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FEM Iron Infusion Center

by Heme On Call launches The Working Women Campaign detecting Low Iron

FEM Iron Infusion Center by Heme On Call knows employers want to keep their working women staff healthy and productive. Under the supervision and pioneer hemeotogist Dr. Steven Fein, The Working Women Campaign comes to your office offering free iron testing for all women in the workplace.

Fem Iron Infusion Center, by Heme On Call, is a telemedicinebased hematology practice focused on women’s health hematology and iron infusions. Call for a same-week hematology telemedicine appointment, 786.567.8310, or visit

By testing working women for iron, your office will improve women's wellbeing and productivity, as well as the development of their babies.

Iron deficiency is the most common nutrient deficiency, but it’s usually not caused by “malnutrition.” The main causes of low iron are menstrual periods and pregnancies. This is why low iron is a “women's health” issue. In fact, 25 percent of all women with periods have very low iron, and 25 percent of all pregnant women have very low iron.

This is a public health problem that affects our world in many ways. It’s a major cause of gender inequality because working women with low iron may not be productive or focused. Women who have low iron attributed to heavy menstrual bleeding may miss work more often than others, so they may miss out on a raise or promotion.

Working women who are pregnant also need to ensure they have enough iron for their pregnancy and their baby. It has been proven that pregnancy outcomes and baby development are affected by having enough iron.

The only way to know whether you have low iron is through blood testing. All women with menstrual periods need iron testing every 1-2 years, and all pregnant women need iron testing before the third trimester. This testing is often not done by doctors unless it’s requested by their patients.

Contact us today to schedule your free Working Women campaign Iron Testing session, please call 305-849-6109.

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Inspire Health welcomes fall with a cover story on United HomeCare, pioneers among providers of high-quality home health and long term health care needs in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties.

Writer Anastasia Iverson explains the facts about the diabetes management drug Ozempic, which is now being widely used as a weight loss medication.

If you have children, you know they need plenty of exercise. Check out our article on how to create opportunities for kids to be active. Do you own a cat or a dog? If so, John Dunnery shares 10 reasons why it’s important to spay or neuter your pet.

Read on; Inspire Health is packed with plenty of information and recipes dedicated to healthy living.

We wish you a fall season full of health and happiness.





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• editor’s letter
GRANT MILLER Publisher MICHAEL MILLER Executive Editor

S I N C E 1 9 8 0 , C O R A L R E E F



h a s b e e n p r o v i d i n g a c o m p r e h e n s i v e l i n e o f m e d i c a l e q u i p m e n t a n d s u p p l i e s f r o m t h e m o s t t r u s t e d m a n u f a c t u r e r s a n d t o p b r a n d s , a t f a i r a n d c o m p e t i t i v e p r i c e s O u r s e l e c t i o n i s t h e m o s t e x t e n s i v e i n t h e a r e a a n d a v a i l a b i l i t y i s m o s t l y i m m e d i a t e .



I n s t e a d o f p u r c h a s i n g s o m e t h i n g y o u w i l l o n l y u s e f o r a s h o r t p e r i o d , w h y n o t l e a s e i n s t e a d ? W e h a v e w h e e l c h a i r s , h o s p i t a l b e d s , l i f t c h a i r s a n d m o r e a t a r e a s o n a b l e r a t e C a l l u s f o r m o r e d e t a i l s a t 3 0 5 - 2 5 3 - 9 8 1 9

V i s i t u s a t 1 4 3 0 7 S D i x i e H i g h w a y , M i a m i F L , 3 3 1 5 7

O u r s t o r e h o u r s a r e : M o n d a y - F r i d a y f r o m 9 : 0 0 a m u n t i l 5 : 0 0 p m S a t u r d a y f r o m 1 0 : 0 0 a m u n t i l 4 : 0 0 p m

Incontinence Products

Compression socks

Rollators & Walkers

Home Care Beds

Daily Living Aids



Wound Care


Find your groove for healthy aging

While September celebrates Healthy Aging Month, it’s not only for maturing adults. People of all ages can focus on their health and take steps to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Kick-start a new season and commit to renewing your overall health. It’s the perfect time to make a plan to improve yourself physically, socially, and mentally. In addition to an annual preventive wellness checkup, Sanitas Medical Center offers tips to motivate you to take action:


Move more, sit less. Choose something fun like cycling, walking, dancing, swimming, or Zumba. Physical activity helps control blood pressure, can help prevent heart disease and stroke, and can possibly lower your risk for depression, anxiety, and conditions like certain cancers and Type 2 diabetes.

National recommendations are 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity per week and two days of musclestrengthening training. That’s only 20 minutes every day, or about an hour a day three days a week.

Get motivated. Check out free apps and websites, including online classes, inperson exercise classes and health-related webinars at The American Heart Association and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention websites also offer ways to join a walking club or provide physical activity ideas for those with a disability.


Cut back on salt. A sodium-rich diet has been linked to high blood pressure, stroke, and heart attack—all good reasons to not overly salt your food. Adding more fiber to your diet can help lower cholesterol, control your blood sugar, and help maintain

good digestive health. Often you can find certain medical providers, like Sanitas, that offer nutrition planning and can help customize meal plans when you become a patient.


