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Keep calm and protect cultural heritage aimed to protect cultural heritage among young people. The goal of the project was to develop educational tools, helping young people discover and protect from forgetfulness, local objects and other cultural heritage manifestations. The project was the result of previous youth exchanges of cultural heritage. Dissemination of their results pointed the need to draw young people's attention to the surrounding local monuments and intangible cultural manifestations. In a globalized world, it is much easier to promote and protect popular objects or traditions from attractive regions than local ones. In their shadow remain, less known and often forgotten, local objects or traditions spread only locally. The project 'Keep calm and protect cultural heritage' aimed to draw attention to this imbalance and interest young people in the local cultural heritage. Project activities based on discovering local cultural heritage from national groups taking part in the youth exchange. As part of an international meeting in Poland, young people have exchanged their own cultural baggage and have mutually discovered local treasures of cultural heritage. They worked on good practices for the protection and promotion of cultural heritage among young people, primarily through social campaigns . The Keep calm and protect cultural heritage project was an youth exchange from 5 EU countries, implemented as part of the Erasmus+ Program. The main activity - a meeting of young people, took place in March 2022, it last 9 days (5-13/03/22) in Milowka, Poland. Project activities used nonformal education methods in all substantive and most practical aspects. The result of the project was a challenge for young people to discover cultural heritage in the nearest place of residence. The challenge was part of a wider social campaign run by project partners, local experts and media partners. As part of the activities, participants have not only promoted local cultural heritage, but also have provided tools in the form of a set of good practices and educational methods for other non-formal organizations and groups. Digital communication tools in the form of peer2peer webinars were also used. Activities were supported by the substantive partner of the project: "ESACH" (European Students' Association for Cultural Heritage).

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the PROJECT JuBuK from Germany JuBuK is non-governmental, non-profit organization which was founded in 2008. Since that time JuBuK organized a lot of national and international projects on the topics








interreligious dialogue, gender, migrant issues, intercultural dialogue, capacity building, change making. The target group of the organization are young people with migrant background and minorities, migrant NGOs and initiatives on the national level. On the international level: cooperation with like-minded NGOs, youth workers, activists, trainers, change makers. Mission: bringing positive change to the community and especially youth; tolerant, open-minded society, inclusion of vulnerable groups, social activism, gender equality, development of skills and competences of young people and youth workers, development of entrepreneurial education, recognition of non-formal learning, interfaith dialogue, intercultural cooperation and solidarity. Main activities: seminars and training courses for youth workers and leaders, school stuff; youth exchanges, educational trips and local events, educational and development projects with the African countries.

UCAM from Spain UCAM is a private university with 20 years of history and more than 19.000 students that offers prominent European official graduations, Master programs, PhD programs and other prestigious titles. Its teaching method is based on a personalized attention with reduced students per classes and a personal tutor for each student. UCAM also offers a modern system of distance teaching. UCAM is strongly linked with the work world through study plans adapted to market exigencies, obligatory internships in institutions and enterprises in every program and research programs in collaboration with big regional, national and multinational companies. UCAM is an institution in dialogue with the modern world for the purposes of the improvement of human society as a whole. This spirit is made visible in personalized lectures with a reduced number of students and personal tutors for each student. UCAM shares its values through academic subjects, volunteering projects, meetings, congress and seminaries.

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Fundacija Študentski tolar from Slovenia Fundacija Študentski tolar, ustanova ŠOU v v Ljubljani was established in 2006. Our primary purpose is to help university students in need – we assign them nonrefundable financial and material resources, we organize language, professional and sports courses, and also offer them free psychotherapy sessions and various other forms of assistance and education. Our programs are designed to solve students' temporary social emergencies and help socially disadvantaged students. With our work, we strive to ensure equality in the accessibility of higher education and create new opportunities for ensuring the minimum level of the quality of students' lives. Our programes are designed for young people in social emergencies, but we also work with other student of University of Ljubljana. On average, we include in our programs around 800 students annually. The purpose of our organization is to reduce students' social burdens and help socially disadvantaged students; to contribute to equality and accessible education. During our work, we cooperate with many different non-profitable organizations, which in their own programs include vast numbers of student of University of Ljubljana. Staff and participants involved in our work come from different field of studies and profiles.

