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Love, Loss & Beyond

Insights with James Van Praagh

Letting go of expectations

Vol 4 Issue 1 issn: 1835 5005

Eat Yourself to Spiritual Enlightment

2011 Medium of the Year

Creativity and artwork with Nicolle Poll Goddess Inspiration, Angels, Spirit Guides and more.

Volume 4 Issue 1 Mar 2011

From The Editor


reativity is a spark of the divine that resides in each and every one of us.

All too often though we fail to recognise this and ignore the inner urgings which allow our creativity to flow, especially if we are busy with life’s obligations.

This issue, we are giving our creative side a voice and are proud to present an edition that has been wound together with the theme of creation. We are excited to be talking with the world renowned James Van Praagh. A medium with great heart and a lifetime’s worth of experience. His insights into the love, loss and beyond remind us that we are never alone and how we are connected to the afterlife through creation. Nicolle Poll, a creative artist shares with us how she brings to life one of our Spirit Guide Wisdom cards, and you hear how the inSpirit dream came into being. Celebrate with us as we introduce Susanne Hartas, ACOM’s Medium of the Year for 2011. This award is voted on by the ACOM community in an effort to award those who have proven inspirational to others in the last year, walking their talk and using their Mediumship abilities to continually assist others. A big thank you this issue to Gregory Clare, Melanie Thomas, Susanne Hartas, Nicolle Poll, Bruce Whall, Xena Freespirit and Meredith Collins for their contributions. I, and all involved, hope that this issue inspires you to allow your creative spark to flow freely.


Letting Go of Expectations


Love, Loss and Beyond

Insights with James Van Praagh


How to Bring through Creativity and Manifest into Artwork.


Medium of the Year - Susanne Hartas


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Eat Yourself to Spiritual Enlightenment

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Letting Go of Expectations

by kerrie wearing

being based on the energies, beliefs and thoughts you walk with. If you need to change some of these thoughts and beliefs to achieve your goal, then the universe will guide you through that process first. And if the universe pertains that there is another, more suitable goal, then you will be guided to that also. However, because of your faith you will ultimately be happy with all the guided outcomes, often having those outcomes delivered beyond your initial expectations.


ou hold a dream in your heart. You believe it will come to fruition and you are taking action to make it so. Yet, you find, that somehow the stars still don’t seem to be lining up for the life of your dreams to become your reality. So, where could your power of co-creating be letting you down. Firstly, let’s begin with reviewing your progress. Step 1 – Ask the universe clearly and concisely for what it is you desire. Step 2 – Through the process of spiritual evolution, you have worked through the areas, making personal changes, bringing you ever closer to your dream. Step 3- You are following the synchronicity and taking action where appropriate. So you check off all of these steps and are baffled as to what else it could be. This is when we need to look closely at our expectations and how we may be asserting our will over the outcome. This is sometimes hard to recognise, as we do not even realise we are actually holding these kinds of expectations. Most of us have our own way we want things to be or unfold and yet in asserting that will we create a blockage within the flow of creative energy, holding up manifesting the very thing we are trying to achieve. Could you imagine where the world would be if people such as Benjamin Franklin operated this way? We would be bereft of electricity if he had not allowed for inspiration and a creative world to exist beyond the bounds of his knowledge and current capacities. You see, when we have true faith we recognise that the universe and our own Divine spark has a better understanding of what is needed and how best your goal will come into

It is not until our hearts and heads are in alignment that our spiritual needs align more closely with our desires, producing a connection that yields your heart’s desire and what the universe wants for you, to be one and the same thing. So, how do you identify if you could be letting yourself down in this way. Firstly, we begin by examining the words and thoughts we use to affirm our goals and intentions to the universe. The use of affirmations in your goal setting is a powerful tool, however, be careful of being too specific. For example, “I am so blessed and grateful that my book is now published with Hay House publishing. Thank you, God” This is limiting and would yield greater results if worded in this way or something similar: “I am so blessed and grateful to now have my book published with the publishing house that is divinely right for me. One, who’s integrity, is supportive and passionate. All attributes I admire and feel strongly about. Thank you, God”. This allows the universe its creative flow with its goal being to supply what is best for you. Other indicators also include anxiousness and worry surrounding achieving your goal, especially when you perceive that there has been no progress. This negativity is detrimental to your power of creation and can easily spiral further if allowed free reign. Stop and ask simply, “How can I change how I am reacting right now?” Over zealousness is another indicator. This trying too hard energy and its desperate nature of trying to achieve right now does not allow for the growth of one’s spiritual journey and again indicates a lack of faith in knowing that Spirit has you exactly where you need to be. Reignite your belief that it will happen in its own divine timing and this you know to be true. To look at yourself critically and with honesty begin by reviewing your goals and journaling a snapshot of your progress with each of them. How far along do you believe yourself to be in achieving them? Examine the actions, thoughts and behaviours that have brought you to this point. Acknowledge and identify what has worked for you. Disregard and evolve that which has not served you. Upon identifying any behaviour as outlined that is holding you up – write an affirmation like this one below to change and evolve that behaviour. “I know and trust that the Universe is serving my needs, dreams and desires in a way that is uniquely perfect for me. Therefore I can relax and just allow it all to unfold before me each and everyday.” 3

Love, Insights James understand what you’re going through. You might like to call some grief groups or support groups, they can be very helpful. Essentially, try to remember they hear your thoughts and they watch you. Every spirit goes to their memorial service and they are always greeted by someone they know.


ames Van Praagh is one of the world’s foremost authorities on the afterlife and Mediumship. With a career spanning nearly 30 years, including being executive producer of the TV show Ghost Whisperer, who better to speak to to gain some insight into the creativity of the afterlife dimension. Thank you for taking the time to speak with us James. May we start with offering some advice to someone who is experiencing a recent bereavement. What would your advice be for them right now? My advice would be to No 1, stop and take hold of what’s going on around you at the moment. Take some deep breaths and realise that it’s not the end of the world. Death is a part of life. Know that you are not alone there are many people going through what you are going through. Become aware that on a spiritual level there is no death whatsoever, your loved one is indeed around you and a part of you, just in a different form because there really is no death. The physical world is just an illusion and this transition is something their soul needs to go through, you will see them again. For all of us there is certain time to come and a certain time to leave. If you just learn to quieten the mind as best you can and send thoughts to your loved ones. They will hear you. Surround yourself with loving people, supportive people, people who

