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Welcome to INSPIRER inspirera (v.) (Swedish) to inspire, inspirit, suggest, spirit, spirit up I’ve read somewhere that the reason why moments of inspiration touch us so keenly, is because they remind us of our deepest aspirations. They bring the formless into form, deepen the understanding of oneself and others, and assist us in being the person we want to be in every one of life’s moments. Moments of inspiration work as a reminder to be here right now, to notice, to give back in gratitude, and in so doing increase the value of every moment. Good pictures of beautiful spaces make me feel uplifted, excited, and yet grounded. Taking this bits and pieces of inspiration under one name and present it to the world, hoping that it will have the same impact on others, was the only thing that could make me feel even better. That’s how the idea of Inspirera was born, while reading Scandinavian décor weblogs. Hence the name of the magazine and the theme of the premiere issue. In its pages, Inspirera recognizes the lovely community of designers, stylists, bloggers, photographers, crafters and DIY-ers, which create charm in the living space, thus bringing quality to life. It is a pleasure to highlight all this creative people and their hard and passionate work, the people that know a real living space is made from living, not only decorating, through participation, not mere perfection. From this great community I’ve learned that we can find our way back to a mindful state by just getting happy about what we’re doing. So, because working at this project makes me so happy, I think Inspirera is my way of meditation. And my hope is that it will be an inspiration for everyone who flips its pages. If you are like me and love to unwind and instill flipping pages packed with lively photos, dazzling spaces and loads of inspiration, you’ll love this new on-line magazine. At any rate, please send your feelings about what you’ve seen and what you’ve read in this premiere issue at Alexandra Stoica, 2

Alexandra Stoica,

Hopeless interiors geek

“Seek the wisdom that will untie your knot, seek the path that demands your whole being.” ~Rumi

Brita Sweden, Karin rug

Normann Copenhagen, Kontur Vase

...for more inspiration Fein Magasinet,

Hjemme, Norske Interior Blogger

Alvhem Mäkleri & InteriÜr 3

Inside this issue:

Scandinavian Issue 20

2 Editor’s Letter

INSPIRED BY... 6 Scandinavian Interiors INSPIRED TO SHOP 14 Inspirera Refresh 16 Scandinavians Love Copper 18 Scandinavians Love Marble


INSPIRATION LIVES HERE 20 One Thousand and One Nights in Scandinavian Interpretation 30 House of Amazing Metamorphic Accents 38 Old Befriends New in Scandi-Chic Style INSPIRED TO DIY 44 Easy Coat Rack 46 Napkin Ring 48 Patterned Candle 50 Wooden Lamp INSPIRED TO TRAVEL 52 Swedish Charm Evoked in Grandma’s House


INSPIRED TO GO TO THE OFFICE 58 Happy at work project

18 58 4

INSPIRERA DESIGN 62 67 Swedish Square Meters Designed by Romanian Designers



Amalie Fagerli

Anette Willemine Solheim

Kari Gjertsen


May Helen Kro

The crew for this issue Meet the talented batch of contributors forScandinavian Issue Riikka Kantinkoski

Alina Stoian & Ana Marin 2Deco Studio,

Inspirera is a free, online only, independent magazine that promotes the hard work of the online community of designers, DIY-ers, crafters and interior artists, and appears once

Julie Haugland Ormvold

Anna Maria Larsson

every two months. Should you have questions or enquieries, feel free to write at, call at +40-726732782, or visit

Joanna Laajisto

Anisoiu Razvan Graphic Designer


INSPIRED Inspired by Scandinavian




he principle is that style and func­t ionality can make everyday life bet­ter. And the result: a beautiful way to illustrate how the spirit of people can shine through the space they choose to live in. If it were to describe in only one word the 6

feeling given by Scandinavian interiors, the word would definitely be “coziness”, but Danish say it better: “hygge” is the word that encapsulates their concept of enjoying the comfort of one’s home next to the dear ones. The use of light pastel colors nurture a sense of warmth and thus, exploits the natural light at its best.

