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Intelligen Publishing Adding high value to your advertising via our digital portal

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Overview Intelligen Ltd. is a publisher based in Scotland and operating worldwide in both print and digital formats. The printed page has been the mainstay of the publishing industry since Caxton first printed a sheet of paper. In recent years, despite some public resistance due to physical presence being the preference, and some commercial resistance usually down to quality, content and revenue - digital formats have never been so popular and are much more readily accepted. A digital edition is not always a verbatim facsimile of the print edition converted to a digital file for reading as-is, or for uploading to an online service or location. An issue of a publication produced in both print and digital may well have content which varies between the editions. Also increasingly is what we know in business as ‘born-digital’ content. This is where there is no print edition, but the publication is only available in digital. In 2022, Intelligen Publishing, a wholly owned subsidiary of Intelligen Ltd., aims to up the game. In Print (Available to industry VIP’s and Subscribers) Intelligen, through Intelligen Publishing, is the publisher of the well-established printed magazine, IDMi. The history of that publication stretches back to 1969 when the title was started in the USA and used to convey news about microfilm. Over the years, titles have merged, ownership has changed, and the editorial direction has broadened. IDMi stands for Information and Document Management international and is now also available in a digital edition. In Digital (Available as both a (currently) free service (@72dpi resolution) and via digital subscription (300dpi) Intelligen Publishing uses the online digital publishing portal Aside from IDMi, Intelligen has other publishing interests and associations. Over time, Issuu have introduced functionality to their online platform which is now far beyond that of simply providing a page-turning interface for digital works to be published and accessed. In this document we provide a brief of what is available in terms of that functionality. We also look at what enhanced functionality might be available, and where necessary, an indication of any extra cost involved in implementing that special functionality. Born-digital Almost a sister publication to IDMi intelligen Publishing produces a born-digital publication named Archiving, Conservation & Preservation international, or ACPi. This occasional magazine fills gaps in industry sectors which IDMi does not cover, and because it is digital-only, allows more in-depth articles and discussion. Republishing A recent innovation for Intelligen Publishing is that of ‘republishing’. We coined the word by borrowing on a practice prevalent back in the good old days of micro-publishing. This is where out of print, out of copyright, and certain key publications such as reports and theses, were microfilmed and published on a 6x4” sheet of microfilm called a microfiche. Our take on republishing is that we give out of print, out of date, out of copyright and certain other specialist publications, a new lease of life by unitising them into a standard PDF format, and then republishing online or as a download to subscribers. This format appeals to researchers and enthusiasts who can no longer access old publications in their original print form. About this document This publication is centred on the different aspects of digital publication and the functionality the online medium enjoys over and above a print-only edition.

Issuu User Interface The intelligen content is held at: When you arrive you will see:

You can access: 1. ‘Publications’, (a list of all intelligen content) 2. ‘Stacks’, (which provides a split of current content by category). Stacks look like this:

Within a Stack you can immediately see the categories of publications on offer. We store about 200 back-copies from a cross-section of our titles and are increasing that number monthly.

On selecting a stack, you are given a list of all the items available within that stack. For example, if selecting IDMi Magazine, you then see something like this:

When you click on a publication the standard reading interface opens and looks like this:

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14.

The functionality available within the reader’s interface is numbered below and replicated on the screenshot: Page-turning interface (using the Right and Left page selection arrows > and <) Current and Total Pages indicator Page skip facility (the white blob next to the page total is a slider control) Zoom +/- (which does exactly that) Find (although this does depend on the type of document being viewed as not all publications are OCR’d) ‘Larger View’ (which makes the interface window larger but not yet Full Screen) Full Screen (which does precisely what you would expect) Share (allowing Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and email shares Save (which is a publisher-only function not available to visitors) Like (so you can indicate that you liked the publication) Download (available or greyed-out and set by the publisher) DETAILS (which shows the publication date and the publishers name with a ‘Follow’ option STORIES INSIDE (if set up by the publisher this allows specific pages to be highlighted) … [More] (where unsuitable content can be reported back to if required – but we hope not!)





