Cape Symphony 2023 Annual Report

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Dear Friends of Cape Symphony,

I trust this letter finds you well and brimming with the same sense of achievement and gratitude that I feel as I reflect on the incredible journey we've shared in the past fiscal year. It is my pleasure to present the 2023 Annual Report—a testament to the dedication, creativity, and unwavering support of our extraordinary community.

Emerging from the challenges of the pandemic, Cape Symphony seized the opportunity not only to rebuild but to thrive in ways beyond our imagination. I am delighted to share news of our postpandemic success marked by flourishing audience attendance, increased education enrollments, seamless program and business operations, and the exciting launch of Cape Symphony Presents.

The growth in audience attendance has been heartening, reaffirming our role as a cultural cornerstone. Innovative programming and commitment to artistic excellence led to a substantial increase in concertgoers. Inspiring our musicians, your applause echoed the resilience that binds us.

Our education programs have thrived, witnessing a remarkable surge in enrollment. The dedication of educators and passion of young learners created a vibrant educational environment, reigniting the love for music and the arts.

The successful merging of program and business operations showcases the exceptional talents of our team. This synergy has strengthened our ability to deliver unparalleled musical experiences, ensuring every aspect of Cape Symphony functions harmoniously.

The launch of Cape Symphony Presents has been one of the year's highlights. This initiative explores diverse artistic avenues beyond traditional settings, expanding our reach and connecting with audiences in fresh ways.

As we celebrate these achievements, we renew our commitment to core values, bringing the arts to all 15 communities of the Cape and Islands. With your support, Cape Symphony's journey of growth, creativity, and community enrichment will continue to impact this and future generations.

Thank you for standing with us on this extraordinary journey. Your belief in the power of music and the arts propels us to new heights, and we anticipate sharing many more inspiring moments with you in the years ahead.

With heartfelt gratitude, Mike Albaugh




Cape Symphony Orchestra is the second largest union orchestra in Massachusetts. Since 1973, Cape Symphony Orchestra has played a full, year-round season of Masterpiece and Pops concerts for Cape Cod residents. Cape Cod public school students experience live orchestral music through Young People’s Concerts. Cape Symphony’s free ticket program, Tix4Music, provides free tickets to students and their chaperones for Cape Symphony Orchestra concerts. With a roster of over 60 professional musicians, Cape Symphony Orchestra seeks to “inspire joy” within all who attend concerts. In 2023, Jung-Ho Pak embraced new horizons after a remarkable 17-year tenure as Artistic Director and Conductor of the Cape Symphony, celebrating a legacy of musical innovation and community enrichment.


2023 Highlights

• Audiences traveled to the land “down under” with didgeridoo virtuoso William Barton for a bold and provocative musical journey.

• Cape Symphony shared the stage with powerhouse guest artists for an unforgettable celebration of the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin.

• Young cello sensation Cameron Renshaw brought the audience to its feet in his Cape Symphony Orchestra debut performance.





500 STUDENTS attended Cape Symphony Orchestra concerts for free thanks to the Tix4Music program


LOCAL STUDENTS attended 2 Young People’s Concerts




The Cape Cod Conservatory continues to thrive under the auspices of the Cape Symphony, providing a broad spectrum of arts education across two vibrant campuses—one near Cape Cod Community College in West Barnstable and another on Highfield Drive in Falmouth. The educational offerings are diverse, catering to a wide range of ages from preschoolers to adults, with a curriculum that spans from individual lessons to group classes in both music and dance. The emphasis is on inclusivity and accessibility, ensuring that the joy and benefits of arts education are extended to all. In 2023, this commitment to accessibility was underscored by the awarding of over $20,000 in scholarships, helping to ensure that students of varying backgrounds could engage in and benefit from the enriching programs offered.

2023 Classes and Programs


• Private Lessons

• Creative Seeds Family Music

• Intro to Piano for Adults – Beginner


• Acro and Conditioning

• Ballet Buddies

• Company Ballet

• Company Contemporary

• Intro to Piano for Adults – Intermediate

• Mind-Body Music: Mitigate Stress with Music

• Piano Explorers

• Seaside String Ensemble

• Suzuki Group Class

• Elementary Ballet

• Hip Hop

• Mini & Junior Company Training

• Pointe

• Pre-Ballet

• Tap

• Tap/Jazz Highlights

$20,000 AWARDED in scholarships

200+ STUDENTS enrolled in lessons/classes

5 NEW CLASSES added to meet interest of students, families, and patrons

40+ TEACHERS with students enrolled

Education participants ranged in age from INFANTS TO 90 YEARS OLD




Growth from 15 participants after the pandemic to 70+ STUDENTS in 2023


added to meet additional demand PURCHASED 4

Instrument Access Program instruments: Double Bass, Trumpet (in C), Bassoon, and Harp.

17 STUDENTS accepted to the All-Cape Festival



from Cape Symphony Orchestra played sideby-side with students

5 STUDENTS received tuition waivers, new instruments, and free private lessons.

The Cape Symphony Youth Orchestra Program (CSYOP) fosters the growth of young Cape Cod musicians across three dynamic ensembles: Youth Orchestra, Repertory, and Debut. In 2023, CSYOP achieved significant milestones, boasting a membership increase to 70 students and introducing two new ensembles. A landmark initiative, the Instrument Access Program (IAP) not only facilitated the acquisition of essential musical equipment for high-needs students but also forged a meaningful partnership with Barnstable Intermediate School (BIS).

CSYOP boasts a range of ensembles, from the flagship Cape Symphony Youth Orchestra, led by Mark Miller, to Repertory and Debut groups led by accomplished directors like David Gable and Betsy Doriss. Additionally, the Side-by-Side Guest Musicians program brings CSYO students closer to the Cape Symphony Orchestra, providing invaluable mentorship experiences. CSYO ensembles are available at both the West Barnstable and Falmouth campuses, and a special transportation program brings students from Martha’s Vineyard to Falmouth for weekly rehearsals.

“Our year-round Youth Orchestra program allows young musicians from across the Cape and Islands to embrace learning, rehearsing, and performing - like the Cape Symphony - while exploring the beauty of history’s greatest compositions. The great thing about being a musician is that you never have to stop being one; you can always improve, always learn more. And once you learn the language, it’s yours forever.”

— Mark Miller, Conductor & Music Director, Cape Symphony Youth Orchestra

“The Instrument Access Program has opened doors for BIS students to participate in the Debut Strings ensemble outside of their regular school hours. Providing private lessons and, when needed, higher quality instruments has significantly benefited the students. Their noticeable improvement in playing, high motivation, and contagious positive attitude have had a wonderful impact on the school ensemble.” — Valerie Bahr, Strings Director at Barnstable Intermediate School



Cape Symphony Preschool is a unique blend of music and arts enrichment combined with a traditional preschool curriculum aligned with the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks for Early Education. Cape Symphony Preschool offers a comprehensive array of programs including a music and arts-enriched curriculum, Kindergarten Prep, Suzuki Violin lessons, visual art lessons, a Summer Arts Program, and an After Preschool Enrichment Program featuring art clubs, dance classes, and stay-and-play sessions. Catering to children aged 2.9-5 years old, the program served 60 families from its West Barnstable location in 2023.

A point of pride for the preschool is its inclusive financial aid program, ensuring accessibility for all families. Notably, an increasing number of students continue their artistic education beyond preschool, engaging in various classes and programs offered by Cape Symphony. The students consistently demonstrate readiness for kindergarten after graduating from the Cape Symphony Preschool.

“From the extra music enrichment and creative movement programs to learning her numbers and letters, our daughter always has a smile on her face at the end of the day! Her experience this past year in the preschool class has been exceptional! She adored her teacher and we have watched her musical curiosity and creativity grow by leaps and bounds!”

“My youngest child is finishing up his very successful kindergarten year and I have to give much credit to the foundation that the Preschool helped my family build. We have also made many lasting friendships with the other families that we met over the years.”