the Institute for Cultural Relations Policy (ICRP) from Hungary Founded in 2012, the Institute for Cultural Relations Policy (ICRP) is a nongovernmental and non-profit organisation fostering scientific education and public discourse regarding cultural relations policy. The institution is officially run by Kulturalis Kapcsolatokert Alapitvany, based in Budapest, Hungary. The ICRP focuses on global intercultural dialogue, the promotion and protection of International Human Rights, the recognition of cultural diversity and religious and minority issues. Moreover, the ICRP puts a great emphasis on the professional development of young generations by conducting an internationally known and popular Internship Programme and regularly organising different trainings and workshops. The foundation has offices in Finland, Georgia, Turkey, Ukraine and Mali with similar structure, aims and objectives as the ICRP Budapest has.

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Participants of ,,Keep Calm and Protect Cultural Heritage" worked hard on topics related to the protection of cultural heritage in Milówka, Poland. During the week, they created several social campaigns about the cultural heritage and its protection. Youth created the webinar titled ,,Keep Calm and Protect Cultural Heritage" and prepared online actions for their communities. During the project young people raised actions like ,,Let's eat pierogi" or the camapign about German culture. Participants initiated the ,,Stand with Ukraine" action, during which they created the infopack for ukrainian refugees in Poland and in Hungary. Infopacks were published online and advertised. Thanks to the great atmosphere and the community participants created, this project was a great experience, both for participants and organizers. The project was organized under the Erasmus+ Programme.

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Erasmus+ Programme is the EU's programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe. It has an estimated budget of €26.2 billion. This is nearly double the funding compared to its predecessor programme (2014-2020). The 2021-2027 programme places a strong focus on social inclusion, the green and digital transitions, and promoting young people’s participation in democratic life. It supports priorities and activities set out in the European Education Area, Digital Education Action Plan and the European Skills Agenda. The programme also: supports the European Pillar of Social Rights implements the EU Youth Strategy 2019-2027 develops the European dimension in sport



While starting our interesting story about Cultural Heritage (CH) let us say a little bit about definition, or, in other words, what does CH means? There are no doubts, that the best explanation of meaning of aforementioned postulate was already provided in a splendid way by a world-known organization UNESCO, and so, here it is: Cultural heritage includes artefacts, monuments, a group of buildings and sites, museums that have a diversity of values including symbolic, historic, artistic, aesthetic, ethnological or anthropological, scientific and social significance. It includes tangible heritage (movable, immobile and underwater), intangible cultural heritage (ICH) embedded into cultural, and natural heritage artefacts, sites or monuments. The definition excludes ICH related to other cultural domains such as festivals, celebration etc. It covers industrial heritage and cave paintings. This so-called legal definition is currently presented on the web-site of UNESCO Institute of Statistics, since 2009 Yeah, it would be definitely great, if we were on school/university lessons... unfortunately, for most of us these sentences are full of unrecognizable and weird words, that still need additional explanations. That is why, we decided to change the tendency and provide a definition in our way, non-formal educational one! Because, you know what? Cultural Heritage is all around you! Every single moment! Every single day! That is us, who just don’t have an enough level of awareness, and this is exactly something, what is supposed to be fixed! We found out quite soon that for precise understanding of CH’ meaning you don’t even need to search for photos in Google, just check a photo gallery in your phone! We did so, and now our story about Cultural Heritage will start! Below you’ll find definitions of different examples of Cultural Heritage made in plain English while using photos from our own photo galleries! Let’s get it started!

