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Ed Stafford gets walking the length of the Amazon in two and a half year.

This is our first official proyect, called generally “ADVENTURE PROYECT” It is formed by Cristina Poyatos, Elena González; Jose Luis Rascón and Marta Escudero. We will present Ed Stafford's life, his trip through Amazon River and others trips, difficulties, experiences and many interesting things all about Ed. Edward James Stafford is an English explorer and former British Army captain. He was born on 26 December 1975 in Peterborough (England, United Kingdom) He is part of Guinness World Record by walking the entire length of the Amazon River from its source to where it flows into the sea. He decided to make the trip because no one had done before and the money he got was earmarked for a cancer association, by the fact that his father died of cancer. His adventure was made into a book, Walking the Amazon, and a Discovery Channel documentary. He also has a blog called Ed Stafford where he wrote all about his adventure, and in August 2009 Stafford started writing a biweekly blog for the Prince's Rainforests Project created specifically at children and schools. You can also find his twitter where you can be informed about their next adventures.@ Ed_Stafford. All about his travel in the next video “TED”

Trip to Amazon Ed Stafford became the first man to walk the length of the Amazon River in South America from its source to the sea. He started on 2nd April 2008 and he finished in August 2010. This river is the largest in the world. He walked 6000km from the mountains in Peru to the Atlantic Ocean in Brazil. He walked for 895 days to achieve his goal. Stafford completed the journey with the help of Gadiel "Cho" who joined Ed five months into the expedition. He was born in Pucallpa, Peru. In Satipo Ed and Cho met. When they started Cho was only walking with Ed for 5 days. Cho is normally a forestry worker and is very used to living with and negotiating with indigenous peoples. This is his personal blog . They climbed mountains, crossed jungles, swan in dangerous rivers of South America Ed and Cho found many people living in isolated villages. In general, these people were highly educated. Some of them welcomed them, while others didn't really trust them. They found food in these villages. Ed has surfer approximately 50.000 mosquito bites, he had a disease, his body was disfigured. Ed was attacked by Indians with their bows and arrows. Before reaching Madura beach, the final of his trip, Ed was fallen because he was filled a rash for all his body. But he went ahead. His trip took through parts of Colombia and Brazil. At the same time that he suffered injuries, he faced to animals, climates and Indians.


An adventurer man  
An adventurer man