Volunteer. Bring happiness into your life by focusing on others. Volunteer your time and expertise to kids, animals, arts and culture, education or other opportunities that are of interest to you. Check out ways to help in your community or online at, United Way, Red Cross, or many others.

Find or rekindle a new passion. Think about what you like to do. Pick some activities where you might meet new friends, such as a cooking or dance class, or a reading or travel group. Studies show that people with hobbies have better physical health, get more and better sleep, have lower stress, and are happier overall. Get a dog. If you don’t have one, get one, and walk. You’ll be amazed how many people you’ll meet through your dog. Can’t have one? Check your local humane society to see if they need dog walkers.


Be realistic. Learn to say no and don’t overwhelm yourself with a to-do list. Keep your mental health in check with Sanitas Medical Center’s BeWell program— especially if you’re dealing with stress, insomnia, depression, or anxiety.

Healthy Aging Month helps bring attention to maturing gracefully. But healthy living takes change––and every little bit counts. Think of it as steps to a path of rejuvenation and enlightenment.

For professional health and wellness services, Sanitas operates over 40 multiservice medical centers in Florida and a 24/7 virtual medical center so you can stay connected to your health wherever you are.

Scan to learn more or become a Sanitas patient
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Ozempic And Weight Loss

What to Know About


Ozempic (generic name: semaglutide) is an FDA-approved medication primarily prescribed to manage blood sugar levels in individuals with type 2 diabetes. While it has shown promise in aiding weight loss, there are important factors to consider for non-diabetic individuals seeking to use Ozempic solely for weight management purposes.


Ozempic belongs to a class of medications called GLP-1 receptor agonists. It helps regulate blood sugar levels by mimicking the actions of glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1), a hormone that stimulates insulin production and reduces appetite. Due to its effectiveness in glycemic control, Ozempic is widely prescribed to manage type 2 diabetes. As a beneficial side effect, some patients experience weight loss while using Ozempic, which has sparked interest in its potential as a weight management tool.


While weight loss may be desirable for many individuals, using Ozempic solely for weight management without a diabetes diagnosis carries certain risks. Ozempic affects various hormonal and metabolic

pathways, which can have unintended consequences for those without diabetes. Furthermore, the drug is not approved by the FDA for weight loss in non-diabetic individuals. Potential side effects and complications, including gastrointestinal issues, pancreatitis and potential disruptions to glucose regulation, need to be carefully considered. It is crucial to consult with a healthcare professional before using Ozempic for weight loss without a diabetes diagnosis.


Limited studies have assessed the long-term effects of Ozempic for weight loss in non-diabetic individuals. While initial weight loss may occur during treatment, research suggests that weight regain is a common occurrence after discontinuation. A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that indi viduals who discontinued Ozempic experienced weight regain, with most participants returning to their baseline

weight within a year. Furthermore, it is important to note that maintaining weight loss is challenging regardless of the method used.

Non-diabetic individuals should approach the use of Ozempic solely for weight loss cautiously. The risks and potential consequences of using this medication without a diabetes diagnosis outweigh the potential benefits. Weight regain is common after discontinuation, emphasizing the importance of adopting sustainable lifestyle changes for long-term weight management. Always consult with a healthcare professional to determine the safest and most appropriate approach to weight loss for your individual circumstances.

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If you’re looking for a simple and delicious low-sodium recipe that is packed with flavor, this Quick Cumin-Spiced Quinoa Salad is just what you need. Bursting with aromatic cumin, vibrant vegetables and hearty quinoa, this recipe offers a satisfying and nutritious dish that is easy to prepare.


• 1 cup cooked quinoa (cooled)

• 1 cup cherry tomatoes, halved

• 1 cup cucumber, diced

• 1/4 cup red onion, finely chopped

• 2 tbsp fresh parsley, chopped

• 1 tbsp fresh lemon juice

• 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

• 1 tsp ground cumin

• Salt-free Mrs. Dash Original Flavor


 In a large bowl, combine the cooked quinoa, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, red onion and fresh parsley.

 In a separate small bowl, whisk together the fresh lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil and ground cumin until well combined. If desired, add a sprinkle of salt-free seasoning blend for additional flavor.


 Taste the salad and adjust the seasoning if needed. You can add more lemon juice or cumin according to your preference.

 Allow the salad to sit for a few minutes to let the flavors meld together. This will also allow the quinoa to absorb the dressing.

 Serve the Cumin-Spiced Quinoa Salad chilled or at room temperature as a refreshing side dish or a light meal on its own.

 Pour the dressing over the quinoa mixture and toss gently to coat all the ingredients evenly.

Note: Feel free to customize the salad by adding other vegetables or toppings of your choice, such as diced bell peppers, sliced avocado or toasted nuts for extra crunch.