Jan łaski Law Institute


This is actually something that could survive and bring a spirit of history to our nowadays realities! Every architecture style, every tendency, location, aim of building matters! Every architecture sight is a physical bound between us and





remeber, how many incredible old building do you have in your town/city/area? Do you know a lot about their history? We bet, these sights have a lot of curious things to share with you! Don’t miss an opportunity to visit them and take a closer look a your own history! Like... for example, The White Tower of Thessaloniki! or ... The House of Parliament in Hungary! or, Moszna Castle in Opole region!






places, that literally take your breathe away? Places that you’re ready to visit every free moment of your life. Cause they remind you ... you’re alive! They fill you with bright and strong energy, bring you incredible emotions, make you more positive and kind! And, like it was once in a wellknown novel “The moment, you’re great, stop, please!”. So, suprise! Specific places in your area that attract lots of people, because of their




energy are also part of CH! It could be Tatry Mountains in Poland! or beautiful tiny streets of Girona town in Spain.... It could be Tatry Mountains in Poland!


We name here mostly institutions of education and culture. That is why... let’s us take our Alma Mater as an example!

This is our Univerity of Opole, an institutions




voices, dreams, goals. Something, what combines an atmosphere of youth with an ancient history of Opole city. The best landmark of harmony between past, present and future. Actually, as every educational institution in the World is!


Something, what you think makes us different, but actually makes us united. If you believe, no matter in what, you become stronger. And oppositely, person without any belive, has no power to move forward with an open mind and use its 100% potential... No matter, whether you’re an orthodox,




atheist, belief is your power, belief is your source to move forward. But




power of unity in your belief. Your belief is your step to move to other people, to other believes! To add, the belief is one of the most crucial ingredients of CH! This is a part of our history, one of the most important one. Our specific belief makes us different, makes us understand our values, values of our ancestors and share them to the future generations. But our belief cannot separate us from other people either. We mean, it makes you stronger to open your mind to other people and other ways of believing! And this is only one issue that matters!


Do you remember that feeling, when whole your body is dancing with a magical and such a familiar melody? The music literally flows through your body and veins! And yes, music also is a higly valuable object of the CH protection. You definitely know popular composers of your country, or kinds of music that were popular throughout your history.... and why? because it makes you understand specific features of society in your coutry, specific behavior. Have you ever caught yourself on a thought that in the music of your local composers there are such lines,






because you are from that country? And that is exatly, what I mean! That is why music is a valuable part of our culture. It combines history with modern times and remind us about our origins! And, what is more, it also helps us to be closer to people from another countries! How? Quite simply! There are no doubts that your playlist is mostly full of tracks popular all around the world, isn’t it? Such music literally erases borders between you and the whole world! It erases prejudices, fears, worries and leaves a total acceptance towards all differences all round!






University choir are unforgettable and



understanding to us...








paintings have no borders... This is the following strong boundary between




modern times... Every kind of paintry brings us back to those time, when people knew, how to sacrifice their time properly, by enjoying a nature, pure beauties of the World. When people knew, how to see the best in every person,




obstacles... Great painters of past times created art to make us a gift. This gift is a heritage of art impossible




probably this gift is still making your country well-known around the World? Like Vincent van Gogh with






And what about you? All of us know van Gogh





France or Netherlands, but, as you can notice, the whole world adores this and lots






French/Netherlands’ art heritage! And now, how good is your awareness on art in your country? What is your favorite painting among your local art? This is exactly the time to value it and be proud of it as well :)

languages Laguage is an endless sea of treasures... Do you remember your first lessons of your mother tongue at school? All hisorical facts on its development sounded like a fairytale, didn’t they? As children we were proud of our folklore, beauty of our language, were so pround to be able to communicate with other people using it! Every word, every sound is like a touch to intangible history all around. There are postulates, words, specialities that only we could understand.... Such sounds that only we could properly say... This is a language enabling us to read historical sources and discover our own history: the history of state, the history of art and music... This language opens our minds to our uniqueness in this World! And makes us proud, when year after year more and more people around the World want to learn your language and value your cultural heritage...So, this is the first side of language... the side of deep understanding of ourselves... From the other side, our mother tongues also help us to learn foreign languages enabling us at the same time to open our minds towards other people and cultures.. Foreign languages destroy interpersonal and intercultural borders. Foreign languages make our culture a part of the worldwide one, our national heritage becomes a part of the World’s one. This understanding brings an awareness of proper way we should follow...