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Issuu Reader Interface Functionality The following functionality is available to all intelligen clients and can be implemented by IDMi/intelligen within the digital edition of any publication we hold on

Standard Functions Currently provided to display advertisers by intelligen at no cost as a courtesy: • URL Linking: o link from the whole of any ad to a valid WWW destination o link from the company entry on the Marketplace pages as above o live links blink in grey when pages are displayed and then immediately return to normal viewing

Optional Additional Functions: 2022 advertisers who are continuing their campaigns from 2021 will not bear any additional charges. From the 1st of February 2022, new advertisers will have a small cost added for implementing the following functionality.

• • o o o • o o o • • • o ▪ ▪ ▪ o ▪ ▪ o

The functions currently available are: Visual Stories and Article Stories Add Links Web URL Video Go To Page Sharing Share Links Embed on Website Fullscreen Sharing Create GIF Order Printed Copies Add-A-Page (Which is non-Issuu functionality IDMi can control): • As examples, we insert TWO new pages and: If your ad is on a right-hand page We add your additional content to the new left-hand page opposite your ad We then add our own content to the previous page OR You can buy in to BOTH new pages If your ad is on a left-hand page (including the back page) We add your additional content to the new right-hand page opposite your ad We then add our own content to the next-again page OR You can buy in to BOTH new pages

GOOD NEWS …. ALL OF THE PRECEDING FUNTIONALITY CAN BE ADDED TO ANY DIGITAL ISSUE OF IDMi (or ACPi). Which means that if a digital edition of a publication is currently held on – we can enhance your advertising regardless of its age, and – if it is a whole page ad – replace it entirely with your most current ad content. The next section outlines each of the above in detail.

Visual Stories Visual Stories can be shared to Instagram Stories, Facebook, LinkedIn or any social network. They are web enabled and SEO optimized thanks to Google AMP technology*. * AMP is an open-source HTML framework developed by the AMP Open-Source Project. It was originally created by Google as a competitor to Facebook Instant Articles and Apple News. AMP is optimized for mobile web browsing and intended to help webpages load faster. (Wikipedia) Visual Stories Overview [STOP PRESS] Having tested Visual Stories, IDMi is of the opinion that the interface is too new to be a part of current additional functionality. We will update this page when the time is right, and we can add Visual Stories to the list of available options.

Article Stories Captivate new audiences using the Issuu Story Cloud by having IDMi/intelligen create Article Stories from your text-based articles or ads, and/or specific sections of your content published by us. With the Article Story, we can customise headlines, photos and text which are optimised for display on tablets and mobile. This maximizes your content reach by engaging readers on mobile and enabling slick scrolls on small screens. The steps involved are: • You let us know, (from a magazine page overview like the one illustrated below which we will provide to you,) which pages comprise the story (e.g. Cover + Article or Cover + Your-ad(s) + Article) The Overview

• •

We then configure the story (In this example we chose the cover + all 3 News pages We publish the story See as a Desktop example (see next page)

In it appears under the main magazine interface

This is how it looks in Desktop. On a tablet, PDA, or phone, the layout will look different.

Add Links This feature can be a VERY effective as a sales, marketing, or informational tool for you to get a message over to customers and prospects. Add Links comprises 3 different types of link. 1. 2. 3. 4.

Web URL Video Shopping Go to Page

In more detail …. Add Links | Web URL • We define an area within part of your ad, (blue rectangle), or the whole ad area • We add the URL you would like and confirm it is correct

o Multiple areas can be defined on a page o Any valid WWW URL may be used • We test the link from the live page • When the page is loaded, the link rectangle momentarily flashes (light blue) to indicate a live link area. The link also flashes when you return to the browser tab from elsewhere in Windows, if the page(s) being viewed have been obscured or hidden by another application.