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Physical Therapy + Energy Enhancement = Living a Pain Free Life

I am sure most people would agree with the statement, "If you have your health, you have everything." That was something my grandmother used to always tell me and it has stuck in my brain ever since. As a Physical Therapist, my mission is to help people FEEL their best by providing hands-on and one-onone therapy that gives quick pain relief and then teaching them to keep the pain away themselves afterwards. I love empowering people to take their health into their own hands. When people first come into my office, they are often feeling fear, despair, and hopelessness because they think they are going to just have to live with the pain. And after the very first session everyone is hopeful and confident that they can feel better no matter what their MRI shows. Within a session or two the pain has lessened and they are beginning to feel better and better. I love when our clients tell us all the things they are able to do that improves their quality of life. We have so much to celebrate with each little victory such as being able to get on the floor with the grandkids, walk and exercise again pain free, lift their grandchildren up, and go back to the gym.

And now with the addition of the Energy Enhancement System upstairs, we are helping people on an entirely different level, at the cellular level to be exact. The system generates a scalar field which has been scientifically proven to quadruple mitochondria activity in every blood cell, which is like plugging your body into the cosmic light socket since it charges every cell back up to the optimal range of 70-90mv. Cellular charge being optimized is the key to health. When your cells are fully charged they are able to oxygenate your body fully and behave optimally. In essence, the energy healing system enhances cell regeneration, improves circulation and immune function, reduces inflammation in the entire body, provides relief from pain, detoxifies the body, elevates mood, and assists in balancing the left/right brain balance for optimal meditation and sleep states. Basically, the system provides an ideal optimal environment for your body to heal itself. This is why I brought this technology into my center. There is only one other center with this technology in Miami and 250 centers are now open on our planet.


“The EE System has made my sleep so much better. I am no longer waking up in the middle of the night every hour. I fall asleep and stay asleep and as a result I feel great!”- Donna, age 47

“When I go into the bliss room my tremors from the Parkinson’s are gone and I feel 100% better. The brain fog is gone and so is my neuropathy so I am a huge fan.”- Barry, age 74

“I can feel my cells being massaged and charged. I feel such a sense of inner peace.” - Nikki, age 48

9028 SW 152nd Street | Palmetto Bay, FL 33157 | 305.394.6032 | www.AmplifiedHealing.Love 9028 SW 152nd Street Palmetto Bay, FL 33157 305-394-6032 www.AmplifiedHealing.Love
Michele Gust, PT, Owner Amplified Healing


In the realm of breast cancer treatment, immunotherapy has emerged as a groundbreaking approach, revolutionizing the fight against this devastating disease. By harnessing the body’s natural defense system, immunotherapy aims to unlock the potential for a cure in certain patients. In this article, we’ll explore the transformative power of immunotherapy and how it is reshaping the landscape of breast cancer treatment. Join us as we delve into the science, success stories, and future prospects of immunotherapy in combating breast cancer.

Also known as biologic therapy, immunotherapy is a cutting-edge treatment strategy that harnesses the body’s immune system to target and destroy cancer cells. It utilizes a range of approaches, including immune checkpoint inhibitors, cancer vaccines and adoptive cell transfer. In the context of breast cancer, immune checkpoint inhibitors have garnered considerable attention. These

medications work by blocking the proteins that prevent immune cells from attacking cancer cells, enabling the immune system to recognize and eliminate the tumor.

Patients with metastatic triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) have seen remarkable potential with immunotherapy in treating their breast cancer. TNBC, characterized by the absence of estrogen receptor (ER), progesterone receptor (PR), and human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2), is an aggressive form of breast cancer with limited treatment options. Clinical trials have demonstrated that immune checkpoint inhibitors, such as pembrolizumab and atezolizumab, can improve response rates and extend survival in select patients with advanced TNBC.

Immunotherapy has brought newfound hope to breast cancer patients who have exhausted conventional treatment options. While it may not be effective for all breast cancer types or stages, its potential to cure or signifi-

cantly prolong survival in some cases is undeniably inspiring. Ongoing research aims to identify bio-markers and other indicators that can predict patient response to immunotherapy, allowing for personalized treatment plans.

While researchers are exploring combination therapies, such as pairing immune checkpoint inhibitors with chemotherapy or targeted therapies, to enhance treatment effectiveness, immunotherapy continues to evolve and holds promise for the future of breast cancer treatment.

Immunotherapy represents a paradigm shift in breast cancer treatment, unleashing the power of the immune system to combat this formidable disease. While it is not a cure-all for breast cancer, the success stories and ongoing research demonstrate its potential to transform the lives of patients. As the field of immunotherapy continues to advance, we can look forward to further breakthroughs, increased survival rates, and improved quality of life for those battling breast cancer.

Immunotherapy continues to evolve and holds promise for the future of breast cancer treatment.
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If you own a dog or cat, you’ve probably thought about spaying or neutering your pet, although you may not understand all the reasons. Your veterinarian can explain why female pets should be spayed (reproductive organs removed) and male pets neutered (testicles removed).

There are 10 big advantages to arranging the appropriate surgery for your pet.

Pet overpopulation is reduced: The first reason is the most obvious: spaying and neutering prevents your pets from having babies. There are already too many unwanted cats and dogs in America.

Spayed and neutered pets live longer: One study concluded that female cats live more than 50 percent longer if they are spayed and that neutered cats live twice as long as male cats who are intact.

Diseases of the surgically removed organs are eliminated: This is another obvious result. Neutered male pets cannot develop testicular cancer. Spayed female pets cannot have cancer of the ovaries.