When would you suggest is the best time for them to see a medium? That’s a good question. Personally for me, I find it easier for the person receiving the reading, and the medium and the Spirit if there is an adjustment period. I don’t like to use physical time, but because we are in physical world I will. Roughly, 3-4 months is a good time for what I do. I find there is an adjustment period for the Spirit when they pass over. There is an adjustment period for the people left behind, they’re still in their grief. It’s almost like they have a coat of arms on with that grief and sometimes it’s very hard to get through that with a brand new passing. So I would say about 3 months. What things could they do on a daily basis which could help them be aware that their loved one is still around? Well, I tell everybody, not only for those dealing with the loss of a loved one but in general for living well is to learn how to be mindful. That means going within and learning to be aware of the body and the Spirit. Do that through meditation. Meditation is the number one way to hear that still voice within and do really get out of the craziness of thoughts and mental energy all the time. When you’re in tune with that still voice within, your soul-self, it’s easier for you to hear Spirit. It’s easier for you to hear your children in the spirit world, your sibling, your parents and your friends. When you are in a state of relaxation and receptivity, it’s so much easier for them to impress you and for you to receive that impression. So I’d say the no 1 way is meditation.

Loss & Beyond with Van Praagh Another very common way for a Spirit to get through to someone is the dream state. When you go to sleep at night you can ask them to please show up in your dreams and they will. It might not happen that night, but it will certainly happen and probably within the first two weeks. Would you describe what you believe happens to us as we move through the process of dying? We are souls having a physical experience, not the other way round and when the lessons of this life have been learned by the soul. Some of those lessons may need just a year of life or just going through the birth process, or 20 years, 50 or even 70 years. The soul is ageless so it doesn’t matter how much time in that it really is the experiences which matter most. Generally speaking, there is a loss of consciousness and we are quickly outside of the physical body. Many spirits have described that there is an overwhelming sense of peace, they are free. Sometimes they are aware of standing over the body from this new dimension and there is a sense of not belonging to that body. It’s like an old heavy overcoat which you no longer need. I said earlier that every single person is met by a loved one, whether that’s a mother figure, grandparent, boyfriend or girlfriend, husband, child, even several of them will come and greet you. They prepare for you coming over, months and years before. There seems to be then as you leave the body, the brilliant white light or tunnel sensation, many will go through that. Each spirit is different and I have had many spirits not talk about that. It seems that there is a sense of being in this beautiful dimension, this wonderful light where colours are very vivid, vibrant and multi layered and it seems that that’s home. One of the first things that happen is what’s called a life review. The Spirit will look back at their life, review their life, review the lessons they had to learn and they will be their own judge and jury. They will see what tests they passed, the ones they didn’t and ones they need to come back and learn later on. Because in that dimension there is no such thing as time, what appears to us as 70 or 80 years over there that can be like a blink of an eye. What happens in a life review, is they feel 10 times, 20, 30 times stronger how the person they were

interacting with on the earth felt when they said something to them, thought a certain way, behaved a certain way and they have to relive what their thoughts, their words and their deeds were. And many people think, “Is there a heaven or a hell?” Well I say, “If you lived a good life and you demonstrated compassion as best as you could and you tried the best you could, you’ve nothing to worry about.” But if you tried to get over on people, be dishonest with people and really not being a nice person that you’ll live over and over again in your life review and that can be a tough thing to confront. Imagine being in a dimension where there is no time and that goes over and over in your head. So that could be your heaven or your hell. Within two hours of my father passing who was a sceptic, I received a communication from him. He said “You got it right! You got it right! I’m alive.” He was so excited and told me, my mother who was already pass had brought him a new brown suit and he met a brother he didn’t know he had. And sure enough we found out that his mother had a child that died. With your years of experience, what insights could you share with us regarding what life is like on the other side? It’s important to remember that any information a medium receives regarding life on the other side is coming from them in a spiritual dimension and we are receiving it in a physical dimension with the laws of a three dimensional world. So when they say the colour is Red, it is very different to our version of Red. That being said, they talk about parks, beautiful gardens and incredible houses. And it seems that the house is in direct alignment with the character of the person. There seems to be many, many realms in the spiritual dimension, many many levels and you go to that realm which you created based upon your thoughts, words and deeds. There’s a great story about a very wealthy many who passed over. He had very many houses and was met at the gate by St Peter. He saw all the children playing in the parks and all the beautiful flowers, the trees, blue sky and he said, “this is very very nice, it reminds me of one of my properties I used to have.” The man was a bit quick and asked St Peter ,“Where is my house?” and St Peter said, “down this way let me show you” and St Peter walked the man down the path. It didn’t

take long for the man to notice that the parks started getting smaller and the green grass started dying brown and the buildings that were so big became smaller. They kept going down the path further and further and the man wanted to know where his house was. St Peter said, “A little further down around this curb”. As they went around the curb the man noticed things got darker, much darker and there was no more grass, just dirt almost like quicksand. No more flowers and the houses now were almost like boxes. This man said, “What is this about?” St Peter said, “Well you want to know where you live.” He replied, “I had palaces, many many servants this can’t be my house, how can this be?” St Peter pointed and said “We can only build with the materials you sent us”. And that’s what it’s like; you get an exact reflection of what you put out. As the Beatles said, “The amount of love you make is the amount of love you take.” Please tell us a little bit about what is coming up for you and when can we expect to see you in Australia again. Well, I’m writing a book right now and its called Growing Up in Heaven. It’s about a child’s life on the other side. That’ll be coming out in June. I’m also doing a major cruise in Sept

2011, along with Tony Stockwell, one of the top 2 or 3 British mediums. We’ve worked together in the UK and here in the US and enjoy working together very much. The cruise visits Egypt, Israel and the Greek islands all the ancient civilisations. We’ll be teaching people about Mediumship development, how to build the connections, how to establish techniques and deliver messages for people in the audience. We are really looking forward to that. I’ll be doing a lot of teaching and I have a feeling I may come back to Australia, I’m not sure why, but I do feel that. And my website is big. Lots more people joining the community as we do online classes. We have a wonderful chat room where I get to speak to people from Australia, from Germany, Japan, everywhere, all over the world. We have a wonderful community on there for people who have questions about Spiritualism, life after death or psychic phenomena. Thank you so much, there’s a lot to think about in here. We certainly appreciate your time and look forward to seeing you next time you’re in Australia.

