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Imagine the creative possibilities.

SVP Worldwide - the world’s largest consumer sewing machine company doing business through its affiliated companies in over 190 countries.

With a celebrated history of superior design and engineering, PFAFF® delivers precision and customization to the most demanding sewists and quilters.

Renowned for best in class quality and unique Swedish innovations, HUSQVARNA® VIKING® has spread the joy of sewing for over 150 years.

Since 1851, SINGER® has been dedicated to helping people express themselves through the craft of sewing. The spirit of practical design and creative innovation continues after 170 years.

A few of the benefits to becoming an independent dealer with SVP Worldwide:

• The selling power of well-established, innovative brands – over 160 years!

• National advertising and multi-media promotional materials for local use.

• Complimentary product and business training.

• SVP University—eLearning. Online Product and Sales training.

• Access to consumer financing packages with special discount rates.

• Ongoing educational support through conventions and regional dealer meetings.

Singer, the Cameo “S” Design, Design, and Elite are trademarks of The Singer Company Limited S.a.r.l. or its Affiliates. © 2022 The Singer Company Limited S.a.r.l. or its Affiliates. PFAFF, PFAFF PERFECTION STARTS HERE, VIKING, EPIC, DESIGNER EPIC, CREATIVE ICON and PERFORMANCE ICON are trademarks of KSIN Luxembourg II, S.a.r.l. HUSQVARNA and the “H” Crown Device are trademarks of Husqvarna AB and are used under license. ©2021 KSIN Luxembourg II, S.a.r.l. All rights reserved
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Computerized Sewing Machine Elite | CE677
Sewing Machine
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Countertop hardware: Payment processing is all about flexibility these days. So Heartland supplies the hardware (or integrations to current hardware and software) needed for merchants to accept a wide variety of payment types. This ensures purchases can be made quickly and securely, regardless of the point of sale platform used.

Mobile: Turn your customer’s smartphone or tablet into a payment terminal with a simple app and card reader. The app is compatible with iOS and Android phones and tablets and Amazon tablets. Heartland Mobile Pay also includes a companion merchant web portal, which provides access to reporting and administrative features.

Online: Heartland Ecommerce is a full-service web platform that allows merchants to set up an online web store for ordering, selling products and collecting consumer payments using the familiar “shopping cart” functionality.

Bill payments: With bill payments, merchants can send invoices online, offer customers the ability to pay online (using a Heartland-hosted web page) and even allow their customers to setup recurring payments. Payments can be submitted by credit card, debit card or ACH payment.


Heartland takes the pain out of payroll with customizable employee payment, integrated timekeeping and tax reporting solutions. Application management, as well as new hire compliance and onboarding, are also part of the offering. When it comes to other HR matters like guidance, labor law posters and forms, Heartland provides merchants with support to navigate complex topics.

Point of Sale

Heartland delivers a variety of POS solutions, including specialized platforms for restaurants, retailers and more. These platforms also offer merchants access to other tools and apps like inventory management and timekeeping.

Customer Engagement

Cultivating loyalty: To help merchants cultivate long-term loyalty and maximize customer value, Heartland offers gift card and rewards programs. Merchants can also make use of Heartland’s email marketing tools to help them drive traffic to their stores, and turn more customers into buyers.

Understanding customers: Heartland’s analytics solutions help merchants analyze whether marketing and advertising dollars are being spent effectively by allowing them to view reports with customer breakdowns by postcode, the effect of weather on store traffic and comparisons with competitors.

Keeping the conversation going: Heartland has tools that allow merchants to manage their social media accounts and online reviews, enabling them to respond to issues and reply in real time.


Heartland has partnered with the nation’s largest small business loan marketplace to give merchants unprecedented access to capital. Heartland Capital’s free 15-minute application gets merchants matched to small business loan options from 75+ leading lenders. Upon selecting the perfect loan for your business, you can get funded in as little as 24 hours.

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a letter from the publisher

It’s finally here! Inspire. Our newly imagined quarterly magazine for the create + clean industry, and association readers.

P.S. Save the Date!

Our NEW Inspire. Night will be the evening of April 12, 2023, at the Vacuum and Sewing Dealers Trade Show and Convention. Plan to join in an evening of networking and Inspire. related programs and projects.

Inspire. is not your usual trade magazine. We are digital first (check out the fun links in this launch issue!). Our stories and articles are selected to Inspire. And give you, the reader, an insider “pull back the curtain” view on the people, places, passions, and products that fuel this talented creative industry (we are family). This new publication has been a while in development, as we researched what is important and relevant to our audience. We learned that retailers and suppliers alike crave inspiration, as do the newcomers entering into our industry. We are thrilled to launch Inspire. Be sure to let us know what you would like to see in future issues. If you would like to contribute–we’d love to hear your ideas.

Here we go. We are SO happy you are here!