• • •

Clicking the link takes you to the URL ANY publication already published on Issuu by IDMi/Intelligen can have links added at any time Links can be changed to suit your changes within your business

Add Links - Video Video linking is currently available with a single method of operation, Access Via URL Access Via URL • This option operates by defining a clickable area as with Web URL • We define the area you require and insert the URL • We then test the URL • Clicking the link opens a new browser window and displays the video ready to play. The video is displayed within its own web page (e.g. YouTube or Vimeo) Functionality for all video load and play is: • When the page is loaded it momentarily flashes grey and displays a video ‘play’ icon to indicate a live link

• •

Hovering over the rectangle will display the destination URL Clicking play displays the video ready to start

Unsurprisingly – pressing the Play icon will start the video playing

• •

ANY publication already published on Issuu by IDMi/Intelligen can have links added at any time Links can be changed to suit your purposes

Shopping This allows the insertion of a shopping cart link, so if you sell directly from your web site, we can link straight to that shopping environment. Go to Page This one is extremely simple as you might guess from the title. A clickable link is created which links to another page within the publication. For example, the Go to Page link might lead the viewer to a further ad, or an article, or an associated company. Basically it is a link to any other page within the same publication.

Sharing An increasingly powerful aspect of modern-day internet use is that of sharing. A variety of share options are normally associated with online content, and is no different. Share Links

The options are to share to: • Article Story • Publication • Both This can be to any or all of: • Facebook • LinkedIn • Pinterest • Twitter • Email In all cases, this is something you can enable yourself by clicking the Share option at the bottom-left of the magazine reader interface.

The options and their use are self-explanatory, and when a social media icon is clicked you will than have the opportunity to share whatever options are enabled for that account. For example, the IDMi Deputy Editor option for Facebook looks like this:

Create GIF or Mp4 This is a neat flexible option allowing you to promote your content either as an animated .GIF file, or as an Mp4 video. To set this up for you we will: • Provide you with an overview of the magazine from which you can select up to 4 double-page spreads (The inclusion of the cover is mandatory) • Set the background colour o ANY colour can be set using Hex values (#000000) o Accurately matches your corporate graphics schema • Export to: o Animated .GIF file o Video .Mp4 file In the example below the following parameters were set: • Background Colour = #006FE9 (for no real reason other than to prove colour setting) • Pages = 1, 12, 20, 22, 30 • Output = .GIF

Order Printed Copies You may think it is odd to include this option here, as we are predominantly concerned with the online digital functionality, (particularly as, for some titles, we already produce a print copy,) however, this allows you a print of ANY of our publications, and not just the ones we have recent editorial control over. Terms: All print orders must be prepaid against a pro-forma invoice – no exceptions. There are 3 options: 1. Reprint of Original (format and quality as originally published) 2. Special Reprint - Matte Magazine 3. Special Reprint - Hardcover Book Reprint of Original • Professional quality offset litho (not digital printing) onto matt or glossy magazine print paper • Up to 500 pages • Wire or Perfect bound (depending on page count) • A5 or A4 (which may vary from publication to publication) • Full colour (optionally - black and white) • Good quality self-cover on 115gsm paper • Pages printed on paper on 80gsm paper • Minimum number of pages is 16 • Minimum print run 1 copy • Maximum print run 1,000 copies Ask for a full quote including shipping to your address/country of choice Matte Magazine • Professional quality matt or glossy magazine print • Up to 500 pages • Perfect bound • A5 or A4 (which may vary from publication to publication) • Full colour (optionally - black and white) • Good quality paper cover on 200gsm • Pages printed on paper on 115gsm • Minimum number of pages is 16 • Minimum print run 1 copy • Maximum print run 1,000 copies Ask for a full quote including shipping to your address/country of choice Hardcover Book Perfect for special occasions etc. the specification is: • Professional quality glossy paper print • Perfect bound • Full colour • Further mechanical details on request Ask for a full quote including shipping to your address/country of choice

Add-A-Page/Replace-A-Page This is a new option for 2022 and covers for any IDMi/Intelligen publication held on, or where a specific issue has been requested for digitisation and upload to issuu. Please ask for more details. Why Add a Page? In the past, this functionality would be used to allow video links to be set up so as not to encroach upon a display ad, but equally, extra page(s) could be used to increase advertising presence or to add up to date or additional editorial. Why Replace a Page? This allows content to be updated over time. It is envisaged that if used, this service will mainly be to replace old and out of date ads with new ones.

ALL enquiries regarding the functionality of our digital editions to me please: