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From The Editor Another birthday for inSpirit Magazine! The first two years have gone so quick, yet we have achieved so much. We are celebrating this milestone with you by giving away a copy of my ebook Spirit Guide Wisdom to every reader. So, if you didn’t get your link with this download, please be sure to drop us a line and we’ll have it to you as quickly as possible. The last issue of inSpirit was our most successful yet. We can tell you all love Lisa Williams, so I’m sure we’ll hear more from Lisa again soon. This issue, we aimed to celebrate the Magic of Life. All of us express our spirituality in diff erent ways, so we wanted to share some of that with you. We have interviews with the UK’s angel lady, Jacky Newcomb and Australia’s own witch in the boardroom, Stacey Demarco. You’ll even get to know our very own Rita Maher a little more, as we celebrate her achievement of being named ACOM’s Medium of the Year for 2010. We also welcome two new regular columnists. Arielle Ford is joining us with her Big Love column. If you have a questions regarding soulmates, don’t be shy in dropping her an email with your query. We also welcome Meredith Collins to the inSpirit family. Meredith is an expert in marketing and specifically in using social media. I personally have been working with Meredith on marketing myself through Facebook and Twitter and have been experiencing great results. When it comes to marketing and promotion, the psychic and self-help industry is one that is presented with challenges to overcome. How we go about marketing effectively with regular returns for your investment is a challenge we all face. I genuinely think social media holds the key, so we’ve brought Meredith on board to share her insights and experience in the hope you may increase your marketi ng prowess too. I share with you some insights on Spirit Guides and starting this issue, my Spirit Guide Wisdom corner will be a regular column. Val Maher covers Quartz and Amethyst in Crystal Talk, while Rita fills us in on the Moon Cycles. Andrea provides us advise on how to use a healing doll for absent healing and guest writer Nicole Psaroudis has us pursuing joy. It’s a jam packed issue again for you. We’ loved to hear your thoughts about this edition or any question for our writers. To do so visit us on Facebook or email us at mail@ May the Spirit in You seek to be expressed! With Love and Gratitude,


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Volume 3 Issue 1 March 2010

Angels with Jacky Newcomb

An interview with the UK’s Angel Lady


Stacey Demarco - The Modern Witch An interview with Australia’s own boardroom Witch.


In Pursuit of Joy


Medium of the Year 2010 Rita Maher


The Spirit of Business Marketing your Spiritual Business with Meredith Collins


The Art of Seeing with Your Heart Effective Use of The Spirit Guide Relationship


The Healers’ Craft


Magick Moon

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Spirit Guide Wisdom with Kerrie Wearing


Big Love Secrets from Soulmates Arielle & Brian


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with Jacky Newcomb Interview by Therese Chesworth

Jacky Newcomb is a UK based multi-award winning, Sunday Times best selling author, columnist and TV presenter specialising in angels and spontaneous afterlife communication. Here she gives us an insight into angels and their role in our lives. Thanks for your time Jacky. Can you tell us exactly what an angel is? The word angel means messenger. Traditionally angels are beings who work through and with God or our creator to protect, heal, and comfort humankind (amongst many other roles). Angels are assigned their tasks and don't have free will in the way that humans do. Some angels watch over humans, others look after animals and fish, some take charge of bodies of water and others look after different planets (and likely many other roles we wouldn't even understand).

What do angels look like? For most people an angel is a being of light, different to human souls ... like a different species almost. They appear to people as a white misty outline but they can and do take on other forms as well.

Can angels take human form? Many people see angels in human form. Although descriptions vary, it's common for folk to describe tall beings with white/ blond hair and piercing blue eyes. Sometimes they have wings and sometimes they don't. These human-angels appear suddenly when help is needed and then disappear immediately the job has been completed. This might include pumping up a flat tire at the roadside, or more dramatically performing a life-saving action.

How are angels different to spirits? Many people feel their deceased loved ones connect to them from time to time, especially during times of illness, stress, and in life threatening situations. You can see why people might become confused between the presence of a deceased

loved one and an angel. Our loved ones are human spirits, souls reaching out from other dimensions ... heaven. In any situation, all of these contacts can be a blessing and a comfort.

How can we communicate with angels? Our angels are already communicating with us so the better question is how can we listen to our angels’ messages? Our human minds are full of the clutter and chatter of everyday life. We have so many internal conversations with ourselves every day; time to get up, bills to pay, children to feed. It’s helpful to find a quiet time when we can be alone and to ‘still’ our minds, to make a little space to hear the messages from our angels. Meditation is perfect for this, and guided meditations are the best. A guided angelic meditation (you can buy angel meditation CDs from the internet and many new age stores) will contain relaxing music and words to

guide your mind on a journey to meet and interact with your guardian angel. Wear headphones for best effect. You can also ask your angels to reach out to you when you dream. Many of my best contacts come to me this way. Many say the simplest way to hear from your angels is to ask them to help you.

