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City Traders $20,000 Playboy Penthouse Competition‌


Anton Kreil 23rd April 2014;– Since launching the City Traders $20,000 Playboy Penthouse Competition on March 12th I have had hundreds of messages from around the world in response, asking me what the rules are to take part and also what the rules are in terms of getting picked to be the winner. There has also been a strong response from mainstream media covering the story. The story even made The Evening Standard; Thank-fully in this instance the response from mainstream media was non offensive.

So, in response to the hype and the amount of questions I’m getting about the rules I thought it necessary to clarify a few things. Here are the rules and how the competition will work;What is the competition about? The competition is simple. I will randomly select one person this September and they will be flown from wherever they are in the world to Phuket Thailand. The winner will stay at my Penthouse on Surin Beach in Phuket Thailand in December for ten days. This will most likely be over the first two weeks in December to allow people who have entered the competition to spend the Christmas and New Year period with their families. All expenses will be covered by me. Flights, accommodation, food, drink, leisure, everything. I will also be there in Phuket with my friends. We go there every year in December and January to enjoy the thirty plus degree weather, kick back, relax and party. The winner will be kicking back, relaxing and partying with us. The overall estimated value of this trip is $20,000. The accommodation alone rents out in the high season for over $1,000 a night. The winner as part of the whole package will receive $5,000 spending money on arrival and can do whatever they want with it. Hopefully they have the sense to spend it with us having a nice time! How do I enter the competition? There is literally only one rule to enter. You just have to add me as a friend on Facebook. Here is my profile link; How will the winner be selected? There will be two draws. The first draw will take place in the first week of August 2014. Ten of my Facebook friends will be randomly selected. These ten people will be interviewed on Skype and we will film the interviews. There are a few more rules here. The ten people selected will be contacted before the Skype interviews to provide evidence that they can actually travel to Thailand (Passport Scans and Visa Requirements). We are selecting from a very wide range of nationalities as this is a truly global competition. Also this due diligence process means that fake Facebook profiles will be found at the first stage of elimination. The filmed Skype interviews will be uploaded to YouTube. After the Skype interviews, the winner will be selected randomly from the ten interviewees in the second week of September (6 weeks later). We will hold a lottery style draw, film it live and upload the video to YouTube within a few hours of the draw being made and the winner will be announced. Are there any special criteria you are looking for when picking the final ten? No there simply is not. The final ten will be picked totally at random from my set of Facebook friends. The reason for a final cut is simply to make sure we have a due diligence step. This ensures the winner can actually physically travel to Thailand and isn’t a crackpot. So if you can travel to Thailand, you are not clinically insane and you make the final cut, you will at worst have a one in ten chance of winning this trip!

Is there an age restriction? Yes there is. You must be over eighteen years old to travel on this holiday as an adult. However, seventeen year olds can enter the competition. As long as your eighteenth birthday falls before December 1st 2014, this means you can travel as an adult. This will be another due diligence step during the randomly selected first cut of ten people. What will happen when you get to the “maximum five thousand friends on Facebook” limit? This is not an issue so don’t worry about it. There are multiple ways if my personal profile page reaches over five thousand friends that I can extend the competition to more than five thousand people on Facebook. If you were under the impression that the competition was only restricted to five thousand people and your final odds of winning could only be a maximum of five thousand to one, then you would be mistaken. My personal profile currently has 4,782 friends. Overview of the rules Other than the rules mentioned above there are no rules. Basically if you add me as a friend on Facebook you are automatically entered into the competition. If you then make the first cut of ten, and you have the ability to travel to Thailand, have a valid passport, you are over the age eighteen when you travel and you are not clinically insane then you will be in the final draw.

Finally the big question that people keep asking me is why I am doing this? I will answer this question very soon with another update  GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU!!!! Regards Anton Kreil

Playboy Penthouse Rules