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A new perspective on scanning ■ Minimise unevenness in image quality with the new “VI Technology” ■ A3 sized documents or thick documents can be scanned directly without touching the surface of the precious document ■ Less than 3 seconds are needed for scanning ■ Shorten operation with “Page Turning Detection” ■ Correct distortion and curviness of books with “Book Image Correction”

Simply push the scan button on the ScanSnap SV600 to start scanning. You can scan documents which are impossible to scan using an ADF scanner. Large documents, thick books, and your precious memories. You don’t need to cut out pages anymore and you can even scan multiple document in one go. These are all made possible by the new Versatile Imaging Technology. Scan it with Fujitsu. If you would like more information please contact Proscan 1300 132 001

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