10 GRADUATES performed at their matriculation-tokindergarten ceremony

Highlights 60+ STUDENTS SERVED 10+ STUDENTS received financial aid 200+ SUZUKI LESSONS TAUGHT

Specializing in curating intimate musical experiences, Cape Symphony Presents brings small jazz, classical, folk, and world music ensembles to diverse venues like breweries, movie theaters, and libraries across all 15 communities of Cape Cod and the Islands. In 2023, Cape Symphony Presents served 3,000 new audience members who had not previously attended Cape Symphony programming.


• Devil’s Purse Brewing Company – Dennis, MA

• Harvest Gallery – Dennis, MA

• Chatham Bars Inn – Chatham, MA

• Cape Symphony Falmouth Campus – Falmouth, MA

• Bad Martha Farmer’s Brewery – Falmouth, MA

• Wellfleet Preservation Hall – Wellfleet, MA

• Snow Library – Orleans, MA

• Brasswood Inn – Provincetown, MA

3,000 NEW AUDIENCE members reached 8 VENUES across Cape Cod and the Islands Produced concerts for 6


• Jazz at Lincoln Center Presents: On the Road w/ Sarah Hanahan

• Cosmos Sessions

• Block, Bacon, Ligia Trio

• Anastasia String Quartet (Monomoy Ballroom)

• Wildlife Band

• Ethan Robbins Acoustic Collective


In the concluding chapter of Fiscal Year 2023, Cape Arts and Entertainment Inc. celebrated a triumphant return to our prepandemic revenue levels, surpassing our ambitious goal of achieving 85 percent of historic sales. Our strategic combination of operational efficiency and prudent investment practices yielded a commendable net profit of $325,000, fortifying our financial foundation to its strongest level in 65 years. The unwavering support from our dedicated Cape Cod patrons, coupled with the enthusiasm of our revitalized workforce, has set the stage for a strong Fiscal Year 2024.

Summary of Audited Financial Information

Five Year History 2023 2022 2021 2020 2019 Revenue 5,052,997 4,423,058 3,339,404 4,390,542 4,288,384 Expenses 4,727,512 4,200,069 1,408,616 4,249,311 4,611,102 Net 325,484 222,989 1,930,788 141,231 (322,718) Assets 11,285,088 10,466,895 10,089,208 8,790,379 8,631,581 Liabilities 1,158,069 665,362 510,664 835,894 1,082,615 Equity 10,127,019 9,801,533 9,578,544 7,690,197 7,548,966 Investments 7,181,274 6,735,512 7,314,821 6,009,717 6,341,621 Grants and Contributions 1,713,311 1,023,934 1,262,551 1,658,370 898,785 Sponsorships 131,587 81,467 20,000 78,370 123,250 Event Income 184,116 114,397 5,130 9,335 158,140 Education Income 681,905 620,443 624,521 916,810 1,021,915 Concert Revenue 1,373,395 1,386,961 3,440 1,290,513 1,492,542 Other Income 100,184 112,009 1,354,694 437,144 593,752 Education Expenses 1,382,548 1,806,030 621,042 966,959 1,015,942 Concert Production 2,541,555 2,016,033 100,576 1,993,824 1,681,389 General Administrative 468,082 189,003 1,134,815 1,026,177 1,588,624 Fundraising 159,679 189,003 74,355 262,351 325,147


22,000 AUDIENCE MEMBERS at Cape Symphony Orchestra concerts

2,000 STUDENTS reached through Young People’s Concerts in Cape Cod schools

$20,000 IN SCHOLARSHIPS awarded to students

3,000 AUDIENCE MEMBERS at Cape Symphony Presents concerts

500 STUDENTS attended Cape Symphony Orchestra concerts for free

60 FAMILIES enrolled in Cape Symphony Preschool

200 STUDENTS enrolled in Cape Symphony education programs

70 STUDENTS in Cape Symphony Youth Orchestra



Donald C. McGraw Foundation

Estate of Robert Jerome Starratt


Bessemer Trust

Cape Cod 5

Charitable Foundation

South Shore Playhouse Associates, Inc.