Closer by

Xena FreeSpirit

I can feel you coming closer This early morning I dreamt about you I still remember you You touched my hand I looked at you And I just knew.... I woke up a few hours ago Still feel your hand, still see your eyes Your printed T-shirt Your straight black hair Your smile I even know your name... I can feel you coming closer Just around the corner Oh yes I know, God’s time is not my time But it’s fine My Soul spoke to me And told me that now I am ready I wil enjoy the waiting With life, love and passion Because I can feel you closer I have faith in my vision That soon we will be in fusion! FreeSpirit my SpiritSoulMate!


In Aligment healing Sophie Cram - Reiki Master

Goddess Inspiration with rita maher



f you’re looking to find creativity in your life or to ignite the spark then it is the goddess Brigid that you are looking for. She is a triple Celtic goddess and has many duties: she is known as the goddess of poetry, art, healing, fertility, smithing and of course inspiration. Brigid was born at sunrise and upon her arrival on earth a flame appeared above her head reaching up to the heavens. For this reason she is associated with fire and the sun and is known as the “Flame of Ireland”. Those working as blacksmiths or goldsmiths called upon her for inspiration in their craft. It is said that she aided in the invention of the tools they need to grow and improve their lives. Brigid’s association with fire is linked to inspiration and provides a spark of motivation to those who call upon her. She is also connected with fire of the home (hearth-fire) and her perpetual fire still burns today in Kildare in Ireland. When you need to find inspiration and creativity in your life, or perhaps to bring back the passion and spark that is missing, call upon Brigid to help you. Writers, musicians and poets would ask for her flame to warm them from the inside and guide them to inspirational words, allowing them to connect to the heart of people. Brigid is celebrated during the Celtic festival of Imbolg also known as Imbolc and Candlemas. It marks the awakening of nature from the cold earth. It is the beginning of the lambing season, the first signs of spring and the return of light to the earth. Call upon Brigid whenever you need inspiration with all things creative by lighting a candle while you work, giving power to her flame. Ask for Brigid to motivate you when you feel stuck and lack creativity. As Brigid is connected to spring, bring yellow flowers into your creative space. Brigid is happy to help those who ask for it and she can be a most powerful motivator.

Believe in the power of you, soon others will see it too.

Rita Maher Psychic Medium Voices to the Heart Private & Group readings healings & Mini Workshops Meditation classes & CDs

0434 867 426


How to bring through Creativity and manifest into artwork

By Nicolle poll


reativity – Creation – Create /Kri:’eit/ verb - bring into existence; give rise to; originate.

Creativity is a word that has the ability to invoke a different response, a different perception to each individual who considers what this word means to them. My journey as a creative is expressed in many ways: the most defining as an artist, and also in a myriad of other ways in the miniature of daily life. There are countless ways for an individual to explore and express their creativity, whether through the visual and performing arts, music, literature, craft, spiritual and healing work, through academic expression, scientific exploration, managing people, friends, family, a home, a business with all it entails, to name just a few ways. With creativity, comes connection to your soul. Creativity itself brings many soul lessons, some being the experience of challenges and joys, frustration and satisfaction, feeling blocked and being in the flow, failure and achievement, and this can all happen just in the one project! Creativity reflects our cycles in life, the ebbs and flows, the peaks and troughs, the ups and downs. It teaches us the conception of ideas, evolving those ideas, daring us to bring an idea out of the ethers and into this world, giving life to it, nurturing and growing to reach its fullest potential that is to the best of our abilities at that time, and then either sharing or releasing it to the world once complete. Very reflective of our journey from conception, birth, nurturing and growing through childhood, reaching adulthood with all that has been learnt so far and stepping forth as individuals to begin the next stage of our journey. Creativity can teach you commitment and the discipline of follow through to bring a desired project from beginning to completion. Hence, its own natural cycle

as reflected by the cycles we find in life. Creativity when expressed is an investment in our time, emotional, physical and spiritual energies. Who would have thought creativity would involve so much? I will share with you how I bring my creativity through and how it manifests into an artwork. I do so knowing that this is just one way of many, and every individual either has or in time will create a way that is unique and personal to each self. I do so in the hope of inspiring the creative soul within you to either connect or enhance that part of you. Maybe you will find similarities in your path reflected in mine and draw comfort and understanding from that. Maybe you will decide to create your own inspiring way of being and explore aspects of your creativity you haven’t done so before and discover your own path. Creating artwork is like breath for my soul, I need it to live a whole life. When I am not planning, creating, finishing an artwork, I feel out of balance and not complete. It is more than an identity for me; I have come to accept it is an important part of who I am. I want and need to create; it is part of my soul’s purpose for being here on this beautiful earth at this time. When an artwork of mine connects and sings to the soul of another being, that is one of my greatest joys. I know I have honoured the essence of that artwork that chose me to bring it into this world. Yes, I feel as an artist, that an artwork, an image will choose you. I feel very strongly whether you are a beginner artist, mildly proficient or right through to being very accomplished with your craft, an artwork will choose you to bring it through. My understanding of this: no matter what your level of skill, there is a journey of the soul to be accomplished for both the artwork and the artist. There are lessons to be taught

and learnt, and these teachings grow the soul. I have seen this many times. A beginner student is almost always quite daunted at the prospect of putting pencil to paper, brush to canvas. Whether self-taught, working with a tutorial or teacher, the student begins the journey of creating. Along this journey, techniques are learnt, skills are gained, mistakes are made, new understandings emerge, results happen, some happy, some not so. This process is also reflected with more experienced artists, with each artwork presenting its own unique challenges. My understanding is an artwork chooses you at whatever level you are at, that is reflective of how it either needs or wants to be interpreted and reflected to the world, whether that world is just with you or to a larger audience. An artwork to me has its own soul and is a living energy, sometimes tangible, at other times, intangible. For me, an artwork always starts as a vision in my head. I see it sometimes clearly, other times as a teasing on the outer peripheral of my mind. Inspiration is sparked in many ways. It can be from a personal observation, a comment, poem, passage in a book, a song. I get motivated by other amazing artists and their artworks. I sometimes see a photo or a picture and it triggers a whole range of possibilities. Nature herself is an endless supply of inspiration, being her amazing creatures large and small, her colour palette I find in my very own garden, her incredible displays in the sky, the world in a dewdrop on a leaf at sunrise, the most amazing colour combinations within a bug when you get up close and study it. I find Mother Earth can show you how it’s done like no other, she is the ultimate artist and source of inspiration in our physical divine world. I also work with other people to bring their ideas through, connecting with my client through sharing what they see and want. I see in my mind a possibility of what my client seeks and from there we build upon that until it is what my client wants, and quite often, more, as that is what the artwork is communicating to me. At other times I feel like I am being ‘downloaded’ by an energy external to myself and I am being gifted with this image, and as with all artwork I create, I do my most utmost darnedest to honour it when bringing it through to recreate it on paper or canvas. Interestingly, when working with the conception of an artwork, I write down what I see and want in it. This is my way of grounding my way into its energy and I see it through the words. I feel like I am anchoring into it, it’s the beginning of the solid foundation I want to create. If working with a client, I will also use a series of small sketches to visually express the concepts we are discussing. Following the words, comes research. I have a combination art style, part of it flows through me and I mostly trust myself to work with that flow, part of it