© Adam Helbaoui for Fastighetsbyran

© Alvhem Mäkleri



Š Muuto

The principle is that style and functionality can make everyday life better. And the result: a beautiful way to illustrate how the spirit of people can shine through the space they choose to live in. 8

©Alvhem Mäkleri

©Alvhem Mäkleri


© Adam Helbaoui for Fastighetsbyran

© Boel & Jan



© Alvhem Mäkleri


nd, when it comes to light sources, Scandinavians use several floor and table lamps in different areas around the room, instead of one overhead light, because they lack natural light many months along the year, but also because the several levels of lighting adds more to the sense of warmth. Also, candles are customary.

Their light is very much appreciated due to the serenity and the relaxation feeling they convey. The hallmark of a Scandinavian home is its simplicity, thus the space can breathe. Pieces of furniture and objects of decorations are kept to a minimum.Only objects of genuine sentimental value find their place in the Scandinavian dĂŠcor, like fond memories and personal experience.

Š Alvhem Mäkleri

Natural materials, like wood, metal, leather, hemp, wool and fur, emphasize the strong bonding and the love that Scandinavians have for the nature. These elements always ensure the comfort, especially because furniture is always ergonomic and easy to use. 11

Cozy, peaceful and simple - these are the key features of the Scandinavian interiors. Modern plus vintage: the mix of new and old adds the charm. Contrasts that build harmony are the paradox.

© &tradition

©Alvhem Mäkleri


©Alvhem Mäkleri

©Alvhem Mäkleri

And all in all, the Scandinavian style is a source of inspiration and dreaming for every interiors admirer, and this can be witnessed on all interior decoration blogs, magazines and websites.

©Alvhem Mäkleri



Cushion Covers -

Bellevue Lamp - &tradition


Need some fresh air into your decoration scheme? Here you have some bits’ and pieces of the Nordic air that’s so appreciated around the world of interiors. It isn’t necessary to make big changes. It is enough to add a few Scandinavian accents and to keep in mind the rule of thumb - simplicity. Here you have it: pure Scandinavian Style!


Lantern House,

t Abou Hay air,

a Ch

Candlestick, Wik & Walsøe

Tablo Table, Normann Copenhagen

Playtype Concept Store

Grey Poster,

p, U p e t One S nn a Norm agen h Copen 15

Delux A.U M e vase, aison

Moon Lamp,

Tangle Vase, Stelton

Scandinavians Love Copper

Copper, with its beautiful glow, helps to create a warm atmosphere in your residence. Looks beautiful near natural materials, gorgeous near mate black and adds texture to what otherwise may seem a dull color scheme. Scandinavians love it most near shades of powdery pinks. See a handful of our favorites here.

Copper Kubus, by Lassen

Copper Boxex, Cozy living Table Lamp

Deluxe L

A.U Maisanterne, on


Breeze Table, Swedese

Deluxe Birdie Rose, A.U Maison

Copper Stool, House Doctor


Ferm Living 18



Scandinavians Love Marble ‌And that’s not surprising because the effect of marble adds instant luxe into a room. It evokes splendor, grace and has always been a symbol of elegance. Now you can see it even on your pillows and sheets.

! s u o e l Marb

Ferm Living

Andreas Engesvik

Ferm Li

Neon Living



e Neon Living

nn Norma gen enha Cop



ons 19

One Thousand and One Nights

in Scandinavian Interpretation


Host: Amalie Fagerli, 26 years old Lives in Eidsvik with her partner and their two daughters . Runs her own business as an interior designer. The lovely house that we’re about to admire is located just outside Ålesund, Norway and was built in 1934 in a romantic style. In the ’60 the owners renovated it and the romantic details were transformed into simpler ones. Amalie and her boyfriend bought it in the summer of 2006 and, as she proudly says, they changed it back to the initial style: “We have torn down everything inside and outside the house and built it back up again in its original romantic style on the outside, with new floor plans on the inside. The only things that are the same now are the doors and wooden floors and they all look amazing repainted.” And they did such a great job renovating and redecorating that in 2011 they won the “Norway’s most beautiful house” annual competition, organized by BoligPluss


In 2012, they expanded the house with a new, big living room.


In the new part of the house, they have raw concrete floor.