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• Welcome Box, plus f ree d e sig n to promote your club

• Digit al Dealer E xclusive s Por t al

Annual Registration Fee

• Recog nized on K imber bell Sho p Loc ator

For complete program details with project images, visit


G’s Giving Gowns

Over the past couple years we’ve witnessed some wonderful acts of communities coming together, finding ways to be connected from anywhere in the world, providing love and support. Not only are we finding new ways to be connected, many have discovered new hobbies and interests that they might not have found before. What magic happens when you combine a new hobby with that love and support?

When Giuliana Demma’s 10-month-old cousin was diagnosed with pediatric cancer, she noticed that the hospital gowns she wore were neutral yellows and greens, not seeming very cheery and bright. Giuliana had an idea and reached out to a seamstress on Facebook, asking for some help making fun and kid-friendly gowns.

After learning how to sew, thanks to a fashion camp in the summer of 2020 and receiving her first sewing machine for her 10th birthday, Giuliana launched G’s Giving Gowns. She wanted to bring some joy and familiarity to children who are in the hospital. Giuliana thought that if little warriors that were fighting cancer could wear a custom hospital gown that was sewn with love then it would help make their time in the hospital a bit easier. She has now taken the reins, and delivers gowns to as many children as she can.

With friends and family who volunteer their time, and the ability to welcome volunteers from all over the country, Giuliana continues to be able to provide extraordinary outreach with over 795 gowns donated and counting. You can request an individual gown through her website, or bulk orders to

bring collections of gowns to hospitals and foundations. It is an impressive feat to start a charitable giving program at any age, but especially at age 12!

Giuliana relayed that one of the biggest challenges she faced was starting this project in 2021 because hospitals had strict lockdown policies. Some hospitals were reluctant to take donated items from


community members. She reached out and found Image First Healthcare Laundry Specialists located in Clifton, NJ, to sanitize each gown and make them hospital ready. Now each gown is sanitized before sending to make sure it is as safe as possible for the patients.

Looking through the pictures of the gowns she has made and sent, it’s easy to see how something like a favorite character can brighten someone’s day. A Minnie Mouse fabric print or a dinosaur pattern can provide a ray of sunshine. Not only do these patterns brighten up the tiny fighter’s day, but wearing something that fits in their size helps them be more comfortable through an already difficult situation.

Giuliana’s story is a perfect example of how creative sewing skills can be used to make magic happen. She took a small, thoughtful idea and is now making big changes with it. If you would like to help assist in the growth of G’s Giving Gowns, you can donate fabric or sewing supplies or you can volunteer your time to sew gowns.

Reach out to Giuliana and G’s Giving Gowns to learn more. You can email her at or visit her website at .


I want to share some thoughts about a question I recently received from a store owner regarding establishing an online marketing presence. Specifically, the question was about the transition from a brick-and-mortar store to an online business. This person asked me: “What do I do if I don’t have enough money to market myself online?” The honest truth is in business, whether it’s online or in person, if you’re going to market yourself (and your services and your products) to the outside world, you’re going to have to do one

of two things (or some combination of these two, depending upon your strategy). You are going to have to spend money or you are going to have to spend time.

When it comes to spending money, this is often on advertising or for specialized help such as an agency or people to do publishing for you. A great method that we use in our agency for sewing machine retailers is lead generation ads on Facebook.


This can also be in the form of your employees or your team as well -- anyone you are paying to publish, or advertise, or whatever means you are using to create awareness and put your offers and brand before potential customers. One strategy I used to use in sewing machine retail was making it part of our sewing teacher’s job to regularly post live feeds and cool content on our Facebook page.

If you don’t have the money to hire an agency, you need to spend your own time publishing on the internet, building your website and social pages, shooting videos, and engaging your community. If you are doing a combination of strategies, then you are having to juggle doing a lot of your own publishing and spending money on marketing. So two things: time or money. Marketing is going to cost you one or the other.

Circling back to the question, if you don’t have the money, you need to start funneling your time into doing your own online marketing. You will need to figure out what works by doing a lot of it. That’s how you test. You publish a bunch of content and see how it works and what you’re comfortable with. (Check out the videos on my blog for tips that I’ve learned from lots of experience in organic social media marketing.)

But honestly, even if you’re uncomfortable with something and it’s working, why would you stop? I would just keep going. If it’s working and you’re able to close deals and sell product and services, keep at it until you can figure out how to get somebody else to do it or you find a way to automate it.

You have to figure out what works for the market and what the market wants. Once you get the hang of it, hopefully you’ll start to see the revenue that will allow you to hand off your marketing to someone else or start running ads to scale up your business.

I run a company where we handle digital marketing for businesses in the sew and vac retail space. If you would like to explore handing off some of your online marketing, let’s talk!

We’ll start with a free consultation where I’ll help you think through your present strategy and how my team can help. Even if you just want to talk marketing, a strategy session always helps, and it is free!

