood tall, asserting that she was a strong, independent young woman who embraced and recognized her sex appeal but transcended just good looks. Her music furthered this concept. Subsequent singles “1, 2 Step,” “Oh” and “And I” pushed her debut album, also titled Goodies, to triple platinum status. Goodies instantly established Ciara as a musical

force with her silky voice, no-nonsense attitude, and fluid dance moves. Ciara’s second album, 2006’s Ciara: The Evolution, was also certified platinum, marked her progression as a songwriter and spawned another round of hit singles: the creative “Like A Boy,” the sensual “Promise” and the ode to hood love “Can’t Leave ‘Em Alone” with 50 Cent. Her third album, 2009’s imaginative Fantasy Ride, included the infectious single “Love Sex Magic” with Justin Timberlake. The album was a bold artistic statement from Ciara, who imagined herself as the superhero Super C on the album’s artwork. Super C represents Ciara’s inherent strength and drive. Having mastered the music world, Ciara is also fulfilling her other dreams with ease. She debuted in her first movie role, the MTV Films picture All You’ve Got and intends to continue to pursue acting. Additionally, Ciara is a rising model -- a natural progression cemented by her appearance in the June/July 2010 French edition of Vogue. “I love to mix and merge the worlds of fashion and music because I am very passionate about both,” says Ciara. Ultimately, Ciara hopes to set herself and her family up so they never have any financial concerns. Planning for tomorrow, Ciara focuses on handling her business today. “When I talk to my team, I say, ‘We got to get that money,’” she says with a big smile. “I kind of joke about it, but at the same time, I’m serious about it. That’s my whole mindset so one day I can create a legacy for my family that we’ve never had. That’s one of my goals.” For now, Ciara is focusing on promoting Basic Instinct, an album she hopes will inspire her fans – both to have fun to and to pursue their dreams. It’s also a landmark record for an artist who has hit a comfortable creative stride. “I’m really running with my ‘basic instinct’ -- the first feeling. I’m even giving more of myself, too, because I’m really private. Over the years, my music has been my voice. With Basic Instinct, I wanted to give more.”

REAL BEAUTY REVEALED Those legs. Legs, Legs, Legs. For the first few minutes of chatting with Ciara, it was all I could look at. They literally went on forever. And they were strong. Then, of course, I noticed her flawless skin, picture perfect hair and toned body before snapping myself back to the purpose of our chat: Real Beauty. Not the superficial, let me compare my body/skin/hair/nails/teeth/everything (not even to mention her incredible voice) to hers (in a very un-Beauty Bean like way)… No, we were here to talk about Real Beauty – and while I was initially enamored by her superficial (natural) beauty, Ciara is by all accounts a Real Beauty too. With class and humility, her kindness shown through her gorgeous exterior revealing a true beauty within. That being said, we couldn’t wait to ask her beauty secrets! (Read on to find out!)

We sat down with Ciara and asked her to weigh in on Real Beauty… What do you think makes someone beautiful?

Of course the classic line is what’s on the inside. You know, it really does start with you and your own confidence. You know what I mean? That’s what makes you beautiful. And then, of course, your own style is what makes you beautiful.

How do you deal with the pressure for body perfection in our culture?

Oh my gosh. Let me tell you. That body thing sometimes can drive me insane, honestly. But I just try to do my best to know that I’m being the best that I can be. And that’s good enough. You know, sometimes people can make you feel like you have to be perfect and you have to be this and it’s kinda like, look: I’m human, and we’re all human, we’re not perfect at all, we’ll never be perfect. But we can have our own kind of perfect. So, for me, I just like to embrace what I have and just not worry. It’s too much.

Who is your beauty role model? Halle Berry!

If you could give your younger self advice about beauty, what would it be?

I would tell my younger self to drink all the water you can drink. And I would really tell myself that the beauty really comes from within. You know, we’re all made differently, and sometimes we can look at other people and say, “oh my gosh, I want to be like her, I want a body like hers,” and we beat ourselves up because it’s not like that and you have to understand that your unique design and build is really your own unique design. And you got to embrace that. And I would just say that.