Why do angels want to help us? Our world is going through transition. The angels’ current primary role is to help raise the consciousness of humankind. We need to be more aware of the damage we are doing to our planet and each other. It’s time to see ourselves as spirit living in a human body; we have the ability to make big changes in our lives and our environment. Individually we have great power and together we are a guiding force, especially with our angel’s help.

Words have power but so do thoughts. In other dimensions telepathy (mind to mind communication) is the way that it’s done. It’s no good outwardly loving thy neighbour if internally you are sending them nasty thoughts! But kind words are a good place to start at least. None of us are perfect … we are not angels after all, but the angels are here to help us as much as they can, so ask them for their help. Try and bring the angels into your life as much as you can. ‘Carry’ the angelic energy of pure, unconditional love. Thank you for your insights into the angelic realm. I’m sure we will now all be more aware of our angels and their role in our lives.

Do we each have a Guardian Angel, or is there a group of angels who can assist with different areas of our lives? I do believe we each have our own Guardian Angels who understand our personal life path, yet there are many angels with different roles. The Bible suggests that there were ‘… thousands upon thousands, and ten thousand times ten thousand …’ (Rev 5:1) probably more than enough to go around. There are also angels who specialise in different areas such as love, healing etc. I think the best way forward is to ask for ‘the best angel for the job’ and know that it will be done.

You have written many books on angels and their work. Where does the inspiration for your books come from? The inspiration for my books comes from members of the public, the people who write to me. I receive thousands of letters and emails from all over the world and when many people begin to ask the same questions it creates the outline for a book. At one point I was receiving many letters about psychic children so I created my book Angel Kids. More recently I started to receive some of the same basic questions over and over again, so Dear Angel Lady was created - a compilation of stories and questions from my readers all over the world. It was an exciting book to write and the feedback has been phenomenal.

What do you feel is the major influence angels can have on our lives, and how can embracing angelic energy change our world? Follow the basic principles of love. Love is the reason we are here on earth – it’s that simple; to love each other, love our pets, love our world and take care of each other. The most important thing in life is to be aware of our internal thoughts and feelings as well as the words that we speak.

To learn more about Jacky’s work, visit her at 5

Stacey Demarco The Modern Witch By Rita Maher

Did you grow up wanting to ride wild horses, run through the forest, spend time in nature, surf the waves, write amazing stories? Did you one day suddenly realise that you were not following your true calling?

When was the time that you stopped listening to who you were meant to be and became who you are today: lost in the corporate dog-eat-dog world, always pushing to get further ahead, to have something better, when something better actually meant going back to being who you were meant to be. 6

Stacey grew up in a typically non-magical family. In her book, There’s a Witch in the Boardroom, she says that the most magic her father did was to say, “Pull my finger”. Yes, you all know the rest, of that I am sure. She spent most of her time as a child wanting to be outdoors, never wanting to be trapped inside. TV was never a draw card for her. Stacey says that being outdoors with her animals, in the ocean or in the garden made her calm and connected. It was where her spirit wished her to be as a child. At age six she begged her mum for a typewriter so she could write and there in itself was the beginning of the amazing creative spark that has allowed her to write bestselling books today. Just spend a few minutes talking to her and she explains, that as children is when we are magical, when all things are possible; the magic of seeing something for the first time, the smells, the tastes, the experiences we have, as a child, we truly believe in magic.

says, the great thing is that when they are ready to seek her out they are ready for change, which allows her clients a great jumpstart to creating a magical life for themselves. Stacey is well known for her Goddess work. She says, to get in contact with your inner Goddess, start with being true to who you are, learn to love the light and dark about you. What is it that you are connected to? What are the themes in your life? Is it the warrior, the moon, the fairies? When you were younger, did you connect with a Goddess picture? Now that you are older, have a look at what is around you and what keeps popping up and then you get a sense of who may be with you. Stacey calls them Goddess consultants; they are there as they embody the qualities that you don’t have, that you need. Call upon them when you need them, so that they can help you along the way. Get in touch with them.

From that innocence of a child where all things They will change as we are ever-changing and are possible why was it then that Stacey fell into they will move in and out of your life just as you need them. the corporate fast-paced life? Like most of us, we lose our way and are taught by actions of our parents, by those around us and at school, that the only way to succeed in life to get ahead, to truly be happy is to join the treadmill of “win at all costs”. There starts the transformation that causes us to lose our true self. For Stacey, it was full steam ahead in the world of high flyers, great jobs, and great money, meeting the rich and famous and travelling the world. What more could you want, right? Well, what about wanting purpose in life, more than work, more than endless hours for someone else, what about wanting to feel alive and not feel pressured, what about wanting to connect back with who you truly are? That is what Stacey did. She reconnected with her true self - the one that she had let go of and shut down for so many years in her corporate life. How do we find our true self then?