Related medical conditions are

reduced: Spaying reduces the incidence of breast tumors and neutering results in a reduction in the likelihood of prostate disease.

Your female pet is less troublesome. Because she doesn’t go into heat, you won’t have to put up with those noisy and messy times in her natural cycle.

Your male pet is more manageable because his testosterone levels are reduced, he’ll be less aggressive and unruly. Also, he won’t exhibit those awkward and annoying mounting behaviors. In addition, he won’t wander as much.

Violent behaviors are reduced: Spayed and neutered animals are less likely to fight with each other and to bite humans.

Your pet is more affectionate: Spayed and neutered animals are more affectionate and docile companions. They are easier to train and more attentive to instructions.

Less damage to furniture and carpeting: Because there is less marking of territory and a reduction in aggressive and unpredictable behavior, your house will need less cleaning and furniture repair.

Civic problems resulting from homeless pets are reduced: Homeless pets cost towns and cities money and work-hours. By spaying and neutering your pet, you help to reduce this burden.

Spaying and neutering doesn’t solve all pet-related problems: Neutered males still have testosterone that may result in undesirable behaviors. Also, keep in mind that these surgical interventions can have certain negative effects. For instance, a neutered pet may become overweight if he eats the same amount but is less active.

Spaying or neutering your pet is beneficial for your pet, your household

and your community. Ask your veterinarian about the best time to have the procedure performed.

          pets
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A Primary Care Physician Who Truly Cares Ramon Leon, MD:

When it comes to your health, you want a doctor who is knowledgeable, caring, and available when you need them. Look no further than Dr. Leon, a primary care physician who exemplifies all of these qualities and more.

Dr. Leon has extensive knowledge in a wide range of medical fields, including internal medicine, pediatrics, and geriatrics. With over 30 years of experience in the medical field, he has seen it all and is equipped to handle any health issue that may arise. His expertise is matched by his caring staff, who go above and beyond to make patients feel comfortable and at ease during their appointments.

One of the things that makes Dr. Leon such a popular choice for primary care is that he accepts Medicare Advantage plans. This is a major benefit for those on a fixed income who may not be able to afford high medical bills. Dr. Leon believes that everyone should have access to quality healthcare, and he is committed to making that a reality for all of his patients.

Another thing that sets Dr. Leon apart from other primary care physicians is the great reviews he has received from his patients. Many rave about his thoroughness and attention to detail, as well as his ability to explain complex medical issues in a way that is easy to understand. Patients also appreciate the fact that he never rushes appointments, taking the time to listen to their concerns and provide personalized care.

In addition to his extensive knowledge and caring staff, Dr. Leon also offers convenient office hours. He understands that many people have busy schedules or emergencies that need immediate attention. For this reason, he is open before 9:00AM and often stays after hours during the week so that patients can get the care they need at a time that works for them.

If you are looking for a primary care physician who truly cares about your health and well-being, look no further than Dr. Leon. His extensive knowledge, caring staff, great reviews, timely appointments, and acceptance of Medicare Advantage plans make him a top choice for anyone in need of quality healthcare.

Ramon Leon MD

7000 SW 62nd Ave Suite #210

South Miami, FL 33134 Office: 786-798-8292

Sponsored By:

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in your spine, knees, shoulders, and hips?

Meet Dr. Ram n Castellanos, a distinguished practitioner with over two decades of expertise in regenerative medicine. Utilizing the power of stem cells, Dr. Castellanos o ers a groundbreaking alternative to surgery, e ectively alleviating pain and delivering enduring relief.

Ё No side e ects

Ё Ideal for patients over 50

Ё More than 25,000 successful cases

Ё A single procedure that takes 10 to 45 minutes

Ё You can return to your normal life the next day



We are the leaders in the USA in the application of stem cell and biologics in Orthopedics since 2004. 6295 Sunset Dr. South Miami, FL 33143 1 HOUR CENTER PROCEDURE TAKES LESS THAN usastemcell

There’s just no place like home.

United HomeCare is Your Solution For Your Home Health and Long-Term Care Needs

There is a misnomer that in this community you either have to be well-off or dirt poor to receive home health care services, yet it is not that way at United HomeCare.

Celebrating 50 years as a trusted leader and pioneer in home health care improving the lives of older adults, disabled adults, and their family caregivers, UHC is committed to helping seniors to continue living independently at home for as long as possible with proven quality of life solutions delivered in the comfort of their home or in home settings.

UHC can address your immediate needs and assist you to qualify for a myriad of programs and services. UHC offers a variety of programs and works with a full spectrum of payor sources including Medicare, Medicaid, Managed Long Term Care Plans, and state, federal, and locally funded programs. The organization also works with private long-term care insurers and, as a non-profit organization, solicits charitable contributions and funding to further expand its service capabilities.

They are uniquely positioned to assist older adults and family caregivers offering a variety of programs and services to provide seniors with access-to-care that they may not be able to get while on the wait list for home and communitybased or long-term care programs. These services include homemaker, personal care, emergency alert devices, consumable medical supplies, home delivered meals, nutrition counseling and meals, respite, and family caregiver support and counseling services. They can even help you with your light bill. They specialize in Alzheimer’s disease and dementia related disorders and provide seniors and their family caregivers with added value services including computer. tablets and training delivered by volunteers through its nationally recognized and certified Intergenerational Volunteer Program Model designated a Generations United Program of Distinction and selected as an intergenerational program model by National Community Care Corps.