What is your one, can’t-live-without-it beauty product?

Water! I drink lots of water! I also wash my face two times a day, use Vitamin C serum on my face and I also use a sunscreen/face moisturizer. I love Skinceuticals products.` 1


Stylist Leonitia Moore

Leonitia “Rawsuga” Moore, is from Atlanta, Ga. She has been a hairstylist for over 20 years. Graduating at the top of her class from Empire Beauty School, she has been a licensed, Master Cosmetologist for almost 10 years. She has boldly titled herself the CEO/Owner of the Rawsuga Hair Ent. brand. With a thriving clientele based in Lithonia, Ga., she has been courageously freelancing for the past 5 years in Atlanta’s growing her entertainment industry. Rawsuga has been leaving her mark and making a name for herself, with her serious work ethic, professionalism, and God given talent. From photo shoots to the fast pace life of the fashion show runways, Rawsuga has been dedicated to expressing herself creatively through mastering an array of weaving techniques and creative hair design. Throughout her developing career, she has earned numerous awards and achievements, and is on the path doing so much more through Rawsuga Hair Ent. Her ultimate goal is to change the current standard of what is acceptable in the hair & beauty industry. She would also like to give back to our community by aiding in the rebuilding of our women through positive mental empowerment, self-esteem reinforcement, and other needed life skills. Rawsuga is excited about the path that God has paved for her, with her faith and ambition to be successful according to her standard, there is absolutely NOTHING that she can’t accomplish!!!!

“if you do not dream, you will forever have nightmares...”



Innovator, artist, perfectionist…these are the three words that best describe Marcus Doss. Doss leads the frontier of black hair styles by competing in numerous hair competitions and showing off his cutting edge hair design. Whether Doss is working with color, weaves, or his new specialty extensions, he is an artist in his own right. You can find him working on clients and teaching his staff at the Marcus Doss Salon in Fayetteville North Carolina. Doss’s hair designs are not limited to the normal styling of tresses. Doss is self-trained and has a supernatural ability to perform the most intricate hair designs. He is a master of the most modern, cutting edge black hair styles such as; the Mohawk and Twist Hair Designs. Doss has the eye of an artist and has a keen awareness when considering which hair styles and colors are most complementary to his client’s face shape and skin tones. He is able to exceed his hair salons client expectations and wishes, while making each woman look her personal best. Doss considers his specialty to be hair extensions. Extensions allow individuals to explore new looks without permanently changing their hair. They also allow ladies to change their hair without having to wait the tedious, long process of treating and conditioning hair and exerting patience while it grows to a longer length. Extensions also allow the wearer to have the hair texture that they have always yearned for. Extensions are available in all colors and textures, whether it is wavy, straight or curly. Doss’s extensions stand out above the crowd, looking smooth, natural and never showing track lines. Doss’s styles are not limited to Fayetteville North Carolina. His styles have been in several publications, including; Hype Hair Magazine, Sophisticate’s Black Hair Magazine, and Universal Salons Hair Style and Salon guide Hair Stare Magazine. This innovator of black hair styles is sure to have a larger than life future ahead of him. Whether he is competing in hair competitions, styling hair for magazines and clients or opening new salons, Marcus Doss is on the forefront of the hair industry. When you step into one of his hair salons, you will leave looking stylish and your best. Contact Marcus Doss: MARCUS DOSS SALON 350 North Eastern Blvd Suite 300 Fayetteville, NC 28301 Phone: [910] 670-9662



Genia Church


Celebrity stylist, Genia Church, is a multi-cultural hairstylist with over 19 years of experience in the beauty industry. Genia is a National Artistic Team Member for Schwarzkopf Professional, a leading global haircolor company. Her work can be seen on the runways at New York Fashion Week for many top designers such as Betsy Johnson, Alice & Olivia, Parkchoonmoo and many others. Her work can also been seen on the Red Carpet for some of the largest award shows. (American Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, BET, Country Music Awards, CMT and BMI Awards) She has created hair styles for such notable celebrities as: Vanessa L. Williams, Lance Bass, Frankie Grande, Andy Grammer, Gavin Degraw, Austin Mahone, Laura Marano, Jennette McCarthy, Jeannie Mai, Lauren Alaina, Anita Patrickson, Eugena Washington, Adrianna Costa and many others. In addition, Genia’s editorial work has been published in various magazines, and she has done print work and commercials with the prominent advertising agency for many national brands. Genia also works as a freelance hairstylist for BET and Dick Clark Productions in Los Angeles, California and major beauty care brands Got2b, Smooth N Shine and Go Pro Curls by Larry Sims.