The answer is really easy, as Stacey will tell you, when you are looking for what your purpose is meant to be, look back at what inspired you as a child and it will reside in there. Knowing that she was going to reconnect with her true self, she began to read up on many different aspects of spiritual lifestyle. It was while travelling that she read about the Wiccan belief. It was in there that Stacey found that The Witches’ Way of life was the fit that was right for her. It all made sense and everything fell into place - it was logical. So, teacher by teacher book by book Stacey allowed herself to develop until she realised she was a witch. Stacey has taken witchcraft out into the open, breaking down the stereotype that many have as to what a witch is and by doing so has transformed her life, and with her books and her business allowed it to transform the lives of many others. Not only does Stacey have a very grounded and practical approach to witchcraft, she is an amazingly gifted human who has written several books, with her latest one, The No Excuses Guide to Soulmates just released, co-written with one of Australia’s well-known mediums, Jade-Sky. Stacey’s business is all about helping people and as she

You can work with the Goddess or the feminine divine daily, don’t be afraid to make a mistake; it’s all about having a play with them and getting to understand you. On her website www.themodernwitch. com you can find a list of Goddess consultants and the traits and qualities that they bring. This year Stacey is teaching and helping others connect in with who they are, be it via her Messages from the Goddess Facebook page, to her monthly Full Moon meditations in Sydney. She is running a course on living magically and also on psychic skill building. There is also the Career Covens that you can access via her website to meet with likeminded people and receive guidance from Stacey.

So many people are afraid to embark on their magical journey as they think they will do things wrong, that they will be persecuted. It’s not about doing the wrong thing. It is about the growth that comes from the learning and being able to see the wonderful transformation that takes place in your life. Stacey has been following this path of 20 years and is still learning; she wants to keep growing till the day she dies. If you are out there and looking to connect back in with who you truly are, if you want a more fulfilling life, the removal of obstacles, to be able to increase the greatness that life has to offer, then I highly recommend looking up Stacey Demarco; she has captured her trueself and written down her experiences, sharing her knowledge with all, so that they may benefit. What you see is what you get with Stacey. She is a truly inspiring woman who has and still is changing the perception of what it is to be a witch and in doing so supporting us all to live magically. Blessed Be. Stacey can be found at Her books include: There’s a Witch in the Boardroom -Proven Business Magic Witch in the Bedroom- Proven Sensual Magic The Coffee Oracle The No Excuses Guide to Soulmates

SPIRIT GUIDE WISDOM With Psychic Medium Kerrie Wearing

The Light of Love - Enlightenment The Light spoken of here represents the light shining in you. Your Light will reach new heights as you reach a stage in your spiritual development and understanding - when everything is coming together to bring about a new you. Your faith, love for yourself and that of God is joining together with your new understandings and beliefs of the universe. As they come together a magical process takes place. Enlightenment! Out of the old, the new you is making itself known. You are slowly surging forth and finding your rightful place in the universe. Rejoice! Your Guides wish for you to know at this point, that you are a worthy student of life. You have followed the path they set before you and they praise you for this. Your Enlightenment is to be acknowledged with much love from Spirit. The Light of Love artwork by Nicolle Poll is part of the Spirit Guide Wisdom Oracle card set by psychic medium Kerrie Wearing.

In Pursuit of Joy What is Joy? The dictionary defines Joy as “the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying”, but what does that really mean? In contemplation of forming some sort of belief system or understanding of Joy you have to ask yourself: • •

Where do you believe joy comes from? What brings joy into my life?

In a general observation of people around me, and discussions with friends and family, I find most of us have similar frustrations and fears in our lives. We also have similar wants and needs that we would like to be met. We have hobbies, social events, relationships and beliefs. Definitely not the same, but, ultimately, similar things. A lot of people I have talked to hold some sort of belief that when, for example, they win Lotto, or lose weight, or find their soul mate, or get a new car, new job - the list can go on … once they have this, then they can be happy. Generally, though, most people are not, because there is always the next “want” to be achieved before happiness or contentment can occur once again. I think the term is “wishing your life away”. Finding happiness from an external source or material object can give you a sense of joy, but rarely with any longevity. A true sense of joy comes, I believe, from

by Nicole Psaroudis

elsewhere … It comes from within. The Dalai Lama said, “If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion”. Quite simple, but so profound. By practicing compassion for others and yourself, you drop judgment. With less judgment you can lessen or eliminate a whole lot of stress in your life, looking at the positives instead of the negatives and not getting caught up in other peoples’ business. By being compassionate you are looking at positives, thus creating a more positive thought process. Letting go of the negatives in our life enables us to embrace things with a much more open mind, and willingness to accept what we cannot change. It also creates a lightness of feeling or emotion, which will ultimately lead to a deep knowledge of what we really want or need for our own happiness. What creates joy in your life? Find the joy in your life, your relationships, your home, your family and friends, and community, by being able to be in the moment in joy, by having an awareness of self and knowing what makes you HAPPY. Do you honour yourself enough to do just that?

Medium of The Year 2010

Rita Maher Interview by Kerrie Wearing For those around her, seeing this journey it has been inspiring and from the voting I know I’m not the only one who thinks so.