is very detailed, realistic and true to the original reference. If I am using an eagle in my artwork, I research the eagle. I study its anatomy, shape, form, contours, colours, from its beak, head, eyes, its body, legs, feet and talons, its wings, and all its varying feathers. If I am creating an artwork that is of a particular place or country, I will use an eagle that is indigenous to that location or culture. A lot of learning comes with this process, from how to draw the eagle and also the information about it. Once reference images have been selected, it is time to compose the artwork reflective of how it has been perceived or presented. The composition stage of an artwork is an important one, sometimes taking several attempts until creating the basic composition that works. Keeping it simple at this stage, finer details come later. Composition simply put, is how the placement and sizing of images used in the artwork relate to each other. Do the images flow together and are in correct size proportions? Is it easy on the eye or jarring? Most of all, am I happy to work with it? Next comes sketching my chosen composition onto paper or canvas. This is where I take a deep breath and dive in. For me, the scariest part of an artwork is the blank paper or canvas just before I begin. I’m a bundle of nerves questioning my ability to do justice to this artwork and the only way I can face my fears is to just do it! Once sketched, I use techniques, skills, passion and an intuitive knowing, all of which I have learnt and worked with over the years to bring my artwork to life. For the type of art I do, this process happens in many stages and depends on what medium, meaning art product, I use. If I work with paints, watercolour pencils or waterink pencils, I work in many layers, each layer building upon the last. My favourite medium is colour charcoal pencils, with these I can build colour, blend and mix colour on the artwork’s paper. All mediums I have found have their benefits and limitations and that is why I like to use a variety of mediums on one artwork where possible, as I like to work with the best each medium can offer to help bring the artwork to its fullest potential. This is known as mixed media. Experiment with different mediums, by doing so you will find the ones that are natural to you. Quite often the process of creating an artwork for me is like putting together a jigsaw. Not all the details are made known at the conception stage and I find by working through the artwork’s various stages, it lets me know what I need to do when reaching certain phases of its creation, hence the jigsaw analogy. This will happen when contemplating a part of the artwork where I am unsure of what to do. Through contemplation, I am connecting and asking for guidance. I then get a visual ‘download’, sometimes it happens instantly, at other times it comes to me during obscure moments throughout my day when attending to other tasks. In whatever way and time it happens, it is always a delightful moment when a piece of cont’d overleaf


the love of angels By Susanne Hartas


rchangel Michael is known as the one ‘who is like God’ and is a leader among the archangels. He is the warrior archangel of courage, strength and protection and is the patron saint of policemen. His aura sparkles of royal blue, tinged with purple and his energy is quite fiery, so you may feel rather warm when he is near. His presence is powerful, but at the same time gentle and loving. When you are in danger, feeling afraid and wanting protection, unable to speak your truth or need assistance in finding your life’s purpose, call upon Archangel Michael. Imagine his royal blue cloak of protection around you, your loved ones or any situation that requires his assistance. Some crystals that may assist in working with Michael’s energy are agate, which helps strengthen both body and mind and amber, which helps absorb negative energy while helping

the body to remain spiritually balanced. Essential oils of frankincense and myrrh can also be used for purification and protection and for dispelling negative energy and fear. Michael carries a sword surrounded by a blue flame in which he uses at your request to severe any cords of attachment to people, places and things. He also assists and protects people who are lightworkers. As a lightworker myself, Archangel Michael is a constant companion, guiding me with my life’s purpose and assisting me in overcoming fear. Michael says that for our spirits to glow brightly and to feel as light as a floating cloud, we must unburden ourselves from fear, for fear imprisons us, and slows the path to our greatest potential. He will assist you in arising fear that lies deep within your subconscious, bringing it into your heart where together you will walk courageously forward through your pain and heartache, shame and guilt and into the light where you will remember your perfect spirit. Michael’s message Walk not in the shadow of fear Dear Ones. It is with honour and grace I embrace and protect you in the light of the Divine. Susanne Hartas is a psychic medium and Angel intuitive. Each issue Susanne will be profiling an Angel and providing Angel readings here for you. Contact Susanne here at mail@

cont’d from previous page.

the jigsaw puzzle is given to me and a wonderful energy to be part of. Some artworks come together smoothly, others offer many challenges, with much reworking and tweaking until complete. For some, the completion is obvious, others, a lot more subtle. It can take a lot of trust to know when to stop. When I am unsure of this stage, I have a break from the artwork. By having a break, I return with fresh eyes, heart and mind. I also have my wonderful husband who can’t draw for jot but has a great eye for when something is working or not on the picture. I don’t always like his feedback, especially if I want the artwork finished and he gives me feedback that indicates more work is involved to bring it to that stage. However, I have learnt to trust his input as he has proven to be right about his observations and critique too many times for me not to listen. When I put his advice into practise, it always

enhances and improves the artwork. So an artwork can get its message through on how it needs to be done not just via the artist. It’s very useful to have a trusted person in your life like I do, who you can share with and gain constructive feedback from when working with a creative project.someone who is not basing their feedback on ego but are willing to speak their truth for the betterment of the project. Ultimately, the only way to complete an artwork is by showing up and working on it. Some artworks can and are meant to be completed in a very short time. Other artworks are an intense journey of many days, weeks, months and sometimes years. For me, it is a labour of love. Working with an artwork or any creative pursuit, from the freshness of its conception, working through the hard work hump stage once the initial excitement has fizzled, to the well deserved sense of satisfaction that comes with completion of any creative endeavour, is a journey for the soul to experience, savour, enjoy and most importantly of all, to try. Nicolle Poll Wk: (02) 9825 9465 Mb: (0416) 720 418 10 Email:

’s M O AC

Medium of the Year 2011 Susanne Hartas

“A medium uses their abilities to communicate with Spirit, so they become a conduit through which all things spiritual can transpire for the betterment of others. Thus, through their own personal growth, they have used this and their ability to communicate with Spirit to assist and inspire others.”