Trina Stoker-Rivera, Owner/Operator of Visionary Salon. Why do I use the term “Visionary” you ask? because I have a gift for being able to envision how the perfect hairstyle can enhance a person’s beauty. I have 20 years of experience in doing just that. Over the past 20 years, I have dedicated myself to offering the best in hair care and styling to my clients. I am educated in all phases of hair care to cater to all. Cut and colors are a specialty of mine. I believe in excellent customer service and in offering a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. My goal is assure that when each client leaves, they are completely satisfied with the hair care, style and service received. Since this industry is constantly changing, it is important to me to stay current with those changes by attending classes in business, styling and cuts. On several occasions, I was honored to display my skills in hair shows ,magazines, hair care calendars,run way shows and with celebrity clients. I also serve as a local educator for a professional line of hair care products . Personally I have a wonderful husband, son, daughter, and grandson. Outside of business, giving service to my community is important to me. I do that by feeding and supplying backpacks for the homeless and giving clothes etc. to women shelters. First on my priority list is attending church and giving thanks for my talent and business. The Mission of Visionary Salon is ensure each client that they are valued and respected. I truly want them to know how much I appreciate the time out of their day and confidence they have to entrust me with their hair care needs.

Trina Stoker-Rivera Lucresia “Creeinfinity” Doomes is a Professional Hairstylist based in Atlanta, Ga. Creeinfinity provides professional haircare services and exceptional customer service to clients of all races. CreeInfinity is no stranger to the Beauty Industry and has 1 specialty and that is Healthy Hair. She has been a licensed cosmetologist for over 12 years and a former salon owner of Cree8tive Stylz Beauty Boutique of 5 years. Passionate about the beauty industry and its possibilities, Creeinfinity provides beautification services that help boost confidence, raise self-esteem, and empower women. CreeInfinity is a published Hair Stylist on a national level. Her work can be found in Essence Magazine, Salon Digest, and Style Q, and Hairstare Magazine, to name a few. Creeinfinity is a trendsetter and is taking the Beauty Industry by storm. Available for print, set, video, and photoshooots. To contact Creeinfinity please email: or call 404-913-6405.

Lucresia Doomes

Instagram @creeinfinity Facebook @creeinfinity

G A M E R A T S R I IN HA Alicia

Couture’ Hair By: Alicia, is owned by Chicago Native, Hair Stylist of 15 years and Instructor of 13 years. This hair line prides itself on being High Quality, 100% Virgin Human Hair that is double sewn onto the weft. Each bundle is 4 ounces, with minimum to no shedding or matting, and can be colored and worn straight, wavy, or curled. The hair can also be returned back to its natural state after being washed. With proper maintenance, Couture’ Hair By: Alicia can last from six months to a year. “The reason I decided to go with this distributor is because I the had a chance to work with the hair to test its quality and durability before I branded my line Couture’ Hair By: Alicia. I had to make sure that this was the best product for my clientele.” Credits: Photos: Drea Nicole Photography MUA & Stylist: The Evolution Of SHE Make-Up Artists: Gabrielle Devine & Fadeelah Rasheed; Models: Chonnie Nicole, Tanisha Jones-Model, MRS Model Monickia, Minerva Gomez, Bagina McCline

Cherelle Renee is not your everyday young adult, for her long-lived aspirations have become a living reality. However, it does not stop there...she is reaching out of her comfort zone to unleash an unknown piece of her that makes this rising celebrity hair stylist uniquely chosen to be the leader she has become. This young entrepreneur is living proof that your youth years can shape you into who you are today, if you begin to think bigger, and dare to step outside the box.