Are you surprised, that sports and games






Heritage? Let me explain! When you the names of Lionel Messy, Tiger Woods, Roger Federer, Usain Bolt... What is the first image appearing in your mind? Your mind immediately draws pictures of track and field, golf, tennis, soccer etc., doesnt’t? And do you know what? There are another pictures, that are being drawn in your moment that single moment!




Argentina, Switzerland, United States and Jamaica! And in 99% of cases you immediately imagine yourself traveling around those countries, getting




traditions... you’re becoming a true fan of those countries and their cultural heritage sights, and this passion spreads much more wider, than just your interest in sport... I think it’s clear enough... sports and games are not just a part of cultural heritage, they are also a step to get know





hertage of some country better and be more aware of them as well. So, in our point of view, sports and games could be not just part of cultural heritage treasures, but they could be also a way of successful promotion of other ones!

craft and design

Something, what appears more and more often in our clothes, accessories, devices, decorations all around... some symbols dating back to lots and lots of decades and





something, what makes us feel special,




Something, what makes us feel proud of our rich culture and beautiful traditions! Something, what is definitely worth to be protected, valued and shared all around





postulating its belonging to some nation




what becomes a symbol of our spirit,




identity! All of aforementioned symbols




some elements of local craft and design! Let’s have a look on beautiful examples!







Rapunzel, The Frog Prince, the Snow Queen, Hansel and Gratel story,




fairytales from our local folklore, we are definitily remembering the best moments of our childhood and great opportunities to spend more time with our family and, especially, our parents, who were tended to tell us those stories... Alongside





possibility to promote the local culture




aorund the World, like we can see on





Brothers fairytales, for example, those stories, and mostly more folklore ones, could show us the boundary cultures

between around


most the



globe plot.

Moreover, it is not just a source of boundary awareness under the prism of the worldwide society, but it’s also a source of an infinite link



generations of


and local

communities. Since these stories are making our close likewise to our parents and grandparents, and to our future children and grandchildren!






Stuttgart, “Moulin Rouge” Theater in Paris and nowadays already in other parts of the World, or the most modern thater of shadows “Teulis”... They are amazing, aren’t they? And we bet you are ready to set off to your journey even now, if you’ll know they will have free places for you and your friends! You close your eyes and there is nothing there besides an infinite play of sounds and colors, beauties




German, Ukrainian and, finally, international culture! And yes, all types of performance arts are also a








Every type of performance brings some unique and unforgetttable symbols of every single culture, where is was once created! And it remains an infinite symbol of culture








Would you like to learn more about your culture? Check out tickets to your local operas and theaters! You will open up lots of curious things! Maybe one day this specific object of the CH will be under your protection?


And now!!! It’s time to talk about our





abybody here, who have never dreamt about Tomato fighting in Spanish




dances in bright and colorful costumes during the Carnivals of Riod de Janeiro? Or probably there is someone, who have never dreamt about seeing a whole city coloured in green fo one day, and let it be in a real life?!!! Because it exists! And it’s Irish Dublin (and couple of other cities as well)))! Or, probably, it will be better to remember




participation in the Europeans Festivals of Colours all around the EU starts and ends with our desires to visit that one, the greatest




incredible, India...


Holi your

imagination is already dancing all around your mind and explodes with colourful rainbows, it means that we were able to explain you clearly one more object of the CH protection! Namely, celevrations!