United HomeCare® is your solution and the best choice for older adults.

UHC ranked the #1 Community Care for the Elderly (CCE) Lead Agency in Miami-Dade County and has been consecutively designated since 1979 for its exceptional quality programs and services. This comes as no surprise to

Participants of UHC’s Caregiver Support Group facilitated by Guadalupe Rodriguez, LCSW-MPH

Maria Elena is just one of over 3,000 clients who depend on UHC to provide them with the care they need in the comfort of their home and is also benefiting from access-to-technology and training. Currently a client, she was also a family caregiver taking care of her husband until he passed away. UHC's Caregiver Support Group led by LCSW Guadalupe Rodriguez was a lifeline to her. Maria Lydia, a senior herself and octogenarian, featured on the front page, is one of UHC’s amazing intergenerational volunteers who give of their time to make a difference in the lives of older adults. Olga represents UHC’s experienced and dedicated Home Health Aides and goes above and beyond to serve UHC’s clients and families.

those benefiting from UHC’s services who appreciate their dedication and commitment to their clients.

For both clients and managed care plans seeking exceptional quality care, United HomeCare® (UHC) is the “Premier Agency” providing home and community-based solutions for their home health and long-term care needs. UHC is a licensed Medicare and Medicaid Certified Home Health Agency with a 4.5 Star Quality Rating by and is CHAP accredited. UHC also contracts with all state managed long term care plans to provide home health services in Miami-Dade and Broward counties.

Older adults transitioning to one of the state managed care long term care plans, can choose UHC as their home care services provider regardless of the plan they choose. These plans include Aetna, Florida Community Care, Humana, Molina, Simply Healthcare, Sunshine, and United Healthcare.

National surveys have shown that older adults prefer to age in place, gracefully with dignity in familiar surroundings, underscoring the fact that “There’s just no place like home.” “This is not just United HomeCare’s tagline, it’s an integral part of its corporate DNA,” said Carlos Martinez, UHC President and CEO.

UHC knows that the quality of UHC staff and volunteers is key to best-in-class care.

As one of the largest home health and community care organizations in Florida, with a staff of more than 1,145 employees and volunteers (not independent contractors), UHC serves over 3,500 clients in Miami-Dade and Broward counties. Staff, leadership, and volunteers work in teams with great compassion to carry out the organization’s mission of caring enabling older and disabled adults to live comfortably at home. Clients and their families will receive personal attention delivered by licensed professionals from skilled nurses, case managers, licensed clinical social workers, home health care aides, to registered dietitians. All staff and volunteers are AHCA Level II (criminal) background screened and vetted for clients’ and families’ safety and peace of mind. UHC staff are also trained to provide care to persons with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias.

For more information about the services and opportunities United HomeCare® offers or about Home and Community-Based and Long-Term Care programs, call 305.716.0710 or visit

Photos by Denise Cebrero Photography


Allergic Rhinitis (Hay Fever)



Breathing Difficulties

Chronic Cough

Contact Dermatitis

Drug Allergy


Food Allergy

Insect Allergy

Oral Allergy Syndrome

Pet Allergy

Pollen, Mold & Dust Mite Allergy


Urticaria (Hives)


Asthma Management

Drug Allergy Testing

Ear Lavage

Food Allergy Testing

Immunotherapy (Allergy Shots)

Insect Allergy Testing

Patch Allergy Testing for Contact Dermatitis

Penicillin Testing

Pulmonary Function Test (PFT)

Skin Allergy Testing

Sublingual Immunotherapy (Allergy Drops)




PH. 305-279-3366 KENDALL PH. 305-932-3252 AVENTURA PH. 305-445-9422 CORAL GABLES PH. 305-255-4868 PALMETTO BAY PH. 305-223-8919 KENDALL REGIONAL PH. 305-362-7762 HIALEAH/MIAMI LAKES PH. 305-388-0078 WEST KENDALL PH. 305-538-8339 MIAMI BEACH PH. 305-245-1100 HOMESTEAD PH. 305-945-4131 NORTH MIAMI BEACH MIAMI DADE OFFICES 1.877.4.ALLERGY MAKE AN APPOINTMENT TODAY (1-877-4-255-3749)

A local home-grown agency with almost 20 years of experience providing home health care services to patients within the Miami-Dade county community. Advantis Home Care is led by a powerful and empathetic administrative team, that has experienced professional change, personnel loss, and industry regimes with grace and gratitude, while never losing site of the patient-first concept. The team at Advantis Home Care takes a personal approach towards every patient making sure that the underlying philosophy of “doing good with good” is followed. Our patients are sick or elderly and fragile, sometimes even lonely. We are responsible not only for providing them with the prescribed services, but giving them the attention and respect that they deserve. This is an industry where sometimes the rise in quantity can cause a loss in quality, but at Advantis Home Care the owner still answers the on-call phone to help provide the personal interaction and attention that patients and families deserve, that then trickles down to every layer of the business.