CRenee herelle

SSmith onya

Sonya Ivy Smith is a professional, talented Master Cosmetologist that has been satisfying clients for 20 years. With a Certificate of Cosmetology from Shelton State Community College and an Associates of Science in Business Administration from Herzing University, Sonya was able to combine her business insight, technical and creative aspects of cosmetology to become the owner of Divine Hair Designs salon in Center Point, Alabama. She enjoys being a team member of Next Level Concepts “Team Passion”. Sonya has had the honor of being a board member of The Extremely Beautiful Foundation as well as The Birmingham Stylist Beauty Award. Sonya also served as a panel judge for Shelton State Community College hair and fashion show. She has also been futured in Glamorous magazine, Birmingham Times Newspaper, & Faith Hair & Styles magazine. On her days away from the salon, you can find her giving back to her community, spending time with her family, inspiring & empowering high school cosmetology students, and enjoying Sunday worship. Her eagerness about improving her skills through continued educational classes and participating in hair shows is allowing her to stay abreast with the latest techniques and hair trends. While specializing in precision cuts and innovative hairstyles, Sonya’s artistic vision and passion allows her to create styles and services according to her client’s individual needs. Sonya Ivy Smith is a Sharp Innovative Stylist that provides “Hair that everyone notices!” Sonya Ivy Smith Owner & Master Cosmetologist Divine Hair Designs 1515 Huffman Road Suite 101 Center Point, AL 35215


SHuntley amantha

Forecasters, trendsetter, educator, Beauty columnist, salon owner , and celebrity master hairstylist Samantha Huntley served as the Educational and Artistic Director for Bronner Brothers Professional Sales Division from 2003-2014. Although it is extremely rare for one individual to hold both positions, this dynamic 43 year old Durham North Carolina native’s stellar background declares she was well equipped to handle the job. Part of her unique responsibilities were to ensure that educator’s under her tutelage have a strong understanding of the ingredients in all BB Professional Sales products how these ingredients not only contribute to haircare but also the execution of the hottest techniques that yield a plethora of exciting RunwayWorthy looks. Huntley’s flawless finishes have grace the pages in publications throughout the U.S., the Caribbean, Tokyo, and London. As the Educational and Artistic Director Samantha was heavily immersed in the professional Sales production for the BB International Beauty Show. Selecting the educators, models, make up artist, talent, and the lighting and props for the stage as well as the overall theme for the show. With all of these responsibilities on her slim shoulders Samantha still managed to successfully service her Durham based clientele. Currently Samantha showcasing her “behind the scenes “ talent locally, styling hair for music videos and producing fashion shows . Samantha is also celebrating 1 year of successfully servicing clients at ZIEN SALON. A Progressive, therapeutic beauty environment centrally located in downtown Durham’s historic district. As well as sharing her wealth of hair-care knowledge and the hottest techniques with spectacular magazine readers .

From salon owner to behind the chair, Keisha George has over 20 years of experience in the industry and she has decided to share her knowledge with those new and old. Keisha knew that there was more to the industry than salon owning and chair renting so she ventured out to study the different branches of the industry by gaining hands on experience. Known for her expertise of the industry, Keisha is the go to for the latest and newest techniques and trends. Her head-turning hair artistry has been featured in nationally published magazines and on a plethora of blogs. She is an in-demand educator and mentor. Truly passionate about her chosen career, this star-stylist’s personal goal to grow and excel in her craft allows her to be experienced in the latest techniques, while constantly working on innovative methods to expand her artistic ability. Whether it is client retention, marketing or business building, Keisha G. has helped many turn their dreams into reality and continues to be an icon in her industry. Her confident attitude and keen attention to detail has rendered Keisha as one of the most highly regarded hair stylists in the business.