What inspired you to want to walk your journey conscious of your spirituality? It may sound funny that it was something this simple but it was just this, “the time was right”. I had been standing behind the real me for far too long and how could I continue to maintain that? I have children and I have no desire for them to grow up with fear in their hearts, so how could I continue to hide? So the time was right to be conscious of my spirituality and walk with Spirit each day, to honour who I am: a mum, a wife, a woman connected to her true self and not afraid of where that may lead but to be willing to take the chance and walk the path that felt right.

ACOM’s Medium of the Year is an award that recognises the contribution one makes to the lives of others. At ACOM we believe Mediumship is about so much more than the process of offering messages from the spirit world. Mediumship is a way of life as we work towards being a bridge between this world and the world of Spirit, so that understandings from the spirit world may transpire through us to heal and inspire others. How we do this is personal choice, yet there is one very important aspect which we must all adhere to if we truly want to make a difference: the fact that any spiritual understanding we receive must be applied to our own lives for one to truly be a medium and secondly to inspire others, so that they too may make change in their lives. One person who did just that well enough to be voted on by her peers as ACOM’s Medium of the Year for 2010 is Rita Maher. Rita joined ACOM during 2006 and has shown a lot of commitment and dedication to her own spiritual development right from the moment she joined our community. 2009 was a very tough personal journey for Rita and her family on many fronts, though she marched through this admirably. While seeking greater understanding in the situations she was presented with, she was always willingly ready to share and help another. Not always easy to do. And yet, this was also the year that Rita really moved forward in her work as a professional medium. From the intimate home gatherings for Spirit Messages to teaching, Rita truly found her place and what her heart and soul had been yearning for.

Since joining ACOM, what would you say has been your biggest challenge? Well, that all depends. I was sitting there in class at the very beginning and hearing everyone talk about their Guides and just having the most amazing journeys and understandings given to me by who-knows-who. Really, I sat there so jealous at times of how everyone had someone to talk to. And me, … when it came to me I truly wondered what was wrong. But I got over that and realised that there was no need for us all to be the same. They had their journey and I had mine. Then the challenges began I guess when I made the decision to walk my path, so Spirit decided to give me lots of learning and very quickly. I had to deal with many personal challenges during this time.

I had to be willing to shed the baggage I had, I had to learn to connect into the real me and remove the ego. That for me meant letting go of many materialistic things, it meant learning how to ask for help, learning how to admit mistakes and learning how to trust and have faith. One of the biggest things was learning how to not fear the process and not fear what people would think of me and what I was passionate about. I have learnt not to hide in the shadows and worry about

the thoughts of those around, I have learnt that you can loose everything and still be so happy and strong that each day you wake you are inspired to touch the hearts of those you meet.

In the last twelve months your work as a medium has grown phenomenally. What is it you love most about your work? ALL OF IT! Really, can I break it down to just one thing? No, I don’t think so. I love and I still am in awe of how Spirit works and can surprise you just when you thought you had it all figured out. They throw you a curve ball that just lets you love it even more. I love the healing that happens when you can touch someone’s heart. When you bring about a message that is needed for them to move forward in their life it is truly a gift from Spirit not just for them but for me too. I have witnessed the most amazing transformations, healings that have taken place fifty years after and event, that just brings tears to one’ eyes. I love trance work and the challenges and new understanding it brings. I love teaching people about spirituality and Mediumship and seeing them grow, be that through meditation, ghost tours, workshops, my writing or when I read for them personally or in a group.

I love that through my work I walk with peace in my heart each day.

can be topped but of course it can and it will be. There is more growth to happen this year, this I am sure will be to help me continue to walk my true path. Synchronicity has already brought about a lot of new understanding. No more need to be worried about persecution from those who may not believe or may not understand and with this barrier now removed, I am free to really push forward and bring myself out into the open and allow myself to grow so much more. As such, this year many new opportunities have presented themselves. I have been working solidly on my Voices to the Heart Wisdom Cards, and I hope to send them off to several publishers this year to get them out there in the market place. I also have my meditation classes that I am running that are great learning tool for me on how to teach and I consider them a great gift from Spirit. There is another course that I will be running throughout the year as well. An opportunity to work closely with a new spirit energy has recently presented and this I am sure is about to open some amazing new understandings and will help this person to heal and to pass on healing to their family. Again, another wonderful gift. I am also conscious to give back this year, to those around me and to those who have no idea who I am.

My children are especially important in this process as I help them strengthen their own spiritual gifts.

This work is about giving to others and that can only be done when you truly are passionate and love what you do.

By doing this and seeing what works with them, I am writing a book and doing a meditation CD designed for children to help them feel comfortable with all that is around them. I will be releasing a meditation CD for adults this year as well.

What does receiving this award mean to you?

My Mediumship is taking me to places around Australia. I was blessed to be able to read at the Mind Body and Spirit Festival last year in Sydney, and this year I will be doing it again. It was such an amazing experience, and to be able to help so many in such a short time, while at times draining, it was inspiriting as well so I will endeavour to work in Melbourne and Brisbane this year. I look forward to doing a lot more platform work in Sydney and out in country NSW areas, to be able to offer peace, and healing to those who need it.