take the time to sit down and interview Susanne, ACOM’s Medium of The Year 2011. The first thing you need to know about Susanne however is not that she is medium of the year but that she is a lady who walks with love in her heart. She has a glow as she is surrounded by angels and her gentleness is so welcoming that upon first meeting her, you feel like that she is a friend for life. Congratulations on being Medium of The Year 2011, a very big honour indeed, Susanne. Can you tell us what led you to attending and then teaching at ACOM? Susanne: I began asking myself and God questions like, Who am I?’ and ‘Why am I here?’ I needed to find my deeper purpose. I began having visions of myself as a child and remembering the innocence and purity of my spirit. Where I truly believed everyone had God’s heart in their heart and where I accepted life experiences and people just as they were and without judgement. I wanted to recapture the essence of my child spirit, because I believed this was who I truly was. Attending ACOM has certainly helped me to rediscover my authentic self and has opened me up to the world of Spirit, which has brought me unimaginable joy. My wish is for others to experience the joy I receive from working with Spirit and when I was given the opportunity to co-teach, it was my chance to thank and assist Spirit for all the help they have given me, and to share what I have been taught with others. You have been a student of ACOM for some years now. Can you tell us about your first spiritual experience? Susanne: One of my first spiritual experiences I recall quite vividly, was in my first year at ACOM. I remember being very annoyed with family members, because I was always the one making contact to keep the lines of communication open. On realising this I decided to leave it up to them to contact me the next time. This action was out of character for me, but I was determined to stand my ground. The only person being affected and saddened by my actions was me. Spirit took this opportunity to show me where my ego was overshadowing my true spirit.

Kerrie Wearing One night, as I was falling asleep I awoke distressed, feeling all was not well with my family. Coming fully awake I decided that I must have been dreaming and tried to go back to sleep. As I did, I heard Spirit ask, ‘Why haven’t you rang your family?’ I replied, that I was annoyed, Again Spirit spoke, ‘This action does not serve your soul’s purpose’. Instantly I was taken to a higher consciousness, where I was no longer my body, but a vibrant light. I was joined by an even more vibrant and larger light; we then merged as one. The energy I had become was absolute, pure love, where I could see only love and be only love. I could see with such clarity and without judgement. I could see my actions served no purpose and did not align with the love in my heart. I will be forever grateful to Spirit for this experience because it was their way of helping me to remember who I am and to listen to the rhythm of my heart. You have passion for working with the angels. How has this developed over the years? Susanne: It has taken me a couple of years to discover what area of Mediumship best suited me. Having worked with many different guides, teachers and angels, I realised it felt so easy and natural to work with and communicate with angels and decided working with the angelic realm as the path for me. So I decided to spend time with individual angels to distinguish their different energies and auras and speak with them about what qualities each worked with and how they would work with me. I see us as a team working to bring comfort and peace to all those who call upon us. I know that many people in the college have described you as pure light. How would you describe yourself and your line of work? Susanne: I would describe myself as a voice and messenger for Spirit. I am honoured to work side by side with Spirit, helping to shine the Divine’s light and love on the planet and its inhabitants. Sharing love and light is so simple and my work with the angels is to remind people how loved they are and that it’s ok to receive love, feel love, express love and most importantly love oneself. If you could express to the world the love that you feel from your work and the angels what would you say? cont’d p17

by Melanie Thomas (aka The Butterfly)

The inSpirit Dream

How did it become a reality?


ow did inSpirit Magazine come to be? How was the inSpirit team brought together? Whose idea was it to launch such a fantastic concept? These questions and more will be answered today. This issue marks the third anniversary for inSpirit magazine (Happy Birthday inSpirit team!). The original team and driving force behind inSpirit Magazine for the last three years has been comprised of three inspirational women; Kerrie Wearing, Andrea Kaldy and Rita Maher. More recently Katherine Pranic and I have been invited to join the team and we are nothing short of delighted! This being my first article for inSpirit, I thought it very appropriate that it is all about exploring how inSpirit Magazine came about and how these amazing women got this project, not only off the ground, but to be the successful publication that it is today. When I asked the inSpirit team whose idea was it to create the magazine and how it came about, Kerrie shared with me that she had a desire to write for a magazine and she had been trying to manifest an opportunity to write for a publication like Good Health. Then she said (with a chuckle), ”Spirit said there is an opportunity, but it may not be what you expect.” At this point we all laughed; it resonated with all of us. I’m sure you can also relate to receiving a message similar to the one Kerrie received at some point in your life. Shortly after this whilst Kerrie was enjoying a family holiday,

she saw a publication called Crickey at Australia Zoo. Then came the light bulb moment! Seeing this magazine, specifically created for this organisation, catering directly to their audience’s needs, she suddenly thought this is something she could create and the cogs were then put into motion. Through the Australian College of Mediumship, Kerrie advertised her desire to create and launch this magazine and sought interest from students and associates alike. Rita Maher, a student of the College at the time, had previously been invited to write for a US publication and jumped at the opportunity to be involved in something on home ground. Andrea Kaldy, also a student, had her own writing ambitions and saw this as the perfect opportunity to expand those ambitions and be a part of something new; something that she could grow and expand with. And so the inSpirit team was born. The inSpirit team were receiving encouraging messages from Spirit who were saying it would be successful and ‘be big in its own way’, which is exactly what has happened. Listening to the team speak, it is very clear to me that these women trust and follow the guidance from Spirit, even when they aren’t quite sure where they are headed and this seems to have been key in the success of the magazine to date and will no doubt lead to further expansion and success in the future. They all comment on how important it is to trust their intuition, listen to Spirit, follow synchronicities and to take one step at a time. For the first year the magazine was purely an online publication, and then the time came to expand to a printed

version. As a person without a publishing background, I listen to these women in awe thinking. How? There are so many skills that are required to undertake publishing a magazine, especially in print? How did you do it? When I asked the team about this, they all laughed and said very matter of factly how they drew on each others strengths (and at times volunteered their husbands’ talents) to pull it all together. There was also a lot of learning to be done and building on the skill base they already had. This illustrated to me the dedication and Divine nature of this project; they had access to everything they required and they were all 100% committed to the project; failure was never going to be an option.

of ourselves.” Each of them commented on how they are not comfortable being sales people. The distribution of the magazine is slowly taking care of itself, however if you in fact know of a place who may be interested in stocking copies of inSpirit Magazine, I’m sure the team would be delighted to hear from you.