Home Health Care is an opportunity for patients to be taken care of in their own homes, where they are comfortable and more capable of reaching their daily goals. This is a continuum of care established to prevent hospitalization and keep patients and their families comfortable and educated on their care. One on one service is fundamental and has proven to be effective for post discharged patients and open communication and collaborations with referring physicians and hospital teams keeps the patient receiving the pro-active care that is vital to their ultimate outcome. Although COVID changed our industry and we faced some great challenges, our standard of care remained intact, and that team perseverance and flexibility is what proudly defines us today. Advantis Home Care is here when you can’t be with empathy and professionalism always.

8801 SW 132nd St Miami, Florida 33176 Telephone: 305-504-5979 |
President Jessica M. Tagle

RevitaMaxx Gets You Back to Your True Self with Body and Mind Optimization

It’s time for summer fun and looking good. Poolside parties and hanging at the beach in close fitting tees and swimwear – let’s go! But for many people, it’s more like a no-go because they feel they’ve missed the boat on improving how they look and feel.

“Sometimes we put off decisions in life by letting life get in the way,” says Chris Forry, Founder of RevitaMaxx, “It’s understandable, we’ve all been there – however, it’s never too late to start living the life you truly want and deserve.”

But first, he says, you have to seriously ask yourself, “am I really going to do it this time?”

If you’re ready to commit, then RevitaMaxx is ready to partner with you by providing an individualized program that focuses on weight management, anti-aging, IV/vitamin therapy, and hormone therapy, and much more.

“Or if you are truly committed, jump into the pool with both feet, and take on all of the above – all at once – and together we will set a course to change your life,” Forry says.

Concierge-Style Services

Specializing in cutting-edge body and mind optimization, Coral Gables-based RevitaMaxx is a leading provider of concierge-based therapies and services that revitalize, refresh, and rebalance. Committed to discretion, professionalism, and compassion, the RevitaMaxx team of medically supervised experts collaborate closely with each client to identify the most effective course of action tailored to their unique requirements.

“We are committed to providing the highest quality care to those who utilize our services by using the latest in pharmacological treatments,” Forry adds, “while ensuring that recommended treatments are aligned with each client’s individual health needs.

“We’re here to closely guide you, because your success is our success.”

Four Step-Plan for Success

STEP 1 - RevitaMaxx deploys a proven, multi-step process that begins by defining your goals, and then evaluating your current and past medical history.

STEP 2 - Next, you need to know what’s going on with your body – establish a baseline of sorts. Here we conduct an in-depth panel of labs to get an up-to-date and accurate understanding of your body.

STEP 3 - Upon reviewing your lab work, we devise a custom protocol for you, after gaining medical clearance from our in-house staff of physicians.

STEP 4 - Begin your protocol – and get ready for the change you deserve.

Additional Therapies & Services

In addition to protocols that include the use of GLP-1, or Glucagon-like Peptide 1, a medication that has recently gained attention due to its proven ability to aid in weight loss, RevitaMaxx offers a variety of therapies and specialty services:

 Cellular Regeneration

 Injury Recovery

 Steroid Abuse Treatment

 Peptide Therapy

 Fat Loss

 Build Muscle Mass

 Slow Down Signs of Aging

 Improve Wound Healing & Joint Recovery

 Sexual Health

 Hair Growth

 Skin Health

 Improve State of Mind

“Most people want to lose weight and rebalance themselves because they want to look or feel better, while others only take action when health problems emerge,” says Forry. Either way, as with all programs administered by RevitaMaxx, diet and exercise are key to improving the mind, body, and soul.

“Now, at your next poolside gathering or party at the beach, you’ll be showing up as your best self!”

To request a consultation or for more information, visit or call 305-807-8771. RevitaMaxx is located at 315 Palermo Ave., Coral Gables Fl, 33134.


Blanky Haddad, CEO of the Forever Young Skin & Hair Spas, currently owns and operates 6 spa locations in South Florida. A tireless executive and entrepreneur, Blanky manages a staff of 90 employees. An incredibly beautiful, bright, hard working and very creative individual, Blanky has developed her own hair line and nail products that make her spas unique.

Aside from her product line, Blanky’s Forever Young Spas are well regarded in the Miami area for all their services. Blanky shares, “By offering special hours that make treatments affordable and time convenient, we strive to give our clients great customer service & excellence when it comes to pampering and making each one look and feel fabulous!”

Blanky’s superior nail products last longer than any other. She formulated a gel topcoat more than 10 years ago that lasts two weeks or more while protecting the nail bed and promoting growth.

At Forever Young Skin & Hair Spas, it only takes one visit to become a fan of Blanky and her spas’ quality products, services and experienced technicians. The spas are open 7 days a week, 8:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. and take appointments as well as walk-ins. Follow Forever Young Skin & Hair Spa’s Instagram for ongoing specials and call today for that $30 mani pedi special.