Gregory Bilezikian

Enoch T. Cobb Trust

John K. and Thirza

F. Davenport Arts Foundation

Leslie-Dustow Fund

Elizabeth B. McGraw Foundation Inc.

Mr. John Meyer

Music Performance Trust Fund

National Development Council

Margaret Nicholson

The High Pointe Foundation

Robert and Candice Barker

Virginia Clarendon

David Bruce Cole

Classical Music

The Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod Fund for the Visual Arts

Mr. Steven Heslinga

Elin Hilderbrand


Bob Madonna

Ms. Julie Mayo

Barbara Murphy

Rockland Trust Charitable Foundation

Seaside Home Care, LLC

Jamie Selldorff

William and Anne Snow

Designated Fund

Janet and Gary Toenniessen

Viking River Cruises

The George R. Wallace Foundation

Wells Fargo Foundation

Christopher and Carol Wilson

Ms. Naomi Zigmond



Arts Foundation of Cape Cod


Backside Bakes

Mr. Richard Banziger

Jill Beardsley and Jeff Foster

Mr. Jeffrey Bilezikian

The Cape Cod Foundation

Cape Cod Heat Pumps LLC

Osteria La Civetta

Tim and Pam Cronin

Mr. John Damon

Mrs. Margaret Davis

Ellen Dickinson

Sally Digges and Jim Arnold

Dunning, Kirrane, McNichols and Garner, L.L.P.

E. J. Jaxtimer Builders, Inc.

The Fab Five of Falmouth

Peter and Virginia Farwell Foundation

Mary French Scholarship Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Gardner

Lee Ann Hesse

Mrs. Susan Johnson and Mr. Theodore Johnson

Mrs. Katherine Parcels

Judith Keller

Judy Keller

Mariah Kelly

David and Susan Kelly

John Leiss

Jeanette Louth

Gail Lowe

Irene Lynch

Robin Macchia


Ms. Dianne Mahoney

Arthur and Joanne Massaro

Mayflower Glass Company Inc.

Mrs. Barbara McGoldrick

Hannelore Meyer

Mr. Frederick Miller

Mr. Day Mount

Murray and MacDonald Insurance Services, Inc.

North Chatham Landscaping

Dale and Georgeann Oates

Georgianna Oliver

Anthony Panebianco

Kathy Parcels

Karina Polk

David and Lee Quincy

Trish Scaltsas Regan

Ron and Evi Rencurrel

Ms. Lilla Robinson

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Robinson

Martha and Max Rubinstein Family Foundation

Bryan Scarpellini

Mr. Robert Schofield

Law Office of Singer and Singer, LLC

Dr. Janet Sisterson

Mrs. Barbara Smith

Dunn and Sons Wine

Lawrence O. Spaulding and Anne Q. Spaulding

St. Regis Hotel

Paul Sullivan

Summersgill Family Fund

Chuck and Jane Tardanico

Mr. Lee Tashjian

Mr. Richard Terry

The Robert and Beth Tobias Charitable Fund

Ms. Ellen Tratt

Mrs. Meridyth Turnbull



Rosemary and Victor Von Schlegell Fund

Wayne Foundation

Nina H. Webber

Mr. John Whelan


Michael and Jessica Albaugh

Mr. Talbot Baker Jr.

Curtis L. Barnes

Paul Blackmore

Linda and Bruce Bohlen

Edgar Bristol

Anne and Kenneth Brock Music Fund

Marilyn M. Bruneau

Buffy’s Ice Cream

Mrs. Eileen Calabrese Case Management Professionals

Natalie Chambers and Ernest Ruber

Lee and Jane Chirgwin Charitable Account

Lucinda Conger

D’Elia and Cavanaugh Attorneys at Law

Mary Monica DiCiaccio Charitable Fund

Ms. Mary Donahue

Liz and Mike Dunning

Mr. Peter Ford

Mr. James Franklin

Alfred Gaechter

Ms. Dorothy Halmstad

Ms. Elizabeth Hammann

Jane and Charles Hanson

Joseph Hoffman and Felicia Penn

James P. Ingram

Herb and Dianne Lerner

Ms. Jolynn Lussier

Ryder and Margaret Martin

Bon Matin

Tom and Judy McCullough

Pamela and Richard McGauley

J Miller, Pictureframer

Dana and Eileen Miskell

Mary K. Morgan Fund of the Cape Cod Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Nelson