When I asked the team about the vision of inSpirit Magazine and the goals, the passion was very clear in each of their voices. The team at inSpirit want to break down barriers, they want to empower people by sharing their wisdom and knowledge. They aim to embrace the entire spiritual community combining the big names like John Edward, Peggy McColl, Sonia Choquette, John Holland and Kelvin Cruikshank (who have all featured in previous editions) in an article next to the every day person. InSpirit want to “give people real information, not airy fairy stuff that’s not practical; more like a bread and butter feel to it” comments Rita. Ideally, they would like the magazine to be a national publication, a leader in the field, but for now Rita so aptly says, “we know that what we are doing can contribute to the greater good and we are very grateful for that.” Gratitude plays a large role in this team and I firmly believe that is another key element to their success.

Yes, that’s right InSpirit TV is on its way! In early 2010 when the team was having their usual planning meeting Rita was discussing her idea of how she might interview some of her friends in a coffee table like discussion for the upcoming issue. Kerrie then jumped in with comments like, ‘that sounds just like The View’ and then they went off on a tangent and the idea of inSpirit TV was born. The team laughed as they recalled the all day meeting that turned into a ‘sore head’ meeting, bouncing ideas off one another.

Themes and ideas for issues were another topic of conversation. How do you come up with a theme for each issue or a topic that you feel is relevant? When I asked this question, the whole team answered almost simultaneously, bouncing of each other’s words and complimenting one another. Sometimes we feel like we get ‘knocked in the head’ (referring to ideas from Spirit) says Rita. Andrea spoke about how the topics that are relevant in their lives at the time seem to flow in together and are reflected in the articles and become content for the upcoming issue. Kerrie expanded on that and said that, ‘every issue has a particular feel of energy, this is not something that was ever planned that way, it is a process that has evolved naturally, it is all encompassing and comes together.’ Kerrie also talked about how the topics in the current issue seem to permeate through to other areas of their lives. A good example of this is in the last issue where Kerrie was working on creating her own card deck and the particular card they were focusing on at the time was entirely relevant to the issue of the magazine they were creating. It just goes to show how it is all Divinely connected. So far this all sounds so simple, breezy even, It appears as though everything has just happened so easily for the inSpirit team. However I think it is important to understand and appreciate not only has there been an immense amount of work involved in creating and nurturing this magazine, there have also been many challenges along the way. Kerrie, Andrea and Rita have constantly been pushed out of their comfort zones, they have been pushed to grow as individuals and as a team on many levels and as readers I think we benefit from this. One particular challenge the team all seem to struggle with is pushing the distribution of the magazine. As much as they believe in their creation, they know what they are writing is of great benefit to their readers, they struggle with doing the ‘sales pitch’. They agreed that it is like “selling a part

I have learnt over the years that when you follow your heart or that feeling of excitement you get in the pit of your stomach, that you will, without a doubt, find success and it inevitably leads to other ventures. Which brings us to inSpirit TV.

Andrea’s husband has strong connections with community TV through work he has done in paranormal investigations and he was involuntarily nominated as film director. Now it is almost twelve months down the track and the idea that came out of that ‘sore head’ meeting that day has evolved into ten episodes - an entire season of inSpirit TV that will begin to air on community TV around April this year. This goes to show how great things can come about from a simple idea! One message that Kerrie, Andrea and Rita all wanted to extend was that if you have a passion, if you have an idea GO FOR IT! They urge you to, “trust in the process, put it out there and follow the urge you get. Don’t sit back and wait for it to happen. It is very possible to make something great out of a thought.” Personally I think what makes the inSpirit team so inspirational and so easy to connect with is that they are all normal people like you and me. What they possess as individuals and as a team is an innate ability to lead the way by following their truth: leading by example. They are showing us that following and achieving our dreams is absolutely possible. That is a great gift and one that we should all be very grateful for. We can all achieve great heights, just like Kerrie, Andrea and Rita. If we utilise our gifts and strengths, embrace them and dedicate ourselves to them, I’m sure we will surprise ourselves with our achievements. Why not make a change today? They say the first step is the hardest.

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Social Media Dos Don’ts


n the last edition of inSpirit, we looked at the first five of what I consider to be the Dos and Don’ts of social media. 2011 will truly be the year that social media beds down as a marketing strategy and that business needs to stop thinking. Fifteen years ago, ten and maybe even five years ago, a business didn’t have to have a web presence as part of their marketing strategy. Now, it’s a non negotiable part of a business start up. Social media in 2011 will also find its mainstream feet. •

DON’T set up your social media yourself to “save money” if you don’t know exactly what you are doing and how to set it up optimally for searchability Social media has lots of nuances, which change often (sometimes daily). Using a Digital Native or Gen Y (anyone under 35) does not automatically mean that they understand or can apply business and marketing principles, much less know what Google looks for when indexing your business pages. You will save more time and money getting help up front. • DO add value and position yourself as an expert – and have patience – it can take time Social media is a medium to long term strategy that requires time and patience. You must also be willing to share expertise that incites people to want your help. I love sharing great information about social media – the result is twofold. Firstly, people know that I know what I am talking about and secondly, they realise that they want me to do it – they don’t want to go there.

and By Meredith Collins

that, social media is loved by search engines. If you have social media links from your website and social media links back to your website, search engines will favour you. Do not use the excuse that your market isn’t there, you don’t have time or you don’t understand it. It’s time to lead and if you’re not leading now, follow real quickly! • DON’T wait See point above Businesses that are in the business of mediumship, healing, nurturing or other “soft” professions have a massive advantage because your business already has a feminine, caring construct . It’s time to capitalise on this and use social media to help build your profile and business. Meredith Collins is the Principal of Video.Social.Marketing, author of The Blueprint to Video Social Marketing and is a Social Media and Online Professional with a keen interest in the work of Mediums and affiliated professions. Meredith can be contacted for consultation via email: or phone: 0425 283 381.