Use the following link to book a time with me:

Marketing Strategy 15


Hi, I’m Hope, the entrepreneur behind Designs By Hope Yoder. I started my journey in the embroidery and fabric industry by creating products, courses, designs, and fabric for the home market. I have had the privilege of inspiring many along the way with our magazine articles, workshops, and our corporate projects. Most days, you can find me dancing to Cupid Shuffle, in front of my computer designing, or behind my laser creating handmade happiness. My superpower is education, coaching, and community. This is my story. I hope it inspires you to step outside of your comfort zone, accomplish your dreams and goals, and be who you were meant to be!

If we haven’t met, let me share a little of my past that still shapes my future.

High School: I took a home economics class where part of the course was sewing. After ripping out an A-line shirttail hem three times, I distinctly remember saying, “I’ll never sew again!” I experimented with every type of crafting, including the Bedazzler. Do they still make that? If you are smiling, you probably bedazzled anything that wasn’t nailed down just like I did.

College: I graduated with a degree in dental hygiene, and one day, I came into the office like a proud peacock sporting my new “scrub top” fashioned from a t-shirt in the same shade of hot pink as my pants. On the front of the shirt was a cutout of a Holstein cow, as they were trending that year with the rise of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. I thought I was

all that and a bag of chips because I had up-scaled this shirt using fabric glue and glitter. The dental assistant looks over at me in the middle of the staff meeting and says, “Oh, you’ve been crafting this weekend.” I think you would like quilting, and I could teach you.” Thinking back, I should have picked up on the fact they weren’t as in love with my craft as I was.

I took her up on her offer and bought a sewing machine that turned into an embroidery machine that evolved into me teaching sewing and embroidery in my local shop.

That grew into being bold and submitting a project to teach at the Husqvarna Viking Dealer Convention, and guess what? They accepted it! I was so shocked and honored they picked my project.


That experience led to designing machine embroidery collections, sewing patterns and writing magazine articles, and more teaching at sewing machine conventions.

In 2015 I started teaching consumers nationally by combining my love of “Tea Parties and Sewing.” The event was called “Hope Yoder’s Sip And Sew Tea Party.” Thank you to all the dealers reading this who hosted one of my events! It means the world to me.

From there, I had the privilege of working with Baby Lock, Brother, SVP Worldwide, Janome America, Janome Australia, Blank Quilting Corporation, Martha Pullen Company, OSQE, Tacony, Brewer, and RNK Distributing.

working studio where we use our lasers to design handmade goodness. We offer our products wholesale and retail and ship all over the country. We specialize in sewing themed watch bands, personalized charcuterie boards, and engraved tumblers at Designs By Hope Yoder.

I’m thankful for every success and every failure/learning moment that has led us down this exciting journey.

This year, we have created a program to train and equip laser owners through our new Hands-on Laser Retreats. We are proud to be the first in the country to offer hands-on laser learning.

I have used my thousands of hours and two decades of experience selling, training, and coaching to start fresh, on my own, as a leader in the crafting industry.

For me, the next big thing is lasers! It’s a natural progression to go from sewing to digital cutting to laser engraving. Last fall, we transformed our warehouse into a

Our retreats are team-style, combining the technical aspect of laser theory with project techniques, including entrepreneurship training for business owners. Please find information on our lasers, retreats, and business courses by visiting

My passion is reaching my community through networking. Many call me the queen of networking as I work hard to make new connections, build relationships in our community and be that go-to place for team-building events.


Reinventing yourself isn’t hard. It takes intent, effort, outside-the-box thinking, and a willingness to change your mindset! One of the ways we are becoming the “it” place in our community is by creating a fun space for crafting, learning, and networking. We took a chance and hosted our first “Art and Charcuterie Party” this spring.

I figured, what the heck, let’s give it a go. It required moving things around, throwing away old dusty inventory, and some forward thinking. Wow, did it ever pay off. We have turned these events into networking and team-building events for big and small companies.

Continued on page 20.

“I’m thankful for every success and every failure/learning moment that has led us down this exciting journey.”

The Future

While no one can predict where we will land, I hope I can reconnect with you soon. I would love to help you grow your business and offer opportunities to reinvent your business by taking a different approach. If I can do it, so can you.

I want to challenge you to look into your space with a different mindset. What would you like to change, and where do you want to go? What if you took a chance and made a change?

What if it worked??? What if you owned a laser to create your rulers, templates, and hip new merch for your shop? Or, what if you could transform your business, reach your community, and be the “go-to shop,” bringing in a new younger generation?

I look forward to connecting with you at VDTA in 2023, and the good news is that I’m bringing my favorite lasers with me. Stay tuned for more information coming soon.

Don’t let my drive scare you, follow me!


Turn Your Craft Into Cash

Along my career journey I have had the privilege of working for and with some of the best companies in our industry. From manufacturing companies to retail sewing machine dealers and different organizations, we all seem to have one thing in common. We are all continually searching for the NEXT BIG THING!