Keisha George

CWright hinere

Chinere (CeCe) Wright [Philadelphia, PA] is skilled first at listening, and then creating a look that compliments each client’s unique attributes. CeCe considers hair texture, bone structure, personal style and maintenance preferences before she begins any hair or brow service. Her dedication and commitment to her craft keeps her fresh with new ideas by attending national and international hair and business events. Because of her extensive knowledge of fashion and beauty acquired from her Fashion Marketing degree from The Art Institute of Philadelphia, she is always able to exceed her clients’ expectations. She achieves beautiful and healthy hair using techniques learned throughout her years as a hair designer. Specialties: Hair loss Solutions and Concealment Options & Eyebrow Design. She is also certified in: XTC Products and Systems for Hair Loss, Hair Aging and Healthy Hair Services, Hair 360 Treatment and Texture Transformation Services, HairUWear Wig, Hairpieces & Extensions Services and Products, CLIC Certified in Hairdesigning, Haircutting, Haircoloring, American Cancer Societies’ Look Good… Feel Better Program Instructor, Dermalogica Skin Care Systems, Fusion Hair Extensions, Nioxen Hair Care Systems, Sleek Brows 3d Brow Building Systems Contact Info: Instagram: CeCe_FixMyHair, SleekBrowsPhilly Facebook: CeCe Fix My Hair

shantell simms makeup artist Welcome to iShockArtistry, where make up is profound for Change. The founder and Creator goes by the name, she is a dynamic combination of edginess, class, and always up on the trend. This is only the beginning of her list of attributes and adaptable style. She has had the pleasure of growing and also working with talent from a number of different categories and genres. Shantell graduated from The International School of Skin & Nail care with her esthetician license in 2006 and she is also a M.A.C. certified artist, which gives her the opportunity to not only enhance, but also educate her clients on the things that develop not only temporary but long term beauty.

Shantell has had the pleasure of working on set with HD,an Agency base out of Atlanta and celebrity bloggers and photographers such as “Talking with Tami”, Candy Sims Sweet Addiction TV, Joi Pearson and Will Kennedy. She has done work for Tyler Perry’s leading actress Patrice Lovely, on the set of “Love thy Neighbor,” and “The Have’s and The Have Not’s,” for the Own Network. She also received the opportunity to have her work published in Kontrol Magazine. Shantell Simms also does her fair share of volunteer work, to giveback to those who put out positive messages, that reflect Gods positivity and growth. Those things of such, Like being on the set of Randy Walls, “Speechless” a play based on the life of a homeless person.

FB: Ishockartistryllc IG: ishockartistry Twitter: @IshockArtistry

[GG] eyebrow expert + makeup artist

MAKE-UP BARS ATLANTA Makeup Artist Mimi J 1000 Marietta Street NW #216 Atlanta, GA 30318 [678] 592.6323

PinUpGirl! Cosmetics 566 Boulevard SE Atlanta, GA 30312 [404] 688.7468

Authentic Beauty 4674 Roswell Road Atlanta, GA 30342 [404] 849.0443

Serena Jenkins Hair Stylist/Makeup Artist Atlanta, GA [678] 310.4808

Touch of Color Airbrush Makeup Artistry 4920 Roswell Road Atlanta, GA 30306 [404] 281.0978

Meredith Boyd Cosmetics 3150 Highlands Pkwy SE #107 Smyrna, GA 30082 [678] 460.7797

Norcostco Atlanta Costume 2089 Monroe Drive NE Atlanta, GA 30324 [404] 874.7511 Carlos Lissimore Hair & Makeup Artist 1534 Howell Mill Road Atlanta, GA 30318 [678] 724-0071 Gayle York Makeup Artist 883 Cardova Drive NE Atlanta, GA 30324 [404] 963.7865 La’Bella MAFIA Atlanta Makeup Artists + Hair Stylists 3396 Peachtree Road NE Atlanta, GA 30326 [855] 526.2342

Azadian Beauty360 120 City Line Ave NE Atlanta, GA 30308 [404] 932.6022 Permanent Makeup of Atlanta 3209 Paces Ferry Place NW Atlanta, GA 30305 [404] 229.7372 Jenn Humphries Makeup Artistry Atlanta, GA [678] 768.5756 The Wright Look Makeup Studio 2115 Piedmont Road NE #103 Atlanta, GA 30324 [470] 819.8863 Eyebrow Queen’s Eyebrow Spa 1775 Columbia Drive Decatur, GA 30032 [404] 604.4128