It is a great recognition of my work and all that I believe in. It is a humbling experience, as it has been voted on by my peers, this is a true honour. I hope that it inspires others to walk their path. There were so many who had grown throughout the year and found their path and walked it proudly that the award could have gone to so many, so, to receive it was a wonderful surprise. For me, I am truly thankful for the opportunity.

If there was one piece of advice you could offer for those who are walking the Mediumship pathway, what would it be?

There are so many other things that are on the burner this year, it is sure to be one that is very busy, joyful and balanced.

Never be ashamed of the path you walk, each of us has our own, and each journey is unique to the individual. There will be trials and challenge and perhaps many tears. When this happens, come back to centre and connect with yourself and the divine. There you will find true peace and the ability to stand up and continue to walk. Never let someone’s bad words convince you to give up. You have all received a wonderful gift. Cherish it.

Where to from here for Rita Maher? What plans do you have for 2010? Wow, 2009 was such an amazing year that it’s hard to imagine it


Big L


Secrets from Soulmates Arielle & Brian Arielle Ford, author of The Soulmate Secret: Manifest The Love of Your Life With The Law of Attraction and her husband Brian Hilliard, a business consultant, answer your questions about life, love and relationships. They believe that whether you are eighteen or eighty years old finding Big Love is always possible. Email your questions to: Dear Arielle and Brian: Three years ago I met someone who I strongly believe in my heart is my soulmate. We are engaged and have lived together for the past three years. I discovered he cheated on me and I told him to leave the house. He has grovelled, begged for me to take him back and acknowledged that it was a terrible mistake. My question is how can a soulmate cause so much pain? How can someone I love so dearly do this? Part of me wants him to come back, but the hurting part of me wants to let go. I have been honest with my thoughts and let him know where he stands. He asked me today what can he do to regain my trust and have me back? Hope you can clear my mind a bit. Totally confused here. Betsy Dear Betsy, Thank you for sharing your feelings regarding your love relationship. It takes a tremendous amount of courage and heart vulnerability to ask the difficult questions and process these important issues. If we may, we would love to ask you a few more questions in hopes of you gaining more insight instead of assuming we have the answers. You said that in your heart and intuitive guidance he is your soulmate, but do you feel a soulmate would cause you so much pain? Do you feel a soulmate would have to expend so much energy defending his or her actions? Do you feel like he has provided you a “soft place” to land? Has the relationship been healing and nurturing for you? Were you inspired by his devotion and unconditional love for you? Has he helped to remove your fears or support your aspirations? These are important questions for you to answer from your heart. Your answers will help you determine if he has served you and your relationship at the “Soul” level. We

have always honored and respected loving relationships that can work through these very difficult issues with integrity, forgiveness and the most important ingredient-trust. Every one of us deserves a healthy and vibrant relationship with the one we love but you specifically asked us to reflect on your questions from a soulmate perspective. Hopefully our response will help you with your confusion We will be sending lots of love and prayers to you and your partner no matter what road you take for the two of you. Betsy, just know you have most likely helped many people who are in a similar situation you currently find yourself in and maybe this can assist them in gaining some clarity and insight into their own loving relationship. Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses, Arielle & Brian

Arielle Ford has spent the past 25 years living and promoting consciousness through all forms of media. She is one of the founding partners of the Spiritual Cinema Circle, a DVD club dedicated to providing movies about love and compassion. She is the author of seven books including the HOT CHOCOLATE FOR THE MYSTICAL SOUL series and her newest book THE SOULMATE SECRET: Manifest The Love of Your Life With The Law of Attraction. Her husband and soulmate Brian Hilliard is a business consultant with a life-long interest in spirituality and the practice of compassion. They live in La Jolla, CA Disclaimer: Arielle Ford, Brian Hilliard, the Big Love column and its publishers assume no responsibility for any consequence relating directly or indirectly to any action or inaction you take based on the information, services or other material related to this column.


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The Art of Seeing With Your Heart

Effective Use of The Spirit Guide Relationship by psychic medium Kerrie Wearing

My life has been blessed many times over by the presence of Spirit Guides. Their assistance in offering reassurance, guidance and inspiration has made my journey not only interesting, and at times fun but also full of purpose and ever evolving understanding. It is through connecting with my Spirit Guides that the truth of who I am has been allowed to spring forth through a veil of humanness and self-doubt. Would I have been able to achieve this without the assistance of such energies that I could trust implicitly and their higher awareness? Perhaps. Would it have been as interesting, fun and inspiring? I’m not so sure. There is nothing quite like one of those a-ha moments when you are left gob- smacked because of the way some new understanding has evolved or those moments you cherish from seeing their effect on your life. Over the years my understanding and beliefs on Spirit Guides has changed and evolved. I now have come to understand their true purpose in our lives and how to gain the most out of your Spirit Guide relationship. Spirit Guides have but one true purpose. To assist you in unfolding your spiritual evolution in whatever way is best for you. As we all possess the power to consciously create our lives, a Spirit Guide takes some of the responsibility of this, allowing us to build our confidence and belief in ourselves. It is through these relationships that we unconsciously create, until such time as we are spiritually ready to take full control, when we reach a pinnacle of evolution, that allows our own Spirit to have pride of place in the creative process. While spiritual evolution is the purpose, we work towards that development through everyday human experiences. Hence the need for our Spirit Guides to provide guidance and understanding on everyday matters. It’s one of the reasons why it is necessary to have more than one Spirit Guide as we have many facets to who we are. This way we gain the expert knowledge and wisdom of the energies connected to us. So how do we establish a Spirit Guide connection? The spiritual energies of higher consciousness are with you since birth and we are all connected to the Universe through this energy. Is this energy in the form of a Spirit Guide? Well, that’s another question. The answer to this lies in your beliefs. Take for a moment someone