Henry and Donna Peterson

Ann and Jack Reeves

Mrs. Harold L. Robinson

David K. Rubin

Ms. Denise Ryan

Sacconnessett Golf Club

Joseph Saliba

Mrs. Georgia Schneider

Odin Smith

Mrs. Jacqueline Stowell

Rev. Nancy W. Strickland

Laura Toy and Lou Duesing

Turtle Rock Christmas Party

The Valle Group

Peri Wentworth

Wequassett Resort and Golf Club

Kimberly and Bruce Williams

Mr. Lee Yaffa

Mr. Roger Zottarelli


Levi C. and Jeanne E. Adams

Alice Adams

Leland Adams

Mrs. Ann Aghababian

Ms. Carolyn Andersen

Arbella Insurance Group Charitable

Marilyn Baader

Walter and Janet Baran

Mr. Richard Bendetson

Consie Berghausen

Judy Bourassa

Gary Bowden

Kathy Brooks

Mr. Peter Brown

Susan Carroll

Britta Cleveland

Charlene Clifford

Peter Cook

Cotuit Harbor Tours

Cotuit Fresh Market

Mrs. Nancy Cudlipp

John and Diddy Cullinane

Tom Daley

The Datu Family

Mrs. Syrel Dawson



Devil’s Purse Brewing Company

Dr. Cameron Dewar

Ramona and Marvin Earley

Cedric Easton

Eventide Theatre Company

Dave Ferraresi

Gerry Filippatos

Five Bays Bistro

Ms. Priscilla French

Friends of Brewster Elders

Doug Fromm

Barbara Gates

Meredith Gilson

Mr. William Gindra

Judith Godin

Lawrence J. and Sue Goodrich

Bruce and Shirley Gordon Giving Fund

Carol E. Hackett

Jason and Ellen Harris

Amy Hatch

Jazz at Lincoln Center

Ken Joy

Dr. H. Walter Kaess

Jerome Karter

Mr. Steven Koehler

Mrs. Julie Kraft

La Mer Concierge LLC

Caroline Lane

Scott Lane

Anne LeClaire

Mr. Michael Lorenz

Mr. Ralph LoVuolo

Susan Mahoney

Helen Malone

LeRoy Malouf


Ginger Mccourt

Patrick Mccullough

Martha McDonald

Jane W. McIntosh

Patricia and Gordon McKean

Courtney and Joanne McMahon

Cathy Milligan

Jodi Monroe

Jayne Mullen-Sampson

Lynn and King Nelson

Ms. Pamela Nelson

Lance and Deborah Neumann

Mrs. Anne Omundsen

Deborah Owen

Judith Palleschi

Joanne Parker

Andrew and Lisa Perkins

Mr. and Mrs. Abdul Raoof

Ellenmarie Rhone

Susan N. Rice

Ms. Lisa Rich

Bill Riley

Mrs. Wendy Rose

Bonnie Rosenthall

Paul and Fay Rossley Fund

Body By Sabrina

Leslie E. Scheer

Gerie Schumann

John Selldorff

Lee Smith and Kristine Herrick

Elizabeth “Sunny” Steadman

Lucy D. Steere

Mark and Barbara Steinkrauss

Elly and James Swartz

Jay and Ruth Tichenor

Mr. and Mrs. James

R. Urban

Joseph and Joan Valle

Scott and Amy Vandersall

Patricia Vigliorolo

Ms. Maureen Vokey

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Wagner

Carolyn Weiss

Mrs. Barbara Wells

Lucy West and Dick Negus

Karen and Dick Whitney

Devon Wolfenden

Ms. Judith Ziss




Jae Cosmos Lee

Concertmaster, The Mary A. and Edward A. Begelow Chair, in perpetuity

Rhiannon Banerdt

Assistant Concertmaster, The Leona and Milton Penn Chair

Heather Goodchild Wade

Principal Second, The Gelsthorpe Family Chair

Xiao Fu

Assistant Principal Second

Olga Bean

Marc Benador

The Marion Jordan Memorial Chair

Deborah Teel Bradley

Benjamin Carson

Melissa Carter

Lawrence Chaplan

Igor Cherevko

Daniel Faris

EmmaLee Holmes-Hicks

Kaede Kobayashi-Kirker

Svitlana Kovalenko

Eun-Mi Lee

Xinran LI

Norma Stiner