• DON’T sell – social media is “soft” If you consider that business is really a male construct – no nonsense, bottom line, lots of decisions and business before pleasure, you can then compare social media to a feminine construct – relationships, sharing, conversation, nurturing and listening. Social media is NOT about selling – it’s a top of the marketing funnel activity that let’s your audience enter into a conversation with you to see if they want more. •

DO get out there and lead your industry – be brave and put yourself out there – Lead (if you can) rather than play catch up

I’m going to be blunt ... 2011 is time to stop dabbling. 2011 will see brave business owners, who have taken action, dancing on the graves of those trying to play catch up. People research online before they purchase. Whether it is goods or services, we look for endorsement of people we know and on top of




mongst all the wonders of human development, the story of the Sky remains the most fascinating. The history of Astronomy/Astrology is tied to the evolution of humans and their development into so called ‘consciousness.’ We have been gazing upwards observing the heavens for many thousands of years. From the primordial cosmic forces of life dependent on Water, to the life necessities of Earth, 75,000 years ago Man’s essential journey into concisenesses began. This epic moment in man’s evolution was his discovery and harnessing of Fire, (Creativity) together with the essential ingredient Air, (Thought). This astonishing breakthrough lead him to understand that he had a certain control over his destiny and more importantly gave him “Time” to ponder and to think while camped out under the Stars gazing upward. Hence his journey into consciousness began. The cliché “As above so below’ describes the essence of this work. Astronomy/Astrology underwent two major changes in the course of some 3,000 years, the first of these changes and most important one occurred sometime between 400BC and 200AD. (The Hellenistic period) This first epoch of time saw the advancement of technical theory and the refinement of practical application. The second epoch occurred around the 14th century through to the 17th century. (The Renaissance). The Hellenistic development emerged from the Egyptian/Greek period when Alexander the Great travelled on his conquests leaving the Greek language and culture as his legacy. The Greeks quickly absorbed the best of the Cultures they encountered and from

with Gregory Clare

this Egyptian/Greek Culture arose the fore- runner of Western Astrology. Horoscope Astrology encompassed a direct influence of Platonism and not only focused on prediction but had at its core a holistic philosophy. It was for the most part written and presented in an allegoric form. The Greeks when they encountered the Egyptians learned quickly that concealing or hiding the Essence of this work was critical, so as to preserve the integrity of its Sacredness. This early work was indeed very spiritual and was designed to equip the neophyte with the tools for a complete life. Astrology today for the general population can be best described as a study of human behaviour with the aim of achieving some sort of self awareness. Since the late 19th century early 20th Century when the humanistic movement emerged thanks to the psychologist Carl Jung, Astrology moved towards a more psychological approach. The main focus for the contemporary Astrologer was directed towards counselling, dealing with clients with the aim to provide them with the tools required to move towards some sort of conscientious awareness. The Astrologer studies the Birth Chart focusing on the more difficult areas and engages the client in conversation so as to assess the best way to deliver a suitable outcome. Today’s astrologer generally holds some sort of accreditation in the field of counselling or psychology. Gregory is an acclaimed Astrologer and President of the Astrology Association of NSW Inc. (AANSW) and the Sydney Astrological Research Society Inc. (SARS).

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Yourself to Spiritual Enlightenment

t’s amazing that two hundred years ago the human race, at least in the West, did not have enough food. Today we have so much abundance and variety of food we are literally stuffing ourselves to death. Children being born today have a lower life expectancy then their grand parents! There are epidemics of diabetes, heart disease, depression, cancer and autism. We are literally dropping like flies. It all goes unnoticed by Government who wastefully uses our tax dollars in so called regulation to protect us from corporations putting out sub standard and poisonous foods. The medical profession is so infused with the pharmaceutical corporations they have no idea how to heal anymore. You wonder why the Government bothers with regulatory controls as they are useless, have no real sanctions and their regulations are easily out smarted by the profit seeking corporations. You must personally take control of your health; no one else is going to do it for you. You can not rely on Governments, the medical profession or the food processing companies. They are poisoning you so they can profit from it….FACT…this is not a conspiracy theory, you have been warned! Do your own research, it is as plain as day. Do not eat processed foods, yes that includes breads, packaged cereals, cakes, wine, beer and pasteurized diary products….anything processed. My wife tells me I am too thin. I am 58 years old, at my BMI, (I weigh 78kgs and 177cm tall), my body is 18% body fat and I wear 32 inch jeans, with a flat stomach. I have more energy and stamina today than I did when I was 20 years old. I look around and I see most people are overweight and many are obese. We have forgotten what normal looks like. It was not always like that. At age 50 I was 100 kgs and diagnosed with very high blood pressure. The cardiologist fitted me with a mobile blood pressure tester which I had to wear for 24 hours. By the time I got to work it was reading 208 on 159! I immediately rang him and said his machine must be broken. He said come back immediately. After he checked the machine he said to me: “Bruce I would love to tell you that the machine is broken but it is not. I would also like to tell you that you have a good 20 to 30 years left in you but in reality with this BP reading you can go at any time.” That conversation was 8 years ago and it changed my life. Recently I was talking with one of my fellow employees and he said; “You eat very healthy Bruce.” I looked at him and said: “So you know the difference between healthy and unhealthy food?” “Well yes” he said. “Why would you put unhealthy food in your body?” I said. “Well you can’t eat healthy all the time” That pretty much illustrates the attitude of most western people when it comes to diet and healthy eating. They have an idea of what healthy is but have no clue or even desire to follow it through. “Well what’s left?” you ask. “Your health” I answer. Personally, I try to eat only locally grown organic and raw foods, nothing processed and minimally cooked. Yes I eat flesh for those who are wondering. You need to work it out for yourselves and I have presented the framework for you in

By Bruce Whall

this article. “Where is the proof?” you ask. I am not going to cover the voluminous research material out there which proves this case. Your motivation like mine is to achieve optimal health. You should feel well all the time, pain free, clear minded with an enthusiasm for life that you can not wait to get up in the morning and so much energy all day that you do not know what to do with it. If you are not in that place all the time there is a problem. Go sort it yourselves, I did and it’s free for the taking. Do not give me cost arguments. Water is cheaper than cola and coffee, processed food is more expensive than organic raw foods. Spend a bit more time in food preparation but with reduced cooking the preparation time is reduced. Buy from the communal growers markets on the weekends and support these people. Some say to me “don’t you get bored with salads and raw foods”. I say “don’t you get bored with cooking 3 vegs and meat?” “But I do not cook anymore I just eat pizza and take away.” “Hell, how much pizza can you eat?” Cooking food alters the chemical structure of foods and puts stress on your digestive system. Raw foods are loaded with living enzymes and are natural for the body. Our bodies were never designed to eat cooked foods (and for that matter processed food)! The next argument that is presented to me is that “life is a restaurant”. “But I enjoy eating breads and wines, I enjoy eating cooked meals and going to restaurants. I love eating these foods and pizzas and over indulging. I really enjoy cola drinks and chocolate biscuits and salted crisps” Do I need to answer? Why as a race we consumes food not out of intelligence but out of emotions. We actually recreationally eat as a race … why would you eat rubbish? Weight issues are symptomatic of our current eating patterns as a Nation. I was prone to put weight on and have had a life time weight battle. However as soon as I went on the nutritional type regime, I had no problems with weight anymore. I just moved on. It takes about 6 to 8 weeks to change to a new eating regime. Once you experience optimal heath, it is like enlightenment: you cannot go back. Once aware, it is hard to become unaware. I am not going to tell you about what it is like after you reach optimal health, you truly need to experience it for yourself. You will not understand the influence that food has on you until you experiment with it. Just try eating raw and organic for a month, give up processed foods for this time and find out for yourself. People underrate the impact of food and this is how the food processing companies get away with selling you refined, processed and devitalized “food”. Soft drink is not soft, it is one of the most deadly products on the market and we feed it to children! I have seen on a number of occasions now, mothers feeding their babies cola drink from a bottle with a teat!! In the future people will sue cola manufacturing companies for poisoning, birth defects and cancer, similar to what is cont’d p17 happening with the tobacco industry.

