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Print is Still Relevant It stopped innovating in the digital age

And it sucks at marketing itself

A short story of how it emerged as

Way-Cooler, Targeted, Digital Print

In the emerging age of digital information, Print believed this mantra and got stuck in a box Pri



is D


is De

t n i r P

D s ti

n i r P


d a e D is


d a e D nt is


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BUT it isn’t true. Print has always been #1

Best in “REACH” Engages the senses in the real 3D world Neuroscience research confirms - most valuable for consumer decision-making

In order to freshen its image, print found a technological partner

Say “hello” to

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

A view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented (or supplemented) by computer-generated enhancement of the surounding reality.

Targeted, Digital Print Becomes Interactive

What’s the most available tool for marketing?

Mobile Phones are Everywhere

Use the Prolific Mobile Device with Print and inViewAR

Keeps Marketing Clean -

Uses images & objects, no QR cube

 

Accessible Equipment -

All you need is your mobile phone

Reliable Evolving Tech $1.3 trillion, emerging industry Our industry award-winning platform has 5 years experience and is 3 years out of Beta

Interactive Marketing Works! 

Consumers make faster decisions with better information

Eliminate delay in communication with call-to-action links

Marketing is expanded through print, social media, text & email

Detailed metrics help you measure results - missing in marketing today USPS Special AR Pricing for Direct Mail

Reduce print runs and costs while expanding reach

Drive Traffic to store, website, ecommerce

These Pages Run on

inViewAR Technology Try It Now - So Easy

Powered by Aurasma

 Download the FREE inViewAR App

(Apple and Android)  Put the Camera Over each INDIVIDUAL Picture  Enjoy the Interaction This will work on your computer screen the same as print.

LAUNCH then move device toward you 3D Models - This floor plan reveals a building. Pull back and tilt device to look

around. Tap the roof and watch as inside floor information slides out for a closer look.

LAUNCH then move your device around to see the full 3D effect. All interactions close with a double tap except this one. Close the app and open it again.

Art Comes to Life - Not just a painting, this famous soup can has a surprise.

Double Tap Screen to Close Print Advertisement POPS Video and Provides Instant Communicatoin - The video plays and “Next Action” buttons appear

LAUNCH then put your hand behind device Double Tap Screen to Close Showroom Models or Other Objects Interact with Consumers Once the car is in the device, put your hand behind it to see how. Can take a picture

Double Tap Screen to Close Postcard Mailers Become Catalogs - Pull from other graphic assets to

make direct mail expand product information.

Double Tap Screen to Close No Print Used, just the back of the house. Creative Methods Draw Attention to present further information, or just for the engaging entertainment.

LAUNCH, choose item & hold up in space Allow Consumers to “Try it On” by Placing the Product in the Intended Space. - An item is opened in the screen and viewed at home.

One of the biggest challenges in advertising is coming up with newer and unique ways to engage consumers, while providing exposure for advertisers. The good news is conBrio Publishing is paying attention to help you staying ahead of the crowd and adapt to a rapidly changing information environment. Uniquely qualified: • • • •

7-years’ experience in print marketing 5-years of experience in the augmented reality emerging technology. Partnered closely with Aurasma/Hewlett Packard in user-experience development 15-years creating user optimized engagement with digital/online marketing platforms

Engaging and Entertaining interactions capture attention, guide the consumer toward response, conversion and transaction.

Powered by Aurasma, the same award-winning AR platform used by . . .

Print is Still Relevant conBrio shows you how augmented reality helps you!


conBrio Uses Augmented Reality  

Your marketing engages consumers using Augmented Reality technology - information about the surrounding real world becomes interactive.

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