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Academy Launches Free Technical Skills Evaluation Assessments


nsurance Journal’s Academy of Insurance recently launched a new Technical Skills Evaluation (TSE) program designed for: 1) use by managers to plan employee development; or 2) individual insurance professionals desiring a method to direct their continued professional development. The TSE tests provide employers and individuals with an objective measure of the test-taker’s technical coverage knowledge. Results from each test provides information regarding the area(s) of insurance coverage in which the test taker is proficient, and the area(s) of insurance coverage in which the completer is less proficient and requires more training. Four tests are available to test your skill level or the skill level of each of your employees. The currently available tests include: • Commercial Property • Commercial Casualty • Workers’ Compensation and • Personal Lines. All TSE tests are available online at the Academy’s website ( The number of questions varies based on the exam, and each exam is objective style (more commonly known as multiple choice). Exams are taken online and the results are sent via email nearly immediately upon completion of a test. Registration information and exam results are sent to three parties: 1) the participant; 2) the participant’s manager; and 3) the Academy of Insurance. Within a few days of the test, the participant and the manager receive a synopsis of the coverage area or areas in which the student may require additional training. Exam results sent to each party include the question, the answer the participant

vided and the correct answer. In addition, an explanation of the correct answer is provided for training and instruction purposes. Managers using the TSEs for multiple employees can use the completed tests as a basis for in-office training. Once the desired employees have taken one or all exams, managers can plan training sessions around these tests; the Academy has supporting on-demand classes, live classes and books to help in this training. Be warned, TSE test questions are purposely and specifically written to be more difficult than most tests or evaluations used in the insurance industry. Because of the difficulty, test completers and their managers gain a clear direction regarding future training needs. The Academy cautions against using any test as a way to “rank” or grade employees; these are tools for developing a map for training employees already on staff to make them the best in the industry. Tests are time limited to two hours. Takers may use outside materials to assist them during the exam. Outside material is

allowed for two reasons: 1) Coverage questions should never be answered without first reviewing the coverage form or other information (statutes, etc.). This trains the test taker to use coverage forms, and; 2) Allowing the use of external material teaches the test taker where to find the necessary information. Remember — TSE tests are free. Neither the employer nor the employee pays to register, complete or receive the results of any test. Academy TSE exams are intended as a service to the insurance industry. As part of this service, the Academy will provide the test taker and the manager information about any Academy course the employee may use as part of his or her customized training. But additional training can be garnered from any source desired by the employer. The TSE is a tool toward deciding which training to pursue. For more information on the new TSE program, visit


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Agency Management Systems / Insurance Exchanges; Commercial Auto; Digital Product Guide  

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