Entrepreneur Blanky Haddad shares her unique style and product line with South Florida Come visit any of our magnificent locations. 1-800-379-6347 | 4everyoungshs forever young skin and hair spas $30 MANI/PEDI by mentioning this ad. Good at any location. 9540 SW 40th ST 33165 1947 W 60th ST 33012 4100 Salzedo ST #16 33146 14465 SW 42nd ST 33175 10 SE 4th RD #26 33030 349 Miracle Mile 33134
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Autism, ABA Therapy and Monarch All Health’s Approach to Treatment

Monarch All Health is a healthcare provider in South Florida providing services in all areas of mental health for all ages, while also specializing in treating children under the age of five years old with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). They offer comprehensive services for individuals with ASD, including diagnostic evaluations, individualized treatment plans, and ongoing support.

One treatment they offer ASD patients is Analytical Behavioral Analysis (ABA), a scientifically validated and evidence-based therapy that focuses on understanding and modifying behavior through the application of behavioral principles. It is widely recognized as one of the most effective treatments for individuals with autism.

Analytical Behavioral Analysis (ABA) is a therapeutic approach that aims to improve socially significant behaviors by systematically analyzing and modifying environment

variables. It is based on the principles of behaviorism, which emphasize the role of learning in shaping behavior. ABA focuses on identifying the underlying causes of behavior and implementing strategies to promote positive changes.

When treating children with autism using ABA, Monarch All Health follows a structured and individualized approach. The treatment process typically involves the following steps:

1. Assessment: The first step in assisting children in obtaining ABA therapy services, is to begin with a diagnostic assessment. This assessment includes gathering information about the child's developmental history, strengths, challenges, and specific areas of concern. Various assessment tools and techniques may be used to gather data and establish baseline measures. At Monarch All Health this initial diagnostic assessment is completed by a Licensed Psychologist.

2. Treatment: Once a diagnosis is obtained by the Licensed Psychologist, a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) then completes another assessment, focused on building a treatment plan for the patient. A BCBA is a

highly trained and qualified behavioral analyst. They directly assess the child and work with the parents to obtain an individualized Treatment Plan. Once the assessment is complete, specific goals are established based on the individual needs of the child. These goals are designed to target areas of development that require improvement, such as communication skills, social interaction, self-help skills, or academic abilities.

3. Individualized Treatment Plan: Once the individualized Treatment Plan is created by the BCBA, a Registered Behavioral Technician (RBT) works directly with the child, in the home, community, or at the school, implementing this customized treatment plan. This plan will outline the specific strategies and interventions that will be implemented to address the targeted behaviors or skills. The treatment plan may include a combination of teaching techniques, reinforcement strategies, and behavior management strategies.

4. Data Collection and Analysis: Throughout the treatment process, data is collected to monitor progress and evaluate the effectiveness of interventions. This data helps in making informed decisions about modifying or adjusting the treatment plan as needed. The analysis of data allows for ongoing assessment of the child's progress and ensures that interventions are tailored to their specific needs.

5. Parent Involvement: Monarch All Health recognizes the importance of involving parents in the treatment process. They provide training and support to parents, equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to reinforce targeted behaviors at home and generalize skills across different settings.

6. Collaboration with Other Professionals: Monarch All Health emphasizes collaboration with other professionals

involved in the child's care, such as speech therapists, occupational therapists, or educators. This multidisciplinary approach ensures a comprehensive and integrated treatment plan that addresses all aspects of the child's development.

Monarch All Health structures and monitors individual progress, aiming to improve socially significant behaviors and enhance overall quality of life for individuals with ASD.

According to the Monarch All Health Cofounder and Clinical Director Dr. Rina S. Santiago-Guia, "Figuring out how to obtain ABA therapy services can be a very daunting and confusing process for many parents. At Monarch All Health we help to lessen this stress by providing all services needed in order to obtain the ABA therapy in one place: the Licensed Psychologist completes the necessary evaluation to provide the diagnosis which is then given to our Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). Our BCBA further assesses the patient who then works with the Registered Behavior Therapist (RBT) that lastly provides the ABA therapy services."

Dr. Santiago-Guia and a Team of over 30 professional clinicians provide mental health services, psychological evaluations, medication management, speech therapy, and ABA Therapy. Monarch All Health accepts most insurances providing in-person and tele-health visits reaching and helping families throughout the State of Florida.

For more information: 786-521-5925 or visit




Be Strong International, an awardthat serves youth and families in South Florida, coordinated a two-chapter Back to School Strong Initiatives throughout the months of July and August 2023. The purpose of these events was to help as many youths as possible to start the school year strong and well equipped. On one end, Be Strong International coordinated a successful backpack packing event with donated their time to put together more than 1,000 bookbags full of quality school supplies. Thereafter, Be Strong International partnered with several institutions, such as Miami-Dade County Parks and local churches, to distribute these backpacks to youth and families living in high-need areas, such as Goulds, West Perrine and Richmond Heights.

During the packing event, there were several community leaders in attendance including Mayor of Palmetto Bay: Karyn Cunningham,Vice Mayor of Palmetto Bay: Leanne Tellam, Miami-Dade Public School Board Member: Luisa Santos and many others. This once-in-a-year event was

liberty to buy new school supplies for the upcoming school year. The energy in the room was inspiring as everyone gathered

time to help kids and teenagers start the new school year strong.


important for us to join forces with other local community leaders and work together to provide all the tools and resources necessary to see the children from underserved communities thrive”, said Michelle Shirley, CEO & Chief Heart


Monika Sanchez,

(305) 969-7829 ext.