“The best choice we’ve ever made! Love it!”


Amalie’s style:

“I love the mix of different ethnic interior”.

Various shades of gray, from softer ones, in the dining room, to crisper shades - like those in the bedroom - play out through the house and mingle with the earthy tones of the furniture and with the green accents of the big indoor plants. The result is a house like an oasis – fresh and calm.


Love the boudoir effect in the bedroom 25

The girls’ bedrooms abound in color and the atmosphere here is depicted from Scheherazade’s stories.


Shiny metallic accents abound in the house, reflecting the light and adding a modern feel to the overall decor scheme. 27

Amalie’s style:

“Big palm plants, animal print and paisley patterns in every form are all things that ref lect my interior style.”


The office is part of the new addition of the house and may very well represent Amelie’s artistic signature Even if the house is filled with Buddha statues, oriental lightning and accessories, the Scandinavian style is not undermined. One can feel the warmth, the simplicity and the clean lines that made Scandinavian interiors so famous‌ or better said fabulous.


The House of


Metamorphic Accents

We enter tens of houses daily via blogs. We feel inspired by the way bloggers decorate their houses, by the way artists complete their residential projects and, yet, a small number of bloggers can challenge our imagination inasmuch as Anette Willemine does when she gives us a glimpse of her home on 30

Our host, Anette Willemine Sol heim is passionate about all things art and shares her inspiration at

You are kindly invited to step in and, may all of the readers be warned, many hours will have passed until you’ll be able to leave this blog. In addition to being lucky enough to have interiors both as a profession and a hobby, Anette Willemine is very fond of art and culture. She enjoys painting, drawing pictures and writing poetry. She is now working on publishing a book with her own poems. Also, our host loves ballet and opera performances at The Opera House, and says that this has probably affected her interior taste to some extent.


Anette Willemine told us: “It is not difficult to buy expensive designer furniture that appears impressive and gorgeous, but this alone doesn’t provide either good taste or a personal home.” ...and we think she is right. Tell us what you think at

You can’t help falling head over heels with this kitchen, especially for the chic details and modern touches.


Anette Willemine and her family (Mr. Sunhome, beautiful daughter Christine and the lovely Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Herman) live close to the Oslo Fjord, in an idyllic location, outside the Norwegian capital and for almost 10 years now they enjoy the breathtaking view of the beautiful fjord. But ten years ago, the house was quite dark and outdated for their taste and style so they choose to redecorate and today we are presented a beautiful light and airy home. Anette Willemine likes the contrasts in her decor, and enjoys mixing both light and dark colors together, but the main impression of the house is still bright and Scandinavian in style. As you can see, her favorite color shades are the soft and dusty versions. 33

Anette Willemine told us:

“I like to combine expensive and affordable design, art and inherited furniture that has sentimental value for me. ” …and look what she achieves!

So, what got us so excited about her house? Well, as you can see if you visit the blog, Anette Willemine’s home seems to have an endless number of houses in it… depending of the season. I think I never saw a home that metamorphoses so amazingly each season. It takes so much creativity and such a great love for beautiful designs.


Every holiday and change of the season it’s a good motive for talented Anette to re-beautify and refresh every little corner of the house. The dining room table is always the herald of the season’s design.



“The details are not the details, they make the design� said Charles Eames...

...and the home that Anette Willemine built illustrates better than anything else what the great designer meant. Thank you, Anette Willemine, for receiving us. It was a pleasure all the way! 37

Old Befriends New in Scandinavian Chic House

Host: Kari Gjert sen Blog: My Hom e is Location: Nodel my Castle and, Norway


Relaxation space in the backyard Kari is a gentle southern girl, as she describes herself, and has always been interested in interior design. You can see that in the way she decorated her wonderful house in Nodeland, a small city close to the southernmost point of Norway. Kari lives here with her husband Kurt in a picturesque area, which accommodates so well her love for the romantic, shabby-chic style. Even at the entrance we are greeted with lavender and invited to take a seat on the romantic metal chair and admire the view.

Shabby-chic accents in the hallway, too 39

“We covered the walls with paneling and because it is so much space in drawers and cabinets, we choose to put no furniture on the upper back wall. It makes the kitchen more open and bright.�

f o r lo o c k r a d l a y o r The t he cabinets The part of the house that Kari seems most proud of is the kitchen. And, we may say, she has all the reasons for that. First, because of the furniture that has a highly impressive color, not very often seen, one that takes your thoughts to royal velvet. After that follows all the other reasons: it is bright, airy and romantic, it has the charm and the feel of a delicate country kitchen but with all the amenities of the 21-st century. 40


“When we bought the house, the kitchen was separated by the living room with a sliding door. We wanted an open kitchen and hence tore the whole wall of the sliding door. Something we were very pleased by.� After


In order for the natural colors not to look washed-out, Kari has chosen some black accessories and accents: the small black side table, the frames of the photos, the frame and the tiles of the fireplace, the vase in the corner etc.

The kitchen opens up to the living room, a simple yet sophisticated gathering nook for the family. Romantic accents add up to the warmth of the Scandinavian style, and although sometimes shabbychic may seem overcrowded, here it is tempered by all of the Nordic style traits, and the result is a balanced, serene space, where old befriends new, feminine is balanced with masculine and country shakes hands with urban. And this is not the case only for the living space, but for the dining room also, which flows so natural from the living room.

Farm Living 42

Kari told us:

�Natural colors are my colors and I will certainly take them with me where I am moving..�

The continuity from the kitchen to the dining room, so harmoniously achieved, brings to the whole day area of the house the sense of unity, of an airy space, a space that helps you feel comfortable and welcomed.

Patina mirror frames


DIY Easy Modern Coat Rack

ski o k n i t n a K a Riikk

niv weekdaycar


Do you know that kind of amazing yet simple idea that makes you wonder: „How didn’t I think of it?”Well, Riikka Kantinkoski, from Weekday Carnival, is one of those persons that will make you ask yourself that question over and over again. Here is how she made a modern coat rack out of some curtain rods and some twine:

Riikka took five 170 cm long curtain rods and some neon pink twine and knot the twine several times through the sticks and then around the sticks.

Riikka extra tip:

You can insert some screws in the curtain rods, under the twine, just to make sure it stays together.

The best part is yet to come: The finials of the curtain rods can be applied directly on the wall to complete the rack and maximize the hanging zone. Brilliant!

Riikka is uber-talented when it comes to DIY and photography. With the help of her stunning pictures, she teaches us how to make anything from coat racks and lamps to bracelets and children face masks. These tutorials and much more can be found in the book she co-authored along with Susana Vento. OK- omin käsin, which can be bought here. For the moment it is only in Finnish, but the pictures speak more than a thousand words, help you achieve the projects and are a feast for the eyes. 45

DIY Napkin Holder May Helen Kro


May Helen Kro is the proud mother of three little gorgeous princesses and, besides having interior design as passion, she loves to take every occasion to put her creativity to work. The idea of the napkin holders came to her on the eve of her middle daughter 7-th anniversary, while preparing for the party.


Cardboard rings (from packaging or from cutting some kitchen or toilet rolls), Washi tape, scissors and napkins.


And kids can do this all by themselves!

Inspirera Mera:


Stick the tape on the cardboard roll. If you have one longer roll, measure first and cut the appropriate size. Cut off when covered with tape on the entire roll.


and put it inside the cardboard roll. Repeat all the steps for every guest place at the table.

You can realize napkin holders directly from the rings of Washi tape. Leave a little tape on the original ring after you use the rest of the tape and there you have it!

Who would think that one could find so much inspiration in some tape? May Helen is a natural when it comes to DIY projects. Check out her blog for more inspiration. 47

DIY Royal Candles



Julie is one of the most creative, yet the most humble bloggers I’ve ever seen (read). Her blog is packed with marvelous ideas and projects, yet she is still surprised when she gets the attention she deserves. Take this DIY project, for example: graphic crown candles.


She took some scissors, napkins, pillar candles and an iron.

2 She then cut out the piece of napkin in zigzag to obtain a diamond pattern.


After that Julie gently tore apart the white layers of the napkin and passed the iron over the candle, with low heat. Step 3 over and over again, until the whole candle is covered by the royal pattern.


Extra tip from Julie:wspaper

“It may be useful to have a ne wax could under the candle because the na melt and run through the pkin.”

Here you have it: a touch of royal in your home sweet home. Julie has a lot more to show you on 49

DIY Wooden Lamp Anna Maria Larsson


Anna Maria works as a designer at a Stockholm based digital agency and, because creativity is not an issue for her, in the spare time she undertakes do-it-yourself projects. Take this very effective lamp, for example, a simple and beautiful project that can be accomplished even by the clumsiest interiors geek.

Anna Maria bought a set of wooden balls of various dimensions, a white cord set and a brass socket ornament, besides all the necessary electrical parts.

First she introduced the socket ornament on the white cable, then the wooden balls and, at the end, the masking ceiling ornament

TA-DAA! The purity of the naked bulb gives you the feeling of a modern yet fantastic atmosphere. 51

Swedish Charm

Evoked in Grandma’s Home

Every time I travel I feel excited about the places I’m about to discover and, as an interiors geek, I don’t mean only the outdoors, but the indoors too. As a matter of fact, a big part of a successful vacation depends on my temporary home. When travelling, I love to feel the homey comfort, but also, to experience new decors. If culinary tourism is based on experimenting new dishes, mutatis mutandis, the desire to experiment new decors should be called interiors tourism. 52

Styrsö Skäret Guest House would definitely be one of the highlights of my itinerary. Standing on a traffic-free, picturesque, little island in the middle of the beautiful and unspoiled archipelago of Sweden’s west coast, just half an hour by ferry from Gothenburg, Styrsö Skäret has it all: the chic delicacy of the grandmother’s house, the romanticism that reminds of the first great love, the familiarity that makes you don’t want to leave, the quality and comfort of big hotel chains and, last but not least, the love for tiny details that satisfies even the biggest interiors geek.


Ola Tulldhal and his wife, Ylva, have transformed the old nursing home into the charming grandma's house you can visit today. Find out more at

All the guest rooms are uniquely and individually decorated. You are welcomed in with romantic lace and embroidered trim, with shabby-chic lampshades and floral prints between lovingly selected elegant furniture and pastel hues. Fresh flowers in pitcher or vintage vases are customary, likewise the candles and the period antiques that tell a story of life at sea. Nothing can go wrong when you wake up in the morning in such a beautiful room! 54

Fresh flowers welcome the guests in every room.


Children feel welcomed to play throughout the guest house, just like in grandparents' house.

Then you go down for breakfast in the loveliest kitchen-like space that seems to wait just for you and appeals to the senses with floral pattern wallpaper and soft, checkered cloths. All these and the traditional furniture make you feel cozy when you savor your most important meal of the day. After the breakfast you can take the tea or your coffee into a corner of the lobby especially prepared just for that: cozy pillows, flowered porcelain cups, antique furniture and black and white photos of the last century. It is as you walk in to the granny’s receiving chamber. The 56

Many Gothenburgers come here to enjoy the renowned gourmet dishes made from local products.

guest house stands just at a stone’s throw from the sea and the view from the dining room and terrace is magnificent. In the winter, the log-fire crackles in the hearth of grandma’s sitting room. In the summer, you can enjoy lunches outside in the lush, green garden or a moment of relaxation in the green of summer, with the sea as a bluish fund. A former nursing home for the patients with respiratory conditions, the whole guest house is steeped in the history of the archipelago. The exterior and the entire interior: fabrics, furnishings, lighting and color – work together to infuse the lovely pension with undeniable grace, charm and delicacy. A home away from home you’ll always want to return to.

The stunning beautiful dining room, with large muntin windows and high vaulted ceilings, wide floral motives tapestry and patina chandeliers is transposing the guests in long gone times. 57

A dull area came to life instantly thanks to the green wall.

Happy at work project 58

Dinning like. This meeting corner takes your thoughts to the dining room from home. No need for a formal whiteboard. The wall accommodates any collage while emphasizing a cozy atmosphere.

What makes you want to go to work in the morning? Many would say that the pleasure of doing what you like and, while enjoying your job is a major element in having a great day at the office, there are other equally important factors. As interior geeks, I’m sure we all feel that the office itself is a huge motivating and inspiring factor. With that in mind, interior architect and designer Joanna Laajisto, designed the interiors of Studio Piùata, an animation and illustration studio based in Helsinki, Finland. The main design concept of the project was to design an inspiring and home like office environment, where the team of illustrators, animators and visual effects professionals could feel free to create and to collaborate in a relaxed environment.

The table and the bench have a story to tell. Read it here. 59

Driven simultaneously by functionality and aesthetics, Laajisto’s philosophy is not to clutter the world with unnecessary things, but to find and enhance the hidden beauty of each space through creative solutions. And that’s what she did with Piñata office: she transformed it into a second home for all the guys that work there. Even from the entrance, where you are greeted by a plant covered wall, you feel that you can take off your shoes and relax. Then you bump into the conversation nooks, which invite you to discuss with the colleagues while sipping your coffee or you can take a minute when you feel tired and read some industry news on the cozy and relaxing sofa. The actual workspace is bright, airy and inspiring, decorated in the typical simple and elegant way of the Finnish. Here, Joanna added some cork carpet and blackboard on the walls, thinking that a combination of project related sketches and notes could be stimulating the work flow. So who wouldn’t come gladly to work in this casual and friendly environment?


Cork and blackboard: excellent way to stay creative.

People at Pi単ata stay organized with a Lego calendar. 61

67 Swedish Square Meters Designed by Romanian Designers

Scandinavian style has won a leading position between the other decorative styles. That’s why not only the Scandinavians choose this style, but professionals from all over the world embrace this design. This is the case for the renderings below: 67 square meters apartment in Sweden designed by 2Deco Studio for a young bachelor. 62

The result reflects the strong character of Scandinavian decorations and, although the apartment is owned by a bachelor, it Perfect harmony and a palette consisting of was set up to meet all the needs of a family: the living room was designed so as to non-colors and light are the essential eleaccommodate a greater number of people ments, purely Scandinavian, which unand the two bedrooms, although small in derlay the morphology of this apartment. size, contribute to the overall unity of the The designers focused on simplicity, also home. A great care has been paid to the an essential for Nordic interiors, but the lightning fixtures, which borrowed feacarefully chosen decorative accessories, led tures from the industrial style. The piece of to the birth of a stately and contemporary space. Gray tones are highlighted by light- furniture at the entrance has a double function: storage and separating the entry area colored furniture, thus obtaining a welform the living-room. coming atmosphere.


the posters wall

THE OWNER WISHED AN INTELLIGENT HOME: one that offers comfort and flexibility besides the primary function of security. And that’s what the designers got - a cozy, airy and inviting Scandinavian home.

Alina and Ana form 2Deco are working to transform this apartment into a home sweet home for their client. We are eager to see the final result! 2Deco is an independent interior design studio based in Bucharest, Romania that offers a complete solution for their customers. 64

Blog Watch

Inspirera Mera: More Inspiration Every time I finish reading a traditional printed interiors magazine I find myself hungry for more: more inspiration, more information, and more pictures. That’s why flipping an e-mag is fab. And that’s the purpose of this section: you have access to more inspiration directly from this page and chose from a list of appreciated blogs which one will get directly into your blog roll. Below, we have grouped some of the best and most popular Scandinavian interiors blogs, which will take you deeper into the Scandinavian décor world, teach you what are the essentials of the Nordic design and it will reveal more gorgeous pictures. So, be our guest, indulge!

Blogger: LISBETH WILLIAMS Simple, organic living from a Scandinavian perspective. WABI SABI is tranquility, subtle elegance, natural simplicity, sublime asymmetry.

Blogger: HEIDI MARIE SPERRE-FLESLAND “The blog serves as a catalyst for my creative concoctions, and I feel rarely stuck for inspiration and ideas.”

Emmas DesignBlogg Blogger: EMMA FEXEUS

Inspiring photos from the world’s best stylists, designers and photographers, all in a Scandinavian style. Emmas Designblogg is the oldest and most read design blog in Scandinavia. 65

Craft & Creativit y


Creativity and crafts are a big part of Helena’s life, ever since childhood. She has the power to transform her passion into art and that can be seen on her blog.



The biggest passion of Amalie is to create exciting yet functional interiors. And you can be sure she succeeds because Amalie won the „Most beautiful Norwegian house” competition in 2011.

Sun Home


An elegant, sophisticated and delicate turn on the Scandinavian style.

From Scandinavia With Love


Scandinavian interior designer showing the work of Scandinavian stylists and photographers as well as photos from real Scandinavian homes.

Eye on Details


A passionate interior designer, always with an eye on the details. On the blog Therese shares her ideas and what inspires her every day.

Weekday Carnival


A collection of photographs, DIY’s, decoration ideas and thoughts of Finnish photographer, stylist and product designer Riikka Kantinkoski.


Bloggers: CAMILLA, METTE AND TATIANA Playground of three design passionate colleagues, where the ideas and the thoughts can play freely in order to inspire others. 66


Blogger: ESSI NISKAKANGAS Beautiful canvas of interior designer Essi Niskakangas for her work, her inspiration, her dreams

Black Bird Style

Blogger: CHARLOTTE RYDING An interior designer and stylist crazy about everything beautiful, collects pictures of beautiful homes, furniture, art‌


Blogger: JULIE HAUGLAND ORMVOLD A blog about enjoing every second of life in an idyllic sunny hill. Here you will discover great DIY projects and loads of creativity.

Franciskas Vakre Verden

Blogger: FRANCISKA Interior photographer and writer, Franciska lives and breathes interiors and on the blog she shows it to the world.

Elisabeth Heier

Blogger: ELISABETH HEIER This is the blog of Elisabeth Heier, an extremely talented Norwegian blogger, interior designer, photographer and mother of two.

Betina Holst

Blogger: BETINA HOLST Creative ideas, interior design, art, painting and jewelry workshops, lots of inspiration, fun, everyday life and everything in between.


Blogger: MAY HELEN KRO A blog about small and large interior projects, birthday parties, table settings, photography and much more. 67

Boligcious blog

Blogger: MALENE MARIE MØLLERMalene is educated in Design Technology, and she is the owner of decor agency HUIS.

Anya Adores

Blogger: ANYA Here, Anya is sharing new trends, tips for visiting Copenhagen, fab interiors, cool design, eye-catching photography, and her own random musings.

Love Nordic

Blogger: SAMANTHA ÓSK DENIDÓTTIR Be inspired by Scandinavian spirit in the interior and get a little something to decorate your home with!


Blogger: TONY KAY The visual playground of the author, a place where Tony shares the beautiful and inspirational things she finds on her travels around the web.


Blogger: NINA HOLST “I have a broad taste in styles, so on this blog I will share the most interesting and beautiful finds from my favorite styles, and also show you that mixing them can bring more personality in to your home.”


Blogger: HELENA KARJALAINEN Blog of photographer Helena Karjalainen, filled with great photos of interiors and decorations. 68


Bloggers: CAMILLA, HELLE & NINNA On Cahetuliv you can find designer portraits, news, interviews, background articles, and photo reports.

Colorama Boligdromme

Blogger: MALENE MARIE MØLLER Inspiration for layout, colors, wallpapers, delicious home reports and do-ityourself projects.

Nordic Design

Blogger: CATHERINE LAZURE-GUINARD An award winning resource for design savy people looking to find exciting brands, the latest products and brands and inspiration for their home.

Purple Area

Blogger: SUSANN LARSSON “I am a real furniture geek, I live and breathe decor. It is my profession, my hobby and my passion.” says Susann, and you can see that on her blog.

Studio Karin

Blogger: KARIN The blog of an interior designer trained at the School of Architecture. Karin worked ten years at architecture firms in London and Stockholm before she started her own business Studio Karin for a couple of years ago.

Sillje Vaniljeis

Blogger: SILJE HUSEBØ Great blog about design, trends and fashion, with great photographs and DIY projects.


for reading the Scandinavian Issue!

Hope you enjoyed it! If so, click here to subscribe. 70

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