For me that means selling retail and wholesale products we produce with our laser engraving machines. Not only is it fun and allows for a new creative outlet, but it is supporting our family income. I’m turning my craft into cash, and it is something you can do it too! Selling crafts is a great money-making skill to have. It can be a great side hustle to bring in extra money because start-up costs are low and there are many different crafts you can sell.

Business Plan

If you own a laser, embroidery machine, or digital cutting machine, you should consider selling your finished products. Maybe this idea has intrigued you, but you have no idea where to start. If so, keep reading because I’m going to share with you the first steps and details for starting a crafting business. Let’s dive in!

Market Research

The first thing you need to do is market research. This will help you understand what the market is like, if there is a desire in the industry for your product, who your competitors and customers will be, and what potential customers might pay for your product. Gathering this information is important because it will help you make good business decisions. You can do this research by talking with industry friends, searching the internet, or using social media.

Next, you’ll need to make a business plan which is a foundation or roadmap of your business. Your business plan should describe your company, outline your market analysis, list your products and services, define your marketing plan and identify your revenue streams. Some questions you will want to keep in mind when writing your business plan are:

Do you own the equipment, machines and tools needed to implement your business?

How will you attract and retain customers?

Do you want to add more tools to your business in hopes of gaining tax write-offs?

How will your company make money?


Business Structure

You will need to choose a business structure before registering your business with the state. A business structure describes the legal structure of a company that influences the day-to-day operations of a business. Find more details online at

Business Name

You’ll want to choose a business name that reflects your brand identity. Once you select a name you like, you need to protect it. According to U.S. Small Business Association, there are four different ways to register your business name. Each way of registering your name serves a different purpose, and some may be legally required depending on your business structure and location. Entity name protects you at a state level. Trademark protects you at a federal level. Doing business as (DBA) doesn’t give legal protection, but it might be legally required. Domain name protects your business website address.

If you have an existing business you may want to add a DBA. Check with your state, county, or city if you need to register a fictitious name (DBA).

If you plan on having your own website, Facebook, or Instagram page, research to see if your desired business name is available for a web domain and on social media.

Register Your Business

For most small businesses, registering your business is as simple as registering your business name with the state and local governments. You register your business to make it a distinct legal entity. How and where you need to register depends on your business structure and business location. Visit

Federal & State Tax IDs

You will use your employer identification number (EIN) to open a bank account and pay taxes. It’s like an SSN for your business.

Additional Steps

If applicable, you will need to apply for a license and permits. You will also need to open a business bank account or a separate personal account only used for business.

I have had the privilege of inspiring many industry friends and colleagues during my career through magazine articles, workshops and corporate projects. I look forward to bringing you fresh, new quarterly content to educate, provoke a new mindset, and “Inspire.”

Modern Creative Business 23

It’s what we do, and share with all that will listen (or in this case read!). A brand new hybrid magazine is here–blending digital and print, as well as B2B and a sprinkling of B2C. Are you in?


INSPIRE. CREATE AND CLEAN SUBSCRIBE FREE! VDTA-SDTA Trade Show & Convention April 12-14, 2023 | Paris Hotel Conference Center Las Vegas, NV


We have been working diligently at VDTA-SDTA to bring you cost effective membership benefits and partner programs to make your life and business easier to manage.

One of the major concerns and expenses every retailer has is employee health insurance. Health care is typically one of the most expensive benefits for employers to provide. Reports cite that the average annual premiums in 2021 for employer-sponsored health insurance were $7,739 for single coverage and $22,221 for family coverage.

The average premium for family coverage has increased 22% over the last five years and 55% over the previous ten years. When was the last time you had your health insurance policy checked by an expert?

LIG Solutions has partnered with our association to offer a true no-obligation concierge service to help make sure you have the best health care coverage for you, your family and your employees. You can speak directly with one of their licensed advisors for an assessment or side-by-side comparison of your health care coverage needs. With LIG guiding you through the process, you can make sure you are saving money and finding the best coverage for yourself and your employees.

There is a yearly period when people can enroll in a health insurance plan for the next calendar year. Open Enrollment for 2023 runs from November 1 through January 15, 2023.

Outside the Open Enrollment Period, your employees can enroll in a health insurance plan they qualify for a Special Enrollment Period. They’re eligible if they have certain life events, such as getting married, having a baby, or losing other health coverage.

With VDTA-SDTA’s exclusive health benefits program through LIG Solutions, all members have access to a team of licensed agents. They can assist you with all your health coverage needs, including but not limited to, major medical, ACA plans, Medicare, short-term policies, HRA/group coverage for employees, supplemental health insurance options, pharmacy prescription programs, and more.

If you need guidance finding the right health coverage, contact me at VDTA-SDTA and I will help you get started. LIG Solutions is our trusted health insurance expert and consulting partner. They are dedicated to building lasting relationships and they will find the coverage that best serves your needs and budget.