cont’d from p11...

cont’d from p16...

Suzanne: I find it hard to express in words the love I feel from the work I do. The energy the angels transfer through me to share with others is that of absolute perfect love from the Divine for his children.

Do not worry about the big companies, they will kick and buck for awhile but once they see a profit in going natural and organic they will change. You can see this happening already. Just stop buying their products. Their market researchers will work it out real quick. I noticed in Australia, The angels say, “We are coming forth more rapidly then you that a main supermarket chain has bought macros and have know, bringing about a great wave of transformation upon your seriously started an organic section in their supermarkets. planet. We hold the vision of only peace and a greater love for you. There have been many workers of the light who have So what to eat? chosen to enter this lifetime with the knowledge they would I have taken Dr Mercola’s nutritional typing test *(see be assisting in this transformation of the new way. Know that and discovered that I am a mixed type. If we surround you and your planet now, lifting you into a higher you are a different nutritional type your food will vary vibrational energy where you will more easily feel our presence accordingly. Previously I thought I was a vegetarian because of comfort and love and hear our whispers of wisdom as we my blood type was A+. My eating regime now mainly gently remind you that you are born of the one light. includes organic vegetables and meat, no snacks, maybe an apple from time to time and 8 to 10 glasses of water per day. 2010 has seen amazing growth for you, where is 2011 taking Fruit has been reduced to one or two pieces per day. This is you. my choice due to a sugar level issue and high blood pressure. Normally I would eat fresh fruit abundantly. Suzanne: I think 2011 will see me continuing to strengthen my I am walking (interval train) each day and cycle on connection with the angels and expand professionally with my week ends. Occasionally get a swim in as well, yoga and angel readings. I hope to continue teaching and sharing what I strengthening exercises. have learned along my journey. My energy levels have sky rocketed, my enthusiasm is running at high levels, my sleep is more restful and effective. Thank you, Suzanne for taking the time to talk with me today. I see the big picture very easily and clear minded as well. I You gain wonderful insight into the angles with Suzanne as she think my intelligence is picking up a notch, maybe the brain writes her regular column for inSpirit magazine and I am sure cells are expanding? The mind is active but I can mediate any of you who have the pleasure of meeting her will feel like easily and a relaxed state is easier to obtain. they have meet and angel. In summary Optimal health is having no pain and having so much energy you do not know what to do with it. Clear thinking and a sense of oneness is another benefit. It’s very spiritual. Most people can reach spiritual heights just by detoxing with Andrea Kaldy and becoming healthy. Just imagine how you will feel hat is the greatest creation if when all you eat is only local, fresh, organic, uncooked and not the Universe itself? Eons unprocessed food. In my quest for spiritual enlightenment I ago, when our realm was created, always new that eating right was a stepping stone to spiritual stars were born from a massive awakening. Our bodies were meant to be nurtured and loved energy burst, whose impact is and taken care of, like your soul…this is what Spirit requires still being felt today after many to express in the physical. It’s just so simple and logical. What billions of years. What archetype I call spiritual intelligence. is best tapped into for creative energy if not this ancient force I tell you there is more to life than eating. Just by going on that shaped the very building a detox and eating healthy just for a week can give most blocks of life and everything we people a spiritual high and a taste of optimal health. Try it, know in our world today. give it a go! Once you have been there you will not come The Star is the seventeenth card in the traditional Tarot deck. back. It represents the connection between our conscious and The thing with life is that you have choices. You only live life subconscious mind as a bridge to give rise to the power of to the fullest when you make a choice. While you think you creation. To be able to create, we need a goal, an idea of what have choices you are not going to make one. I had a reason we want to bring forth. to make my choice. In fact it was choiceless. I either lost weight, got healthy or I died, it was that simple. Choiceless. Tap into the Star’s energy to touch the universal creative power. We are all made out of stardust – the basic building The quote on my diary today was “The first wealth is health” elements of the universe - therefore this energy is available to all, within and without. Observe the starry sky on a clear night Ralph Waldo Emerson. and connect with the stars. Absorb their millions of years old I have always known that eating right had something to do light that reaches the Earth. Meditate on travelling through the with enlightenment. Now I know. You try it and find out for space and visiting different worlds that have developed around your self. Your choice. Your life. distant stars. You will be surprised who you will meet and what you will be inspired to do.

On The Deck


Photo by Stephanie Zagalak


Spirit Guide Wisdom With Psychic Medium Kerrie Wearing

Spider - Creativity

The Spider weaves her web with her gift from nature, which ensures she can attract whatever it is she may need to survive. This is what The Spider is helping you to do too. She brings you the ability to attract to your life whatever may be needed. Do you need money to pay some bills? Are you working on a new venture and need help in many ways? Are you looking for romance or new friends? These are just some of the things The Spider can help with. Be aware we all encounter negative tendencies by thoughts which are full of self-doubt and lacking in trust and actions, like denying the path of coincidences. These all block the flow of creative energy, weakening the strength of your web with holes. The Spider’s creative force coupled with your own means that you have the ability to attract what is needed and manifest it into your reality. Believe in yourself The Unicorn artwork by Nicolle Poll is part of the Spirit Guide Wisdom Oracle card set by psychic medium Kerrie Wearing.

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Love, Loss and Beyond, Letting go of Expectation, Creativity and artwork with Nicolle Poll. Goddess inSpiration, Angels, Spirit Guides and...

inSpirit Magazine Autumn 2011  

Love, Loss and Beyond, Letting go of Expectation, Creativity and artwork with Nicolle Poll. Goddess inSpiration, Angels, Spirit Guides and...