C assandra Powell

Shun Reid

Cassandra Powell is the owner and operator of Style Studio Hair Salon, LLC and is located on the East side of Columbus, Ohio. Cassandra is a highly skilled hair stylist and has over 16 years of experience. Cassandra travels frequently in pursuit of bettering her skills, gaining more knowledge, and perfecting her craft by going to trade shows, beauty expos, classes, and networking events. Cassandra has become a published hairstylist, a featured Raw artist, and has been featured for the last 2 years in “Who’s Who in Black Columbus”. Cassandra has in recent times launched her tee shirt line featuring beauty industry tees, inspirational tees, and teen tees. Cassandra also launched her 1st sold out beauty industry business brunch event “Business, Beauty, and Brunch” with various speakers teaching on putting your business in order in the beauty industry. Cassandra has received a Masters degree in Business Administration with a concentration in General Business from Keller Graduate School of Management as well as her Bachelors degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship and Business Information Systems from Devry University. Cassandra has also had various classes and trainings in cosmetology as well as hosting various classes for hairstylist in Columbus, Ohio. Cassandra is the proud mother of two girls and two boys who keeps her very busy with school and sports; Destiny, Desiray, Daymon, and Daylen ages 18, 16, 14, and 6 who are active in sports and volunteering in their community. Cassandra Powell Owner of Style Studio Hair Salon, LLC 3998 Corbin Street Columbus Ohio 43207 [614] 332.1810 Stylestudiohairsalon614

Shun Reid-C.E.O/ Master Stylist As a stylist and salon owner for over 3 years. I have continued my education in several different areas such as; razor cutting classes, natural hair smoothing class, color classes and different hair extension technique classes. My talent is creating natural looking hair extensions and my craft has become specializing and maintaining natural hair. Here in Atlanta natural hair has become real popular. I am certified to provide the Natural Hair Smoothing System, which gives clients hair the relaxed look without the use of any harsh chemicals. In 2014 I wrote down my vision plan and placed it in Habakkuh 2:2-3 and I started researching on finding a great hair tool for my clients and customers and in 2015 I launched my own costumed designed professional flat iron which took hard work and dedication, and after selling several of them I have received nothing but excellent feedback. I also wanted to create a drama-free salon environment where clients feel welcome and the stylist are appreciated and we all work together as a team. I have achieve my goal KriShun’s Hair Loft Salon is a warm inviting salon with talented stylist who like to express themselves and have fun. Hair is my passion and I love what I do, and here at KHS we are here to pamper your hair needs and promote healthy hair. We use excellent professional hair products and educate our clients as well. KHS is a clean loft setting, very relaxing, and once were done servicing you, you will feel refresh and renew. KriShun’s Hair Loft Salon is my testimony, and to all the ladies my salon slogan from me to you: (Your Beauty Is Royal) so stop by for a great hair service and a glass of wine.



Owner of Temple Hair Wear

Most people wonder how so much hair comes from India. Well it is the most density populated country in the world holding over 1.2 billion people. Yes, it can be surprising how so much hair comes from India, but there is an interesting and meaningful history to Indian hair. Everyday thousands of Hindus including men, women, and children gather in religious places like temples to pray to God and sacrifice their hair. Temples have tonsure rooms where devotees sit in rows and get their hair shaved by people appointed by the temple. The whole process is done in a clean hygienic environment using disposable razors. The entire facility is kept very clean with. The hair is then collected and kept aside for auction. Only affluent people take part in the auction of the hair from the temples as the hair has to be bought in bulk and can literally cost millions of dollars. The hair in these auctions is usually sold by multiple tons. A chain of buying continues from the main buyer to various middle men and wholesaler Distributors. The large quantities of hair to the factories of the suppliers and then sorted, hackled and sorted by length. It is then washed using industrial shampoo and dried under the sun outdoors. After drying, it is drawn and tied into bundles. The hair is now ready for export. it is exported by distributors to salons, beauty stores and individuals all over the world. Marc Copeland, owner of Temple Hair Wear is one of the affluent persons that participate in this ritual on a monthly bases. He travels to India monthly

