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already too far aft

Cut slot for vertica

ertical tail

Aft Fuselage Top (make 1)

Inboard inlet sides (make 2 from 3mm Depron)

Wing (make 1)

Note: Inside of canopy can be hollowed out if airplane CG is not already too far aft

Fwd fuselage top outside (make 1)

(make 1)

Turtledeck Top (make 1)

Canopy (make 12 with 6 mm Depron (14 if BlueCore) and be laminate together) s not

Nosecone to (trace outline o to assist in ca

Inlet spacer (make 2 from 3 mm Depron)

Missle rails (make

Vertical tail ra (make 2 from 3

make 2 from 1/4" x 5/16" balsa)

tail radar fairing from 3mm Depron)

Fwd Fu

one top view template utline on top of nosecone st in carving it to shape)

Vertical Tail (make 1)



Sc 0

(make 1 from 1/32" mus

Scale in inches 2


Elevon and rudder control horns " music wire) (make 3 from 1/32" plywood)


Bulkhead F-2 (make 1)

lage ide 1)

Bulkhead F-1 (make 1)

Fwd fuselage top inside (make 1)

Aft wing fairing (make 2)

(make 12 (14 if B lamin

Fuselage top spine (make 2 and laminate)

Nosecone ke 12 with 6 mm Depron 14 if BlueCore) and laminate together)

d Fuselage Bottom (make 1)


5/8" foam tria ngle

Canard (make 2)

Turtledeck Sides (make 2)


3/4" square 1/64" ply doublers on inboard side (drill 3/16" hole for pivot bearing tubes)

Template for rudder pus (make 1 from 1/32" mus

er pushrod endElevon and rudder control horns " music wire) (make 3 from 1/32" plywood)

1/2" wide foam strip

Aft Fuselage Bottom (make 1)

Fwd Fuselage Sides (make 2) F-1 3/8" balsa triangle



3/4" square 1/64" ply

Motor mount (make 1)

Servo tray (make 1) 1/2" wide foam strip


Designed by Steve Shumate Copyright Š 2004

All Rights Reserved

Gripen park jet (parts templates tiled scaled 127)  
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