with Buddhist or Christian beliefs. They do not believe in Spirit Guides as a Spiritualist does, but they do have access to the same wisdom, guidance and evolutionary process. Only, the guidance tools manifest in their life differently, based on their beliefs. Hence the energies of your connection to the Universe, and its wisdom and guidance manifests for you as a tool in the form of a Spirit Guide. This will allow you to gain the wisdom and experience in a way you can relate to and work with. Take a Spirit Guide drawing experience I once had. The artist connected with a Starman for me. Everything she said about him, his meaning and purpose related to all I knew about White Eagle, the guide I was working with at the time, who, to me presented as a Native American Indian. Simply the same wisdom, guidance and information but a different interpretation based on differing beliefs. Connecting with a Spirit Guide is not as difficult as one might think. Certainly the easiest way to establish this relationship is with a guided Spirit Guide meditation, which, when conducted regularly in the initial stages, will go a long way to open the doorway of communication for you. Next, it is important to dedicate some time each week to connecting with your Guides. To start with, this should be a formal process, so if your not sitting in a development circle which will do this for you, then be sure to set aside time each week at home specifically for this purpose. Just like we try to make quality time for our other relationships, this is no different. During this time find different ways to connect with your Guide. Here are a few suggestions:

and draw cards to receive the answers. Again remember to ask question to establish your Guide’s identity. • Honour Your Spirit Guide Strengthen your connection and understanding by investing time to research their culture and the messages they offer. • Provide opportunity for them to teach you Experience is the greatest teacher, so if your Guide is with you for a specific reason such as healing, writing or new learning then you learn more and strengthen your connection if you create time for practical experience. Practice healing on your friends, write that book if that’s the message coming through and be open to new experiences if your journey involves new learning. While the topic of Spirit Guides could never be covered in a two page article, there is one more piece of advice. And this is for those of you who will question the information coming through and its validity. Yes, Spirit does know it is yourself you doubt and not them. So please know their patience is unconditional. And finally, there is one way to tell whether that message you are receiving is real or not. All messages from Spirit are accompanied by a feeling of love, peace and positivity. Raise your awareness about how you feel in these moments and your reward will be clear seeing: seeing with your heart.

• Meditating Use your meditations to meet regularly with your Guides. • Journaling Use your journal to conduct a Q & A type dialogue. Over-thinking here is not possible as you are usually receiving answers while you are still writing the questions. No time to think. I would suggest commencing with the question, “Who am I communicating with?” • Use your favourite Oracle or Tarot card set. Specifically for communicating. Ask questions

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How do I get started? Once you determined what it is you want to heal, you will need to plan what items you will need. You may take into consideration the person’s condition and choose your ingredients accordingly. To start with, you will need some material to make the doll from. Choose that according to the person’s gender and cut out the appropriate shape. To make it simple I just use the universally recognised shapes for restroom signs. Cut out two pieces that are large enough for you to handle easily from your chosen material. I prefer to use organic based material, such as cotton or linen. Depending on what you are healing, gather the herbs and other material. I like using dried flowers and herbs and use a pestle and mortar to crush and blend them together. You will find a list of recommended ingredients at the end of this article.

The Healers’ Craft By Andrea Kaldy From ancient times mankind had been using artistic impressions to manifest their desire. Think of the cave-paintings, crude fertility statues and other artefacts found all over the world. The main purpose for example for the paintings was to ensure a successful hunt, not just in the quantity of meat provided but also in the safety of the clan members’ return.

Intent is very important, since you will need to infuse the doll with it. Be clear on what you want to achieve. Remember, if you can heal, you can also harm. You are making a healing doll, so the intent must always be to heal. I believe in the universal law that what you put out will return to you. You may wish to write down your intention, may even turn it into a short poem. Do as you feel inspired to do. I’ve got all the ingredients, now what do I do? Sew up the doll leaving a small part open where you can insert the stuffing. Use a mortar and pestle to combine your ingredients, keeping in mind the size of the doll. If you don’t have a mortar and pestle, just use a mixing bowl and wooden spoon. While mixing and crushing the ingredients, hold the healing intention firmly in your mind, and repeat it like a chant until all the mixing is done. This is called charging. Fill the doll with the mix and sew up the opening. Put identifying marks on the doll that are characteristic to the person the doll is being made for. You can draw on hair, birth marks, scars etc. You may even write the person’s name or initials on the doll. You may keep chanting the words for your intention while you are doing all this.