And!!! the most delicious object of the Cultural Heritage protection national





heritage! That is so full of varieties, that





Someone remebers pretty moments of





grandparents’ house in the village, someone



evenings on the sea shore or on the river bank of his/her home town... And this exquisite moment of being proud of our national cuisine...of our incredible dishes, that are definitely highly popular around the world. Have you ever noticed, that most of people could forget, where is your country





forget a taste (or dreams about the taste) of your national dish! Our national






heritage, is not just a historical symbol, it’s our treasure. Our local recipies are always with us, in our minds





promote and share our respect to our dishes being thousands of miles away





something, what will contain a part of your home country! National cuisine is a definite treasure chest, which is supposed and has to be protected



us This

as is

younger only


reason, why we don’t have to forget, how to cook...


protect ch


U.S. Committee of the Blue Shield - Cultural Red Cross, which was created in the aim of proceeding with responses towards influence of natural disasters and armed conflicts on CH.

UNESCO World Heritage Centre - The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) seeks to encourage the identification, protection and preservation of cultural and natural heritage around the world considered to be of outstanding value to humanity. This is embodied in an international treaty called the Convention concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage, adopted by UNESCO in 1972.”

United States Department of State, Bureau of Educational And Cultural Affairs — Cultural Heritage Center “The ancient and historic monuments, objects, and archaeological sites of the world enrich and inform today’s societies, and help connect us to our cultural origins. The Department’s Cultural Heritage Center specializes in the protection and preservation of these irreplaceable resources, working on many fronts to safeguard the patrimony of other countries”

National NAGPRA - “The World’s Largest Database of Stolen Art”



YOU! The Great Power of the worldwide humanity in the aim of protection and promotion of cultural heritage! This power, the power, which has a potential to be become the strongest and bravest. The one, which has a real force to bring changes into the level of awareness and provide proper protection of our history and national values, which connect us with our past and create a future as well, this is each of us! Each of YOU! YOU, who are reading this guide and still probably does not understand its own real power in the aforementioned sphere! In addition, the best promotion for cultural heritage values could be provided by our hearts, by our necessary uderstanding and aware of this value and sharing this value with our future generations! As you can see, YOU ARE THE POWER, WHICH MATTERS! Before we will proceed with the futher information, you can also take a look at the following link, which will bring a deeper understanding of another less-known organizations, which are also working in the sphere of CH protection.

protect ch



If you think, that in this generous mission you can be alone, or that youngsters are still not really ready to comlete this, be sure, that you’re now alone! Youngsters all around the World are already working on this mission! Have a look at those youngsters!

protect ch

from letter

PROJECt manager

Someone, who does not have/does not know/does not remember etc. its past. does not have the future either. This postulate has been already emphasized in our Guideline once before. And it is definitely true. Our World is changing every single minute. While you are sitting on your sofa, checking your phone, surfing the net looking for new series or comedies to make your evening more interesting. The street, which is close to your house will never be the same again. Everything changes, but we live in such a rush, that even those changes remain unnoticeable among us... We don’t have a single second to notice, how our city has changed for last decade of time, how the main street of our city has changed, are we right? We are tended to notice changes exceptionally, when we travel a lot, or live abroad for long periods of time... But when we live stable on one place/ changes will remain a usual background of our modern and everyday rush... That’s why ... we are passing by ancient buildings, houses, museums full of historical treasures with no interest. It seems, that our own history would interest us only in case of being published on FB or Instagram... We cook our local dishes doing it like a habit, with no interest or passion, and even forgetting, how our mother or grandma taught us, how to do this... We go on a picnic to a forest and forget about appreciating a splendid nature around and being grateful for possibility to be surrounded by natural treasures... We wear our national symbols, do local crafts while forgetting to be proud and aware of historical boundaries, which are connecting us with previous generations... Such a neglection harms... harms our Cultural Heritage, our History and brings our future under the shadow...