HEATHER@VDTA.COM Membership Matters 25


VISIT VDTA.COM TO RENEW OR BECOME A MEMBER TODAY VDTA-SDTA is the only Association serving the oorcare, sewing, quilting, and homecare industries. Join your peers, expand your network, build relationships, and set your businessfor success.
Affordable Health Coverage for individuals, families and businesses Exclusive Member Benefit Our partner LIG Solutions offers individual health plans that are tailored to your unique health and financial needs. Coverage options includes: (£} @@�@ • Major Medical/ACA Plans • Group/HRAs • Medicare • Supplemental Options • Short-Term Policies • And More! LIG's licensed advisors work with national insurance carriers across all 50 states to provide members with coverage options that best fit their lifestyle and budget. Advisors will be able to verify doctors and medications are in-network and covered! Contact LIG today to get your free no-obligation health insurance quote! Call 855-427-5659 to be connected with a licensed advisor or visit Your Health Coverage Needs, Our Solutions 27

Field of Seams


What started as a hobby quickly turned into a dream fueled by passion and determination. Angela Wirth launched Mended Hearts

Quilting & Boutique in 2014. With her substantial business and industry expertise combined with the dedication of her team, the shop is now ranked as one of the top quilt shops in North America. Social media marketing has positively contributed to the shop’s revenue and sales. Angela shares her marketing expertise in the Q&A below. Her “Field of Seams” is a must-see on YouTube.

Q: Where did you get the concept for your Field of Seams video?

A: I had so many people asking why I built a quilt shop in the middle of a cornfield. I kept saying “If I build it, they will come.” I am in Iowa after all. If you are from Iowa, love baseball or Kevin Costner you get my reference. It was during a marketing meeting that the concept went wild. A year later we were filming.

Q: What did you learn from making your video?

A: I want to do more because it is fun. My creative juices have gone wild. I have come up with a “Field of Seams 2” video that is currently in the works and we are even printing t-shirts. Take your concept and run with it!

Q: What made you decide to try social media marketing?

A: If you want to be successful in today’s market, you have to be present and active on social media. A friend of mine who is a

business associate in the sewing/quilting industry once told me: “You have to put yourself out there. People relate more to a face than a logo.” I remember the first time I did a live stream to my Facebook page. I sent a message to my friend saying, “Thanks for your suggestions. I go live on Facebook in an hour, and I am so nervous!” It can be nerve-racking to say the least, but after you do it a few times, it gets easier.

Now we hit the live button on Facebook and don’t give it another thought. In addition to Facebook, we added more platforms, built a brand-new website, and created “Field of Seams.”


Q: How hard was it to get started?

A: It isn’t easy. There is a lot of trial and error. Let’s face it, nothing worth doing is easy. You jump in and do your best. Be positive, be yourself, and use your ideas. Surround yourself with people who you trust, who know more than you, and who are uplifting and creative. Most importantly, learn to laugh at yourself.

Q: What technique helped you grow your social media traffic?

A: I boosted some of my initial Facebook posts, but mostly my social media grew from customers referring other customers. We also let everyone who walked through my front door know that we were on Facebook. Then I added Instagram. Now my focus is my YouTube channel. Remember to take baby steps. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Q: What are some strategies that have helped you succeed as a social media marketer?

A: The minute your competition starts doing what you are doing, switch it up. You have to be creative and one step ahead. I strive to be original. I don’t care if 99 out of 100 people are doing the same kind of social media posts, lives and events.

Be that one that is shaking things up. In today’s society, people have an extremely short attention span. You can’t get comfortable in your space. Challenge yourself and enjoy the process!


Take a break!

With VDTA-SDTA’s partner program, Perks At Work

Whether it is a staycation or traveling afar, make the most of your New Year by getting exclusive member pricing on hotels, experiences, and much more.

Register at vdtasdta by clicking “Sign Up for Free” and use your personal or work email. Use VDTA-SDTA as your company name and as the Company Code.

Access your exclusive perks today!



2023 VDTA-SDTA Show Registration



Early Bird Free (by 3/1)

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Educator Member: Free

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Early Bird Free (by 3/1)

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Room Blocks at: Bally’s Las Vegas (now Horseshoe)

$89 (plus $27 resort fee)

Industry Related Professional/ Consultant Member:

Early Bird Free (by 3/1)

After 3/1: $59

Retired Member: Early Bird Free (by 3/1) After 3/1: $59

Registration includes Trade Show Floor entrance, AM Sessions on April 12 & 13, and Inspire. Night.

Resort Room Paris Las Vegas

$135 (plus $27 resort fee)

Burgundy Classic Room

Special room rates are in effect April 9-April 17, 2023 at both Bally’s (Horseshoe) and Paris until the block sells out. Room block cut-off for show rates is March 1, 2023

20 23
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April 10 1:00PM - 8:00PM Exhibitor Set-Up Day 1 (by invitation)

April 11 7:00AM - 5:00PM Exhibitor Set-Up Day 2 (all exhibitors)

April 11 9:00AM - 4:00PM Education Day!