Nathalia Tasama,

(305) 969-7829 ext.

Be Strong International Hosted Remarkable Back-to-School Strong Events

Events Included: Volunteer Packing & Distribution of over 1,000 Backpacks Filled with Supplies.

prices continue to rise and resources become less available, families in neglected communities are having to purchase bookbags and numerous school supplies for their children amid uncertain times. It is our job as community champions to step up and provide these resources to those who need it most,” concluded Shirley.

Miami, FL, August 11th, 2023 - Be Strong International, an award-winning non-profit organization that serves youth and families in South Florida, coordinated a two-chapter Back to School Strong Initiatives throughout months of July and August 2023. The purpose of these events was to help as many youths as possible to the school year strong and well equipped. On one end, Be Strong International coordinated a successful backpack packing event with more than 100 volunteers, who selflessly donated their time to put together than 1,000 bookbags full of quality school supplies. Thereafter, Be Strong International partnered with several institutions, such as Miami-Dade County Parks and local churches, to distribute these backpacks to youth families living in high-need areas, such as Goulds, West Perrine and Richmond Heights.

During the packing event, there were several community leaders in attendance including Mayor of Palmetto Karyn Cunningham, Vice Mayor of Palmetto Bay: Leanne Tellam, Miami-Dade Public School Board Member: Luisa Santos and many others. This once-in-a-year event was arranged to directly benefit youth and families who might not have the financial liberty to buy new school supplies for the upcoming school year. The energy the room was inspiring as everyone gathered for a great cause, selflessly dedicating their time to help kids teenagers start the new school year strong.

free backpack distribution shared her thoughts: “As a single mom of four, it is

doing things like this for us”, she said. “It is really such a big help as I’m struggling to make ends meet and school supplies are not cheap, especially with four kids. We are so happy that they all got new backpacks and school supplies so they can start school feeling ready with all the materials they need”.

at or Nathalia Tasama at


“As a local organization, it was important for us to join forces with other local community leaders and together to provide all the tools and resources necessary to see the children from underserved communities thrive”, said Michelle Shirley, CEO & Chief Heart Officer of Be Strong International. “As prices continue to and resources become less available, families in neglected communities are having to purchase bookbags numerous school supplies for their children amid uncertain times. It is our job as community champions to up and provide these resources to those who need it most,” concluded Shirley.

Be Strong International is an

One of the beneficiaries of these free backpack distribution shared her thoughts: “As a single mom of four, so incredible to see local organizations doing things like this for us”, she said. “It is really such a big help as struggling to make ends meet and school supplies are not cheap, especially with four kids. We are so happy they all got new backpacks and school supplies so they can start school feeling ready with all the materials need”.

Thanks to the generosity of the sponsors and the compassionate spirit of the volunteers, these events were a

Thanks to the generosity of the sponsors and the compassionate spirit of the volunteers, these events were celebration of giving, while seeing first-hand the tremendous impact that is being made in the lives of youth families all throughout local communities in need. The Back-to-School Strong 2023 events were made possible

hand the tremendous impact that is being made in the lives of youth and families all throughout local communities in need. The Back-to-School Strong 2023 events

support of our main sponsors T-Mobile, Mosquito Joe, The Children’s Trust, and the Peacock Foundation.

For more information and updates, follow Be Strong International on social media @bestrongintl or through their website

For inquiries about the Back-toSchool Strong Event 2023 or to arrange

that provides holistic educational services and resources to families in Broward and Miami-Dade counties, bringing them from brokenness to wholeness by helping them develop healthy relationships and positive life skills. Founded in 1992 by Mrs. Althea McMillan, a retired MiamiDade County Public Schools teacher, it is now led by Michelle Shirley, CEO

International’s Heart Skillstm programs teach families how to make better decisions about relationships, money, work, and family life. In addition, Be Strong International partners with other institutions to offer events that will directly help the communities it serves, such as food drives and backto-school supply drives. Known for its transformational workplace culture, Be Strong International has been selected as one of the Best Places to Work by the South Florida Business Journal.

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Be Strong On The Block (BSOTB) is an intensive care coordination program designed to counterbalance characteristics associated with family dysfunction. It provides comprehensive and individualized support, at no cost, for children, youth, and families residing in Goulds or Richmond Heights to help participants move from brokenness to wholeness.


Following a positive screening and assessment results, BSOTB will connect families with referral services to:

Education support



Tutoring services

Parenting classes


(305) 969.7829 ext. 114

Legal services


GED assistance


After-school programs

Mental health counseling

Contact us or scan for more information.

We welcome adults and children of all abilities. MOVING COMMUNITIES UPWARD! 41 INSPIRE HEALTH
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TIME TO TAKE CARE OF YOU! | (786) 418-0089 Most insurances accepted | Sliding fee income based payment scale for uninsured Primary Care Pediatrics Behavioral Health Dental Vision Urgent Care OB/GYN Pharmacy Radiology Telehealth Transportation Our services include: SCHEDULE YOUR NEXT VISIT! CHI’s 13 health centers offer high-quality, compassionate care for you and your family
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