In the event when someone in the tribe was not that lucky, they were buried with everyday objects representing a continuum from this world to the next. The fertility statues were used to bring abundance to the people and the land in the way of healthy crops, livestock and even human offspring. Eventually these representations made their way into shamanic healing practices. Ancient shamans would make up figurines from various materials available and use them in their work as a tool to bring healing to the sick. They would utilise their knowledge of herbs and chants among other things to charge the doll for the appropriate purpose. In modern times it’s just as easy to make your own, should the need arise. In this article I am giving you some ideas on how to produce your very own healing doll, including tips on planning and carrying out a healing ritual. When would I use a healing doll? Healing dolls can be used for both physical and emotional healing. Make sure that you are clear on where the issue lies. You may make one for yourself, or a third person, although in that case you will need to ask that person for their permission, otherwise it may be seen as interference. I believe that firmly.


Once the doll is finished you may give it to the person it was intended for and they will need to keep it close to them until recovery is complete. Do not discard the doll in the rubbish once the goal is achieved. The person may keep it safely tucked away indefinitely or they may find a suitable spot where they may bury it in the ground with care.

Intuitive Cards by

What can I use to make my healing doll?


Here is a list of things generally used in healing. By all means, this list is just an example and therefore incomplete. You may use only one, or a combination of these ingredients. You may also add your own touch if you feel like it. Herbs and plants: Dried apple peel, cinnamon, ivy, marjoram, rosemary, mistletoe, carnations, lavender.

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Gems and crystals: Green jasper, rose quartz, sunstone, sea salt

Miscellaneous : Linen, cotton or other natural textile, coloured thread for sewing (usual healing colours are blue, white, gold, yellow), tissue paper (you may want to write your healing chant on this and insert it into the doll), essential oils (you may anoint the doll with it or mix it into the ingredients. Find Andrea and the Earth Angels group on Facebook.

Remember, use this only for healing. The healing doll aids in the recovery of a person but does not replace appropriate medical diagnosis and care.


Crystal talk with Val Maher QUARTZ is the second most abundant mineral on Earth, some components of it are found in every other crystal. One of the most used crystals, quartz is considered the most powerful due to its helical spiral crystalline form. It is formed from silica, in cracks in rocks, by heat and water. The type of crystal depends on the heat and how long it takes to cool down. Clear crystal is made when the crystal forms in a calm place, others have occlusions in them. These could be air, water, other minerals or cracks made by heating then cooling and then heating again. All this adds to the history and use of the crystal. They are often long pointed crystals and have six sides though this can vary and they can come in many different shapes some listed here. They can come as twins, phantoms, clusters, cathedral or geodes that are covered by an outer form of rock. They are transparent to milky and often are sold as points or wands but can be bought as tumbled.

This crystal absorbs, stores, and releases energy and is excellent for healing. It works at a vibration level attuned to the specific needs, and is a powerful dispeller of negative energy. Mentally, quartz aids concentration and can unlock the memory and acts as a deep soul cleanser, also connecting the spiritual mind to the physical dimension. Quartz has been used as a crystal ball in magic for guidance and meditation for hundreds of years. Balls emit energy in all directions equally, and can be used as a window to see the past or future, this is called scrying. The wand is used to direct energy this could be for healing, or as used in magic to form a circle. Because of the formation of quartz the energy flows easily from the person using it, amethyst is also used in this way At a spiritual level quartz opens and raises the energy levels to their highest. They are also a library; the DNA of this world, a storage place of the history and formation, information waiting to be used. Meditating with a quartz crystal will take you to the highest places. It can put you in touch with your higher-self, and guides you to your spiritual purpose. Each colour adds to the crystal’s way of working. Blue quartz can have a calming effect and can dispel fear, while green quartz can give you creativeness and balance. Each type, colour and shape have additional properties, too many to list here. There are many books of reference such as The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall.



For thousands of years many people, villages and religions have relied upon the Moon and her cycles for Her guidance on when to carry things out in their lives, be it the planting of crops, when to go fishing, bless a child or when there will be effect on a star sign. We, the people of Earth have found the Moon to be a very intriguing and inspiriting part of our lives. The tides rise upon it and it has been linked to the menstrual cycles of women in many cultures. John F Kennedy chose to go to it, not because it was easy but because it was hard. The Moon has inspired man to stretch beyond what they thought was possible and to rise to the challenge. So why then do people fear the magick of Her? That, I am afraid is a question I cannot answer here, as each of us needs to find our own path that we are comfortable with. Here I can explain the magick of her cycles and how to work with that magick to enhance your life.