April 11 7:00PM - 10:00PM Cocktails & Connections Industry Party

April 12 9:00AM - 11:00AM Manufacturer Training Sessions

April 12 11:00AM - 5:00PM Expo Hall Open

April 12 5:00PM - 6:30PM Inspire. Keynote & Networking Event

April 13 9:00AM - 11:00AM Manufacturer Training Sessions

April 13 11:00AM - 5:00PM Expo Hall Open

April 14 9:00AM - 12:00PM Expo Hall Open

April 14 12:00PM - 8:00PM Exhibitor Tear-Down


Uncovered: The Ken Burns Collection


Until 2018, when the International Quilt Museum in Lincoln, NE, put a selection of quilts from award winning filmmaker and documentarian Ken Burns on display, his penchant for collecting antique American quilts was known to only a few people. It’s a pastime he enjoys just for himself, but, when approached by the museum to let the world experience his amazing collection, he was happy to let his quilts become celebrities.


Uncovered: The Ken Burns Collection

The exhibition traveled to just three other locations outside Nebraska: the Upcountry History Museum in Greenville, SC, the Peoria Riverfront Museum in Peoria, IL, and the Great Wisconsin Quilt Show in Madison, WI. Across these venues, thousands were able to connect to these stunning works of handmade art firsthand, but it’s uncertain if there will be any additional public showings.

Thanks to a gift from Flo and Sid Banwart, the exhibit will live on through a book showcasing all 26 of the quilts in the exhibit, plus an additional 11 quilts from Ken’s extensive collection. The Banwarts are two of the Peoria Riverfront Museum’s most generous patrons. Flo Banwart is an extraordinary quilter herself. For those who weren’t able to experience the joy of viewing the collection in person, as well as for those who did and want a way to remember it, this book documents the beauty of an incredible treasury of historical pieces.

Inside Uncovered: The Ken Burns Collection, readers will find stunning, color-saturated photographs of all 37 quilts, each with closeup details that bring them to life. Enjoy the makers’ quilting stitches, their artistic color selections, and even some interesting backings, a detail not always available to those who attended the exhibitions. Burns’s thoughts about quilts and reactions to specific quilts appear throughout the book, just as they did in the museum galleries where the quilts were displayed and appreciated by quilt and art enthusiasts from near and far.

Whether you love quilts and textiles or are a devoted follower of Ken Burns’s stories of American history, this book is a stunning visual experience of all types of quilts, from simple to brilliantly complex, from bold to demure. Their beauty speaks for them. All you have to do is listen.

Retail customers can order the 128-page hardcover book through the Peoria Riverfront Museums online store,, for $50. For wholesale and distributor pricing, contact Brittany Eson at 309-863-3008 or


Steve Jeffery Named As New President Of Brewer

Quilting & Sewing Supplies

BERNINA of America has announced the appointment of Steve Jeffery as president of Brewer Quilting & Sewing Supplies, a leader and trendsetter in creative sewing supplies for more than 100 years. Jeffery is a proven executive leader who brings more than 30 years of management experience and a strong track record of leadership and global manufacturing relationships to Brewer.

He has built and grown multiple brands into industry leaders and has held multiple positions throughout his career. Jeffery owned his own dealership and then climbed the ranks at Tacony Corporation. Jeffery will ensure Brewer’s ongoing success in delivering high quality, on-trend sewing machines, notions and accessories and exemplary customer service to Brewer’s diverse customer base.

He is committed to working closely with BERNINA of America leadership to deepen the bond between the two companies and to strengthen the ‘made to create’ brand promise.

“I am thrilled to be back in the sewing industry and proud to be a part of the Brewer Team. We are working hard to deliver to our customers outstanding service along with on trend and on target new and exclusive products for our dealers. Our focus in 2023 is the independent dealer network. Stop by our booth or reach out, my email is The Brewer Team is excited and we would love to work with every dealer to help grow our businesses together.”

STEVE JEFFERY President of Brewer Quilting & Sewing Supplies
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Almost everyone is being impacted to varying degrees by rising costs and inflation. The July 2022 Consumer Price Index (CPI), published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, recently released data that found that before seasonal adjustment from July 2021 to July 2022:1

The all items index increased 8.5%.

The energy index increased 32.9% and the food index increased 10.9%, pushed by the food at home index increase of 13.1%. The shelter index increased 5.7%.

To adjust to the rising costs of necessities, consumers pulled back on discretionary spending. The largest decline was in the recreation category, which decreased 21% 2 Add to that recession worries and you may find cost is a top-of-mind concern for more customers.