where he maintains a consistent supply of raw Indian hair from the temples of India. Marc started traveling to India about five years ago where he had to navigate the most dense populated country in the world. His goal was to find “GOOD HAIR� to distribute to the United States of America. He dealt with middleman suppliers for about three years. He quickly found out that dealing with middleman could be very costly because of the language barrier and just not knowing the culture fully. So he was constantly running into obstacles trying to do good business, he found himself being cheated on all scales whether it was being sold inferior product or the consistency of the product was just not good. He would shop with numerous suppliers in India and for a couple of months the product would be great. Once you thought you had your supplier on lock they would turn around and cheat you months later down the road. This started to get very frustrating for Marc and even started to cost even more money and time. He knew it was a better way to capitalize off the hundred billion dollar industry. He stayed in India for months at a time where he learned the culture, language and the people. In the summer of 2013 he ran across a college student that would soon to be a very dear friend and also lead him to her family in North India who knew the technique of manufacturing raw unprocessed hair from the temples of India. This was a blessing for Marc because now he would invest in his own manufacturing company and he had just the right family to help him. They were loyal and also wanted some of the same goals he wanted

to achieve which was building for the next generations to come. Templehairwear was now ready to be a full operating product in the hair industry. Marc is a overseer of Templehairwear and he make sure his product is consistent in quality and even takes extra steps in the preparation process just to ensure longevity, durability and cleanliness with his product. Marc now has two locations in the Atlanta area where he is known to have the best quality of 100% RAW Indian Hair. He also runs a online hair store ( where customers worldwide can have the opportunity to purchase some of the best quality of 100% raw Indian Temple hair. Templehairwear is a wholesale company so they sale in bulk and they also sell individual bundles at a very affordable price. If you are ever in the Atlanta area stop by Templehairwear at 2905 Campbellton Rd. SW., Atlanta, GA 30311 or inside of Arbor Place mall located in the ENVE salon.



crocker Being born and raised in Atlanta, GA. and growing up in Decatur Atlanta has become one of the premier Hair Capitals of the world. I am a Mother of three, Wife and Master Cosmetologist. I have been a professional stylist for 17 years. I specialize in building long client relationships while creating a great design for them. I strive to give great customer service. It does not matter is you are Natural or Relaxed. I believe in maintain the heathy care of your hair. My passion for hair goes way beyond standing behind the chair. I am one of the stylists for he HOSEA FEED THE HUNGRY here in Atlanta, GA. I am always trying to find out how I can help my community with my service and my smile. Keisha Crocker ~ Master Cosmetologist Styles Hair Salon 2745 Mt Zion Rd, Jonesboro, GA 30237 FB:Keisha Crocker IG:kcrocker42 Crocker


Kim Berry is no stranger to the celebrity hair styling industry. She has been working for Prince for over 25 years, and her work has been seen all over the world in commercials, printworks, films, television and music videos. Kim has been sought after by many of today’s cutting-edge and fashion forward celebrities such as Ne-yo, Lily Allen, Outkast, Naturi Naughton, Wendy Raquel Robinson and Tamera Mowery.



Kim was recently named as International Celebrity Artistic Director for 3DeLuxe of Milan, Italy. Adding to Kim’s advanced education she has mastered the art of period hair and wig styling and production etiquette. Maintaining her stay in the hair industry Kim continues using her talents in a manner of excellence to provide to the overall production. Kim is looking to inspire the next generation of hair architects through mentoring and education, encouraging them to follow their dreams and Live their Best Life Now!