Lino Tanaka

Jiuri Yu


Danielle Farina


Assistant Principal Viola Pending Auditions

Sara DeGraide

Susan W. Gable

Lilit Muradyan

Irina Naryshkova

Gabrielle Toscano

Nissim Tseytlin


Jacques Lee Wood Principal

Velleda Miragias

Assistant Principal

Alexander Badalov

Eleanor Blake

Lucas Button

Michael Czitrom

Norma J. Kelley

Elizabeth Schultze


Carion Chu

Principal, The Wick Family Chair, in perpetuity

Peter Walsh

Assistant Principal

John DeMartino

Nathan Varga


Principal Flute Pending Auditions

Wendy Rolfe

Mariellen Sears


Wendy Rolfe


Jillian Honn


Mary Cicconetti

Laura Pardee Schaefer

English Horn

Laura Pardee Schaefer


Mark Miller

Principal, The Pauline and John Sonderegger Chair, in perpetuity

Michael S. Monte

Janice Murphy Smith

Bass Clarinet

Michael S. Monte


Meryl Summers


Rachel Juszczak


Pending Auditions

French Horn

Clark Matthews, Principal, The Willem A. Valkenier Chair, in perpetuity

Emily Buehler

Dave Rufino

Neil Godwin


Principal Harp Pending Auditions


Kyle Spraker Principal, Michael Joseph

Julian Memorial Chair

Tobias Monte

Andrew Moreschi


Robert Hoveland


H. Cully Beasley

George J. Scharr


Jarrod Briley Principal


Pending Auditions

Roland and Dorothy Smith

Memorial Chair, in perpetuity


Paul Gross

Principal, The Newkirk Family Chair

Michael Iadevaia


Donald H. Enos

The Wesley DeLacy Chair

In Memoriam

Music Director Laureate

Royston Nash

Emeriti Musicians

Bonnie Bearse

Violin (1962-2011)

Cynthia Brown

French Horn (1963-2007)

Roy Campbell

Trombone (1968-2016)

Cynthia DeBellis

French Horn (1972-2016)

Lorraine Dilts

Cello (1962-2003)

David Gallagher

Bassoon (1978-2014)

Karen Berger LeMoine

Violin (1975-2008)



Alison Heleen

Clarinet, Saxophone, Ukulele

Ana Glig Piano

Angela Poirier Piano, Voice

Anne Kullas Preschool Director

Betsy Doriss Oboe, Cape Youth Orchestra Coach

Brad Conant Percussion

Chris Morris Piano

Clark Matthews French Horn

Cynthia Weller

Cello, Violin, Suzuki Violin, Viola

Danielle Farina Viola

David Gable

Violin, Cape Youth Orchestra

Dawna Hammers Piano, Voice

Earl Harmon Saxophone

Emily Buehler French Horn

Fred Johnson Piano, Voice

Jacqueline Audas Violin

Joseph Marchio Assistant Conductor

Joseph Scott Guitar, Ukulele

Kyle Spraker

Cape Symphony Youth Orchestra Program Director, Cape Symphony

Principal Trumpet

Larry Smith Preschool

Lary Chaplan Violin

Lauren Lortie Assistant Teacher & Art Specialist

Laurie Uguccioni Piano

Lindsey Teague Teacher Assistant

Maria Rindenello-Spraker Harp

Mariellen Sears Flute

Mark Miller

Conductor & Music Director, Cape Symphony Principal Clarinet

Mark Prall

Percussion Coordinator & Repertory Percussion Conductor

Michelle Chwastiak Dance

Michelle Melby Preschool

Mirela Chisbora Piano

Nick Suchecki Saxophone, Mind-Body Music

Noah Janowicz Cello

Richard Balkin Violin, Viola

Robert Hoveland

Low Brass, Distance Learning

Roger Gamache Saxophone, Bagpipes

Rosemarie Manganello Piano, Voice

Roy Campbell Piano, Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn, Baritone