Offering your SEWING COMMUNITY the opportunity to pay over time with promotional financing can help them take home the equipment and supplies they want and be a powerful business tool to help you capture more sales and increase your average ticket.

5.1% and dental services 4.1%
care services increased
Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Economic News Release, Consumer Price Index News Release, July 2022.
U.S. Consumer Spending Report, Morning Consult, dated April 2022, 40


Navigating the cost and payment conversation should take the economic environment into consideration to empower your customers. It’s important to understand that people’s financial situations may have changed. And those who always paid with a general purpose credit card may want to reserve them for household expenses. Here are some tips that can help you and your sales team have great financial conversations and close more sales.

PROACTIVELY ACKNOWLEDGE THE CHANGING FINANCIAL ENVIRONMENT and let the community you serve know that you are working hard to contain costs.

EMPATHIZE WITH CUSTOMERS. Ask them, “How are you managing rising costs?” Listen closely for cues that they may be more concerned with cost than they have been in the past.


It may be helpful to place point of purchase displays throughout your store to let people know you have financing solutions available should they be interested.

PROACTIVELY COMMUNICATE FINANCING OPTIONS UP FRONT. Don’t assume people don’t want or need a financing solution. And don’t make them ask for financial help because many won’t; they will just leave your store to “think about it.”

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HIGHLIGHT THE BENEFITS. Having a Synchrony Sewing & More credit card and being able to pay over time, often with promotional financing, can be a great way for many of your customers to get the sewing machine of their dreams now and have available for future purchases as credit becomes available.

MAKE FINANCING EASY. Applying for the Synchrony Sewing & More credit card takes only a few minutes and credit decisions are provided almost instantly so customers can immediately use it for their purchases.

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It’s a new era for the Vacuum and Sewing Dealers Trade Association. Create + Clean. A fresh new name and logo for the VDTA-SDTA industry trade show, convention, and events.



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The talent in this creative industry is unparalleled! Meet the educators, trainers, and designers who are coming together to form The Collective. This new group under the leadership of VDTA-SDTA, is bringing together the creative skills of many. To further education and unite the educators that invent, design, plan, create, and teach to many.

We asked some of our founding members to relay why they do what they do. Their passion and dedication to the creative consumer and retailer is what we all strive for. Thank you for being part of our family!


Jim Suzio

We all remember a special teacher from our school days. They often leave a permanent memory in our minds (and a special few in our hearts). But when you’re a sewing instructor… well, we have a common thread that binds us together. We are more than just student and instructor. We are a family.

I am a self-taught sewer, and I’ve learned this art completely through books, videos, and trial and error. I’ve been sharing my love of sewing and embroidery for over 33 years. Why do I do it? The best parts of being a teacher is the satisfaction of passing along a bit of information, sharing a technique I created, and just inspiring others to believe in themselves. Most sewers appreciate hearing, “You made that?” For me, hearing “I can do that!” is just as monumental!

Nothing can compare to connecting and engaging with others to inspire creativity. I love teaching a hands-on class, where a room full of students are making a project I created. I walk around, observing their progress, all intent on recreating my idea, when inevitably one starts the process of making their own creation. They add their own twist or switch up a color, and pretty soon unique one-of-a-kind works of art come to life. Teaching for me is like being a small piece of flint that the students scratch their match against, igniting their flame of creativity.

“The best parts of being a teacher is the satisfaction of passing along a bit of information, sharing a technique I created, and just inspiring others to believe in themselves.’’

Michelle Umlauf

Machine Artistry

When I meet new people, I am often asked what I like to sew. I tell them that I don’t have a favorite because as a sewer, I make anything I want when the inspiration hits me. My sewing career seed was planted in 2007, when I attended a licensing course through Martha Pullen to teach beginning sewing. It was a unique experience that blended my love of sewing with skill building and business opportunities. Honestly, I was a beginner myself, but I knew I wanted to share my passion with others. I then took licensing classes with Sulky of America. In 2010, I was figuring out how to offer downloadable classes online and take my business to the next level. Boy, it was so hard back then but I pursued my dreams and gained savvy business strategies.

In 2014, my foot was in the door. I officially became a national educator representing Sulky of America and shortly thereafter, I founded the webinar program, Sewing Online with Sulky. At that time, I made a bold move and dyed my hair pink. Why? Because people remember me, know who I am when they see me and can’t forget about me. This was the best thing I could have done because people can spot me from across a crowded convention center!

Over the years, I have been working independently as an educator with companies such as Clover, Baby Lock USA and The Decorating Diva. Through these partnerships, I have become a professional. My industry knowledge is vast, ranging from the latest and greatest tools to cutting edge tips and techniques, and I enjoy sharing it all with my students. My objective is to make sewing easier, faster and fun!

“What I truly love is seeing my students smile when they finish their projects or learn something new, and if it’s an online class, I love reading the comments!”

Andi Barney

The sewing machine is the one appliance that many people have an emotional attachment to. Teaching others the art and skill of sewing machine service, repair, troubleshooting, and restoration has truly been my calling.

I started the Sewing Doc Academy in 2018 because my service shop was growing so fast and there were limited schools or programs to teach service skills, and I needed help!

Through teaching my service skills, I’ve discovered that each individual grows more confident as the relationship with their machine deepens.

Knowing how to troubleshoot issues and eliminate user errors or minor fixes saves time and gives peace of mind. I’m driven by the way these skills foster confidence, independence and empowerment.

From beginners just picking up good sewing habits all the way through cottage business professionals that can’t afford the downtime, my academy teaches the exact same procedures used in the Sewing Doc professional service shop, ranging from cleaning, lubrication, troubleshooting, minor repairs, and eventually through advanced timing adjustments and complex repairs.

I teach because I love to provide sewing machine service education to the curious, and the professional. And when I’m not fixing a machine, I cherish my time spent behind one

“Through teaching my service skills, I’ve discovered that each individual grows more confident as the relationship with their machine deepens.”
Sewing Doc Academy

Judy Kessinger

Necessity is the mother of invention and that quote takes me back to my roots. When my daughter was born weighing only five pounds, there were no preemie clothes. My cousin suggested I sew something for her to wear so I made her an adorable dress and baby bonnet. The first time she wore it, everyone started asking me where I had bought it. The satisfaction I felt by telling them, “I made that” instantly made me want to make more. I fell in love with being creative, and it sparked a whole new chapter in my life.

In addition to sewing for my daughter, I started sewing for myself. That became a struggle because it was difficult to find or alter a pattern that fit my body. My frustration led to determination, and in my search for the “perfect” pattern, I decided to create a system where fitting can make garments come alive and compliment the body instead of just covering it.

I’ve built my career around helping other women who have experienced the same aggravations with patterns. Through my development and production of two patterns (one for tops and one for pants), sewing enthusiasts can now build an entire wardrobe by using variations and design adaptations to create great fashion looks. I am dedicated to making sewing stress-free by using simple solutions for fitting, and I’m blessed to have touched the lives of countless women by teaching them tricks of looking trim and feeling fantastic by simply fitting themselves properly.

Teaching garment sewing has become a small part of businesses because it takes more to convince retailers that people do want to know how to fit themselves. I teach the art of fitting so they can feel comfortable, casual, and sophisticated. It’s truly a blessing to watch store owners light up when they see their customers so happy.

I teach because I love to inspire and get the creative juices flowing. There is no better feeling than helping others discover the wonderful feeling of sewing success. My goal is to instill the passion of being creative and cure the ills of the sewing blues.

“There is no better feeling than helping others discover the wonderful feeling of sewing success.”
FitNice 48

De nition:

Industry educators (and trainers) are joining together to have a collective group and voice, helping to guide the future of our industry. While developing their business and professional network, this newly formed group is part of the VDTA-SDTA.

Members of The Collective have opportunities to:

Present at the annual VDTA-SDTA Trade Show (by application).

Exhibit in The Collective pavilion on the show floor. This area is exclusively for educators/trainers/ designers! A fun landing place for dealers and suppliers to find and connect with YOU.

Write for Inspire. our NEW quarterly trade magazine.

Create posts for INSIGHTS at

Network with other industry professionals, educators and trainers.

You will need to register to start your membership in to access your profile, start your listing, contribute to forums, etc. Email for your educator code to start your membership in The Collective today!

Welcome to The Collective. For all quali ed industry educators and trainers working in the Create and Clean sectors.

Will you join?

Contribute to the News feed and Forums in SewVacology.

Attend the first Educator Retreat in Sarasota/ Daytona Beach, February 19-24, 2023.

Connect with a link to your website.....get the Retailer to you so they can book your programs!

More as YOU decide what The Collective needs to be to serve your needs.

Membership in The Collective is FREE to all qualified educators and trainers in our industry!

The Collective: A group of like-minded individuals working together.
Contact for the full itinerary, with links to hotels for discount reservations. There is no registration charge for The Collective Educators Retreat! Hotel, Airfare and Meals are the responsibility of the educator attending. This program is sponsored by VDTA-SDTA. The CoLaboratory Workshop charge is $149. Retreat Educator In partnership with Hope Yoder at: Maker’s CoLaboratory Workshop Sarasota, FL February 19-20, 2023 Enjoy some sunshine, and recharge at the beach! CALLING INDUSTRY EDUCATORS AND DESIGNERS . Let’s connect and work together to help guide the future of creative education. Join us for some fun discussions, learn something new (lasers!), and explore beautiful Daytona Beach. Daytona Beach, FL | February 20-25, 2023 50
Retailers CoLaboratory Workshop–Level Up with Lasers! April 10, 2023 | Noon-4pm Paris Hotel and Conference Center 51 Register at PRESENTED IN PARTNERSHIP WITH












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