A love and true passion for the fashion and beauty industry, CEO of Cassy Stylez U, Cassandra Barnes became a licensed professional cosmetologist knowing that she possessed the natural talents in creating hair designs that would leave clients genuinely confident and happy about their bold new looks. No stranger to the beauty industry, with more than 10 years of hairstyling experience, Cassandra has worked with a number of local artists and has participated in a numerous events such as BET Rip The Runway, Bronner Brothers Icon Awards, and Atlantic City Fashion week. As a member of the James Harris Hair Fashion Group she was given opportunities to work beside James Harris, Johnny Gentry and Dwight Eubanks. Cassandra also loves to give back to the community with her talent by working on shows such as Pink Fashion Show which raises money for cancer research and The Beautiful Me Foundation which empowers children to find confidence within them to always stay true to themselves. Cassy Stylez U is a brand that represents a sense of class and sophistication which completely describes the touch she leaves with every hairstyle. ig/twitter: @cassy_stylez_u FOR BOOKINGS

323.348.2645 @KiMBONSet2 on IG KimBOnSet2 on FB

Hair Store Salon & Barber



STARTING $75 BUNDLES 2 6 8 5 M e t r o p o l i t a n P k w y S W, A t l a n t a , G A 3 0 3 1 5

[404] 992.6736


in stores now


Christina Braxton UPTOWN HAIR LOUNGE


owner mrs. t

Hailing from Bronx, New York, Christina Braxton is an upcoming cosmetologist, currently working at Uptown Hair Lounge in Atlanta, Georgia. Braxton has been doing hair since she was twelve. At first, doing hair was something that was required, since she is the oldest of four younger sisters. Once Christina discovered her passion for all things hair, she set out to “The Chrissy B. Experience”. As a part of such an experience, Christina seeks to provide customers with the best hair care services possible. As Braxton grows in the beauty industry, her passion and drive will not only benefit her clientele, but lead to her personal and inevitable success.

Selina Combs master stylist

I Am Her... Selina Combs, Atlanta’s Short Hair Slayer... With over twenty years of experience in the beauty industry Selina is one of Atlanta’s most sought out Stylist,rather its a drastic transtition or enhancing a grown out cut Selina is the go to person for short haircuts in Atlanta. Selina is Conveniently located in the heart of downtown Atlanta at Uptown Hair Lounge book her on instagram @selinaiamher or stlyeseat/selinacombs.

master stylist




Torri Hammond is the owner of BASHD (Bold and Sassy Hair Designs) in Charleston, SC - the south’s creative epicenter known for its historic charm and high standards. Trained while in high school by industry veteran, Dr. Katie B. Catalon, the 14th president of National Beauty Culturists’ League, she realized her passion for hair early. Licensed and honing her craft for 16 years, Torri is considered one of Charleston’s most experienced stylists for her superior hairdressing skills, technical knowledge, creativity and deep commitment to providing first-class service to her elite list of clientele. She specializes in natural looking hair extensions and proudly boasts having styled throughout the U.S. and internationally in Japan, Bermuda, and the United Kingdom. Torri’s philosophy for achieving a rewarding and progressive career is rooted in her belief that continuous education is key, and as a result, she developed a love for sharing her experiences with local stylists who seek to thrive in the hair industry. On a regular basis, she offers her “Marketing Matters” course to help budding entrepreneurs to grow their businesses via social media outlets. With the determination she aims to instill in others, Torri never ceases at nurturing her own artistic growth. Her greatest desire is to make a genuine and lasting impact within the industry, and in that spirit, she has expanded her business and created Sasē Hair Care products, a unique line of hairdressing products designed to enhance styles by providing moisture, shine and protection for all hair types. The line features: LOVE ME Leave-In Conditioner creates shine without adding unwanted weight to your tresses; strengthens, smooths and detangles, providing aloe to soothe the scalp and green tea for added protection; safe for colored, straightened and chemically-treated hair; and works great with flat irons. GLAM ON Liquid Shine provides instant shine to dull or dry hair without weighing it down; smooths frizzy, fried ends, and dries without residue. ADORE ME Keratin Serum seals the cuticle to control frizz and tame wild curls, giving you unmatched shine and bounce; works best with heat; color safe. SLEEK & CHIC Texture Paste (edge control) is a medium hold molding and texturizing cream infused with argan and coconut oils to help repair, moisturize and add shine to all hair types; no flaking or stiffness; creates non-greasy, semi-matte finish. Torri Hammond is an innovator in hair care - a force to be reckoned with. For more information on Sasē Hair Care and/or bookings, log on to or call [843] 641.0415 Follow Torri on Twitter @torrihammond Instagram ms_bold_and_sassy sase_haircare


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