Stacy Callahan Personnel Manager

Victoria Krukowski Music Librarian

Yoko Waynen Violin, Viola



Dear friends,

2022 | 2023 was a successful year for the Cape Symphony, demonstrating the strength of our mission and resolve of our beloved community. Now, more than ever, we need arts programs to “inspire joy” in our lives. I am proud to lead the Board of Trustees as we strive to strengthen our institution so that our children, grandchildren, and many future generations can enjoy the Cape Symphony Orchestra’s concerts, our education programs and our multitude of community outreach efforts.

Cape Symphony seeks to serve all 15 communities on Cape Cod and the Islands, and I am particularly passionate about diversifying access to our programs. I envision a concert hall that inspires joy for the wide diversity of people who live and work here, not just for the privileged few. I am proud of our programs that provide greater access for students (such as Tix4Music and the Instrument Access Program), and I am eager to work closely with donors and our staff to expand access even further in 2024.

With deep historical roots, Cape Symphony is an innovative organization that seeks to “inspire joy” for everyone on Cape Cod and the Islands. We are also a future-focused organization, making decisions now that ensure long-term sustainability. In a year of transition, Cape Symphony is excited to bring our community together to help shape the future direction of our organization. Cape Symphony ended 2023 in a fiscally healthy position; however, like the rest of our community, rising costs, lack of affordable housing, and concerns about economic stability will continue to challenge us in 2024 and beyond.

I am proud to work with the team of Trustees below to address these challenges head on and discover innovative, sustainable solutions for the future. Join us in this work and help us ensure that Cape Symphony is a beacon of joy on Cape Cod and the Islands for generations to come.

Anthony Panebianco


Anthony Panebianco

Vice Chair

Jayne Mullen-Sampson


Steven Heslinga


Theresa A. Egan

Jill Beardsley

Sherley-Ann Belleus

Maria Campbell

John Damon

Amanda Davis

Ellen Dickinson

Lee Ann Hesse

Henry Holden

Gianna Jonas

Joseph King

Arthur Massaro

John H. Meyer

Day Mount

Margaret Nicholson

Jamie Selldorff

Robert A. Sigel

Nancy Strickland

Jean Sutherland

Lee Tashjian

Christopher S. Wilson

Trustee Emerita

Sally Haven



Executive Director

Dr. Michael Albaugh

Artistic Director & Conductor

Jung-Ho Pak

Executive Assistant & HR Administrator

Lisa Keller

Artistic Administrator

Andrea Meagher

Operations Manager

Alexa Weinberg

Orchestra Personnel Manager

John Fulton


Lucas Goodman

Director of Finance

Duke Bates, Jr.


Lara Forde

Director of Advancement

Charles Turner

Director of Marketing

Lisa Alexander

Box Office Manager & Digital Marketing Specialist

Amie Medieros

Public Relations & Marketing Writer

Ellen Cliggott

Manager, External Affairs

Richard Chwastiak

Manager, Programming & Innovation

Julian Loida

Instruction & Community

Engagement Manager

Assunta “Su” D’Ambrosio

Educational Outreach

Programs Manager

Kyle Spraker

Director of Dance

Michelle Poirier-Chwastiak

Director of Childhood Education

Anne Kullas

Preschool Administrative Assistant

Jacqui Hawk

Box Office Assistants

Nancy Wilde

Sue Sundermeyer


Dianne Francis

Anneli Karniala

Elaine Miller

Matt Newcombe

2235 Iyannough Road, Route 132, West Barnstable, MA 02668 Administrative Offices: 774.470.2282 • Box Office: 508.362.1111

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