The Moon is considered to be female, the Goddess to many, while the sun is usually considered male or the God. The pagans worship the Goddess Moon and many of you would have seen the symbol of the triple goddess at some stage, which depicts the Maiden (waxing) Mother (full) Crone (waning), mirroring the stages of a woman’s life. The Romans had the Goddesses Diana and Luna, Greek’s named her as Phoebe and Selene, the Egyptian is Isis who is not only the Goddess of the Moon but also of the Sun. Of course there are many more, however these ARE some of the more commonly known names she is worshipped as. The Moon moves from New Moon to Dark Moon approximately every twenty-nine days and there are thirteen of these cycles each year. The ancient Celts also followed the Moon and their calendar was based on the thirteen cycles of Her, being that of thirteen months. Each of the phases of the Moon can be harnessed in your life and following them can allow you to move with ease in this cyclic nature. New Moon, is when you first see that thin silver crescent, her energy is particular good for starting new ventures, setting the intent of what it is you wish to achieve, a most magickal time for making wishes. A word to the wise though is to be careful what you wish for as you may just get it. Write down what is you wish to achieve during this time; this is best done on the night of the New Moon. Follow this up on the next New Moon to give more power and affirmation to that which you wish to achieve with the new venture you are undertaking. This is also a wonderful time for people to do spell crafting as the magick is strong. Waxing Moon, is when the Moon is moving towards full and it is the time of the Maiden. It is a time for doing healing, work on your personal growth, and increase things in your life. When you do spell work, it is important to focus on the qualities you wish to bring into your life, such as love, money, friendship, courage, peace and health to name just a few. Full Moon, the time of the Mother is a most powerful time for all. Bathing under the Full Moon helps to cleanse and activate our aura. It stimulates psychic abilities and the power of intuition. A day on either side of the full Moon is a wonderful time for harnessing this energy. This is a time of abundance, fulfillment and climax. During this time you are able to gain great energy from the Moon, heal our bodies and remove any energetic imbalances we may be carrying with us. It is a wonderful time to send healing to Mother Earth. Many pagans will use this

time to do “Drawing down the Moon� ceremony, which involves drawing in the energy of the Moon into oneself. This is usually done in a protective circle environment. The person draws the energy of the Moon Goddess into them and quite often enters trance like state and speaks the words of the Goddess, sharing great insight and knowledge. Waning Moon is a time when the Moon is growing smaller, moving towards the Dark Moon. It is the time of the Crone. It is the time when we let go and banish that which we no longer need in our life. This is a time when we understand that which no LONGER serves us well like addictions, illness, and negativity and we are willing to release it. Again, just like with other Moon phases, be careful what you wish to remove here as you will do it. Simply write what it is you wish to release and burn it, offering it up to the Goddess so that she can transform it into healing energy to give back to the Earth. Dark Moon is the time three days before the New Moon is visible. It is a time for reflection, a time often used for divination; however no spell crafting is done during this time. It is a time to rest, meditate and receive visions. Following the cycles of the Moon can allow you to bring great peace, love and healing into your life. It allows you to remove that which is not needed and bring in with powerful intent new ideas visions and activities. It acknowledges that there are times to celebrate the abundance of life and a time for rest. She has been followed for many thousands of years and has enhanced the lives of millions. Let the magickal silvery light of this great Goddess be a guiding light for you.




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INSPIRIT BOOK REVIEWS I Doreen Virtue PH.D. Archangel Michael Oracle Cards By Hay House This 44 card deck contains messages from the very powerful Archangel Michael. The first thing you notice about the deck is the beautiful illustration on each card. Each card is also gilt edged, which adds to the positivity and calmness felt when handling the deck. The deck comes with a self-explanatory guide to assist with deciphering messages, and instructions on how to conduct a reading using the cards. When you pick the cards up, you feel a sense of peace, “rightness”, and overall protection. Just sitting quietly and shuffling the cards seems to strengthen the connection to Archangel Michael. Whether you use these cards to conduct a reading for someone else, either by themselves or in conjunction with other tools, or to obtain answers to your own questions, the messages provided are powerful, positive and unerringly accurate.

Kerrie Wearing – Spirit Guide Wisdom by The Australian College of Mediumship Spirit Guide Connection is the “bread and butter” manual for anyone who wishes to embark on a road of self-discovery and spiritual development. With her easy-going, no nonsense style and

drawing from her own family tragedy, Kerrie Wearing introduces us to the world of Spirit. We follow her intensely personal journey as she takes us through her development from a “normal” person to a well-known and recognised medium. In this book she demonstrates that you don’t have to be born a psychic or a medium to reach your full spiritual potential and have an intimate relationship with Spirit. Through easy to do and understand exercises she teaches you to delve into your sacred heritage and accomplish a meaningful relationship with your Spirit Guides and loved ones on The Other Side. As she demystifies the 3 “C”s, (clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience) she gives you, with unmistakable clarity, the tools to further your evolution and bring about a profound and empowering change not only within yourself but around you as well. Kerrie uses universal spiritual symbols to explain hidden meanings in our internal and external everyday lives. Ever wondered why a particular character keeps appearing to you in your meditations and dreams? Or why a particular scenery is reoccurring in your life the same way? The second half of Spirit Guide Connections explores the sacred meanings behind those images and gives a description for every archetype with practical explanation as to how to apply those energies in your everyday lives.

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