from letter

PROJECt manager

The year 2018 brought us understanding that the awareness towards Cultural Heritage matters, the year 2022 made us know, that is depends exceptionally on each of us! Every kind of tradition, local or family one, national recipies, arts, crafts, folklore, beliefs, celebrations, festivals... everything, what became a part of our lives and lives of our ancestors is not something, what is supposed to be a part of “invisible normality”! Everything, what was mentioned above is supposed to be an object of national awareness, respect and protection! Our Cultural Heritage both tangible and intangible is an infinite source of energy and power! It makes us unique, different, strong... it provides us with grear boundaries with our ancestors... make us closer to our history... and it makes us a complete part of the whole Universe... History helps us not to commit faults, that were appearing in the past, teaches us to enjoy some specific moments, sights, symbols, sounds, which are unique and special just for us... and will be the same only for us just because this is a place we were born in... The endless beauty of World makes us understand an infinity of natural power! And, most importantly, this awareness on our cultural identity and uniqueness makes us stronger even on our way to the whole World. When we are seeking for integration with the international society, our history and culture will become a specific ID card of the World’s citizen and will make a permission for us to remain in this international society forever! And now, this is our turn. The turn of young generations to bring respect and awareness to our undertanding of our cultural treasures! While, when we are aware - we are strong! When we cherish our national traditions and culture, we’re invincible! And our real Cultural Heritage is actually not in those buildings and historical houses that we are usually thinking about... Indeed it is, but not as the most important. We have to cherish and respect our culture in our hearts! Cherish our national traditions, celebrations, folklore, songs, paintings, symbols! Cherish and promote it, and make the whole World know the national identity and uniqueness of all of us! And then we’ll become stronger and braver together! And in such way we will build our future then! We will build our future on the foundation of bricks of the past! And we will become closer to the international society while undertsanding our difference and uniqueness either! Such a simple rule and reason to cherish and protect our culture as our biggest national treasure!

from letter

PROJECt manager

This World will never be the same again! But let it change! The future will be exciting, if we will take care of our foundation! If we will, it would be no tempest, which will be able to destroy ourselves and our identities... that is why, it would be no tempest able to destroy the World of the future! Look at the photos below:

from letter

PROJECt manager

from letter

PROJECt manager

This is Kharkiv, the second largest city of Ukraine and the city with the biggest central square in the whole Europe...The home town of one of our facilitators and volunteers. This is the War of 2022 started by russian federation...(and yes, it’s absolutely legal not to use capital letter here since now on). There are thousands of tangible culural heritage sights destroyed as the result of russian attacks... but, nobody will erase intangible cultural heritage of Ukraine from the minds of Ukrainians all around the World... And since the whole World is united now for Ukraine, the whole World is a little bit Ukrainian now being aware more about Ukranian traditions and culture, and being coloured into the Ukrainian flag’s shades of the blue sky and yellow wheat fields... Millions of people around the World are wearing Vyshyvanka (traditional embroidered blouses), cook dishes from the Ukrainian cuisine and do something typical for Ukrainians... And this is not just a gesture of the international support! This is also a gesture of understanding the importance and value of national traditions and culture of every single country in the aim of protecting our identity! Our World is changing, it could even destroy EVERYTHING MATERIAL all around us, but it will never destroy something, what lives inside our souls and something, which is flowing through our veins! And this is something, what will make the culture of each of us immortal! And this “something” is our Cultural Heritage! And that is why it’s crucial, and that is why it is our task number 1! Because if we won’t do it, who will then? That is why.... BE BRAVE LIKE UKRAINE, KEEP CALM AND PROTECT YOUR NATIONAL TREASURES OF CULTURE!

Daryna kupriianova

thank we


Thank You for reading our guideline! We hope you liked it! If you want to know more about us and our institute, search us on social media!

Jan Łaski Law Institute The European Commission is not responsible for the content of this publication

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