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Children on the move After School Hour Programmes Not all families are able to pick their child up Wednesday lunchtime or other days at 15.00 hrs., therefore, on every school day, the school organises After School Hour programmes at the different locations. During these afternoons children are very busy with art, craft, games, construction materials, puzzles, occasional baking, eating a snack and playing outside.

School bus service Children from the age of three years old and onwards can make use of the school bus service. The service is owned and managed by the school. A medium sized Mercedes bus and several smaller Nissan vans with seat belts are used to do a door-to-door pick up where possible. Each van has it’s own driver, therefore young children feel confident and ready to use the service.

Holiday Camps The school offers several holiday camp weeks a year. Each camp is organised around a specific topic and is run by professional staff from the school. In previous camps we have had topics on dinosaurs, the cultures of different continents, ancient Egyptians, artists, and the seasons. We take advantage of the good weather and do activities outside including go on nature walks, play with a splash pool, plant and maintain the garden, and make collections of leaves, seeds, and wild flowers.  Inside we cook and bake, do arts and crafts, sing and dance, make performances, and play games.

International These camps are very popular and enjoyed by Montessoriall participators! ‘Savoorke’ Bergestraat 24 3080 Tervuren Historic renovated farmhouse, situated in a quiet street, offering an attractive ‘purpose built’ environment to children aged 0 to 6 years old. Classes: Age-ranges: Infant Community 6 weeks to ‘walking age’ Toddler Community 15 months to 3 years old Children’s House 2 ½ to 6 years old


International Montessori ‘Savoorke’

Bergestraat 24, 3080 Tervuren International Montessori ‘Savoorke’ is situated in a 200 year old renovated farmhouse with attractive gardens and play area. It is situated in a quiet area close to the centre of Tervuren. Whilst overlooking the fishing ponds, known as ‘Savoorkes’, Robiano castle provides a beautiful backdrop. This little farmhouse is just perfect for young children. It has a very cosy feel to it with exposed beams, low windows and a beautiful green outdoor environment. The Toddler Community offers a unique year of development in a very caring atmosphere. The Children’s House children are exposed to a wide range of activities, helping them to become independent and to develop a love for learning. When ready for Primary, the children move to the ‘Rotselaerlaan’ location situated on the other side of Tervuren. This building also houses the Parent Café. Information sessions and get-to-gathers are organised here on a regular basis. The café has a calm and relaxed atmosphere and gives adults a space to reflect and learn more about them-selves and their children’s development. This section includes the Parent Library, which stocks a good variety of books and magazines related to Montessori philosophy and to overall child development. The library is open during the organised information sessions and scheduled social events. The Parent Infant Group is situated upstairs and offers an optimal environment for babies and their parents. Together with practical ideas, an interesting set of theory sessions is included related to the first year of life. An After School Hour programme is available up to 18.00 hrs. During this time children play outdoors, or enjoy indoors with cooking, story reading, and arts and crafts. Parking is available on the street. Door-to-door school bus service can also be arranged.

Contact details Head of School and enrolment officer: Lisa Thauvette Phone: 02-767-6360 Fax: 02-688-2361 E-mail:

School Descriptor - Savoorke  
School Descriptor - Savoorke